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                                  E2 INVESTOR VISAS
                                      TOP TEN LIST
               (The top ten things you need to know about E2 Investor Visa!)

The E2 Investor visa is used for the investor who has started or purchased a business in
the United States and is from a Country that the United States has a trade treaty with.
The E2 visa allows you to come to the United States to direct and develop the operations of the
new enterprise in which you will have invested, or are actively involved in the process of
investing, a substantial amount of capital. The E2 visa is renewable for the duration of your

   1. E2 investor visas are initially granted for up to five (5) years with I-94 cards issued
      upon your entry to the United States for 2 years at a time. These visas may be issued
      indefinitely (for the duration of your business).

   2. You may start a company in the United Status or buy an existing company in the
      United States, or even buy a franchise; it is up to you! The E2 investor visa
      allows you to work for your own petitioning company.

   3. The investment amount typically is around $150,000 for this type of E2 investor

   4. The E2 visa application is submitted for approval at the US Consulate or Embassy
      in your home country.

   5. Your spouse and children under 21 can come to the United States with you for the
      duration of your E2 investor visa.

   6. No yearly cap issue to deal with, which can cause delays or not getting a work
      visa is certain caps are hit (like H1B visas).

   7. E2 investor visas are available for almost every industry.

   8. You can petition for employees that are from the same country that you are from
      and they can get E2 visas as well. Their family members can come to the United
      States for the duration of that work visa as well (7 year maximum).

   9. Spouse is eligible for Employment Authorization (this means that the spouse may
      work for any company in the United States with this Employment Authorization

   10. Your children can study in the United States as dependents (but cannot work).

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