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									 The                 Delta Mu Delta

                                                                                                                     Volume XL
                                                                                                                      Fall 2005

                                        “ T     H R O U G H        K   N O W L E D G E       ,   P   O W E R    ”

 For Business Students, Educators and Professionals

                                                The Member Connection
                                        Spotlight on Success - John J. Mulherin
                          John J. Mulherin      educational standard of excellence        several of his favorite professors
                          was inducted into     that represents respect and real          would be present.
                          the Eta Chapter       appreciation of achievement. “The
                          while attending       Society expresses the value and           Besides the fact that the chapter
                          DePaul University     importance of intellectual integrity      received an outstanding presentation
                          in 1985. He went      and achievement, stressing the value      from its guest speaker, John did,
                          on to pursue a        of education, the importance of           indeed, meet with the two professors
                          career in financial   knowledge in one’s life, and is both      that he regarded as mentors during his
                          services, including   empowering and enriching.”                MBA program. In the succeeding
  John J. Mulherin, CEO
                          executive                                                       years he invited two of the DePaul
The Ziegler Company, Inc.
                          responsibilities at   Throughout his professional life, John    faculty whom he regards as the finest
                          Fidelity              has utilized the resources presented to   in the business academic world to
 Investments, First Chicago and                 him. John has seized the                  assist his company. One is serving on
 Continental Illinois Bank. John                opportunities to participate in DMD       B. C. Ziegler's Board of Directors as
 currently serves as the chief executive        activities knowing that keeping the       Chairman of their Audit Committee.
 officer for The Ziegler Company, Inc.          connection with former professors         The other is a strategy advisor to the
                                                and fellow students is key in creating    Ziegler Senior Leadership team.
Throughout his career, John has                 membership synergies - connections
always applied the “pay back”                   that result in relationships that have    John is a firm believer of pay-back to
philosophy. Having received his                 helped him in other parts of his career   the community and DMD provided
undergraduate degree from Loras                 and his life.                             that magical opportunity to reconnect
College, John currently sits on their                                                     with faculty and resources from his
Board of Regents and chairs their                          The Connections                college days. A win-win if ever there
Planning and Strategy Committee.                Back when B. C. Ziegler and               was one!
He is also a member of DePaul’s                 Company first announced its
Graduate Business School Advisory               appointment of John J. Mulherin to         Do you have a Member Connection? Let us
Board. “Don’t forget where you came             be its Chief Executive Officer, a         know by e-mailing us at DMD@DMD-NTL.ORG!
from,” John stated, “Your school can            sharp-eyed member of Eta Chapter,
represent a tremendous resource of              DePaul University, thought the name
talent.”                                        sounded familiar. He asked Central
                                                Office if that person was a DMD
                                                                                          Inside this issue:
He recently served as a case
commentator for Harvard Business                member and the answer came back,
                                                "Yes, he was inducted into Eta            President’s Message                  pg 2
Review, and has lectured on the
subject of “Service Quality” at the             Chapter in 1985 as an MBA
                                                student.”                                 Revamped Website                     pg 3
graduate school level. John is a board
member of the Erickson School of                After a little research, the facts tied   Catching up with
Aging Studies at the University of              together and a long- time chapter         DMD Members                          pg 4
Maryland. He is also a member of                member wrote a letter to John,
the Foundation for Investor                     inviting him to be the guest speaker      Loss of an Old Friend                pg 5
Education, a securities industry                at the 50th Induction Banquet for the
committee.                                      Eta Chapter. John responded with          Jablonsky Award Winner               pg 6
John feels that Delta Mu Delta                  enthusiasm, expressing particular
represents a motivational and                   delight when he found out that            Membership Benefits                  pg 7
                                                 Message from the President                                     DMD Regional Representatives
                                                                                                                                    REGION 1 - NORTHEASTERN
                                                        Why join Delta Mu Delta? Why                                                 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
Delta Mu Delta                                          maintain contact with Delta Mu Delta?                                         New Hampshire, New Jersey, New
International                                           The answers to both questions are the                                          York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island,
                                                                                                                                           Vermont and Virgin Islands
Honor Society                                           same: Recognition and Benefits.
                                                                 The purpose of Delta Mu Delta is to         Kenneth Armstrong, Acting Representative
National Executive Council              Janis Petronis
                                                                  recognize academic excellence in           Anderson University

President                              DMD National President     business, both while you are in college,                                   REGION 2 - EASTERN
Dr. Janis Petronis                     Tarleton State University
                                                                  and beyond. While in the academic
  Tarleton State University                                                                                                           Delaware, District of Columbia,
                                      setting, DMD membership signifies to you, your                                                 Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Vice President                        faculty, family, and peers that you have achieved the                                                        and West Virginia
Prof. B. Timothy Allport
  Mercy College
                                      status of being in the top 20 percent or higher of your                                            
                                      class. In some institutions, this measure of success                   Dr. Larry A. Lynch
Vice President / Development
Dr. Kenneth Armstrong
                                      becomes part of the students' academic records and                     Roanoke College

  Anderson University                 opens the door for recognition by future employers or
                                                                                                                                    REGION 3 - SOUTHEASTERN
                                      graduate programs.
                                                                                                                                              Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
Dr. Michael V. LaRocco                DMD takes great pride in recognizing and thanking                                                      Kentucky, Mississippi, North
  University of St. Francis
                                      those who support the Forever Dollars Program (see                                                   Carolina, South Carolina, and
Secretary                                                                                                                                                      Tennessee
                                      page 7) to assist in increasing the DMD Scholarship
Mr. R.L. Sosnowski                                                                                                                   
 DePaul University                    Program. With this issue of the Vision, we are
                                      beginning a new recognition tradition by spotlighting                  Cindi Bearden
Immediate Past President                                                                                     LaGrange College
Dr. William H. Brunsen
                                      those Delta Mu Delta alumni who have made a
  Eastern New Mexico University       significant contribution to excellence in their careers.                                                  REGION 4 - NORTH
                                      For some, such as John Mulherin, that contribution has                                                            CENTRAL
Regional Representatives
Dr. Kenneth Armstrong -R1, NE         been the creation of innovative ideas and significant                                                 Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota,
  Anderson University     (Acting)    financial support, while the contributions of others,                                                   Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin
Dr. Larry A. Lynch-R2, E              such as Gale Richardson, have been more local and                                               
  Roanoke College
Prof. Cindi Bearden-R3, SE            directed toward excellence in growing family
                                                                                                             Dr. Ashton I. Veramallay
  LaGrange College                    companies, or even in furthering their academic careers                Indiana University East
Dr. Ashton I. Veramallay-R4, NC       as with Kevin Pemberton. Whatever the situation, we
  Indiana University East
Dr. John Lewington-R5, MW             want you to know what other DMD alumni are doing                                                  REGION 5 - MIDWESTERN
  Maryville University                and bring recognition for their continued search for,                                         Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska,
Prof. Kathleen E. Bauer-R6, SW        and achievement of, business excellence.                                                            North Dakota, South Dakota
  Midwestern State University
Dr. Sandie Kiehl-R7 & 8, NW & Intl.   The other reason for DMD membership is benefits,                                                     
  Linfield College
                                      lifetime benefits. As a student you may have been one                  John Lewington
Advisory Board                        of the 39 who annually receive a DMD scholarship,                      Maryville University
Mr. Anthony Jablonsky
Prof. Robert L. McCall
                                      which in 2006 will be a minimum of $1,000. By
Dr. Randall M. McLeod                 joining DMD you earned the right to wear the key and                                          REGION 6 - SOUTHWESTERN
Dr. Terry L. Mendenhall               proudly don DMD honor cords or stole at your                                                  Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico,
                                      graduation. However, most DMD benefits available to                                                            Oklahoma, Texas
                                      you as a student are there after you graduate as well.                                      
Central Office Staff                  These include displaying the DMD logo on a number
Rich Sosnowski                        of items from the E-Store, taking part in the DMD                      Prof. Kathleen Bauer
  Executive Director                                                                                         Midwestern State University
Jeana Rendek
                                      Triennial Conference, showing your allegiance by using
Renae McFadden                        the DMD charge card, receiving the Vision national                                                     REGION 7 - WESTERN
Mickey Wendorf                        newsletter semi-annually, accessing insurance and                                             Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,
Caroline L. Portlock                  investment programs through AFI, and not the least,                                               Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
  Newsletter Editor
                                      networking with the best and brightest business people                                         Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

                                      in the world.                                                                                        

                                      Your Delta Mu Delta Board of Directors is constantly     Sandie Kiehl
       Central Office                 working to enhance the importance of your                Linfield College
  2 Salt Creek Lane, Ste 6            membership in the Society by finding new and better
     Hinsdale, IL 60521               methods of recognizing your achievements and creating additional lifetime benefits for our
 E-mail:              members. If you have ideas for recognition or benefits you feel would be appropriate for
   Phone: 866/789-7067                DMD, please let us know!
     Fax: 630/214-6080
                                      P.S. As we were preparing this issue of the DMD Vision, we learned of the death of a dear friend of
                                      Delta Mu Delta, Dr. Walter Rohrs. Walter personified the purposes and goals of DMD, and no one
                                      loved this organization more than he. His absence leaves a tremendous void, but his legacy of service to
                                      students and DMD, as well as his determination to see the society more involved with the business
                                      community. Walter has set the bar high for those left behind. (For more on Dr. Rohrs, turn to page 5)
                                             Delta Mu Delta Resources                                                                                3 -- Your One-Stop                                             DMD Networking
To better serve our                                               For many, completing their

                                                                                                                             Connecting the People
membership and                                                    business degree, or any degree for
advisers, Delta Mu                                                that matter, is the first of many
Delta is pleased to                                               steps on life’s path. While some
unveil our newly                                                  are already a part of the
redesigned website.                                               workforce, others have decided to
Some of the new                                                   continue the journey that began as
features include:                                                 an undergraduate. This academic
                                                                  experience can provide a wealth
Which Society?                                                    of knowledge as well as a great
For prospective members, it is important to know how DMD          resource of business contacts.
fits with other societies. Historical information as well as an   Having classmates from diverse
explanation of the services DMD provides gives potential          backgrounds makes for interesting
members the perspective they may need to determine whether        class discussions as well as
or not to join.                                                   insights into real life
Member Resources                                                  experiences.The students that make up study groups become
                                                                  contacts for future personal and professional endeavors. As
Scholarship applications and FAQ sections detail how current      members in Delta Mu Delta Chapters, all of us become
students can take advantage of member benefits. DMD               valuable resources for one another.
member benefits do not stop after graduation - membership
benefits continue to expand and the website is the best place     In this issue of Vision, we introduce you to fellow DMD
to find out how you can take advantage of your membership.        members who have utilized their resources and how a
                                                                  common interest, such as DMD, creates a synergy that we
Looking for a gift for a special classmate or want to order a     describe as ‘the member connection.’ We highlight members
replacement certificate? The E-Store is a great place to find     who believe their educational journey and membership in
DMD logo’d items and has something for everyone.                  DMD have helped them reach their goals.
Chapter Officers & Faculty Advisers                               No matter where you are on your life’s path, there are
New in your official role? Don’t worry, the website has a         resources available to you - through your professional
variety of forms and publications for your use. Here you will     contacts, your personal relationships, your memberships and
find ideas on how to recruit new members to your Chapter as       associations. Cultivate these resources and take advantage of
well as examples of best demonstrated practices on events         what they can offer - they may just lead you down another
and activities.                                                   exciting new path.
One of Many
Each Chapter represents one of many across the country and
the website can connect you with Chapters from everywhere.
Click on the DMD CHAPTERS button on the DMD                                  DMD’s Very Own Job Bank
homepage to see a map of the United States. Click on the          Delta Mu Delta is pleased to announce plans for an online
appropriate state and see all of the Chapters active in that      Job Bank as part of the expanded services. Much like many
state. Soon the website will also give regional information -     of the online job placement and recruiting websites, the Job
letting visitors know what other Chapters are active in           Bank will offer benefits for both employers and applicants.
surrounding states.                                               DMD’s service will take the benefits further by offering the
Stay Connected - Stay Informed                                    following:
Information on national activities such as Triennial are posted    * In addition to viewing a variety of positions available,
on the website - everything from registration information to         members will have the ability to post their resumes
event photos.                                                        online anonymously.
Making a donation to the Forever Dollars Scholarship               * Employers are encouraged to use the services free of
Program is easy with our on-line Donation Page. You can              charge until a chosen posting has responded to their
also find out more about the Scholarship Program and view            inquiry.
the current Scholarship recipients. For more information on        * Employers will benefit by having a pool of top business
Forever Dollars, turn to page 7.                                     applicants, which means each resume posted represents
Coming Soon                                                          a potential interview and qualified hire.
Additional upgrades to the website include a Job Bank              * DMD applicants are geographically and culturally
(DMD’s very own workforce resource pool) and additional              diverse, offering businesses a choice of a great fit.
benefits listings. Have an idea about something that should       Look for more details on this program in the next Vision and
be on the website? Contact us at DMD@DMD-NTL.ORG - we             for the Job Bank on the DMD website soon.
would love to hear from you!
4                                                   Member Profiles
                             Catching up with Delta Mu Delta Members
         The Vision sometimes focuses more on members that are still actively pursuing their education - but
         becomes disconnected from those members out in the world putting their education to use. So it was
           decided to contact some of our members and find out what they have been doing and how their
                           membership in DMD has assisted them in reaching their goals.

    Mildred D. Owens graduated from                                Cindy S. Reed, District Public
    the College of Notre Dame of                                   Education Information Management
    Maryland in 1997 with a B.A. in                                System Coordinator for Maypearl
    Business Finance. She is a Program                             ISD, achieved her B.A. in
    Analyst for the Social Security                                Management and her MBA from
    Administration and believes that her                           Tarleton State University. She
    education is the reason she has                                believes that her education has given
    succeeded in her professional career.                          her a strong foundation for business
    Mildred also believes that being a                             ethics and principles - it has helped
    member of Delta Mu Delta has                                   her in dealing with people from
    enhanced her resume and has earned her respect - “my           diversified backgrounds and appreciation of the resources
    resume looks like something from a Who’s Who                   and networking opportunities that Delta Mu Delta has
    magazine.”                                                     provided.

                         As Director of Current Operations for                               Currently enrolled in the MBA
                         the Navy Reserve, Lt. Commander                                     program at Hawaii Pacific
                         Douglas P. Howell oversees the                                      University, Kevin Larwrence
                         transition of 3,000 reservists per week                             Pemberton states that his
                         from drilling status to active duty                                 education has contributed to his
                         service. He prepares weekly                                         success by making him realize the
                         presentations for Navy leadership in                                value of constant learning. Kevin
                         Washington D.C. on the operations                                   received his B.S. from Keene State
                         support provided to the Navy by its                                 College in 2003 and plans to
                         Reserve. As one of the Navy’s action                                achieve his MBA by December
                         officers, he is preparing the new         2007. He believes that his membership in DMD helps him
    Human Capital Strategy which will redefine the manpower        stand out to employers, “it was that factor in the
    of the service, including how Sailors and Civilians are        application and interview process that helped me get my
    recruited, trained mentored, promoted and compensated.         first full time job out of college.”
    Doug is currently enrolled in the MBA program at
    Southern New Hampshire and says his membership in
    Delta Mu Delta keeps him current on business education
    and global economics.

                                                                   Gale Richardson received her
    “My education has enabled me to                                Bachelor’s Degree in Business
    become a successful learner and strive                         Administration and Management with
    to achieve the goals I have set forth for                      a minor in Economics from Indiana
    myself,” states Shane Lindsay. Shane                           University East. She is a Loan
    graduated from Ashland University in                           Specialist for the U.S. Department of
    1995 with a B.A. in Business                                   Agriculture, Rural Housing Service,
    Administration and Spanish. “I have                            National Office in Washington D.C.
    had successful career ventures in retail                       Gale stated that her DMD membership was one of the few
    management and have discovered my                              affiliations that could be recognized on her federal resume
    love for pharmacy.” Shane is                                   and believes that being a member of DMD has given her
    continuing to achieve his PharmD from University of            an extra edge over non-honor students.
    Cincinnati College of Pharmacy.
                                         Loss of an Old Friend...                                                                                   5

  The Walter Rohrs/Delta Mu Delta             served for the next six years. During            Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia,
connection began many years ago -             this tenure he received his Doctorate in         Thailand, Alaska, Japan, the Panama
                                              Business Administration from New York            Canal and most of Europe. They
                  In 1938 Walter Rohrs        University.                                      enjoyed swapping stories with Tony and
                  was inducted into DMD                                                        Pat Jablonsky about several of the
                  as a business student at    Walter served as the Adviser and Co-             favorite places they shared, particularly
                  Bucknell University.        Adviser at Wagner over the next 35               the Swiss town of Zermatt.
                  He gained his               years and touched the lives of many
                  experience by running       thousands of students and DMD                    Walter served DMD as Chair or Co-
                  the family wholesale        members as he taught successful trade            Chair of the National Advisory Board
                  business which was          secrets as an accomplished business              for 28 years and attended nearly all of
                  sold shortly after his      man. Having lived in every New York              the Board meetings until his health
                  father's death. After       City borough, attending Bucknell, the            interfered a few years ago. Even then he
                  serving in the U.S.         University of Pennsylvania and New               kept in touch with phone calls to many
Army, 1943-45, Walter embarked on a           York University, Walter cultivated               Board members to stay aware of DMD
second career as a college professor and      hundreds of contacts in the business             issues and to offer his counsel.
in 1965 was hired by Wagner College           community. He served the student
with no teaching experience, but with         population as a mentor and conduit for           The significance of Walter Rohr's
plenty of practical business experience.      their careers through the plethora of            contribution to our Society can never be
                                              internship he established.                       fully appreciated. He was thought to be
Tony Jablonsky, then DMD National                                                              our oldest living member and certainly
President, and Mildred (Ruth) Marion,         Of international renown, Dr. Rohrs held          among a very select group who served
then Executive Secretary, flew to New         many professional memberships and                our Society for many decades. Our
York City, and then took the famous           authored or co-authored a half-dozen             connection was broken by his passing on
Staten Island Ferry to Wagner College         marketing and business-related books.            September 28, 2005. He will be missed,
on Staten Island in 1970 to install the       He enjoyed writing about every day               but not forgotten.
Alpha Beta Chapter at Wagner College.         observations and had recently
                                                                                               For a well-written obituary from the Staten Island
During the prior two years’ accreditation     contributed to the DMD Vision.
                                                                                               Advance newspaper, please see
process, they met Professor Walter
Rohrs and were so impressed by his            He enjoyed traveling with Helen, his               WWW.DMD-NTL.ORG/WALTER_ROHRS.PDF

drive and character that in 1971 he           wife of nearly sixty years, until her death
became National Vice President and            five years ago. Together they toured

                                                   Chapter Activities
    Western International University’s Zeta Iota Chapter                                            Spring Hill Installation
             A.J. Jablonsky Award Receipent!
The A.J. Jablonsky Award is presented
each year to the chapter that not only
exceeds national standards, but has
developed outstanding programs to
provide additional service to members
and has developed creative ways to
further chapter growth, development,
and visibility. As a result of their
efforts, the Zeta Iota Chapter was                                                                  Pictured from left to right are Dr. Nancy K.
awarded the A.J. Jablonsky Award as                                                               Gautier, DMD Faculty Adviser; Mrs. Lisa Norris,
Outstanding Chapter of the Year.                                                                   Secretary; Ms. Caitlin Smith, President; Mr.
                                                 DMD National President Janis Petronis              Spencer Larche, Vice President; and Ms.
The Zeta Iota Chapter of DMD at                awards the A.J. Jablonsky Award to Faculty                  Raechelle Munna, Treasurer.
Western International University runs         Advisor Carol Farabee and Professor Michael
like a well-oiled machine. Through            J. Seiden of Western International University.   The 2004-2005 officers of the Kappa
Chapter member communications such                                                             Gamma Chapter at Spring Hill College in
as e-mails and their website, members        Installed in October 1992, the Chapter            Mobile, Alabama led the Induction
are able to access information on            is also a member of the Phoenix                   Ceremony on April 19, 2005.
benefits, requirements and resources.        Chamber of Commerce giving                        As part of the ceremony, fourteen new
They also receive updates on Chapter         members the opportunity to take                   chapter members were inducted. In
activities and learn about upcoming          advantage of the Chamber benefits                 addition, Dr. Rita Durant and Dr. James
events.                                      such as workshops and networking                  Larriviere were inducted as Honorary
                                             events.                                           Members.
                  Congratulations to the Zeta Iota Chapter
                       and keep up the great work!
6                                                                   More Chapter News
                                                                                                                             DMD Continues to Grow
                       Update on ASU's Alpha Iota Chapter                                                                      with New Chapters
                                                        submitted by: Dr. Brenda Harper, Faculty Adviser
Athens State University's Alpha Iota
                                                             Tennessee Valley Fiddlers Convention,                             DeSales University’s
Chapter continues the tradition of being
one of the most recognized, exciting,                        where we will be hosting a coke booth                            Installation Kappa XI
active societies on campus. We are                           serving pinto beans and cornbread. We
                                                             also support the annual ASU Halloween                                   Chapter
anticipating a huge turnout for our first
annual Athens State University                               Carnival where we play the game
American Idol contest! Each contestant                       Trivial Pursuit. Then we will celebrate
is donating money to go to the                               our Thanksgiving holiday with our 11th
Hurricane Katrina victims. We will also                      Annual Alabama vs. Auburn Canned
be awarding a grand prize of $100 and                        Food Drive! Not to mention our end of
a trophy, along with several alternative                     the year Salvation Army Christmas Tree
prizes. Can't wait to report the results                     Angel project.
back to everyone!                                            We are diligently bringing forth
We are busy submitting and receiving                         awareness of “Through Knowledge,
                                                                                                                       (L to R) Faculty Advisers Bill Dwyer & Amy Scott along
DMD applications for fall. We hope to                        Power” the power to manage for social                      with DMD National Regional Representative Melanie
match last year's 100% acceptance rate.                      and economic good. We hope through                            Hatch, Department Chair Joe Lewis and Faculty

Additionally, we are excited about our                       our duties and responsibilities that we                         Adviser Dorothy Botzum after the ceremony.

other upcoming events! In October we                         are benefiting each and every person we
                                                             serve.                                                   On April 24, 2005, DeSales University
will be participating in the 39th Annual                                                                              held their first Installation Ceremony of
                                                                                                                      their DMD Kappa XI Chapter. “We are
                                                                                                                      very pleased to be able to establish a
    Mississippi University for Women Installation Ceremony                                                            Chapter of Delta Mu Delta here at
                                 The Kappa                                                                            DeSales,” stated Co-Faculty Adviser
                                 Lambda Chapter                                                                       Dorothy Botzum. “Personally, I am
                                 of DMD at                                                                            especially pleased to offer this to our
                                 Mississippi                                                                          adult learners and graduate students who
                                 University for                                                                       are so often left out of student
                                 Women held                                                                           organizations.”
                                 their installation
                                 on May 6, 2005.
                                 Professor Cindi                                                                               Chadron State’s
                                 Bearden, DMD                                                                                Kappa Kappa Chapter
                                 Regional                       On the right, DMD Regional Representative Cindi       Thirty-five students were inducted to
                                 Representative                Bearden presents the installation charter to Chapter
                                                                          Co-Adviser, Dr. Janie Gregg.                Chadron State’s Kappa Kappa Chapter
                                 was on hand to                                                                       during a ceremony at Chadron State’s
     A very happy charter        present the
       member, Tennille
                                 installation                As part of the ceremony, Dr. Mitzi                       Sandoz Center on November 16, 2004.
    Barksdale, holding her
          certificate.           Charter.                    Green and Dr. O. Wendell Smith were                      The Chapter’s Faculty Advisers are Dr.
                                                             inducted as Honorary Members.                            Barbara Limbach and Dr. Wendy Waugh.
                        Kappa Nu Chapter Receives Charter
                                                           On December 10, 2004, Peirce College’s
                                                           Kappa Nu Chapter officially received its
                                                           charter in a ceremony and approximately
                                                           50 students were inducted as the first
                                                           group of members.
                                                           Ten students were inducted in online
                                                           services, and as a result, Peirce is being
                                                           recognized as a pioneer in online                               (Front row, from left) Aleyse Schultz, Megan Green,
                                                           activities for Delta Mu Delta as the first                      Ashley Pullen, Katie Reynolds, Sara Hatzenbuhler,
                                                           Chapter to host a virtual induction                          Lariann Smith. Middle row: Carl Fanning, Lacey Umble,
(from left) Professor Rita Tolliver, Faculty Adviser;                                                                 Chris Ross, Sara Hoover, Jody Cerney, Elizabeth Matthews,
        Dr. Melanie Hatch, DMD Regional                    ceremony.                                                  Cari Cerney, JoAnna Tatman, Kelly Kuzel, Janette Davidson,
     Representative; Professor Marie Gould,                                                                            Maria Weiser, Mike Kochis, Lyndsay Wall, Jacob Weldon,
          Faculty Adviser and Pat Rucker,                  The chapter met several times over the                      Shannon, Balzly, Cassie Sinner. (Back Row) Kyle Bottorff,
               Chief Academic Officer.                     year, elected officers and developed                       Aaron Beyer, Tebarek Teketel, Wade Meier, Jason Seaman,
                                                           bylaws.                                                                       and Brandon Dorenbach.
                                         Membership Benefits                                                        7

   So, you ask - "Why is                  Matching Grant Program                     Forever Dollars $$$
Answer Financial considered                                                    Readers of this Vision newsletter are
    a member benefit?"                   If you are considering a donation,    well acquainted with the phrase
                                         please check with your company -      "Forever Dollars" since we've been
The key to real comparison                                                     using it in every issue for the past
shopping is in the details. There are    through Matching Grants your
                                         donation will assist more students!   twelve years. Each issue devotes part
a number of insurance companies                                                of a column to invite our alumni to
out there vying for your business        Recent Matching Grants were           send donations to the Forever Dollars
that you can readily find on the web.    received from:                        Scholarship Program.
Some even boast about how they
will shop and compare other                First Tennessee/First Horizon       But, what exactly does that phrase
companies for you. But if you              ING Foundation                      really mean?
really want to get serious about
finding the best deal, here's where        Microsoft Corporation               Many other non-profits solicit your
your access to Answer Financial can                                            monies but few, if any, pledge to
                                           Pfizer Foundation                   preserve them in perpetuity.
make a big difference.
                                           Saint-Gobain Corporation            Typically, you send them a check for
Here are the details:                                                          $10 or $50 toward their cause - and
                                           Verizon Communications, Inc.        they say "Thank you" - and then
*   More choices than any other                                                spend it! This leaves them
    shopping service. More                                                     immediately needing another
    opportunities to find your best                                            donation from you to replace it for
    deal. And a better chance of           Scholarship Honoring                next time around.
    finding the right plan for you.       Gemma Michelini Welsch               However, when you make a similar
*   Another choice - online or by                                              donation to our Forever Dollars
    phone. If you prefer using the       A DePaul University associate         Scholarship Fund, it stipulates right
    web for exploring and                professor in the School of            on the Donor Card that your money
    shopping, go online anytime for      Accountancy, Gemma Michelini          will be added to the principal of the
    fast and easy quotes. If you         Welsch was a vibrant, energetic       Fund and only the earnings will be
    would rather speak to a              woman. She was the first woman        used to support outstanding students
    licensed professional, call and      to earn a Ph.D. in Accounting and     for generations to come.
    talk to an agent who isn't tied to   Information Systems at
    any particular insurance             Northwestern University in 1980.      Where else can a modest donation be
    company but will be focused on       Always drawn to cutting-edge          used to create a "trust fund" with
    finding the best deal for you        business practices, Dr. Welsch        your monies carefully nurtured by
    and your particular needs.           focused her teaching on electronic    our Finance Committee and only the
                                         commerce, management                  earnings used to provide as many as
*   National access. That means                                                thirty-eight scholarships each year?
    you'll be able to search for your    accounting for decision making,
    best deal just about anywhere        decision support, expert systems      A legacy! For only a few dollars.
    in the U.S. And you'll only see      and MIS. She cared about her          Where else?
    plans from companies in your         work and her students. Dr. Welsch
    area.                                passed earlier this year after a
                                         courageous battle with cancer.
*   Tools, information and helpful
    hints to make you a smarter          To honor her memory, Anthony          Special Thanks
    shopper - including information      Jablonsky established the Gemma
                                         Welsch, ETA Chapter, DePaul           There are many ways to
    on how to lower your auto                                                  support the Forever
    insurance premiums.                  University Scholarship. The
                                         application with instructions for     Scholarship Fund. We
Remember - when you call, your           the $1,000 Scholarship is available   would like to thank the
group ID is DMD and the service is       at the Delta Mu Delta website:        following people who have donated to
free - no matter how many times         the Fund for that special reason:
you use it. And, you don't have to                                             Patricia M. Damon
buy to benefit!                          Thanks to Tony for honoring
                                         Gemma by awarding students a           - In Memory of husband, Jim Damon
                                         scholarship in her name.              ACBSP Region 4
                                                                               - Proceeds from their silent auction
 8                                        Forever Dollars Scholarship Fund Contributors
                                 Delta Mu Delta would like to thank the following persons for their financial support to the Society.
$100 and over                             Dallas Baptist University                Marymount University                Quinnipac College
Adelphi University                            Elnora Green                            Helen Clark                         Jorge R. Adrian
   Michael N. Katayanagi                  Delta State University                      Evelyn Gardner                   Sacred Heart University
California State - Dominguez Hills            Margarita S. Carter-Niewald             Michael J. Parkinson                Mary D. Campbell
   Martina Gomez Godoy                    DePaul University                           Joan Smith                          Patricia A. Clark
Chaminade University                          James J. Johnston                    University of Massachusetts            Michael G. Kuruc
   Arthur Russell McNamara                    Angela Kong                             Sheelagh M. Beaulieu                William M. Lawler
Dallas Baptist University                     Dirk Edward Kuenzler                    Nancy J. Goulart                    Claudia Molinari Weiler
   Clifton E. Marks                           Martha A. Lenz                       Mercy College                          Desiree D. Williams
DePaul University                         University of the District of Columbia      Linda C. Baumann                 College of St. Catherine
   Vivian Curran                              Garicka Tyree                           Victoria Garbarino                  Shari L. Nepper
   Carol Ann Eyre                         Dowling College                             Kevin Noonan                     St. Edward’s University
Eastern New Mexico University                 Mary Wayne                              Sharone P. Serrano                  Rachel B. Berman
   Dr. William H. Brunsen                 Eastern Connecticut State University     Methodist College                   The College of Saint Rose
Eastern University                            Joseph Antonelli                        Professor Robert H. Cooper          Joseph Marshall
   Robin A. Loercher                      Eastern New Mexico University               Pamela Strickland                Saint Xavier University
Indiana University East                       Roger Johns                          Midwestern State University
                                                                                                                          Maximo Francisco Mata
   Gale Richardson                            Victoria Meyer-Christian                Dennis Wayne Manning
                                                                                                                       University of Scranton
Long Island University                        Ginger A. Yingling                      Jill Pitcher, CPA
                                                                                                                          Shepard Bennett
   Linda A. Ferraro                       Eastern University                       Millersville University
Madonna University                                                                                                     Southern Connecticut University
                                              Vincent Joseph Catanzaro                Zachary Daniel Heskett
   James S. Bonadeo                                                                                                       Gregory Ceballos
                                              Dina M. Gribbin                      Mississippi College
Manhattan College                                                                                                      Southern New Hampshire University
                                              Carol M. Hutchins                       Lori Steele
   Anne Cehelsky                              Ruth Ann Mininger                    Monmouth University
                                                                                                                          David Lee Blessing
Marymount University                          Loretta H. Supplee                      Martin F. Byrne                     Steven M. Buyck
   Dr. Louise Marshall                        Robert P. Vanderkamp                 Morehead State University              Robin M. D’Eri
New Jersey City University                Elizabethtown College                       Thomas Philip Hurd                  Jennifer L. Desrosiers
   Thomas Boyle                               Keith Zebrowski                      Mount St. Mary College                 Lettie Marie Genovitch
College of Notre Dame of Maryland         Farleigh Dickinson University               Liliana Green                       Steve P. Harris
   Mildred D. Owens                           Marguerite Susan Bremner                Rose Rita Hughes                    Michelle S. Huffman
Salem State College                           Barbara J. Hernandez                    Marilyn Karlich                     Cliff Mommsen
   Patricia A. McAuliffe                      MaryAnn Kerins                       The Mount St. Mary’s University        Marie C. Ouellette
The Richard Stockton College              Fayetteville State University               M. Dunbar Ashbury, Jr.              Bradford Parkhurst
 of New Jersey                                Cynthia E. Davis                        Harry C. Benjamin, Jr.              Cynthia A. Pilla
   Marilyn Vito, CPA                          Natasha Nicole Williams              College of Mount Saint Vincent         Antonio R. Seales
Tarleton State University                 Fisk University                             Dr. Lucie Pfaff                     Shelly Anne Sousa
   Cindy S. Reed                              Deborah E. Story                     Nebraska Wesleyan University        Southern Polytechnic University
Wagner College                            Fontbonne College                           Dr. Laverne Rudell                  Dale Griffith
   Edward Doxey                               John P.S. Barrett                    New Jersey City University             Charles C. Jensen
Wingate College                               Joyce Kettenhofen                       Antoinette Maria Marmora            Jo Ann McCann
   Dr. Robert Emlyn Bodycombe                 Shelia Davidson Knowles              New York Institute of Technology    The Richard Stockton College
                                              Barbara M. Schaumburg                   Shahar Cohen                     of New Jersey
Other generous donors                         Sister Carmen Schnyder, CPF             Joyce C. A. Ehrhardt                Elan A. Carr
Adelphi University                        Gannon University                           Raymond Stefanowicz                 Robert Alan Dunston, Jr.
  Stewart Colman Rego                         Patrick John Agnello                 Nichols College                        Marjorie Nicole Gabrielle
  Ernest P. Scarola                           Gene Friedman                           Michael Allard                      Louise Seitman
Alabama State University                  Georgian Court University                   Albert A. Didomizio                 Joseph C. Sluka
  Jennifer D. Webster                         Kevin A. Byrnes                         David A. Dipilato                Stonehill College
Ashland University                            Dawn R. Daniele                         Patricia R. Doyle                   Heather A. Cobb
  Amy E. Fisher                               Rashida Scott-Cruz                      Dewey N. Heichel                    Lucinda A. Higgins
  Shane E. Lindsay                        Harding University                       College of Notre Dame of Maryland   Tarleton State University
  Linda L. Mills                              Kevin O. Wright                         Karen Diana Allmond
Athens State University                                                                                                   Rhianna Laura Miller
                                          Illinois College                            Mary S. Berkebile                   Robert Miranda, Jr.
  Barbara I. Engelbrecht                      Alaina Marie Adams                      George M. Evans, Jr.
  Billie K. Jones                                                                                                         Gaylene S. Nunn
                                          University of the IncarnateWord             Constance Ann Garner                Deborah Perkins
Bowie State University                        Tyson Baugardner                        Barbara E. Henry
  Delano A. McRavin                                                                                                       Anita J. Terpstra-Meeves
                                              Priscilla Johnson                       Theresa Stokes Hill
  Saundra Ponder                                                                                                          Donna Kay Thornbrue
                                              Dr. Robert Lee Ryan                     Janise A. Kilar
Bucknell University                                                                                                       Jim Tracy
                                          University of Indianapolis                  Peggy A. Weber
  Debra Poskanzer                                                                                                      Tiffin University
                                              Scott L. Parker                      Our Lady of the Lake University
Central Connecticut State University                                                                                      Lucy Jane Linn
                                          King’s College                              Gary Grey Abernathy
  David H. Lyon                                                                                                        Trenton State College
                                              Susan Gingell Berdis                    Terry Dole
University of Central Oklahoma                                                                                            Gerald J. Mangine
                                          La Roche College                            Cathleen C. Johnson
  Kellie Ann Eastham                                                                                                      Paul Ernest Natalizio, IV
                                              Michael G. Radich                       Peggy D. Kelso
  Randy Jorgensen                                                                                                      Tri-State University
                                              Sue A. Unterholzner                     Krystal Sauter
  Karen Lynn Petrie                                                                                                       Eric M. Pynn
                                          Long Island University                      Matthew P. Streger
Chaminade University                                                                                                   Troy State University
                                              Victor Branco                           Gloria Jean Tobin
  Sharla Saffery                                                                                                          Pamela Louise Thompson
                                              Norman Wagner                        Pace University
University of Cincinnati                                                                                               Walsh College
                                          Madonna University                          Rebecca Hurt
  John Barnhorst                                                                                                          Julia E. Kieler
                                              Antoinette S. Knechtges              Pepperdine University
  Bryan Brown, Jr.                                                                                                     Western New England College
                                              Janet R. MacDonald                      Hugh Rose
  Virginia Budd                                                                                                           Wayne J. Atkins
                                              Linda M. Shaheen                     Philadelphia University
  Jane Collins                                                                                                            Paul E. Contois
                                          Manhattan College                           John F. Boyle
  Stanley Quay                                                                                                         Wilkes University
  Donald Wesley
                                              Ralph J. Caputo                      Prairie View A&M University
                                              Mohamed Qualander                       Awilda Paulette                     Martha L. Heffers
  Katherine Westbrook

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