Cucumber Health Benefits For The Body by muqtafi91


									                 Cucumber Health Benefits For The Body

                         Who is not familiar with this one fruit, the fruit of cucumbers to ever
                         give trauma to me because of its bitter taste that turns out to have
                         benefits for human health, a variety of nutrient content in cucumber
                         fruit can provide benefits for the health of our body.

                        The fruit that we often use as friends as we enjoy food vegetable salad
                        with combustion, such as roasted chicken, grilled fish and so on that
                        can be consumed in the form of raw, in addition to taste fresh
                        cucumbers also tasty processed as a mixture of vegetables. Cucumbers
contain 0.69% protein, 0.1% fat and carbs as much as 2.2%. Also contains calcium, iron,
magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin c. According to the
study, cucumbers also contains 486.700 ppm 35.100-linoleic acid as the cucurbitaceae which
typically contains cucumber kukurbitasin, possibly also containing the compound.Kukurbitasin

having activity as anti tumor and it can be preventive efforts of tumor disease attacks against
your body.

Well, here are some of the benefits of the fruit of cucumbers can we get if we routinely consume
him. And don't overdo it, because everything is exaggerated it's no good

Cucumber seeds contain toxic alkoloid type hipoxanti, which works to treat children who suffer
from intestinal worms.

If you suffer from pain in the throat which caused tough talk (cough) can be treated with
cucumber seeds.Here's how: a little cucumber seeds contaminated with a little salt and a few
times a day. This treatment is believed to be lost as a result of sound returns the pain.

Diseases of the Reel-Reel sustainable so as to lose weight can be alleviated by consuming raw
cucumber or that has been cooked. In addition, cucumber can also be used to treat diseases of

Cucumbers are also often used as medicine natural beauty. Take the fruit to taste washed clean
and then shredded. Used to compress the fever, affixed on cuts, Burns, spots stains on the skin,
acne, cleanse the face skin oily skin and reduce itching.

How, if interested to consume the fruit of this one, I suggest you to consume him because it turns
out the fruit of Cucumbers has Benefits for the health of our body.

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