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DP2 by yaofenji



               INVITATION TO TENDER                                FORM
1.     Schedule to Tender No 1090306/B1101/361036/P-36 dated 19 -08-2011.
This tender will be closed for acceptance at 1000 Hours and will be opened at 1030
Hours on 20-09-2011. Please drop tender in the Tender Box No 206.

2.     You are requested to please use this Proforma for price quotation, fill in the
prices, affix your stamp on the same, sign it and forward it in original as your
Commercial offer along with the covering letter of your firm. If you do not use this
form as price quotations your offer might be rejected.

3.    You are requested to please attach DP-1 and DP-3 alongwith your quotation
duly signed & stamped. Same can be requested from DP(N) at Email                cc              &

 S NO              DETAIL OF STORES                    QTY/ UNIT       UNIT        TOTAL
                                                                      PRICE        PRICE

   1.     Ctgs 12.7mm .50 TP M33 with M9                15,000
          linked.                                        Nos

   2.     Ctgs 12.7mm .50 M17 Tracer                    10,000
          SPECIAL NOTE:
          a.     WARRANTY:
                 Firm/suppliers Warranty/Guarantee
                 on form DPL-15 for one year from
                 the date of receipt of stores at
          b.     MANUFACTURING DATE
                 The stores should be of latest date
                 of manufacture.
          c.     OPTION CLAUSE:
                 For subsequent order the prices of
                 stores may not be increased for 12
                 months on receipt of stores against

          d.     BASIS OF OFFER :        ON F.O.B

          e.     Stores will be inspected by NAIO(A)
                 at PNAD.

          Above mentioned price includes 16%
          sale Tax (Please tick Yes or No)
                  Yes                   No
        Grand Total

        Earnest Money AS PER DP-1

Terms & Conditions

1.   Special Instructions.     N.A

2.   Terms of Payment.            70% on shipment of store
                                  30% on issuance of CRV

3.   Origin of Stores.        FOB

4.   Origin of OEM.           FOB

5.   Technical Scrutiny Report. Required.

6.   Delivery Period. 4-6 Months or earlier.

7.   Currency.       Euro

8.   Basis for acceptance.       FOB basis.

9.   Bid validity.          90 Days.
                                     GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN

                                                 No._______ /P-36
                                                 Directorate of Procurement (Navy)
                                                 Ministry of Defence Production
                                                 Sectt No. II, Adamjee Road
                                                 Tel: 051-9271475

Messrs ______________
Invitation to Tender and General Instructions

1.     Conditions Governing Contracts. The „Contract‟ made as result of this I/T
                                                                        Understood Understood
shall mean the agreement entered into between the parties i.e. the „Purchaser‟ and agreed
                                                                        agreed     not

the „Seller‟ on Directorate General Defence Purchase (DGDP) contract Form “DP-
19” in accordance with the law of contract Act, 1872 and those contained in
Defence Purchase Procedure (DP-35) and other special conditions that may be
added to given contract for the supply of Defence Stores specified herein.

2.    Delivery of Tender. The offer is to be submitted in duplicate as under:-

      a.     Commercial Offer: The offer will be in duplicate and indicate prices
                                                                           Understood Understood
             quoted in figures as well as in words alongwithagreed           essential agreed
             literature/brochure. It should be clearly marked in fact on the envelope
             “Commercial Offer”, tender number and date of opening.
      b.     Technical Offer: (Where Applicable). Should contain all relevant
                                                                        Understood Understood
             specifications in triplicate in an envelope and clearly marked agreed
                                                                        agreed     not
             “Technical Offer” without prices, tender number and date of opening.
             Both the “envelopes” of commercial and technical offers should be
             enclosed in one cover, properly sealed and bear the address of this
             office without any indication that there is tender within.

             Special Instructions: Tender documents and its conditions may please
                                                                       Understood Understood
             be read point by point and understood properly before quoting. All agreed
                                                                       agreed     not
             tender conditions should be responded clearly. In case of any
             deviation due to non-acceptance of tender conditions(s), the same
             should be highlighted alongwith your changed offer/conditions.
             Tender may however be liable to be rejected
                                           Page – D1
       C.     Firms shall submit their offers in two separate envelopes         Understood     Understood
                                                                                agreed         not agreed
              (i.e. one copy of commercial offer and two or more copies
              of the technical offer as asked in the IT). The commercial
              offer will include rates of items/services called for and the
              technical offer will not indicate the rates. Both types of
              offers are to be enclosed in separate covers and each
              envelope shall be properly sealed bearing the signature of
              the bidder. Each cover shall indicate type of offer, number
              and date of IT and IT opening date. Thereafter both the
              envelopes (technical and commercial offer) shall be placed
              in one envelope (second cover) duly sealed and signed.
              This cover should bear the address of the procurement
              agency indicating, issuance date of IT and No, with Its
              opening date. This should be further placed in another
              cover (third cover), addressed as indicated in the tender
              documents, without any indication that there is a tender
              within it.

       d.     The tender duly sealed will be addressed to the following:-
              Directorate of Procurement (Navy)/P-31
              Ministry of Defence Production
              Directorate General Defence Purchase
              Secretariat No. II, Adamjee Road
              Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN
              Telephone: 92-051-9271471
              Fax No. 92-051-5516307
4.     Date and Time For Receipt of Tender: Your tender must reach                Understood     Understood
                                                                                  agreed         not agreed
this office by the date and time specified in the Schedule to Tender
(Form DP-2) attached. This Directorate will not accept any excuse of
delay occurring in post. Tenders received after the appointed/ fixed time
will NOT be entertained. The appointed time will, however, fall on next
working day in case of closed/forced holiday. Only legitimate/registered
representatives of firm will be allowed to attend tender opening.

5.      Tender Opening: Tenders will be opened as mentioned in the                Understood     Understood
schedule to tender. Commercial offers will be opened at later stage if            agreed         not agreed
Technical Offer is found acceptable on examination by technical
authorities of Service HQ. Date and time for opening of Commercial offer
shall be intimated later. Only legitimate / registered representative of firm
will be allowed to attend tender opening.

6.     Validity of Offer

a.     The validity period of quotations must be indicated and should             Understood     Understood
invariably be 90 days extendable to 120 days from the date of opening of          agreed         not agreed

commercial offer. Conversion rate of FE/LC components will be
considered w.e.f. opening of commercial offer.
b.      The quoting firm will certify that in case of an additional            Understood   Understood
                                                                               agreed       not agreed
requirement of the contract items (s) in any qty(s) with in a
period of 12 month from the date of signing the contract, these
will also be supplied ( at the on going contract rates) with

7.     Part Bid You may quote for the whole or any portion, or                 Understood   Understood
to state in the tender that the rate quoted, shall apply only if the           agreed       not agreed
entire quantity is taken from you. The Director Procurement
reserves the right of accepting the whole or any part of the
tender or portion of the quantity offered, and you shall supply
these at the rate quoted.

Note: - This condition would be used very rarely except ration

8.      Return of I/T    In case you are Not quoting, please return the
tender inquiry stating the reason of NOT quoting. In case of failure to
return the ITs either quoted or not quoted consequently on three
occasions, this Directorate General, in the interest of economy, will
consider the exclusion of your firm‟s name from our future distribution list
of invitation to tender

9.     Withdrawal of Offer: If the firm withdraws it offer within validity     Understood   Understood
                                                                               agreed       not agreed
period the competent authority may place such firm under embargo for a
period, which may be extended up to one year

10.    Provision of Documents in case of Contract on Earnest                   Understood   Understood
       Money. In case any firm wins a contract on EM, it will deposit          agreed       not agreed
       following documents for provisional registration before award of

       a.     A copy of letter showing firm‟s financial capability.
       b.     Foreign Seller has to provide its Registration Number
              issued by respective Department of Commerce authorizing
              export of subject stores.
       c.     Principal/Agency Agreement.

11.    Return of Earnest Money.

       a.     Earnest Money to the unsuccessful bidders will be returned       Understood   Understood
on                  finalization of the contract.                              agreed       not agreed

       b.     Earnest Money of the firm/firms with whom contract is
       concluded willbe returned on submission of Bank Guarantee as
       stipulated in the contract.
12.    Earnest Money/Tender Bond: your        tender    must       be         Understood   Understood
                                                                              agreed       not agreed
accompanied by a Bank Draft in favour of CMA (DP), Rawalpindi for the
following amount:

        a.      Registered/Indexed Firms: 1% of the quoted value
                subject to maximum celling of Rs 0.200 Million. Applicable
                for FOR cases only.
        b.      Registered but Un-indexed Firms: 2% of the quoted
                value subject to maximum celling of Rs 0.50 Million.
                Applicable for both FOR/FOB cases.
        c.      Un-registered/Un-indexed Firms: 3% of the quoted value
                subject to maximum ceiling of Rs 1.00 Million.
                Applicable for both FOR/FOB cases.

             Note:    (1)    Please delete above mentioned condition not
                      relevant to the firm.

                      (2)    In case of firm wins a contract on EM, it will
                      deposit following documents for provisional Regn
                      before the award of contracts:

S.       Local Supplier                       Foreign Supplier
i)       Three filled copies of SVA-8121 of   Three filled copies of SVA-8121-
         each member of management            D of each member of
ii)      Three filled copies of SVA-8121-A    Three filled copies of SVA-8121
iii)     Three photocopy of NIC for each      Three photocopy of Resident
         member of management                 Card or equivalent identification
                                              Card for each member of
iv)      Three PP size photographs for        Three PP size photographs for
         each member of management            each member of management
v)       Challan Form (*)                     Challan Form (*)
vi)      Bank Statement for last one year     Financial standing/audit balance
vii)     Photocopy of NTN                     Photocopy of passport
viii)    Foreign Principal Agency             Agency Agreement in case of
         Agreement in case of local agent     Trading House/Company/
                                              Exporter/Stockiest etc.

13.     Treasury Challan.

        a.      Offers must be accompanied with a challan form of Rs.         Attached     Not
                100/- (obtainable from State Bank of Pakistan/Government
                Treasury) and debitable to Major Head XL VII, Main Head
                XII, Sub Head „A‟ Miscellaneous Code No Def – 1220.
                Each offer will be covered by one challan.
                                                                              Attached       Not
      b.      In case of un-registered firms, whether they have applied                      Attached
              for registration or not, will pay tender inquiry fee (Challan
              Form) at following rates:-

              (1) Contract for value upto. Rs. 2,50,000/- : Rs 1000/-

              (2) Contract for value from       -           Rs. 1500/-
                   Rs. 2,50,000/- to Rs.5,000,000/-

              (3) Contracts for value            -              Rs. 2000
                  above 5,000,000/-

14.    Rights Reserved. Directorate Procurement (Navy), Rawalpindi              Understood     Understood
                                                                                agreed         not agreed
reserves full rights to accept or reject any or all offers including the
lowest, after assigning grounds for its rejection and upon request, the
grounds of rejection shall be communicated to supplier/contractor, who
submit the offer.

15.    Application of Official Secret Acts. All the matters connected           Understood     Understood
with this enquiry and subsequent actions arising there from come within         agreed         not agreed
the scope of the Official Secret Act, 1923. You are, therefore, requested
to ensure complete secrecy regarding documents and stores concerned
with the enquiry and to limit the number of your employees having
access to this information.

16.    Acknowledgment. Firms will send acknowledgement slips within
                                                                                Understood     Understood
07 days from the date of receipt of IT. In case IT is not received by a         agreed         not agreed
registered firm within 10 days IT published in the Bulletin, the firm must
ask for it from concerned procurement agency in writing with intimation
to Registration Section (DGDP).

17.   Disqualification. Offers are liable to be rejected if:-                   Understood     Understood
                                                                                agreed         not agreed
      a. Taxes and duties, freight/transportation and insurance charges
         NOT indicated separately.

      b. There is any deviation from the General /Special/Technical

      c. Offers are found conditional or incomplete in any respect.

      d. Treasury challan is NOT attached with the offer.

      e. Form DP-3 duly signed, is NOT received with the offers.

      f.   Multiple rates are quoted against one item.
      g. Manufacturer‟s relevant brochures and technical details on major
         equipment assemblies are not attached in support of specifications.

      h. Received later than appointed/fixed date and time.

      j.   Subject to restriction of export license.

      k. Offers (commercial/technical) containing non-initialed/ unauthenticated

      l.   If the validity of the agency agreement is expired.

      m. The commercial offer against FOB/CIF/C&F tender quoted in local currency
         and vise versa.

      n. Principals invoice in duplicate clearly indicating whether prices quoted are
         inclusive or exclusive of the agent commission is not enclosed.

      p. Earnest money not provided where applicable.

      q. If validity of offer is not quoted as required in IT or made subject to
         confirmation later.

      r. Offer made through Fax/E-mail/Cable/Telex.

      s. If your offer is found to be based on cartel action in connivance with other
         sources/ participants of the tender.

                                                           Faithfully yours,

                                                        (To be Signed by Officer Concerned)



1.     FORM DP2, DP-3 and Questionnaires: Form DP-2, DP-3 and Questionnaires
duly filled in are to be returned with the offer duly signed by the authorized

2.     Copy of DP-35 Revised 2002: Copies of DP-35 revised 2002 are available with
Registration Section DGDP and the same be obtained by the Supplier on payment at
the rate of Rs. 250/- each.

                                                                    (Signatures of Tenderer)
                                                           (Capacity in which signing)


Tender No……………                                   Name of the Firm…………..
                                                 Telephone No. ………….
                                                 E-Mail ……………………
                                                 Fax No ……………………
           (Section P-37)
           Ministry of Defence Production
           Sectt. No. II, Adamjee Road
           Tel: 051-9271478

Dear Sir

1. I/We hereby offer to supply to the Director of Procurement (Navy) the stores detailed
in schedule to the tender inquiry or such portion thereof as you may specify in the
acceptance of tender at the prices offered against the said schedule and further agree
that this offer will remain valid up to ____ days and will not be withdrawn or altered in
terms of rates quoted and the conditions already stated therein or on before this date.
I/we shall be bound by a communication of acceptance to be dispatched within the
prescribed time.

2. I/We have understood the Instructions to Tenders and General Conditions Governing
Contract in Form No. DP-35 (Revised 2002) included in the pamphlet entitled,
Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence (Directorate General Defence Purchase)
“General Conditions Governing Contracts” and have thoroughly examined the
specifications/drawings and/ or patterns quoted in the schedule hereto and am/are fully
aware of the nature of the stores required and my/our offer is to supply stores strictly in
accordance with the requirements.

      The following pages have been added to and form part of this tender:

   a. ……………………………………….
   b. ……………………………………….
   c. ………………………………………..
                                                                         Yours faithfully,
                                                                (Signature of Tenderer)
                                                          (Capacity in which signing)
                                                       Signature of Witness……………

*Individual signing tender and/or other documents connected with a contract must

     (a)     Whether signing as “Sole Proprietor” of the firm or his attorney.
     (b)     Whether signing as a “Registered Active Partner” of the firm or his attorney.
     (c)     Whether signing for the firm “per procuration”.
     (d)     In the case of companies and firms registered under the Act, 1913 as
             amended up-to-date and under the Partnership Act 1932, the capacity in which
             signing e.g., the Director, Secretary, Manager, Partner, etc. or their attorney
             and produce copy of document empowering him so to sign, if called upon to do

      (e) Principal‟s proforma invoice (in original)
      (f)  Earnest money
      (g) Treasury Challan Form for tender Fees in the name of DGDP
     as applicable

h.         Any other Remarks of the Suppliers
           (Max 100 words)

j.         Additional Instructions

                 a.     Firms are to indicate item complied/not complied

                 b.     IT instruction are being provided as a part of IT.

                 c.     The Procurement Agency has the right to
                        reject/accept any quotation in case of being
                        incomplete/overwriting and non, adherence to IT

                 d.     Firm have to submit DP-1 and DP-3 forms along
                        with the quotation.

Not Registered
1. Is your Firm registered/Not registered with DGDP ?
                                                                                                                                                      zzzzz.                              cccccc.
2.        Manufacturer/Stockist/Agent                                                                                                                 aaaaaa.                             dddddd.
                                                                       (Strike which ever applicable)                                                 bbbbbb.                             eeeeee.
                            qqqqq.    ttttt.   wwwww.
                            rrrrr.    uuuuu.   xxxxx.
                                                                                                                                            Yes                                 No
3.       Is your                                any
                          firm in business withyyyyy.
                            sssss.    vvvvv.                                                                                                          nnnnn.                        kkkkk.
         Other Govt/Semi Govt Org?                                                                                                                                                  lllll.
                                                                                                                                      Date              Month
4.        If your firm Registered with DGDP then what                                                                                                        jjjjj.                       ggggg.
           is the validity period of registration ?                                                                                                                                       hhhhh.
5.        Financial capability of your firm                                                                                           Rs.

6.         Agency agreement with foreign principal                                                                                       Valid                           Not Valid
          (In case of FOB cases only)                                                                                                   ccccc.                   zzzz.
                                                                                                                                        ddddd.                   aaaaa.
7.        Management Details:
                                                                                                                                        eeeee.                   bbbbb.
          (i) Proprietor/Director’s Name                                                                        ddd. sss. mmm. wwww.
                                                                                                            yyy. vvv. ppp. jjj. ggg. bbbb. qqqq. kkkk. eeee.
                                                                                                                                                  tttt. nnnn. hhhh.
                                                                                                                eee. ttt. nnn. hhh. cccc. rrrr. llll.
                                                                                                            zzz. www. qqq. kkk. xxxx. uuuu. oooo. iiii.ffff.
          (ii)         Father’s Name                                                                     SASDFSAA t. q. n. k. yyyy. vvvv. pppp. jjjj.gggg.
                                                                                                            aaaa. z. SDFJAS iii. aaa. xx.ssss. mmmm.
                                                                                                                j.      w.         lll.       dddd. uu.rr. oo.ll. ii.
                                                                                                            dd. aa.LFSALF l. bbb.
                                                                                                                        x. u. r. o.           gg.                  jj.
          (iii) ID Card No                                                                                  uuuuuu. SAFSAS mmmmmmm. ffffff. llllll. F
                                                                                                                    xxxxxx. ggggggg.ccc. d. ww. qq.nn.kk.
                                                                                                                ppppppp.ddddddd.m. g. rrrrrr. a. tt. iiiiii. oooooo.
                                                                                                                        aaaaaaa. jjjjjjj.
                                                                                                            ee. bb.y. v. s. p.                hh.zz.                                                 N
               (Please provide Photo copy as well)                                                                  FASDFA kkkkkkk. e.
                                                                                                                qqqqqqq.N hhhhhhh.h. ssssss.b. gggggg. pppppp.
                                                                                                                        DJFSLK nnnnnnn.
                                                                                                                           eeeeeee.                            mmmmmm.
8.        Have you already received any IT on earnest                                                   money basis?SFSAF iiiiiii. i. tttttt.
                                                                                                                rrrrrrr.FLSDKF ooooooo.f. c. hhhhhh. qqqqqq.
                                                                                                                        ccccccc. lllllll.
                                                                                                                    yyyyyy.fffffff.                        kkkkkk.
          if Yes then indicate No of ITs.                                                                           zzzzzz.
                                                                                                            vvvvvv. JSLAFS
                                                                                                            wwwwww.     AJDFSA              Yes                                   No
9.        Is any R/E amount outstanding against your firm. If yes DFSAL                                                                              sssssss.                             vvvvvvv.
          Mention the amount and contract No.                                                          Amount                                        ttttttt.
                                                                                                                                                     Contract           No

10.         Is any DGDP contract ongoing with your firm.
         If Yes then indicate No. of outstanding contracts and also                                                                                              wwwwwww.

         (I). Number of contracts within Delivery Period
         (II) Number of contract beyond Delivery Period

(Kindly fill in the above form and forward it under your own letter head with contact
                                                             DPL – 15

M/S _______________________________________________________

CONTRACT NO. _____________________________________

1.     We hereby guarantee that the articles supplied under the terms
of this contract are produced new in conformance with approved
drawings/specification and in all respect in accordance with the terms of
the contract, and the materials used whether or not of our manufacture
are in accordance with the latest appropriate standard specifications, as
also in accordance with the terms of complete of good workmanship
throughout and that we will repair/replace free of cost
(FOB/CIF/FOR/C&F) Karachi as the case may be every article or part
thereof which before use or in use shall be found defective or not within
the limits and tolerance of specifications requirement or in any way not
in accordance with the terms of the contract.

2.     In case of our failure to replace the defective stores free of cost
within three months of reporting by the consignee, we will refund the
relevant cost (FOB/CIF/FOR/C&F) Karachi as the case may be in the
currency/currencies in which received plus freight charges, upto
consignees end and the purchaser shall have the right to purchase the
stores declared defective at our risk and expense from elsewhere.

3.     The Supplier also undertakes to make good the deficiency in
supply if any.

4.      This warranty will remain valid for one year which ever comes
first on receipt of stores by the consignee.

AS       THAT         ON        THE    __________________
THE    SIGNATURE   OF    A   PERSON    _______________
ON       BEHALF         OF      THE

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