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					       Coleman Gross

       Pet Peeve Essay

       One of my pet peeves is being moved at Region 9, even when I’ve done nothing wrong to

deserve being moved to a different seat. Yeah, so what if Bert and I talk a little bit, I can’t help it

because of my ADHD I can’t sit still or stay quiet for too long otherwise I get restless and

inattentive or distracted. I look forward to Region 9 because it’s, for me an escape from the

everyday drone of schoolwork at my sending school. Also I can’t stand when there is a one

person job to be done, and all four of us have to go do it to, when we could be working on other

things, like English or some other work that has to be done in short notice.

       Another thing that I hate is not making deadlines. Failing to get things done on time, and

waiting till the last minute to do things. My Senior Presentation for instance, I had multiple

weeks to finish it completely, but since I’m a procrastinator I put it off for days and I have to

present it in a few days and I’m nowhere near ready for it. I need to learn from my mistakes if I

am to get anything done on time in the future. I put off my English assignments until the last

minute and here I am writing this pet peeve essay so I don’t fail and so I can graduate High

School. These are the things I can’t stand.

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