; letter to Mr. Hudak
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letter to Mr. Hudak


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									Dear Mr. Hudak,

I would like you to remember three things from our conversation:

ONE: Green energy is neither left or right
 • this is about creating green jobs
 • this is about healthy kids and cleaner air
 • this is about a sustainable energy future
 • let's have an energy conversation rather than an energy fight

TWO: Please stop blaming renewables for hydro rate increases.
         You know this is not the truth.
 • rate increases are from grid upgrades and new nuclear
 • hydro costs will go up regardless of the renewable investment
 • in fact investing in green energy now makes sense

THREE: Ontarians need you to think long-term about energy.
         Our energy future is not a four year election cycle.
 • the Pembina report ”Behind the Switch” specifically shows
   how investment in renewables now will save money in the
   long-term. Please have your staff read the highlighted
   paragraphs on pages VI and VII
 • Renewable energy and communities can grow together: as a
   leader I am hoping you will help citizens be an active part in
   energy use and conservation

Thank you again for your time. You can learn more about Friends of Wind Ontario at
www.friendsofwind.ca .

August 21, 2011   Jutta Splettstoesser
                  President of Friends of Wind Ontario

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