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					                                  PIT PASS
                                 SCCBC                     AUGUST 2009

Photo by Robin Fairservice

                                 (FOUND AND SAVED BY KEN FINNIGAN)
                             See full report on Westwood50 - Page 6

         Goodbye Don Souter - We will miss you - Page 4

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                                       Prez Sez
The dog days of summer are upon us now and we’ve a bit of lull in the season at Mission, with the Club’s next
race event being the always popular ICSCC Double on the Labour Day weekend. Having this short break pro-
vides us with ample time to ensure our cars are ready to go for the remainder of the season as well as allow-
ing for all members to squeeze in the occasional family vacation. Some racers are using this opportunity to
participate in events at other tracks and take in the challenges of competitors and circuits not normally seen.

We have been receiving a number of inquiries for individuals wishing to be part of the steering committee
that was mentioned in our last Pit Pass. The Executive will be discussing these names shortly and there is
still time for you submit your name and a brief description about yourself if you’d like to be part of this com-
mittee. We’ll be deciding on these individuals shortly and this issue will be your last opportunity to let us
know of your interest. Contact either myself or one of the Executive if you’re interested.

There was some sad news recently about a long time member of the local motorsports community. Don
Souter, a META member, was killed on August 2 in a plane he was piloting, near Comox, BC. Don was popular
with his fellow workers and racers alike, his quiet friendly nature belying the respect he gave everyone,
whether he was working the corners or inspecting the cars in tech. Don will be sorely missed.


                TARGA WESTERN CANADA

The first running of this event will be in May 2010. For more information please go to the
following site:

                               Goodbye Don
Don Souter was killed Sunday when the home-built plane he was flying crashed into a residential neighborhood
in Courtenay, B.C. on Sunday night, August 2nd, 2009

Apparently Don’s small, home-built plane lost a wing while in flight, causing it to crash at about 5:00 p.m. Don
Souter, the only occupant died instantly. Don had more than 20 years flying experience. Don was flying a
Jodel-model plane, made in Europe. Don stored his plane at the Delta Heritage Air Park. Club members de-
scribed Don as a good pilot who was well-liked at the club.

Brian Meaking first advised Pit Pass about Don’s death and this was a great a shock to us. We asked Jim
Kurtz for some comments about Don. He said that Don was one of the nicest people he had ever met in his 35
years of involvement with motor sport in BC. Don and his plane were all that he heard about this year at the
track. Don was so proud and happy. Jim went on to say:
        “When I first met Don he was somebody that I took an immediate liking to. He offered to help with
        Tech on Fridays evenings, but wanted to work on the corners for the Saturday and Sunday. The Con-
        ference races were where he was the greatest help working with Mike Currie in the first years and
        with Mike and Al Cruickshank later. As a Tech inspector he was very meticulous and found things
        wrong with many cars that some of us may have missed. He learned the rules very quickly for CACC
        and ICSCC. Don worked for the City of Burnaby and on several occasions drove the snow plow down
        the street where I live; giving me advance notice he was coming so I could move my vehicles. I appre-
        ciated everything he did. It is a great loss to everybody he was associated with.”

We also checked with Mike Currie who often worked with Don in Tech. His comments are similar to Jim’s:
       “Don was a very personable fellow. He was always smiling. He thoroughly enjoyed life to its very full-
       est. It was always a pleasure to have Don with us in Tech Inspection. He was always pleasant, and
       great with the details. I saw Don recently at the Historic Motor Races at River’s Edge and he was
       eager to tell us all about his “new-to-him” aircraft. He was immensely proud of that plane and had
       great plans to fly to many parts of North America. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew

We are sure that all members of SCCBC and META would join us in offering our sympathies to Don’s family.

     (preliminary) RACE DATES AT RIVER’S EDGE
                    March 28/29         Driver Training
                    April 18/19         CACC
                    May 30/1            CACC
                    June 20/21          ICSCC
                    July 4/5            CACC
                    July 18/19          VINTAGE
                    Aug 15/16           Driver Training
                    Sep 5/6/7           ICSCC Double Race
                    Sept 19/20          CACC + Children’s Charity
                    Oct 3/4             CACC
                    Nov 7               SCCBC Banquet

Should you require a race announcement, race schedule, copy of the Supplementary Regu-
lations, membership application or any other forms, please visit our website at . If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the SCCBC
Secretary at (604) 856-8957 to have forms mailed.

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                           BY THE 21st OF THE MONTH
  Your suggestions are always welcomed and your stories are always appreciated

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                           Editor on Track

                            50 Years and Counting
As you might have guessed, the Westwood50 weekend turned out to be a huge success. Many, many nostalgic
words were exchanges over those 3 or 4 days, between July 16th and 19th along with lots of smiles and a few
tears. I can’t even begin to cover all that went on, so with a little help from some of the busy volunteers; I
will do my best to highlight some of the key features and moments.

Obviously the Vintage Racing Club of BC was front and centre with the festivities, but the SCCBC, META and
the CACC helped to make the logistics of the whole weekend possible. Most of the photos you will see and
enjoy are courtesy of Gerry & Sue, who worked tirelessly to bring us the many, many wonderful shots. They
have been generous enough to share with Pit Pass anything we requested, and believe me, we just scratched
the surface, so do yourself a favour and log on to (user name “gerryf” and password
“rainbow”) and check out
the many, many fantastic
shots of people, cars and
events. Thank you Gerry
Frechette      and     Sue

Where to start? My his-
tory (Peter Weedon) with
Westwood only goes back
to 84, but even from my
limited perspective, there
were lots of memories. I
remember for example the
GM Challenge Series, so
what a treat it was to see
Tony Morris Sr. and Frank
Allers in their original cars
chasing each other around

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
the track. They raced in front of thousands during
the late 80’s, and are very much part of the history
of Westwood.

It was great to see the original Race Starters on
the Starter’s Stand to start three of the races,
plus the 7 geezers from 1959. The running commen-
tary was great, with Mike Tate and others men-
tioned below, all adding to the depth of enjoyment

                                                                 for a memorable weekend. The Driver’s Ser-
                                                                 vices tent was very busy with so many people
                                                                 attending, many of these being new to Rivers
                                                                 Edge. They could have sold the original
                                                                 Westwood clothing that was on display many
                                                                 times over. Driver’s Services wished that
                                                                 they had had club promotional material to

hand out, so it would appear that both SCCBC and META could
have had manned display tents where people could ask ques-
tions, and perhaps join. In hindsight perhaps a great opportu-
nity missed, although META did produce some leaflets on Sun-
day afternoon.

Leslie Skinner as always, was manning the gate, and tells me without hesitation that was by far and away the
biggest crowd to visit Rivers Edge since it open its gates for the first time back in July of 1994, now 15 years
ago - that’s already half the time that Westwood was open, and it seems like only yesterday. Leslie lost the
visitor count early on in all the madness, but she conservatively estimates well in excess of 2000 visitors, and
that doesn’t include all the Media, VIP’s, special guests, volunteers, drivers and crews. At one point I saw
Leslie half way from the gate to the Hwy trying to handle all the cars, a line up that no matter how hard
Heather, Susan, John, Sheri-lynn, Karen and Shelly worked, extended out of the service road, around the
corner and back up to the traffic lights! They were even double lined at one point, and all this went on till
early afternoon, when things finally started to settle down a little. Leslie knows a lot of people from those
Westwood days, and tells me that very often; it took a name-tag for her to recognise some of the faces, last
seen of course around 20 years ago. Always positive, Leslie tells me the gate is a wonderful place to be, as

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
she likely gets to meet and greet more of the visi-
tors than most other volunteers at the track, and
that surely is a big bonus.

Keith Robinson did a mammoth job as Paddock Mar-
shall. The first words out of his mouth to me were,
“it was a phenomenal weekend”. He told me that in
early June, with just 5 weeks to go, they really be-
gan to wonder about the entries and attendance as
the response was very low, however, their fears
were all for nought as by race weekend, both the
regular (West) paddock, and the overflow East pad-
dock were jammed. Keith was pulled six ways from
Sunday trying to stay on top of the entrant paddock
spots supplying plywood pads amongst other things,
the Sunday parade headed up by Miss Westwood in
a yellow DeTomaso Pantera and also organizing the
public parking which used up all the Custom Car
overflow parking, plus generally answering questions
and putting out fires (not literally). Keith couldn’t
say enough about the generosity and help coming from our landlords the BC Custom Car Association – they
were benevolent landlords and bent over backwards to accommodate the activities of the weekend. Keith was
pleasantly surprised the day following the event to find such little garbage, so hats off to everyone on that
one, and finally, one of Keith’s favourite memories was watching Dan Marvin get some very impressive times in
with Gilles Villeneuve’s original Formula Atlantic, in which he teamed with Chris Harrison's Ecurie Canada and
factory March race engineer Ray Wardell. He dominated the 1976 season by winning all but one of the races
and taking the US and Canadian titles, and he won the Canadian championship again in 1977. But heck, never
mind me, why not listen to Keith’s own words:

       “July 17, 18 & 19 2009 was a special race
       meeting at Mission Raceway Park. An
       original idea conceived by Tom Johnson
       to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the
       first race at Westwood, Canada’s first
       purpose built road racing course.

       The VCRBC executive decided last Octo-
       ber to take Tom’s idea and host the
       race. Vince Howlett and other people
       personally involved with the building of
       the Westwood track invited racers from
       far and wide.

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
 The event was split into two groups; those organizing a Saturday night banquet for Westwood racers
 from the ’50’s, ‘60’s, ‘70’s, and ‘80’s and the other to run a race for cars of the same period.

 The banquet was a hugely successful ‘gab fest’ for a lot of old rac-
 ers. The crowd of almost 300 ‘Westwooders’ where treated to a
 great video and some fun performances by Mike Tate and Ian Wood.
 Tarzio Flashorini (Mike) entertained the audience with some racing
 stories from his colourful career and Ian led a rousing chorus of
 ‘Those where the days my friend’!

 The race meeting was a fantastic collection of race cars from the
 afore mentioned period. Over 120 entries in 6 racing groups includ-
 ing; vintage and Formula Vee, small bore historic, large bore historic,
 formula racing cars, exhibition and W50. The definition of all these
 groups can be found at the club website.

 Two months prior to the event Ian Wood approached me and asked
 me to be the official VRC Paddock Marshall. Having agreed I asked
 Ian how many competitors he was expecting, “about 130” I was told
 and “oh yes, the front row of the paddock is reserved for special
 cars and sponsors”.
 At this time I pointed out that there were only 110 paddock spots for a possible allocation of 154 peo-
 ple! “Oh don’t worry” said Ian “it’ll all be good”! “One other thing” said Ian; “We are expecting a gate
 of around 2,000 spectators and a car corral of 150 on Sunday for the annual parade laps”!

 Paddocks maps were drawn, an ‘East Paddock’ was established, signs were made and good communica-
 tions were established with the VRC registrar Alan Donaldson. With a great deal of co-operation from
 BCCCA president Brian Narwyn and
 a lot of hard working volunteers we
 made it happen and it was ‘all very
 good’ eh Ian?! Leslie Skinner and
 her gate crew working with Susan
 Ray welcomed a crowd such has
 never been seen before for a road
 race at MRP! Wes Tipton and his
 helpers organized the Sunday cor-
 ral cars (I’m not sure of the total,
 but it filled the whole track!) and
 entering the track by way of the
 drag strip safety lane it all went
 very smoothly.

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
       It was such a busy/exciting weekend I could write pages of short stories, however; here are a couple
       of my personal favourites:

               A competitor arrived late Thursday night and was told he should park in the East Paddock.
               Just before we were leaving he had a problem with a ‘flat’ battery. We found him an outlet to
               plug in his charger and left for the night. Early next morning we gave him his freshly charged
               battery and thought nothing more about it. A short time later I found he had moved his car
               into someone else’s spot in the West Paddock. A rather heated discussion took place and I
               threatened to use the fork lift to move his car! By the end of the weekend during which we
               had found him a paddock at the ‘west end’ we parted amiably!

               On July 12th Dave Ledlin e-mailed to say he had some vintage cars of special interest that he
               had been given permission by VRC to display. 5 spots were made available for his cars and over
               a 2 day period Dave kept arriving with a tow truck and one car after another!
               1959 Berkeley SE, (with its three cylinder engine on the ground in front of it).
               1965 Marcadier FM sports racer
               1969 Abarth Berlina Corsa 1000 TC
               1969 Lotus Elan convertible
               1959 Rytune Formula Junior (ex Pedro Rodriguez).
               Dave is a really enthusiastic character (a true car nut, as you might have guessed) and agreed
               to allow me to lead the Sunday corral parade with his Elan while he brought up the rear with a
               lap in the Rytune!

       The driver/car combination on and off the track that impressed me the most was Dan Marvin with the
       March 76B Formula Atlantic car (ex Gilles Villeneuve). Dan started out lapping our track at 1.12’s on
       Friday and was black flagged on several occasions for excessive noise. He took this unfortunate situa-
       tion calmly and tried all kinds of tips he was given by ‘the locals’ to overcome the problem. I spoke
       briefly with him on Friday and he said he loved coming to Westwood ‘back in the day’. He thought that
       Mission was a ‘challenging little track’ and he was awed by the friendly reception from the people at
       the track. By the end of the weekend he had won 3 races and brought his fastest lap time down to
       1.06.8. Only a few tenths off the 2009 all time lap record, not bad for a guy that’s older than Mark
       Martin, in a 33 year old car!!

       Congratulations to Tom Johnston, Jim Latham and all the VRCBC executive and members for bringing
       us the most exciting race I have ever seen at Mission’s road course. I told Jim it reminded me of
       Brands Hatch in 1966 - it will be tough to follow!”

Ian Wood has been working on this weekend for the past two years, with a lot of help and support from Tom
Johnston. It had generally been agreed upon that the feature themes tried in past years for various nation-
alities did not allow for enough flexibility and variety, so another approach was in the works. The West-
wood50 offered a very timely opportunity to do that. Keith has a long history at Westwood, going way back
to ’72, and he raced every year there since, in a variety of cars like the Super 7, Volvo and CanAm, all of this

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
adding to his incentive to make this 50th cele-
bration one to remember. “People seem to come
out of the woodwork” he commented, “and so-
cializing seemed to be the order of the day.
Admittedly, the weather was on our side, but all
in all, it was a super turnout.” The event even
spilled over past the weekend when Ian accom-
panied a few others to The Golf Academy at
Westwood Plateau, where are playing a little
golf, they wandered around trying to identify
various parts of the old track – with that sort
of attitude and energy, it would seem that the
spirit of Westwood will never die.

Jim Latham: - “It more than meet our expectations” were the first words out of Jim’s mouth once we finally
                        managed to hook up on the phone. “It was at the high end of our hopes for the week-
                        end. We had been more than a little concerned by the low entry count to as close as 3
                        weekd before the event date, but then it seemed to be the thing to do, and everyone
                        seemed to jump on the bandwagon, much to everyone’s pleasure. Perhaps the giggest
                        surprises of all though was the size of the gate. Saturday had already been a record
                        day for Rivers Edge, and then Sunday came along and toped it handily”. Jim echoed
                        Keith and others in praising META who was wonderful and came through for us on the
                        Friday which we had been a little concerned about, plus of sourse SCCBC, CACC and
                        our gracious landlords, BCCCA. Jim has a long history with Westwood, including help
                        officiate the TransAm series in it heyday at Westwood. He said to this day, he still
                        can’t bring himself to go up to the plateau to witness the loss of that wonderful venue.
                        He also mentioned that the re-union also brought along a few new competitors that
were encouraged to come out to this special event, tand then of course people like Dick and Susan Barwell
who traveled all the way from Florida. Geo Cloetta apparently came home a changed man according to his
wife, which helps to make Ian’s little phrase all the more significant - ”It’s all good !” A specila thanks to
Tony Morris Jr and the crew for organizing the Westwood50 class, set up to help orient some of the green
drivers, in an effort to keep the track surface safe for everyone. “Their efforts were really appreciated “
Jim tells me.

Mike Tate – Mr. Tate is a gifted man, and perhaps the most outstanding of all is his wonderful sense of hu-
mour – it was an absolute pleasure to be on the receiving end of that, whether it was he and Ian in the West-
wood Park skit at the banquet, the infamous Tazio Flashalini, raceaacar driver extraordinaire buzzing around
on his scooter, or listening to him bantering with the boys up in the PA booth, together that is with Vince
Howlett, Adrian Ratcliff and David Birtchall all doing a magnificent job of keep us al informed and enter-
tained at the same time. The man seems to have limitless energy and a wit to match, and it was partly what
brought the 50th celebration to life. Here are some personal thoughts from Mike:

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
       Many great folks make for a Historic Race Weekend!

“It takes a whole bunch of things to fall in to place
for a historic race meeting to be a great success;
sometimes if only one item falls by the wayside the
viability of the race meeting often goes with it!
The marketing, the time of year the track is avail-
able, the state of the economy, the sponsor’s keen-
ness or otherwise to be financially involved and of
course in the Pacific north-west the weather plays
a vital role in the success equation! Rain here? ~

This year the VRCBC Historic Motor Races aligned
themselves with the 50th anniversary of the open-

                                                             ing of “Everyone’s Favourite Racing Circuit” West-
                                                             wood as Tom Johnston puts it on the cover of his
                                                             great book on the now defunct but once popular B.C.
                                                             race track. Lots of history and lots of emotion
                                                             flowed forth in the sunshine that held for the entire
                                                             weekend of July 17th, 18th and 19th.

                                                             We saw racers from as far afield as California, On-
                                                             tario, Oregon and Saskatchewan; some of them new
                                                             faces and some old faces returning to try the greatly
                                                             improved Road Course at The River’s Edge Race
                                                             Track at Mission B.C. I can’t help wanting to extend

a word of praise to META, CACC and SCCBC and
their very professional members who enhanced
the experienced VRCBC race team and put on
what was a very memorable event. Robert Cur-
rie, Jim Kurtz, Leslie Skinner, Robert Johnston,
Mike Bailey, Ron Salomon, Ann Peters Mike
Kaerne, Marc Ramsey, Brian Hellevang, Irene
Chambers, and so many, many more with out
whom the event would be a non-starter. It’s the
folks who spend hours and hours in the hot cabs
of the emergency vehicles and under the unre-
lenting sun on all the corners that make all of
our racing possible. One hopes that they are

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
never urgently needed to attend a serious situation but if they are ~ and they were ~ one just can’t thank
them enough for the professional work they do.

       This year’s event, under the watchful eye of HMR race chairman and top competitor Ian Wood, VRCBC
       event steward Hugh Archer, VRCBC chief course marshal Alan Donaldson and paddock marshal Keith
       Robinson was for the most part a safe and wonderful race meeting. It had its moments of concern
       but by and large it was a great and fun event for the participants who applied their skills to some very
       close and entertaining historic motor racing. The thousands that turned out to enjoy the three day
       event were not to be disappointed and much appreciation from the grandstands was shown to the driv-
       ers; cameras flashed and there were smiles everywhere as old and young shared in the fast paced ac-

       Our close friends from The Society Of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts (SOVREN) based in and around
       Seattle once again attended in good numbers, and fine form, and we enjoyed the cross-border compe-
       tition which is always hard fought but always in good spirit. In vintage racing we say “The cars are
       the stars” and there is no doubt that this motto was lived up to as we saw many very fine cars on the
       track and on display in the paddock; Vintage Racing Motors once again did us proud and entered some
       fine racing machinery. Many local motor clubs also graced us with their presence touring the track
       and living the moment. The old Westwood cars that did demonstration laps were also a treat for us
       all to see.

       There were Barbeques with bizarre and special guests! Artists, vendors of all sorts, Concessions and
       great paddock displays and one could even, for a donation to Tony Morris Jr’s Children’s Charities, go
       out on the track for demonstration laps in some very exotic automobiles ~ what more could one want.
       Our fine sponsors, how could we thank them enough? One thing I do know we will buy and promote
       their products wherever we go!

       So how do we top that? Right now I don’t think we know.... but we will and you can count on it.... with
       your help and support we can make it happen better than ever in our Olympic Year 2010!”

Robin Fairservice:

       “It would be interesting to learn the attendance numbers for the weekend. I hadn’t seen so many
       people there before, and the gravel parking area to the south of the entrance was full on the Sunday.
       There didn’t seem to be so many cars in the club corral, but then I only had a short time during lunch
       hour to look around. From the air conditioned comfort of the Randall building, Saturday morning was
       interesting, and as Marc Ramsay commented “after all it was Vintage racing”. There were many
       rented transponders, as well as car numbers which disagreed with the registration data. There were
       car numbers that were difficult to read, and cars that kept so close to the wall in front of us that we
       couldn’t even see their numbers. There was a certain Mini that had to put a figure one after its num-
       ber. Black duct tape on a darkish blue does not show that well!

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
       The racing was interesting, particularly the attempt by Kees Nieroff and Steve Paquette to stage a
       dead heat on the Saturday afternoon. The time difference between then was 1/1000 of a second, ac-
       cording to the Timing & Scoring computer, with Steve the winner. Kees only appeared for the Sunday
       afternoon race, so had to start from the back. His progress through the field was spectacular, and
       was taking up to 4 seconds a lap out of Steve’s lead. When Kees got into the lead he didn’t try for a
       dead heat again. I must not forget Al Ores driving in two races, without practicing, so starting last
       but finishing sixth each time. His lap times were the sixth fastest in each race as well. After the
       first race he was quite excited with passing so many people, but it was hard work. I thought that he
       had retired, but now I don’t think so. Al, with his grand children’s help, had an excellent Westwood
       display, featuring many pictures and memorabilia. Even the motor home had a history.”

                                                        The Banquet: It was a grandiose affair, many black
                                                        ties and gowns. SCCBC was represented by Leslie
                                                        Skinner and Robert Johnston, but as well as the ex-
                                                        pected speeches and recognitions, all too many to list,
                                                        there were a few unexpected visitors. The youngest
                                                        guest was, and quite the prettiest, in the form of Miss
                                                        Wood accompanying her Mommy & Daddy and then the

not so pretty Tazio Flashalini, that Italian race
driver with an endearing motor mouth that kept many
in stitches with his many roastings and observations.
A couple of seedy looking individuals orchestrated a

                                                                Westwood lament called “Westwood Park”, a
                                                                take-off from MacArthur Park, during which
                                                                Miss Westwood swooshed between the dinner
                                                                tables, checker flags in hand. As Keith men-
                                                                tioned, there was some great footage of
                                                                Westwood in it’s hay day, well put together
                                                                and most entertaining. One of the highlights
                                                                for me was the gathering of all the pre-
                                                                racetrack volunteers who had cleared and pre-
                                                                pared the Westwood site, often armed with

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.
no more than club issued machetes – as Ian
noted, they came out of the woodwork, and
what a treat it was indeed.

The Parade: I do not recall having seen so
many cars on the track at the same time as
in the Parade. Keith told me that the last
car just squeezed on as the lead car came
around Turn 9. As mentioned above, Miss
Westwood headed up the parade, in the
yellow DeTomaso Pantera owned by Wes
tipton. The variety of automobiles was
amazing as they all snaked around the
track, and I’m sure it will be a while before
we see 2 Kilometres of cars at Rivers Edge

By late Sunday afternoon, the visitors were fanning out in every direction on their way home, me included on
my 500 mile trek north, taking along with me many pleasant memories of a time gone by.

Pit Pass Pete

EOT on Westwood50 - Cont.

    Tony had a long history with Westwood, particularly in the GM Challenge series as noted on page .6

            Westwood50 - VIDEO
First of a series of short youtube videos on the Westwood 50 at Mission.

         More WESTWOOD50…

                                  SCHUEY BEING TRAINED AS A PADDOCK
                                  MARSHAL. BE WARNED: HIS BITE MIGHT
                                  BE WORSE THAN HIS BARK!

                                  DRIVERS WHO WERE AT THE JULY 26, 1959
                                  RACE MEETING AT WESTWOOD:

Left to right; Ralph Ormsbee
(Lotus IX), George Keek
(Ferrari 250TR), Tom Meehan
(Pooper), John Nissen (JBN
Mistral—TR Special), Robin
Marshall (owner of this Lotus
17), John Hall (MG A), Dan
Clark (TR 2). The Lotus 17 was
imported by Dr. Clare Wilson, a
club founder.

Photos by Robin Fairservice,
information by Vince Howlett.




Well, he’s done it again – Tony Morris Jr went
to Edmonton and proved that the cream always
rises to the top. As with Molson Indy Vancou-
ver, Tony has certainly left his mark in Edmon-
ton with his latest win on top of all the past
success at that venue.

That’s not to say it was a cake walk for the
king – a couple of mistakes and other inci-
dences put him behind the 8 ball on more than
one occasion, and made him work hard for the
win. Rocky was solid and a tough competitor
and nearly took the checker flag himself, plus
Dennis Bainbridge in his very quick little Fusion
was nobody to be messed with – in fact, a full
course yellow may have been the only thing between him and top spot on the podium. So it was indeed a well-
earned victory for Tony – let’s hear his thoughts in his own words:

       “I am very happy to announce that we were able to win the NASCC Eurasia Cup at the 2009 Rexall Ed-
       monton Indy July 26th with Proformance Racing in the #12 Seattle Tool/Chevy Monte Carlo!

       We won the GTP1 Class and secured the overall victory after starting the race in the 7th position. We
       battled up to 2nd place on the first lap until I decided to shut the ignition off while reaching for the
       diff pump on lap 2. When I finally got the car started, I was approximately 28 seconds behind the
       leaders. We battled back to pass a very fast Rocky Elli (All West Insurance/Proformance Racing) in
       his beautiful black #11 Chevy Monte Carlo on the last lap of the race.

       Thanks to our fantastic sponsors; Seattle Tool, Proformance Racing, Rock Racing, INVIS, Brown Bros
       All Makes Lease, Sunny Sidhu - Re Max River City, Goodyear Race Tires, Fantasyland Hotel, Metro
       Can, Driver’s Edge Autosport and the Children’s Charities Grand Prix. Without your gracious support,
       we could never have done this.

       I would personally like to thank the Proformance Racing crew; Roy, Brad ‘Mint’, Nick ‘Pappagorgio’,
       Craig, Mitch, TR, Richard, Sarah, Adam, Gio, Andrew, Ray Sr. and Pit Stop who all worked incredibly
       hard and sacrificed many hours of sleep throughout.

       Also, thanks very much to the following for their amazing support; Lingo & family, Raiman, Chuck, my
       family, Carla, Susan, Timmy, Sunny, Jay & U/R ,Michael, Mike, Marv, Cathy and friend, Trevor Siebert,
       Franky, Nixon Prosports, Morrisport and finally; the one and only, Billy O’Kell & his crew.

       This is our hat-trick of overall victories in support of Indy including; SCCBC Invitational at the Van-
       couver Molson Indy 2003 and NASCC GT at the Rexall Edmonton Indy 2007 & 2009.

       Attached are some great pics and here are a few videos from the race:

       2009 Edmonton Indy Eurasia Cup – Final Laps

       Urban Rush Interview – Lawrence Howlett & Tony Morris Jr @ TBC Indoor Karting

       A professionally-produced video of the race from the Indy feed camera’s will be available to us soon –
       We’ll keep you posted.

       Photos are courtesy of Richard Warrington

       Race video is courtesy of ‘The Toaster’

       A huge shout-out to Rocky (& his crew) and all the other NASCC GT Driver’s, Officials and Fans for
       an incredible race!!


I also received this note from Jed Harrison:
        My crew chief, Terry McLachlan, took a great set of photos during the Eurasia cup GT Race. He has
        them up on his website. He has about ten times the number he posted if you want to explore that
        with him too:

       If you want to get copies from him with-
       out the watermarks contact him at the
       email address associated with his site -

Well done Tony, for another great result – you’re
a trooper and you did us all proud, and I love to
watch you race – a tip of the hat to Rocky and
Dennis – you two kept Tony honest. Hopefully we’ll
all be back there next year!

Pit Pass Pete

We have added another event to the CHILDREN’S CHARITIES GRAND PRIX WEEKEND to make it even more
fun for you. Before the cars start their engines on Sunday, Sept 20th, the inaugural “RIVER’S EDGE AROUND
THE TRACK” 2K and 5K foot race will be held. That’s right; you can actually race, by foot, around the track.
There will be a 2K Walk/Run and a 5K Run starting at 7:30am, followed by refreshments, draw prizes and a
great day of car racing. Your race entry also includes your gate entry for the day. So register yourself, your
friends, family, crew members and kids and let’s make this another great success for Children’s Charities, sup-
porting BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation and Steve’s Dream.

Registration is $20 and you can register on-line at Package pick up info is on-line with
the race registration.

We also need volunteers to help out with package pick up, course marshalling, refreshments and draw prizes.
So, let me know if you would like to lend a hand. If you have any questions you can email

See you at the track!

Leah Thomas (Bullet Racing)

  Westwood50 - Race Results
In case you have not already seen them, the race results for the HMR / Westwood50 weekend are available
at . If that link doesn't work for you, go to our web site
( ) and click on Race Events, the second item in the left hand column. You will then find the links
to the results for each of the four Groups in the right hand Historic Motor Races column under 2009 Re-

A big thank you from the club to Marc Ramsay for compiling these results.



Stanton Guy
VRCBC Membership Secretary
Is it time for a New Desktop Computer? Custom Made is Best for You
So your current desktop computer is getting too slow, doesn’t turn on, freezes, whatever. You are not
happy with it. There are lots of reasons to get a new computer or get your old one looked at. Lots of
big companies like HP, Dell, Lenovo, make computer systems, you have seen them advertised. Here is
what I have to say…Have a custom one built. Why? Because you deserve to have the better quality
components installed in a system.

In my opinion, buying a premade computer is not the best thing. You need to know more about what you
are getting. You need to know more than what the manufacturers tell you on their carton. Buying a
name brand computer is not like buying a car like a Honda or a Toyota. Those makers have their name
on all the parts. The computer does not.

Here are the components in a computer you need to consider.

Processor (CPU)
Hard Drive Brand and Size
Memory capacity and brand
Optical Drive (DVD CD)
Computer Case and Power Supply
Operating System

When you buy a name brand computer, you only know a couple things: size of hard drive, Processor
Brand and Speed and Memory Capacity.

Motherboards: Certain hard drives are not as good as others. I recommend Western Digital and Sea-
gate. For motherboards, I would say that Gigabyte and Asus are better. These components are the
most important for longevity.

Processors: There are two brands of processors, Intel and AMD. Intel costs more and has good per-
formance, AMD is cheaper but still excellent. There different speeds available for these processors.

Memory and Operating Systems: For memory capacity, if you use Windows XP, you will find that 2gb of
memory is sufficient. You can get memory with different speeds as well as capacities, the standard
brands are Kingston, Corsair, among others. If you want Vista, you need about 4gb. Vista is not a fa-
vorite of most people in the computer industry. There are problems of many varieties with Vista.

Optical Drives: With optical drives, DVD burners are the standard now. A cheap premade system might
only have a player. You can also have a Blu-Ray player if you want to watch Blu-Ray movies on your

Case and Power Supply: Computers can come in varied sizes and colors these days. The box that all the
components go into is called the Computer Case or Tower. The case comes with the power supply in it
as well. You can buy some low end power supplies, and some cheap and nasty towers. You can buy a
tower with power supply anywhere from $35 to $200. But after building many computers, I find that
certain brands are well designed for placement of components, quality of power supplies and ease of
installation of components. As well, thickness and sturdiness of the material in the case. The best
brands are In-Win, Antec, OCZ, and Coolermaster.

There are other things that you should think about.

Do you want to have a Card Reader for your camera?

Do you want to have a Webcam if you do Instant Messaging and Voice Chat like Skype?

What size of monitor do you want? Is your old one still good.

How many speakers do you want?

Do you want a Wireless mouse and Keyboard, yes or no?

Do you want a new printers or an all in one machines. That’s a machine that prints, scans, photocopies,
and some even have a fax machine.

By Jim Hilton.

Want to talk about this, email me at you can also check out my website, or call me at 604-261-9621


July 26, 2009- The world of racing can be a lot like fishing... you know, the one that got away! Sunday's
Eurasia Cup GT Invitational at the Edmonton Indy felt a lot like that for the Fusion Racecars team.

They qualified the Lucas Oil Fusion second for the big event just before the Indycar race. On the start,
driver and Fusion president Dennis Bainbridge got swarmed by some of the front running GT cars with al-
most 3 times the horsepower. He was moved back to 4th by the exit turn one and then he started to work
his way forward. By the end of lap 3 he was back up to 2nd but the leader, Rocky Eli, had pulled out a sizable
lead. By lap 9 Bainbridge narrowed it down to a little over 5 seconds and was coming on strong. By half way
through lap 10, Bainbridge was right on his bumper as the bigger car started to heat up his
tires. Bainbridge was getting ready to make his move when the full course caution came out.

It turned out the starter had collapsed in the starting stand. It took over 20 minutes to attend to him and
put a replacement in place. Once under control it was going to be a quick sprint to the finish. With their
tires back under them, the larger cars definitely had the HP advantage and the Fusion was not able to mount
a charge again in the time available.

You can never say for sure what could have been, but after the challenges the same event brought us last
year, we were very happy to be on the podium.

 The Edmonton Indy was not just a place for us to prove what we could do on the track. It was also the per-
 fect place to unveil our new Honda powered car...the FRC-K20!
 The engine is the same one used in the ultra popular Honda Civic Si and in race trim is will put out 220-
 350hp. Initial track testing is scheduled to start in the next few weeks with cars. More updates to follow.
 See the new FRC-K20 flyer


It also looks like the old racing adage of "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" is still applicable today even when
it's 3rd. "It's amazing how quickly the Edmonton result has increased the level of interest in the car", said
Bainbridge, " it's only Wednesday and I have already had calls from people who saw the car at the Indy.

They are interested in changing from their current cars to a Fusion. I even had a call from someone inter-
ested in taking a bunch of the cars to Dubai". They also noticed a 27% increase in new visitors to their web-

Big news for Fusion Racecars!! Honda Performance Development (HPD), the performance end of Honda
America that looks after the Indycar and ALMS engine programs formally announced Grassroots mo-
torsports program.

Fusion has been in discussions with HPD about this program with since December and it is great to see it
finally announced. See the full Honda release at here

For more information contact Dennis Bainbridge

    SCCBC Club Meeting Minutes
                              SCCBC Meeting - July 08, 2009
                                          Executive Present
President – Robert Johnston,
Marc Ramsay – Vice-President, Administration,
Cory Wong – Vice-President, Operations
John Cartwright – Treasurer, absent
Leslie Skinner –Secretary
Ray Stec - Past President, absent

Call to Order
President Robert Johnston called the meeting to order at 7:45pm. 25 members were present.

Minutes read. Adopted by Mike Kaerne, 2nd by Gayle Baird.

Business arising from the minutes:
Clarification was made regarding the counting of the abstention votes for the By Law voting. According to our legal advisor,
the abstention votes are not to be included in the voting outcome.
Question re publishing our rental dates – we are trying to set up a commercial site on our website for Club Members. Currently
there are only 2 sanctioned schools that can put on Driver Training events leading to competition racing that is SCCBC & Vic-
toria Motorsport Club, the others are Lapping schools.
Regarding Oregon Race Park, the date is still tentative and within the E Board time frame and will remain tentative until it re-
ceives its sanction, should know more by mid August.
SCCBC to contact BCCCA regarding lending support for keeping the Mission Hospital ER open.

Correspondence :      None

                                     ICSCC Report by Ray Stec
No report..

                                    ROD Report by David Bell
Good feed back from the Conference Drivers.

CACC: Mike Kaerne
Last race well attended. Going to enforce the 7.38 Race Reg re staying on the racing surface in turn 9 – 2 wheels over – huge
concern for safety – 11 misses in 1 session – have corrected the red flag – means stopping drivers right at the nearest turn sta-
Hans Devices will probably be required within the next 2 years.
CACC looking at making funds available for an ATV as an additional safety vehicle for Ecrew use – to be used for speeding up
re positioning.


WW50/VRC – Ian Wood
104 entries & 200 banquet tickets sold. VIP rides will be available with donations to the Children’s Charity. Will be having a
1976 Gilles Villenuve Formula Atlantic Car. Have 10 to 12 lapping cars. Will need a 3 X 4’ Square SCCBC banner.

 SCCBC Club Meeting Minutes
Race Chair – Absent
No report.

META Report by Mike Bailey
Will not be having a Banquet on Saturday night at the track. Still planning on the Hockey Game in September.

                                               WSC – Larry Bell
Cars entered in the series 21, drivers entered 27, prize money and contingency awards give out to date is $ 1900, series entry
fees collected to date $ 4680, 2 races remain. Drivers and cars can still be entered and win using the special $ 40/$40 rate for
each race as stated in the rules. Every entrant earning points will receive a year-end payout cheque.
Points are posted. So far Peter Skinner is leading the series, Gayle Baird is Second and Larry Bell is third.

Media & Marketing: Ryan O’Connor
No report..

RDC Roland Stec:
No Report.

265 Members paid for 2009: 19 Emeritus, 4 Honorary, 15 Life = 303 total

                                         Historian: Ron Curties
Looking forward to seeing some of our past members such as Ben Manning a past SCCBC president, John Clayton, Harry
Sharpe & JohnLeach. Planning a group tour & golf game are planned up at the Westwood site on the Monday.

New Business:
Our flags need to be replaced . Gayle needs new supply of SCCBC Decals for the membership renewals.
Martin Berryman mentioned he will not be registrar for next year – he is working on a replacement. Dis-
cussion regarding race schedules and gaps between sessions.

                                        CCGP: Ryan O’Connor
No report.

Track Operations – Bryan Hellevang –
No report.

Track Manager: Ray Stec
No report.

                                    Treasurer: John Cartwright
No Report.

Vice-President – Administration Report from Marc Ramsay
Popsicle guy not coming back.

 SCCBC Club Meeting Minutes
Have spoken with Metro Catering re quality of dinner. Last Saturday’s dinner pretty good. We are looking at a new caterer for
next year.
Looking for new registrar for next year, trying to make the system easier with up grades. Also looking at Motorsport Reg’s sys-
Paddock reservations need to be confirmed back to avoid confusion.
PA will be on FM 96.7 in paddock.

Vice-President of Operations Report by Cory Wong
Had helping hands doing Grandstand area clean up. We are getting quotes on leveling off, extending, and finishing Turn 2 exit
road, and old pit out area, leveling off and clearing bushes, putting in a sump in the low area and extending the paddock by 6
more spots. Looking at getting some warranty work done in Turn 6, pave the gravel area in Turn 7 and curbing. The issue in
Turn 4 is tree roots.
Bryan Nuttall doing a great job cleaning and painting the exterior of the club house. The sign in the back of the Grand stands
needs cleaning.

                                  President: Robert Johnston
Bryan Nuttall doing a great job painting club house.
CCGP rules now finalized. Honda Challenge Saturday & Sunday will be on the website. Sponsors are in place.
Steering Committee – still accepting resumes. Will be starting the selection process in the next month or so, looking for indi-
viduals from different disciplines.
David Bell extended appreciation to executive for getting information out so quickly with reference to the Motorcyclist fatality
to stop the spreading of rumors.

                                               Good & Welfare:
SCCBC Awards banquet will be November 7th at Eaglequest Golf Course in Surrey. This year we will be having a live band.

Bill O’Kell, # 7 – CW2 won his race, 1st time in running the same car for past 30 years.
One of Tom Johnston’s race cars was used in a Grass Roots ad for Watkins Glen.

Swap & Shop:
Bob Barg has a BMW 318 for sale $ 950.00
Jim Kurtz won the 50/50 $ 49.25.

There being no further business, Mike Kaerne moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:40 PM

         SWAP & SHOP



                      SWAP & SHOP

   10x20 foot pit tent. Heavy duty tubular steel frame, assembles in a few minutes. The
      cover is blue/white heavy vinyl in good condition. Includes a steel box for storage of
      the frame tubes (can be permanently mounted on a car trailer). $250.

   Large aluminum pit board (previously did duty at MIV start/finish). $75.

Bob Thomson
Cell: 604 338 5805


If you know anyone who has one of the vehicles listed below, I have a set of Hawk brakes,
heavy duty towing pads that were shipped to me by mistake. I’ve got the correct ones now,
but they won't take these back. These are brand new, still have the wrapping on them; will
sell for $75, list is around $150.

Hawk Performance HB322Y.717 Truck/SUV Brake Pads
Chevy/GMC Truck Hummer GMC Sierra 1500 (2001-2005) GMC Savana 3500 (2003-2005)
GMC Savana 2500 (2003-2005) Chevrolet Express 3500 (2003-2005) Chevrolet Express
2500 (2003-2005) Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 (2002-2006)]

Contact: Brian Meakings

                      SWAP & SHOP

1985 Mustang updated to 1993 specs.
IP1, American Sedan, American Iron
legal chassis for sale. No drivetrain or
suspension. No time to race forces sale.
Chassis includes cage and steering com-
ponents only. Make this your own car.
CACC logbook included.
Taking Offers $$.

Wireless AMB transponder includes car charger (holds charge for 4 days) - $300.00

Yokohama A032R Hard Compound 245/45R17 X 2 tires (80% tread remaining) - $175.00ea
Yokohama A032R Hard Compound 275/40R17 X 2 tires (80% tread remaining) - $150.00ea
Take all 4 for $600.00
4 X Pirelli PZero Corsa Race Tyers 245/45ZR16 (80%+ tread remains used one race only!) -

XL Size Black Pyrotect one-piece Race Suit SFI 3-2A/5 - $200.00
RCI SFI 3.3/5 Black Gloves sz. LG - $40.00
RCI SFI 3.3/5 Black Shoes sz. 11 - $60.00
Pyrotect Snell SA2005 Black open face helmet sz. XL - $125.00
Will include balaclava and socks if purchased together.
All gear in New condition.

Contact: John Campbell - 604-788-5092

                            Application for Membership 2009
                                                          (MUST BE SIGNED)

Associate Members:                        Club Members (includes family members): Same as 1,2,3,4 and also:
1. Attendance at general meetings         5. Service as Committee Officer or Executive Committee Officer after one year of
    and social functions.                     membership.
2. Receipt of bulletins and other         6. The right to vote on the business of the club.
    club publications.                    7. Access to and use of River’s Edge paddock and clubhouse during club events.
3. Wearing club insignia.                 8. Competition in motoring events of the SCCBC for the term of the club
4. Service as committee members.              membership, with points accrued.

I understand that the personal information provided herein will be used by the Executive committee for the purpose of identifying and
verifying membership to racing associations to which the club belongs, to update and retain a membership directory as required by the
Societies Act, and for the purpose of mailing, by post or email, the monthly newsletter and other such publications which the club may
deem necessary or useful from time to time. I hereby give my permission to the Membership Chairperson of the SCCBC to retain my
personal information as contained in this application for the purpose of maintaining historical membership information for whatsoever
period of time the club feels appropriate.

 I AGREE: if accepted to the membership of the SPORTS CAR CLUB OF BRITISH COLUMBIA, to abide by the objects
 of the Society as set down on this form and in the By Laws and Constitution of the club.
 1. To promote, encourage, and support motorsport within the Province of British Columbia.
 2. To foster sportsmanship and give mutual guidance and assistance within the membership.
 3. To encourage and promote safe driving.
 4. To assist actively in the development and maintenance of the River’s Edge Road Course at Mission Raceway Park and
      to take part, whenever required, in the organization of Club events.
 5. To allow the information I provide above to be entered on the club roster and to be distributed to other club members.
      I understand that the roster may not be used for commercial purposes and that I may opt out of having my information
      included in the roster by crossing off this item (#5) and applying my initial hereon.

 Signed                                                                                   Dated:

NAME: _________________________________________________________________                                Membership Type
                                                                                                       (includes GST)
ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________                                FULL: $55.00

CITY: _____________________________ PROV/ST: ___________ P.C. ____________                             FAMILY: $25.00

TEL: Home _________________________________ Bus: ________________________                              ASSOCIATE: $40.00

E MAIL: ________________________________________________________________                               PAID BY:

OCCUPATION: __________________________________________________________                                 CASH

VISA/MASTERCARD #: ___________________________________________________                                 CHEQUE

EXPIRY DATE: ____________________________________ (if paying by credit card)                           VISA/MASTERCARD

Mail application and fees to:         SCCBC MEMBERSHIP, C/O Gayle Baird
                                      4042 River Road West, Ladner, BC V4K 1R8
                                      Tel: (604) 946-6416 Fax: (604) 946-6434
                                      (no calls/faxes after 9:00pm please) e-mail:

                          ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SIGNED
OFFICIAL USE:                MEMBER NO.                              DEPOSIT:                        ENTERED:
                                        2009 SCCBC Executive and Contacts
TITLE                       NAME                        EMAIL                           TEL. #             FAX. #

President                   Robert Johnston                     778.878.7806

Vice President – Opera-     Cory Wong                       604.302.9297
Vice President – Admini-    Marc Ramsay                    604.816.6272
Treasurer                   John Cartwright                604.395.5061

Secretary                   Leslie Skinner                 604.856.8957

Track Operations            Bryan Hellevang                 604.862.5640

Past President              Ray Stec                        604.465.5773

Membership                  Gayle Baird                   604.946.6416       604.946.6434

Marketing Chairman          Ryan O’Connor                  604.785.0065

Website & Forum Admin       Marc Ramsay                      604.816.6272

Track Booking Manager       Ray Stec                        604.465.5773

RDC Chairman                Roland Stec                       604.465.0745

Pit Pass Editors            Robin Fairservice & Peter               250.963.7362
                            Weedon                                                      250.565.8888
Historian                   Ron Curties                                                 604.469.2000

Registrar                   Martin Berryman                604.939.0072       604.939.6611

Driver Training Registrar   Roland Stec                       604.465.0745

Technical Inspection        Jim Kurtz                           604.298.7227

Timing & Scoring            Perry Afaganis            604.820.0952

Race Chairs                 Robert Currie                                               604.854.5797
                            Irene Chambers                                              604.820.1653
ICSCC Exec Board Rep        Ray Stec                        604.465.5773

ICSCC Contest Board Rep     Michael Lensen                     778.886.2413

ICSCC License Director      Randy Blaylock              icscclicensedirec-              425.806.9725 res
                                                               206.398.9283 cel
CACC Race Director          Lorenzo Costantino          604.297.0201

CACC Novice Director        Steve Paquette       604.990.4597

Paddock Marshal             Bryan Holyk                    604.763.4897


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