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									                  Summer 2010

    Cultivating Entrepreneurs
           for Success
        “The Future of Agriculture”
CFFC Announces 2010 Scholarship Recipients
Generation                                                  Cape Fear Country is published

to generation.
                                                            quarterly for stockholders and friends
                                                            of Cape Fear Farm Credit.

                                                            Richard A. Eason

                                                            BoARd oF diReCToRS
                                                            Ronald J. Allen, Chairman
                                                            Arnold Drew Smith, Vice Chairman
                                                            Dr. James Harriss
                                                            Gary Hendrix
                                                            Jart Hudson, Jr.
                                                            Lyle Ray King
                                                            Daniel Lewis
                                                            Jon Pope
                                                            Jeff Simpson
                                                            Harold J. Smith, Jr.
                                                            Bo Stone
                                                            Terray Suggs
                                                            Alfred K. Wooten

                                                            Skipper Jones

                                                            AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

                                                            PuBliShing diReCToR
                                                            Donna Camacho

                                                            deSign TeAM
                                                            Athina Eargle
For more than 90 years, Cape Fear Farm Credit has been      Darren Hill
helping farmers build their businesses. During that time,   Amanda Simpson
                                                            Travis Taylor
generations of farmers have turned to us for superior
customer service and knowledge of the industry.             CiRCulATion
                                                            Kathi DeFlorio
While the scenery may have changed, one thing
                                                            Address changes, questions, comments or requests
remains the same—Cape Fear Farm Credit’s                    for copies of our financial reports should be directed
                                                            to Cape Fear Farm Credit by writing P.o. Box 2405,
mission to service rural America.                           Fayetteville, n.C. 28302 or calling 910-323-9188.
                                                            our quarterly financial report can also be obtained
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                                                       Con T en TS

                         Cape Fear Country Summer 2010
                                                                                        From thE PrESidEnt
                                                                                        Agriculture in Cape Fear Country . . . . 4

                                                                                        Cultivating Entrepreneurs for Success . 5

                                                                                        FFa StudEnt PErSPECtivE
                                                                                        FFA Student Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . 9

                                                                                        YBS SPotlight
                                                                                        Ag Biz Planner Program Provides

5                                      12                                                 Real-Life Skills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

                                                                                        dr. Kohl’S CornEr
Young farmers are the future of        it is not getting any easier to                  Business Tools for Turbulent Times . 12

agriculture, and Cape Fear Farm        make a buck in farming. Rising                   CommunitY nEwS & EvEntS
Credit is doing its part to support    input costs, volatility in prices,               Lakewood High School FFA Student
                                                                                          Shadows CFFC Loan Officer . . . . . 14
this group of young, beginning and     global trade issues, the value of
                                                                                        Supporting Small Farms Week
small farmers through programs         the dollar, and issues with the                    Kick-Off in Hoke County . . . . . . . . 14
such as our inaugural emerging         domestic and global economy                      Cape Fear Farm Credit Sponsors
entrepreneurs’ Conference.             will divide the economic winners                   Area VII Envirothon . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
                                       and losers in the next decade.                   “Leading Out Loud” at the 82nd
                                                                                          NC FFA State Convention . . . . . . . 16
                                                                                        Cumberland County Cooperative
                                                                                          Extension Tour . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
                                                                                        Fann Farms Promotes Farm Safety . 18
                                                                                        Cochran Fellows Visit Sampson County
                                                                                          for Agricultural Tour . . . . . . . . . . . 19

                                                                                        aSSoCiation nEwS
                                                                                        Let’s Hear About Customer
                                                                                          Appreciation Events . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
                                                                                        Cape Fear Farm Credit Announces
                                                                                          2010 Scholarship Recipients . . . . . 22

19                                     22
                                                                                        Welcoming New Employees . . . . . . . 24

                                                                                        Weddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
The Cochran Fellowship Program         Cape Fear Farm Credit has
                                                                                        Baby Announcements. . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
is administered by the u.S.            awarded scholarships to
                                                                                        Newsworthy Members
department of Agriculture’s Foreign    graduating high school seniors                     and Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Agricultural Service and provides an   for the third consecutive year.                  CFFC Shallotte Member
educational opportunity for private    Applicants were judged on their academic           Mary Earp Received
                                                                                          Order of the Long Leaf Pine. . . . . . 27
and public sector professionals in     awards and honors, extracurricular activities,

developing countries to learn about    work experience and the student’s interest       rECiPES
                                                                                        Add a Saucy Spark to Everyday Meals 28
agricultural trade, agribusiness       and commitment to Southeastern North

development, management, policy,       Carolina agriculture and rural development.      FinanCial rEPort
                                                                                        Second Quarter Results . . . . . . . . . . .30
and marketing in the united States.
                                             Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   3
                                                            F RoM T he P Re S iden T

                  Agriculture in Cape Fear Country

                                                                                                                              Richard A. eason

          s always, the state of agriculture in         Produce in general has been spotty due      ence offered attendees valuable time with
          Cape Fear Country varies greatly         to weather conditions and markets. It is still   economist Dr. Dave Kohl as well as opportu-
          by commodity. Here is a glimpse          too early to know how our sweet potato and       nities for networking with each other. Our Ag
of what we are seeing in our area.                 peanut crops will fare. The general economy      Biz Planner program provided participants
     The broiler industry is experiencing          continues to muddle along, negatively            the opportunity to develop their own business
some profitability and new houses are being        impacting most agribusiness products that        plan to help ensure a successful future.
constructed by contract growers as a result of     are tied to housing.                             Scholarships being offered provide support
some integrator expansion in parts of Duplin,
Sampson and Pender County. Contract
growers over our entire region report flock
numbers are getting back to normal.
                                                            ... Cape Fear Farm Credit continues to
     The swine industry is finally experienc-          develop and support programs and opportunities
ing profitability for the first time in over two
                                                        to help educate and arm our young, beginning
years. We are seeing demand for needed
repairs and maintenance by many growers.                              and small farmers ...
     Our weather has varied greatly across
our region. Tobacco acreage is down and
many farmers are experiencing stress from               As you can see from my comments             to those seeking higher education to enable
drought. Concerns exist over the quality of        above and as you are well aware, such is the     them to eventually give back to agriculture
this year’s tobacco crop and to what extent        nature of farming. Each of you must deal with    and the rural areas of the Cape Fear region.
the quality will have on the price received.       perils each and every day. Weather, markets      And finally, you will find numerous examples
     Corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton have         and the general economy all present risks        of Cape Fear staff supporting programs that
been negatively impacted by a lack of rain in      and magnify the decisions you make. For this     give back to their communities and receiving
many areas.                                        reason, Cape Fear Farm Credit continues to       accolades for their efforts.
     Blueberry farmers characterize their          develop and support programs and oppor-               As always, Cape Fear Farm Credit
year as unique; the winter and spring              tunities to help educate and arm our young,      stands ready and able to provide you with
provided a bountiful opportunity for fruit, but    beginning and small farmers with tools to        financing for your needs. In spite of all the
early rains negatively impacted the quality of     better prepare them to deal with these perils.   perils you face, we are prepared to serve you.
some producers’ crops forcing much of the               Inside you will find various articles       Have a safe harvest season!
crops into processed rather than fresh pack.       highlighting examples of ways we are
Overall, the blueberry market held, and            supporting our next generation of farmers.
generally, the year will be considered average.    Our Emerging Entrepreneurs’ Confer-

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit   4
                                                                   Fe AT u Re

                          Cultivating Entrepreneurs for Success
                                                    “The Future of Agriculture”

        oung farmers are the future of agriculture, and Cape Fear                Some of the most innovative and brightest young farmers from
        Farm Credit is doing its part to support this group of young,       across our twelve-county territory attended the three-day conference
        beginning and small farmers through programs such as our            in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
inaugural Emerging Entrepreneurs’ Conference.                                    In this edition of Cape Fear Country, you will get a glimpse of
                                                                            each participant that attended the conference.

Mary Ballard
Mary Ballard, a native of Moore County, graduated from Radford
University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After graduating
from Radford, she started her career in the family timber business,         lon Beasley
Ballard Land & Timber Company, LLC. Mary became a Cape Fear                 A lifelong native of Duplin County, Lon Beasley has grown up in the
Farm Credit member in 2007, when she constructed eight poultry              midst of the poultry industry. Lon’s great-grandparents, Nash and
houses for Mountaire Farms. Mary planted the remainder of the farm          Sue Johnson, began Nash Johnson and Sons Farms, a family business
in longleaf pines, and she also enjoys spending time in her hobby           that has been expanding since the 1920s. His father, Dennis Beasley,
gourd garden.                                                               recently retired as Senior Vice President of Live Production and
     Many young farmers grew up heavily involved in the day-to-day          currently Lon serves as the Grow-out Manager.
operations of their family farm. Mary is unique in the sense that she            Lon is a 2003 graduate of North Carolina State University’s
actually had no prior livestock experience before she went into the         Agricultural Institute. He has been a Cape Fear Farm Credit member
poultry business. Mary is very active in her community through her          for three years. Lon currently serves on the North Carolina Soybean
involvement in the Boys & Girls Club, Hospice, and Moore County Public      Producers Association Board, and he is a member of Rose Hill United
Schools. She also serves on the Cape Fear Farm Credit Raeford Advisory      Methodist Church.
Board, and she is engaged to Robbie Doby, a native of Harnett County.
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                                                        Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   5
                                                                     Fe AT u Re

Jimmy Burch                                                                 Robert Fann
Produce farmer and agribusiness owner Jimmy Burch grew up in                Robert Fann is the third generation involved in Fann Farms of
Sampson County and has been involved in the family’s large produce          Salemburg, North Carolina. The operation is run by Robert’s grandfa-
operation from a young age. Burch Farms began in 1950 by Jimmy’s            ther, uncle and father. Fann Farms is a large row crop operation that
grandparents, William and Georgiana Burch. Jimmy graduated from             consists of 600 acres of tobacco, 1,000 acres of peanuts, 2,500 acres of
North Carolina State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science          corn, and 500 acres of soybeans.
degree in Agronomy. Burch Farms consists of 3,500 acres of sweet                    A Cape Fear Farm Credit member for nine years, Robert’s relation-
potatoes, 1000 acres of greens, 400 acres of cabbage, 150 acres of          ship with his loan officer has only strengthened over the years. Robert
peppers and 800 acres of soybeans. They have transitioned into 500          is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Agricultural Institute.
acres of sweet potatoes. Currently, Burch Farms operates in three           He and his wife Brittany have one son, Konner.
states and employees 150 full-time employees and seasonally expands                 Robert and his family are very active in the community, and they
to 700 employees. Burch Farms markets their own products directly           host an annual Farm Safety Day where local children visit the farm and
to Food Lion, Aldi, Walmart, Gerber and several local restaurants.          learn about ATV farm safety, first aid, firearm safety, among other topics.

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                                                            Cape Fear Farm Credit     6
                                                                           dean hilton
                                                                           Dean, a Bladen County native and graduate of Mount Olive College,
                                                                           currently lives at White Lake with his wife, Jenna, and daughter, Molly.
                                                                           He is very active in the community and currently serves as President
nick gooden                                                                of the Bladen County College Foundation. He is an Awana leader at
Nick and Meagan Gooden are residents of Elizabethtown where they
                                                                           Dublin First Baptist Church, he serves on the White Lake Town Planning
live with their two children, Carson and Jacob. Nick is the owner of
                                                                           Committee, and he is a North Carolina Step member as well as a member
Gooden Land & Timber Co., specializing in buying timber. In 2009,
                                                                           of the Lower Cape Fear Hospice.
Nick purchased a 2,600-head swine nursery under contract with
                                                                                Dean is also involved in the livestock industry where he owns
Murphy Brown. In addition to his personal businesses, Nick is also
                                                                           several operations. He is part owner in All In Farms which consists of
part owner in Nicken Farms which consists of eight, 888 head swine
                                                                           ten 800-head Murphy Brown swine finishers, two 2,600-head Murphy
nurseries under contract with Murphy Brown and four Prestage turkey
                                                                           Brown swine nurseries and six Mountaire broiler houses. Dean is also
grow-out houses that were built in 2007. Nick is an active member of
                                                                           an owner in Surf City Hogs, consisting of six 735 head finishing farm on
the North Carolina Forestry Association and the North Carolina Pork
                                                                           contract with Prestage Farms. A certified real estate broker, auctioneer,
Council. He is also a member of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church.
                                                                           and appraiser, Dean is also involved in Hilton Auction & Realty with
Nick received his Associate’s degree in Forestry from North Carolina
                                                                           his father.
State University. Nick has been a Cape Fear Farm Credit member for
four years.

                                                                           John daniel ivey
                                                                           John Daniel Ivey and wife Rebekah live in the Summerlins Crossroads
                                                                           area of Duplin County. They have one daughter named Cresson. John
                                                                           is a graduate of North Carolina State University’s Agriculture Institute.
                                                                           John’s farming operation consists of 60 acres of tobacco and approxi-
                                                                           mately 230 acres of corn, 60 acres of small grains and 30 acres of
                                                                           Coastal Bermuda hay. His grandfather and father had a great influence
                                                                           on John’s love of agriculture, and he continues to help on his father’s
                                                                           large row crop, swine and beef cattle operation today.
                                                                                John is very active in his community from serving as a board
                                                                           member on the Duplin County Agribusiness Council, assistant chief
                                                                           and board member of the Oak Wolf Volunteer Fire Department,
                                                                           secretary of the Duplin County Fireman’s Association, and trustee of
                                                                           Bethel United Methodist Church. Although John is not currently a
                                                                           Cape Fear Farm Credit member, he is very familiar with Farm Credit
                                                                           as his father is a current member and his grandmother is a previous
                                                                           Farm Credit employee.

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                                                       Cape Fear Country Summer 2010     7
                                                                     Fe AT u Re

Jeremy Pridgen
Jeremy and Kristie are residents of Columbus County were they have
three small children. Jeremy graduated from North Carolina State
University in 2005 with a degree in Agricultural Business Manage-
ment. After graduating from college, Jeremy returned to his family
farm to become the farm manager for his father, Ronald Pridgen. The
Pridgen’s operation consists of 1,100 acres of corn, 500 acres of wheat,
600 acres of soybeans, 170 acres of peanuts, 200 acres of pastures
and hay, 16 swine finishing houses, and a 200-head cattle operation.
     Jeremy is a member of the American Angus Association and has
attended various agricultural leadership conferences. While Jeremy
is not a member, Cape Fear Farm Credit is not new to Jeremy as his
father has been a member for over 20 years and serves on the Cape
Fear Farm Credit Whiteville Advisory Board.

Kevin & Mark Roberts                                                          lee Swinson
Not only are Kevin and Mark Roberts brothers, but they are also               Lee grew up being actively involved in his parents’ large farming
business partners that are committed to agriculture in southeast-             operation consisting of approximately 5,700 acres of tobacco, corn,
ern North Carolina. They are natives of Robeson County where they             cotton and peanuts. Over the years, Lee and his family have diversi-
spent many days working on their family’s row crop operation. Their           fied their traditional row crop operation, and currently Lee is involved
parents, Pete and Barbara, got the brothers interested in farming at a        in a variety of agribusinesses including Golden Grove Candy, Four
very young age. As a matter of fact, Kevin and Mark received their first      County Peanuts, Southern Soil and Water, and Wells Pork Products.
money for a tobacco crop at the age of fourteen and twelve.                   In 2007, Lee began Golden Grove Candy consisting of several product
     At the young ages of twenty and twenty-two, they became                  lines. The Carolina Crisp Peanut bar is sold in several states and two
Cape Fear Farm Credit members and borrowed money for a tobacco                foreign countries. Southern Soil and Water is a full service analytical
harvester. Today, the 4,500-acre farming operation consists of corn,          company offering soil testing, soil sampling, field mapping as well as
soybeans, peanuts, tobacco and wheat.                                         other services.
     Kevin and his wife, Paula, have two children Kelli and Kameron.                  Lee is actively involved in the community; he serves as a board
Kevin currently serves on the Robeson County Extension Office                 member of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, advisory board
Tobacco Board and the Phillip Morris Growers Council.                         member of North Carolina State University’s College of Agriculture and
     Mark is married to Christy Roberts and they have two children            Life Sciences, and he is a Goodness Grows in North Carolina member.
Taylor and Dalton. In 2009, the Roberts family received the Robeson           He has been a Cape Fear Farm Credit member for seven years.
County Farm Family of the Year award.

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit     8
                                                               F FA ST uden T Pe RSP e CT ive

                                                 FFA Student Perspective

                                                        Tell us your opinion of the importance of learning soft skills (such
                                                        as leadership development, communication skills, group dynamics
                                                        and teamwork, responsibility, etc.) through your FFA program in
                                                        preparation for advanced education and/or your future career.

                                                            believe that learning soft skills, such as      taught me to be there when it seems like I
                                                            leadership, teamwork, and responsibility        am the only one there, by being responsible.
                                                            are important and a vital part in becoming      It has taught me to step forward to help
                                                        successful later in life. Leadership is defined     advance myself, as well as the other people
                                                        as the action of guiding a group of people          I am working with.
                                                        or an organization toward a common goal.                 Today’s generation of students has been
                                                        I have learned leadership, teamwork, and            short-changed with regard to soft skills. My
                                                        responsibility skills through the National          father tells me stories of his learning soft
name of student: Jackson Phipps                         FFA Organization by participating in Career         skills in grade school, like communications

high School and grade: Clinton high School              Development Events such as forestry and             skills on how to hold a proper business
graduate, a rising college freshman                     horticulture. These events are very similar         meeting, how to introduce someone to
                                                        to athletic events in that each team member         friend, and even the polite and correct way
FFa advisors: Carson Phipps and Ronnie Warren
                                                        competes individually in the contest, but the       to answer the telephone. In this day and age,
FFa involvement: i have been involved in FFA            team is judged by the outcome of the entire         valuable learning lessons such as these are
all four years of high school. i have served as the
                                                        group’s corporate effort. It goes along with        just overlooked. As stated earlier, skills such
chapter President, Treasurer and the Sentinel. i have
participated on the Forestry and horticulture teams.    the old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its   as these are needed to play a valuable role in
i have attended Southeast Regional leadership           weakest link.” In this case, the team is only as    being successful.
conference for the past three years.                    strong as the weakest team member.                       I believe that through the FFA I have

other extra-curricular activities and academic/               By being chapter president, the FFA has       learned valuable skills that will help me later
athletic/community achievements: i am an                taught me to be a leader. I have learned to         in life. These leadership skills will only help
active member of the Clinton high School Beta           make valuable decisions that not only benefit       me to showcase the person I hope to be, and
Club. i am in the Career Technical education
                                                        me, but the group as well. As president, I have     hopefully, I can help someone who needs
honors Society. i also am a volunteer tutor.
                                                        to work with the officer team to prepare and        to be lead. In my opinion, FFA is one of the
i am an active member at Stedman Pentecostal            make valuable plans to move our chapter in          greatest student organizations in the world.
holiness Church. i have been a camp counselor at
                                                        a positive direction.                               FFA gives students real life applications of
Falcon Youth Camp in the past.
                                                              According to, in          the standards of leadership, teamwork, and
                                                        order to have your leg up in the race against       responsibility. These are qualities that anyone
                                                        the work competition, you need to have              would be proud to have. These are traits that
                                                        excellent soft skills. Corporations and other       the National FFA Organization stands for
                                                        businesses are always looking for a leader,         and instills in its members. I believe that
                                                        someone who can work well with others and           these skills which I have learned through my
                                                        someone who is responsible. The FFA has             experiences with the FFA will help me in my
                                                        taught me these skills. This organization has       future career goals.

                                                               Cape Fear Country Summer 2010    9
                                                                   YBS S Po Tligh T

             Ag Biz Planner Program Provides Real-life Skills

          ine Cape Fear Farm Credit members           10-module computer course was designed           opment of a business plan with the assistance
          were among the inaugural group              by Dr. David Kohl, a retired Virginia Tech       of a mentor, a Farm Credit employee.” The
          of 29 farmers from across the               professor known for his agricultural financial   mentors serve as the participant’s teacher,
state that recently completed a Farm Credit           and business management expertise.               coach, and facilitator as they work through
University (FCU) Ag Biz Planner program.                   Of the program, Dr. Kohl says, “The         the course, leading to the creation of their
The program is aimed at helping young,                Ag Biz Planner program also provides real        own business plan.
beginning, small, and minority farmers gain           value to each participant through the devel-
the business and financial skills to success-
fully manage and grow their operations.
     The group successfully completed the
college-level, online course over several
months, learning how to develop business
and financial plans, as well as budgeting
and management skills. The on-demand,

Above: Cape Fear Farm Credit participants,
mentors and program leaders gather for a group
photo during the recent Ag Biz Planner conference.

Right: Raeford loan officer Rebecca Wood (left) and
Robeson County young farmer Sam Walton listen as
dr. david Kohl (right) and agribusiness consultant
Scott Mickie review the business plan Sam pre-
pared during the Ag Biz Planner course.

                                                                Cape Fear Farm Credit   10
     Several participants also attended a
two-day conference cosponsored by Cape
Fear Farm Credit and the two other Farm
Credit institutions serving the Tar Heel
state. During the Ag Biz Planner conference
in Raleigh, the participants gained additional
insight through Dr. Kohl’s “View from the
Road,” observations and projections essential
to navigating the agricultural industry. In
addition, the course participants had the
opportunity to pick the brains of four NC
State College of Agriculture and Life Science
faculty members.
     Cape Fear Farm Credit CEO Richard
Eason reports, “About ten of our young farmer
customers had the opportunity to learn from
Dr. Kohl at our Emerging Entrepreneurs’
Conference held earlier this spring. We are         nC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler (second from the left) visits with Cape Fear Farm Credit loan
                                                    officers at the AgBiz Planner conference (from the left): Jay darden, Rebecca Wood and John Patterson.
pleased to provide both of these educational
opportunities so our farmer-customers can
learn and benefit in ways that are certain to       here’s what some of the                                       ing a business plan and how crucial it is

enhance their farming operations.”                  participants had to say about                                 to the success of a farm.”

     The Ag Biz Planner program was funded          the value of the Ag Biz Planner                               Cape Fear Farm Credit mentors made

in part with a two-year, $94,500 grant from
                                                    program                                                 these observations about the AgBiz Planner
                                                      • Recounting what he learned from the                 course:
the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.
                                                         AgBiz Planner program, Sam Walton                     • “My young farmer now has a better
The grant covers tuition for the online class
                                                         said, “This program definitely gave me                   understanding of how to prepare
as well as up to $600 of costs incurred during
                                                         a better understanding of our farms’                     documents to apply for loans and
the class. It also covers one night’s lodging for
                                                         finances and the way in which we make                    credit for future expansion,” said Kevin
the Ag Biz Planner Conference.
                                                         decisions regarding major purchases. It                  Kinlaw, a loan officer working in the

Who participated in the                                  certainly made me a better manager.”                     Lumberton branch office.

Ag Biz Planner program?                               • A small and minority farmer, MJ West                   • John Patterson, the Dunn branch office

The nine Cape Fear Farm Credit young,                    reported, “The program helped me                         manager, added, “The program really

beginning, small, and minority farmers and               understand the importance of establish-                  helped me develop a closer working

their mentors included:                                                                                           relationship with my young farmer
                                                                                                                  Cape Fear Farm Credit will once again
    Participants	                           County	                       Mentor
                                                                                                            be cosponsoring a second year of the Ag Biz
    Westley Dail                            Duplin                        Cliff Kilpatrick
                                                                                                            Planner program, which will start this fall. If
    Channing Gooden                         Bladen                        Brandon Strickland
                                                                                                            you are or know a young, beginning, small
    Lee Graham                              Duplin                        Shannon Bell
    Andy Herring                            Sampson                       John Patterson                    or minority farmer who would benefit from

    Josh Hudson                             Sampson                       Jay Darden                        participating in this course, please contact
    Brad Leggett                            Robeson                       Kevin Kinlaw                      your loan officer or any one of the branch
    Landon Moore                            Robeson                       Ginny Martin                      offices located in the 12-county area served
    Sam Walton                              Robeson                       Rebecca Wood                      by Cape Fear Farm Credit. Applications must
    MJ and Tim West                         Duplin                        Gerald Wilson
                                                                                                            be postmarked by September 1, 2010.

                                                          Cape Fear Country Summer 2010     11
                                                                 dR. Kohl’ S Co RneR

               Business Tools for Turbulent Times
                                By: dr. david M. Kohl, Professor emeritus at virginia Tech

    t is not getting any easier to make a buck      environment. For example, 70 percent of           Testing Scenarios
    in farming. Rising input costs, volatility      American farmland will change hands by the        With the volatile economic times there will
    in prices, global trade issues, the value       year 2025 because of age demographics of          be much latitude for opportunity and success,
of the dollar, and issues with the domestic         the sector. The land ownership structure of       but also failure. In these turbulent times,
and global economy will divide the economic         agricultural businesses in the future will be     both beginning and established producers
winners and losers in the next decade.              much different than that of traditional farms,    will need to test the agricultural business plan
      An individual producer cannot do much         including rent and lease of land and other        against “but what if” scenarios. This process
to shape macroeconomic and agricultural             assets, and strategic alliances with major        is called scenario testing or economic game
policy issues; however, one should not throw        players in the industry. Many producers           planning. Like a coach plots various scenarios
up their hands in frustration, but become an        will control assets rather than owning them.      before the game with a variety of outcomes, a
advocate for the industry. Producers have           This fact, along with the large capital invest-   business person should parallel this process.
many opportunities to seize greater control         ment involved in farming stresses the need             Start with the operating budget and
of their destiny by using good old-fashioned        for strategic business planning. Those with       establish a broad set of assumptions, i.e.
business planning. This starts by exploring         well thought-out plans for success will be        prices, costs, interest rates, currency exchange
why you are in business, where your business        better able to communicate what they are          rates. Blend these scenarios together and
is now, and where you want it to go in the          thinking, planning, and anticipating. This        come out with a most likely scenario. Then
future. One must plan not only for the next         forethought will allow them to present a more     assign probabilities to several different
two years, but also the next decade.                favorable case to lenders, accountants, and       scenarios, such as a 30 percent likelihood of
      The future will present challenges and        investors, and take advantage of opportuni-       an above average year, 60 percent chance of
opportunities in the agricultural business          ties as they arise.                               a reasonable year, and a 10 percent chance

                                                                Cape Fear Farm Credit    12
of a less than stellar year. The point here is                                                       ing whether you need a business partner
to begin developing a strategy for what you                                                          or employee who is a family member or
would do in each situation. Finally, consult                                                         someone outside of the family will be critical
with your lender, accountant, production                                                             to the planning process. Do not assume a
consultant, and business partner, who can                                                            family member will be the most suitable
bring a constructive, objective eye to the plan.         You have many                               partner. Sometimes your best draft pick is
                                                                                                     outside the family.
Business Planning Basics                              opportunities to seize                              The bottom line is as an agricultural
As I travel across the country, many                    greater control of                           entrepreneur, you should seek partners and
beginning producers inquire about the
basics of business planning, which include
                                                           your destiny                              alliances that bring complementary strengths
                                                                                                     to the table. If your passion is produc-
choosing the most effective business model                by using good                              tion, consider a team member with strong
and selecting business partners. Choosing the
                                                          old-fashioned                              financial, marketing, or operational skills. If
best business model involves an assessment
of individual abilities, resources, markets,           business planning.                            you are a “big picture” idea person, you might
                                                                                                     want a detail-oriented operations specialist.
etc. For some, it may be niche or value-
                                                                                                     In the planning process, look for individuals
added markets including local, natural, and
                                                                                                     to share the journey. The overall key is to
organic. To others, it may include the tradi-      sound business plan will not be an option, but
                                                                                                     choose partners who you can communicate
tional model focusing on efficiency, but still     a requirement for future success.
                                                                                                     with thru a shared vision, goals, objectives,
being effective in balancing business, family,          When people think about starting or
                                                                                                     and business plan outcomes.
and personal lifestyle. Others may choose          transitioning a family business, there can
                                                                                                          Business planning is a tool for turbulent
larger units with complex business models          be much initial excitement along with some
                                                                                                     times that can put you a step ahead in business
including enterprises outside of agriculture.      apprehension. Recognizing partner material
                                                                                                     sustainability and the game of life.
Regardless of size and scope of the model, a       will be imperative in this process. Determin-

           Always thankful for the opportunity to serve our customers, our friends!

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           “Caring for you and about you.”             “Always something new for you!”              “Find your team @ Your Team!”
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          408 NE Blvd. • Clinton, NC                                          352 NE Blvd. • Clinton, NC
           910-592-3121                                                         910-592-5100

                                                         Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   13
                                                         C oMM uni TY n e WS & e venTS

                                                               Lakewood High School
                                                               FFA Student Shadows
                                                         Cape Fear Farm Credit Loan Officer

                                                             manda Honrine, FFA student at                     Amanda also had the opportunity to visit
Amanda honrine job shadowing CFFC Clinton loan
                                                             Lakewood High School, recently               the farming operations of several Cape Fear
officer nelson Powell
                                                             participated in a two-day job                Farm Credit members in Sampson County.
                                                   shadowing experience with Clinton Loan                 During the farm visits, Amanda was exposed
                                                   Officer Nelson Powell. Amanda had the                  to various operations including row crops,
                                                   opportunity to sit down with each employee             cattle, swine, and organic Muscadine table
                                                   in the Clinton office to review their individ-         grapes. She learned about grape production
                                                   ual job function. She learned how a typical            and marketing, diversification, loan oppor-
                                                   loan package is processed from beginning               tunities, and the importance of relation-
                                                   to completion, discussing such topics as tax           ships. “Amanda was exposed to a great deal
                                                   returns, balance sheets, financial package             of information within a very short amount of
                                                   preparation, credit bureau scores, and the             time during her two-day visit. We enjoyed the
                                                   overall credit approval process.                       opportunity to share our business with a local
Amanda touring the Thompson’s vineyard                                                                    FFA student,” Nelson commented.

       Supporting Small Farms Week Kick-off in hoke County

       ach year, Small Farms Week in North Carolina is organized
       by the Cooperative Extension Program at North Carolina A&T
       University and recognizes the accomplishments and contribu-
tions of the producers of small-scale agriculture on farms that generate
$250,000 or less, annually, in gross sales. Hoke County marked the
location for the 2010 Small Farms Week Kick-Off in March. The
program kicked off the numerous activities and events that were
held across North Carolina for the 2010 Small Farms Week. Mr.
John Council, a resident of Hoke County, was named the 2009 Small
Farmer of the Year, so tradition has it that the kick-off program takes
place in the county of the current recipient. The program was held
                                                                               From the left: dr. Ray McKinnie, Associate dean and Administrator for nC A&T
at the Raeford Civic Center and ended with a tour of Mr. Council’s
                                                                               university Cooperative extension Program; CFFC Raeford loan officer
farm. The Cape Fear Farm Credit Raeford branch was a sponsor of this           Rebecca Wood; dr. daniel M. lyons, Sr., Central Regional Coordinator for
kick-off program.                                                              nC A&T university Cooperative extension Program

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit   14
        Cape Fear Farm Credit Sponsors Area VII Envirothon

          ape Fear Farm Credit was a sponsor      a problem-solving natural resource compe-             and hands-on problem solving is required.
          for the Area VII Envirothon held        tition for middle and high school students.           Teams from Bladen, Columbus, Cumber-
          March 31, 2010, at Jones Lake Park      The event is designed to test students on their       land, Harnett, Hoke, Richmond, Robeson,
in Bladen County. Sponsoring branches             knowledge of natural resources in subject             Sampson and Scotland counties compete in
included Clinton, Fayetteville and Lumberton      areas of soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics          the competition. The top seven teams from
offices and employees from the Elizabethtown      and current environmental issues. Students            both middle and high school events advance
office volunteered at the event. Envirothon is    visit the five resource stations where written        to the state competition.

A group of students at the wildlife station                                 high school students taking their written test

                                         C & D InsuranCe servICe, InC.
                                              Serving the CFFC area since 1957
    Jim Burgin, President                                                                                                    Clint Knox, Agent

                  Visit our new offices at 53 S. Broad Street, Angier NC 27501
       919-639-2990 or 877-306-2990
                      We Can Meet All Your Farming Insurance Needs.

                                                        Cape Fear Country Summer 2010    15
                                                        C oMM uni TY n e WS & e venTS

      “Leading Out Loud” at the 82nd NC FFA State Convention

      une is an exciting month for FFA            festivities during the three-day conference.           Kinlaw, and Marketing Manager Skipper
      members across North Carolina as            CFFC Clinton Loan Assistant Tonya Hobbs                Jones served at judges for several career
      it marks the time for the FFA State         and Credit Analyst Sarah Byrd participated             development events.
Convention. On June 22 through June 24,           in the career show where they shared infor-                  During the fourth general session on
approximately 2,400 FFA members, advisors,        mation with students, advisors and parents             June 23, Clinton Loan Officer Nelson Powell
parents, sponsors and guests filled the Raleigh   about Cape Fear Farm Credit’s coopera-                 and Marketing Manager Skipper Jones were
Convention Center for the 82nd North              tive principles. Clinton Loan Officer Nelson           presented with Honorary State FFA Degrees
Carolina FFA State Convention where they          Powell, Lumberton Loan Officer Kevin                   for their contributions to NC FFA.
celebrated the yearlong theme of “Leading
Out Loud.” “For over 82 years FFA members
have been living the true legacy by leading
out loud in their schools and communities,”
said Mr. Jason Davis, State FFA Coordina-
tor. “The accomplishments of FFA members
to develop themselves while bettering their
local communities was the highlight at this
year’s convention as students celebrated their
accomplishments.” Students competed in
career development events, attended dynamic
sessions and leadership workshops, received
awards and recognition for their accomplish-
ments, attended a career show, and met new
friends from across North Carolina.
     Several Cape Fear Farm Credit
                                                  Marketing Manager Skipper Jones and Clinton loan officer nelson Powell after receiving their honorary
employees were excited to participate in the      FFA State degrees

    Back again by popular demand—the video contest that lets
    you show off your appreciation for all things rural! It’s the
    “Keepin’ It Rural” video contest!
    Dig out your funniest, most inspiring, unusual, bizarre, amazing,
    or just plain weird farm- or rural-themed videos. Or, grab your
    video camera and shoot some new videos!

    Visit for details and official rules

                                                             Cape Fear Farm Credit   16
               Cumberland County Cooperative extension Tour

     The Cumberland County Cooperative                 bility to the soil. The tour also included a stop                    lunch sponsored by Cape Fear Farm Credit.
Extension holds an annual “Report to the               by farmland that is currently being utilized                         According to Cumberland County Extension
People” tour for local legislative members             for sustainable agriculture and entrepreneur-                        Director Lisa Childers, “This tour is a
and county leadership. On June 7, tour                 ship. The participants observed stream and                           wonderful opportunity to share a different
participants enjoyed a tour of Privateer               wetland restoration projects before enjoying                         side of agriculture with our local leaders.”
Farms where they had the opportunity
to see how Extension is partnering with
Sharon Valentine, owner of Privateer Farms,
to develop new and innovative farming
practices. The farm is the site of the National
Biochar Project which is evaluating the
benefits of applying biochar on farmland to
restore the vitality and nutrient holding capa-

Participants enjoying a tour of Privateer Farms
hosted by Cumberland County Cooperative extension

                                                                  Nichols Buildings, Inc.
                                                    1010 Cedar Creek Road | Fayetteville, NC 28312
                                                       (910)323-1944 Office | (910)323-9876 Fax
       Allan Buffalo                       |                                                  Tom Sanders
       Eastover, NC                                                                                                                                      Autryville, NC

                       Form, Fit, and Function for Any Market
                                                                                                                                   Quality Building Since 1978
                                                Nichols Buildings, Inc exists to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.
                                                Quality, service, and reliability are but a few words that come to mind in our
                                                building description. Our customers know that Nichols Buildings takes pride
                                                in offering only the highest quality products to ensure exceptional longevity
                                                with minimal maintenance requirements. Nichols Post Frame Buildings carry a
                                                five year warranty against leaks and workmanship. Our product line consist of
       Corey Horne                              materials that meet or exceed NC Building Codes. Ninety-Five percent of our                             Four Seasons RV
       Stedman, NC                              next sales come from the recommendations of past satisfied customers.                                     Sanford, NC

                                                               Cape Fear Country Summer 2010             17
                                                   C oMM uni TY n e WS & e venTS

                               Fann Farms Promotes Farm Safety

         ape Fear’s Clinton branch helped
         sponsor the Progressive Agriculture
         Day on Saturday, May 22, 2010. This
annual event was hosted by Fann Farms, and
the day began with a Jaws of Life demonstra-
tion by the Herring and Salemburg Volunteer
Fire Departments. Children, between the ages
of eight and thirteen, from Sampson County
and surrounding areas participated in discus-
sions and demonstrations about PTO safety,
healthy lifestyles, lawnmower safety, hand
tool safety, among other topics. In addition
to helping sponsor the event, Jay Darden,
David Sutton, Nelson Powell, and Skipper
Jones volunteered at the event.

Right: Jaws of life demonstration by the herring
and Salemburg vFd

Below: Children, parents and volunteers at Farm
Safety day

                                                       Cape Fear Farm Credit   18
                       Cochran Fellows Visit Sampson County
                               for Agricultural Tour

       he Cochran Fellowship Program is               The visit included a stop by the Cape                   The average farm in Georgia is 96
       administered by the U.S. Depart-          Fear Farm Credit branch office in Clinton,             hectares or 2.37 acres and currently
       ment of Agriculture’s Foreign Agri-       NC to gain insight on cooperative and collab-          community banks are not eager to finance
cultural Service and provides an educational     orative efforts between Extension and Farm             agriculture. With interest rates ranging
opportunity for private and public sector        Credit, membership, and agricultural infor-            between 22 and 36 percent, Georgian
professionals in developing countries to         mation delivery functions. CFFC Clinton                farmers cannot afford to borrow money for
learn about agricultural trade, agribusiness     Branch Manager Jay Darden led the discus-              agricultural purposes, so the tour partici-
development, management, policy, and             sion and was joined by loan officers Nelson            pants were very interested in hearing about
marketing in the United States. This year, Dr.   Powell and David Sutton. The fellows learned           the programs available for farmers to have
Robert Wells and Dr. John Richardson are         about the Farm Credit System’s coopera-                access to credit.
training Cochran Fellows from the country of     tive structure, how credit is accessed, and
Georgia on a comprehensive overview of the       the interaction between CFFC and the local
NC Cooperative Extension Service including       extension offices.
its structure, funding sources, staff develop-
ment, information and technology delivery
methods and developing cooperative rela-
tionships with sister organizations.
     As part of the program, the group
recently visited Sampson County and
learned about county educational programs
that focused on horticulture and livestock
production, agricultural infrastructure and
visits to cooperating farmers regarding their
operations and securing of needed agricul-
tural information in order to remain viable
                                                 Cochran Fellows with program coordinators and Cape Fear Farm Credit employees
farmers. The following Cochran Fellows
participated in the Sampson County tour:
Marika Kasradze, Georgia country director
of CNFA’s Farmer-to-Farmer Program;
Guram Jinchveladze, executive director of
Rural Advisory Service; Laura Mamulash-
vili, manager of the Agribusiness Develop-
ment Department of the Georgian Farmers’
Union; and Gocha Shainidze, director of the
Georgian Center for Agribusiness Develop-
ment. Tour coordinators included Jason
Davis, State FFA coordinator, and Kent
Wooten, Sampson County extension director.
                                                 Cochran Fellows from the country of georgia listening as Jay darden explains the Farm Credit System’s
                                                 cooperative structure

                                                       Cape Fear Country Summer 2010     19
                                                     A SS oCi AT ion ne WS

Special Farm Credit
 Member Savings!
 As a member of Farm Credit, you are eligible to participate in multiple
National Discount Programs offered exclusively to Farm Credit customers.
National, Alamo &
Enterprise Car Rentals
•	 Alamo – Visit or call 800-462-5266
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                                                               reputable insurance companies in the U.S. You can save 3-10%
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                             up to 10% on your monthly                                                       Lines
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                             Time and reference “Farm Credit                                                 TX or WI. Discounts are
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                                                                       agent, Barrett Moving & Storage. Call 800-879-1283 or email
                                                              and identify yourself as a
                                                                       Farm Credit member.

 For more information on any of these Farm Credit programs, please visit and find the
 program you want under the National Discount Programs drop-down menu. Note that only the programs listed
 above are currently available to Farm Credit stockholders. Please take advantage of these savings and keep this
 information for your future reference.

                                                     Cape Fear Farm Credit   20
                        Around Cape Fear Country …
               Let’s Hear About Customer Appreciation Events

         ustomer appreciation events give              by members, their children, and employees            branch joined together at the Harnett County
         CFFC employees a chance to say,               who enjoyed a wonderful dinner and time for          Governmental Complex on April 1, 2010 where
         “thank you” to members for their              fellowship. The Lumberton branch hosted a            they enjoyed a great meal catered by Bill Ellis’
business and loyalty to this cooperative.              dinner at the Southeastern NC Agricultural           Barbeque. The members also had an oppor-
     Kicking off the spring customer appre-            Center and Farmers Market in Lumberton               tunity for fellowship and a chance to win
ciation events, the Elizabethtown branch               on March 30, 2010. Members were eager to             door prizes.
held a dinner on March 2, 2010 at Lu Mil               pick up patronage checks and enjoy a fabulous
Vineyard in Dublin. A great time was had               steak dinner. Members of the Lillington

CFFC director harold Smith with elizabethtown loan officer Brook hall            elizabethtown members helping themselves to a wonderful dinner catered by
                                                                                 The Front Porch

lumberton Branch Manager Betty Kay Williams (center) with members gene           From the left: lillington loan Assistant Karen Roberson, member Ricky Sears
and Susan Thompson                                                               with wife Billie, and lillington loan Assistant Tracy Taylor

                                                             Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   21
                                                              A SS oCi AT ion ne WS

                               Cape Fear Farm Credit Announces
                                 2010 Scholarship Recipients

C                                                                              Presidential Scholar
        ape Fear Farm Credit has awarded scholarships to graduating
        high school seniors for the third consecutive year. The Cape
        Fear Farm Credit Scholarship Award will be available each              ethan Caudell
year to students residing in the counties served by Cape Fear Farm             Ethan Caudell, son of Dohn
Credit, with at least one year of membership with FFA. This scholar-           and Luanne Caudell, is a
ship awards program is the result of a partnership established between         senior at Saint Pauls High
Cape Fear Farm Credit and FFA in 2007. Cape Fear is striving to take a         School where he is the class
holistic approach to adopting the FFA program throughout Southeast-            valedictorian. During his
ern North Carolina with this scholarship program and various other             high school career, he was
community involvements.                                                        the number one player on
     Applicants were judged on their academic awards and honors,               the school’s tennis team
extracurricular activities, work experience and the student’s interest         and won the men’s 2-A
and commitment to Southeastern North Carolina agriculture and                  singles state champion-
rural development. Finalists for the Cape Fear Farm Credit Scholar-            ship two years in a row.
ship Awards were contacted for an interview with the Scholarship               He held leadership roles
Committee and the recipients were notified in May.                             in the National Honor
     This year, Cape Fear Farm Credit named five students as schol-            Society and Student Government Association and was a member of
arship recipients. Our top scholarship is the Presidential Scholarship         the National Technical Honor Society and Teens for Christ. He was
which is awarded in the amount of $2,000 per year for up to 4 years            also a member of FFA throughout high school where he participated
($8,000 total), so long as the student maintains at least a 3.0 GPA each       in various career development events. Ethan was selected to attend
year of full-time undergraduate studies. The BioStar Scholarship is a          Governors School East and was Saint Pauls High School’s choice to
one-time award in the amount of $1,000.                                        attend a youth conference with Congressman Mike McIntyre. This
     “These students were selected amongst an outstanding group of             young man is very active in his church where he currently serves
applicants. I am always impressed by the level of maturity and dedica-         as the youth representative on the pastoral search committee. In
tion of the scholarship recipients. As a cooperative, we see the value         the fall, Ethan will attend East Carolina University where he will
of investing in our future,” Cape Fear Farm Credit President and CEO           major in biology. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Ethan
Richard Eason stated.                                                          plans to attend dental school and open a private dental practice in
                                                                               Robeson County.

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit   22
BioStar Scholars                                                                attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he will major
                                                                                in communication and business. After obtaining his degree, he hopes to
                                                                                become a sports broadcaster.

                                                                                Megan Malpass
                                                                                Megan Malpass, daughter
                                                                                of Cape Fear Farm Credit
                                                                                members Calvin and Myra
                                                                                Malpass of Delco, is a
                                                                                senior at East Columbus
                                                                                High School where she is
                                                                                in the top three percent of
                                                                                the class. Megan served as
Christopher Boyette                                                             the secretary of the Beta
Christopher Boyette, son of Cape Fear Farm Credit members Gene                  Club, president of the FFA
and Kay Boyette of Clinton, is a senior at Harrells Christian Academy           chapter, and vice president
in Sampson County where he maintained a 3.75 unweighted GPA or                  of the local FFA federation. She obtained her FFA State Degree during
higher all four years. He was an active member in the FFA, Key Club,            her junior year, and she was the recipient of the Daughters of the
National Beta Club, along with various other organizations. Chris served        American Revolution Award. Megan is a church pianist, teaches Sunday
as president of the Student Ambassadors and was a charter member of             school, and enjoys participating in various projects at her church. In the
the Fishers of Men. He has a strong love for sports and played football,        fall, Megan will attend the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.
basketball, and baseball during high school. Chris is an active member          She is considering several degrees, and after college, she will return to
of Carr Memorial Christian Church where he has been a church pianist            Columbus County to begin her career.
for the last four years and served as a Jr. Deacon. In the fall, Chris will
                                                                                                                                       Continued on next page

                                                                                    Farmers are our business…
                   384 West Depot Street                                             We speak your language.
               PO Box 158 • Angier, NC 27501
                                                                               Crop insurance (multi-peril and crop hail)
           919-639-2025 • 1-800-655-8106                                      Poultry and livestock houses • Life insurance
                                               Health insurance • Annuities

                      Serving local farmers and ranchers in NC, SC, VA, MD and DE.

                                                            Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   23
                                                               A SS oCi AT ion ne WS

Kelly Mclees                                                                    Brandon Williams
Kelly McLees, daughter                                                          Brandon Williams is the
of Kirk and Myra McLees                                                         son of Cape Fear Farm
of Fairmont, is in the                                                          Credit members Johnny
top two percent of her                                                          and Sherry Williams of
class at Lumberton High                                                         Autryville. He is a senior at
School. She participated                                                        Midway High School where
and placed in several FFA                                                       he is in the top five percent
career development events                                                       of the class. Brandon served
including creed speaking                                                        as the FFA chapter vice
and floriculture, and served                                                    president this past year,
as treasurer during her                                                         he obtained his FFA State
junior year. She was also a                                                     Degree during his junior
National Honor Society and National Beta Club member and served as              year, and participated and placed in various career development events
coordinator of the Peace Club. Kelly was actively involved in the North         including agronomy and agricultural mechanics. He also served as
Carolina Children’s Theatre where she held leading roles in Aladdin             the National Beta Club vice president and has been very active in the
and Alice in Wonderland. Her involvement in the youth group at St.              community through World Changers, Relay for Life, and Operation
Mark’s Lutheran Church allowed her the opportunity to participate               Christmas Child. In the fall, Brandon will attend North Carolina State
in various community service and faith building activities. As a North          University where he will major in biochemistry. After completing his
Carolina Teaching Fellow, Kelly will attend East Carolina Univer-               bachelor’s degree, he will return to Autryville and join his family’s
sity and pursue a degree in elementary education. After completing              farming operation, T and J Farms.
her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend graduate school and
become a nationally certified speech therapist. Kelly would like to begin
her teaching career in Robeson County.

                                       Welcoming New Employees

                                       Phillip Strickland                                                             Sarah Byrd
                                       On May 1, 2010, Phillip joined                                                 Sarah Byrd recently joined Cape
                                       the Cape Fear Farm Credit team                                                 Fear Farm Credit as a credit
                                       as a relationship manager in                                                   analyst trainee. A 2010 graduate
                                       the Fayetteville branch. Phillip                                               of North Carolina State Univer-
                                       is a graduate of Campbell                                                      sity, Sarah received a Bachelor
                                       University where he earned                                                     of Science degree in agricul-
                                       a Bachelor of Arts degree                                                      tural business management and
                                       in trust management and a                                                      minors in accounting and agri-
                                       minor in financial planning.                                                   cultural leadership. She grew up
                                       Phillip also completed his                                                     in Harnett County on her family’s
                                       MBA at Campbell University in                                                  farm, which consists of tobacco,
2006. Prior to joining Cape Fear Farm Credit, Phillip worked                    cotton, soybeans, corn, and wheat. Sarah is a member of Bunnlevel Pres-
as a relationship manager with First Citizens Bank and Trust                    byterian Church, the National Agri-Marketing Association, and Sigma
Company, Inc. for five years. He and his wife, Ashley, reside in                Alpha Professional Agricultural Sorority Alumni Association. In her
Stedman, N.C., and are active members of Stedman Pentecostal                    spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to
Holiness Church.                                                                the beach, and reading.

                                                               Cape Fear Farm Credit   24
                                                                   Tid Bi TS

                      Weddings                                                         Baby Announcements

                            Bill	 Carmichael, Raeford branch                                                        Bailey	James	Rouse was
                            member, married Julie Bodenhamer                                                        born on March 10, 2010,
                            on November 7, 2009, at Cypress Bend                                                    to Kenansville members
                            Vineyards in Wagram, N.C. Bill is the son                                               Scott and Michelle Rouse.
                            of members William and Courtney Carmi-                                                  She weighed 8 pounds and
                            chael, and Julie is the daughter of Myra                                                6 ounces and was 21 inches
                            Bodenhamer and members Kerry and                                                        long. Proud grandparents
                            Dawne Bodenhamer.                                                                       Mike and Sharon Wallace are
                                                                                                                    also Kenansville members.
Jennifer	 Raynor	 and	 Brandon	
Smith	were married on April 24, 2010 at                                    Clinton members Clay and Anita
Kenansville Baptist Church. Jennifer is the                                Pope welcomed Dodge	 Clayton	
daughter of Bruce and Debbie Raynor, and                                   Pope on September 3, 2009. Proud
Brandon is the son of Marion and Janet                                     grandparents Lindsey and Bevy Pope
Smith. Mothers of the bride and groom are                                  are also Clinton members. Dodge
both Cape Fear Farm Credit employees.                                      also has a proud big sister, Georgia.

                                        Raeford members Marvin	
                                        and	Anjanette	McDonald                                          Raeford members Tracy and April Grice
                                        were married at the First                                       welcomed Isabella	 Claire	 Grice on
                                        Baptist Church in Red Springs                                   December 4, 2009. Isabella weighed 7
                                        on September 26, 2009. Also                                     pounds and 15 ounces and was 21 inches
                                        pictured are Beth and Daniel                                    long. She is pictured with her big brother,
                                        McDonald.                                                       Holden. Holden and Isabella are grand-
                                                                                                        children of Lafon and Cheryl Grice, who
                                                                                                        are also CFFC members.

Zac	Everhart	and	Sarah	Plummer                                             Eddie and Mary Brice,
were married on April 24, 2010 at First                                    Kenansville members,
Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, N.C.                                    were proud parents to a
Sarah is the daughter of Raeford members                                   new baby, Oakley	Brice,
Jim and Janet Plummer.                                                     on December 2, 2009.
                                                                           Also pictured is their
                                                                           daughter Gracie.

                                                       Cape Fear Country Summer 2010    25
                                                                      Tid Bi TS

                         Newsworthy Members and Employees

Congratulations to Dexter	Edwards for being the recipient of the
Melvin G. Cording Service to Agriculture Award from the Duplin
County Agribusiness Council. Dexter is a member of the Kenansville
and Clinton branches.

During the Duplin County Agribusiness Council annual membership
meeting, Kenansville member Ralph	Britt	received second place in
corn yield production. He produced 194.40 bushels of corn per acre.

Congratulations to Legacy
Farms of Lumber Bridge
(Raeford members Tom	
and	Liz	Lawrence) on their
                                                                               Bailey	Shook, daughter of Raeford members David and Laura Shook,
Region 12 Arabian Horse
                                                                               graduated Cum Laude from Wingate University in May, with a Bachelor
Show Champion, Gianni on
                                                                               of Science degree in Management. Bailey is pictured with her parents
the Spot, ridden by Marie
                                                                               and her sister, Morgan. The Raeford branch congratulates Bailey on
Valdivia, in the Sport Horse
                                                                               her achievement and wishes her much success in her future endeavors!
Under Saddle Junior to Ride
class. Marie and Gianni also
                                                                               Sydney	Hendrix, daughter of CFFC Director and Raeford member
won a Top 5 in the Sport Horse Under Saddle Amateur to Ride class.
                                                                               Gary Hendrix and wife Lynn, was named the 2010 Buddy Poppy Queen
Gianni is a 3-year old half-Arabian, half-Appaloosa. It was Gianni’s
                                                                               representing VFW Post 10 and the Ladies’ Auxiliary.
first regional show appearance, and winning at the show qualified the
team for upcoming national shows. Marie is the daughter of Cape Fear
Farm Credit member Teresa Valdivia.

Congratulations to	Alonna	Christina	Pate for being selected to
attend the NC East site of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
where she joined a select group of rising high school juniors to discuss
present and future issues with distinguished leaders. Her parents AD
and Debbie Pate are members of the Kenansville branch.

Kenansville member Pam	Edwards recently retired from the Duplin
County School System and was honored with a reception for her 35
years of dedicated service.

Madelon	Smith, daughter of Kenansville members DeLeon and                      Lumberton member Charles	Roberts was presented the Distin-
Tammie Smith, was presented the 2010 Mount Olive College Martin                guished Award to Agriculture by the Robeson County Crop Promotion
Award at college’s graduation ceremony.                                        at the Agricultural Awards and Recognition Banquet.

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit   26
                                                                           Graham	Strother, son of Raeford member Leland Strother and
                                                                           wife Judy, graduated from NCSU with a BS in Civil Engineering in
                                                                           December. He is working in Facilities Development at the Marine
                                                                           Corps Air Station at Cherry Point.

                                                                           Congratulations to Anna	Kate	Heath for being the first student from
                                                                           Duplin Early College High School to walk across the stage and become
                                                                           an official class of 2010 graduate. She graduated with 21 semester
                                                                           hours of college credit and will attend UNCW in the fall. She is the
                                                                           daughter of Kenansville members Chris and Sally Heath.
Raeford member Patti	Redfield exhibited her Shorthorn-Hereford
cross oxen, Jim and Mike. The pair won the North Carolina State Team
Division for walking plow.

                             CFFC Shallotte Member Mary Earp
                             Received Order of the Long Leaf Pine

            ary Earp was presented the           ordinance establishing the Brunswick County
            Order of the Long Leaf Pine for      Voluntary Agriculture District system. The
            her proven record of extraor-        Brunswick County Commissioner’s subse-
dinary service to North Carolina. Mary           quently appointed Mary to the Voluntary
Earp’s consistent community involvement          District’s Board of Directors where she served
in Brunswick County is legendary. Her early      as Chair for two terms. Additionally, Mary
community involvement as a school teacher,       was instrumental in the creation of both the
a social worker, and an NC Extension agent       Brunswick County Swine Producers Asso-
gave her a broad practical insight into          ciation as well as the Southeastern Swine
peoples’ lives in the county and set the stage   Producers Association, serving as a continu-
many years of focused volunteer community        ous member of both associations.
involvement. The list of her community                Mary has been elected to the Brunswick
involvements is very extensive and ranges        County Soil and Water Conservation District
from the promotion of agribusiness to the        Board of Supervisors for 17 years. She served
diversification of the Brunswick economy,        as Chair of Area 6, District Supervisors of       annual Farm-City Week celebration, chosen
to the development of community resources        the Soil and Water Conservation District.         as an Outstanding Women in Agriculture by
to accommodate the variety of needs of a         The Brunswick County Commissioners                the NC Cooperative Extension Service, and
burgeoning population.                           appointed Mary to the Brunswick County            has received the Governor’s Distinguished
     She has served on the board for the         Board of Health for seven years. Mary was         Volunteer Award for Brunswick County.
NC Agribusiness Council and as a member          also appointed to the Board of Directors for            For the past 35 years, Mary and Wilbur
of the Governor’s Agriculture, Forestry and      Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. where she        Earp have hosted the “Life on the Farm” for
Seafood Advisory Committee. Mary has been        served as Chair and helped advocate that          local third graders where they have opportu-
a member of the Brunswick County Coop-           Brunswick County begin to develop a series        nity to tour their swine, beef cattle, and row
erative Extension Advisory Board as well as      of senior centers around the county.              crop operation. They have been longtime
serving four years on the NCSU State Coop-            Mary has been designated as an               Cape Fear Farm Credit members of the
erative Extension Advisory Board.                Outstanding Women Leader in Brunswick             Shallotte branch, and the folks at Cape Fear
     Mary was instrumental in creating           County by Kiwanis International for her           Farm Credit congratulate Mary Earp for
awareness of the importance of adopting the      devotion to promoting and celebrating their       her accomplishments.

                                                       Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   27
                                                                      Re Ci Pe S

                                          Add a
                         Saucy Spark                                                                  Spicy Sausages & linguine
                                                                                                      Prep Time: 10 minutes

                          to everyday Meals                                                           Cook Time: 40 minutes
                                                                                                      Makes: 4 servings

                                           Family Features                                            Ingredients
                                                                                                      2    tablespoons olive oil
                                                                                                      2    cloves garlic, minced

            ith busy school schedules and          lunch                                              10   small pork sausage links, cut up
            after-school activities, family                                                           1/4 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning, crushed
                                                   Adding picante sauce to perk up a lunch salad
            life often becomes an even bigger                                                         1    jar (24 ounces) Pace Picante sauce
                                                   is a flavorful, low-fat alternative to creamy
balancing act. As a frazzled parent now faced                                                         3    peppers, sliced
                                                   dressings. To make a quick dressing, mix
with less time to get dinner on the table,                                                            1    medium onion, sliced
                                                   a 1/2 cup of picante sauce with a 1/4 cup
the same meals easily become routine, and                                                             8    ounces fresh mushrooms, sliced
                                                   of your favorite vinaigrette and top your
before you know it you’re stuck in a cooking                                                          1    package (16 ounces) linguine, cooked
                                                   salad greens.
rut. Spark up your meals with Pace Picante                                                                 and drained
                                                                                                      Grated Parmesan cheese
sauce — an easy twist to add veggies, texture,
flavor and kick and get your dinner ready
                                                   Turn ordinary dishes into something “wow”          Directions
in no time. Try these simple tips and easy
                                                   by adding flavorful ingredients. One easy way      1.   Heat oil in 10-inch skillet over medium-
recipes guaranteed to bring excitement back
                                                   to do that is by adding salsas and picante              high heat. Add garlic, sausage and
to your family’s mealtime.
                                                   sauces, such as the ones offered by Pace                Italian seasoning. Cook until sausages
                                                   Foods. With the twist of a lid you can add              are browned and cooked through.
Breakfast                                          veggies, texture, and lots of flavor to chicken,   2.   Add picante sauce, peppers, onion
Spoon scrambled eggs or egg whites onto a          beef, veggies and seafood.                              and mushrooms. Heat to a boil. Cover.
warmed whole wheat flour tortilla. Add diced,            For more simple recipes and serving               Reduce heat to low.
cooked potato, crumbled bacon, cheese and          suggestions, visit                  3.   Cook for 25 minutes or until the vegeta-
picante sauce. Fold the tortilla around the                                                                bles are tender. Serve over linguine and
filling and you’ve got a fast and exciting way                                                             top with cheese.
to start the day.

                                                              Cape Fear Farm Credit   28
Picante Beef & Bean Skillet                       Picante Skillet Chicken                         Picante Chicken & Rice Bake
Prep Time: 5 minutes                              Prep Time: 5 minutes                            Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes                             Cook Time: 15 minutes                           Bake Time: 45 minutes
Makes: 4 servings                                 Makes: 6 servings                               Makes: 4 servings

Ingredients                                       Ingredients                                     Ingredients
1    pound ground beef                            1    tablespoon vegetable oil                   1    jar (16 ounces) Pace Picante sauce
1    large onion, chopped (about 1 cup)           1 1/2 pounds skinless, boneless                 1/2 cup water
1    jar (16 ounces) Pace Picante sauce                chicken breasts (4 to 6)                   1    cup whole kernel corn
1    can (about 15 ounces) red kidney beans,      1    jar (16 ounces) Pace Picante sauce         3/4 cup uncooked regular long-grain
     rinsed and drained                           6    cups hot, cooked regular long-grain             white rice
6    flour tortillas (6-inch), cut into                white rice                                 4    skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
     1-inch pieces                                                                                1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese                                                                   Paprika
                                                  1.   Heat oil in 10-inch skillet over medium-
Directions                                             high heat. Add chicken and cook for        Directions
1.   Cook beef and onion in a 10-inch skillet          10 minutes or until well browned on        1.   Stir picante sauce, water, corn and rice
     over medium-high heat until beef is               both sides.                                     in an 11 x 8-inch shallow baking dish.
     well browned, stirring to break up meat.     2.   Add picante sauce to skillet. Heat to a         Top with the chicken. Sprinkle the
     Pour off any fat.                                 boil. Reduce heat to medium. Cover and          chicken with the paprika. Cover the dish.
2.   Stir in picante sauce, beans and tortillas        cook for 5 minutes or until chicken is     2.   Bake at 375°F for 45 minutes or until
     and heat to a boil. Reduce heat to low.           cooked through.                                 chicken is cooked through and rice is
     Cook for 5 minutes or until mixture is       3.   Serve with rice.                                tender. Sprinkle with cheese.
     hot and bubbling, stirring often. Top
     with cheese.                                                                                 Courtesy of Family Features

            B u i l t                w i t h           p r i d e                 &      B u i l t           t o        l a s t

                         Donnie Rosser Construction, LLc
                                                             DRC Post Frame Buildings
                                                             Economical • Basic and Custom Designs • Metal Roofing
                                                             Horse Barns • Riding Arenas • Garages • Hobby Shops
                                                             Warehouses • Recreation Buildings • Farm Shelters
                                                             Donnie Rosser—Licensed General Contractor
                                                             Fayetteville, NC • 910-483-8381 •

                     FREE Estimates • Guaranteed Work • Plans Prepared • Permits Procured

      w w w . d o n n i e r o s s e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m

                                                        Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   29
                                                                                  Consolidated Balance Sheets
                                                                                   Cape Fear Farm Credit, ACA
                                                                   Fin An CiA l
                                                   (dollars in thousands)         Consolidated Balance Sheets
                                                                                   Re Po RT
                                                                                                     June 30,
                                                                                                                                                                December 31,
                                                                                                                                 (unaudited)                        (audited)
                                                                                                                               June 30,                         December 31,
                                                   Cash                                                                      $       4,319                      $      3,972
                                                   (dollars in thousands)                                                        2010                              2009
                                                   Investment securities:
                                                                                                                                 (unaudited)                        (audited)
                                                      Held to maturity (fair value of $6,373
                                                         and $6,351 respectively)                                                       6,200                              6,200
                                                   Cash                                                                      $          4,319                   $          3,972
                                                      Total investment securities
                                                   Investment securities:                                                               6,200                              6,200
                                                   Loans to maturity (fair value of $6,373                                            733,189                           743,178
                                                        and $6,351 respectively)
                                                      Less: allowance for loan losses                                                   6,200
                                                                                                                                       10,023                             6,200
                                                      Total investment securities
                                                      Net loans                                                                         6,200
                                                                                                                                      723,166                             6,200
                                                   Loans                                                                              733,189                           743,178
                                                   Loans held for sale                                                                    112                                 —
                                                      Less: allowance for loan losses                                                  10,023                            10,076
                                                   Other investments, held to maturity                                                 19,788                            24,742
                                                      Net loans
                                                   Accrued interest receivable                                                        723,166
                                                                                                                                        7,737                           733,102
                                                   Investment in other Farm Credit institutions                                        12,227                            12,288
                                                   Loans held for sale                                                                    112                                 —
                                                   Premises and equipment, net                                                          3,015                             3,148
                                                   Other investments, held to maturity                                                 19,788                            24,742
                                                   Other property owned                                                                   844                               828
                                                   Accrued interest receivable                                                          7,737                             7,781
                                                   Due from AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                                                    2,773                             7,074

                                                   Investment in other Farm Credit institutions                                        12,227                            12,288
                                                   Other assets                                                                         5,369                             6,406
                                                   Premises and equipment, net                                                          3,015                             3,148
                                                          Total assets
                                                   Other property owned                                                      $        785,550
                                                                                                                                          844                   $       805,541

                                                   Due from AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                                                    2,773                             7,074
                                                   Notes payable
                                                   Other assets to AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                                  $        652,868
                                                                                                                                        5,369                   $       678,235
                                                   Accrued interest payable                                                             1,740                             1,885
                                                          Total assets                                                       $        785,550                   $       805,541

                                                   Patronage refund payable                                                                95                             5,023
                                                   Other liabilities                                                                    8,948                             9,236
                                                   Notes payable to AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                                 $        652,868                   $       678,235
                                                          Total liabilities
                                                   Accrued interest payable                                                           663,651
                                                                                                                                        1,740                           694,379
                                                   Patronage refund payable
                                                   Commitments and contingencies                                                           95                             5,023
                                                   Other liabilities                                                                    8,948                             9,236
                                                   Members' Equity
                                                          Total liabilities
                                                   Protected borrower equity                                                          663,651
                                                                                                                                           50                           694,379
                                                   Capital stock and contingencies
                                                   Commitmentsand participation certificates                                            2,623                             2,645
                                                   Retained earnings
                                                   Members' Equity
                                                     Allocated                                                                         21,625                            21,739
                                                   Protected borrower equity                                                               50                                56
                                                     Unallocated                                                                       97,911                            87,041
                                                   Capital stock and participation certificates                                         2,623                             2,645
                                                   Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)                                         (310)                             (319)
                                                   Retained earnings
                                                     Allocated members' equity                                                        121,899
                                                                                                                                       21,625                           111,162
                                                          Total liabilities and members' equity                              $         97,911
                                                                                                                                      785,550                   $        87,041
                                                   Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)                                         (310)                             (319)
                                                          Total members' equity                                                       121,899                           111,162

                                                                            Consolidated Statements of Income
                                                          Total liabilities and members' equity                              $        785,550                   $       805,541


                                                                            Consolidated Statements of Incomethe six months
                                                                                           For the three months
                                                                                              ended June 30,
                                                                                                                 ended June 30,
                                                   (dollars in thousands)                                      2010                2009               2010           2009
                                                   Interest Income                                           For the three months                    For the six months
                                                   Investment securities                                   $    ended June 30,
                                                                                                                   84    $          —             $    ended June 30,
                                                                                                                                                         166    $          —
                                                   (dollars in thousands)
                                                   Loans                                                     2010
                                                                                                               10,287       2009
                                                                                                                               11,269               2010
                                                                                                                                                      20,554       2009
                                                   Other                                                            281                   355            569                    709
                                                   Interest Income
                                                           Total interest income
                                                   Investment securities                                   $     10,652
                                                                                                                     84      $         11,624
                                                                                                                                            —     $    21,289
                                                                                                                                                          166   $        23,684
                                                   Loans                                                         10,287                11,269          20,554            22,975
                                                   Interest Expense
                                                   Other                                                            281                   355             569               709
                                                   Notes payable to AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                      5,271                 5,973          10,559            12,601
                                                           Total interest income                                 10,652                11,624          21,289            23,684
                                                   Net interest income                                            5,381                 5,651          10,730            11,083
                                                   Provision for (reversal of allowance for) loan losses
                                                   Interest Expense                                                   —                   445               —             1,451
                                                   Notes payable to AgFirst Farm Credit Bank                      5,271                 5,973          10,559            12,601
                                                   Net interest income after provision for

     Consolidated                                   (reversal of allowance for) loan losses
                                                   Net interest income
                                                   Provision for (reversal of allowance for) loan losses
                                                   Noninterest Income

                                                   Loan fees
                                                   Net interest income after provision for                          573                   574           1,131              1,395
                                                   Fees for financially related services
                                                    (reversal of allowance for) loan losses                          14
                                                                                                                  5,381                    16
                                                                                                                                        5,206              56
                                                                                                                                                       10,730                 71
                                                   Equity in earnings of other Farm Credit institutions           1,769                 1,620           3,238              3,240
                                                   Noninterest Income
            of income (unaudited)                  Gains (losses) on other property owned, net
                                                   Loan fees
                                                   Gains (losses) from sale of rural home loans                      13                      —             39                  —
                                                   Fees for financially related services                             14                    16              56                 71
                                                   Insurance Fund refund                                               —                     —            788                  —
                                                   Equity in earnings of other Farm Credit institutions           1,769                 1,620           3,238              3,240
                                                   Other noninterest income                                          27                    31              68                 83
                                                   Gains (losses) on other property owned, net                       (1)                   (5)              —                  2
                                                           Total noninterest of rural
                                                   Gains (losses) from sale income home loans                        13
                                                                                                                  2,395                     —
                                                                                                                                        2,236              39
                                                                                                                                                        5,320                  —
                                                   Insurance Fund refund                                              —                     —             788                  —
                                                   Noninterest Expense
                                                   Other noninterest income                                          27                    31              68                 83
                                                   Salaries and employee benefits                                 1,896                 1,872           3,744              3,849
                                                   Occupancy and equipment
                                                           Total noninterest income                                 191
                                                                                                                  2,395                   197
                                                                                                                                        2,236             405
                                                                                                                                                        5,320                407
                                                   Insurance Fund premium                                              7                  322             160                626
                                                   Noninterest Expense
                                                   Other operating expenses                                         446                   504           1,025              1,082
                                                   Salaries and employee benefits                                 1,896                 1,872           3,744              3,849
                                                   Occupancy and equipment
                                                           Total noninterest expense                                191
                                                                                                                  2,540                   197
                                                                                                                                        2,895             405
                                                                                                                                                        5,334                407
                                                   Insurance Fund premium                                              7                  322             160                626
                                                   Income before income taxes
                                                   Other operating expenses                                       5,236
                                                                                                                    446                 4,547
                                                                                                                                          504          10,716
                                                                                                                                                        1,025              8,459
                                                   Provision (benefit) for income taxes                                —                     —              —                  —
                                                   Net income noninterest expense                          $      2,540
                                                                                                                  5,236      $          2,895
                                                                                                                                        4,547     $     5,334
                                                                                                                                                       10,716   $          5,964
                                                   Income before income taxes                                     5,236                 4,547          10,716              8,459
                                                   Provision (benefit) for income taxes                               —                     —               —                  —
The shareholders’ investment in the association is materially affected by the financial condition and results of operations of AgFirst Farm Credit
                                                   Net income                                $    5,236   $       4,547  $    10,716   $     8,459
Bank. Copies of AgFirst’s quarterly and annual financial reports to shareholders are available free of charge at, or by writing to
AgFirst Farm Credit Bank, Financial Reporting Department, P.O. Box 1499, Columbia, SC 29202-1499.

                                                                 Cape Fear Farm Credit         30
       Global Technology
       Down on the Farm
       Smart soil sampling can make a world of difference for any farm operation. That’s why
       FCI puts the latest technology to work for you. With our VRT (Variable Rate Technology) system, we use GPS
       to “map” your fields. We then test soil samples from various grid sectors and computer program the results
       – along with crop specific information – to generate an “Application Map.” This enables us to apply the precise
       amount of soil nutrients (lime or fertilizers) needed in each sector. And you reap the benefits of VRT soil
       treatment, which include:

       • Optimizes nutrient management for maximum field fertility • “Only-what-you-need” application cuts
       costs and is more environmentally friendly • Tailoring soil nutrients is ideal when alternating crops in
       different sectors • Provides valuable information for future crop planning

       For the high tech soil sampling that can deliver higher yields and lower costs down on
       your farm, contact FCI today.

                                                 2274 St. Pauls Hwy • Raeford • 910-875-4277 •

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           reading	this	ad	just	as	you	are	now.
                    Cape Fear Country is now offering advertising space within our publication.
Contact Skipper Jones, vP/Marketing Manager, for more information. 910.323.9188 •

                                              Cape Fear Country Summer 2010   31
                                                                                           PRSRT STd
       Cape Fear Farm Credit                                                              u.S. PoSTAge
       P.O. Box 2405
       Fayetteville, NC 28302
                                                                                           ColuMBiA SC
                                                                                           PeRMiT 1160

                           Johnson ProPerties
                           realtors & auctioneers, inc.
                           50 East DEpot strEEt • p. o. Box 310 • angiEr, north Carolina 27501

          We specialize in marketing all kinds of real estate, using both
              the conventional and auction methods of marketing.

       Broker/owner • James W. (Jim) Johnson iii, gri, Cai, aarE, CEs             NCAL #2522, 7340
919.639.2231 • 800.865.5896 • •      NCRBL #8835

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