Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs by yaofenji


									Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs
by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds

Size, capacity, problem solving, sorting, counting.

Planned Activities
      Collections of dinosaurs to sort- discuss colour, size, type. Look at
       similarities and differences
      Estimating - How many dinosaurs do think would fill the smallest
       bucket? / biggest bucket?
      Provide number cards with the dinosaurs and buckets so children can
       match the numeral to the number of dinosaurs in each bucket. Can
       they order them from which bucket holds the most to the least?

Key Vocabulary
Big, small, bigger, smaller, too big, too small, more, fewer, counting sets,
numbers and numerals, full, empty, half-full, half empty.

Key questions
      Can we fit all the dinosaurs in the blue bucket?
      Which bucket holds the most dinosaurs?
      How many dinosaurs do you think would fill the biggest bucket?
      Which is the biggest / smallest dinosaur?

Play Activities
      Set up dinosaur small world play in the digging area outside with, for
       example, rocks, pebbles, branches and various size buckets.
      Set up washing the dinosaurs inside or outdoors.
      Provide different size buckets or other containers and spades / trowels
       or spoons with loose materials, for example, sand, gravel, compost.
      Lost property role play area.

Other books on filling/ emptying theme
Mr. Archimedes Bath by Pamela Allan, Who Sank the Boat by Pamela Allan

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