; Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley - Grammy Award Winning Artist
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Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley - Grammy Award Winning Artist

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									                   Lady Antebellum
                                   ’s Charles Kelle
                    Grammy Award                    y-
                                     Winning Artist

April 2010 · XCVII · Issue 4
             & Fraternity publication
Cross AlphaCrescent
a Lambda Chi


                                                            BROTHERLY LOVE AT WABASH
                                                            The Alpha-Kappa brothers stand apart because they live the
                                                            Ritual and are respectful, academically serious, and give back to
 9   Chapter News
                                                            society. This may be one reason so many of the brothers pursue
     Chapter news, alumni news,                             higher education and the medical profession...to make society
     and report of death                                    better and raise chapter standards to a higher level.
                                                            By Jon Williamson
20   History
     Touching all the bases

     True Brother
                                                            10-TIME GRAND HIGH ALPA WINNER
     Butler AD exemplifies Service
                                                            With more than 100 undergraduate brothers, the Gamma-Xi
     & Stewardship
                                                            chapter at Kansas State prides itself on campus involvement,
     Fraternity News                                        academics, community service, and being known as gentlemen.
                                                            The other secret to the chapter’s successes has been the good
     2009-2010 conclave recap
                                                            leadership, holding brothers accountable, and living the Ritual.
                                                            By Jon Williamson

                                                            GRAMMING-WINNING ARTIST
                                                            Georgia alumni brother Charles Kelley is a lead member of the
                                                            country music group Lady Antebellum. Since forming in 2006,
                                                            the Grammy-winning band has won top awards from the
                                                            Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.
                                                            By Tad Lichtenauer

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50-Years of Great Memories
Chartered in 1916, the Alpha-Zeta chapter at Colgate University added
nearly 1,000 brothers with very diverse backgrounds.               By Jon Williamson (Maryland)
Warren Cole, the founder of Lambda Chi          Alpha-Zetan                                         Hitting Its Stride
Alpha, identified Colgate University as         In reviewing the earliest chapter                   In the late 1940s, pledge classes numbering
“a fertile field for fraternity expansion”.     newsletters — the Alpha Zetan — the                 20 or more were typical with one year
The school, as a result of a rapid growth       reader is struck by the diverse nature of           reaching 32. The chapter began to dominate
in their student population, was also           the chapter. The chapter is composed of             in intramural competition, winning
in favor of fraternity expansion.               outstanding scholars, brothers involved             individual as well as overall competitions.
                                                in the arts, and numerous athletes.
Dr. Elmer B. Bryan, the college president,                                                          It was not unusual for the chapter to have
and James Colgate, college benefactor,          The first issue of the Alpha Zetan was              multiple captains of teams; one year there
wanted the expansion so that more students      published on December 17, 1929. Included            were five. Robert Hyatt (1950) was the High
could enjoy the benefits of fraternity life.    in the six page letter, five lettermen are          Alpha in 1949. “The timing of your call this
Beginning in October of 1916, three             identified and the five Gregg brothers are          morning is ironic. My wife and I were just
seniors, John W. Lewis (Phi Beta Kappa          commended for each having been elected              looking at a picture of the two of us sitting
and first chapter High Alpha), Hayden J.        to membership in Phi Beta Kappa.                    in the Colgate Lambda Chi house the first
Price (editor-in-chief of Salmagundi, the                                                           time she visited. Women were not allowed
Colgate yearbook) and John R. Riley (varsity    On the cover of the Alpha Zetan dated               upstairs and it was a nice place to live. The
debater) began to select the most prominent     February 1935 is a picture of the co-captains       chapter had an active alumni base with
men (two were members of Phi Beta Kappa)        of football, Clary Anderson and Jack Fritts.        which we maintained regular contact. We
of the non-fraternity men on the campus.        Thirty-seven brothers are identified as             held brothers accountable for their conduct.
                                                members of varsity teams, with Richard              I remember that John Charles was our chef
By December 16, 1916, the group                 McKee as the captain of the fencing team. In        and we had over 60 brothers in the chapter.
numbered 13 and was installed as our            addition, Lambda Chi won its first all-sports       I worked in the kitchen in order to earn my
Alpha-Zeta Zeta. There is a traditional         intramural trophy; the Louis Gerber Trophy.         board. Ken McClinchie was our adviser.”
belief regarding Colgate: “The number
13 is considered to be lucky to Colgate.        With the beginning of World War I came              I wondered about the number of athletes in
It is said that Colgate was founded by          the first of the chapter bothers, John              the chapter. “Many of us were on a varsity
13 men with $13 and 17 prayers.”                Oscar Johnson, to be killed in action. The          team. I played baseball and was on the team
                                                chapter would also lose brothers in World           with Steve Kuczek. The summer before
And so it began. The honor of being             War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam.                I graduated I played with the Allentown
Alpha Zeta No. 1 was given to Dr. John                                                              Redbirds, which was a St. Louis Cardinals
F. Vichert, faculty adviser and dean of         Terry Pietsch (1965) served in Vietnam.             farm team. It was a great experience.”
the Colgate Theological Seminary.               “I was a captain in the United States Air
                                                              Force and flew KC135s. A              Tradition was also noted within the
                                                               number of brothers served            chapter in the 1960s; two in particular.
                                                               in Vietnam. I enjoyed a very         Eight foot long pledge paddles that were
                                                               positive experience as an            highly decorated began to appear, and the
                                                               undergraduate in Lambda              Lambda Chis had a special presence at
                                                               Chi. It was a wonderful house        football games; it was a portable cannon
                                                               to live in, with no negatives.”      that would be fired whenever the Raiders
                                                                                                    of Colgate scored. The handling of the
                                                               Although competitive                 cannon was well organized, with tasks
                                                               with the other six or seven          broken up between actives and pledges.
                                                               fraternities on the campus
                                                               during the 1920s, 1930s              Unfortunately, this once thriving chapter
                                                               and 1940s, it was not until          ended in 1968 when it chose to disaffiliate
                                                               after World War II that              from Lambda Chi Alpha, leaving
                                                               the chapter hit its stride.          behind 50 years of great memories.

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Brotherly Love of Wabash
Alpha-Kappa brothers stand apart because they live the Ritual and are respectful,
academically serious, and give back to society.                    By Jon Williamson (Maryland)

The barbarians are coming. The barbarians are coming! That is something I           more about life than just
never thought I would have the chance to say. The story of Wabash College           what was in the
began for me when I met Mark Rutherford ’82, an attorney with a firm in             textbooks. At that time I
Indianapolis, and he gave me a copy of his book, Yours in ZAX, A History            never dreamed that I
of Alpha-Kappa Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. It is superbly written, complete           would become a
with a detailed history and many pictures dating from the earliest                  member of the Wabash
formations of ‘barbarians’ or ‘barbs’ who were non-fraternity men.                  College Board of
Rutherford gives credit to Clyde H. Chase ’13, (who became a physician in           Trustees and be able to
Detroit, Michigan and served on the Board of Trustees at Wabash College             give back to this great
from 1942 to 1948) for planting the seed that would develop into our                school. I was a part of
Lambda Chi chapter. Chase became the first president of the 24 barbarians           the chapter during some
who formally organized as the Barbarian Association in the spring of 1912.          turbulent times on
“The cost to join was ten cents.” This organization reached a membership            many college campuses
of 80 in 1913.                                                                      and our chapter here had its share of
                                                                                    challenges. It was during the Vietnam War. I remember during my time as
Rutherford notes, “Although formed as a group open to all non-fraternity            High Alpha that the chapter hit a low point and somehow the word made
men, the Barbarian Association became a selective group. Desirable                  it to George Spasyk (executive vice president emeritus; then executive
individuals were ’rushed.’ A selective group within the Barb Association,           director) that the situation was at a critical stage. Within 72 hours George
called the Viking Club, developed in the spring of 1915. The Vikings had            had put a team on the campus to conduct a membership review. Fourteen
an initiation ceremony and each member had a Viking name.” In 1916 this             men out of 30-something came out of the review as the nucleus of the
organization, with 60 members, applied for membership in, and was                   chapter, and we began again. The fourteen were concerned about the
accepted into, the National Federation of Commons Clubs (N.F.C.C.).                 upcoming recruitment of new men as part of the Honors weekend. We
Rutherford states, “The ‘purposes’ of the N.F.C.C. were democracy (defined          decided to travel to the Butler University campus and asked one of the
as being open to all non-fraternity men of good moral standing), service            sororities if they would be willing to assist us that weekend during
and brotherhood.” The group later became dissatisfied with their                    recruitment. Fortunately, 20 decided to join us and we received
association with the N.F.C.C. and by 1918 had petitioned to become a                commitments from some top men, thanks in no small measure to their
chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, which took place on May 20, 1918, with                 presence. From that point on the chapter was off and running.”
the installation handled by Grand High Alpha Warren A. Cole.
                                                                                    After a tour of the campus, visiting the ‘Senior Bench’ and the war
When I undertake to write an article on the history of one of our chapters,         memorial, Joe Emmick, Dean of Advancement, took me to the archives at
I begin by researching on the Internet, learning about some of our chapter          Wabash and introduced me to the archivist, Beth Swift. I can’t begin to
alumni. I then call several of the brothers and rekindle memories of the            express my gratitude to Beth for sharing the Lambda Chi historical
chapter ‘back in the day.’ In the fall of 2009 I had participated in a              memorabilia and history, which has been lovingly preserved over the years.
Conclave on the campus and was impressed by its beauty, the care and                I could have spent days in the archives looking at letters, chapter
respect given it by students, and the overall high quality of undergraduates.       newsletters, newspaper clippings, and pictures. I am always looking for
For this article I decided that a visit would be best since Crawfordsville,         previously unknown facts as I write these articles, and thanks to Beth I
Indiana, is only an hour away. Ted Grossnickle ’73 (Past Grand High                 found several. The motto, ‘Wabash Always Fights’ was coined by
Alpha 2002–2006) arranged the campus meetings for me and gave me a                  newspaper columnist Ed Zeigner ’10 (identified in Mark Rutherford’s
tour of the campus. He told me of his own personal Lambda Chi history.              book). Rome ‘Ike’ Williams ’06, a member of the original Little Giant
“My brother Alan ’69 graduated from Parsons and was a Lambda Chi                    Football team of 1904, referenced the phrase in 1919 at an alumni
there. I stayed in the Lambda Chi house here at Wabash beginning with               association meeting. Beth showed me an article celebrating Wabash College
the Honors-Scholars weekend and knew that it was also the fraternity for            as the National Intercollegiate Basketball Champions in 1922, and six of
me. Interestingly, his son Alan ’93 became a Lambda Chi at Indiana                  the 12 members of that team, Clyde Grater ’23 (captain), Alonzo
University and my son Doug ’98 became a Lambda Chi here at Wabash. I                Goldsberry ‘24, Herbert Crane ‘24, Carl Nurnberger ’23, Paul Schanlaub
have wonderful memories of my years here at Wabash. I learned so much               ’22 and Lee Norman ‘Pete’ Thorn ‘24, were Lambda Chis. As I studied the

                                       www.crossandcrescent.com                 4          Cross & Crescent    April 2010

                                                                                   sold the house and land to the college, which was a good decision. That
                                                                                   meant that we were homeless for one year with brothers scattered
                                                                                   throughout the city and campus while the College renovated the house. It
                                                                                   was great to move back in for my junior year. I was ritualist during this time
                                                                                   and without a house we held it in Kingery Hall.” Joe had similar memories.
                                                                                   “We always felt we lived in a home. The members were very diverse and we
                                                                                   were — and continue to be — very proud of that diversity. Back then only
                                                                                   a few brothers played on varsity teams. We were very active in theatre and
                                                                                   radio, the newspaper and the yearbook.” All three brothers agreed that the
                                                                                   Associate Member program was a good thing and having no hazing set
                                                                                   them apart on the campus. Each reflected on the close ties that Lambda
                                                                                   Chi has always enjoyed with the faculty at Wabash. In particular was
                                                                                   Professor Emeritus of Classics John Fischer, who left indelible footprints at
                                                                                   both the College and at Lambda Chi. “He wanted everyone to try all
                                                                                   different types of foods, and I especially remember him explaining how to
alumni files I identified well over 50 brothers who have become professors         properly eat artichokes, and then he brought the word ‘feckless’ into
at colleges and universities, over 20 at Wabash. In addition, over 50 of our       everyone’s vocabulary. He is a wonderful man and a great brother.”
brothers have become medical doctors.
                                                                                   I finished up the day with lunch at the chapter house. It is a beautiful
Perhaps the most amazing find was Frank Moody Mills, class of 1846. Yes,           structure, built prior to the Civil War and is a registered national landmark.
that isn’t a typo! Frank was born in 1831 and died in 1929. He lived a very        It is well kept and that day it was inspected by a university official who
full life. He entered Wabash College when he was 13 but did not graduate           praised the brothers for their efforts. I sat with the president of the chapter,
as a member of the class of 1846. Afterward he became a publisher heading          Sam Starbuck, and listened to Bill, Greg, Ted, and several undergraduates
up Mills & Company, was the state binder (printing), owned the Des                 tell war stories and laugh at the tales that each shared. It was a perfect
Moines Register from 1866 to 1892, as well as the Sioux Falls Traction Co.         picture of brotherhood. “This is what our chapter is all about, brothers
in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which made trolley cars. He returned to              enjoying each other’s conversation,” said Sam. “Presently, we are over
Wabash in 1928 to be graduated from the school and was initiated at that           capacity with 63 men living in the house, but we wouldn’t want it any
time at the age of 97. Yes, he is our oldest initiate. Initiated with Frank        other way. We have been in the top three in scholarship for each of the past
Mills was Charles Norris Williams of the class of 1876. At that time he was        10 years. We won intramurals in ’05–’06 and currently we are leading again
serving (1925-1939) on the Board of Trustees of Wabash, was a former               with four individual sports victories, including football. All of the brothers
president of the National Association of Wabash Men, and he was                    participate in an outside activity, with many of us on varsity teams and four
chairman of the board of Farmers Trust Company of Indianapolis. He                 of the brothers serving as captains. In addition, the president and treasurer
made a major gift of $100,000 to Wabash College.                                   of the IFC are both Lambda Chis. We continue the tradition of having a
                                                                                   faculty dinner each semester, and we participate in many philanthropic
After the archives I visited with Dr. William ‘Bill’ Cook ’66, Professor of        events.” I asked several of them what made Lambda Chi Alpha special on
Religion, J. Gregory ‘Greg’ Redding ’88, Associate Professor Modern                the campus, and they quickly responded, “Our principles. We live our
Languages and Literature and current chapter High Pi, and Joe Emmick               Ritual and we have at least 21 brothers participating in it. And we have no
’92 joined us. Bill had very fond memories of his time at Lambda Chi. “I           hazing, which definitely sets us apart here
joined in 1962 during which time the back portion of the house was built           at Wabash.”
and the pledges had the opportunity to finish the build-out. I lived in the
house for all four years and the one thing that always brings a smile to my        As the day came to a close, I reflected back
face is that we had 62 brothers living in the house and only one telephone.        on some of Ted’s comments. “The
These were the days before everyone had a cell phone. I was the scholarship        Gentlemen’s Rule is the only rule at
chairman and it was my responsibility to enforce the study rules, which also       Wabash, and it states, ‘The student is
applied to the seniors. We always had excellent scholarship because it was         expected to conduct himself at all times,
honored.” I especially enjoyed Bill’s remembering the tone that was set for        both on and off the campus, as a
the pledges back in the day. “I will always remember the pledge trainer            gentleman and a responsible citizen.’” As
greeting the new pledges with words to the effect of, ‘Gentlemen, we are           an outsider, I could buy into that being the
impressed that you were athletes in high school, that you had good grades          norm at this college. The men go against
in high school and that some of you were valedictorians in high school, and        the stereotype of the typical male college
that you were this and that in high school. Gentlemen, we are no longer            student; they are respectful, academically
impressed. We don’t know if you’ll make it through your freshman year.’            serious, and they give back to society. I
That set the tone of the rigors at Wabash that awaited them.” Greg                 believe that is one reason so many of our brothers go into higher education
remembers one particular major change. “In 1984 the home association               and the medical profession…to make society better, and to take it to a
                                                                                   higher level. “Wabash Always Fights!”

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10-Time Grand High Alpha Winner
With more than 100 undergraduate brothers, the Gamma-Xi chapter at Kansas State
prides itself on campus involvement, academics, community service, and being known
as gentlemen.                                                    By Jon Williamson (Maryland)

Sometimes it is challenging to describe          their petition, you will find that all seniors       lean times came first....
success, especially in the subjective world of   had served in World War I. The members
fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha’s Grand High        were active in outside activities, including         Closing and Resurgence
Alpha Award is probably the best indicator as    varsity football and basketball, ROTC, and           Through the 1920s the chapter had numerous
it is given to those chapters who “have          professional organizations. The requirement          varsity men and was very competitive in
maintained superior operations and fraternal     for membership stated, “The first requisite for      intramurals, winning the championship in
spirit for a minimum of three consecutive        membership is to be a gentleman. Intelligent,        1929. In May 1930 the chapter won the first
years (and) are recognized for sustained         wide-awake men are sought who are willing            inter-fraternity sing on the campus. By 1934
excellence. A chapter may receive this award     to work for true brotherhood.”                       membership had been significantly reduced,
only once every third year.”                                                                          and the house in which they were living had
                                                 The honor of being Gamma-Xi No. 1 went to            been returned to the mortgage holder.
Beginning with their first Grand High Alpha      John W. Ballard who majored in civil                 Prominent undergraduates in those years were
Award in 1978, the brothers at Kansas State      engineering, was on the varsity football and         Joe Creed, captain of the swimming team,
University are Lambda Chi Alpha’s most           wrestling teams, and was also a member of the        Clement Richardson, captain of the basketball
honored chapter, having received this award      Hamilton Literary Society and the American           team, and Leonce Picot, who would become a
10 times.                                        Society of Civil Engineers.                          veterinarian and for whom a Kansas State
                                                                                                      University scholarship would be named.
Early Beginnings                                 Eleven of the alumni of the Elkhart Club
The Elkhart Club was formed in 1915. It was      returned to be initiated, including Harry Van        By 1937 the depression had taken its toll
similar to other clubs on the campus with a      Tuyl who fought in World Wars I and II and           financially and the chapter was closed.
means to having good food and comfortable        retired as a colonel, and Harold Tarpley who
living conditions while in school.               became a professor at Penn State University.         After World War II, two Lambda Chis,
                                                 Dr. G.S. Cook was a physics professor at the         Desmond Watt (University of Alberta and a
When the members returned to campus in           time and he stated, “The impetus which               college professor) and John Haney
1922, they realized that in order to grow and    becoming a national would give the club              (Hampton-Sydney) transferred to Kansas
prosper they needed to identify with a strong    would, no doubt, make it one of the leading          State University and began working with the
national fraternity. Lambda Chi Alpha was        fraternities and a chapter of which we would         Kansas City Alumni Association members to
unanimously chosen by the members.               be proud.”                                           restore the chapter. On April 5, 1948, the
Looking at the 26-man roster at the time of      Dr. Cook’s vision was right on target, but the       chapter was installed, and Walter McKee (a

                                    www.crossandcrescent.com            6          Cross & Crescent   April 2010

                                                                                                       trainer when Fred Suggs (1970) was the High
                                                                                                       Alpha. The chapter has always looked for very
                                                                                                       high quality men with good grades. I always
                                                                                                       wanted to continue my involvement with
                                                                                                       Lambda Chi after I graduated and I found a
                                                                                                       natural fit with the housing corporation. They
                                                                                                       have always been very special people. Our
                                                                                                       corporation members are totally dedicated
                                                                                                       and it takes that dedication to handle two
                                                                                                       properties. Maintenance is a constant

                                                                                                       I remarked that I was amazed at the way the
                                                                                                       alumni stay in touch with the chapter. “The
                                                                                                       total undergraduate experience/brotherhood
                                                                                                       is what brings these men back. They are
                                                                                                       fulfilling their oaths and obligations. And it is
                                                                                                       always fun to go back and see the
                                                                                                       undergraduates and other alums. Initiation
recipient of Lambda Chi Alpha’s Order of            who would later become Miss America. John          remains the single greatest memory. The No.
Merit) was named the chapter president.             Ballard, the No. 1 on the chapter rolls, was       1 priority is the undergraduate chapter, and
                                                    the best man at my wedding.”                       our goal is to keep it there for a long, long
On March 27, 1949, Richard Weidenbach                                                                  time. It is a wonderful experience and it is not
(1952) was initiated into the Fraternity, and       Alumni and Accountability                          an accident that we are a good chapter; it is
his father, Glen O. Weidenbach, was present.        Two brothers have been part of the team of         filled with good guys who have super values.”
It was a special moment since his dad had           alumni who have shepherded the chapter for
been a charter member of the chapter, later         many, many years. Dr. Sam Odle was                 Former Grand High Alpha
serving as ritualist, and the Lambda Chi            initiated as one of the charter members at the     Fred W. Suggs Jr. served on the Grand High
badge pinned on his son had been given to his       University of Alabama at Birmingham. “I            Zeta from 1986 to 1998, the last four years as
mother in a pinning ceremony 21 years to the        chose UAB because they have an outstanding         the Grand High Alpha. “I grew up in
day earlier.                                        optometry school. After graduation I moved         Montgomery, Alabama, and I admired several
                                                    back to Manhattan to establish my practice.        young men a few years older than me. They
Richard fondly remembers those early days           One day a brother came in for an eye exam          went to Auburn and joined Lambda Chi
after World War II: “During my                      and during the course of our conversation          Alpha. When I went to Kansas State and went
undergraduate days the brothers used to visit       said the chapter was looking for a High Pi.        through rush, I made sure that Lambda Chi
my grandparents’ ranch for social events. I         That was in 1984, and I have been in that
began the chariot relay race at Kansas State        position ever since. I have used my past
and I remember the president of the                 experiences in trying to guide them in making
university attended the first one in the old        good decisions and looking after one another.
stadium with piped in music, and many               The secret to the chapter’s successes has been
prizes. I have so many wonderful memories           the good leadership within the chapter. All
serving the chapter as ritualist and secretary      the officers make sure the house runs
and editing the chapter newsletter. I had met       smoothly and they hold members
several traveling secretaries and it became         accountable. The brothers take the reins and
something I was interested in doing. I              maintain high standards and police
graduated in January 1952 and moved to              themselves. Since the officers lead at such a
Indianapolis and spent two years in that job.       high level, the freshmen and sophomores
It was a great experience. I didn’t have a car so   follow and learn, passing it down from class
I traveled to chapters by bus, train, and plane.    to class. The Lambda Chi housing board has
One of my many favorite memories as a               been very helpful throughout all of these
traveling secretary was being in charge of          years.”
registration for the 23rd General Assembly at
the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and            Gene Laughrey was elected to the Housing
dancing with the International Crescent Girl,       Corporation in 1969. “I served as the pledge

                                     www.crossandcrescent.com            7         Cross & Crescent   April 2010

was at the top of my bid selection list. I        that capacity 56 years later. “I remember           Delta. Our main way of identifying potential
thoroughly enjoyed my first year, especially      clearly that sunny afternoon in 1948, when          members is through current brothers, parents,
with a large pledge class. I have many, many      we were initiated at the Methodist Church. It       sororities, and legacies. We meet with their
good memories of my time in the chapter,          was a splendid and mighty fine day. We had          parents, meet with freshmen at recruitment
serving as an officer, and working on the         no house and our weekly chapter meetings            events at campus and send them bid packets,
chapter’s largest philanthropy. It was the        were held in Kedzie Hall. Back then we had          which show them everything we have
chariot race that was held in the spring in the   picnics for our rush parties. I remember that       accomplished as a chapter. In the packets are
stadium. It brought credit to the chapter and     some of our braver or more adventuresome            letters from mothers whose sons have joined
it was highly anticipated on the campus.”         members and pledges would get carried away          the chapter. We use team events such as
                                                  when we had picnics at the Sunset Zoo and           dodgeball to allow them to make a
Why do brothers continue to serve after           would jump the fence and try to ride the            connection with a brother. The chapter targets
graduation? “After graduating in 1970, I          buffaloes. We were new, but we had spirit. I’m      between 23 and 28 men each year.”
joined the Army for two years and afterward I     still excited to be going to the annual pig
attended law school at the University of          roast, which is the big event for the alums. We     I’m always interested in a current picture of
Alabama. By 1975, I realized that I missed the    get together and exchange wild stories and          the chapter. “We have 108 brothers with 65
brotherhood but there weren’t opportunities       visit with our brothers.”                           residing in the house. Every brother is
to serve a specific chapter where I lived in                                                          involved in at least one outside activity and
South Carolina at that time so I began to seek    Current Chapter Activities                          many are members of honorary organizations.
membership on the national board. Serving         “One of the first things you learn when you         Five of the 62 senators are Lambda Chis, and
on the Grand High Zeta was a great honor          join Lambda Chi Alpha at Kansas State is that       the IFC Risk Manager is a brother. The
and I always looked forward to being with the     the older brothers stress the importance of         chapter GPA for the fall of 2009 is 3.09. Our
undergraduates during Leadership Seminars         being part of a Grand High Alpha Award              largest philanthropy is our Watermelon Bust,
and General Assemblies. I am proud of all the     winning chapter. We have great alumni who           which is in its 54th consecutive year. All
Kansas State chapter continues to accomplish.     push us in each category and they are equally       monies collected are donated to the Flint
I believe their foundation for success is that    concerned that we continue to do a great job.”      Hills Bread Basket, a community food bank.
they continue to be dedicated to the ideals of                                                        We pride ourselves on being gentlemen on
the Fraternity and our Ritual. I was very         These are the comments of the current High          the campus. When a woman walks into the
fortunate to be in the chapter when the           Alpha Andrew Huschka, who has the                   chapter house, every man stands up, and we
chapter’s four Order of Merit recipients were     responsibility of leading the chapter.              open doors for women. We have a number of
present: Albert Ames, Ralph Lashbrook,                                                                traditions. Paddles are a special work of art;
Walter McKee and Marvin Lundquist                 “We are totally dedicated to values-based           painted, designed, and decorated. There is a
(1950). Our housemother, Mom Estes, who           recruitment with the High Delta being our           competition for the best paddle before big
was friendly and helpful to all of the men, was   most important position. We recruit leaders         brothers and little brothers exchange them.
also a strong positive influence.”                out of high school, with the first day we can       The chapter sings songs (two or three) every
                                                  sign them to a bid being April 24. The High         Monday and Wednesday night at dinner.
Marvin Lundquist was first elected to Lambda      Delta has an assistant - usually a freshman         Associate members give a ‘Delta Pi’ to an
Chi’s housing board in 1954 and still serves in   who many times becomes the next High                upperclassman who influenced him the most,
                                                                                                      and an upperclassman gives a ZAX to a
                                                                                                      younger brother to carry on the tradition.
                                                                                                      When men join our chapter it doesn’t take
                                                                                                      long for them to realize what a great chapter
                                                                                                      we are.”

                                                                                                      When interviewing Andrew, he told me his
                                                                                                      family’s personal Lambda Chi Alpha history.
                                                                                                      Andrew’s father was a member of another
                                                                                                      fraternity at Kansas State. Somehow, when
                                                                                                      Andrew’s oldest brother attended Kansas State
                                                                                                      he was overlooked and was not extended a bid
                                                                                                      by the other fraternity. He became the first of
                                                                                                      the five Huschka brothers to become a
                                                                                                      Lambda Chi. Each has served as High Delta,
                                                                                                      and the youngest brother currently occupies
                                                                                                      that office. Two have served as High Alpha.
                                                                                                      Great tradition!

                                     www.crossandcrescent.com            8         Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                       CHAPTER NEWS

Chapter News
Chapter news, alumni news, and reports of death
Angelo State (Beta-Alpha)                                                    Baldwin-Wallace (Kappa-Phi Colony)
   In February 4,                                                               The General Fraternity is pleased to announce the expansion
   2010, chapter                                                                effort to re-open Kappa-Phi Zeta at Baldwin-Wallace College.
   brothers joined                                                              Brothers John Cain and Matthew Schultz from the General
   with the Zeta                                                                Fraternity staff were joined by Master Steward Cody Siewert for
   Kappa chapter of                                                             the formal announcement to the Greek community on campus,
   Sigma Kappa for                                                              followed by meetings with college staff, local alumni, and
   an Ice Cream                                                                 undergraduates. The full expansion effort will be launched
   Social with the                                                              during the fall 2010 semester when the first group of new
   residents of                                                                 associate members will begin leading the colony forward. Any
   Legend Oaks                                                                  alumni brothers in the Northeast Ohio region who are interested
   Retirement                                                                   in helping with the expansion may contact Associate Director of
   Home.                                                                        Chapter Services John Cain at jcain@lambdachi.org.

Akron (Gamma-Alpha)                                                          Ball State (Iota-Alpha Colony)
   At the Greek Leadership Awards, the chapter received top                     William Carter (1954) died January 4, 2010.
   fraternity honors in both Membership Development, Risk
   Management, and Overall Interfraternity Sportsmanship.                    Boston (Alpha)
   Additionally the chapter was recognized as one of the top three              The chapter recruited 12 new associate members, more new
   fraternities in Overall Chapter Excellence.                                  members than any other fraternity on campus, and the chapter’s
                                                                                biggest class in more than 10 years.
   Gary Horning (1983), vice president - sales & marketing at
   Polymer Valley Chemicals, Inc., has closed 2009 as chair of the
   Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society. His theme for           Central Florida (Beta-Eta)
   the year was “Reflections, Challenges & Expectations.” During                Daniel Seeff lost a close race for SGA president, receiving 48
   2009, the Rubber Division celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is            percent of the vote. Chapter brothers worked very hard on the
   the largest technical organization in the tire and rubber industry           Seeff campaign, generating some significant brotherhood and
   with more than 2,500 members within the United States and                    bonding.
   abroad. Division headquarters is located on the campus of the
   University of Akron.                                                      Central Florida Area Alumni Association
                                                                                Twelve alumni
   Ron Sykes (1955) died November 26, 2009. He was a regular                    brothers attended
   supporter of the renovation efforts for the active chapter house.            the Disney Institute
                                                                                networking event,
Arkansas (Gamma-Chi)                                                            followed by an
   Dale Hart (1947) died Oct. 27, 2003.                                         abbreviated version
                                                                                of their “Leadership
Alberta (Epsilon-Rho)                                                           program. Afterward,
   The chapter has three brothers on IFC: vice president - internal,            they took a
   vice president - recruitment, and chapter representative. The                behind-the-scenes
   chapter held two philanthropy events; a blood drive on February              tour of Epcot and
   27, 2010, during which 26 people volunteered to donate blood to              the Magic Kingdom.
   Canadian Blood Services, and the March 27, 2010, Spring Food
   Drive for the Edmonton Food Bank.

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                                                                 CHAPTER NEWS

Central Michigan (Lambda-Omega)                                             Sigma Alpha in which all students in attendance wore
  On March 20,                                                              outfits that were purchased for no more than $5.
  2010, chapter
  brothers teamed                                                           The chapter added one new associate, Phillip Hale, from
  with the sisters of                                                       Plano, Texas.
  Sigma Sigma
  Sigma sorority to                                                       Colorado (Gamma-Mu)
  host an Ice Skating                                                       For the past 14 years Jim Schafer has been the assistant to the
  Philanthropy event                                                        president of the Denver Broncos Football Club. He travels with
  to help raise                                                             the team to all the away games and has attended the past 13
  $3,500 for                                                                Super Bowls.
  Children’s Play
                                                                            Ken Nepove (1970) is retired and living in La Quinta,
  Therapy.                                                                  California. He is active with the Colorado University alumni and
                                                                            helping with football recruitment in Southern California.
Clemson (Delta-Omicron)
  The chapter held “Greek Bowl,” where chapter brothers coach
  each sorority on campus in a weekend flag football tournament.
                                                                          Culver-Stockton (Kappa-Mu)
                                                                            Chapter brothers
  During this competition the sororities are encouraged to collect
                                                                            participated in “Sister
  canned food or money for the North American Food Drive. This
                                                                            Sing-off,” which raises
  year the chapter facilitated the collection of 4,000 cans and
                                                                            awareness for breast
                                                                            cancer and serves as a
                                                                            celebration for
  The chapter now totals 67 brothers with many older brothers
                                                                            survivors. This is the
  staying involved and raising the retention rate.
                                                                            second consecutive
  The chapter adopted a resolution that each brother complete five
                                                                            year that our brothers
  hours of community service per semester.
                                                                            have helped with this
  The chapter is participating in the Adopt-a-Highway program.
                                                                            The chapter is partnering with the local elementary school to
  On April 10, 2010, Grant Carlton (2008) will begin a cross
                                                                            offer services to students, particularly tutoring in math, and
  country bicycle trip from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to San
                                                                            methods for reducing bullying.
  Francisco, to raise money for a charity, “Homes for Our Troops,”
  which builds homes for injured veterans at no cost to the them.
                                                                            Mark A. Hamilton (1984) is the national sales manager for
                                                                            Great Western LLC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and
Coe (Zeta-Alpha)                                                            processors of high quality popcorn, concession supplies, and
  This past month Zeta-Alpha chapter has been busy with                     cleaning supplies to the theater industry. He has been with Great
  several different events.                                                 Western Products for 15 years, living in Huntsville, Alabama,
                                                                            and working
  On February 26, 2010, the chapter hosted a pie-baking                     out of
  event with Tri Delta sorority. Proceeds go to St. Jude
                                                                            Alabama. He
  Children’s Hospital.                                                      currently
                                                                            oversees all
  he chapter hosted                                                         distributor and
  a Founders Day                                                            movie theater
  dinner on March                                                           sales for the
  2, 2010.                                                                  company.

  The chapter held a
  $5 dollar prom
  event with the
  sisters of Alpha

                                www.crossandcrescent.com             10       Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                 CHAPTER NEWS

Denison (Gamma-Iota)                                                    Eastern Kentucky (Phi-Beta)
   The chapter held an Initiation Ritual on March 26, 2010.                The chapter won two awards during Greek Week. On February
                                                                           28, 2010, for the second year in a row, Alumni Adviser Scott
   Chapter brothers will                                                   Jackson was awarded the Eastern Kentucky University Best
   particiapte in Relay                                                    Alumnus Award. The chapter also received the Best Educational
   for Life in early April                                                 Program Award for its annual Drunken Driving Awareness
   2010.                                                                   Week, which included a “change war,” conducted an educational
                                                                           series on Drunken Driving Awareness, and a car smash. All
   Chapter brothers held                                                   proceeds were donated to Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving
   a serenade at Kappa                                                     (MADD).
   Alpha Theta sorority
   for brother Brian

Denver (Alpha-Pi)
   Jonathan Meyer launched a new website called cravingsearch.com
   catering to all foodies and allowing them to search for specific
   menu items, happy hours, late night cravings, and much more.

   Denver District Chief Judge Larry Naves (1968) is leaving the
   bench to work as a private arbiter. He begins working for the
   Judicial Arbiter Group in April. Naves was appointed to the bench
   in January 1987 by former Gov. Dick Lamm.

Drexel (Epsilon-Kappa Colony)
   Since recolonizing, the chapter held its second Associate
                                                                        Eureka (Theta-Chi)
   Member Ceremony on March 7, 2010, and adding three                      The chapter held an Initiation Ritual for six new brothers.
   associate members.                                                      Michael Reagan accepted an invitation to become an honorary
   Richard G. Jamison (1953) died February 23, 2010. He
   joined Vick Chemical Division of Richardson-Merrell as a
                                                                        Evansville (Iota-Mu)
   co-op student from Drexel University. After graduation he               Paul Estridge Jr. (1980), President and Chief Servant of The
   became assistant employment manager, eventually rising to               Estridge Companies, writes about his father’s influence on his
   the position of personnel supervisor of the plant and then              career in the March 7, 2010, edition of The Indianapolis Star. He
   personnel director of the National Drug Division. He went               was profiled in the May 2009 issue of the Cross & Crescent 
   on to become director of compensation and benefits for
   General Mills in Minnesota and then worked from 1974                    Ferris State (Iota-Psi)
   until his retirement in 1990 for Rockwell International as              Ten percent of the active chapter achieved Dean’s Lists honors.
   director of compensation.                                               An additional 35 percent of the chapter was above a 3.0 GPA.
                                                                           Justin Price finished 4th overall in track during the Great Lakes
                                                                           Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Championships.
East Tennessee State (Iota-Omicron)                                        Steve Neshkoff completed an interview with MTV concerning
   Yhe chapter earned the highest GPA on campus for the fall               Student Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                                                           Nicholas J. Nedow died March 5, 2010. He served as a police
   Nicholas Mitchell was elected IFC president.                            officer in the city of Owosso and Cambridge Township before
                                                                           becoming a deputy with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office in
                                                                           2007. In 2005, Nick received the Distinguished Citizen Award
                                                                           from the Michigan State Police. Nick also received a Lifesaving
                                                                           Award from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office.

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                                                                   CHAPTER NEWS

Florida Southern (Epsilon-Xi)                                               Illinois (Chi)
   William S. “Bill” Martin (1950) died December 27, 2009.                     Ramsen Zacharia was awarded Brother of the Month for his
                                                                               excellent work as the previous chapter president.
Florida State (Zeta-Rho)                                                       The chapter will host its alumni golf outing on April 24, 2010.
   The chapter placed second in intramural basketball.
                                                                               Contact Tim Goss at goss1@illinois.edu for more information.
   The chapter held a dance marathon fundraiser and was the
   largest-numbered male organization participating, with more than
   30 dancers, while raising more than $8,000.                              Illinois State (Beta-Omicron)
                                                                               On March 20, 2010,
                                                                               the chapter celebrated
Franklin (Kappa-Gamma)                                                         Founders Day and
   The chapter held an Initiation Ritual for 11 brothers on February           commemorated its
   19, 2010.                                                                   chartering in 1969.
                                                                               Attendance was
   On February 12, 2010, the chapter brothers served hot chocolate             excellent with great
   to students at Franklin College.                                            membership
                                                                               participation from the
   On March 6, 2010, during Greek Week community service the                   house and a large
   chapter helped clean Little League baseball fields.                         number of alumni
   On March 14, 2010, the chapter held a “Bag Drop,” raising
   almost 900 pounds of food to benefit the poor and homeless at               In honor of the chapter’s founding father Dan Swille, who died
   the Lighthouse                                                              September 30, 2009, an award was presented at this event: Dan
   Mission in                                                                  Swille: Alumni of the Year. This year’s winner was Mike Doran
   Indianapolis.                                                               (1986). He has been the president of the Beta-Omicron Alumni
                                                                               Association for the past two years and is always willing to help
   On April 8-9, 2010,                                                         our chapter whenever needed.
   the chapter will hold
   a Teeter-Totter-A-                                                          Jay Vause (1972) died March 11, 2010. Prior to his retirement
   Thon to raise money                                                         in 2009, he worked as a successful salesman and sales manager.
   for a local food                                                            He recently found great enjoyment helping his daughter, Jenn, at
   pantry.                                                                     Evolve Dance Company, their family business. Known as
                                                                               Grandmaster Jay, he was the heart of the dance studio and will be
Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa)                                                      remembered for his kind and caring ways.
   The following brothers were elected to IFC: Charley Crossan,
   IFC Executive Board as the communications vice president;                Indiana (Alpha-Omicron)
   Austin Harvey, Greek Excellence committee chair; Brad                       Ward Roberts (2000) is working on his second feature film,
   Bauerkemper, Alumni Relations committee chair; Ryan Terret                  “Dust Up.” His previous movie, “Little Big Top,” starring Sid
   High Point (Iota-Phi)                                                       Haig, was made possible in large part due to a relationship made
                                                                               with chapter brothers. “Little Big Top” had its world premiere at
   The chapter recently held its annual Watermelon Bust to raise               the prestigious Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis and came
   money for the North American Food Drive. This is in addition to             out in theaters in late 2008, and on DVD last year.
   a drive last fall, which collected more than 4,000 pounds of food
   for the same organization.
                                                                            Iowa Weslyan (Theta-Iota)
   The chapter added 14 associate members this spring.                         Woodrow “Woody” Shearer (1936) died March 20, 2010. An
                                                                               Order of Merit recipient, he was elected president of the student
   The chapter held its annual Rock-a-Thon, and raised more than               council his senior year of college. He served in World War II as a
   $2,000 for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation.                                 member of the 701st Military Police Battalion from 1941-46. He
                                                                               became postmaster in Columbus Junction November 1949 and
                                                                               retired from the U.S. Postal Service in March 1976.
Idaho (Epsilon-Gamma Colony)                                                   He was involved with the Columbus Gazette, assisting his father
   The chapter placed second overall in the 2010 Greek Week                    B.H. Shearer, editor and publisher, for more than 60 years, and
   competition.                                                                later his brother Bill.

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                                                                      CHAPTER NEWS

James Madison (Phi-Eta)                                                         Massachusetts Inst of Tech (Lambda)
   Raymond Straus (1984) died March 6, 2010. He was the                            The chapter began a clothing drive to benefit the Boston-Central
   co-founder of Tennis4Life Academy, a non-profit organization for                branch of The Salvation Army. The drive ends April 14, 2010.
   junior tennis players in the mid-Atlantic states. He was also the
   co-founder of 93 Octane, a marketing firm, a board member of                    Clifford H. Matson Jr. (1947) died August 28, 2009.
   the Virginia Council of CEOs, and a member of the Day of
   Caring and Sharing Committee for the 2010 Maccabi Games.                     Mercer (Zeta-Omega)
                                                                                   On February 19-21, 2010, a reunion was held on campus for
Kettering-A (Lambda-Epsilon-A)                                                     alumni brothers from 1974 to 1980. Thirty-one brothers,
   The chapter participated in the Hurley and McLaren Medical                      spouses, and several little sisters attended. Chapter brothers
   foundation fundraiser by providing valet services to two hospitals,             provided a campus tour.
   raising nearly $1,000 in donations.
                                                                                Methodist (Sigma-Theta Colony)
   The chapter hosted an alumni banquet, inviting alumni brothers                  The chapter held a “Lambda Chi Alpha Bracket Challenge” to
   to come to the chapter house and enjoy a catered dinner while                   raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.
   sharing past experiences of Lambda Chi Alpha. This event raised
   approximately $800 for the North American Food Drive.                           Two chapter brothers became members of the Methodist Student
                                                                                   Activity Committee, one of whom was elected a resident adviser
   The chapter held an Initiation Ritual for 17 new brothers and now               for the upcoming year.
   has 39 active brothers.
                                                                                   The chapter is partnering with the Fayetteville Urban Ministries
Louisville (Zeta-Sigma)                                                            for community service events including collecting food for the
   Chapter brothers hosted the “Phoenix Dinner” on March 5, 2010,                  food bank.
   for alumni and parents in celebration of the 2009 Phoenix Award.
   Tyler Gill, Nick Pappe, and Zach Barnes were elected to Student              Miami-OH (Zeta-Upsilon)
   Government positions.                                                           Zach Owens and Daniel Lentz were initiated into the Order of
                                                                                   Omega Greek Honor Society. The Annual Beach Volleyball
McGill (Iota-Iota)                                                                 Classic, which raises money for the North American Food Drive,
   Alumni Collin Watson and Charles Bierbrier (1998) are leading                   is scheduled for early in the Fall Semester.
   an effort to form an alumni network to support the chapter. In
   addition to financial donations, the alumni have been donating               Michigan (Sigma)
   old photographs, awards, and memorabilia.                                       The chapter added four new associate members, bringing the
                                                                                   winter recruitment total to six.
   Nevertheless, there are still many alumni with whom we would
   like to connect, to hear how they are, as well as learning about
   their old traditions. Please contact Devin Jem at fight.                     Michigan Tech (Phi-Phi)
   offyourdemons@live.ca for more information.                                     The alumni association invites all brothers to Houghton,
                                                                                   Michigan, on August 6-8, 2010, to celebrate the 30th
   The chapter added three new associate members, and a second                     anniversary of the chapter. More information is available on the
   Initiation Ritual is planned for later this semester. Epsilon-Epsilon           chapter website.
   chapter brothers from Toronto helped the chapter perform the
   previous Initiation Ritual.                                                  Millsaps (Theta-Eta)
                                                                                   David Watkins has been involved in the renovation of a local
   Dean McRobie was elected president of McGill’s Greek Council,                   landmark hotel, The King Edward, which has been vacant since
   which is the largest student organization on campus.                            1967.

   The chapter held its bi-annual Teeter-Totter-a-Thon, which raises               Steven W. Smith (1981) has joined the Washington, D.C. team
   monies for the Fondation du cancer du sein du Quebec.                           of Atlantic Trust as a managing director.

Maryland-Baltimore County (Phi-Delta)                                           Mississippi State (Epsilon-Chi)
   The chapter added five new associate members.                                   The chapter hosted the Great South Conclave on February 5-7,
                                                                                   2010. The event was a success, with brothers attending from
                                                                                   Mercer, Alabama, Montevallo, Florida State, Troy, Samford,

                                  www.crossandcrescent.com                 13        Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                   CHAPTER NEWS

  Spring Hill, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Mississippi State.                 Our monthly events
  There was a lot of sharing of ideas between the brothers. The              include the beach
  educational sessions were held in the Student Union building on            clean-up with Alpha
  the campus of Mississippi State. These included officer                    Chi Omega sorority
  roundtables, Exoteric Mysteries, Cole Recruitment, the True                and volunteering at the
  Leader series, Call to Brotherhood, Financial Management, and              Cornucopia Food
  Harm Reduction. The alumni leading the Conclave included                   Pantry. We also have a
  Educational Leadership Consultants Chris Cole and Joshua                   clothing sale every
  Birchfield, Master Stewards Dr. Elgan Baker and John                       semester in which
  Hendricks. Headquarters staff attending included Executive Vice            one-half of the proceeds
  President Bill Farkas and Director of Risk Management Matt                 are donated towards the
  Roy. We were also pleased to have Dr. Greg Smith, Grand High               North American Food Drive.
  Gamma, give the closing address on Saturday night.
  The chapter conducted two different Initiation Rituals for              New Orleans (Lambda-Alpha)
  14 new brothers.                                                           During student government elections, Eric Gallatin was
                                                                             re-elected president, John Mineo was elected vice
Missouri-Kansas City (Sigma-Rho)                                             president, Lucas Funderburk was re-elected treasurer, and
  The chapter launched its new website                                       Kevin Walker was elected secretary of state.

Missouri (Gamma-Kappa)                                                    North Carolina-Charlotte (Beta-Upsilon)
  The men of the Gamma-Kappa Zeta would like to congratulate;                The chapter conducted a canned food drive in its surrounding
  Tim Noce, who was elected student body president, John Bowen,              area and collected close to 100 pounds.
  Graham Tinker, and Alex Berry who were selected for the 2010               The chapter won the intramural basketball championship.
  Greek Week Steering Committee, and Kevin Holle and Aaron
  Finnegan, who served on the 2009 MU Homecoming Steering
  Committee.                                                              Oklahoma (Gamma-Rho)
                                                                             The chapter won basketball in OU Intramurals and is expected
  The chapter would also like to thank their former High Pi, Ron             to win the intramural championship for the 17th time in 23
  Graves (1987), for his time and service.                                   years.
                                                                             Chapter President Michael Nash and Vice President Courtlyn
  John Minton (2007) released his new single “Innocence Lost” on             Shoate were selected as two of OU’s Big Men on Campus, which
  DBH Productions, with 100 percent of the proceeds to be                    is awarded to nine men in all. Nash was also selected as one of 10
  donated to the National Children’s Alliance and the C.A.R.E.               Outstanding Juniors and was selected into PE-ET, OU’s Top Ten
  (Child Abuse Response and Evaluation) Center.                              Senior Honor Society.

                                                                             Chris Ray, Jack Renfroe, and Ezra Gentle were selected as
Montana State (Epsilon-Delta)                                                Outstanding OU Freshmen.
  Alumni brothers are planning a reunion for Homecoming 2010
  on October 8-9, 2010.
                                                                          Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)
                                                                             Beating the other 23 fraternities, the chapter swept Kappa Delta
New Hampshire (Alpha-Xi)                                                     sorority’s Mock Rock Week, which included the posthumous
  During the fall semester, the chapter fulfilled more community             honor of naming Cody Thompson (2009) as the 2010 Man of
  service hours per member (20.21 hrs/brother) than any other                the Dagger. Thompson died June 19, 2009, after
  Greek organization.                                                        The chapter participated in Relay for Life.
                                                                             The chapter held a fundraiser, “The Souper Bowl,” which raised
  The chapter’s annual philanthropies include the Teeter-Totter-A-           money for the American Cancer Society.
  Thon with Alpha Phi sorority, the Brian Hannafin Memorial
  Barbeque with Kappa Delta, and the North American Food Drive
  with Delta Xi Phi sorority.
                                                                          Rhode Island (Eta)
                                                                             Jared Bergman died March 26, 2010. He was a business major in
                                                                             his junior year at the University of Rhode Island. A passionate
                                                                             sports enthusiast, Jared loved basketball and the New York
                                                                             Yankees. He had a special talent for working with children and
                                                                             was a counselor for several summers at Iona College Summer
                                                                             Day Camp.

                               www.crossandcrescent.com              14        Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                    CHAPTER NEWS

Richmond (Alpha-Chi Colony)                                                 Samford (Theta-Alpha)
   The chapter held its first                                                  Zach Owens and Daniel Lentz were initiated into the Order of
   colony-led Associate                                                        Omega Greek Honor Society.
   Member Ceremony on
   February 27, 2010, in                                                    Sewanee (Iota-Nu)
   which eight new brothers                                                    John M. Glenn Jr. (1977) died May 18, 2009.
   joined the fraternity.

                                                                            St. Joseph’s (Phi-Lambda)
Rose-Hulman                                                                    The chapter participated in Bunny
(Theta-Kappa)                                                                  Bash with Tri-Sigma sorority on
   The chapter had a                                                           March 20, 2010. At Bunny Bash, an
   successful fall rush, adding 14 new associate members.                      Easter-themed party, members
                                                                               dressed up in bunny costumes and
   The fall quarter began with the first ever Soggy Donut Car Show             entertained local children.
   on September 19, 2009, to raise money for the Soggy Donut
   Fund. The fund was set up by the Terre Haute Police Department              On March 23-24, 2010, the chapter
   after a major flood in the summer of 2008 and is to provide help            co-hosted the Red Cross Blood
   for emergency response personal whenever disaster strikes. The              Drive with the Student Senate.
   event took place on the Rose-Hulman campus, included 27 cars,               More than 100 appointments were
   raised $400, and helped to demonstrate the chapter’s involvement            scheduled.
   in community service.
                                                                            Shippensburg (Phi-Tau)
   The chapter participated in the 16th annual North American Food             Andrew Rill (1986) died March 20, 2010. He was a visionary
   Drive to raise canned goods for the Light House Mission of Terre            businessman and a recognized leader in the hospitality business.
   Haute. Brothers went to local stores and placed bags in the Terre           He founded Wirehead Business Technologies in 1999, which is a
   Haute area, asking for non-perishable goods. The bags were picked           computer technology company specializing in point of sale for
   up a week later. In the end we were able to collect 1,310 pounds            the hospitality industry. He was also the president of Remote
   of canned goods.                                                            Controlz Company and an active member of the Pennsylvania
                                                                               Restaurant Assoc. He was a community leader and
   The chapter held several brotherhood events, including a rock-              philanthropist, serving on the Board of Directors of the
   climbing trip, a go-karting/camping trip, and a ski trip, along with        Pennsylvania Farmers Assoc., Second Mile, 4-H PA Food Bank,
   several movie nights.                                                       Taste of the Nation, Future Farmers of America Animal Auction,
                                                                               Camp Cadet State Police, and March of Dimes.
   The chapter established an Alumni Advisory Board and looks
   forward to working with it, and, with its guidance, becoming a
   chapter of true excellence.                                              Simpson (Theta-Lambda)
                                                                               The chapter completed the annual Teeter-Totter-a-Thon
                                                                               fundraiser to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Rutgers (Phi)
   Jack Williams (1943) died January 21, 2010. A World War II                  The chapter won the Simpson College Penny Wars, an annual
   veteran, he served as a carrier-based torpedo bomber pilot                  penny drive where the winning fraternity or sorority donates the
   (Torpedo Squadron One) aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10) in                   proceeds to the charity.
   1944 and participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the
   “Marianna’s Turkey Shoot,” the first US attack on Chi Chi Jima in
   the Bonin Islands (for which he received the first of four air           South Carolina (Epsilon-Psi)
   medals), and the invasions of Guam, Saipan, and Tinian in the               The chapter has adopted Bluff Road in Columbia, South
   Pacific Theater. After World War II he served as a Navy flight              Carolina. On February 27, 2010, approximately 30 brothers and
   instructor and then returned to complete his studies at Rutgers             associates spent several hours cleaning the highway.
   University. He was a New York Life Insurance agent in Oklahoma
   City beginning in 1952 and continuing for over 57 years.                 South Carolina-Aiken (Pi-Alpha)
                                                                               Chapter brothers participated in a dance marathon on campus,
                                                                               raising money for MCG Children’s Medical Center.

                                                                            South Dakota (Alpha-Gamma)

                                 www.crossandcrescent.com              15        Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                      CHAPTER NEWS

   The chapter has a 3.12 GPA, second highest of the nine                     Tarleton State (Phi-Rho)
   fraternities on campus, and the highest since record-keeping began            R. Todd Price (1992) was elected president of First State Bank
   in 1993.                                                                      in Mesquite, Texas. The bank is locally owned and handles more
                                                                                 than $200 million in assets. Price began working for the bank
   Bert Tollefson ( (1951) died January 19, 2010. He was the state               while in high school and has previously worked as executive vice
   director for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, was             president and COO. He also was selected as a “Rising Star” by
   the top aide to Governor Sig Anderson, and had been the CEO of                the Independent Community Bankers Association and currently
   the South Dakota Highway Commission. From there he became                     serves as Chairman of the Leadership Division of the
   the chief aide to U.S. Congressman E.Y. Berry (R) from South                  Independent Bankers of Texas.
   Dakota, and had served as the assistant to U.S. Secretary of
   Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson. He was the national manager for                 Michael Deen (1989) was named the director of Student Life at
   the Blue Cross, Blue Shield Federal Employee Health Benefits                  Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Deen has served as the
   program, and later became president of the American Corn                      associate director since 2005. In his time at Austin College, Deen
   Millers Federation and Export Institute. Bert was a presidential              has directed its campus-wide student activities program and the
   appointee as the assistant administrator for legislative and public           Greek Life Program.
   affairs for the U.S. Agency for International Development,
   Department of State. In more recent years, Bert was a realtor in
   Phoenix.                                                                   Tennessee-Chattanooga (Zeta-Phi)
                                                                                 The chapter’s recent successes  are profiled in the February 2010
                                                                                 issue of Chatter Chattanooga.
Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)
   From March 15 to
   March 19, 2010, two                                                        Texas Christian (Iota-Pi)
   chapter brothers                                                              The chapter won the intramural championship in basketball and
   participated in a                                                             football.
   week-long seminar at the
   Center for Strategic and                                                   Valparaiso (Iota-Sigma Colony)
   International Studies                                                         The chapter celebrated its re-colonization by making and
   (CSIS), a foreign policy                                                      distributing cupcakes in the Student Union.
   think tank in
   Washington, D.C.                                                              On April 24, 2010, the chapter will be hosting an alumni golf
   Traveling with a class of 36 fellow Southeast Missouri students,              outing.
   Bryan Kujawa and Ben Hooe listened to lectures from experts on
   numerous global issues including cybersecurity, water scarcity,
   U.S. foreign relations, trans-national threats, and other topics.          Vanderbilt (Gamma-Delta)
                                                                                 The chapter created an alumni corporation to assist with its
                                                                                 future development.
Southern California (Zeta-Delta)
   The chapter held its annual fundraiser for The Friendship Circle, a           The Parents’ Club had a successful weekend and helped make
   non-profit group that addresses the challenges facing children with           improvements to the chapter house.
   special needs. This year’s effort will push the chapter above a
   three-year total of $100,000 raised.                                          The annual Watermelon Bust raised more than $5,000 — a
                                                                                 record high — for the American Red Cross.
   With the addition of two water polo players, the house now has
   14 Division I athletes. With 25 associate members initiated last              The chapter house was transformed into a haunted house for
   semester, Lambda Chi Alpha remains the largest fraternity on                  Nashville-area trick or treaters to enjoy.
                                                                                 Brothers participated in the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s Rake-a-
Stetson (Zeta-Tau)                                                               thon, as well as the Feed the Children charity events.
   Dimitri Diatchenko has appeared in numerous major motion
   pictures, including “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,” “Get               The chapter hosted two campus lectures, educating the
   Smart,” and “GI Jane”; TV shows including “Walker Texas                       Vanderbilt community about the photography industry and the
   Ranger,” and “CSI”; and voiceover work for video games                        world of sports marketing.
   including “Call of Duty.”

                                 www.crossandcrescent.com                16        Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                    CHAPTER NEWS

Vincennes (Sigma-Alpha)                                                        Western Carolina (Beta-Zeta)
  Metha L. Shewmake (1961) died March 7, 2010. A veteran of the                   The chapter added eight new associate members: Kyle May,
  U.S. Marine Corps, he was an insurance underwriter as well as                   Justin Hinson, CJ Laden, Ronnie Crawley, Zeb Mcswain,
  business manager for a hospital and two doctors’ offices. Since                 William Butler, Taylor McGinnis, and Chris Justice. A Ritual
  1978 he had been self-employed in handling medical billings.                    Initiation is being planned for April 2010.

                                                                                  Current chapter President Justin McCann (2010) was published
Wabash (Alpha-Kappa)                                                              in the “Western Carolina Career Journal”. His article discussed
  Mark W. Rutherford (1982), a shareholder in Thrasher
                                                                                  what Lambda Chi Alpha does to elevate its members both within
  Buschmann Griffith & Voelkel, P.C. of Indianapolis, was elected
                                                                                  the fraternity and on campus. Please follow the link provided
  to the Board of Directors of The Advocates for Self-Government, a
                                                                                  The chapter voted to petition the General Fraternity to become
  nonprofit libertarian educational organization based in
                                                                                  an Inner Circle chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha.
  Cartersville, Georgia.

Wake Forest (Theta-Tau)                                                        Worcester Poly (Pi)
                                                                                  From April 23 to April 28, 2010, the chapter brothers and Alpha
  On March 20, 2010, the
                                                                                  Gamma Delta sorority will conduct a Teeter-Totter-A-Thon
  chapter hosted alumni
                                                                                  fundraiser on the quad in the middle campus to raise money for
  brothers for its annual
                                                                                  Juvenile Diabetes. This annual charity event promotes
  Founders Day celebration.
                                                                                  brotherhood and bonding and also provides an opportunity to
                                                                                  raise money for a good cause while enjoying fun outdoor games.
  The chapter hosted its first
  Beach Day volleyball
  tournament with Delta Zeta
  sorority; proceeds benefiting
  the Brian Piccolo Cancer
  Research Fund. In addition, chapter brothers took part in the
  annual Wake ‘n Shake dance marathon to help raise a record
  $50,000 for the same fund.

Washington & Lee (Gamma-Phi)
  In February 2010, the chapter was named best in University
  Relations by the university’s Greek Vision Council, which works
  with the Greek governing bodies to recognize accomplishments
  within the Greek community.

Washington State (Tau)
  The chapter has 50 members and ten new associate members.

  The chapter won Greek Week (with Tau Kappa Epsilon and
  Kappa Alpha Theta) raising $16,000 for charity.
  Earlier this year, the chapter held its annual philanthropy with the
  Humane Society, called Fur Ball. The event, which raised $32,000,
  includes a dinner auction held at the Event Center in Pullman.

  Trevor Sordorff is a pole vaulter on the track team.
  The chapter reached the semifinals in intramural basketball and
  the finals in football.

  The chapter is repairing its antique fire truck, a tradition with the
  chapter since 1954, and it should be on the road before the end of
  the semester.

                                 www.crossandcrescent.com                 17        Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                      This article originally appeared in the March 25, 2010 edition of The
                                                      Indianapolis Star. It is reprinted with the permission from Butler Beat
                                                      writer David Woods and The Indianapolis Star. Barry Collier (Butler
                                                      1976) is a member of the Alpha-Alpha chapter and current athletic
                                                      director of Butler University. By exhibiting the Core Value of Service &
                                                      Stewardship, he left a Division I coaching job and has now been a major
                                                      architect in helping Butler achieve their first Final Four.
                                                      Barry Collier was born in England and raised in Atlanta,
                                                      Birmingham, Ala., and Miami. He lived in five cities as a basketball
                                                      assistant coach and spent six years at the University of Nebraska.
                                                      Yet Butler University always seemed like home, even though Collier
                                                      played basketball there just two years and once left his head coaching
                                                      gig for a higher-paying job. He returned as athletic director in August
                                                      It is fitting that he has been back during the biggest four-year run in
                                                      the small school’s basketball history — a 115-21 record heading into
                                                      tonight’s NCAA Tournament game against top-seeded Syracuse at
                                                      Salt Lake City.
                                                      Collier, 55, is credited for building a foundation propelling Butler to
                                                      nine NCAA Tournaments starting in 1997. He never won in the
                                                      tournament himself. Upon returning, he has labored to help
                                                      successors exceed his achievements.
                                                      “To have him as athletic director helped crystallize this idea of the
                                                      Butler Way, which we’ve selfishly taken over to refer not only to

Collier has
                                                      Butler athletics, but to life across the university,” said Bobby Fong,
                                                      president of Butler.
                                                      Collier has formally defined the slogan: “The Butler Way demands
                                                      commitment, denies selfishness, accepts reality yet seeks improvement
                                                      every day while putting the team above self.”

2 Wave
 nd                                                   It was Collier who promoted Brad Stevens, then 30, from assistant to
                                                      head coach in 2007. Stevens, with an 86–14 record, has won more
                                                      games in his first three years than any coach in major college history.

of Success
                                                      Stevens called Collier “a great resource.” Both said they talk more
                                                      about the business side of basketball than strategy or personnel.
                                                      “He’s our coach, and he knows his team better than anybody,” Collier
                                                      said of Stevens.

with Butler
                                                      Collier, at 34, became Butler’s coach in 1989. He resurrected a
                                                      program that had only five winning seasons out of 19 after the
                                                      retirement of Tony Hinkle, who coached from 1924 to 1970.
                                                      Now Butler is two victories from what would be its first Final Four
                                                      appearance — and in its home city of Indianapolis. The Bulldogs
                                                      aren’t the underdogs they once were. Some analysts forecast a Final
                     By David Woods                   Four appearance before this season. Players appeared on magazine
                                                      covers. ESPN has televised their games. Last week, The New York
                                                      Times chronicled their rise.
After resurrecting the Bulldogs program               “There has not been a game we felt we had no chance in,” Collier
as coach, he has brought glimpses of                  said. “Logically, that leads us to believe that we can accomplish those
                                                      goals. But the goals have always been to win the last game of the year.
greatness as athletic director
                                                      “Having said that, our path was simply : ‘What was the next step?’ “

                      www.crossandcrescent.com   18          Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                          TRUE BROTHER

“The Butler Way demands commitment, denies selfishness,
  accepts reality yet seeks improvement every day while
               putting the team above self.”
An important step for Collier was paved by a conscientious                               NCAA Tournament, and after a few good but unsatisfying
dean of education, Joseph Nygaard. Collier, a junior-college                              seasons, he became convinced his up-tempo style would not
transfer, was less than three weeks into his first semester at                             get them there.
Butler as a business major in fall 1974.
                                                                                           In the 1995 offseason, he spent two days with Dick
Collier asked whether it was too late to transfer                                                 Bennett, who had left Wisconsin-Green Bay for
into education and was surprisingly ushered in to                                                  Wisconsin. If that retreat didn’t produce an
see the dean. It was near the end of the school day,                                               epiphany, it was something close to that. Collier
so the dean told him to see him the next morning.                                                   called it a turning point.
When Collier reported back, Nygaard handed him                                                     “I had the pieces of the puzzle,” he said. “I didn’t
a revamped schedule and told him his next class                                                    put them together.”
was in a half-hour. The incident changed Collier’s life.
                                                                                 In basketball terms, the Bulldogs became better defensively and
“I’m sure that has a lot to do with why I think so much of Butler,” he           recruited more efficiently. More personally, Collier found that his
said.                                                                            Christian principles — humility, passion, unity, servanthood and
                                                                                 thankfulness — coincided with winning basketball.
It wasn’t the first time he was steered in a different direction. Growing
up, he wanted to be a pilot.                                                     Butler made it to the NCAA Tournament in 1997 and 1998, and
                                                                                 after an NIT bid in 1999, won 15 consecutive games heading into
Barry was the third of four sons born to Walter and Nancy Collier on
                                                                                 the NCAAs in 2000. That year, the Bulldogs lost to Florida 69–68 in
a Royal Air Force base. The oldest brother, also Walter, was a pilot
                                                                                 overtime in one of the most momentous games in Butler history.
who flew in the Vietnam War. The youngest, Courtney, flew missions
in Iraq and Afghanistan. All three of his brothers eventually became             Collier does not like to revisit that game — his last as Butler’s coach
commercial pilots.                                                               — but conceded that “our team played the way you want Butler
                                                                                 teams to play.”
At Miami-Dade Junior College, Barry joined an ROTC unit and was
selected the outstanding freshman cadet. He was grounded when a                  He left Butler for Nebraska, where he earned more money but had
physical exam revealed that his vision wasn’t good enough, and his               less success. He came back after going 89–91 in six seasons, none of
height, 6 feet 6 inches, disqualified him.                                       which resulted in an NCAA Tournament appearance. Butler made
                                                                                 the NCAA Tournament twice in his absence. The Bulldogs have made
If he couldn’t be a pilot, he thought, he’d be a coach. His high school
                                                                                 it each of the four years he has been athletic director, but his mission
experience influenced him because he liked his teachers.
                                                                                 is to elevate Butler in all sports, not just basketball. He dropped men’s
As a player at Butler, he averaged 15.2 points and 7.5 rebounds in his           lacrosse and swimming and raised ticket prices.
senior season. Bill Lynch, a teammate and fraternity brother, recalled
                                                                                 “Butler runs on very lean gas,” Fong said. “He’s made calls that were
Collier as smart, tough and physical.
                                                                                 courageous and controversial.”
“From the day he walked on campus, you could tell he was a special
                                                                                 Collier reaffirmed football was a priority, and the Bulldogs responded
guy,” said Lynch, the Indiana University football coach. “You could
                                                                                 with a Pioneer Football League title last fall and their first postseason
tell he knew what he wanted to do, and he set out to do it.”
                                                                                 victory. A major renovation of the Butler Bowl is scheduled for
Collier started the requisite apprenticeship for coaches, serving as an          completion before next fall.
assistant at Rose-Hulman, Seattle Central Community College,
                                                                                 Just don’t suggest the Bulldogs have gone about as far as they could
Idaho, Oregon and Stanford. When he interviewed for the Butler job,
                                                                                 realistically go. Butler can get better in many ways, Collier said.
a 45-page proposal on how to revive the program was convincing to
Geoffrey Bannister, the university president.                                    “I love Butler. So seeing Butler succeed is most important,” he said.
The Bulldogs were 6–22 in his first season. He was invited to a
meeting with university leaders and wondered whether he would be
retained. Instead, he was awarded a four-year contract.
The next season, the Bulldogs were 18 –11 and made the National
Invitation Tournament. But he yearned for the Bulldogs to be in the

                                    www.crossandcrescent.com                19          Cross & Crescent   April 2010
Touching All The Bases
Throughout many of our youths, we have garnered baseball card collections.
The fraternity is no different, Lambda Chi Alpha has assembled a special
collection of cards — all the brothers who have played professional baseball.
Press play below and enjoy the display of Lambda Chi’s history in baseball.

  Adam Butler            Billy Williams        Brendan Harris       Brian Bannister        William “Chink” Outen
(William & Mary)         (Illinois State)     (William & Mary)   (Southern California)     (North Carolina State)

 Chris Davis         Cliff “Lefty “Chambers   Danny Litwhiler      Dib Williams               Ebba St. Claire
(Texas A&M)           (Washington State)       (Florida State)      (Michigan)                  (Colgate)

 Emerson Dickman           Fergie Jenkins        George Grant    Jeff James – Disc Susp.            Jim Cox
(Washington & Lee)         (Illinois State)       (Auburn)            (Indiana State)                (Iowa)

Kevin Stocker            Larry Burchart                 Larry Dierker                   Matt Dunbar             Mickey Cochrane
(Washington)            (Oklahoma State)              (California – Santa               (Florida State)            (Boston)

Oral Hildebrand             Paul Gilliford                Ralph Mauriello               Rick Henninger            Roger Smithberg
    (Butler)              (Randolph-Macon)              (Southern California)         (Missouri – Columbia)          (Bradley)

          Joe Lutz                                                                                              Steve Shea
      (Iowa Wesleyan)                                                                                         (Massachusetts)

                                             Ron Santo                         Rusty Peters
                                           (Illinois State)                 (Washington & Lee)

   Wynn Hawkins             www.crossandcrescent.com           21           Cross & Crescent   April 2010
 (Baldwin – Wallace)

2009–2010 Conclave Recap
Regional conferences provide great venues for brotherhood
and education.                                                                                                                         By John Cain

As part of our post-centennial event planning, Lambda Chi Alpha               Great Plains Conclave
began once again to host regional conclaves at campuses around the            The 2010 Great Plains
country. These events, which bring Lambda Chi Alpha men together              Conclave was held
for a weekend of education, programming, and brotherhood, proved              February 5-6, 2010. The
once again to be a great success.                                             men of Iota-Delta Zeta
                                                                              at the University of
Twelve conclave events were planned and executed through the                  Nebraska-Omaha served
coordination of 17 different chapters. As this year’s conclave season         as host for the
comes to a close, it is important that we recognize the                       conference. There were
accomplishments of our undergraduates and the host chapters.                  50 undergraduate
                                                                              brothers in attendance
Midwestern Conclave                                                           representing nine
Held in November 2009, the men of Wabash College’s Alpha-Kappa                chapters. The
Zeta were excellent hosts for the first conclave of the 2009-2010             undergraduate members
school year. More than 60 brothers from 11 chapters were present to           had a full day of
share in brotherhood and educational sessions, as well as to hear from        education focusing on
past Grand High Alphas Murphy Osborne (High Point) and Ted                    the Outer Circle
Grossnickle (Wabash). Programming included Outer Circle, True                 components of the True
Leader, Alumni Relations and a Ritual ZAX session.                            Brother Initiative, True
                                                                              Leader, and True ID. The
Atlantic Conclave                                                             session ended with a Brotherhood Banquet where attendees heard a
On November 14-15, 2009, Phi-Delta Zeta at the University of                  motivational message from Neil Halford, one of the premier
Maryland – Baltimore County hosted the Fall 2009 Atlantic                     motivational and inspirational speakers in the industry today.
Conclave with nearly 90 undergraduate brothers in attendance. The             Following the keynote presentation, the brothers witnessed the Open
guest speaker at the Saturday night Brotherhood Dinner was Dr.                Alumni Ceremony performed by the men of Iota-Delta Zeta.
Nancy Young, the vice president for student affairs at UMBC. Grand
High Kappa Fletcher McElreath (Mercer) attended and gave the                  Great South Conclave
update from the Grand High Zeta. Members in attendance                        On February 5, 2010, brothers from Georgia, Mississippi and
participated in Outer Circle Programming, True Leader 1, and Harm             Alabama came together at Mississippi State University for the Great
Reduction. Director of Chapter Services John “Biff” Holloway (High            South Conclave to partake in leadership training, Outer Circle
Point), led brothers through a ZAX session on Ritual.                         Programming, and to exchange ideas. Close to 50 brothers gathered
                                                                              together over three days to share meals, advance their programming,
Bluegrass/Great Lakes Conclave                                                and to receive updates on the state of the Fraternity as a whole. VIPs
Hosted by Gamma-Gamma Zeta at the University of Cincinnati,                   in attendance were Executive Vice President Bill Farkas (Butler) and
more than 100 brothers from 23 chapters in Ohio, Michigan,                    Grand High Gamma Greg Smith (Washington).
Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Ontario attended. Grand
High Pi Lynn Chipperfield (Drury) also attended and gave not only             Colonial Conclave
the keynote address at the closing dinner but also an engaging                The Colonial Conclave was held at Wake Forest University where 64
presentation covering the history of Lambda Chi Alpha. While many             brothers and associates (including the new colonies of the University
enjoyed the presentations, the best memories came from the bonds              of Richmond and Methodist University) participated in Outer Circle
that were created and shared during the weekend. This was one of the          Programming sessions, True Leader 1, as well as a True ID section
few times that brothers could experience fraternity on a truly                focused around gender discrimination. Grand High Iota Ralph
international level. The Great Lakes/ Bluegrass Conclave was a great          Wilhelm (Cornell) talked about the issues that will be coming up
success and many look forward to next year’s event.                           with the General Assembly and the excitement of change that the
                                                                              undergraduate brothers are able to facilitate. Special thanks to Jeromy

                                    www.crossandcrescent.com             22          Cross & Crescent   April 2010

Forshee (North Carolina-Greensboro) and Sean McDonald (Wake
Forest) for their contributions and help with organizing the event.

Ozark Conclave
The largest Conclave event this season was hosted by Theta-Delta
Zeta at Oklahoma City University. With 137 brothers in attendance
from chapters throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and
Arkansas, the Ozark Conclave held four tracks of education options
for brothers. Programming included Outer Circle, True Leader 1, and
True ID. The keynote speech by Grand High Rho Dave Henderson
(Arizona State) was followed by a special ZAX session and
presentation of the Ritual Exemplification.

Pacific Northwest Conclave
The Pacific Northwest Conclave was held at the University of Oregon
in Eugene, Oregon. The brothers of Zeta-Omicron hosted 80
undergraduate brothers from nine universities in the United States
and Canada. A Ritual discussion was held at the chapter house and a
pilot of the True Leader 3 Module and conclave awards highlighted              Gulf Coast Conclave
the event. California-Berkeley won the highest GPA award, Oregon               On February 26-28, 2010, the brothers of Iota-Omega Zeta hosted
State won the award for the largest recruitment class, and the brothers        the Gulf Coast Conclave at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.
from the Alberta chapter won the award for the most man-miles                  Nearly 70 brothers representing 13 chapters attended the conclave
traveled. Grand High Kappa Fletcher McElreath (Mercer) provided                and were welcomed by President Savoie of UL-L. Attendees
an update from the Grand High Zeta.                                            participated in educational sessions that included two full tracks each
                                                                               of True Leader 1 and Outer Circle programming. Eugene Dial
Pacific Southwest Conclave                                                     (Louisiana-Lafayette), dean of students at Nichols State University,
With the support of the San Diego chapter, combined with help from             gave the keynote address at the closing banquet.
Loyola Marymount Conclave Chairman Eric Liddle and SAC
representative from California-San Diego Robert Grovich, this event            Peninsula Conclave
turned out to be a great success. Seventy undergraduates from nine             On March 20, 2010, brothers from all over Florida gathered in
different chapters in the area came to Loyola Marymount University             Orlando at the University of Central Florida for the Peninsula
in Los Angeles to attend this event. Attendees had the option of               Conclave. The day was filled with a variety of programming
participating in three different programming tracks: True Leader-              opportunities ranging from True Leader to Ritual workshops. With
Level 1, Cole Recruitment & Call to Brotherhood, or Chapter                    all but one chapter from the conclave being represented, the brothers
Programming (OP Training, Harm Reduction, Budgeting, LCA                       were able to build connections with members in other chapters and
History). Later that night, Grand High Tau Bob Koch (California-               were motivated to stay in touch. Grand High Pi Jim Bond (Central
Berkeley) served as the keynote speaker for the final brotherhood              Missouri) addressed the attendees with an update from the Grand
banquet.                                                                       High Zeta.

                                                                               Northeast Conclave
                                                                               The 2010 Northeast Conclave will be held by the men of Alpha-Xi
                                                                               Zeta at the University of New Hampshire on the weekend of April
                                                                               9-10, 2010. We are hoping to have every chapter in the Northeast
                                                                               Conclave attend and bring as many brothers as they can, as this will
                                                                               be a great learning experience for them all. One unique opportunity
                                                                               at this year’s conclave is that we are bring in the CEO and president
                                                                               of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, Mark Bauer, to
                                                                               speak about how to get alumni involved in your chapter and what
                                                                               you can do to reach out to them in an effective way. Another
                                                                               programming highlight will focus on a different approach to Cole
                                                                               Recruitment, as chapters in the Northeast who have fully
                                                                               implemented Cole Recruitment will be able to share their successes
                                                                               and failures and create an open dialogue on how we can all help one
                                                                               another out.

                                   www.crossandcrescent.com               23          Cross & Crescent   April 2010

Georgia alumni brother Charles Kelley is a member of the
country music group Lady Antebellum. Since forming in 2006,
the Grammy-winning band has won top awards from the
Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.
             www.crossandcrescent.com   24         Cross & Crescent   April 2010
                                                                   FEATURE                                              By Tad Lichtnauer

Charles Kelley (Georgia) is an American country music singer-      Country Music Association. They also
songwriter. He is currently a member of Lady Antebellum, a         received a Best New Artist
band that was formed in 2006, and signed to Capitol Nashville.     nomination at the 51st Grammy
                                                                   Awards, while “Love Don’t Live
Born in Augusta, Georgia, Kelley began his musical career at the   Here” received a Grammy nomination
age of 11. His older brother, Josh Kelley, is also a musician and  for Best Country Performance by a
singer. As teenagers, the brothers formed a band called Inside     Duo or Group with Vocals at the same
Blue; the band released a five-song CD that garnered the attention ceremony.
of a major label.
                                                                   At the 2009 CMA’s, the group
In high school Kelley met Dave Haywood and at the age of 14        ended Rascal Flatts’ six-year
they wrote their first song.                                       reign as Vocal Group of the
                                                                   Year. They received two more
Creating Lady Antebellum                                           nominations at the 52nd
In mid-2005, Kelley moved to Nashville from Winston-Salem,         Grammy Awards, for Best
North Carolina, where he had been working construction with his Country Performance by
brother John.                                                      Duo or Group with Vocals
                                                                   which it won and Best
Trying to become a successful solo country artist, Kelley          Country Song, which it
convinced his Haywood to move to Nashville from Georgia in         lost to Taylor Swift’s
2006 so they could write music together.                           “White Horse”.

Shortly thereafter, Kelley recognized Nashville-native Hillary     Lady Antebellum has
Scott from MySpace, and they started to talk at a Nashville        been awarded Top
music club and invited Scott to join him and Haywood in the new    New Duo or Group
group, which assumed the name Lady Antebellum after a              in 2009 by the
publicity shoot where they used a pre-Civil War Southern           Academy of
mansion for a scenic backdrop.                                     Country Music and
                                                                   New Artist of the
The trio then began performing at local venues in Nashville before Year in 2008 by the Country Music Association. They were
being signed in July 2007 to a recording contract with Capitol     nominated for two Grammy Awards at the 51st Grammy Awards
Records Nashville.                                                 and two more at the 52nd Grammy Awards; of these nominations,
                                                                   they took home the award for Best Country Performance by Duo
Kelley, Scott, and Haywood recorded Lady Antebellum’s self-        or Group with Vocals for “I Run to You.” More recently in
titled debut album and released it in late 2007. Later becoming a  November 2009, the band was awarded Single of the Year (“I Run
certified platinum, the album included the singles “Love Don’t     to You”) and Vocal Group of the Year by the Country Music
Live Here,” “Lookin’ for a Good Time” and “I Run to You,”          Association.
which became the trio’s first No. 1 hit on the Billboard country
charts.                                                            Nu Zeta Brothers
                                                                   In October 2000, Kelley was initiated into Nu Zeta (as Nu 1923)
In 2009, Lady Antebellum released its second album, “Need You      at the University of Georgia.
Now,” which was led off by the five-week No. 1 hit “Need You
Now.” “American Honey”, the second single from “Need You           The chapter was installed on June 3, 1915, and today has
Now” was released in January 2010, and is their 4th top 10 single. approximately 90 brothers and the High Alpha is Todd Williams.
All three members of the band co-wrote these songs.
                                                                   According to a three of alumni brothers, Kelley was very well
The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Top            liked and enjoyed his Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduate
Country Albums charts for the week of February 2, 2010, selling    experience.
480,922 copies in the first week. Four weeks after the album’s
release, it was certified platinum by the Recording Industry       “Charles was well liked, down to earth, and sociable. He was vocal
Association of America.                                            in chapter meetings, and easy to get along with,” says Chandler
                                                                   Penn (Georgia 2005). “At formals or band parties, he would get up
Awards and Nominations                                             with the band and sing a couple of songs, which usually included
The trio won the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Duo or         “Mustang Sally”. We’re all happy for him and wish him continued
Group award in 2008, as well as New Artist of the Year from the    success.”

                                www.crossandcrescent.com          25         Cross & Crescent   April 2010

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