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We need to draw your attention to the following and wish to remind you that YOU MUST READ THE
SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS as enclosed to ensure you are fully informed of what is happening,
where and when. Please ensure you share this information with your Co Driver & Support Crew.

                       Documentation Friday 03rd June 2011 @ The Novotel, Rotorua
                                           3.00pm – 5.30pm

      N.B. Closing of documentation is strictly adhered to. Competitors who will be late MUST contact
       CRO Jim Scott on 021 811 787.


      Driver & Co Driver are to report to the documentation tables on Friday Evening with, Car Club
       Membership, Civil license, Rally license and proof of a minimum of 3rd party insurance. Once
       sighted you are issued with wristbands and given a bag containing all the necessary documents
       and information including Route Books, Service Book, Time Card, Function Tickets, Extra Function
       Tickets (if ordered) and Sponsors Information.

      Cars must be Pre-event scrutinized from 25th May. Please contact these people directly if your car
       requires being scrutineered. You can only use one of the scrutineers as listed below. It is strongly
       recommended that you do this making it easier for you at Documentation.

The list of MSNZ approved scrutineers, below, have been appointed by our Chief Scrutineer, (Eion
Smoothy, 021 744 598) and will scrutineer your vehicle to his inspection list.

  Location           Scrutineer              Phone Number                 E-mail
  Hampton Downs      Andy Culpin             021 1726345        
  Greenlane /
                     Tim Sanderson           021 879002
  South Auckland     Phil Blackbourn         09 963 2717 / 027 287 724
  Hamilton           Sean Elder              07 856 5735        
                                             021 847792/07 350 3030/fax
  Rotorua            Myles Herbert                              
                                             07 350 3031
  Tauranga           David Loughlin          07 5780479 / 021 917 866
  Napier             Stuart McChesney        0274 400962        
  Taupo              Alistair Steel          0274 343500 / 07 3788673
  New Plymouth       Ernie Stevens           06 755 2017/06 752 0074
  Wanganui           Shane Hobman            021 292 7016/06 344 5915
  Wellington         Ron Robertson           0274 439969 / 04 5648389
  Nelson             Guy Griffith            0272855115
  Christchurch       Royce Watson            021 450543         

Head & Neck Restraints
Targa New Zealand has introduced a new safety initiative by making head and neck restraints mandatory
for all Targa events from January 2011. They need to be tethered to the helmet and are not soft-collared.
As per SFI standard 38.1, the Hanz, DefNder and Hutchens restraints are approved. Details on these
products are as per link.
Drivers Briefings

        All crews must sign in. If one of the crew is unable to make the briefing an application must be
         made to the Organisers and a private briefing will be organized.
        New to Targa? Novices must attend the Drivers Briefing, plus additional time after main briefing.
         Please identify yourself to Copies of previous event route books and time cards
         are available on request to ensure you are familiar with procedures prior to Drivers Briefing.
        This will be a busy evening so please ensure you are well organised and know where you are
         supposed to be and when!

All cars are required to remain in the Global Security Parc Ferme from 7.30pm on Friday evening. Security
guards are on-site all evening.

Supplementary Regulations
The Supplementary Regulations accompany this information pack. Make sure all of your team are well
acquainted with them. There have been changes to Sec2 Art.1 (All), Art.4.5, Art.7.6, Art.7.11.1.

Livery is available for Targa Rotorua. .
Livery can be collected from 341 Great South Road, Papakura
Office hours Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm or it can be couriered at a cost of $20.

Fuel Storage
All competitors & service crew must refer to the Code of Practice for Motorsport Fuel – Storage &
Handling. This can be found on MSNZ & Targa NZ websites.

Important to note:
            No open funnels or jugs
            Always have a fire extinguisher handy
            Cars must be turned off whilst refueling
            A drop sheet must be placed under vehicle to catch fuel spills

Car Wash
After each day of competition there is a compulsory $5.00 fundraising car wash.     Meguiars sponsor the
car wash material and all money raised goes to the group washing the cars.

Dunlop Tyres are Mandatory.
Any exception to this must be approved in writing by the Event Organizer NOT Dunlop. (The Targa Tour is
exempt). If you leave your order late and Dunlop cannot supply you may not be permitted to start.

Contact to order tyres is
Richard Fraser 04 527 6152, 027 279 5101,

Motorsport tyres available from Dunlop can be seen at
Your car must be presented for competition in immaculate condition. Cars not meeting the standards we
expect will not be able to start. For instance scruffy paintwork (chipped, dirty, dull or damaged), scruffy
wheels and interiors likewise won’t be accepted. Sorry gravel chaps - you will have some work to do!
Rally type mud-flaps must be removed; however the smaller original mudflaps are acceptable, refer
Supplementary Regulations Section 2 – 3.8. Cars with retractable headlamps please note Section 2 -
All headlights must be on whilst in a closed stage. If you are in doubt over car presentation, please
contact us.

Modifications to Your Car
Please be honest when listing them. If you have changed specifications on your car since the
Application to Compete was sent in, please inform the office by email. It is important to have your car at
the correct weight. Your minimum race weight is listed on the 2011 Targa Rotorua Competitor list on our
web site.

It is a condition of entry that all competitors attend the Prizegiving on Sunday evening from 6.30pm at
the Novotel Rotorua.

It is expressly prohibited to use the Targa New Zealand Logo without our written permission.
You may purchase official merchandise pre event through the Targa office. Orders will be taken for
merchandise at Documentation and Prizegiving.

Entry Information & Contact Details
Please take time to log on to your entry & check all details are current & correct
It is very important to us that we have Mobile contact numbers for all competitors & service crew.
These numbers are made available to emergency services as required.

Trailer Parks
Trailers/large service vehicle trucks cannot be accommodated through all areas of the event therefore
some forward thinking on your part will be needed as you may need to bring tools, jacks etc to the car,
not the car to the service vehicle. Only the Official KEA service trailers can be at the Service stop areas,
no others.
Your vehicles should have a minimum of third party insurance whilst touring. Please ensure your existing
insurance will cover you should a mishap happen whilst you are touring.
Proof of this must be shown at Documentation

Trip Meters
Due to the route book highlighting cautions, warnings for hazards i.e. sharp corners, loose metal, crest or
big drops with single! through to 3 cautions !!!, it is essential you have a Trip meter to accurately locate
each hazard. This is especially important for cautions, which may be added by the safety car at the last
moment. Have a look at

Trip Meter / ODO setting: LTSA have a 5km ODO check on the Southern Motorway between Drury and
Bombay, heading south.

Route & Speed Schedules
These will be available on line for those of you who wish to do fuel calculations prior to the event. Please
note Stage names will be blanked out.

Fuel Service
Motorsport Services will not be providing a service for this event as there are numerous service stations
with 98 unleaded fuel. Please ensure that you have sufficient storage facilities for your vehicle

Event Lunches / Function form
Note: all Race entries & The Targa Tour include two tickets for lunches each day of competition &
two tickets for the evening prize giving on Sunday 05th June 2011.

The form for additional lunches, Sunday morning breakfast at Arapuni and prize giving is included in this

Please return this form ASAP, no later than Thursday 26th May 2011. Please note after this date extra
tickets may only be obtained from the Secretariat on event and will be subject to availability.

Special Vehicle Transport to & from the Event

If you wish to transport your car to event using Carr & Haslam please contact them directly

Brett Jones            General Manager – Operations         Carr and Haslam Ltd
Mobile: 021 -943-318   email:       09 – 573 1666


From now on all Targa vehicles, including the Targa Tour, will be required to have a TrackIt unit fitted.
Details about the product are now available on
For more information you can call 0508 TRACKIT or 09 5224300 or
Please ensure you have read the enclosed Information provided by TrackIt and have contacted them to
order your unit and arrange installation
                        Competitor Check List
Check List
       Prepare car and do some testing                Warrant of Fitness and Vehicle

        Check car for weight & power
                                                        Proof of 3rd Party Insurance
        Order Tyres from Dunlop, 04 527 6152
                                                        Helmet,Head & Neck Restraint
        Accommodation Booked                            flameproof overalls and gloves

       Final payment for Targa is made                Safety Triangle, First Aid Kit, 2kg Fire
                                                        Extinguisher, Tow rope.
       Sent back all vehicle related info to
        Targa                                          Money for Car Wash, ($5.00 per day)
        Office                                          and passage control $2.00 per stop

       The Targa Office have all contact              Correct number of Tyres: 5 for this event,
        ie: mobile phone numbers for Service
        Crew, Emergency numbers for next of            NOT SO CRITICAL BUT USEFUL


                                                       Car Helmet Holder

        Livery ordered & received

                                                       Water or Fluid in plastic containers

        Livery placed correctly on Car, as per
        Targa Supplementary Reg's                       Calculator & pen

       Names of both Driver & Co-driver on Car        Stopwatch

       Set Trip meter before going to
                                                       Car Sickness medication

                                                  FOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIORS
                                                  In addition to the above:-

       Time & Place
                                                       CAMS or ASN Visa

                                                       Proof of Current Registration

       Civil Licence
                                                        And Warrant of Fitness

       Motorsport Licence
                                                       Customs Documentation

       Proof of current MSNZ or CAMS
                                                       Insurance Valuation of car, required
                                                        By Targa NZ 3 weeks before shipping for
        Affiliated Club Membership. Join Club           Bonding
        Targa now if not.

       Log Book
                                                       Car Cleaned prior to Shipping

       Motorsport Authority Card, (NZ Only)

       Roll Cage Homologation Number
Date   Item   Check
                            2011 Targa Events
Come and join us for our other 2011 Targa events as detailed below:

2011 Targa New Zealand - Labour Day Monday 24th October - Saturday 29th October 2011

Five days of competition with approximately 750kms of closed stages to be run as five rounds
of the Seria Campione. This year we are travelling from Auckland and planning is still
underway for the route.

2011 Targa Regional Two Day – Friday 28th October – Saturday 29th October 2011

Two day competition with over 100kms of special stages each day. As for the Targa New
Zealand, planning is still underway for the route.

                        Important Price Cut-Off Dates for 2011

                                          June 11th
                                         August 15th

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