Student Association Elections 2009-10 by dandanhuanghuang


									 The Sixth Form College                                                 Newsletter to Parents:
                                                                        February 2009
                                     Principal: John J Guy OBE BSc PhD MA MEd FRSA MRSC

Student Association Elections 2009-10
In the Spring Term each year, we hold elections for the Student Association Committee. The positions are open
to any student (subject to the approval of the Personal Tutor) who is in the first year of a two-year course and the
term of office is one year, from Easter 2009 to Easter    Student President Theo McCusker and Vice President Stuart Rowland
2010. These are significant posts, and universities and   host a visit by Shadow Secretary of State, Michael Gove MP.
employers hold in high regard students who have held
such offices.
Student President and Vice President
Whilst all the posts are important, the most significant
positions are those of Student President and Vice
President, so ably undertaken this year by Theo
McCusker and Stuart Rowland. Both act as important
ambassadors for the College and are involved in all
its public functions - so public speaking is an essential
element of these posts. Both the Student President
and the Vice President are Governors of the College
and are expected to attend all Governors’ meetings
                                                          Student President Theo McCusker says:
and sit on some of the Governors’ Committees.             “Being part of the Student Association means being part of an active
Thus the roles of Student President and Vice President    and ambitious committee that aims to make the College lives of
present an excellent opportunity to develop leadership    students extra special.
                                                          Not only do the SA organise a variety of College events but they also
skills within the student community and to contribute     work alongside members of staff (including the Principal!) who will seek
to the corporate governance of a College with an          the views of the SA when any issues affecting the students are raised.
annual income of approximately £15 million - neither      Stuart and I have had the opportunity to make a real difference to
                                                          the College community. If you are thinking of running in the Student
post can be undertaken lightly.
                                                          Association elections, I would fully encourage you to stand.”
The time commitment is not excessive – but meetings
need to take precedence over part-time jobs, and             Thanks to the Student Association Committee
time-management skills need to be sufficiently well-                                  2008-2009
developed to manage A-level deadlines.
Voting: We use the Single Transferable Vote (STV)
system for all posts. Students rank the candidates in
order of preference and the elected officer is the first
candidate to reach 50% of the available votes, after
transfers if necessary. The Vice President will be the
runner up in the election for the Student President.
Other Student Association Posts
Treasurer: monitors the SA funds and keeps up to date
Secretary: organises all meetings, including Student
Council; records minutes.
Events Officer: organises and publicises a variety of
social and other events.                                  Parents:
Charities Officer: organises a variety of fundraising     It would be helpful if parents could discuss with students
events including the students’ RAG week.                  the opportunities and responsibilities that the roles of
Publications Editor: leads the editorial team - College   Student President, Vice President, or any member of
Magazine and Year Book.                                   the Committee present and encourage those who
Teaching for Learning Officer: represents the views of    would like to take on such a high profile role to stand
the student body on the development of teaching           in the elections to be held this term.
excellence, and sits on the Governors’ Curriculum and     Students:
Quality Committee and also on the College’s Equality      Nomination Packs will be available from the Student
and Diversity Committee.                                  Services office from 25 February.                     Nominations
Environment Officer: encourages us all to place           are accepted only if you have a good record of
environmental issues high on the agenda, individually     commitment and attendance and the approval of
and collectively.                                         your Personal Tutor.
Sports Officer: represents the activities of the many
sports teams in the College and will organise an Inter-     Student Association Election Timetable 2009
Tutor Group Sporting Event in 2009-10.
                                                            2009 Election launched                 Wednesday 25 February
Performing Arts Officer: represents the activities of
                                                                                                   12.15 pm - Café Direct
the many students engaged in performing arts in the         Closing Date for nominations           Tuesday 10 March (noon)
College.                                                    Hustings                               Begin Friday 13 March
Community Links Officer: encourages and organises           Election (e-voting on Intranet) 19 - 24 March (noon)
community activities by students, liaising closely with     RESULTS                                Wednesday 25 March
Jenny Osborne, Lead Tutor for enrichment.                                                          12.15 pm Café Direct
AS and A2 Module Results                                          Summer Examinations 2009
A week early - on CRISTAL Web                                     Coursework Deadlines - all courses
The official publication date for the AS and A2 module            Every year, some students find that they miss deadlines
                                                                  because they manage their time poorly. Please check with
results this term is Thursday 19 March. However, the
                                                                  your son or daughter if deadlines are approaching - planning
results are likely to arrive in electronic form on                ahead is very important!
               Thursday, 12 March 2009.                           Plagiarism - Don’t lend work; don’t get disqualified
Staff in Registry will do all they can to transfer the results    A reminder to all students; coursework must be the work of the
to students’ secure pages on CristalWeb as early as               student alone. In the past, on occasions and often in panic,
possible on that day. CristalWeb can be opened via                work has been copied from other candidates. This will always
the Internet at home or on the College Intranet.                  lead to disqualification from the examination. If a student lends
                                                                  work to another student “to help him out” or “because she is
Parents’ Evenings for 1st Year Students                           a good friend and she said she wouldn’t copy it directly”, it is
Parents of students studying on the first year of a 2 year        likely that his or her entry will also be disqualified.
course, or on a 1 year course, are invited to the Spring          Never lend coursework or research notes to another student
Parents’ Evenings which will be held on two evenings:             - and if there is a real difficulty, always consult your subject
                                                                  tutor over sharing of work.
   Thursday      12 March 2009     5.30 - 8.30 pm
                                                                  When writing an extended essay, all references must be fully
   Monday        16 March 2009     5.30 - 8.30 pm                 acknowledged. If students find helpful paragraphs in a book
As usual, we expect students to accompany parents                 or on the Internet, they must not copy and paste it into their
in order to make the discussion as helpful and fruitful           own essays in the pretence that they have written it. It is likely
as possible.                                                      that the examiner will recognise it - and the work will then be
When you arrive, please go straight to your first                 disqualified.
appointment. Should you need a map, it can be                     College tops Southern England table
collected from either the main entrance to the College            The College achieved the best results out of all colleges in the
or the rear entrance near to Time Out. The map will               south of England, according to the league tables published
show you where the tutors are located.                            by the government last month. According to the tables, the
Students will be able to make appointments nearer                 average A level points score per student of 1043.6 makes it
the time on Appointment Forms to be completed on                  the top college in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and the whole of
your behalf.                                                      the South West, and third in the whole of England.
                                                                  Last year, over 800 students moved on to universities across the
Please note that:
                                                                  country making the College one of Britain’s most significant
1 subject tutors will be in their normal teaching                 sources of undergraduates.
2 the careers adviser will be in College each evening             Congratulations: Haiku winners for the new
   and will be pleased to make an appointment to see
                                                                  Building             Why? A child asks why?
   you;                                                                                           And thousands of physicists
3 when making appointments, students should build                                                 ask that same question.
   in plenty of walking time between locations;                                                                    Surein Aziz
4 if you wish to see the student’s personal tutor, it is
   best to see him or her last;
5 teachers do try to keep to time - please do not
   assume that the interview is endless! If you wish to
   have an extended meeting, this should be arranged
   separately.                                                     Congratulations to all the students who entered Haiku verse
                                                                   to be embedded into glass panels in the new building.
Second Year Students in need of help                               Haiku is a type of poetry from the Japanese culture. Haiku
The above Parents’ Evenings will also be available to parents
                                                                   combines form, content, and language in a meaningful,
of second year students who are experiencing difficulty. If
                                                                   yet compact form with simple words and grammar using
you have concerns, please ask your son or daughter to make
                                                                   just 17 syllables and three lines. The winners are:
appointments with his or her subject tutor.
                                                                   First year
                                                                   Surein Aziz                      Sam Poulson
Review Data
Short-hand data concerning students’ progress in terms of          Second Year
attendance, the standard they are working towards, and             Harriet Burrows                  Abhijit Chandgadkar
time-management are enclosed with this newsletter. Students        Richard Smith
on AS courses have undertaken a January Subject Review;            Leavers 2008
you can ask to see their action plans on CristalWeb which will     Lauren Arthur                    Anjuli Borgonha
form the basis of discussions at the Parents’ Evenings. AS and     Emily Callaghan-Sloane           Jonathan Kemp
A2 module results will have been published electronically by       Lucy Welford
the time of the meetings.                                          The winners will each receive a cheque for £100 and will
                                                                   be invited to the opening ceremony of the new Building.
Occasionally, we have examples of misuse of the College
Network. The College Network is principally for study-related     College Attendance and Illness
activity and the storing or transmitting of inappropriate or      The vast majority of students attend regularly and on time - that is
                                                                  the College requirement. A few, however, seem to miss classes
offensive messages and images is a disciplinary matter, as it
                                                                  for apparently trivial reasons, often quoting medical appointments
is in the workplace; trading from College e-mail addresses
                                                                  or sudden illness which smites them down for 24 hours. In these
is similarly forbidden. In these circumstances, disciplinary      circumstances, parents will be asked to verify absences.
measures will always be taken which could lead to suspension      It is timely to point out that all references refer to attendance
and/or exclusion from the College. Any students who receive       records and, given the demand for places at the College, those
offensive messages or images by e-mail should notify the Help     with a poor attendance will not necessarily be retained in College
Desk immediately.                                                 for a second year. Where attendance falls below 90%, the College
Should illegal material or images be stored or transmitted, the   Charter makes it clear that the student’s place at the College will
College will not hesitate to inform the police immediately.       be put in jeopardy.
Important Meeting for First Year Parents                              University Admissions 2009
                                                                      A record number of students have completed UCAS applications
       Higher Education Information Evening                           and are now receiving offers. Between May and June students will
                                                                      be required firmly to accept their first choice university, subject to their
                 Thursday 23 April                                    achieving the grades required; they can also hold an insurance offer.
                6 pm and 7.30 pm                                      Each student is given an individual deadline date by UCAS.
                                                                      Amongst the many successful applicants to top universities are the
  What can you study? Where? How do you apply?
                                                                      following 26 students who have won Oxbridge places:
       What does it cost? What about debt?
                    Admission by ticket only.                         CAMBRIDGE
                                                                      Joshua Armstrong          Trinity Hall   French and German
 This will be held in the Prospect Theatre. Tickets available
                                                                      Maria Burova              St John’s      Medicine
 for either session from the Student Services Office.                 Sophie Dundovic           St John’s      Mathematics
                                                                      Thomas Lewin              Sidney Sussex  Economics
HE Finance for students starting university in 2009                   Henry Male                Magdalene      Natural Sciences
New students will apply online direct to the Student Loan             Theo McCusker             Sidney Sussex  Law
Company who will assess their eligibility for funding and for         Yevgeniya Melnychuk       Churchill      Law
                                                                      Matthew Peskett           Churchill      Computer Science
the student maintenance loan. Students and parents can
                                                                      Adam Pollard              Girton         Mathematics
register their interest now at: www.studentfinanceengland.            Pramin Raut               Corpus Christi Medicine Information packs for students have been ordered from          Katherine Reynolds        Murray Edwards Mathematics
the Student Loan Company and will be given out in tutorial            Jessica Stewart           Pembroke       English Literature
lessons later this term. Up to date figures will be posted on the     OXFORD
College website when we receive them.                                 Laura Buffett          Somerville           Mathematics
                                                                      Emily Callaghan-Sloane Trinity              English
Careers events for students                                           Olivia Collins         Magdalen             Law with European Law
As a holder of the prestigious Investors in Careers Award,            Peter Gornall          Christ Church        Law
the College is proud of the careers support and guidance it           Meghan Jobson          Jesus                Law
provides for all students.                                            Adam Lapthorn          University           Philosophy Politics & Economics
Thursday 12 February                                                  Alex Lau               Somerville           Philosophy Politics & Economics
                                                                      Christine Leung        Merton               Economics & Management
So you want to be a Vet? – Royal Veterinary College
                                                                      Sarah Reeve            Magdalen             Physiology & Psychology
Tuesday 24 February                                                   Charles Rooke          St Anne’s            Law
So you want to be a Teacher? – University of Southampton              Tim Saunders           Somerville           Mathematics
Thursday 26 February                                                  Tristana Smith         Wadham               Experimental Psychology
Progression talk for one year students – Farnborough College          Reece Straker          St Peter’s           Physics
of Technology                                                         Demelza Vinnicombe Corpus Christi           Medicine
Kaplan – opportunities in Accounting
Tuesday 3 March
So you want to be a pilot? - TAG Aviation
                                                                              Getting in to Oxbridge 2010
Wednesday 11 March
Index Recruitment talk - One year students and second year                       Wednesday 11 March 2009; 1pm
employment seekers                                                                     Prospect Theatre
Thursday 26 March
So you want to be a doctor? Queen Mary, University of
                                                                                           Richard Partington
Monday 30 March
                                                                                      Churchill College, Cambridge
UCAS HE Convention – University of Surrey. A requirement for                                Dr Mark Wormald
all first year students thinking of university. Coaches will take                     Corpus Christi College, Oxford
students from College to the University throughout the day.
Tuesday 28 April                                                           This is an annual event to which parents and students are
Information evening for new students and parents 5.30 pm                      welcome. There will be an opportunity to talk to the
- 8.30pm. Students considering taking a new subject in their                      Oxbridge representatives and ask questions.
second year might find it helpful to visit Curriculum Areas in the           Visits to Colleges and Open Days
College on Information Evening in order to speak to subject              A series of visits will be organised to enable students to see
specialists.                                                             some Oxbridge Colleges in the summer. Further details will
Friday 3 July                                                                               be available after Easter.
Moving On Day. An exhibition and a day of careers seminars
for all First Year students.
Wednesday 23 September                                                 Important Term Dates 2009-2010
College deadline for medicine, veterinary science and
Oxbridge UCAS forms. Students applying for popular courses             Parents’ evenings               Thurs 12 & Mon 16 March 2009
at oversubscribed universities should aim to meet this deadline        Easter Vacation                 Mon 6 April - Fri 17 April 2009
                                                                       Information Evening             Tuesday 28 April 2009
as well.
                                                                       May Holiday                     Monday 4 May 2009
Free Flying Lessons!                                                   Study Leave L6 only             Monday 18 May 2009
                                                                       Reading Week                    Mon 25 May - Fri 29 May 2009
Air Training League Scholarships                                       A2 courses begin                Tuesday 9 June 2009
Tag Aviation Farnborough is once again                                 End of Summer Term              Thursday 9 July 2009 (4.15 pm)
sponsoring three scholarships for sixth                                A and AS results                Thursday 20 August 2009
form students to learn to fly. Last year                               GCSE results                    Thursday 27 August 2009
Farnborough SFC students won all three:                                New Academic Year               Wed 2 September (enrolment)
Adam Arkley, Sam Legg and Nick Marchment. Students                     Second Year return              Thurs 10 & Fri 11 September 2009
who wish to apply for this great opportunity should collect            Full Term starts                Monday 14 September 2009
an application form from Lesley Grovenor-Ellis (office in the          Reading Week                    Mon 26 - Fri 30 October 2009
Tutorial corridor) as soon as possible.                                Open Days                       Wed 11 & Thurs 12 November 2009
                                                                       Christmas Vacation              Mon 21 Dec 2009 - Fri 1 Jan 2010
Rushmoor Youth Forum                                                   Study days                      Mon 4 & Tues 5 January 2010
The Rushmoor Youth Forum is able provide limited financial help for    Reading Week                    Mon 15 - Fri 19 February 2010
educational trips abroad (maximum £150 per student).                   Easter Vacation                 Fri 2 April - Fri 16 April 2010
For further information about the grants or forum membership visit     May Holiday                     Monday 3 May 2010
the website:        Reading Week                    Mon 31 May - Fri 4 June 2010
or call the Rushmoor Youth Forum on 01252 546408.                      End of Summer Term              Thursday 8 July 2010 (4.15 pm)
         College Spring Concerts                                       Farnborough Music Society Concerts
                                                                              Music for Soprano and Clarinet
            “Strictly Young Musicians...”                                       A recital by Jan Barklem, Soprano and
               - a recitalists’ platform                                                 Max Welford, Clarinet
 Students of the College perform a programme to include                          Saturday 28 February 2009, 7.30pm
                         works by:                                                         Prospect Theatre
   Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Taffanel, Britten
                        and Williams                                                    Arcadian Quartet
              Saturday 7 March 2009, 7.30pm                           The String Quartet was formed in 1999, while its members
              St Peter and St Paul, Godalming                         were all studying at the Trinity College of Music and whilst
                                                                               there won the prestigious Barbirolli Prize.
                 Music from America                                                 Friday 27 March 2009, 7.30pm
            The College Big Band, Chamber Choir                                            Prospect Theatre
                      and Choral Society
            A selection of American Big Band hits.                     Tickets for all events from College Services 01252 688219
               Thursday 26 March 2009, 7.30pm
                       Prospect Theatre
                                                                     Drama and Dance Performance Exams
                Leavers’ Concert 2009
 This informal concert marks the day on which many of our             Audiences are warmly welcome to attend any
 second year students will leave us and it is therefore fitting               of the examination events.
         to send them on their way with some music!
                     Friday 22 May 2009                                           AS Drama and Theatre Studies.
                      Prospect Theatre
                                                                                 Unit 2 Group Performance Exams
                                                                             Thursday 19 March - Wednesday 25 March,
                Advance Notice                                                    5.30pm onwards, Prospect Theatre.
            Handel’s Acis and Galatea                                  A collection of group performances from selected texts
                 The College Chamber Choir
                  Friday 10 July 2009, 7.30pm                                        A2 Practical Dance Exams
                   St Paul’s, Covent Garden                              Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 April, 5.30pm onwards,
                                                                                       Prospect Theatre.

                                                                     Sports Report
      Summer Dance Show                                              The College has recently taken over 100 students to the
                                                                     South East Regional College Championships. Students
                                                                     competed to win the chance of representing the South East
                                                                     at the National Finals in April at Loughborough University. The
                                                                     outstanding performance of Farnborough students resulted
                                                                     in 21 going through to the National Finals with 5 more yet to
          Featuring Dance A Level Exam work                          be confirmed.
          and Dance Company performances                             The individual and team qualifiers are as follows:
                                                                     Event winners: Catherine Fearnley - Badminton singles; Tom
                                                                     Forsyth and Elizabeth Fearnley - Badminton mixed doubles;
                                                                     Catherine Taylor, Claire Arnold, Sophie Smith, Katie Smith and
                                                                     Danielle Brewer - women’s cross country team event; Sam
              Thursday 21 May 2009, 7.30pm                           Moreton - 50m and 100m front crawl and relay; Tom Keen -
               Tickets from College Services                         50m and 100m backstroke; Andrew Willis - 100m breaststroke
                                                                     and 200m individual medley; Felicity Mattos -100m backstroke;
                                                                     Gemma Bannister - 200m individual medley and 100m butterfly;
Car parking around the College                                       Phillip Birkitt, Marc Fox, Joseph Norris and Andrew Pike - men’s
New parking arrangements have been introduced in the                 Trampolining;
area around the College. There are now designated Student            Qualifiers: Tom Bowerman - cross country; Charlotte Harris and
Parking Bays on the roads and users MUST display a permit to         Jenny Wing - Advanced Regional Trampolining team; Lydia
park there. Failure to display a permit will result in a £60 fixed   Osborne - Novice Regional Trampolining team.
penalty fine.                                                        5 female rugby players are also being considered for the
Second year students driving to College thus have three              Regional team at the end of the month.
possible parking places - The Brian Smith Car Park on site, the
new on-road Student Bays, and Farnborough Football Club -            Congratulations!
each with different permits.                                         Alex Jones on his selection for the UK Judo Talent Development
College policy states that parking is only available to first        Squad.
year students later in the year - we have just reached the           Katie Smith, Sophie Smith and Catherine Taylor on
point where they may apply for a temporary permit to use             successfully reaching the finals of the British Schools Biathlon
the Football Club. These students will be given first choice         Championships.
of permits in the second year, either on-road or on-site.            Amy Woods on her selection for the 2009 Great Britain
Students should not park their cars in any other places,             Aerobic Gymnastics Squad.
particularly outside residential homes in more distant roads.        Rosie Reynolds on receiving an offer of a place from the
                                                                     renowned Laban Dance Centre.
Dropping off students
Please do not use the College Car Parks to drop off or pick          Feedback
up students. An increase in car movements inevitably creates         If you have any comments about the quality of education
greater risks when pedestrian activity is at its height - It would   which you feel your son or daughter is experiencing at the
be helpful to arrange a safe meeting place a little distance         College, please do not hesitate to contact me.
from the College.                                                                                                  John Guy, Principal
                                                                                                                        February 2009
              College News Extra

Wonderful Festival of
L e s s o n s a n d C ar o ls
A congregation of over 1000 friends and
family of students and staff gathered for a
traditional service of readings and carols at
the Royal Memorial Chapel, Royal Military
Academy Sandhurst, on the last day of the
Autumn term. The service, the brainchild
of the College’s Director of Music Paul
Bambrough, was led by the Sixth Form
College Chaplain, Rev Rachel Bennetts and
the Senior Chaplain of the Royal Memorial
Chapel, Rev Timothy Cole.
 The musical tone of the evening was set
by student tenor soloists Daniel Coldridge
and Josh Nancolas, whose opening
unaccompanied plainsong, Pour Down, O
Heavens, sung from the rear balconies filled
the Chapel with song.
Once in Royal David’s City was intoned by soprano Sarah Brown before the College Choir sang the second verse in the
distance as they approached the Chapel doors. The Congregation, standing in the magnificence of the candle-lit church,
accompanied the final verses as the choir of over 100 processed into the Chapel, taking their seats in the choir stalls.
                                                 There followed a series of carols and hymns, with readings by students,
                                                 staff and governors of the College. Soprano soloists Vicky Tay and Pippa
                                                 Grayson and tenor Steve Mills sang moving interpretations of Ave Maria,
                                                 There’s a Light Upon the Mountains and In the Bleak Midwinter respectively,
                                                 supported by a magnificent College Choir which reached professional
                                                 standards of musicianship under Paul Bambrough’s tutelage and direction.
                                                 The Mayor and Mayoress of Rushmoor, Cllr and Mrs Alan Ferrier, attended
                                                 the concert. Cllr Ferrier said, “This has been a magnificent evening of musical
                                                 preparation for Christmas and the College should be congratulated on the
                                                 quality of music which I would expect from professional choirs – it has been

Grimm Tales for Christmas                           College students delighted packed Prospect Theatre audiences in early
                                                    December with a sparkling makeover of favourite tales from the Brothers
                                                    Grimm in a witty and wise performance which skipped as lightly as the
                                                    clever hedgehog outwitting the hapless hare. Hansel (played by Jeremy
                                                    Day), escaping his feeble father (played by his brother Richard), led his
                                                    starving sister Gretel (Alice Phypers) through a dense, dark, living forest of
                                                    human branches only to find themselves fattened up for the witch’s cooking
                                                    pot. But of course the horrid hag (Rebecca Alloway) couldn’t escape her
                                                    hideous fate and, once she was in the fire, all lived happily ever after!
                                                    There were many other intriguing tales in a fine ensemble performance by
                                                    College enrichment drama students; the cast (almost entirely drawn from
                                                    first year students) skilfully used every aspect of physical expression to inspire
                                                    the imagination through these sometimes dark but always entertaining
                                                    tales. There were moments of wonderful comedy, a creative technical crew
                                                    who really got the best from the space, and a hard-working, beautifully
                                                    costumed cast who took on dozens of parts - together they sang their way
Jeremy Day and Alice Phypers as Hansel and Gretel   into the festive season.

Abhijit wins national computing competition
Second year student, Abhijit Chandgadkar, has won a high-specification
laptop computer as first prize in a national competition arranged by
Manchester University to celebrate 60 years of the modern computer. Abhijit
was told about the competition last summer by his computing teacher Chris
Taylor and despite revising for his AS levels in maths, computer science, physics
and business studies, he took time to write a computer animation on Newton’s
Third Law of Motion.
Abhijit said, “I decided that it would be sensible to write a program relating to
my A level syllabus and thought I would add a touch of humour, so I wrote it
to show what life would be like if Newton’s Third Law of Motion was incorrect!”
His entry so impressed the judges that he won two awards, the Best Program
and the Best Comedy Film, resulting in his being named as the overall national
Many congratulations, Abhijit, from the whole College!
Fun Run supports Sebastian’s Action                                 College Media Students showcase
Trust                                                               photographic images
Sixteen A-Level Leisure Studies
students are challenging
College families and local
residents to run along the
streets of Farnborough on
Sunday 8 March 2009 to
raise money for local charity,
Sebastian’s      Action     Trust.
Following the outstanding
success of the last year’s
first Farnborough 6 Fun
Run, well over 500 runners                                         Media students will be showcasing their Media Production
are expected to take part.                                         photography work in an exhibition entitled, This is Me: an
Runners will have the chance to run six or three mile road         exploration of identity through form and style next week. The
races or a one mile fun run on the College grounds. Half of        exhibition will be at the popular community arts venue, The
the entry fee will be donated to Sebastian’s Action Trust as       West End Centre, in Aldershot, between 26 January and 9
will all of the personal sponsorship raised.                       February.
Sebastian’s Action Trust was established in memory of              The work of the group of 12 students, all aged 16-17, is inspired
Sebastian Gates who was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour               by the theme of identity, drawing also on the importance of
in 2001 at the age of 7 and who died two years later. In           family and friendship.
the month before he died, Sebastian launched a Trust to            Using a range of classic and experimental forms and styles,
purchase a holiday home that would provide for families like       the exhibition presents a colourful and diverse collection. The
his to spend precious time together, away from the hospitals       young photographers are all students on the highly successful
and punishing treatment regimens, but with specialist              one year OCR Media National Certificate Course. Before the
support if needed. Building work has already started on            project, most of them had little experience of camera use
Sebastian’s House in North Waltham and the funds raised by         except for holiday snapshots.
The Farnborough 6 Fun Run will provide a great boost to the        The exhibition is open to the general public at the West
project.                                                           End Centre, Aldershot, until Monday 9th February - we
Tom Collisson is Chairperson of the 2009 Fun Run, and he           hope parents will be able visit the exhibition if they are in
intends the 2009 event to be even better than last year. Tom       Aldershot.
said, “We already have lots of runners, from the age of 18
months to 80, and we even have two runners who are going           College students help women in
to pull a fridge around the course!”
There’s still plenty of time to enter and the students intend it   childbirth
to be a real family day to raise lots of money for Sebastian’s
Action Trust.
Entry and sponsorship forms for all the races can be found
by visiting
Entry fees are £8 for the 6 mile race, £5 for the 3 mile and £2
for the 1 mile fun run.

News in Brief
Jessica    Stewart and
Kat L’Oste-Brown hear
about World War 2 from
the mouth of a Chelsea

                               Calum Piper receives the
                                                                   Students see their mural unveiled at Frimley Park Hospital
                               Young Athletics Official of the
                               Year Award from Olympic             A stunning new work of art created by A level Art students
                               Gold Medallist, David Hemery.       is helping pregnant women through the experience of
                                                                   Frimley Park Hospital’s central delivery suite (CDS) is the new
                                                                   home of a spectacular mural which was unveiled at the
                                                                   hospital recently.
                                                                   A2 Applied Art and Design students from the College put
                                                                   together the stunning mural, now hanging in the birthing
Christmas singalong with                                           pool room. The overall theme of the mural is the four seasons,
children from Farnborough                                          and students took individual responsibility for each of the 24
Grange Infants School                                              panels. The complete design was also made into the 2008
                                                                   Christmas card for the College.
                                                                   Julie Frohlich, CDS manager at Frimley Park Hospital, said:
                                                                   “Many women find it helpful to focus on a picture or object
                                                                   during contractions—this is used as a distraction especially
                                     2nd year student David        as labour progresses. There is plenty to focus on with this
                                     Lovegrove is UK Formula       fantastic design—it contains something for everyone.”
                                     3 Hovercraft Champion         Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Chairman Sir Mike
                                     and came 2nd in the           Aaronson thanked the College for generously donating the
                                     World Championships in        work to the hospital. He said the work was “absolutely right”
                                     Sweden.                       for its new home.

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