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The summer holidays quite literally started with a bang this year, as a cork
popped loudly out of a fizzy bottle at the opening of Burford School’s Proms
evening. I had been firmly warned not to be embarrassing all night, so not a great
start. Still, Ludo, my partner in the sublime, managed to put me in the shade after
a particularly rousing rendition of ‘the Dam Busters’ by piping up in his clear,
dulcet and frankly rather too loud tones ‘Mama, was that one God Save the
Queen?’ Thank goodness daughter was tucked away in the middle of the
orchestra and couldn’t make eye contact, otherwise we would have both been the
recipient of that cauterising teenage stare that causes me to shrivel up in shame.
At the end of a completely amazing evening I remarked that Miss Longford, the
conductor was really cool, doing all that energetic conducting and stuff. Cue
another Ludo special: ‘Mama, no offence, but girls can’t really be cool. They can
be pretty, but not cool. Not unless they have a green hairstyle’ A green hairstyle?
Who on earth are his role models? And what can I do about it?
Our summer holiday trip to Cornwall was preceded by a zip over to ‘Abroad’.
‘Abroad’ was beautiful, with many bin collections (becoming a more popular
theme than the weather in our house) but horror of horrors, in the intervening
years, when I haven’t been to ‘Abroad’, the cost of coffee has risen to an
untenable (and quite undrinkable) amount. FIVE WHOLE POUNDS I had to
pay for one cup.......a total disaster seeing as how my five a day consists entirely
of caffeinated beverages. I was most put out, and had to ration myself, no mean
feat, as I get twitchy on four or less a day. Gulp. (or not gulp as it turned out)
Still, on arrival back in England, balance was restored, (caffeine that is, not bank.
Bank balance is still reeling)Coffee was drunk and a lovely bacon sandwich,
possibly the pinnacle of English culinary achievements, was prepared. It was
almost instantly snaffled by Ludo, who, in a sudden moment of clarity realised
that real bacon is actually much tastier than frazzles. He wolfed it down and said
‘It’s a shame you can’t get a bacon tree, isn’t it?’ ‘Well, that’s called a pig isn’t it?’
said I (slightly miffed he’d just nabbed my bacon). ‘It would be easier to have a
bacon tree though, wouldn’t it Mama?’ What on earth do I say to that?
Sometimes, those summer holidays do stretch on a bit.
Finally, I have noticed that as I get older, I am becoming more and more like my
mother. One of her most habits is reading out all the roadsigns
when she’s in the car with me. And adding little comments. It drives me round
the twist. So imagine my horror when on a recent journey as a passenger, I found
myself not only reading out every single sign at the side of the road, but adding
interesting little insights as well........nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
(The photograph on the front cover is a view from the tennis courts over Broadwell. Many
thanks to Stephan Findlay Wilson)

Dear friends
There is something wonderful about the Summer Holiday period. Perhaps the
small bursts of sunshine, perhaps the chance to take a break from work and the
pressures of the daily grind? The need to ‘get away’ from it all is a common
human desire. As a family we have ‘got away’ to London, Scotland and recently
Jersey. Yet wherever we might be privileged to travel to, whatever new
surroundings and cultures we experience, certain constants of life go with us.
One such constant is injustice, and the suffering that accompanies it.
Louise and I sat in a Holiday Inn, the night before my sister’s wedding, watching
news unfold of the tragedy in Oslo and the island of Utoeya in Norway. We had
just recovered from Evie’s birthday party when we watched scenes of rioting and
looting in London and other UK major cities and beyond this, at the time of
writing, drought threatens much of East Africa with famine. The fallout from
past and ongoing movements of the Arab Spring hits hard in North Africa and
the Middle East and the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks
lies within this month. Whether personal, local or global we all know the feeling
or empathise with injustice and suffering. Many ask openly, or quietly in their
hearts, ‘where is God?’
Perhaps suffering is really God’s punishment of sins? Perhaps God himself is not
just and fair? Perhaps God is not able to intervene, is he powerless? Perhaps
there is no God?
One of the most well known books of the Old Testament, the book of Job, deals
entirely with the issue of injustice and suffering. Job is the innocent man who
suffers from injustice, and his friends gather around to offer their supposedly
wise responses. As they fail, through their human reasoning to solve the
conundrum, God intervenes with some stark truths. In a series of rhetorical
questions God challenges Job to answer who he is to challenge God; ‘Do you
know the laws of the heavens?’; ‘Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?’;
‘Would you discredit my justice?’; ‘Would you condemn me to justify yourself?’
The gap between us and God, between creatures and creator is immense.
Consequently our reasoning can only ever take us so far, and often leaves us
without full answers. Job knew what we all need. ‘If only there were someone to
arbitrate between us, to lay his hand upon us both?’
Jesus Christ is the one who bridges the gap between us and our creator heavenly
Father. He who willingly suffered injustice and death, comforts us in the darkest
places. He who overcame death, assures us that God works through injustice for
good, and so offers hope. He who defeated sin and evil, promises us that God
will deliver justice to all.
Patrick Wheaton

1st Sunday 4th September (11th after Trinity)
10.30am         Kelmscott                 Benefice Communion                PW/HM
6.00pm          Broughton Poggs           Benefice Evensong                 HM
2nd Sunday 11th September (12th after Trinity)
9.00am           Alvescot                 Holy Communion                    AM
9.00am           Broadwell                Holy Communion                    HM
9.00am           Westwell/Holwell         Holy Communion                    EJ
10.30am          Filkins                  Parish Communion                  AM
10.30am          Shilton                  Parish Communion &                HM/PW-
                                          Children’s Church                 CC
 11.00am         Little Faringdon         Matins                            DM
6.00pm           Black Bourton            Evensong                          PW
6.00pm           Kencot                   Evensong                          EJ
3rd Sunday 18th September (13th after Trinity)
9.00am           Holwell                   Holy Communion                   HM
10.30am          Langford                  Parish Communion &               HM
10.30am          Black Bourton/Alvescot    Holy Communion &                 PW
6.00pm           Broughton Poggs           Evensong                         JL
6.00pm           Westwell                  Harvest Festival                 PW
4th Sunday 25th September (14th after Trinity)
9.00am           Shilton                          Holy Communion            HM
9.00am           Langford                         Holy Communion            PW
10.30am          Alvescot/Black Bourton           Parish Communion          EJ
10.30am          Filkins                          Family Communion          PW
10.30am          Broadwell                        Matins                    AP
10.30am          Westwell                         Family Communion &        HM
11am             Lt Faringdon                     Parish Communion          AR
6.00pm           Holwell/Westwell                 Evensong                  EJ
6.00pm           Kencot                           Harvest Festival          PW

                            MIDWEEK SERVICES
Wed 7th             10.00am                       Black Bourton        EJ
Wed 14th            10.00am                       Black Bourton        PW
Wed 21st            10.00am                       Black Bourton        HM
Wed 28th            10.00am                       Black Bourton        PW

                              COTSWOLD HOME
                            (private service for residents only)
Friday 9th NUW       Friday 16th NUW          Tuesday 20th HM      Tuesday 27th PW

1st Sunday 4th September (11th after Trinity)
Exodus 12.1-14        Psalm 149                Romans 138-end   Matthew 18.15-end
2nd Sunday 11th September (12th after Trinity)
Exodus 14.19-end      Psalm 114                Romans 14.1-12   Matthew 18 21-35
3rd Sunday 18th September (13th after Trinity)
Exodus 16.2-15        Psalm 105.1-6, 36- Phillipians 1.21-end   Matthew 20.1-16
4th Sunday 25th September (14th after Trinity)
Exodus 17.1-7         Psalm 78.1-4, 12- Phillipians 2.1-13      Matthew 21.23-32

W           e don’t know who wrote the New Testament letter to the Hebrews,
            but we do know that it was written to encourage a group of Christians
            who were struggling with their faith in turbulent times. Two thousand
years later, the letter points us back to Christ as the focus of our faith.
September 19th Hebrews 1:1-2:9                Christ the Son of God
October 3rd          Hebrews 4:14-5:10        Christ our great high priest
October 17th         Hebrews 8:1-9:15         Christ our mediator
October 31st         Hebrews 10:19-3          Confidence to draw near
November 21st Hebrews 11:1-39                 Faith to stand firm
December 5th         Hebrews12:1-29           Courage to persevere
Our meetings are on Monday afternoons, from 2.00pm to 3.30pm, at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. You are most welcome to join us on any of these dates, or to
contact me on 01993 846169 for more details.
Liz Johnson
Alister has kindly offered to talk to us on October 11th in the Benefice. The
lecture is entitled: ‘The King James Bible of 1611: The Making of a Classic
Translation’. It will deal with how the translation came about, look at some
features of the translation, and reflect on its wider importance
Harry MacInnes
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday September 7th at 3.00pm. This meeting
will be held at the home of Elizabeth Gidman, 1, the Coach House, Filkins Hall.
The speaker will be Rev’d Patrick Wheaton. All are welcome. Do come and listen
to Patrick. Refreshments are available.
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

The ‘12 Churches’ of the Shill Valley & Broadshire Benefice are
keen to see all ages worship together at our services on Sunday
mornings. Of course, parents and children are very welcome at any
of our services, but those below have a particular family focus, with
a more casual atmosphere.
Sunday 11th Sept.   Children’s Church         10.30am   Shilton
Sunday 25th Sept.   Family Communion          10.30am   Filkins
We often have something a little different in our services during the
summer months, and this summer for one of our services we invited a
voluntary speaker from the organisation Open Doors which is based in Witney.
We struck gold! He was an excellent speaker and he gave a really challenging but
inspiring sermon. He also gave us an update on the work of Open Doors and
afterwards there were leaflets and books on the work which we could read. One
of these, ‘Night of a million miracles’, recounted everything that led up to Project
Pearl in 1981 when, after a heartfelt plea from Chinese Christians, one million
Chinese bibles were smuggled into China in one night. I remember at that time
reading about it in ‘God’s smuggler to China’ so it was uplifting now to read
about the effect that all those bibles had in that country. Our chapel is small and
cosy that it is wonderful to have a wider perspective and begin to realise just how
great God is.
Preachers for September
4th September Informal joined by members of Nether Westcote Chapel
11th September Graham Sparrowhawk followed by communion
18th September Debbie Newman from Helping Hands
25th September David Earl Harvest Festival
September is always a busy month and several things will be happening. There is
Ride and Stride of course on Saturday 10th, and on Sunday 18th Debbie Newman
will be speaking and also sharing more about the work of Helping Hands in
Uganda. She often brings goods from Uganda to sell too. Then on the 25th it is
our Harvest Festival which will be followed by refreshments in the Old School
and on Monday at 6.00pm in the chapel the produce will be auctioned off and
the money sent to the Baptist Missionary Society. Finally we are hoping to have a
Quizaid, like a pub quiz but in the Old School, to raise money for Christian Aid.
More details on notices around the village. All our services are at 6.00pm and
visitors are very welcome to any of them.
Elizabeth Harfield
STANDING COMMITTEE MEETING SVBBC at the Rectory on 5th oct at
noon, and the SVBBBC meeting at the Wildlife Park on 2nd nov at 6 for 6.30pm.
Jane Brylewski

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill
& Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month
there are dozens of events organized by the many local
organizations that flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened,
and to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we
receive, but please accept that we can not always advertise
your particular event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                   St Peter’s

 On Saturday September 24th the Ploughing Match is being held at Black Bourton
and St Peter's fundraisers are having a ‘Vintage Stall’ at the event. We need to
stock the stall with items such as china, glass, jewellery, LPs/CDs, postcards,
books, small tools, garden implements etc. If you are clearing your cupboards etc
please contact us and we will happily accept items from you. If in Alvescot
contact Tessa Farley ( 01993 842357) or Jayne Lewin (01993 842435) with details,
or if elsewhere Gwen Bamford (843650) and I will collect. Due to current
legislation we are unable to accept electrical goods. We will be very grateful for
your support - thank you
Gwen Bamford
There will be a quiz night in the Village Hall on Saturday October 1 st. To reserve
tickets phone me on 01993 842135.
This will take place on September 3rd in the Village Hall. Photography subjects
are animal/s, water and wild flower/s. Show schedules available in now, please
call me for a schedule on 01993 842135.
Sandie Morris

On Saturday November 12th there will be a concert with tunes and songs from
the British Isles and America on Banjo, Bodhran, Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin,
Mandola, Spoons and Recorder, as played by Oddfellas. Tickets £8.00 in advance
from either me on 01993 842135 or Doreen on 01993 844124
Terry Morris
Would anyone in Alvescot like to ride or walk between any
churches and raise funds for the Oxfordshire Historic
Churches Trust by sponsorship for this charity and for our
village church? If so please contact me on 01993 841357 for
more information.
Tessa Farley
I would like to say an enormous thank you to all who supported the Coffee
Morning at Florence Corner on Wednesday 3rd August. We raised an astonishing
£592.69 for St Peter’s Church. Thank you all so very much. None of this would
have been possible without the generosity of those who attended and several
who couldn’t attend but kindly sent a donation. Guests were able to relax in the
garden with their coffee and delicious cake as we were blessed with a beautiful
hot day. The sales table groaned under the weight of fresh picked garden
produce, home-made cakes and preserves and a range of interesting fancy goods.
I can not sufficiently thank my wonderful team of helpers, both for what they did
on the day, in the planning and clearing away afterwards and of course not
forgetting the totally scrummy cakes!
 The Church has been a part of our village for more than 900 years and these
funds will make a contribution to the project to address its damp problem and
improve its facilities for all in our community.
 Jan Hussey
This year, the children and staff
enjoyed a wonderful day out at Bristol
Zoo. Everyone took great delight in
seeing all the animals and particularly
enjoyed watching the seals and
penguins through the transparent
underwater walkways, the gorillas and gibbons cavorting on monkey island and
the close encounters with the fruit bats and lemurs. The children in Year 2 all had
the opportunity to experience ‘ZooRopia’, Bristol Zoo’s high rope course
through the trees. This provided an incredible challenge for our children and the

courage that they showed in completing the course, the exhilaration and pride as
they came down the zip wire at the end and the camaraderie, yet again proved the
extent of the friendships that they have forged during their time at St Peter’s and
gave them an enormous sense of personal achievement.
This month, Reverend MacInnes and Tessa Farley have joined us for our whole
school assemblies. Reverend MacInnes helped the children to remember Jesus’
teachings to ‘Forget not’, ‘Fear not’, ‘Fret not’ and ‘Faint not’ by tying knots in
their own pieces of string and Mrs Farley talked about endings and beginnings in
order to help prepare the children as they move on to their new classes and
The Leaver’s Service in St Peter’s Church was a lovely service in celebration and
memory of the year. The children filled the church with their beautiful singing
and the Year 2 children made parents, staff, governors and friends of the school
very proud as they read their memories. This year Reverend MacInnes led the
service, talking about the importance of the firm foundations that St Peter's
provides for all children in relation to the story of ‘The Wise Man and the
Foolish Man’.
Term begins again on Wednesday 7th September for children in Classes 1 and 2
and the new children starting in the Foundation Stage Class will start, mornings
only for the first three days, on Monday 12th September, and full-time the
following week. We look forward to everything that the new year holds and wish
all our Leavers every happiness as they start their new schools.
Sam King

                  BLACK BOURTON
                  St Mary’s

In September our weekly Communions will start again at 10.00am every
Wednesday. Everyone is welcome and it is a lovely time together, time to stop,
relax, reflect and gather your thoughts and energy. Go on, give it a go!
Doreen Hart
On Saturday November 12th there will be a concert with tunes and songs from
the British Isles and America on Banjo, Bodhran, Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin,
Mandola, Spoons and Recorder, as played by Oddfellas. Tickets £8.00 in advance
from either me on 01993 842135 or Doreen on 01993 844124
Terry Morris

Our meetings are held on Wednesdays in St Mary’s Church at 7.30 pm each
month, everyone is welcome. The dates for the rest of the year are 21 st
September, 26th October, 23rd November.
If anyone wishes to cycle or walk round
the Churches this year to raise money for
St Mary’s Church it will take place on
Saturday 10th September. It is always great
fun and good for your body as well as
your soul! If you do not feel like physical
exercise but happy to sit in the Church
for an hour or two welcoming the cyclists
that would be a great help too. If you
wish to take part please contact Doreen Hart on 01993 844124 or if you wish to
man the Church contact Frank Stewart-Wood on 01993 842397. A great big
thank you in anticipation!
Doreen Hart
                  St Peter & St Paul’s

September 4th, 11th              Pamela Molyneaux
September 18th, 25th             Alison Goldingham
This year we decided that the various nets, etc, didn’t look very attractive,so we
left them off; nearly successful, but the inevitable did happen, and there was a
swallow trapped inside. Step forward the Military Mind (and athleticism), and
Paul Molyneaux actually achieved the only known recorded capture and release
of a bird from a church window; it successfully reared its young in the porch, and
we were VERY CAREFUL with the door. But it is a problem, and any long term
suggestion would be welcomed.
Nobody wants to consider the coming autumn, but do please keep the date,
October 2nd clear in your diaries, more information will be distributed later, it was
full last year, and everyone said how good it was.
June Goodenough

                St Peter’s

Many tears were shed that Saturday morning. Many tissues were used to wipe wet
faces as volunteers and committee members started the morning preparations for
the Street Party. There was not a single onion left unpeeled, sausage uncooked or
burger still frozen. Sweat, tears and the occasional drop of blood flowed….
 Food processor, numerous frying pans and baking trays were used to fry the
onions and prepare sausages…. Spatulas, kitchen gloves and towels joined the
action… but suddenly the cry of agony!!! Mandy burned her hand!!! She was in
pain, but bravely kept stirring the onions to ensure there would be enough food
for later! Thank you Mandy, truly appreciated!
The gazebos were raised… tables and chairs wiped clean… bunting hung across
the paddock…
One final job… prepare the baps… two hundred and forty baps must be sliced
to save time in the evening… Avril took a sharp bread knife in her hand and
opened the box… oh joy! The baps were sliced already!!! Thank you Hogfathers
for saving us the trouble! And then we waited for the party to start!!!
Finally the road was closed... and the band set up their gear.
The Rhythm Express were playing middle of the road in the middle of the road...
Barbeque was smoking away... the drinks were flowing... the people were
mingling... the children were laughing and running around with colourfull
glowsticks... poor parents had to dig deep often to keep the young generation
happy... and relatively quiet.
And suddenly... around 10.30 pm a moment of panic... no more sausages!!!! The
crowd was demanding food - but there was no sausages on the horizon! Just
burgers.... But the situation was saved again by Mandy - she remembered where
the emergency stash was hidden. And situation was back under control.
 The high quality of the catering and the free-flowing liquid refreshments ensured
a good time was had by all. Few not so shy villagers showed off their best moves
on the dance floor. I see a potential here for a one off ‘Strictly on the tarmac’.
 When you are having such a good time it always ends too soon... but do not fear
- the Street Party will be back next year! PS - and thank you to all the little
Agata Sawika-Gajda

Filkins Theatre is looking for a new home for their costumes. Can you help? We
are able to pay rent for a suitable space. If you think you can help, please contact
me on 01367 860320
Julia Neame
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad
Nursery children staying with us for Holiday Club were
treated to some very exciting outings once again this
summer, including swimming afternoons, bowling, trips
to various play parks and lots of local exploratory walks.
Sessions were extremely well attended- do start planning ahead if you are
interested in childcare for October half-term.
We welcome 6 new children to nursery this term. Along with our child-initiated
topics, we will be discussing ‘All About Me’, a topic which will allow children and
staff to get to know each other as we explore our senses, our homes and families,
our feelings and how to keep healthy. This term, French will continue to take
place on Monday weekly, Saltbox music will be Tuesday afternoon, and Tatty
Bumpkin yoga will be Thursday afternoon, the latter two being fortnightly. Our
congratulations go out to Fiona, one of our pre-school teachers, who has
achieved her Foundation Degree in Early Years- a fantastic achievement whilst
bringing up a family and working here at nursery; we are all very proud of her!
Throughout the month of September, The Old Station Nurseries will be
celebrating our links with the Kajiado Childcare Centre in Kenya and will be
spending a week exploring African culture. At Filkins, we have all sorts of
exciting activities planned- dressing-up, facepainting, tasting African food,
making jewellery and African musical instruments to name but a few. We would
like Thursday 29th September to be our specific fundraising day and hope to
invite parents in for a coffee morning. We intend to have a cake sale, hair-
braiding and tribal face-painting on offer. If anyone has African artefacts that we
could borrow/show the children do let us know; I would also be interested in
anyone who has lived in Africa coming in to talk to the children to give them first
hand experience of a very different lifestyle. Half-term: Monday 24th October-
Friday 28th October Holiday club will run as normal for this week.
Louise Jenkins

  Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
  Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                     Thursdays
30th August   Mrs K Morley         860777    1st September   Miss H Squire          860337
6thSept       Mrs F Shrouder       860053    8th Sept        Mr A Woodford          860319
13th Sept     Lady Allison         860787    15th Sept       Mrs J Higham           860197
20th Sept     Mrs K Morley         860777    22nd Sept       Mrs A Dossett-         860357
27th Sept     Mr C Morley          860777    29th Sept       Mrs M Cover            860302

  Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.00. Witney &
  Fairford - £5.00.
  Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £8.00, Cheltenham and Oxford -
  £10.00 - plus parking charge if applicable. Charges are for a single return journey.
   Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
  appointment. The Surgery service only covers appointments up to 4 pm on
  Tuesdays and Thursday. All users of the service must be able to make their way
  to and from the car unaided.
  Tony Woodford
  August has been a bumper month for the shop. Proper summer weather is at
  last attracting crowds to the swimming pool which is now a tolerable
  temperature. Ice creams, soft drinks, snacks and strawberry scented beach balls
  have been flying off the shelves!
  Sales have continued to increase and we look forward to developing our wine,
  ‘Cook’ frozen foods and local produce ranges.
  The Village Shop AGM will be held on Wednesday 28 th September at 7.30pm at
  the shop, so that members can see progress for themselves. All member
  shareholders are invited to attend and contribute, please help us to plan ahead by
  emailing if you can attend, as space in the shop is
  limited! We will be presenting this year’s sales figures, as well as our plans for the
  shop and inviting comment and ideas from shareholders. If you are not yet a
  shareholder, a £10.00 donation is a valuable contribution and buys you a share in
  the shop. The more voices representing Filkins and surrounding villages the
  better - we would love to hear your opinions at the AGM. If you are a member
  who cannot attend, please feel free to give us any feedback in person, or by email
  before the meeting.
  Don’t forget our new opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10 til 12 and 3 til 5, Sun: 3 til 5.
  Trish Poole

Day                  Morning                                    Afternoon
Monday               10.00am- 12 noon                           3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday              10.00am-12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday            10.00am - 12 noon                          3.00-5.00pm
Thursday             10.00am-12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Friday               10.00am - 12 noon                          3.00-5.00pm
Saturday             10.00am-12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Sunday               closed                                     3.00-5.00pm

Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon

Monday        9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday       8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday     Closed                   Closed
Thursday      9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday        Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

                    St Mary’s

A big welcome to two little newcomers. For Harriet, Col and the girls a beautiful
baby boy, Aubrey David (a miniature of his dad). And for Sarah, an enchanting
spotted foal, Leo (a look-a-like baby giraffe). Born on the same day they bring
happy, happy news to the village. Congratulations to the proud parents from us
Jane Pegram
               St George’s

September      Ellie Maughan

Our craft fair season is coming to an end so if you’ve not called in to see us yet,
please don’t miss out! We’re open from 12 noon until 5.00pm every Wednesday
until September 21st in the Morris Memorial Hall and then that’s it until later in
the year. Admission is free and we have a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted
items to tempt you. Don’t forget, we can only accept cash or cheques and more
information is available on our village website or from me
on 01367 253103.
Laura Roberts

                   St George’s

3rd September                     Jan Allen
10th & 17th September             Caroline White
24th September                    Harvest Festival all invited to help.
The Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday 25 th
September. If you have any flowers, fruit, vegetables
or preserves they would be most welcome. Please
bring them to the church on Saturday 24th September
when the church will be decorated. All are very
welcome to the service after which the produce will
be auctioned accompanied by wine and nibbles.
Proceeds from the auction will be for church funds.
The collection will go to PACT (Parents and Children Together), a Diocese
The annual ride and stride, in aid of Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
‘OHCT’, will take place on Saturday 10th September between 10.00am and
6.00pm.You can join in this event by cycling, walking or horse riding from
church to church. Our own Helen Squire has been doing this on her tricycle
since it all started! The aim is to get friends to sponsor you to raise money for the
charity and half of the proceeds will go to our own church of St. George’s. We
also need volunteers to do stints of sitting in the church to sign in participants
and dish out refreshment. Sponsor forms are available from me at Manor Farm
on 01367 860223.
Jonathan Fyson

Thank you to the 12 people who turned up to tidy the churchyard. This was a
great response and a lot of hard work was carried out ensuring the churchyard is
tidy for another year. This year a lot of extra work was completed at the rear of
the church and the results are very clear to see so please feel free to take a look
when passing.
Gill Cox
A couple of weeks ago we had some saddle stones stolen from behind the
farmhouse between the hours of 8.15 pm and 10.15 pm. This is just to remind
people to be very aware of who is about and if you see anybody or anything
suspicious to ring the police, 999 if it is an emergency or 0845 8505505 which is
their crime/incident number. Try to note number plate details and the make and
colour of the vehicles so that the police can build up a picture of who is about
and what they are up to. They would rather you reported a false alarm than them
miss vital information. Our local Police Support Officer, Isabel Webb, is
contactable by leaving a message on the 0845 8505505 number or email -
Louise Eustace

                St Matthew’s

We had a very successful Fun Dog Day on 30th July which raised just over
£150.00 for the church. Many thanks to Ricky, Sam and Kelly for judging and
demonstrating their dogs and hawks and to all who supported and took part in
the event.
The Annual Harvest lunch will take place in Langford Village Hall on Sunday 2 nd
October, after Harvest Festival in the church. The lunch starts at 12 noon for
12.30.Tickets are £8.00 per head (children ½ price) and are available from Gerry
Austin, Richard Kirby (860205) and Jenny Pitkin. Good food, good company a
real village get together, so book early as numbers are limited.
A reminder that the sponsored Ride and Stride takes place on Saturday 10th
September. Notices are up in the village; please support this event.

Affordable Housing
The new road to the site has been constructed and a new temporary parking
space provided. The footings should be complete by the time you read this.
Once again we would remind you that building sites are dangerous places and no
one should enter the site without the site or project manager’s permission. So if
you should notice anything suspicious going on on-site, trespassers, children etc.
please contact the police.
Should you have any concerns or worries about the project do not hesitate to
contact the Site Manager, Mike Goldsworthy, on 07766 420005.
If you think you will struggle with the cost of keeping your home warm this
winter, there is a free phone advice line which is available to all residents in
Oxfordshire, giving free impartial advice on insulation options, energy efficiency
grants, energy bills, fuel debt and government payments. It is called the
Affordable Warmth Project and the manager is Kelly Gardiner. She is
contactable at United Sustainable Energy Agency, WODC Depot, Avenue 4,
Station Lane, Witney. OX28 4BN. Tel: 01993 894 835.
Join us for an evening of Whist at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday 6 th
September. We start at 7.30pm: however if you would like some tuition please
arrive a little earlier than this. The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and biscuits
at half time with all the profits going to Langford Village Hall. We play for the
enjoyment of the game and the company with small prizes. Everyone is welcome;
you do not need to be an expert card player to come and join us, if you would
like to know more or even get a lift please call me on 01993 852378.
Jo Hutchings
Over at the Langford Cricket Ground there is elation in the air as we get near to
the end of the 2011 season. After an absence of 7 years the Langford First X1 re
entered the Cotswold District Cricket League in Division 3 and last week
clinched promotion to Division 2 with 4 games left to play.
The story of the season so far…..
The big news this year at Langford CC was finding a tremendous coach for our
Youth sides. Ryan Higgins, who played International Cricket for Zimbabwee and
famously took Brian Lara’s wicket, has coached our Youth players incredibly well
and has given us confidence that next year we can enter teams into the Cotswold
District Cricket Leagues at Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 levels.
So if you have children in these age groups who would like to play competitive

cricket then please email Jane Brown on to
register for the 2012 season so she can keep you informed of the timetable. We
hope to end the season for the Youth Teams with a Presentation Morning ,
Match and BBQ at the club on Saturday 3rd September at 10.00am.
2012 will see the introduction of a Ladies Team so if you are interested in getting
involved ( if you are female) then please contact Caroline on To register your interest and to be kept informed of the
timetable for next season.
Dates for your diary
Senior Presentation Evening Friday 23rd September at 7.30pm.
LCC Dinner and Disco            Village Hall- Friday 18th November at 7.30pm
LCC AGM                         The Bell - Tuesday 22nd November at 8.00pm.
LCC Chilli Con Quiz             The Sequel Friday 20th January at 7.30pm
2012 will also see us establish a Second X1 who will play on a Sunday with a full
schedule of matches to enable us to grow players for the First X1 of the future. If
you would like to get involved in the Sunday side next year please register your
interest with me at .
Richard Parsons
My last few weeks at St Christopher's were full of surprises,
not least a lovely farewell assembly and so many thoughtful
cards and presents. I would like to thank all parents, children,
Governors and staff for the wonderful send off and especially
for the kind words and good wishes. I have had a fabulous 15
years at such a special school and would like to thank everyone
involved in St Christopher's for the opportunities, much
happiness and many special memories.
Sarah Nisbett

               LITTLE FARINGDON
               St Margaret’s

September    Jeanie Pollock
October      Caroline Holden
Could everyone please help with the Harvest Festival on 9 th October.

It is wonderful to be reminded of this year’s
glorious church lunch on the lake, kindly hosted by
Sam and Ali Butler at Langford Downs House. The
photographs, courtesy of Peter Twentyman, bring
back warm memories of a sunny afternoon filled
with lively music, splendid food and drink, and
successful fund-raising for our precious church.
This year’s Ride and Stride on behalf of the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
will take place on Saturday 10th September. St Margaret's Church directly benefits
from half of the sponsorship money raised by those from the village who cycle or
walk to other churches in the area. Anyone who wishes to participate in this
year’s Ride and Stride can collect sponsorship papers either in the church or from
Jeremy Taylor (01367 252205).
Barbara Browne

                 Holy Rood

Thank you to all those who came to the Shilton Conservation Association
summer fundraiser at Shilton House on Sat July 30th. It was a wonderful
evening, starting with Pimms in the garden, followed by dinner, and then
entertainment courtesy of John Coghlan and his band with Nikki Loy on vocals.
The evening raised a fantastic £2,398.
Nicola Barry
The next not-to-be-missed event is the Barn Dance on Saturday 24th September.
We’ll have an experienced band - The Cat’s Whiskers - and caller to guide us
through the steps, although dancing is strictly optional. Supper is included in the
ticket price, and we also hope to lay on some other fun things to occupy the non-
dancers. A ticket order form will be included in the next Shilton newsletter but if
you don’t receive that and would like to order tickets, which must be purchased
in advance, or would simply like further details, please give me a ring. Proceeds
from the barn dance will be used to fund Shilton’s Bonfire Night extravaganza in
November. For more details contact me on 01993 842404
Shirley Cuthbertson

2011 Parish Council meetings are as follows:
12th October Shilton (NB this is a change from the previously published 5 th)
7th December Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Meetings in Shilton are held
in the Old School and those in Bradwell Village take place in the Hobbies Room
of the village hall. For more information, contact me on 01993 840825
Katherine Robertson
The Ride and Stride day this year is on Saturday 10 th September and it’s a good
opportunity, through sponsors, to raise funds for Oxfordshire Historic Churches
Trust and our own beautiful Church of the Holy Rood in Shilton. A few years
ago the Trust paid out a couple of grants to us so here is a chance to
acknowledge this and raise funds for them so come on you families and friends
spruce up your bikes, get some sponsors and then enjoy a happy day cycling
around the glorious countryside of our Benefice and of course further afield if
you so wish.
If you don’t fancy cycling but would like to help by sitting at the church for an
hour welcoming riders and striders please do give me a ring. Also let me know if
you would like a sponsorship form and I’ll happily deliver one to you. My
number is 01993 841194.
It will soon be time again to sing our thanks and praises for the crops, fruit and
vegetables that we have harvested and so our Harvest Festival Service will be
held on Sunday 9th October at 11.00am. We have changed the timing from an
evening service to morning so as to give our London friends the chance to come
along. After the service there will be a lunch in the Old School but as space is
limited and so to avoid disappointment, please book early! A village newsletter
will be put together end August/early September giving details of the lunch so
please complete the application form.
Please do try to come to both but if you are not able to do that you are very
welcome to attend the Service or the Lunch. If you have any flowers, greenery,
fruit, vegetables or would like to help decorate the church please do let me know
on 01993 841194.
Our annual coffee morning will be held again in the Old School in Church Lane
here in Shilton on Saturday 5th November. More details will appear in next
month’s Parish Pump but in the meantime please do make a note of the date in
your diaries.
Jean Roberts

Our new session begins on Friday September 9th, a good time for new members
to join. We meet on the second Friday of each month at 7.30 pm in Shilton
village hall. We have a range of speakers on historical subjects and end the
evening with socialising over coffee and biscuits. Visitors are always welcome at
£2.00 - which includes the coffee and biscuits!
On September 9th our speaker will be Liz Woolley, whose talk is entitled ‘Child
Labour in 19th Century Oxfordshire’.
 Fred Robertson
Do you have young children aged between 0-5years old?
Why not come along to BRADWELL BABES BABY
AND TODDLER GROUP? The hall is divided in to safe areas and the older
children can choose from a wooden kitchen, complete with food, to the dressing
up corner, or the ‘hairdressing salon’. We have many ride on cars/bikes and a
slide complete with floor mats. Weekly craft activity, songtime, playtime and
refreshments included in the £1.50 per family contribution. Come along to the
village hall for a free taster session, you and your children would be very
welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. Any queries contact Angela on 01993 823623
or me on 01367 860890.
Miranda Mowbray

                  St Mary’s

The summer is back with a bang and the bees in Westwell are buzzing. We now
have two keepers in the village (an impressive per capita score) and the message
is clearly out that we are friendly to their kind. We have had several American
football shaped swarms attaching themselves in unlikely looking places, one of
which has been domesticated and their new home already flowing with honey.
 An era of organ playing has come to an end at St Mary’s as Donald has decided
to retire from services here after many years of loyal and skilled service. We are
all very grateful for the contribution he has made.
 The next meeting of the PCC is scheduled for Friday September 23rd at 6.00pm
in the church.
Miles Gibson

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

2010-2011 Season
Another successful year, with much diversity in the programming. The season
kicked off with a special occasion: the hundredth concert since Michael
Bochmann first conceived the idea of bringing professional chamber concerts to
his old school, in 1992. This brought the English String Orchestra to Burford,
for a very palatable programme of short, and shortish, pieces ranging from
Telemann to Peter Warlock. Other groups also made welcome returns to the
Lenthall Concerts: the young German group Klanglust, who politely balanced the
Austro-German tradition with sensitive accounts of Elgar and Peter Warlock; the
RCM String Band, who were joined by musicians from Oundle School in
Burford Church, where the acoustic did full justice to Vaughan Williams’ Tallis
Fantasia; and the Bochmann String Trio, who were joined by the pianist Paul
Turner in piano quartets by Mozart and Dvorak. In the midst of these familiar
groups were distinguished new ones: the Amael Piano Trio from Slovenia, who
overcame the sound of the Burford Garden Centre heating plant to give us a
polished Archduke Trio and our first taste of Piazolla; and the Galitzin String
Quartet, another of the current generation of talented young string quartets
emanating from British Academies. They were joined by the tenor Daniel
Norman and a familiar face, the pianist Sholto Kynoch, in Vaughan Williams’
setting of On Wenlock Edge and rounded off the programme unaided in
Beethoven’s Razumovsky Quartet no.2.
2011-2012 Season
The new season opens on Tuesday, 4th October, in Burford Church with a return
visit by the English String Orchestra under guest conductor David El Kabir, with
Sarah Verney Caird (mezzo), Daphne Clark (piano) and Michael Bochmann
(violin) in a Mozart-rich programme. Brochures for the full season are available
from The Lenthall Concerts, Chubbs Close, Fulbrook, Burford, OX18 4BW
(01993 822279) or visit the website:
Jan Campbell

Does the thought of your next heating bill leave you cold?
With the recent announcements from the main energy providers of large
increases in the price of energy, the cost of keep warm is rising. It is becoming
harder for residents to keep their homes heated to the recommended
temperatures of 21˚C (70˚F) in the living room and 18˚C (65˚F) in other
occupied rooms. To help combat this, a free phone helpline has been set up to
advise residents in Oxfordshire how to cut their energy bills.
If you are finding your energy bills unmanageable, you are not alone. Currently
over 5 million people in the UK cannot afford to pay for the heat they need. Any
resident in Oxfordshire who is struggling with their energy bills can call 0800 107
00 44 for free, impartial advice on:
• Cavity wall and loft insulation including the grants available
• Grants and loans to help with heating system replacements
• Government and energy company payments
• How to switch energy suppliers to get the best deal
• Advice on fuel debt
• How to be more energy efficient in the home
Some of these improvements can take a few months to install; don’t wait until it
gets cold to phone. The helpline is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Kelly Gardiner
Sunday 4th September 11.00am-5.00pm: Wychwood Forest Fair comes to
Foxburrow Wood in Witney. Entertainments include bands, Fun Fair, ferret
racing and Aunt Sally. Over 150 stalls of local products and refreshments.
Country craft demonstrations. Sponsor a tree for Foxburrow Wood. Bargains in
plants and second hand books. Entry £6.00, children free, free parking. Contact
Summer Exhibition by Michele Field Sat 27th Aug - Sun 11th Sept
This exciting large display will include British landscapes and contemporary floral
paintings. If you have a love for rural Oxfordshire then this exhibition is a must
see! Michele’s large vibrant flower paintings, and detailed landscapes and canal
scenes have captured the beauty of Oxfordshire.
Michele will be doing a live demonstration on Saturday 3 rd September from 12
noon- 2.00pm. This is free of charge and members of the public will have the
chance to meet Michele and see her working process.
Richard Anderson

We have been sent this photo by one of our readers who is trying to find out if
the attached photo is of Clanfield Cricket Club. It looks as though the date says
1885 but it is distorted. If anyone has any information about the photograph, or
the Monk family who are from the Alvescot and Black Bourton area, we would
be very grateful if you could pass it on.

               BURFORD SCHOOL NEWS
               No news this month

Our opening times are:-
Monday        Closed
Tuesday       1.00pm-5.00pm         6.00pm-7.00pm
Wednesday     Closed
Thursday      10.00am-1.00pm
Friday        10.00am-1.00pm        2.00pm-5.30pm
Saturday      9.30am-1.00pm
Please telephone 01993 823377 for more information.
Carol Holdcroft

What to do if your home is not connected to the public foul sewer. If your home
has a septic tank or a package sewage treatment plant, then you need to register
the system or have an environmental permit. If properly managed, most of these
systems do not cause problems, but if they are poorly designed, installed or
managed, the discharge from them can damage the environment. Domestic
wastewater can contain substances that are potentially harmful to human health
and the environment.
We need to know where all the systems are, so we can focus our work where they
are contributing to environmental problems. It is very important that septic tanks
and other small private sewage treatment systems are kept in good order by their
If you have already been granted permission from us for the discharge, then you
do not need to register. You also do not need to register a cesspool or cesspit, as
these are sealed systems with no discharge to the environment.
• Registration is free
• You only need to register once
• Discharges to surface waters must be registered immediately
• Discharges to ground should be registered any time before 1 January 2012


D         ay 8, Georgetown Island to Banjul, our return to the coast took up most
          of the day but at least the roads were all tarmac covered, which made it
          much more enjoyable than the journey up river that had taken us two
days. We stopped several times to look for new species, the first stop was one of
the best. A flock of Carmine Bee-eaters was picked out sitting on a distant tree.
What a stunning bird, some say too gaudy but a real treat nonetheless. We
counted twenty four of them and had great views particularly of one individual
which sat on a wooden stump just a few metres from the bus. We also found
Abyssinian Roller, Village Indigobird and lots of Weavers. (What a pity the Parish
Pump does not do colour!)
Modou spotted a pair of Northern Anteater Chats as we zoomed along, so a
quick stop and a bit of reversing got us into position to see them. We all had
excellent views, as the pair were jumping into a well for either water or insects,
showing off their white wing patches as they flitted about.
The next bird brought oohs and ahs from the group as we pulled over to watch
two roadside Egyptian Plovers, what a gem, stunningly patterned in black, white
blue-grey and peach.
As the morning wore on we passed through Farrafenni and stopped at a roadside

hole to watch a Warthog wallowing in the mud, but it soon saw us and was gone
in seconds. At another pool we stopped for lunch of bread and bananas,
spending an hour watching various species coming to drink in the rapidly drying
out water hole.
Soon we arrived at Barra and then the fun began. It was like a scene from one of
Michael Palin’s films in Africa. What a chaotic place it seemed, hundreds of
people milled about amongst, vehicles, trash, heat, noise and smells. The
disorderly huge queue for the ferry to Banjul was reported to be two days long as
one of the ferries was out of action and it was a case of who you knew not what
you knew. Modou seemed to know everyone and managed to get us through the
dock gates to the front of the queue and on the very next ferry, much to the
intense annoyance of a group of Dutch travellers in a similar bus. They made an
attempt to try to stop us getting on board, but we persisted and the altercation
soon passed! The fifty minute crossing was quite an eye opener with a mass of
vehicles, some containing cattle, women with babies and bundles on their backs
with live chickens and goats and open boats passing us crammed with what
looked like refugees. What a colourful scene.
When the ferry docked on the other side there was equal chaos with beaten up
overloaded lorries breaking down and it took us some time to clear the port. We
arrived at the hotel before 7pm after another puncture and all enjoyed the luxury
of a proper hotel room having suffered the ‘basic’ conditions at Tendaba and
Georgetown, it was nice to be back but we were glad we went.
Another seven days birding each day from our hotel was very pleasant before the
shock of returning to snow bound Britain in early December.
Back home this month a trip to Bernwood Forest gave me good views of an
elusive prize butterfly, the handsome male Purple Emperor, not one but four and
mainly on the ground whereas they mostly spend their days in the canopy of a
particularly favourite oak tree. A rich iridescent purple sheen shows well when
caught in sunlight, and although I have searched other years for this beauty this is
the first time I have struck gold! Lots of other butterflies frequent this wild
flower rich area including good numbers of Silver Washed Fritillery. I have had
very few butterflies in my garden recently and I have never known the buddleia
to be almost devoid of them as this year.
Rain overnight then all morning on 4th August seemed to be a signal to the local
swifts to leave because the next day and since I have only seen the odd two or
three flying around.
A lovely young Green Woodpecker gave me good views anting on my lawn and a
smart Marsh Tit paid several visits to one of my feeders, a rare bird for my
David Roberts

Lemon Amaretti Puff Cake

S      ome time ago I wrote about almond cake for the
       Pump and published what I believed to be a really
       rather good almond cake which I arrived at after
baking, and eating, obviously, every almond cake recipe I
could find. Readers, I baked and ate tirelessly on your
behalf, which was not too arduous a task as I simply adore
all things ‘almondy’: I am one of those people who, at
Christmas, eat the marzipan from the Christmas cake and
am more than happy to eat everyone else’s too. But that
was before I discovered this recipe, which appeared in a magazine and which I
made recently. It is simply lovely, if you like almonds, that is. Actually, it is more
of a pudding than a cake. It certainly requires a fork as it is damp, almost gooey
and requires only a dusting of icing sugar on top and a dollop of whipped cream
or crème fraîche to make the perfect end to dinner. It is also incredibly easy to
make and will keep in a tin for several days, so it can be made ahead of time if
you are cooking for a dinner party. A winner then, for all you almond-loving
people out there, and if you don’t like almonds then there is all the more for the
rest of us.
200g softened unsalted butter
200g caster sugar
3 medium eggs
finely grated zest and juice of 2 lemons
200g ground almonds
2 tsp sifted baking powder
about 9 amaretti biscuits
Grease a 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin. Preheat oven to 190°C/170°C
fan/375°F/gas mark 5.
Place all the ingredients except the amaretti biscuits in a food processor and whiz
until smooth and creamy. Spread 2-3 tbsp of the mixture evenly in the base of
the tin. Arrange a circle of about 8 amaretti on top touching each other, a few
cm from the edge, and one in the middle. Spoon the remaining cake mixture over
the top, smoothing the surface. Bake for 30-35 minutes until a skewer inserted in
the centre comes out clean. The amaretti will puff deliciously within the cake as it
cooks, turning gorgeously chew and almondy. Run a knife around the sides,
remove the collar of the tin and leave to cool. Shortly before serving dust with
icing sugar. Serves 6-8.
Angela Galione


F       or an animal man, Jamie Craig is unusually chatty. But, as he points out,
        his job as Curator at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, is as much about working
        with people as animals. Not only does he have a large staff under his
guidance, but it’s also part of his job to make sure the thousands of visitors who
trundle up the drive each year have a good day. He likes to meet them and to talk
to them; he knows the value of engagement.
‘Passionate’ is a much over-used word these days but it is precisely how Jamie
comes across. He is fascinated by animals, he loves living here and he really likes
what he does for a living. He is clearly dead chuffed with his lot. He says that for
the first time in his life he has no inclination to move on.
His path to this life has not been text book. He has worked in many different
trades including building, insurance and antiques. At one point he considered
acting and did two runs at Glyndebourne as part of the Opera chorus. But
animals have always been what interested him most. As a child growing up in
Sussex he spent hours in the countryside catching things. His menagerie included
rooks, robins, slo-worms, grass snakes and the like. When given birthday money
he bought a goat (which ate his mother’s garden) and upon finding himself
unemployed as a young man he started a business, breeding reptiles.
It was this last that gave him an entrée into the world of zoo-keeping and he has
since worked at Howlett’s, Druscilla’s, Blackpool Zoo and even set one up from
scratch in Portugal before landing here. He tells me that he was offered more
money to work elsewhere but that he likes the Park and the way of life in our
villages. He likes that people say hello to each other and that no-one shouts at the
kids when they’re zig-zagging down the lane on bikes. He likes the conservation
projects of which he is a part, he enjoys giving talks and lectures, oh and he really
likes lemurs (not so keen on the male ostrich but don’t tell him).
Jamie admits that when he goes on holiday he still spends his time catching
things. He can’t help it.He has the excuse now that it’s for his kids, so they can
learn about animals and insects. But in reality that small boy roaming the Sussex
downs has never gone away.
He says he’s a lucky man. But he also believes that if you’re fortunate enough to
find something you like doing, you should work incredibly hard at it so that you
earn the right to keep doing it. This man is not just an enthusiast, he’s a grafter
too and that’s really what the careers officers should point out to every teenager
who says they want to work with animals.
Julie-Anne Edwards

                 Send your event details to Gill Cox (contact details inside front cover) by 10th of each
                              month for events taking place during the following month

           3rd          Lechlade Flower & Produce Show
3rd           Alvescot Village Show in Village Hall Schedules available Tel 01993
10 th         Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride
14 th to 28th Digital Switchover see August Parish Pump for further information

24th          Shilton Barn Dance for further information Tel 01993 842404
28 th         Black Bourton PC meetings 7.30 St Marys Church
Every Monday Bradwell Babes 9.30 – 11.30 info 01993 823623.

                FREE ADS – SALES AND WANTED (Not trade)
                            (Subject to space availability)
        Send to Gill Cox (details inside front cover) before 10 th of each month

Experienced & Capable Horse Rider Needed
I am looking for someone to accompany me & my just broken youngster, initially
by riding my older experienced 15hh gelding. The ideal person will be over
16years, under 12 stone in weight, a confident rider and able to deal with
unexpected situations like bags in hedges! Evenings/weekends/daytime, whatever
time is suitable, probably once or twice a week for about 1 hour . Horses are kept
at home in Black Bourton.
Please call Sarah on 01993 841807 or 07884 261162

Mamas & Papas Pliko Pram/Pushchair
Excellent condition. Easily converts from pram to pushchair. Apron, rain cover
and instruction book included: £75ono
Mothercare Wooden Playpen
Excellent condition. Wipe-clean play mat included. 90 x 70 x 70cm (Lx W x H):
£45 ono
Flymo Lawnmower: £25 Tel 01367 860 001


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