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					The MIST
  Kevin Ames
  Ian Morgan
 Andrew Piascik
   What is the MIST?
   What else is out there?
   System Overview
   Software
   Hardware
   Ignition System
   Multidisciplinary Aspects
   Project Supplies and Cost
   System Expansion
   Testing Strategy
   Acknowledgements
   Questions / Comments / Suggestions
What is The MIST?
 Remote firing and display design system
  intended for use with consumer fireworks
 Emphasizes safety
 Adds a level of professionalism to amateur
  shows and simplifies show design
 Allows designers to watch the show
  they’ve created
What else is out there?


What else is out there?
What else is out there?
   Professional Systems
     Go beyond what a “weekend warrior” needs
     E-matches are a no-no
     Cost
   Consumer Systems
     Don’t incorporate software for timing and
     Quality issues
     Safety
System Overview
The Software (MISTie)
 Database of firework pieces
 Ability to import audio tracks
 Drag and drop pieces at desired times
 Show overview display
 Software controlled system test
 Real-time launch feedback
 Safety overrides
MISTie Organization
 Database Manager
 Display Designer
 Display Observer
Database Manager
 Written in C++
 Will be able to talk to the Oracle 10g
  Express database through embedded
  SQL code
 Supports adding, removing, and editing
  data in the database
 Will include support for adding data
  through comma delimited files (.csv) that
  can be created from a spreadsheet
Database Manager
Display Designer
Display Observer
Control Box
Control Box
 Uses a Flexis microcontroller
 Display information is flashed serially
 Flexis decodes it and
  transmits signals to
  Ignition Platforms
  at specified times
Ignition Platform
Ignition Platform
 Uses a low power,
  low cost Arduino
 Receives launch data
  serially from the
 Uses digital I/O pins to
  connect to the igniters
Ignition System: Obstacles
 Igniting Visco fuse electronically is non-
 Unlicensed users do not have access to
  appropriate materials (E-match, quick
  fuse, chemicals, and more)
 Power concerns
 Simultaneous ignition
Igniter Options
 E-Match (illegal)
 Model rocket (break easily)
 Nichrome (slow and unreliable)
 Tungsten (slow…no ignition)
 Home made
Ignition System
Ignition System
Ignition System
   Advantages
     Simple design
     More reliable
   Disadvantages
     Power issues
     Number of simultaneous ignitions limited by
     Arduino’s digital I/O pins
The MIST is Multidisciplinary
   Computer Engineering
     Electronic ignition system and software
   Software Engineering
     Software’s modular design
   Systems Engineering
     System’s design and development
   Safety Technology
     System’s design and purpose
Supplies and Cost
Part                                   Distributer/Supplier       Retail Cost        Our Cost

Flexis DemoQE128***                    Freescale Semiconductor    $99.00             $0.00

Arduino Duemilanove                    Arduino                    $35.00             $35.00

Batteries (various)* ** ***            BJ’s                       $20.00- $30.00     $0.00

16 OZ. American Pioneer Powder (FFG)   Gander Mountain            $21.99             $21.99

Christmas Lights                       Christmas Tree Shop        $3.99              $3.99

12v 5Ah Lead Acid Battery               $19.20             $19.20

F5 Electronic Ignition Kit*            Phantom Fireworks          $19.99             $19.99

Model Rocket Igniters*                 Estes                      $3.95 (for 6)      $3.95 (for 6)

Visco Fuse – 10ft*                     Phantom Fireworks          $3.99 (for 1)      $3.99 (for 2)

Nichrome Wire – 125ft**                   $11.00             $11.00

                                       TOTALS:                    243.11             119.11

*       This product has been used for testing but will not contribute to the cost of the final
**      This product has been bought in bulk but not all of the components will be used.
***     This product was provided by RIT.
System Expansion
 How many Ignition Platforms?
 How many Igniters per Ignition
 Wireless
     Zigbee, XBee
 Testability
 Packaging
     Minimalist housing for Control Box and I.P.
     Be able to withstand the effects of firework
      fallout and various weather conditions
Testing Strategy
 Incremental Testing
 Control Box to Computer
 Computer GUI
 Control Box to IP
 IP and Ignition testing
 Total System Testing
 Jim Young, Ian, and Gary
  from Young Explosives
 Dr. Rossenberg and Tom
  Allston from RIT’s
  Chemistry Dept.
 Richard Battaglia and John
  Nash from SMFL

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