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									                                   The Clover Line
                                    SHAWANO COUNTY 4-H FAMILY NEWSLETTER
                                                October 2010


Shawano County 4-H lost four good friends recently. Our memories of these fine individuals will go on, but
these fine persons will definitely be missed by friends, family and Shawano County 4-H.

Mary Bjelland of Shawano served as a 4-H Leader in Shawano County for 18 years, from 1992 through 2009.
She was a project leader in Foods and Nutrition each of those years. Mary also served as a Rabbit project leader
Cloverbud leader for many years. She did an outstanding job as General Leader of the Brener Youthful
Workers 4-H Club from 1997 through 2005, and provided support as a Co-Leader after that. Always kind,
patient, soft-spoken and personable, Mary touched the lives of a great many youth and families in the Shawano

Larry Buss of Tigerton served as a Swine project leader for the Caroline Aces 4-H Club from 1999 through
2009. A good number of youth learned how to feed, care for and show their hogs properly under his direction.
Larry loved the county fair and was always there to help with a large smile on his face. Larry provided a great
example of sportsmanship to kids and will be missed by all who knew him.

Joann Berna was in her second year as a 4-H Photography Leader for the Millennium Stars 4-H Club at the
time of her passing. She had always been a very active, supportive parent for her kids with husband Jim prior to
and after becoming a 4-H Leader. Always friendly, smiling and willing to help whenever asked, we are certain
that Joann’s contributions as a 4-H Leader would have been many had she been given more years to serve.

George Babino of Caroline Aces, served as an Activity Leader for 4 years. His physical limitations didn’t
hamper the desire he had to help whenever he was able.

We offer condolences to the families of these fine individuals and wish to say “Thank You” for their
contributions to Shawano County 4-H.

We also offer condolences to Sandy Wendorff and family who recently lost their mother. Sandy is a General
Leader for the Wolf River 4-H Club and our Assistant Food Stand Manager.


                                                                 Inside this Cloverline…
Joe Stellato
                                                 Super Saturday! - page 2
4-H Youth Development Agent
                                                 4-H Experience Details & Registration - page 4
                                                 Club Officer Training - page 8
                                                 New 4-H Leader Training - page 8
                                                 Key Leader Information - page 15
                  1   Youth In Action Scrapbooks due to the UWEX office
                 3-9  Shawano County and National 4-H Week
                  4   4-H Executive Board Meeting
                 12   Key Committee Work night, 7:00pm at the Courthouse
                 12   Horse Key Committee, 7:00pm, Courthouse, Room A
                 12   Lawn Display Contest photos are due to the UWEX office
                 24   Annual “4-H Experience”
29 & 30th Spooky Fun at Tigerton and Pella! – see page 7 for details

 6    Cat & Dog Vaccination Clinic, Belle Plaine Town Hall, 9:00am to Noon
6 & 13 Snowmobile Safety Class, must pre-register. See page 11 for details
 7    Horse Banquet, Amico’s in Shawano, 4:00pm
 7    Daylight Saving Time Begins, Fall Back One Hour!
 8    4-H Resumes & Portfolios due for Award Trip Opportunities
22    Leaders & OYG Meetings, 7:30 at the Courthouse
22    Interviews for Award Trips
25 & 26 Happy Thanksgiving, Courthouse closed
30    Deadline to cash Fair checks

                        4 & 11 Snowmobile Safety Class, must pre-register. See page 11 for details
                        15    All 4-H, FFA & Leader re-enrollments due to UW-Extension Office
                        15    Teen Leader Award Apps due to UW-Extension office
                        24    Courthouse closes at noon in observance of Christmas Eve
                        25    Courthouse closed in observance of Christmas Day

                             Because our 4-H Super Saturday events have been so popular,
                                 we’d like to offer this program again on January 22, 2011.
                           To do this, we’ll need a planning committee and volunteer instructors
                             to teach sessions! Please talk to persons you know that have a
                                 special talent that can be shared with youth and/or adults,
                              and ask them if they’d like to teach a one or two-hour session
                              at Super Saturday. Most of our older 4-H members also have
                               skills developed through 4-H project work that can be shared
                                  with younger kids, so please consider teaching a session!
                                Anyone wishing to serve on the planning committee should
                                     contact Joe at the UWEX Office at 715-526-6136 or
                          joseph.stellato@ces.uwex.edu. One or two planning meetings should
                             be all we need, so the time commitment won’t be huge! Persons
                             willing to serve as Instructors for our 2011 Super Saturday event
                                     should contact Joe or Terri by Friday, November 12.
                                                       Our 4-H Livestock Judging Teams! Jr Team
                                                       won second place at the NE District judging
                                                       contest held at Area Animal Science Day at
                                                       Door County. Jr Livestock Judging Team
                                                       members included: Adam Kramer, Clint
                                                       Dallas, Elizabeth Esch and Emma Esch. Sr.
                                                       Team took third place! Members are:
                                                       Brandon Ramirez, Jed Dallas, Aly Dallas and
                    Here‟s a big “Thank You!” to
                                                       Sara Esch. Special thanks goes to coaches
                    all the great volunteers who       Brad & Lindsay Johnson of CRI/Genex for
                    helped with the county fair set-   teaching our youth the fine points of Livestock
                    up day, helped during the fair     Judging!
and helped on the county fair clean-up day! We
couldn‟t have had a fair without your generous
help! We hope that you had fun, had time to visit      Area Animal Science Day
with your friends and neighbors and will consider      Poster Winners:
helping out again in the coming year!                  Amy Gretzinger and Rachel
                      Joe Stellato                     Beilfuss – Sr Division;
                                                       Garrett Borley and Tatelyn Ferguson – Junior
                                                       Division; Sarah Hohn, Noah Schmidt and
                                                       Danny Damveld in the Beginner Division.
Fair Superintendents, Clerks, Bldg Supervisors,
Youth Helpers, Parents and Leaders who helped
make the Shawano County Fair a success.                Members Attending the Robotics
                                                       Extravaganza: Rory Sarenich, Evan Siahaan,
                                                       Brock Robaidek, and Rachel Beversdorf.
Marilyn Ebert and Sandy Wendorff for
managing the 4-H Food Stand and all the
volunteers who worked in the food stand to make        Megan Klemp and Jenifer Krull represented
a success of this fundraiser.                          Shawano County at the State Dog Show. They
                                                       both received first in their classes. They thank
                                                       Terri and Diane at Complete Canine Care for
Volunteers who helped evaluate Shawano                 their training.
County record books at the Courthouse.

                   Kathy Westfahl and JoAnn
                                                       Of Interest to All …
                   Fehrman for assisting with
                   record book evaluation at
                   Outagamie County.                           * Re-enrollment Time *
                                                       If you wish to transfer to a different club…
                                                       when you receive your re-enrollment form,
Eileen Lamm as chaperone for state fair, with          fill it out just the same as before, then simply
Brandon Ramirez and Bridgett Roffers exhibiting        change the club name to the club you wish
goats.                                                 to become a member of. Make sure both the
                                                       old and new club leaders know of your
                                                       decision. Your form should then be turned
All FFA and 4-H Clubs that                             in to your new club leader.
helped at Brunch on the Farm.
The Brunch Committee truly
appreciates your assistance.
4-H – The Power of YOUth                               4-H Experience – Oct. 24
                                                              At Bonduel High School
4-Hers throughout the United States will be
celebrating 4-H Week, October 3-9 and Shawano          12:00 pm - Chicken and BBQ Ribs
County 4-Hers will be joining in the celebration.              ($5 per person, 5 & under free)
                                                       1:00pm – Formal program begins

                                                       All members, leaders and their families are
                                                       invited to attend our annual 4-H Experience.
                                                       This is the time we recognize the efforts of
                                                       members for their record books, the years of
                                                       dedicated service of our volunteers and
                                                       present other prestigious awards to both
                                                       members and leaders. You‟ll also hear brief
4-H Clubs can promote 4-H in their own areas and       presentations from participants attending
across the entire county. Parades, window or yard      American Spirit, State 4-H Conference &
displays, setting up a display at school open houses   Space Camp.
are just a few ideas.

Share with others the many opportunities that await    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
individuals who become involved in 4-H.
Handouts and brochures are available from the
UW-Extension Office. If you want help or have               “4-H Experience” Registration
questions, contact the UW-Extension Office at 526-
6136. Please note that we do have a portable 4-H
display that clubs can borrow for use at school open
houses and other events.

                                                       Phone #_______________________
Fairest of the Fair
                                                                Number attending _____ x $5.00
Girls, are you interested in a great program!
Check out the Fairest of the Fair program. You                  Amount Included _____________
will have an outstanding mentor in Amber
Swenor. Win or not, you will gain valuable life
experiences. Please call Amber at 715-853-9555         Make check payable to:
for more details.                                               Shawano Co. 4-H Leaders, Inc.

                                                       Mail to: UW-Extension Office,
                                                               Rm 101, Courthouse,
                                                               311 N. Main Street,
                                                               Shawano WI 54166
Daylight-Saving Time
                                                                                    by October 15th
 Ends on Sunday,
 November 7th
   at 2:00am.
Leaders Honored at 4-H Experience                                              10 Year Leaders
                                                                 Diane Peterson        Maple Grove
The 4-H Experience will be held on Sunday, October               Roger Kuczer          Maple Grove
24. Pins and certificates will be awarded to leaders             Geri Kuczer           Maple Grove
with 5 year increments of leadership. This year the              Dana Dallmann         Seneca Stingers
following leaders will be honored:                               Gary Spiegel          Pella Eagles
                                                                 Chris Spiegel         Pella Eagles
                                                                 Mary Pockat           Caroline Aces
                    35 Year Leaders                              Jennifer Krueger      Key Committee
Joel Buettner            Wolf River
Betty Kort               Key Committee                                          5 Year Leaders
                                                                 Gary Aprill           Maple Grove
                    30 Year Leaders                              Tracie Brede          Landstad
Sandy Wendorff           Wolf River                              Sharilyn Cackovic     Maple View Jets
                                                                 Doug Clark            Belle Plaine
                    25 Year Leaders                              Sarah Magee           Brener
Terry Bruno              Key Committee                           Mark McClone          Millennium Stars
Donald Krueger           Caroline Aces                           Wanda Minniecheske Tiger Tribe
Jim Leuenberger          Key Committee                           Terri Pedersen        Bit „n Bridle
Kathy Moericke           Key Committee                           Stephanie Peterman Maple Grove
Judy Tomashek            Waukechon Wildcats                      Elaine Rusch          Town Line
Diana Whealon            Key Committee                           Nicolle Wussow        Bonduel

               20 Year Leaders
Joe Mraz            Pella Eagles
Cynthia Engel       Bonduel                                      Attention: All Leaders
Dan Zernicke        Landstad
Mary Zahn           Key Committee
                                                                 All 4-H leaders need to fill out a “4-H
Donna Watermolen    Country Korner
                                                                 Enrollment” form AND a “Volunteer
David Watermolen    Country Korner
                                                                 Behavior Expectation” form every year in
Veronica Campbell   Key Committee
                                                                 order to retain active 4-H Leader status in the
Joan Block          Key Committee
                                                                 computer system. It also allows you to
                                                                 continue to receive the Cloverline, get
Pins and certificates will be awarded to the following leaders   accurate recognition for years of service, and
at their Club‟s Achievement Programs.                            receive a fair pass. Plus, the state 4-H
                                                                 program requires we get this form signed
               15 Year Leaders                                   annually and repeat background checks
Carrie Sievert       Zachow                                      (automatically done by the UWEX office
Tom Kramer           Brener                                      every four years).
Wendy Nooyen         Key Committee
Becky Moore          Maple Grove                                 Club project/activity and general leaders,
Mike Moore           Maple Grove                                 these forms will be available from general
Jolene Allen         Country Korner                              leaders with enrollment forms due by
                                                                 December 15th. Sign these at your clubs
                   10 Year Leaders                               October or November monthly meeting.
Kathy Conto              County Line
Pat Brusky               Key Committee                           Key Committee leaders, you will need to
Paul Parrott             Cecil Golden Wheels                     make sure you fill these out at a key
Jennifer Parrott         Cecil Golden Wheels                     committee meeting this fall or stop in the
Crystal Strasse          Caroline Aces                           office to get one.
Lori List                Pella Eagles
Statewide 4-H Arts Workshop!                        2010 Penny War
                                                                                Result      $ Raised
Both adults and 4-H youth grades 9-13               Angelica                 + $16.63          25.63
are invited to participate.                         Belle Plaine             + $70.67         201.27
                                                    Bit „n Bridle            + .12 cents        3.42
Participants will select one track of your choice   Bonduel                  + $1.98           10.28
to go “in depth” for the entire weekend. Just a     Bowler                   + $11.47          19.07
few tracks to choose from are: culinary arts,       Brener                   + $14.99          25.19
clowning, fiber art, Tae Kwon Do, wax               Caroline Aces            + $10.78          26.68
painting and much more.                             Cecil Golden Wheels      + $2.94            3.44
                                                    Country Korner           + $2.01            6.41
January 21st and 22nd                               County Line              - $6.77           20.93
4H Upham Woods, Wisconsin Dells                     Landstad                 - $1.26            1.44
Cost is $35 with registration due December 3rd      Lonesome Pine            - .33 cents        3.47
                                                    Maple Grove              + $37.95          54.25
                                                    Maple View Jets          - .74 cents        1.16
Auditions for the 4-H Showcase Singers will be
                                                    Millennium Stars         + $37.00          46.30
conducted at 3:00pm on Sunday. Get a group of
                                                    Pella Eagels             + $41.48          67.38
youth and adults together from your county for a    Seneca Stingers          - $1.07            9.43
weekend of fabulous 4-H ARTS FUN! A brochure        Tiger Tribe              + $10.40          56.60
and the registration form are found at              Tilleda Timberwolves     + $30.29          35.49
www.uwex.edu/ces/4h/events/artsleadership.cfm       Town & Country           + $20.11          24.21
                                                    Town Line                + .09 cents         .29
                                                    Tres Rios                + $16.87          22.47
             Don & Bernice Schoedel                 Waukechon                + $10.11          18.91
   Shawano County Endowment Fund                    Wolf River               + $2.68           12.78
                                                    Zachow                   - $10.51          26.89
Each year the interest earned on the Don and                                                $723.39
Bernice Schoedel/ Shawano County 4-H
Endowment Fund is awarded to deserving 4-H          Note: Pennies and paper money were “positive”
programs. Approximately $1000 is expected to be     money. Any nickels, dimes and quarters were
                                                    “negative” money. So even though your club
earned by the endowment fund this year. A request
                                                    may have had $22 in bills and $2.35 in pennies
form to apply for these funds is available at the   (total $24.35), because there was $31.25 in
UW-Extension office. Requests must be submitted     silver coin, your “score” could be negative $6.90
by October 26th.                                    Remember: The goal here was to raise money.
                                                    There were no losers! But winning the traveling
The Endowment Fund Committee will meet in           Penny trophy & ice cream cake is Belle Plaine!
November to decide on financial awards.
                                                    Monies earned will be donated to the Don &
                                                    Bernice Schoedel/Shawano County 4-H
                                                    Endowment Fund. These monies are invested
                                                    with the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation and interest
     Cat & Dog Vaccination Clinic                   income is then used in the “furtherance of 4-H
                                                    Club work in Shawano County”.
   Saturday, November 6th, 9:00 a.m. to Noon        Thank you all for your support and hope
             Belle Plaine Town Hall                 everyone had fun with this war game! Special
                                                    Thanks to Katie Westfahl and her class at
Sponsored by Belle Plaine 4-H Club and We Care      Franklin Middle School in Green Bay for
 Animal Hospital. Discounted prices apply. For      calculating our money. The 6th – 8th graders in
         details call Judy at 526-6241.             her cognitively disabled class had a blast with all
                                                    that cash counting!
                Get Spooked At                       Keep Your Yellow ID Card
                                                     All continuing 4-H adult volunteers are
    Pella’s OLD MILL Haunted Park                    reminded to keep their yellow certification
     GREAT Family Fun for All Ages                   card from participation in the Youth
                                                     Protection Program. This is a permanent ID
           Friday October 29th and                   card that all WI adult volunteers have.
            Saturday October 30th
               6:30pm - 9:30pm

        Spooks, Tricks and Treats                    Does Your Club Have “Friends”?
                                                     If a person, organization or business has
        Hosted by Pella Eagles 4-H
                                                     made an important contribution to your club,
      Free will offering to defray costs.
                                                     either in goods, time or money, we have
                                                     certificates available to recognize them. Stop
                                                     by the UW-Extension office and pick some
           Halloween Haunted Maze!
                                                     Community Service Grants Available
Held at the Morris Town Hall, Cty Hwy J, Tigerton    4-H clubs are encouraged to apply
Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30st      for one of the Land O‟ Lakes
         6:00pm to 10:00pm both nights               Community Service Grants.
                                                     Check out their website @
   Cost is $2.00 each or 3 persons for $5.00
     Sponsored by the Tiger Tribe 4-H Club
                  See U there!                       Unpaid Bills
                                                     A few clubs still owe the Leaders, Inc. for
                                                     literature and misc. charges for the past year.
                                                     Please pay your bills by Nov. 1, so the 4-H
Adult and Youth Leaders                              financial statements can be completed. Clubs
                                                     that have not paid are: Tres Rios & Zachow.
Community Involvement Awards
The Awards Program for all clubs with scrapbooks
in June Dairy Month and Youth In Action will be at
the “4-H Experience” on October 24.                  Aerospace-Rocketry
Clubs in Shawano County are actively pursuing        If you would like to be a youth or adult
community service projects. If your club hasn't      leader in this project, and would like to learn
done a scrapbook in the past, think about putting    more about how to get involved on the
something together for next year, and get some       county level, please attend Key Committee
recognition for your involvement in the              Worknight, October 12th. The current
community.                                           leadership - Lori List, Ann Steffen and Al
                                                     Erb - could use more help and would like
                                                     your input.
Invite Speakers to Local Club                           Training for 4-H Club Officers
Achievement Program
                                                        Club Officer Training
Part of your Club Achievement Program could             All new 4-H Club Officers should mark Super
focus around a presentation from one of the             Saturday, January 22nd on their calendars!
Shawano county trip/award delegates. Part of their      This will be the annual 4-H Club Officer
scholarship responsibility is to remain available for   Training. If you‟ve just been elected to a new
one year as a promotional speaker.                      officer position, here‟s your chance to learn
                                                        how to do the job right! Look for registration
CWF (Citizenship –Washington Focus)                     information in the December Cloverline.
Your name could be here!

American Spirit:                                        Training for New 4-H Leaders
Tyler Cina, Bonduel            (715) 758-2299
Laura Aprill, Maple Grove      (920) 833-2912           ALL FIRST YEAR 4-H LEADERS should
Erin Stiede, Maple Grove       (920) 822-5206           plan to attend the January 25 session to
                                                        complete their required Youth Protection
State Conference:                                       Training and Volunteer Orientation. We will
Kaitlin Fuhrman, Tiger Tribe (715) 535-2525             meet in the County Board Room, 2nd floor of
Rachel Utke, Belle Plaine    (715) 526-9261             the courthouse, 7:00 - 9:00pm. ALL first year
Jenna Schauer, Belle Plaine (715) 524-2856              adults wishing to serve as volunteers (club
Aubrey Netzel, Belle Plaine (715) 823-2798              general leaders, project and activity leaders,
Lindsay Anderson, Town & Country                        coaches, etc.) are required to attend a two-
                             (715) 787-4408             hour orientation/training, sign a list of
                                                        volunteer behavior guidelines and authorize a
Space Camp:                                             confidential records check through the
Casey Clark, Belle Plaine      (715) 524-2860           Department of Justice. Attendance at this
                                                        training will meet this requirement! Please
                                                        contact the Extension Office to let us know
                                                        you will be coming so that we can have a
Fall Youth Leadership Conference                        packet of materials prepared for you. Cost of
November 20, Chula Vista, Wisconsin Dells               the records check is $7, and will be paid for by
                                                        the volunteer at this training session (policy
Grab Hold of the Reins, Get Roped into 4-H!             set by Shawano County 4-H Leaders, Inc.).
This conference is open to 4-H Youth in 7th grade
and older from across the state. There are many         It is unfortunate that there are some
exciting leadership sessions you have to choose from    individuals who are not always supportive of
and then enjoy the indoor water park with your new      young people. Their actions can scar young
friends! The cost is only $47 and your parent may       people for life. The Youth Protection Program
attend the conference for only $25 (which covers        is being implemented
lunch but not a water park pass).                       to protect every child
                                                        who is involved with
Make this a family outing.… your whole family can       4-H and to make a
enjoy an overnight experience at Chula Vista. There     solid effort in training
is a block of rooms listed under “Southern District     volunteers so a safe
4-H Program for the 19th or 20th. Registration          environment            is
information is available at                             maintained.
3.pdf or at the UWEX office.
                                                     National 4-H Congress
 Youth News and Happenings                           Nov. 25-29, Atlanta, GA
                                                     Delegates participate in self-development
                                                     seminars, tours, and a service project, while
4-H Travel and Award Opportunities
                                                     exchanging ideas with youth from across the
Older teens – think about applying for some
                                                     -Grades 10-12, max. age 18 as of Jan. 1, 2011
special trips and awards for next year! Not sure
                                                     -Estimated cost $1000 (members pay only 35%
what trips we‟re talking about? Read past this
                                                     or approximately $325).
article to learn more. The Shawano County 4-H
Resume and Portfolio forms are available from
the UW-Extension Office. ALL trips and
                                                     National 4-H Conference
awards below have the same deadline. This
                                                     April 2-7, Washington D.C.
deadline is November 8. Be sure to call Joe or
                                                     Six youth are selected from WI to attend this
Terri if you need more information about any of
                                                     working conference held at the National 4-H
these opportunities.
                                                     Center.     Each participant
                                                     selects an issue and works
After completing a resume and portfolio (the first
                                                     with other youth from across
year is the most intimidating, after that you can
                                                     the country to develop plans
simply update and improve the previous year‟s),
                                                     to help direct future 4-H
you will be asked to come for an interview on the
evening of Nov. 22, the same night as the OYG
                                                     -Grades 10-12, max. age 18 as of 1-1-2011
meeting. Those with conflicts can re-schedule.
                                                     -one delegate selected from county must go
These interviews are meant to be a learning
                                                     through final selection at state level
experience. Why not apply to participate in one
                                                     -Estimated cost $1100 (members pay only 25%
of these FUN opportunities next year?
                                                     or approximately $350).

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Conference
                                                     WI 4-H Key Award
June 27 -30, Madison WI
                                                     This is the highest state 4-H Award earned by
Over 500 youth attend this educational event in
                                                     members who have shown consistent growth in
Madison each summer. Participants take part in
                                                     their 4-H involvement, developed and applied
educational seminars, field trips and assemblies
                                                     their leadership skills, and actively participated in
and meet 4-H‟ers from across Wisconsin. There
                                                     their 4-H club and community.
are also dances, movies, volleyball and other
                                                     -Grades 11-13
recreational activities each night. You are
encouraged to take what you learn and share it
with others in your club, community, and county.
                                                     4-H American Spirit
-Grades 7-10
                                                     June 16th – 23rd
-Estimated cost $225 (members pay only 35% or
                                                     Delegates travel for 9 days exploring America‟s
roughly $80. Call Joe for more information.)
                                                           heritage. Key stops are in Valley Forge,
                                                             Philadelphia, New York, Plymouth Rock
                                                                  and Boston.
Citizenship Washington Focus
                                                                     -Grade 9
June or July, Washington D.C.
                                                                      -Estimated cost $950 (member
This weeklong event focuses on educating you
                                                                      pays 35% or approximately
about our nation‟s government and citizenship
while visiting many sites of interest in our
nation‟s capitol.
-Grades 10-12, minimum age 15 at travel time
-Estimated cost $1100 (members pay only 25%
or approximately $275).
                                                   US Space Camp
More Educational Trips
                                                   Delegates participate in hands-on mock space
                                                   missions and other activities in this NASA
Listed below are little known but highly
                                                   program while exchanging ideas with youth
educational trips that are available. Each has a
                                                   from across WI. Youth travel to Huntsville,
website to visit for more info or contact Joe or
                                                   Alabama, tentatively set for April 14-18. $500
Terri at the UWEX office.
                                                   approximate cost. For more information visit:
                                                   index.cfm .
National 4-H Dairy Conference                      Qualifications:
About 200 4-H dairy project members around          In 6th-8th grade at the time of the trip, max
the US and Canada congregate in Madison for            age 15 at travel time
this conference held in conjunction with World      Carry county approval through time of trip
Dairy Expo. Participants learn about                Executive Board will review application for
production, processing, marketing and use of       approval and assistance with travel cost. In
dairy products, and develop a broader              return, delegate and parent/guardian must work
understanding of careers available in dairy        one shift at the Flea Market Food Stand with
production, biotechnology, genetics, marketing     Leaders Inc. or an OYG fundraiser.
and other selected areas. The conference
consists of participatory workshops on the UW
campus, speakers, tours and visiting the World
Dairy Expo. The total cost is approx. $275.        Winter Leadership Camp
2011 dates are September 25th - 29th .             Attention 4-H members, grades 6-8! Don't miss a
Qualifications:                                    great opportunity to participate in a weekend of
 In 10th-12th grade at the time of the trip,      leadership skill development and fun! From
    max age 18 as of Jan. 1, 2010                  teambuilding and communication to goal-setting,
 Have outstanding dairy accomplishment            there will be something for everyone! Mark your
    records                                        calendars now for a terrific time of learning and
                                                   fun. This year's Eastern District 4-H Winter
 Carry county approval through time of the
                                                   Leadership Camp will be held February 4-6 at
    trip                                           Camp TaPaWingo near Mishicot. Cost is $70 (4-
 May not exhibit animals at WDO or                H Leaders will cover 50%). Carpooling will
    participate in the National 4-H Dairy Cattle   likely be available.
    judging contest while at this conference.
                                                   Youth in grades 6-8 from throughout NE
More information can be found at:                  Wisconsin will come together at 4-H Winter
http://www.uwex.edu/ces/4h/events/dairyconf        Leadership camp to work on improving their
/index.cfm .                                       leadership skills. Through hands-on, interactive
                                                   workshops, participants will focus on teamwork,
                                                   communication, decision-making, planning and
                                                   evaluating. In addition to attending leadership
                                                   sessions, youth will participate in a variety of
                                                   recreational activities including, sledding,
                                                   snowshoeing and hiking!

                                                   Please contact the UW-Extension Office for the
                                                   one page application, if you're interested in
                                                   attending. Applications are due by November
                                                   8th. Depending on the number of applicants,
                                                   there may be an interview November 22.
National 4-H Week, October 3-9                         Snowmobile
Top 10 Community Activity Ideas                             Safety
I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking…
 Open the doors for others to learn about 4-H:        Reserve the following dates for this year‟s
  Hold an open house where 4-H members,                Snowmobile Safety Certification Program.
  volunteers, and community leaders all speak          Participants must be between 12 & 16 years of
  about the importance of 4-H. Send invitations to     age. No 10 yr olds allowed, 11 year olds may
  both youth and adults throughout the community
                                                       participate, if their birthday falls in the current
  to attend.
                                                       snow season (before March 1st). Cost is $10.00
 Teach or host a community service activity.
 Exhibit talents and experiences gained in 4-H:
                                                                        First Session
  Set up an exhibit at a local library, school, or
                                                        Saturdays, Nov 6th and 13th , 8:30 – Noon
  other community center where 4-H members can
                                                             (Must attend both days – all hours.)
  showcase the learning experiences they have
  gained through 4-H. Feature top projects at
  future events or in the local newspaper.                             Second Session
                                                        Saturdays, Dec. 4th and 11th , 8:30 – Noon
I pledge my HEART to greater loyalty…                        (Must attend both days – all hours.)
 Recognize 4-H members: Honor 4-H members
  for their commitment to the 4-H program. Invite      Class held at the Shawano Community High
  community leaders to attend.                         School in the Library.
 Connect others with the larger 4-H community.
  Invite other youth development organizations,                * Pre-registration is required
  school officials, legislators, and community                 * Class size limited
  leaders as well as young people, to be a part of             * 1st come - 1st served basis
  the discussion.
 Thank those who make 4-H happen. Thank 4-H           To register, contact the UWEX Office at 715-
  volunteers in your community with a recognition      526-6136 between 8:00am & 4:30pm.
  event. Highlight the top volunteers in a future      Instructor will be Troy Beyer.
  publication showing them in action with 4-H

I pledge my HANDS to larger service…                   Timely Humor…
 Give young people the opportunity to show their
  compassion for others. Host a craft party at a 4-H   What did the Loch Ness Monster say to his
  meeting where young people make items for            friend? Long time no sea.
  senior citizens, children at a local hospital, or
  other in need.                                       How can you tell when witches are carrying a
                                                       time bomb? You can hear their brooms tick.
 Help the community. Plan a community-wide
  service project.                                     That boy is so dirty, the only time he washes
                                                       his ears is when he eats watermelon.
I pledge my HEALTH to better living…
 Educate others about healthy lifestyles. Allow       Why did the man put a clock under his desk?
  4-H members to lead the event and teach other        He wanted to work overtime.
  young people about healthy lifestyles.
 Have young people showcase their healthy             Why shouldn't you tell secrets when a clock is
  lifestyles knowledge. Host a healthy lifestyles      around? Because time will tell.
  poster, essay or speech contest in your 4-H
                                                     Youth Honey Bee Poster Contest
Natural Resources and                                “It‟s A Bee-utiful World With Bee‟s” theme for
Environmental Education                              the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association
                                                     upcoming honey bee poster contest.
There will be a 4-H Shooting Sports Certification
                                                     There will be four age divisions in the contest:
Workshop held on October 15th & 16th at the
                                                     2nd grade and under, 3rd-5th grade, 6th-8th
Rod and Gun Club in EauClaire, Wisconsin.
                                                     grade, and 9th through 12th grade. Prizes
Required as a Shooting Sports hands-on leader.       for each age group include $25 for first
This workshop is open to adults to become            place, $15 for second, and $10 for third.
certified in: Archery, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun,
Muzzleloader or Coordinator.                         Youth interested in competing in the contest
                                                     should design an 11x14-inch poster made of
Participants must attend both days with a cost of    poster board, and include their name, address,
$70. Registration deadline is October 1st by         age, grade and school on the back of the poster.
calling Doug Thompson at 920-391-4657 (Mon           The deadline for entries is October 25th.
– Wed, 8am to 4pm or 920-845-1342 evenings.          Mail entries to Sharon Pufahl, W6432 County
                                                     Highway O, Mauston WI 53948. For more
For more information and a registration form,        information call, 608-847-4407.
visit the 4-H Shooting Sports website at:
                                                     Animal Sciences

Key Committee Worknight for
Shooting Sports has been set for Thursday,                                   4-H Dairy
October 21st, 7:00pm at the Courthouse. This                                Quiz Bowl Team
meeting is for current and potential Key
Committee Members to evaluate the current year       Dairy Quiz Bowl is a fun way to learn about
and set goals and schedules for next year.           the dairy industry and test your knowledge!
                                                     Dairy Quiz Bowl is like the “Jeopardy” TV
                                                     game show, where contestants are asked
                                                     questions about any and all aspects of the dairy
Trapper Ed Class Being Offered                       industry! Teams are awarded points for
                                                     answering questions correctly. There is a State
All trappers are required to pass a Trapper          4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest that our
Education class before they can obtain a trapping    Shawano County teams participate in……
license in the state. This class is open to anyone   usually held at the end of January or early in
over 10 years old. Must register in advance by       February. Practice will begin in November. If
calling your instructors: Dan at 920-737-2826 or     you‟d like to participate in Dairy Quiz Bowl,
Nicke at 920-609-2825. Space is limited.             contact coach Nicolle Wussow at 715-745-
                                                     6236 or send email to
Date:    October 23rd and 24th                       milknmore@granitewave.com
Place:   Pella Town Hall
Time:    8:00am to 4:00pm
Cost:    $12.00                                      Livestock Key Committee Meeting
                                                     is scheduled for October 12th. Please attend to
Lunch is provided. A DNR customer ID number          evaluate this year‟s fair and make plans for
is required by calling 1-888-936-7463.               another great year for our livestock members.
Horse Banquet                                          Dear Members, Advisors & Superintendents
Open to ALL Horse project members, to be held             On behave of the Fair Board, I would like to Thank everyone
November 7th at Amico‟s in Shawano beginning           for your involvement in this years Shawano County Fair. The
at 4:00pm. Details to follow in a postcard later       projects in the 4-H building showed the hours of work everyone
this month.
                                                       put in and the animals looked in prime shape. That is a tribute
                                                       to each and everyone who entered the fair.
Horse Partner Program                                      The weather and the muddy parking lots may have been a
                                                       challenge but that didn't take away everyone's enthusiasm to
The Horse Partner program is established by the
                                                       put on a great fair. Thanks to everyone for your patience in
4-H Horse Key Committee to encourage project
members to spend time working with their horse,        getting in and out of the parking lots.
improving their riding skills, their animal‟s              I also want to thank those who helped with the set-up and to
abilities and communication with their animal.         those who helped with the clean-up. However, the clean-up crew
Medals are awarded at the Shawano County Fair          was rather small. A few more hands next year would be greatly
and are based on the number of hours spent             appreciated.
working with your animal. A bronze medal is                We have an outstanding fair thanks to you and we want to
awarded for 100 hours, silver medal for 200            continue to improve with your help. Encourage others to join
hours and gold for 300 or more hours of time           your clubs, share with them your enthusiasm. Build on those
spent with your horse. Examples of activities that
                                                       friendships for many of them will last a lifetime!
qualify for hours include things like grooming,
showing time, trail riding, lessons, practices             Remember, the Shawano County Fair is your Fair, help keep it
clinics with your horse, etc. Examples of what is      strong.
not included are time cleaning stalls, doing               Have a great school year.
chores, cleaning equipment, etc. (all related to the       Sincerely,
project, but not involving the actual animal).             Dale Hodkiewicz, President Fair Board

The program year runs from September thru
August. You can keep track of your hours and the
type of activity in any way that is convenient for
                                                       Ag Truths Not Tails Conference
you. Many project members place a calendar in
the barn and record their hours and the activity on    Mark your calendar for this engaging youth
it. Total the hours at the end of the year and         conference on January 28-29 at Upham Woods.
submit them at the fair. Start recording and           Friday night stay is optional. This is for youth
receive recognition for the work that you do.          ages 13 to one year post high school in the
You may surprise yourself.                             project areas of Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep and
                                                       Goats. This is a great opportunity to learn and
                                                       practice skills to become the next generation of
                                                       communicators for Wisconsin‟s Livestock &
Feather and Fur Fall Swap                              Dairy Industry. Bring a team of youth and parents
                                                       to these interactive, networking sessions that will
Sponsored by the Northern Poultry-Pigeon-              focus on Animal Welfare from leaders in the
Rabbit Club. Held on Saturday, October 9, at           Industry. Speakers from UW-Extension, Validus,
the Peshtigo Feed Mill in Peshtigo                     World Dairy Expo, National Pork Board and
Free Admission! Buy – Sell – Trade                     others will lead your experience. This is great
                                                       opportunity for county educational credits. For
For more information, call Chris or Sheryl at          more information visit the conference website at
715-587-0249 or Sandi at 715-735-7120.                 http://fyi.uwex.edu/agtruthsnottails/ Contact
Reminder: Must comply with all state and local         Bernie O‟Rourke, UW Extension Youth
rules and regulations re: transportation and sale.     Livestock Specialist with questions 608-263-
                                                       4304 or borourke2@ansci.wisc.edu
Shawano County Fair                                 Family, Home and Health

Fair Award Recipients –                             Family Living (Child Dev., Clothing, Knitting
      Send Thank You Notes!                         & Crocheting, Home Environment) will have
                                                    their Key Committee Worknight on October
If you received a plaque this year at the fair      21st, 7:00pm at the Courthouse.
please take a moment to let the Award Sponsor
know what this means to you. I hear from
many sponsors that the reason they no longer        Patterns
wish to sponsor is because they don‟t feel          McCalls and Butterick pattern companies have a
the member‟s appreciate their                       selection of patterns available at a price of $1.00 to
award as they receive no thank                      4-H youth.
you note.
                                                    4-H members interested in seeing and/or
                                                    purchasing the patterns needs to visit
                                                    www.sewcoolinschool.com If you don‟t have a
                                                    computer, call and we‟ll make arrangements for
FAIR CHECKS                                         you to use the one in the office. Enter 200624
                                                    when asked for your school code #.
To receive your fair premium checks, you must
turn in your completed record book to your
General Leader (see Fair Premium Book, page               * Chaperone Opportunities *
10, #5 of the rules section). They will have your
checks after the County 4-H Experience.             Adults looking for a unique chance to get away
                                                    from their “normal routine” and spend some
When you receive your check, please cash it         quality time with some quality kids, should
                                                    consider the following opportunities:
right away as the Ag Society business year ends.
                                                        Citizenship Washington Focus bus trips to
Must be cashed by November 30.
                                                             Washington, D.C. = June & July
                                                    National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia = Nov
                                                    National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison =Sept
                                                     U.S. Space Camp, Huntsville, Alabama = April
Recycle Your Fair Ribbons                            International trips to Australia, Japan, Korea, or
                                                                     Mexico (summer).
Do you have some fair ribbons (Jr. Fair or
                                                    Applicants must be at least 21 years old at time of
Open class) that you no longer want? If they
                                                    trip & certified WI 4-H Leaders. A complete
are in good shape, you can recycle them by
                                                    application must be submitted by March 1
bringing to the UW- Extension office. Let‟s         (January or February 1 for international trips).
help keep fair costs down!                          Most trips are for three to seven days but
                                                    international trips last one month. In addition,
                                                    chaperones are required to attend both chaperone
Animals for the Fair                                and delegate orientations. Registration & travel
                                                    expenses are covered; some meals may be at the
If you are interested in showing a horse, dairy,    chaperone‟s expense. Feel free to call our office
or goat at the fair next year, but do not own one   for more information and application or visit the
of these animals, contact Betty Kort at 715-        website
526-5078 to discuss the possibility of using her    http://www.uwex.edu/ces/4h/volunteers/index.cfm
animals as a managerial project.
County Level Project Key Committees are very important to the Shawano County 4-H Program. “Key”
Committees consist of leaders, parents, adults, community resource people and youth leaders interested in
similar project or activity areas. These committees plan, implement and evaluate county-wide educational
programs and opportunities, give suggestions for exhibits and judges at the county fair...taking an active role
in the Shawano County 4-H Program.

               October 12 has been set aside as “Key” Committee Work night.
We‟ll start with a brief orientation, then look at roles of committees, what resources are available and what
direction their program may follow, evaluating and planning for various project educational workshops,
suggesting judges and exhibit selections for county fair. At this time, UW-Extension Agents and the 4-H
Program Assistant will be available to meet with various committees in an advisory role.

    The following Key Committees will meet from 7:00 - 9:00pm on October 12th:

   Cat                                   Goat (Dairy & Meat)                    Photography
   Cloverbuds                            Horse & Pony                           Plant & Soil Sciences
   Dairy                                 Livestock                              Poultry/Rabbits
   Dog                                   Mechanical Sciences                    Visual Arts
   Environmental Ed.                      (Aerospace, Electricity,               Pets & Vet Science
                                           Woodworking & Scale Models)

Other Key Committee opportunities: Promotion & Expansion; Travel; Theatre & Communication
Arts; Adventures in Dairyland; Record Books, Awards & Achievement; Schoedel/Endowment Fund;
Camp; and Softball. These will not meet at this time. Simply enter it on your enrollment form.

   ALL Key Committees will be asked to select chair people and recorders and submit a "Plan of Action"
    and budget requests at the end of their meeting - this information will be compiled into a Key Committee
    Reference Guide & Calendar and distributed at the January 4-H Leaders, Inc. meeting.

   Anyone who wishes to get involved with any of the project areas or activities listed above should plan to
    attend Key Committee Worknight! This is the first step in planning project meetings, activities and
    improving the fair for next year.

   All interested adult leaders, older 4-H members and parents are invited to participate on Key Committees.
    If you‟d like to help improve the County 4-H program, this is your opportunity.

       If you are interested in only serving on a county key committee and are not involved with
    an individual club, make sure you fill out an Enrollment Form and a Volunteer Expectation
    Form. These will be at either Key Committee Worknight or you can contact the UWEX
    office. These forms must be completed and in our office each year for you to be considered
    a 4-H Leader.

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