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More Info                                                         Published 1/11/2005

                                     Guide to Atrium Doors
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The original Atrium hinged door was introduced about 1976 and was discontinued about 1997. The
Atrium name became a common way of referring to any manufacturer that made that particular style of
door (like Coke for soft drinks or Kleenex for facial tissue).

The Atrium brand door was sold as single door units or in multiples of two or more. The most common
was the 6' wide single opening door with a fixed / stationary panel. The door was hinged in the center
and opened on the left or right side of the unit, also known as a hinged patio door or swingset.

                            2 panel 6-0 x 6-8 hinged door measurements
            Basic Unit Size :          71-3/4" x 79-3/4" ( without exterior trim)
            Door Size Standard:        34" x 76-3/4"
            Actual Glass Size :        29-3/4" x 66-3/4"

Atrium does not manufacture this panel any longer. A company in New Jersey will custom make new
panels but the cost is so high the customer is better off replacing the door.

Glass (sizes are not guaranteed)
The original Atrium swing set used 1/2" insulated glass. Old style 1/2" insulated glass was used till
about 1984. New style 3/4" glass was used from around 1982 to 1997. There is an overlap in years.

              Panel Width          Panel Height*         Glass Width        Glass Height
                   2-0"                  6-8"              17-3/4"            66-3/4"
                   2-7"                  6-8"              23-3/4"            66-3/4"
                  2-10"                  6-8"              26-5/8"            66-3/4"
                   3-1"                  6-8"              29-3/4"            66-3/4"
            *8-0 tall door 77-3/4, glass height

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Glass Stops
Made out of wood. There are two different outside glass stops used on this door. The profile is different
depending if the insulated glass was 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch thick. If the existing glass needs to be replaced
the glass stops can normally be removed and reused. Vinyl glass stops In 1988 they used vinyl glass
stops for 1 year and had problems. These stops are no longer available.

Lock Hardware:
Atrium used what is commonly referred to as a single point mortise lock. The original locksets were
available in a polished brass finish. or antique brass. In the early 1990s they introduced a multipoint
The door was mortised (cut out) and the lock body / case fits into the door. The inside and outside trim
plates are installed next; then handles; and finally the keyed profile cylinder is installed.
The single point lock hardware is still available in Polished Brass or Chrome finishes.
The Multipoint lock was made by a French company called Ferco. The lock was one continuous piece
from the top to bottom and parts are no longer available. There is an aftermarket lock made by another
company that is assembled in 3 pieces. The lock body / case is made to accept extensions to allow for
several heights and can be used with several doors, including the Atrium.

The Atrium hinge was 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" with a 1/4" radius. The original hinges were embossed with the
Atrium name and were available in a polished brass or antique brass finish.

Patio Door Screen (sizes are not guaranteed)
The industry has seen different sizes of atrium screen doors. this might be due to slight changes in door
designs or possibly the outsourcing of screens made by different companies at different times. The
majority of widths seem to be on the 1/2" and heights on the 3/4".
Screen door kits are available in white or bronze finish and can be shipped unassembled / knocked-
down (KD) . The KD kits are easier and less expensive to ship and can be taken to most hardware
stores for assembly and screening. The original screen door rollers are still available (part #11086).

Patio Door Screen Track
The original Atrium brand door used a plastic track that was fitted into the oak sill. In the mid 1980s
they changed to an aluminum strip that was screwed to the oak and a plastic cap snapped over the
aluminum to give a similar look. This was used to replace the original track that was easily broken.
There are several replacement tracks that will replace either of these. The most common is an extruded
aluminum that can be cut to length and installed after removing the original ones.

              All About Doors & Windows     |   1901 Cherry St. Kansas City, MO 64108-1714                                                             Published 1/11/2005

Threshold / Sill
The original oak thresholds were replaceable with the new improved aluminum ones. However, the
bevel on the new aluminum sill was different than on the oak and required modification. The aluminum
sill was discontinued in 1997 is no longer available.
All About Doors and Windows has a growing selection of Atrium Door Replacement Parts to keep
these doors working.

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