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             Presented by:
               Tami Berg
Membership & Marketing Vice President Elect
              Nevada PTA
The Chair
•   Attends scheduled meetings
•   Recruits membership committee
•   Leads committee in the recruitment process for members
•   Distributes membership cards
•   Works with state membership chair to reach membership
•   Collects and assists in processing membership fees
•   Remits dues to state and council PTAs every month
•   Maintains accurate records/OMDR(membership listing and
    committee activity)
•   Attends training whenever possible
The Committee
• Size – five to ten members
• Composition – parents, teachers and administrator
  Should also consist of under-represented members
  of the community
• Goal Setting – ensure that it obtainable
• Action Plan – break up the goal into small pieces
• Record Keeping – maintain a procedure book of all
  committee activities
The Campaign
•   Lay the ground work
•   Prepare for back to school
•   Open House/Kindergarten Orientation
•   Ask everyone
•   Tell your story
•   Enlist community members
•   Keep the momentum going year-round
•   Have fun!
Laying the Ground Work
• Attend training
• Read material from state and National PTA – stay
• Meet with your team to set goals and create an
  action plan
• Present goals to your PTA executive board and the
  principal to ensure support – ask principal for
  support from teachers
Preparing for Back to School
• Adopt a theme
• Create posters – utilize National PTA website
• Letters to send home, i.e., volunteer assessment
• Packets for office for new registrants
• Accomplishment sheet for your PTA and goals for
  this year
• Calendar of events to inform parents of upcoming
  activities-ask principal for PTA events to be
  included on school calendars
Open House/Kindergarten Orientation
• Request to speak for 5 minutes – this can be the
  chair or the PTA president
   – Prepare speech to educate the parents on the value of
     being a PTA member at your school
• Prepare a visual display that is pleasing to the eye
  and creates excitement
   – Have a table at the event that will hold your visual
     display and have membership enrollment available –
     most importantly DO NOT stay behind the table
Ask Everyone

•   Be yourself       • Don’t wait till the last
•   Be enthusiastic
                      • Don’t be argumentative
•   Challenge them
                      • Don’t take rejections
•   Don’t apologize
•   Be prepared
                      • Follow through
                      • Recognition
How to Ask
     Introduce             Focus             Focus
                           on the            on the

                   Needs            Bene -
     Yourself                       “feet”

 Invite them to
 join!            Close the Door
                  They are
Tell Your Story
•   Why did you join?
•   What keeps you here?
•   What are the benefits for you?
•   As a leader do you like what you are doing?
•   What makes this the “best” job?
•   Know the history of PTA.
•   How has your involvement changed the world for
Common Objections
•   I don’t have time!
•   I don’t have children in school.
•   I don’t agree with PTA positions.
•   Your PTA doesn’t do anything.
•   I just don’t have the money.
•   I get the benefits whether or not I join.
•   I was a member once and I didn’t like it.
Enlisting Community Members
• Invite a well-known personality to be an honorary
  membership chair
• Ask people you know
   –   Employers and co-workers
   –   School administration and staff
   –   Members of your place of worship
   –   Friends, neighbors, and relatives
   –   People who belong to your other volunteer or recreational groups
   –   Parents whose children attend the same after school or weekend
       activities as your children
• Develop a key message
• Recognize accomplishments
Keep the Momentum Going
• The campaign never ends.
• Periodically put up fresh posters.
• Have packets available in the office for new
  registrants through out the year.
• Whenever there is a school/PTA event ask to
  address the audience and have a membership
  table there.
• Continuously ask everyone you meet.
• Educate members consistently.
Retaining the Members You Have
• Ask past members to come back-tell them what is new.
• Make sure they feel and understand how valuable they are
• Provide the resources they need.
• Communicate regularly and in more than one way.
• Create a website to provide information and to educate
  them on the value of being a member.
• Educate them of the resources available from state and
  National PTA.
• Get them involved.
• Communicate and recognize accomplishments.

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