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Acrobat (PDF)


									Acrobat                    Work HomeWork • Home • School

Flexibility for Any Task
Acrobat                                       Work Home School

See near, far and everything in
between with Acrobat. It’s our
most flexible solution for reading,
writing or viewing magnified
images at any distance. Use it
up close like a mirror for applying
make-up or other personal

By simply rotating the camera
you can magnify images in the
distance. Use it to view
presentations, paperwork, even
work on crafts and hobbies.
Acrobat is ideal for work, school
or home and is easily

                                         ACROBAT LCD is a complete system

                                         featuring a 3-in-1 camera with a 19” or
       I love my Acrobat! It has truly   22” monitor. The adjustable arm and
  given me a new lease on life. I can    rotating capability allows the camera
  read Bible sized print, do more        to be positioned at any angle for
  detailed things like tying fishing     optimal viewing. A built in handle
                                         allows for easy transport.
  hooks and flies. Things I used to
  depend on others to do for me I now
  do myself. There’s no end to the
  potential for this wonderful device.
                 –Carrol C. “Red” Myer         (8 8 8) 811 - 3161
                                                 (714) 4 6 5 - 3 4 0 0
                                                                         Work • Home • School
                                                     Work Home School

Features Include:                          Camera Arm Options:
• Autofocus 3-in-1 camera forand
  yourself up close, reading
                              seeing       You can select from two additional arm
                                           options that can be connected to the
  distance viewing
                                           monitor of your choice

• Detachable camera for use at multiple
  work stations

• Various arms and positioning options
  provide maximum flexibility

• True mirror image in self-viewing

• Memory setting for each camera
                                           ACROBAT SHORT ARM
• Compactonsize minimizes space
  needed     table or desk
                                           Free-standing short arm is easy to
                                           transport and offers great stability.
                                           Carrying case included.
• Set up is easy, just plug in and begin
• 19” monitor provides 65x adjustable
  magnification, 22” monitor provides
  up to 75x magnification

• 7and brightness to optimize contrast
     viewing modes

• Wrap around dual keypad allows easy
   access to controls

• Computer compatible
  (additional hardware required)
                                           ACROBAT LONG ARM
                                           Longer arm provides flexibility to work on
• Two year warranty                        larger projects. Clamps easily to a table

• Line markers, object locator, remote
                                           or desk.
   control and more…                       Note: Monitor sold separately for Short and Long Arm options.

To schedule a no obligation demonstration, please call (888) 811-3161.
Acrobat                                     Work HomeWork • Home • School

                                          Connection Options
              Acrobat LCD
              Carrying Case               You can configure your Acrobat
              Durable rolling canvas      Long Arm or Short Arm in a variety
              case with expandable        of ways to meet your specific
              handle and front zipper     needs. For your convenience both
              pocket. Sold separately.    options can be connected to a TV
              (Specify 19” or 22” LCD)
                                          or computer monitor. Please
                                          specify when ordering.

                                          Take advantage of Acrobat’s
                                          detachable camera head by
                                          purchasing an additional arm or
                  Acrobat XY Table        workstation.
              Use the optional XY table
              to smoothly glide           Also Available
              materials under the         • Extra LCD Acrobat Work Station
              camera for easy reading.    • Extra Arm and Clamp Assembly

  Local Dealer:

                                            (888) 811-3161
                                            (714) 465-3400

 To schedule a no obligation demonstration, please call (888) 811-3161.
                                                                        AcroBroch 1208

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