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					Welcome to YOUR newsletter – if you have anything to say, a question to ask, an idea
to share or something to get off your chest please contact any committee member.
Newsletter written and edited by Rob Gillmor.

Contacts - committee members

Chairman:      Rob Gillmor 07771 664036
               also DSA liaison, newsletter editor
Secretary:     Steve Pryce 07765 651646
Treasurer:     Ian Ross      07792 218774
               also membership matters

Committee members:
    Chris Burton        07885 896253   
    Phil Macdonell      01905 28561    
           arranging events, visits etc.
    Glyn Williams       07979 960357   
           website, watching brief on CPD
    Lorraine Emson      07815 180143   
    Pete Leach          07706 123744   

 Next Open Meeting – “Noggin & Natter”
      (or, “Independent Driving” – how is it for you?)

                 Tuesday 18th January 7.30 to 9.30 pm
                     at The Swan in Whittington

                           Provisional dates for 2011 meetings:

             Tuesday 15th March, speaker – hopefully from West Mercia Police
                     Wednesday 8th June – Annual General Meeting
                    Thursday 15th September – speaker to be advised
                      Tuesday 22nd November – “Noggin & Natter”

                         All planned to be at the Swan, 7.30 start
Pass Plus Extra ends
The Worcestershire County Council subsidy and workshops have now finished as the
funding set aside for the scheme has run out.

Test booking websites – don’t let your pupils get ripped off!
Another reminder – it‟s worth asking your pupils to be careful when booking their
tests and use only the official website:

rather than using a search engine to find it; some commercial websites charge premium
rates over the DSA fee.

Scam Warnings
I circulated this the day I got it, but here‟s some more detail. The e-mail looks innocent:

 “Hi, I have tried calling to arrange some lessons but have not been able to get an
answer can you please give me a call.
Darren Partington

So naturally I phoned the number – well you would, wouldn‟t you? My mobile is with
Orange and I got the recorded message “this number is permanently barred” which
raised a little suspicion. So, when I got home, I checked my land line and there were no
missed calls (there weren‟t on the mobile either). Puzzled, I sent an e-mail reply, ONLY
THEN did I get suspicious and “Googled” the guy‟s name – a couple of blogs were
listed which made very interesting reading...

Scam warning no. 2
I circulated another one with a degree of scepticism; it concerns a card put through the
door about delivery of a package and to call an 0906 number. A couple of days later I
saw this in a local paper and it‟s since been in the Worcester News:

“...a telephone service, operating on 0906 6611911, was shut down in 2005 and is no
longer running. The company Studio Telecom, based in Belize, was subsequently fined
£10,000. Worcestershire Regulatory Services are now urging anyone who receives an e-
mail warning them about the alleged scam to not forward it but refer to the official
statement issued by PhonePayPlus, available at”

Rob has had a go at updating the association website and need feedback from YOU!
See and e-mail your comments and suggestions to
DSA e-mail digest
The blizzard of e-mails from the DSA continues. Here‟s my severely snipped digest for
any of you who are not on their list – and if not, why not? (let me know if this is useful)

Electronic parking brakes suitable for tests issued 1/11/2010
From 1 November vehicles fitted with an electronic parking brake may be used for
practical driving tests.

DSA to stop publishing questions used in theory tests issued 1/11/2010
The Agency is to stop publishing the multiple choice questions and answers used in
theory tests. Practice questions and answers, not used in tests, will still be available to
help candidates with revision.

DSA launches Facebook page for learner drivers issued 4/11/2010
Facebook users can now get safe driving advice and keep up to date with changes to
the driving test. The DSA page is called 'I can't wait to pass my driving test' and wants
learners to become fans. They will be able to find links to:
     information about getting a licence, learning to drive, and the theory and
       practical tests
     book their theory and practical tests using the only official booking service
     read the Highway Code online
     buy official DSA publications to help them prepare for their test
To become a fan of the page visit

Free soft drinks for designated drivers this Christmas issued 1/12/2010
Designated drivers will be rewarded in thousands of pubs across the country as part of
the THINK! Christmas drink drive campaign. As well as radio and online advertising
and posters in pub washrooms, THINK! has teamed up with Coca-Cola to offer drivers
free soft drinks in more than 8,000 participating venues across Britain as part of the
Driver Friendly campaign.

'Know your traffic signs' now on Directgov issued 1/12/2010
The Department for Transport‟s „Know your traffic signs‟ booklet is now available on
Directgov. You can go to an individual section for images and information or
download the booklet in full, free of charge. See

DSA opening hours – Christmas & New Year issued 7/12/2010
Test centres & customer service centre closed on 24th to 28th December inclusive and
3rd January. Normal operations on 29th, 30th & 31st December and from Tuesday 4th

Despatch ezine – December edition issued 08/12/2010
The latest edition of Despatch is available for download.

And a reminder from last time because this one’s important:

DSA urges ADIs to check online details issued 11/08/2010
DSA is urging all ADIs to log on to to update their
contact details. You can also use this to tell DSA if you would like your details to be
published on the recently launched „Find your nearest driving instructor‟ service on
Directgov and commit to a minimum of one day per year CPD and abide by the
voluntary ADI code of practice.

Members’ questions and contributions
An odd question: in early lessons starting to turn right, both into side roads and
emerging at T-junctions, why does it seem that you have to straighten up sooner than
when turning left?

Any mathematicians out there? Possible explanations to the editor please!

     What could YOU contribute for this space???

     Yes YOU!!

And Finally.....
Best wishes from the committee for a very Happy Christmas and a safe and
prosperous New Year!

                             [end of WADDI Newsletter]

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