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Google Earth in Near Real Time!

                                                          Daily Modis
                                                          Put together by NASA’s
                                                          Jet Propulsion Laboratory
                                                          in California, this KML
                                                          shows daily MODIS

                                                                                       Office for Information Technology
                                                          satellite imagery captured
                                                          the previous day. This
near real-time information could be used for disaster preparedness or weather
predictions for your holiday. This updated composite of 250m MODIS images is

                                MODIS Hotspots, Fire
                                FIRMS offers an auto-updating KML (using KML
                                NetworkLinks) to visualize the latest MODIS
                                Hotspot detections for most parts of the globe
                                on Google Earth. The KML file will automatically
                                refresh every two hours and downloads the
                                latest available MODIS Hotspot detections.
                                Alternatively, you can refresh the KML from within
                                Google Earth.
                                                                                       brought to you by the

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                       Real-Time Earthquakes
                       Want to explore the world’s seismic
                       hotspots in real-time? From the Pacific
                       Ring of Fire to the San Andreas Fault, this
                       KML will give you a better geographical
                       understanding of the daily changes
                       occurring on our planet. Each placemark
                       contains data about a specific area’s
                       seismic activity and a link...

                 Costa Cruises
                 Track the voyage of Concordia Cruise Ships
                 live on Google Earth. Provides the current
                 location as well as the speed and direction of
                 the vessels.

Real-Time 3D Planes
GE4 model flying according to fboweb data through network
link, improved version of the January 9th, 2006 version. Now
it’s in KMZ.

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