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					• “In my experience, most sites that have invested time
  and money into site search tend to have a higher
  search to purchase conversion rate than the site-wide
  order conversion rate. Likely because visitors are
  focused on a clearly defined task and, providing you
  have what they’re looking for and present it to them
  quickly, are more likely to be shopping than simply
  browsing. It is also common that when sites first
  deploy search technology that the difference in these
  rates is not as pronounced as it will likely become as
  you refine the relevance controls and presentation of
  your search tool.”
• Eric Petersen
  If they can’t find it, they won’t buy it!

The anatomy of Site Search
          Presented by: Osric Powell
                           Importance of Site Search

• The single most important page on your site is the site search
• In pursuit of their goal, users often rely on search as their
  main hunting strategy.
• When people arrive at a site, 43% use the search box
• 30% of all activity on websites is search.
• Visitors who use Site Search convert better than non-
  searchers. Why?
• Search is a fundamental component of the Web user
  experience and is getting more important every year.
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                             About us

•   Leading provider of Hosted Site Search
•   Global Offices in the US, UK, NZ, AUS
•   Serves more than 400 Sites
•   Over a decade of site search experience
•   Patented search technology
•   Ethical business model
The Search Box
The Search Box
The Search Box
  on the
Search Box
Rich Auto Complete
Rich Auto Complete
Anatomy of a
good search
results page
Search Results
Search Results
  of the
Mouse Over Pop-ups
Colour Pallet
Colour Swatches
Ratings & Reviews
Non-Product Content
Social in Search
Ratings & Reviews in Search
Buy Buttons
 & Product
Sales Highlighted
         Benefits of a Quality on-site search

•   Increase in user satisfaction
•   Increase in overall conversion rate & other kpi’s
•   Search users 3/4 times more likely to buy
•   Site/Brand innovation
•   Increases in sales during brochure launches
•   Increase in repeat customers
•   Ability to merchandise products
•   Better use of resources - focus on the core
 Recommended reading...
• Steve Krug - Don’t make me think
• O’Reilly - Search Patterns
• Big Book of Site Search tips
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