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									             Maine Nurse Practitioners Association
                  Board of Directors Meeting
                    Saturday June 18, 2011
                      Pam Cahill’s Camp
                       Readfield, Maine
                         3 PM to 5 PM

CALL TO ORDER:         Allison

MEET AND GREET:       Board members, new and old, introduced


Allison Talon, Sandra Hayes, Cindy Leiffer, Eva Quirion, Connie
Jordan, Ellen Farnsworth, Jacqueline Carter, Paula Charette,
Kathleen Webster, Cindy Milles, Pam Cahill.


Susan Yetter, Anne Perry, Crystal Adams, Phoebe Gause, Penny
DeRaps, Lynn Howard, Kelly Wood, Noreen Comeau.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:               Cindy Leiffer

Motion to accept the minutes from the April Board meeting accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT:               Pam Cahill
The Balance Sheet and Income and Expense Report were reviewed
and discussed. The increase in cost of food at the conference came
up and was discussed. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was

MEMBER-AT-LARGE REPORT:                        Anne Perry

      2011 Scholarship auction Update: Anne was not present at the
meeting. Pam reported that the Auction earned $2900 this year.
This will go toward scholarships to student members to attend the
conference next year. Motion to accept the report was approved.

PUBLIC RELATIONS REPORT:                        Kelly/Sandra

      Ooh La La 2011: There have been around 40 early
registrations for the December lecture, which will be presented by
Susan Doughty and Allison Tallon.

We discussed having additional CEU offerings regionally at other
times of the year.

      NP Week 2011: We will plan on regional gatherings and


2010 Conference Finals:      We reviewed the conference summary:
There were 346 attendees, including 271 NPs.
We reviewed and discussed some of the evaluation comments.
Since there are two new Board members on the PD Committee this
year, both Susan Yetter and Allison, who have been PD Chairs in the
past, have offered to mentor and help with the conference in the next

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:                   Noreen/Kathleen

The proposed bills regarding abortion issues were all defeated.
Several MNPA members, as well as Pam Cahill, worked successfully
to oppose these bills.

Gordon Smith from The Maine Medical Association has asked Pam if
we can find an NP who will be a representative on a committee to
review opioid prescribing in the state.

We would still like to think of possible candidates for open seats on
the BON.

Pam expressed her opposition to the proposed bill to mandate that
nurses be fingerprinted in the state of Maine. This bill will reportedly
be vetoed.

Howe, Cahill & Company continues to monitor legislative issues that
are relevant to health care in general and to nurse practitioners in
particular and will keep the membership updated regularly on bills
and actions that come up.

MANAGEMENT REPORT:                               Pam

       APRN Consensus document. Discussion about this issue will
be ongoing. The June meeting of the BON’s APRN Advisory Board
was cancelled at the last minute and the next meeting is not until late
July. Allison Talon and Susan Yetter are the MNPA representatives
for this committee. Pam pointed out that since Maine still has the
best practice environment in the country, we need to be leaders on
this issue.

        Strategic Planning Update: There was a sign-up sheet at the
conference for people interested in helping with the Strategic Plan.
Only 2 people signed up. We are again faced with having put in a lot
of work to develop a plan, on the mandate of the membership, with
little apparent interest from the membership so far in helping to
implement the plan. We are still hoping to have smaller regional
meetings during the summer and early fall to continue to promote the
strategic plan and solicit additional help. The PR Committee is
willing to assume responsibility for coordinating the next steps in the

OLD BUSINESS:                                    Board
Patient Centered Medical Home: Allison might be able to attend
these meetings again, but is not sure she can take the time off from
work once a month. If she can’t go, Connie might be able to attend.
The meetings occur one Wednesday a month from 11AM -1PM.

NEW BUSINESS:                                    Board

     We set meeting dates for 2011 – 2012, mostly for the third
Tuesdays of the month, from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, beginning in
August. We will have in-person meetings at the Howe, Cahill &
Company office in Augusta through November. December is the Ooh
La La event. January through March will be phone-in meetings,
unless something urgent comes up.

Meeting dates:   August 16, 2011
                 September 20, 2011
                 October 18, 2011
                 November 15, 2011
                 December 3, 2011 00H LA LA
                 January 17 2012
                 February 28, 2012—CHANGED WEEK DUE TO
                 March 20, 2012
                 April 25, 2012 FIRST NIGHT OF CONFERENCE

OTHER BUSINESS:                             Board

       Cindy Leiffer, who was booked on the speaker’s lineup for
Bangor LGBT Pride on June 25, asked if she could represent MNPA
during her speech with a message from the Board, wishing the
community a Happy Pride Weekend. She would be talking about
LGBT health in general and would be encouraging LGBT community
members to advocate for appropriate and culturally competent health
care from their providers. She planned to plug NPs as a good source
for primary care and the MNPA as an open and welcoming
organization and referral source. Board members approved of
Cindy’s plan and gave her permission to use her judgment on what to

Motion to adjourn the meeting was accepted at 6:20 PM.


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