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IN THIS ISSUE by yaofenji


									Volume 27 Issue 3                  Morris County Medical Society, Inc.                                                       Fall, 2009

  IN THIS ISSUE                                          PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                   It is not surprising why                       appointed to decide how to adjust
                                             physicians and patients are upset,                   reimbursements if the plan is not
     Physician Legal Alert: Risk             frustrated, nervous, etc.                 After      performing satisfactorily.
     Management—One Day A Year               several months of negotiations and                         According to an AMA source,
                               Page Two
                                                                                                  there will be a cut Spring, 2010
Volume 28 Issue 1
     Medicare Payment Changes     Morris County Medical Society, Inc
                             Page Three
                                             at times intense disagreements,
                                             there are finally five healthcare                    reimbu .
                                                                                                                           in Medicare
                                                                                                             rsement in 2010 of
                                                         PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                             bills looming in our government                      approximately 10.5% across the
     Red Flags Extension; Lost or Stolen

     Prescription Blanks; Federal
     Legislators; Twin Membership            halls. You ask “What will be the
                                             final outcome?” – The die is cast!
                                                                                                  board, with interventional
                               Page Four          Alea jacta est The answer is                    acting on their behalf. slashed our
                                                                                                  radiologists fees being Some of by
     Termination of the Physician-
                                             “Who knows”. While there seems
                                            Health care reform has become a                       21.5%.
                                                                                                  accomplishments were stated in the
     Patient Relationship; Chaperons in      to be despite contentious debates
                                            reality some agreement of portability                         fax communication not
                                                                                                  lastThe AMA is adamant aboutfrom
                                             of the last not It is incredible
                                            overinsurance, year. denying patients                               health care plan which
                                                                                                  endorsing a Shortly, the board of
     the Medical Office; CME Reminder
     Annual meeting notice
                               Page Five
                              Page Two
     Classified Advertisements; NJ
                                             with preexisting illnesses, wellness
                                            that our legislators have passed a                    MCMS will be in contact patients
                                                                                                  would be detrimental to with our
     “Stop the Medicare Meltdown”
                   Pages Three & Four
                                             programs including many have not
                                            2700 page bill which mammography                      local legislators At the suggestions
                                                                                                  and physicians. to make last MSNJ
                                            read. prostate screening, etc., there is              regarding October 18, we were
                                                                                                  meeting on the unfair outpatient
                                 Page Six
     MIIX Liquidation
     Practice Requirements                              We are provided with a
                              Page Five
                              Page Eight     a real of its contents such as tax
                                            glimpse problem with reducing                         facilities if the AMA rejects the
                                                                                                  told that tax as well as the proposed
     SGR Extension;
     New Members Welcomed; Interest          premium costs if business continues
                                            credits for small businesses that                     elimination care $200,000 tax cap.
                                                                                                  final health of theplan, it is unlikely
     UnitedHealthcare Group
     Rates                                   as usual.           How are insurance                     healthcare reform we occur.
                                                                                                  that It is important thatwill physicians
     Settlement; Red Flags Rule Nine
                               Page         provide health care insurance,
     Tricare Information; Children’s
     Extension; Interest Rates                                 compelled to reduce
                                             companies insurance companies to
                                            restraints on                                               As practicing physicians, we
                                                                                                  remain united despite the obstacles
                                             premiums and
                                            prevent cancelingyearly escalations                   that inform our representatives of
                                                                                                  should continually confront us.
     Relief Fund; PAAD Income Limits;
                                Page Six
     Drug Assistance Programs;                                       existing policies
     Annual meeting RSVP
     Highmark Medicare Services
                            Page Seven
                                             when who are                  ill anti-trust
                                            for thosethere becomeno or become                     our concerns regarding health care
                                                                                                  Although “the die is cast” it does not
                            Page Twelve                          for them?
                                             regulations and providing thirty-
                                            unemployed,                                 The       mean that we cannot the efforts of
                                                                                                  reform and support attempt to make
     Healthcare Prosecutions
                             Page Eight
                                             insurance industry is the only entity
                                            two million currently uninsured                       appropriate and County Medical
                                                                                                  our State changes so that we can
                           Page Thirteen
     Meeting Notices; Death
     Coping with Stock Market Notices        in the with health insurance via the
                                            people U.S. to be exempt from anti-                   continue as well as excellent care to
                                                                                                  Societies to provide the AMA which
     Uncertainties; Diana Gore Retires;
                              Page Nine      trust rules. Therefore Although
                                            Medicaid Program.                    they can         our o u r m
                                                                                                  i s patients. a i n a d v o c a t e i n
     NJ,ACS 2010 Rome Tour update;
     NJ Prescription blank                   collude to set rates with each other                 Washington. Richard J. Claps, M.D.
     Practice Requirements Fifteen
                            Page            primary family physicians, general
                                             at will.
                                            internists and pediatricians will be                                 Richard J. Claps, M.D.
                                                                                                                   President, 2009-2011
                           Page Eleven
     RAC Audits                                    How            M we               d tc
                                            r e i m b u r s e d d o e d i c a r er e r au e se,                    President, 2009-2011
                         Page Twelve         “unnecessary testing”? We be hear
                                            specialists will continue to           all paid
     Classified Advertisements               politicians espousing reducing                        ••
                       Page Fourteen
                                            according to the Medicaid schedule.
                                                  Unfortunately, no one
                                             health care costs, butthere isgives           no
     New Members
                        Page Sixteen
                                             specific steps. Certainly, reform
                                            meaningful provision for tort taxing
     Society Relocation; Federal             insurance the SGR vendors of
                                            or repeal ofcompanies, for Medicare
     Legislators; Twin Membership
                                             medical equipment, etc. will If be
                                            reimbursement for physicians. not the
                                             beneficial been adamant regarding
                                            AMA had since these costs will be
                      Page Seventeen
       Richard J. Claps, M.D.                passed on to all. The prospects of
                                            these situations rather than endorsing
                                             Tort reform are nebulous except for
                                            the current bill with reservation, one
       MANAGING EDITOR                       some                           small trial
                                            wonders non-specific Administration
                                                           how the
         Andrea Donelan                      programs.
                                            would have reacted.                    Almost
                                                   If the physicians is passed, a
                                            certainly, public optionwould have
    MCMS NEWS                                problem the arise in this because
                                            supported mayAMA for2015stance.
                                                  Obviously, individual will be
                                             a government it is difficult for
          PRESIDENT                         anyone to predict how health care
      Richard J. Claps, M.D.                will evolve, since the current
                                            legislation will be a work in progress
      MANAGING EDITOR                       for many years.
        Andrea Donelan                          New Jersey physicians should
                                            take comfort that MSNJ, the Morris
                                            County Medical Society and the
                                            other state medical societies are
   Page 2                                                             SPRING 2010                                      MCMS NEWS

    The MCMS NEWS is published quarterly
under the direction of the Executive Committee of
the Morris County Medical Society.
                                                                      ANNUAL DINNER MEETING


                               Richard J. Claps, M.D.
                                                                                  June 4, 2010
Vice-President                    Guy A. Taylor, MD.
Secretary                    Robert H. Vrablik, M.D.
Assistant Secretary        Jeffrey G. Schwartz, M.D.
Treasurer               Anna H. VanderSchraaf, M.D.
Assistant Treasurer      Donald M. Chervenak, M.D.
Reporter                 Vasilios Diamantopoulos, M.D.
Member at Large               Alexander Abkin, M.D.
Member at Large           Karen M. Brynildsen, M.D.
Member at Large
Member at Large
Immed. Past Pres.
                            Michael Hernando, M.D.
                              James Hirschfeld, M.D.
                               Joel M. Gottlieb, M.D.
                                                                            INVITED GUESTS
MSNJ, Trustee
                                 Laurie Nahum, M.D.
                                   Fellows:                            Governor Chris Christie,
William Baldino, M.D.         Steven A. Maser, M.D.
Irvin M. Bonder, M.D.
Aaron Chevinsky, M.D.
                               Arnold I. Pallay, M.D.
                             Andreas Rotsides, M.D.
                                                                    Commission of Health & Senior
Dean A. Dent, M.D.
William Diehl, M.D.
                                  John S. Salaki, M.D.
                               David L. Taylor, M.D.                   Services Poonam Alaigh,
                                                                   Senators Batement, Bucco, Oroho
William Dowling, M.D.        Jeffrey A. Wexler, M.D.
Leigh S. Ende, M.D.        Suzanne A. Widrow, M.D.
Stephen P. Lasser, M.D.
                                                                             & Pennacchio
                                                                     Assemblymen Biondi, Bucco,
                                                                          Carroll, Chiusano,
                                                                         DeCroce & Webber
      Meetings of the Executive Committee are held the
first Monday of each month beginning at 8:00 p.m. at the
Executive Office. The general membership is encouraged
to attend.
             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                    Assemblywomen Coyle & McHose
                     Andrea Donelan
         MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY                                      Donald Cinotti, M.D., President of
                Mary K. Carr
         ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                               MSNJ
               Adriana Bayone

 Public Line:                               (973) 539-8888
                                                                   Michael T. Kornett, CEO of MSNJ
 DOCTOR’S LINE:*                            (973) 539-8889
 FAX Line:                                  (973) 539-9493
 E-mail Address:             
                                                                                   The Birchwood Manor
 Web site:                                                    111 North Jefferson Avenue
                                                                                              Whippany, NJ
      The Morris County Medical Society does not endorse           Cocktails: 7:00 p.m.                 Dinner: 8:00 p.m.
any company, service or entity.
      * Do not give to patients, for physicians and their office   Members No Charge                    Member Spouse/Guest: $100
staff only!!
         Reprint requests should be addressed to the
Managing Editor, “MCMS NEWS” and sent to the Society
                                                                              To guarantee your reservation please complete
                                                                                    the RSVP form found on page 7.
    Ask Congress to Keep Doctors
  Congress to Keep Doctors
        for Medicare Patients
  for Medicare Patients
  Patient, Patient,
          For a a doctor patient, a everything: independence, hope,
 dicare patient, Medicare can mean doctor can mean everything: independence, hope,
          and security. Medicare For a it possible. For our patients is
 rity. Medicare makes it possible.makes doctor, treating a doctor, treating our patients is
          everything. We have cared for many of you covered by Medicare for years. We
ng. We have cared for many of you covered by Medicare for years. We
          know many of your children and our patients are our patients
any of your children and grandchildren — grandchildren —family. The are family. The
          last do is tell our patients that our patients that care for them.
  we want to thing we want to do is tell we can no longerwe can no longer care for them.
          I taking continue Medicare of my — that’s patients — that’s
  continue want tocare of mytaking carepatientsMedicare why I became why I became
          a doctor.
          Even though the new health to bill more patients, some
ugh the new health care bill promisescarecoverpromises to cover more patients, some
           exist. The health exist. The health care bill did not fix
ems still big problems still care bill did not fix Medicare — the Medicare — the
          government’s largest health
ent’s largest health care program. care program.
          Congress must fix that you and so that you and other can
  must fix Medicare now, soMedicare now,other Medicare patientsMedicare patients can
          have the when you need You you’re to receive the care
 doctors you needdoctorsyou’re sick.whendeservesick. You deserve to receive the care
          you’ve been promised. Congress MUST focus on this problem.
een promised. Congress MUST focus on this problem. Congress must Congress must
          finally fix a problem it off been putting 10 years.
  a problem it has been putting has for more than off for more than 10 years.
            now is underway to collect 1 million collect 1 million signatures. The petition
 de effortA statewide effort now is underway tosignatures. The petition
          drive is asking Congress to stop the Medicare meltdown so patients can choose
 sking Congress to stop the Medicare meltdown so patients can choose
           their doctors can stay doctors can stay in the program.
tors and their doctors and their in the program. However, due to However, due to
          government regulations, I cannot collect a petition. So on a petition. So instead,
ent regulations, I cannot collect your signature onyour signature instead,
          I’m sharing the you.
ng the information with information with you.
         Please make your
make your voice heard. voice heard.
         Go to Tell Congress Tell Congress to continue its to continue its
         work. Tell Congress to foundation of our health care system.
 l Congress to fix the crumblingfix the crumbling foundation of our health care system.
           Stop the                                                                Please print your name and address.

                                                                      Name                                           Address




               Ask Congress                                           ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

             to Save Medicare                                         ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

                  Today                                               ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

             Please sign this petition.                               ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
                   Here’s why:
          Doctors want to take care of
          Medicare patients. Congress is                              ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

          forcing doctors to limit the number
          of Medicare patients we see or
          to quit taking Medicare patients                            ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
           When it comes to health care reform,
           doctors keep telling Congress to
           “keep what’s good in our health care
           system to Keep Doctors
ongress and fix only what’s wrong.”                                   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
 r Medicare Patients is
           Something that is very wrong
           the formula Medicare uses to pay                           ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

ient, physicians. Each year for the past                              ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
           doctor can physicians have faced hope,
patient, a decade, mean everything: independence,steep
           payment cuts that make it harder
 dicare makes it possible. For a doctor, treating our patients is
have cared for many of you covered by Medicare for years. We
           and harder for them patients are family. The
 our children and grandchildren — our to care for their
           Medicare patients. Congress knows
 nt to do is tell our patients that we can no longer care for them.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
ue taking care of my Medicare patients — that’s why I became
           about the problem. It knows the
           faulty formula Medicare uses to pay
  new health care bill promises to cover more patients, some
           doctors does not work, but it has
 l exist. The health care bill did not fix Medicare — the not
 gest health care program.                                            ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
           fixed the problem.
 x Medicare now, so that you and other Medicare patients can
  you need when you’re sick. You deserve to receive the care          ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
          We believe Congress must fix
 mised. Congress MUST focus on this problem. Congress must
          Medicare now. We need a rational
 lem it has been putting off for more than 10 years.                  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  t now is Medicare physician payment petition
            underway to collect 1 million signatures. The
  ongress to stop the Medicare meltdown so patients can choose
            system that automatically keeps                           ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
 d their doctors can stay in the program. However, due to
             cannot collect your signature running a
 ulations, Iup with the cost of on a petition. So instead,
 nformation with you. and is backed by a fair,
            practice                                                  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
 our voice heard. funding formula.
           stable Tell Congress to continue its         ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
 ess to fix the crumbling foundation of our health care system.



                                                                                  Please fax signed petitions to (973) 539-9493 or mail
                                                                               Please fax signed petitionsto (609) 896-1347 or mail to to
                                                                         Medical Society of New Society, 52 Elm Street, Morristown, NJ 07960
                                                                         Morris County MedicalJersey, 2 Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.
MCMS NEWS                                                SPRING 2010                                                        Page 5

                              MIIXED UP
     Another chapter in the ongoing        filed, if it related to an event which    they need to purchase ‘gap coverage’
saga of the Medical Inter-Insurance        occurred during the policy period.        i.e. supplemental insurance for as-yet
Exchange (MIIX) was opened on April        Due to the nature of medical              unreported incidents that occurred
7, 2010 when the Judge in the MIIX         malpractic e insurance clai ms,           prior to the termination of their
liquidation matter signed the “Notice      physicians simply cannot know             coverage with MIIX.’
of Motion to Extend Bar Date For           whether they will have a claim in the           Though “gap” policies are
Assertion of Claims,” and once again       future. The “two-year” statute of         available for many, carriers writing
extended the time period to cover          limitations in New Jersey offers little   such coverage make it available only
claims against former MIIX insureds.       solace, because it follows a              to physicians who also obtain their
     Based largely on actuarial            “discovery” rule, which allows patients   primary coverage from that carrier.
projections (which, in hindsight, were     an indefinite amount of time to learn     This leaves a significant group of
wrong, but that is for another article)    that possible negligence occurred         physicians without available coverage,
MIIX Insurance Group went into             before the two-year clock begins to       p a r t i c u l a r l y h o sp i t al-employ ed
“voluntary solvent runoff” in 2002,        tick. There are other exceptions as       physicians, physicians who have left
despite having $1.2 billion in reserves.   well, particularly for minors.            the state, and physicians who have
From 2002 until 2008, MIIX existed         Consequently, setting any notice of       retired.
almost exclusively to pay claims           claim date places former policyholders          So with the first revised bar date
against former policyholders.              in personal jeopardy.                     set to expire on April 9, 2010,
     On April 9, 2008, the MIIX order           Given this significant potential     physician groups lobbied for another
of liquidation was filed. Consistent       exposure, physician lobbying groups       extension, using precisely the same
with all liquidations, the Court           began pressing the NJ Department of       arguments as the prior year. Their
established what is called a “notice of    Banking and Insurance (DOBI) to           wish was granted when the motion to
claim” (or “Bar”) date, which is the       request an extension of the Bar date      extend the Bar date – again for just one
last date that creditors of a liquidated   from the Court. Claims were still         year – was signed by the Court on
company can make a claim for unpaid        being filed against former MIIX           April 7. The new Bar date is now set
receivables. The MIIX Bar date was         policyholders, so the longer the          at April 9, 2011.
set for one year from the liquidation,     extension, the more claims would fall           While a one-year extension
April 9, 2009.                             within PLIGA protection.                  seemingly does nothing more than
     Shortly thereafter, a problem was          Meanwhile, the market began to       postpone the same problems another
identified. When an “admitted” NJ          respond. Most carriers put together       year, sources familiar with the matter
insurance carrier goes under, the NJ       some form of MIIX “gap” coverage to       believe that DOBI is working toward a
Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty      protect their insureds in the event       permanent remedy. If it successfully
Association (PLIGA) steps in to            physicians wanted more than the           finds a solution to the MIIX problem,
provide $300,000 of coverage per           $300,000 of coverage provided by          perhaps the final chapter in the MIIX
covered claim. Unfortunately, as a         PLIGA, or to cover claims if and when     story will come to an end.
creditor itself, PLIGA only covers         the PLIGA coverage expires.                                         Brian S. Kern, Esq.
claims up until the Bar date. Any               Concerned about the time frame,                                      Principal
claim filed after the Bar date is not      but also recognizing the private market              Argent Professional Insurance
covered, so former MIIX policyholders      solutions, DOBI successfully                                          Agency, Inc.
are left on their own to respond to        petitioned the court to extend the bar                        30 Technology Drive
                                                                                                           Warren, NJ 07059
claims.                                    date, but by just one year, April 9,
                                                                                                               (908) 769-7400
     While there have been numerous        2010.       In its petition, DOBI                             FAX: (908) 769-7477
insurance company liquidations in NJ,      specifically noted that, “Allowing             
the MIIX liquidation is unique. MIIX       PLIGA to handle such claims for
primarily sold occurrence-type             another year will allow insured
policies.    These policies obligated      physicians the additional time
MIIX to cover any claim, whenever          necessary to fully evaluate whether
Page 6                                                SPRING 2010                                                  MCMS NEWS

   MEDICARE SGR                             billed one of the defendants during that
                                            time period through an assignment of
                                                                                           UPDATE: DELAY FOR
    EXTENSION                               benefits are also members of the class.         RED FLAG RULES
     President Obama has signed H.R.        Class members are eligible to file a              The implementation of the
4851, the "Continuing Extension Act         claim for a portion of the $350 million        Red Flag Rules has been ex-
of 2010." As a result, the 21%              settlement fund. The following are             tended to June 1, 2010.
proposed Medicare payment cut has           court-imposed deadlines:                            In 2003, Congress enacted the
been postponed until June 1.                   July 27, 2010: Deadline for filing        Fair and Accurate Credit Transac-
     As a result, claims with dates of           objections to the settlement or for       tions Act (FACTA). Pursuant to
                                                 opting out of the settlement;             FACTA, the FTC issued what have
service of April 1 and later, which
                                               September 13, 2010: Date for the final
were being held by Medicare are being                                                      become known as the “Red Flag
                                                 settlement hearing to consider any
released for processing and payment.             filed objections;
                                                                                           Rules.”Physicians who extend credit
Highmark Medicare Services was                 October 5, 2010: Deadline for filing a    to their patients are required to com-
supposed to hold all claims for                  claim to share in the settlement fund.    ply. Does that include your practice?
processing, however, as a result of an          The following documents will can           It does if your practice DOES NOT
internal system error, some claims          help clarify the settlement and guide          require payment in full from all pa-
were processed at the incorrect fee         you through the steps of filing a claim:       tients at the time of service. In this
schedule. Those claims that were paid                    case you are considered creditors
at the incorrect rate will be reprocessed   case_files/261_527file.pdf:                    with covered accounts.
automatically.                                       Morris County Medical Society
     In the past Congressman                upload/mm/368/uhg-step-by-step.pdf             members can obtain a “Red Flag”
Frelinghuysen has voted against                          model template from the Society of-
legislation to repeal the SGR. Please       case_files/261_539file.pdf.                    fice or on the website:
contact his office and encourage him              As more information is received, it
to vote FOR a repeal of the SGR!!           w i l l b e d i s s e mi n a t e d t o t h e
The Congressman’s contact                   membership.
information can be found on page 17.
                                                   INTEREST RATES ON                             TERMINATION OF THE
                                                 DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS                              PHYSICIAN/PATIENT
  UNITEDHEALTHCARE                                                                                  RELATIONSHIP
                                                 Opinion #14 of the Judicial Council
      GROUP UCR                             of the Medical Society of New Jersey               NJAC 13:35-6.22 requires that
     SETTLEMENT                             states “physicians who experience              physicians notify patients in writing of
    On April 16th, the Settlement           problems with delinquent accounts may          termination of care no less than thirty
Claims Administrator began mailing          choose to add interest or other                days prior to the date of termination.
the Settlement Notice, claims form and      reasonable billing charges to delinquent       The notification is to be mailed
claim form instructions for the             accounts. The patient must be notified in      certified mail, return receipt to the last
UnitedHealth Group UCS settlement to        advance of the interest or service charges     known address of the patient.
physicians. Physicians will be              by means of posting a notice in the            Physicians are required to provide all
receiving a plain white mailer with         waiting room, the distribution of leaflets     necessary emergency care and services
“United Healthcare” written on the          in the office, and appropriate notations       including prescriptions.
bottom     with     the return address      on billing statements”.                            Physicians are not required to
referencing Settlement Claims                    Patients must be clearly notified and     comply with the requirements if the
Administrator.                              agree in advance, before any services          physician/patient relationship has been
    Physicians who provided out-of-         are rendered, to pay a rate such as those      terminated by the patient or if the
network services between March 15,          charged by credit card companies (1.5%         physician has discontinued providing
1994 and November 18, 2009 to               per month) in order to do so. For              services to a particular managed care
patients covered by a health plan           patients who have not agreed in advance        carrier or HMO in which the patient is
insured or administrated by                 to a particular service charge, the interest   enrolled.
UnitedHealthcare, Oxford Health             is limited to the rate applicable to               Copies of the regulations can be
Plans, Metropolitan Life Insurance          judgments by the Rule of Court. The            obtained by calling the Society office.
Company and others, are members of          Rule of Court rate for 2010 is 1.5%
the class. In addition, physicians who      per year.
MCMS NEWS                                             SPRING 2010
                                                      SPRING 2010                                            Page 7
                                                                                                             Page 7


_______           am member and will attend
               IIam aamember and will attend            _______
                                                        _______          My spouse/guest will also attend.
                                                                         My spouse/guest will also attend.
_______         Numberof guests at $100 per person
               Number of guests at $100 per person              _____
                                                               _____     PrimeRib
                                                                         Prime Rib      _____ Chicken
                                                                                       _____ Chicken

Enclosed is my check in the amount of $
Enclosed is my check in the amount of $

Member's Name: _____________________________________________
Member's Name: _____________________________________________

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Spouse/Guest's Name: _________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone:__________________________                E-mail: ______________
                                                E-mail: ______________

                If you have any questions please feel free to call the Society office at (973) 539-8888
               If you have any questions please feel free to call the Society office at (973) 539-8888
                    Members who respond that they are attending and fail to attend will be billed.
                   Members who respond that they are attending and fail to attend will be billed.
Page 8                                                SPRING 2010                                                MCMS NEWS

          The Obama Administration is        founded. Once a bureaucracy is                  Given this reality, physicians must
set to dramatically increase the number      established, the publicity surrounding      increase their efforts to assure
of healthcare fraud prosecutions to          the “big” cases generates a call for        compliance with the law. Any new
“add muscle to back up its rhetoric          more prosecutions, more staff, bigger       venture must be carefully reviewed by
about cracking down on health care           budgets and more regulation. At the         a h ealth care lawy er. General
and corporate fraud.” According to the       same time, once word gets out that the      practitioners are notoriously lacking in
National Law Journal, Attorney               government is serious about                 knowledge sufficient to adequately
General Eric Holder, Jr. is adding ten       prosecuting fraud, the level of fraud       advise physicians. The biggest
trial attorneys to the fraud section and     tends to diminish substantially. This is    problem is often the fact that they
looking for a new chief for the section.     known in legal parlance as the              simply do not know what they don’t
The Fraud Section is already the             “deterrent effect”                          know. What would appear to be a
largest litigation unit within the Justice        If government were subject to the      simple, straightforward transaction in
Department’s Criminal Division and           same market forces as the private           any other context may well impact
Holder has now named prosecution of          sector, it would cutback or redirect        upon all forms of esoteric healthcare
health care fraud a “top priority.”          staff and resources as the number of        related regulations – regulations of
          The Law Journal goes on to         “big” cases decreases. Yet, experience      which a general practitioner may be
report that since 1997 healthcare fraud      tells us that the government                completely unaware . Similarly, billing
prosecution has been responsible for         bureaucracy which successfully              and collection efforts should be
more than $14 billion in criminal fines      created the deterrent effect, rather than   reviewed periodically, preferably with
and settlements. Many of these               retreat, continues to grow, based on its    someone intimately familiar with
prosecutions have resulted from the          past success. Soon there simply aren’t      coding requirements, to assure that
work of strike force teams sent from         enough big cases to justify the now         claim forms are properly coded and
the Justice Department to local U.S.         bloated bureaucracy. Rather than            that medical records support these
Attorney’s offices to assist them in         reduce staff and budget – concepts          codes. Lack of documentation remains
rapidly prosecuting health care fraud        foreign to most government agencies –       the greatest single liability when
cases. But healthcare defense lawyers        the bureaucrats concentrate on less         attempting to defend a payor audit and
are concerned that the heightened            important cases to justify their            payor audits are going to become the
attention on health care fraud will not      continued existence.                        most common trigger for health care
uncover more massive fraud, but rather                Anyone familiar with the           fraud prosecutions.
lead to prosecutions for minor               growth of healthcare regulation and                            Steven I. Kern, Esq
violations.                                  prosecution over the past thirty years                     Kern Augustine Conroy
     The defense bar raises the concern      will readily recognize the trend.                                 Schoppmann, P.C.
that adding more prosecutors and             Today, state and federal healthcare                              1120 Route 22 East
launching more strike forces will            regulations rival the Internal Revenue                      Bridgewater, NJ 08807
                                                                                                                  (908) 704-8585
inevitably mean that Justice starts          Code in complexity. Thirty years ago,
                                                                                                            FAX: (908) 704-8899
trying to turn minor, inadvertent            most healthcare attorneys could readily                 E-mail:
violations of complex health laws into       keep the regulations in their memory.
major litigation and press-release-          Today, teams of lawyers spend hours
worthy settlements. Prosecutors live to      each month just keeping current on
prosecute, especially young lawyers          changes to these regulations. No
told they're bringing "cases of              physician or healthcare provider can be
extraordinary importance" aimed at           expected to keep track of all of the
reaping millions for the American            regulations and follow them
taxpayer. So defense lawyers counsel         scrupulously. Yet, as prosecutors
caution.                                     search for new prosecutions, many
     The concern that prosecutions of        well-meaning physicians will likely be
minor violations will multiply is well-      caught up in their widening net.
MCMS NEWS                                        SPRING 2010                                                 Page 9

 HOW TO SURVIVE...CRISIS                    MED WORKS AD
  TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010                             Who’s Managing Your Billing?
             The Heldrich Hotel                  Would You Like to Increase Cash Flow?
        Livingston Avenue & George Street
                 New Brunswick
     Don’t miss this interesting and
timely symposium. Topics to be
                                               While You Focus On Patients...We Focus On You!
addressed include: Seek Help Stat...The
Professional Liability Claim;                                               Medworks Management is a local
Technology Readiness; Compliance in                                          medical billing service dedicated
Coding, Billing and Reimbursement;                                          to helping practices become more
Managed Care Contracts; Managing                    15 Years Experience      efficient, increase cash flow, and
Cash Flow During Difficult Times;                   Morris County Based            decrease days in AR.
You’re Not Prepared to Retire and                  Performance Guarantee
Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity                References Available
(Jeff Gitterman). Cost: MCMS
members/staff: $65; Non-members: $75.
CME credits available. Fee includes
continental breakfast, lunch and
afternoon refreshments. All proceeds
from this meeting will be donated to the                                        Call us at 973.543.8600
Professional Assistance Program of NJ.
                                                                                 for a free consultation.
Space is limited, so reserve your space
now. Contact Jaime Beatrice at (800)
445-0954.                                       Email: - Fax: 973.543.6495

        NEW JERSEY CHAPTER,                                                         NJ FAMILYCARE
                                                                                   NJ FamilyCare has been expanded
                                                                              to include parents and caretakers. Public
         Annual Clinical Meeting,
                                                                              Law 2008, c38 took effect September 1,
             December 4, 2010                IN MEMORIAM                      2008. This law increases the current
               8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
                                                                              income level for parents/caregivers from
     Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel &
                                                                              133% of the Federal Poverty Level to
Conference Center, Iselin. CME credits:       Dominick Huster, M.D.           200%.
7.5 for the entire day. For additional             1925-2010                       If you are interested in accepting NJ
information, please call (973) 539-4000.       Julio Lamela, M.D.             FamilyCare in your practice, you must
                                                   1927-2007                  contact the HMO directly.
                                             Dominico Miranda, M.D.                Amerigroup: (800) 600-4441
 INFECTIOUS DISEASE                                1923-2010                       Americhoice: (800) 941-4647
                                             Myles C. Morrison, M.D.               Horizon NJ Health (877) 765-4325
    SOCIETY OF NJ                                                                  Health Net: (800) 441-5741
          Challenging Problems in                  1924-2010
                                                                                   University Health Plan:
           Infectious Disease:                Edward C. Nash, M.D.                      (800) 564-6847
        Patient Management/Practice                1925-2010
              Management                     John S. Thompson, M.D.
         Wednesday, May 12, 2010                   1923-2010
     Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel,
Route One South, Iselin. CME credits:
4.5 credits. For more information, please
call (973) 538-2354.
         Your HMO just
        authorized a costly
          Your removal.

As specialists in all aspects of

medical law, our firm is dedicated

to protecting the interests of

physicians. We are the healthcare

experts, on your side. Whether you

are merging practices, negotiating

with health organizations, under

investigation by a government

agency, or even seeking insurance

reimbursement, always remember

the most important procedure.

Call “the Attorneys to Health

Professionals” first.

 “Attorneys to Health Professionals”


 Page 8 NEWS
  MCMS                                               FALL 2009                                             MCMS NEWS
                                                                                                                Page 11
                                                        SPRING 2010

      NEW JERSEY                                  DONATE LIFE
                                                 MCMSsharing….pass it on.
                                                 Life’s for
                                                            WEB SITE                         REMINDER
                                                    The an organ donor? Medical
                                                   Are youMorris County There are           The following certificates are
                                                                                             The following certificates are
         UPDATE                                Society web become an be found at
                                             several ways to site can organ and/or     required to practice medicine in New
                                                                                        required to practice medicine in New
              N.J.S.A. 45:15-49
               N.J.S.A. 45:15-49               “”. donation
                                             tissue donor. Say yes to organMembers     Jersey.
    The Division of Consumer Affairs
     The Division of Consumer Affairs          can access the members only section
                                             on your New Jersey renewal; carry a
has extended the deadline for preprinted
 has extended the deadline for preprinted      by using in last name or indicate
                                             donor card theiryour wallet (lower case
prescription blanks until further notice.
 prescription blanks until further notice.     letters) as your advanced the NJ
                                             your wishes inusername and directive
                                                                   For additional
                                             or living will. (including the MA    NJ State Board of Medical
                                                                                   NJ State Board of Medical
All prescription blanks are STILL
 All prescription blanks are STILL             license number
REQUIRED to include consecutive              information, call as the password. or
                                               or MB) number (800) 742-7365
 REQUIRED to include consecutive                        Mr. William Roeder
numbers and NPI numbers. Physicians
 numbers and NPI numbers. Physicians                                               Mr. William Roeder
are being allowed to write in or stamp                                            Executive Director
                                                                                   Executive Director
 are being allowed to write in or stamp            DO WE HAVE YOUR                P.O. Box 183
the numbers. A tracking system is also
 the numbers. A tracking system is also                                            P.O. Box 183
                                                  CORRECT ADDRESS?
                                                MCMS WEB SITE                     Trenton, NJ 08625-0183
 required.                                       Have you moved recently? Are Trenton, NJ 08625-0183
    Not all physicians are required to          The Morris County Medical (609) 826-7100
     Not all physicians are required to       we sending your mail to the correct (609) 826-7100
have NPI numbers. If you are not
 have NPI numbers. If you are not            Society web site can be found at
                                              address? Do we have your correct
required to have an NPI number, itit is
 required to have an NPI number,        is   “”. Members
                                              telephone number? Please notify the
strongly recommended that you notify
 strongly recommended that you notify        can access the members only section       CDS Registration
                                              Society office of any changes in your     CDS Registration
your patients who have medical
 your patients who have medical              by using their last name (lower case      Susan Gartland
                                              address, telephone number, fax
                                             letters) as username and the NJ
                                                                                        Susan Gartland
insurance that they may not receive
 insurance that they may not receive                                                   Chief Drug Control
                                              number or e-mail address. If we           Chief Drug Control
reimbursement from their insurance
 reimbursement from their insurance          license number (including the MA
                                              don’t have your correct contact          Department of Law & Public
                                                                                        Department of Law & Public
 carrier.                                    or MB) number as the password.
                                              information, you will not receive        Safety
                                              important notices.                       P.O. Box 45022
                                                                                        P.O. Box 45022
                                                                                       124 Halsey Street, 7th Floor
                                                                                        124 Halsey Street, 7th Floor
               EASTERN SUN AD
               EASTERN SUN AD
                                                                                       Newark, NJ 07101
                                                                                        Newark, NJ 07101
                                                                                       (973) 504-6545
                                                                                        (973) 504-6545

                                                                                       County Clerk Registration
                                                                                        County Clerk Registration
                                                                                       NJ SBME regulation 45:9.17
                                                                                        NJ SBME regulation 45:9.17
                                                                                       requires that you register your
                                                                                        requires that you register your
                                                                                       license with the County Clerk in
                                                                                        license with the County Clerk in
                                                                                       the County in which you reside.
                                                                                        the County in which you reside.
                                                                                       Morris County Clerk
                                                                                        Morris County Clerk
                                                                                       (973) 285-6120
                                                                                        (973) 285-6120

                                                                                       Drug Enforcement
                                                                                        Drug Enforcement
                                                                                       Administration, NJ Field Office
                                                                                       Christine Hayes (names A-M)
                                                                                        Donna Deans (names N-Z)
                                                                                       (973) 776-1154 (names A-M)
                                                                                        Christine Hayes
                                                                                        80 Mulberry (names
                                                                                       Donna DeansStreet N-Z)
                                                                                       (973) 776-1156
                                                                                        Newark, NJ 07102
                                                                                       80 Mulberry Street, 2nd Floor
                                                                                        (973) 273-5063
                                                                                       Newark, NJ 07102
                                                                                        FAX: (973) 297-4842
                                                                                       (973) 776-1100
                                                                                        (800) 882-9539
                                                                                       FAX: (973) 776-1166
                                                                                       (800) 882-9539
Page 12                                         SPRING 2010                                             MCMS NEWS

                AND HOW TO AVOID THEM
     On October 8, 2008, without           Region A, working in Maine,               lead to denials in payment
great fanfare within the physician     N e w H a mp s h i r e , V e r mo n t ,       based upon assertions of “no
community, The Centers for             Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New              medical necessity” and
Medicare & Medicaid Services           Jersey and New York.                          “incomplete documentation.”
(CMS) has taken steps in the               CGI Technologies and                   RACs will utilize presently
agency's “comprehensive efforts”       Solutions, Inc. of Fairfax,                   existing auditing procedures
to identify “improper Medicare         Virginia.                                     and will, therefore, have an

                                                                                     and demand overpayment ‐
payments and fight fraud, waste            Region B, working in                      infrastructure to complete audits
and abuse” in the Medicare             Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota.
program by awarding contracts to           Connolly Consulting                       from their first day of operation.
four permanent Recovery Audit          Associates, Inc. of Wilton,                RACs determine whether
Contractors (RACs) designed to         Connecticut.                                  documentation for medical
“guard the Medicare Trust Fund.”             RAC Audits: How are they                services provided meet the
     RAC Audits: What are they?                      different?                      Medicare Guidelines for
    Recovery Audit Contractor           RAC Contractors are paid on a              payment and whether the
(RAC) Audits are specialized               contingency fee basis                     services are medically
Medicare audits that began as a         R A C S      are financially               necessary.
demonstration/pilot program. The           incentivized to identify errors.                RAC Audits: How to
demonstration resulted in over $900     RACS can draw on HPMP and                             prepare?
million in overpayments being              CERT methodology and data.                Consider moving toward and
returned to the Medicare Trust          RACS are permanent and will            utilizing an EMR (Electronic
Fund between 2005 and 2008.                build an automated, ongoing           Medical Record).
    The RAC Program was                    denial system.                            Make sure your billing staff
developed by Medicare to identify            RAC Audits: How do they             (either internal or external) is
“improper” Medicare Payments not                     operate?                    properly qualified, trained and
detected using previously existing      RAC’s conduct audits by                provided with continual training/
error detection and prevention             reviewing medical data and            updates.
program efforts.                           billing data.                             Utilize certified billing and/or
    Section 302 of the Tax Relief       Automatic reviews vs. complex          coding experts on a yearly or
Health Care Act of 2006 makes the          medical reviews:                      biennial schedule to ensure
RAC program permanent and               A u t o m a t i c   review: a          compliance, update templates and
requires its expansion to all 50           computerized analysis of claims       train staff.
states.                                    and coding practices utilizing             Michael J. Schoppmann, Esq.
      RAC Audits: What do they             existing databases. These                          Kern Augustine Conroy
             portend?                      reviews identify errors such as                         Schoppmann, P.C.
    CMS has four RACs in place             duplicates in billing and                              1120 Route 22 East
that are responsible for identifying       inappropriate bundling or                           Bridgewater, NJ 08807
over‐payments and underpayments.           unbundling of claims.                                       (908) 704-8585
    On October 6, 2008, CMS             Complex medical review:                                FAX: (908) 704-8899
announced the names of the new             billing and coding experts       
national RACs. The new RACs are:           review samples of medical
    • Diversified Collection               records and billing
Services, Inc. of Livermore,               documentation. These reviews
California.                                identify billing errors and also
                               Health Insurance TAX CREDIT and ALERT!

Tax Credit
As a Small Employer, you may have already received your post card from the IRS notifying you of a TAX
CREDIT of up to 35% of the premiums that you are (or may be) paying for the cost of monthly premiums toward
your Employees Health Insurance. This TAX CREDIT is scheduled to increase to 50% by 2014.

Ex: 9 qualified employees, with average annual wages of $23,000. The employer pays $72,000 in premiums on
behalf of the employees (subject to the average premium for the small group market), the credit would be $25,200
(35% x $72,000).

You must qualify for this benefit and if you would like to learn if you qualify, you can go to, or feel
free to please contact our office and ask for our Employee TAX CREDIT department.

Regrettably, we have been experiencing Health Insurance rate increases approaching 30%, and have assured our
clients that we are doing everything possible to offer reasonable cost cutting changes to their existing plans,
including our usual due diligence of shopping their plan(s) with other carriers, as we are licensed with all of the
carriers in the State, and this year is no exception.

However, an additional issue has arisen for our New Jersey clients with Horizon and Aetna, and we suspect other
carriers will be following their lead. In an apparent attempt to enhance their cost cutting, they have now informed
us that we will no longer receive any commission/compensation unless we provide them with at least 75% of your
business. Obviously, this eliminates the ability to provide you with the benefit of selecting or even continuing to
offer multiple carriers, without being compensated, as we would be faced with the equivalent of “completely free
service”, just a little worse than what our doctors are currently experiencing.

We have been informed that the State Insurance Department is aware of this issue and it is our preliminary
suspicion that the current State Regulation that permits Small Group Employers (under 50 employees) the latitude
of choosing Multiple Carriers, will be amended in the very near future, in which case, we will still be able to have
Multiple Plans but only within a Single Carrier.

In light of the current economic conditions and in appreciation for the loyalty of our current and/or prospective
clients and in appreciation for the privilege and confidence of their/your business, we will continue our support
with exactly the same service that our clients have become accustomed to receiving, both with alternative plans and
carriers, even if this means that we might forfeit our compensation. We would simply ask that you work with us
and if we are able to provide similar coverage and rates with a Single Carrier, that you will be willing to do so.

In the interest of full and fair disclosure, we wanted to be certain that our clients and/or prospective clients
understood the current conditions, as we have always and will continue to function on the basis of the highest
integrity and openness with you. Please be sure to discuss this issue with your representative.

Acknowledging the economic condition and in appreciation of the decades of service we have enjoyed, in our role
as Physician Employee Specialists, we would invite and welcome the opportunity and privilege of your business.
Page 14                                              SPRING 2010                                              MCMS NEWS

    CLASSIFIED ADS                            LOST OR STOLEN                               DRUG ASSISTANCE
   MEDICAL OFFICES TO RENT: 32                 PRESCRIPTION                                   PROGRAMS
                                                                                          Many pharmaceutical companies
   Maple Avenue, Morristown. 1 mile
   from MMH, I287; 700 sq ft for only
                                                  BLANKS                              offer programs that provide prescription
   $1,000/month. Elegant Victorian;
                                                 If your prescription blanks are      drug products free of charge to patients
   entire 1st floor. On-site parking. 2     lost or stolen you MUST report it to      who cannot afford to purchase the
   offices, 2 exam rooms, 2 bathrooms.      the New Jersey Prescription Blank         prescriptions. Physicians can request this
   May sublet. Please call (973) 993-1919   Unit (NJPB) within 72 hours. The          assistance on behalf of their patients.
   or page (877) 665-6167.                  NJPB can be reached at (973) 504-             There are many pharmaceutical
                                            6558. A NJPH Incident Report must         companies that participate in these
   OFFICE TO SUBLET: Morristown             also be completed and mailed within       programs. The following is a brief list of
   physician office available to sublet.    seven (7) days. The form should be
   Handicapped accessible, two exam
                                                                                      some of the companies:
                                            mailed to the Office of Drug Control.         BMS: (800) 332-2056
   rooms, ample parking. Please call at     The NJPB form can be obtained by
   (973) 898-9558.                                                                        Eli Lilly: (800) 545-6962
                                            calling the Society office.                   Merck: (800) 994-2111
   MEDICAL SPACE AVAILABLE                                                                For additional information, you can
   TO SUBLET: Brand new medical                                                       access the PR&M Association at:
   building in Florham Park. Handicapped                                     and
   Accessible, excellent parking.                                            Refer your patients to
   Convenient to all major highways. St.                                              1-888-793-6765 or
   Barnabas, Morristown and Overlook        CME REMINDER
   Hospitals. Please contact (201) 259-     Upon renewal of licensure in
   8335.                                 New Jersey, one hundred (100) hours
                                            of CME are required. Forty of the
                CASA                        credits must be in Category I.
                                                 The Medical Society of New
                                            Jersey offers the Physician’s
         CHILD’S LIFE                       Recognition Award to all physician
        CASA of Morris and Sussex
                                            members free of charge. To obtain
   Counties is a 501c(3) not for Profit
   Corporation and is a member of the       the MSNJ PRA, one hundred and
   National Court Appointed Advocates       fifty hours of Continuing Medical
                                            Education credits over a three year
                                                                                             B & W PRINTING
   Association. The mission of CASA is
   to help ensure that all abused,          period are required. Should you need
   neglected and abandoned children are
   placed in permanent and secure homes.
                                            the Physicians Recognition Award
                                            application, please call the office.              COMPANY, INC.
   The staff trains, supports and                                                                  New Jersey
   supervises volunteers who facilitate                                                        Prescription Blanks
   and monitor the services of these
   children on a one-to-one basis. This
   organization relies on donations and        ZUFALL HEALTH
   grants to offset expenses. Help them
                                                                                            Authorized vendor for NJ
   out anyway you can.                                CENTER                            Prescription blanks. Same or next
        For more information, call (973)     The Zufall Health Center is                day emergency service for one part
   656-4330.                             looking for doctors who can volunteer          prescription forms (may require
                                            on a regular basis, or occasionally, or     customer pickup). Quantities as
                                            as backups. If you are interested in        small as 500. Prices starting at $40.
      If you find mistakes in this          helping out, or have any medical            Contact Dean Russamano at (908)
     newsletter, please consider that       equipment you no longer need, please        477-9294 or E-mail at:
     they are there for a purpose. We       call Dr. Rina Ramirez-Alexander   
     try to publish something for           (973) 328-3344.
     everyone, and some people are
     always looking for mistakes.
                         MEMORIAL RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES
                                         of Parsippany
                                     10 Lanidex Plaza West
                                           Suite 125
                                     Parsippany, NJ 07054
                                     Phone: (973)503-5700
                                     Fax:    (973)386-5701

           State-of-the-art GE equipment linked to the AHS PACS.
     Our warm, caring and professional staff will put your patient at ease and we will ensure
        that the ordering physician can expect accurate results with rapid turnaround .

                                    Services Offered
                                         MRI Breast
                                  MRI Indirect Arthrography
                                     CT Enterography
                                  Bone densitometry (DEXA)

                                    Handicap Accessible
                               Most Major Insurance Accepted

                        Board Certified Radiologists
                 Affiliated with Morris Imaging Associates

Jeanne R. Schwartz, MD           Lawrence C. Swayne, MD, FACNP,FACR
Sean K. Calhoun, DO              Roy J. Cobb, MD           William Colston, MD
Mark Cosentino, MD               Paul Friedman, DO         Hal Ginsberg, MD
Michael Kozaczek, MD             Denise McCarthy, MD       Robyn Murphy, MD
Angela Parisi, MD                James Rubenstein, MD      Milan Sheth, MD
Peter J. Wynne, MD               Thaddeus Yablonsky, MD
Page 16                                                  SPRING 2010                                                       MCMS NEWS

                           WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
                                    The Morris County Medical Society welcomes the following new members.
                                                   The asterisk indicates Board Certification.

  JOYCE BACHMAN, M.D.                              STEPHEN CRANE, M.D.                              RICHARD E. KRIEGER, M.D.
      INTERNAL MEDICINE *                          OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY *                              INTERNAL MEDICINE *
    OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE *                             776 Northfield Avenue, #201               INFECTIOUS DISEASE *
             80 Livingston Avenue                          West Orange, NJ 07052                 2035 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite F
              Roseland, NJ 07068                              (973) 324-2818                            Wayne, NJ 07470
                (973) 548-7348                         M.D., 1986, University of Medicine                (973) 831-9228
          M.D., 1977, University of Colorado    and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey            M.D., 1978, University of Medicine
School of Medicine, Denver, CO. Residency Medical School, Newark, NJ. Residency training: and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey
training: Regional Medical Center, Memphis, St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.  Medical School., Newark, New Jersey.
TN; Healthone Presbyterian Hospital, St. Luke’s                                           Residency training:      Medical College of
Medical Center, Denver, CO.                                                               Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
                                                                                          Fellowship training: Medical College of
                                                   GWEN L. DAVID, M.D.                    Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.
                                                   OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY *
  CLAIRE BOCCIA LIANG, M.D.                                  95 Northfield Avenue
        INTERNAL MEDICINE *                                  West Orange, NJ 07052
                                                                (973) 736-4505
                                                                                                   LEWIS T. LADOCSI, M.D.
           CARDIOLOGY *                                                                                       GYNECOLOGY *
           101 Madison Avenue, #202                      M.D.,     1989, University of North
                                                Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Medicine,                 776 Northfield Avenue, #201
              Morristown, NJ 07960                                                                           West Orange, NJ 07052
                 (973) 359-0400                 Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Residency training:
                                                                                                                 (973) 324-2818
           M.D., 2000, J&S Weill Medical Center St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New              M.D., 1970, University of Medicine
Cornell University Medical School, New York,    Jersey.
                                                                                                 and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey
NY. Residency training: New York University                                                      Medical School, Newark, New Jersey. Residency
Medical Center, New York, NY; New York and            ERIC DIGIACOMO, M.D.                       training: St. Barnabas Medical Center,
Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY.                     INTERNAL MEDICINE                       Livingston, New Jersey.
                                                             205 Ridgedale Avenue
                                                            Florham Park, NJ 07932
                                                                (973) 377-1884
     YIHONG H. CHENG, M.D.                               M.D., 1977, University of Juarez,
                                                                                                   MICHAEL MILANO, M.D.
          INTERNAL MEDICINE *                   Juarez, Mexico. Residency training: St. Barnabas
            16 Pocono Road, Suite 317           Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey;                       GYNECOLOGY *
                                                Morristown Memorial Hospital, Morristown,                 825 Bloomfield Avenue, #103
                Denville, NJ 07834
                                                New Jersey.                                                     Verona, NJ 07044
                 (973) 627-2650
                                                                                                                 (973) 324-2818
           M.D., University of Medicine and
                                                                                                          M.D., 1978, University of Medicine
Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson
Medical School, New Brunswick, NJ. Residency          LISA E. HAYES, M.D.                        and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey
                                                    OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY                      Medical School, Newark, NJ. Residency training:
training: Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey,
                                                          776 Northfield Avenue, #201            St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New
Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center, New
                                                             West Orange, NJ 07052               Jersey.
Brunswick, NJ
                                                                (973) 324-2818
                                                         M.D., 2005, St. George’s University
                                                School of Medicine, Grenada. Residency
                                                training: St. Barnabas Medical Center, MICHAEL D. MOST, M.D.
   GERALD CICIOLA, M.D. Livingston, New Jersey.                                                           GENERAL SURGERY *
  OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY *                                                                             HEAD & NECK ONCOLOGY
            95 Northfield Avenue                                                                             261 James Street, Suite #2G
           West Orange, NJ 07052                                                                               Morristown, NJ 07960
               (973) 736-4505                      LINDA LUISI-PURDUE, M.D.
                                                                                                                   (973) 267-6400
         M.D., 1990, University of North           OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY *                                M.D., 2001, Technion-Israel Institute
Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Medicine,                776 Northfield Avenue, #201
                                                                                                  of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Residency training:
Chapel Hill, NC. Residency training: St.                    West Orange, NJ 07052
                                                                                                  Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark, New Jersey.
Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.                        (973) 324-2818
                                                          M.D., 1987, University of Medicine
                                                and Dentistry of New Jersey, New Jersey
                                                Medical School, Newark, NJ. Residency training:
                                                St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.
MCMS NEWS                                                  SPRING 2010                                                Page 17

 ARE YOU A TRICARE                             SOCIETY RELOCATES                            MEDICAL SOCIETY
   AUTHORIZED                                      PLEASE NOTE!!!! The                      TWIN MEMBERSHIP
    PHYSICIAN?                                 Society office will be                         RECRUITMENT
     Are you an authorized Tricare             relocating during the middle of                The Medical Society is the
physician?? Picatinny Arsenal is in            May. The new society address              primary spokesperson for organized
Morris County and employs many                                                           medicine and we need you. We
                                               is:                                       appreciate your continued
civilian employees. Those employees
are covered by Tricare and have been            52 Elm Street, Morristown,               membership in the Morris County
calling the Society office requesting a                   NJ 07960                       Medical Society and the Medical
referral to a Tricare authorized                   Telephone and fax numbers             Society of New Jersey.
physician. You DO NOT have to                                                                 Times have never been more
participate in the Tricare program to be
                                               will remain the same.                     difficult for physicians in New Jersey.
an authorized Tricare provider. There                                                    We face challenges at every turn. The
are forms to complete for individual                                                     only way we will be able to
physicians and physician group                         FEDERAL                           successfully battle those challenges is
practices. The forms are available from              LEGISLATORS                         to maintain a unified organization.
the Society office, by calling Tricare or                                                There is strength in numbers.
on the Tricare web site. The web site          Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen               Do you know a colleague that
is: Click on                          30 Schuyler Place               isn’t a member? The MSNJ/MCMS
provider forms on the left side of the                 Morristown, NJ 07960              Twin Membership is a new program
page and select the forms that pertain                     (973) 984-0711                that offers potential members the
to your practice. The telephone number                 FAX: (973) 292-1569               opportunity to split their dues in half
for Tricare is (877) 874-2273.                      DC office: (202) 225-5034            by finding another physician to join
     As previously stated, you ARE                             E-mail:                   with them. Existing members can also
NOT required to participate in Tricare.       benefit from this program if they
However, physicians must be Tricare                                                      recruit a new member. Each physician
authorized in order for the patient to                                                   pays half dues. A membership
be reimbursed for medical services.                Senator Frank Lautenberg              application can be found on page 18,
The forms are easy to complete and               One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor          by calling the office or on the MCMS
shouldn’t be time consuming. Why not                   Newark, NJ 07102                  web site, “”.
c o n s i d er b e co mi n g a T r i c a r e             (973) 639-8700                  Make sure you indicate the twin
authorized physician?                               DC office: (202) 224-3224            member on the application.
     Please call the Society if you                   FAX: (973) 639-7823                     Dues for the remainder of 2010
should have any questions.                          E-mail: visit the following          for new members are $212.50. Dues
                                                       Site to send e-mail:              for 2010 for the twin program are
                                                      $415 per member. Credit card
                                                                                         payments are accepted.
                                                    Senator Robert Menendez
       SERICES                                    One Gateway Center, Suite 1100
       Important Telephone Numbers                   Newark, NJ 07102-5257
      Physician Inquiries:
          (877) 235-8073
                                                         (973) 645-3030                          PAAD LIMITS
      Physician Enrollment:                           FAX: (973) 645-0502                    The 2009 Pharmaceutical Assistance
           (877) 488-0549, Option 1                 DC office: (202) 224-4744            for the Aged and Disabled (PAAD)
      Provider IVR/FAX:                              E-mail visit the following          income limits will increase has of
          (877) 235-8073                                  to send e-mail                 January 1, 2010 to:
      EDI: (866) 488-0546,                                  * Single: $24,432.00
          Option 1                                                                           * Married Couples : $29,956.00
      Telephone Reopenings:                         If you do not live in the 11th           Patients can obtain an application for
          (866) 488-0551                       Congressional District, please call the   the PAAD program by calling, 800-792-
      Beneficiary Inquiries:                   Society office for the name and contact   9745.
          (800) 633-4227                       information for your Congressman.
Page 18                                         SPRING 2009                                          MCMS NEWS



      Twin Member name _________________________________             ME Number


                     Mail completed application to: MCMS, 52 Elm Street, Morristown, NJ 07960-4146
MCMS NEWS                                                        SPRING 2010                                                          Page 19

                                                                                          2 Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
                                                                          PHONE:    609.896.1766 ext. 245; E-MAIL:
                                                                                    for more information please visit

                                                2010 MEMBERSHIP FORM
         Participation Levels:                   ___      President’s Club                       $5,000.00
         (Please check one)                      ___      Capitol Club Elite                     $2,500.00
                                                 ___      Capitol Club Executive                 $1,750.00
                                                 ___      Capitol Club                           $1,000.00
                                                 ___      500 Club                                $500.00
                                                 ___      Legislative Club                         $250.00
                                                 ___      Other Amount                           _________

    I’d like to contribute to MedAC with a personal or corporate check (circle one):
    Please make your CORPORATE OR PERSONAL CHECK payable to MedAC and send to MedAC,
    2 Princess Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

    I’d like to contribute to MedAC using a CREDIT CARD:
    I’d like to pay my membership dues by credit card (please circle corporate or personal):
    Please fill in the amount paid:
    Name (Please Print):
    Card type: o VISA o MasterCard o AMEX Card #:_______________________
    Expiration Date:_________ Cardholders Signature:_____________________________

    Alternate Payment Option for credit card payments only:
    o Bill my credit card in equal installments for the remainder of 2010
         (initial here)

   The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission requires us to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and
name of employer of contributors whose contributions exceed $300 in a calendar year.

    Mailing Address:
    Phone (work):            ____________________________Fax (work):
    Work Address:
                             Street Address                                  City                State       ZIP

     If you are sending a check from a partnership entity or from a limited liability entity, please provide written instructions concerning the
allocation of the contribution amount to a contributing partner(s) or member(s); a signed acknowledgment of the contribution from each
contributing partner or member who has not signed the contribution check or other written instrument; and, contributor information for each
contributing partner or member. One hundred dollars of each contribution exceeding $200.00 will be forwarded to AMPAC for use in federal

    Contributions to MedAC/AMPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Funds from
corporations given to AMPAC will be used for political education activities where allowed. Contributions are not limited to
suggested amounts. Neither the MSNJ nor the AMA will favor or disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts of or failure to
make PAC contributions. Voluntary political contributions are subject to limitations of FEC regulations Section 110.1, 110.2 and
110.5 (Federal regulations require this notice)

                                                   REMOVE HEAD-
Morris County Medical Society                       ING ON THIS
   Elm Street
52 Page 20                                           SPRING 2010
Morristown, NJ 07960-4146                               PAGE                                     MCMS NEWS

                                                   REMOVE HEAD-
Morris County Medical Society                       ING ON THIS
52 Elm Street
Morristown, NJ 07960-4146                              PAGE

                                    TATYANA MARX, M.D.
                         101 MADISON AVENUE, SUITE #304
                                    TATYANA MARX, M.D.
                              MORRISTOWN, NJ 07960
                       (973) 292-0999
                 NEUROLOGY SPECIALISTS FAX: (973) 292-0555
                                        OF MORRIS COUNTY, LLC
                                         BOARD-CERTIFIED NEUROLOGIST
                                     101 MADISON AVENUE, SUITE #304
                                   FELLOWSHIP TRAINED IN NEUROPHYSIOLOGY &
                                           NEUROMUSCULAR NJ 07960
                                          MORRISTOWN, MEDICINE
                                    (973) 292-0999       FAX: (973) 292-0555
                                       BOARD-CERTIFIED NEUROLOGIST
                                          NEUROMUSCULAR MEDICINE
         Neurological evaluation & treatment              Botulinum Toxin Injections
           Electrophysiological Testing                         Lumbar Puncture
             | Nerve Conduction studies
             |   Electromyography
             | Surface EMG
           Neurological evaluation & treatment                  Botulinum Toxin Injections
           | Tremor Analysis
             Electrophysiological Testing                         Lumbar Puncture
             |   Nerve Conduction studies
                 Single Fiber EMG
             |   Electromyography
             |   Surface EMG
             |   Tremor Analysis
             |   Single Fiber EMG

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