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VOL. 28 EST. 1976
                                  solares hill                            JUNE 15, 2007                                                                NUMBER 24

 A Few Questions About Adding an Island
     by Nancy Klingener           development, how long will
                                  this island just be left to sit

       or decades, Christmas      there, undeveloped, not mak-
       Tree Island has sat        ing money for anyone?
       in Key West Harbor,          We may, at long last, be
a 21-acre question, the ulti-     nearing an answer.
mate example of neglected
open space, providing shelter
and succor for hundreds, if
not thousands, of people over
                                  ‘W      e’ve been stewards
                                          of that property for a
                                  very long time,” said Roger
the years.                        Bernstein, part of the family
  Not all of them stayed          that owns the island. “We
on the island though it has       now feel we are ready to
served as a campsite for          move forward. We have the
various vagabonds includ-         right partners. We think the
ing, at one time, the young       city of Key West will benefit
man from Fitchburg, Mass.,        from what we’re about to do.”
who would become Pritam             The first step for develop-
Singh. The island and its         ing Christmas Tree Island,
nearby baybottom, also pri-       officially known as Wisteria
vately owned, are a favor-        Island on nautical charts,
ite anchorage for boaters         is for the city to annex it
who live here yearround and       and bring the island into its
boaters who pass through          jurisdiction and out of unin-
and stay awhile.                  corporated Monroe County.
  The question it has been          That’s because Monroe                                                                                            PHOTO BY NANCY KLINGENER
posing, all these years, is       County’s land-use plan,                                 “The Flotsamous Queen” awaits change on Wisteria Island.
this: In a place with limit-      crafted after decades of legal
ed land and even less water-      battles with the state and        shore islands,” as those           Under the county’s rules,         for every 10 acres.
front, with massive amounts       environmentalists, has strict     unconnected by bridges to        you can build two homes on            The city, were it to annex
of money to be made from          rules about building on “off-     other Keys are called.           Christmas Tree Island, one                      Please turn to page 3

In This Issue
 When Making More Than Most             Prepping for the Nutcracker Effect
 People Is Not Enough
                —     Page 2             by Mark Howell             mounting the ballet again        Fantasy Fest, the rehears-          after ‘Nutcracker,’” said
                                                                    this year.                       als start October 29 and she        Wood. “Boom boom boom

 Harry Wasn’t Wild about                 juggernaut known as          Stahl’s new production         loads out on December 4. It’s       until April.”
 Wilderness    —         Page 4          “The Nutcracker Key        of “Nutcracker Key West”         a big, beautiful production            The Paradise Big Band,
                                         West” is having a big      opens at the Tennessee           and I want it here.”                which usually makes its
 Maintenance Dredging Helped      impact on the scheduling          Williams Theatre for 10            To accommodate such an            first appearance of the sea-
 the Environment                  of other shows this coming        nights starting the day after    unprecedented arrangement,          son after Fantasy Fest, will
               —       Page 5     winter season.                    Thanksgiving. To rehearse        annual performances by              now appear on October 21.
                                    Joyce Stahl, who present-       the show, Stahl has booked       other presenters that would         The Key West Symphony,
 The White City of Guayaquil
                                  ed an elaborate and expen-        the Tennessee Williams           normally have been seen             needing space for its own
                —      Page 10
                                  sive production of that name      “solid through November,”        at the Tennessee Williams           rehearsals, has adjusted its
 On the Road Again                at the high school audito-        said Frank Wood, artis-          in November have been               whole season; the two mas-
              —        Page 13    rium in 2005, soon after          tic director at the theater.     bumped to December, or              ter concerts are now on Jan.
                                  Hurricane Wilma, will be          “Joyce comes in right after      later. “We are so jammed                        Please turn to page 2
                                       • •
PAGE 2                                                                                          solares hill                                                 JUNE 15, 2005

Continued from page 1                                                                                                               view from the hill
11-12 and Feb. 1-2, with
another concert in April.                                                                                                 When More Than Most
   The Keys Chorale, whose
season opener has for years
been held at the theater on
                                                                                                                       People Make Just Isn’t Enough
the first Friday in December,                                                                                              by Nancy Klingener           100-mile span of the Keys
squeezes in for a rehears-                                                                                                                              outside of Key West, as
al or two prior to a per-

                                                                                                                               m I crazy, or is there   well as running
formance on Friday, Dec.                                                                                                       some vast right-wing     the jail).
7, with Dec. 9 “tentatively                                                                                                    conspiracy to turn         But the salary isn’t even
                                      Island Opera Theatre board members and advisors, in the back row Emily
reserved” for a Sunday mat-           Parsons, Tom Nitti, Paul Carmichael, Jody Thomas, Melissa Penrose, Alton         me into an anti-govern-          as out of line as the other
inee, said choirmaster Dean           Weekly, Lori Bailey, Dennis Kuk and in the front row Barbara Anderson,           ment dittohead?                  stuff. Mauldin will now get
Walters.                              Sandy Lee, Ginger Butler, Renate Kuk and Dean Walters, take a group                Our real estate values         “compensation for addition-
   Walters also spoke for             moment at their planning retreat in May to congratulate Don Whitehead,           are falling, our property        al hours worked” over 40 a
the Island Opera Company              center right, who won a Tahiti cruise in the company’s raffle.                   tax system may be turned         week.
that he founded — it’s now                                                                                             upside down … and five-            He’ll go from 20 to 30
the Island Opera Theatre              tag on the festival-quali-                     which she herself performed       digit raises are the order of    vacation days and his
of the Florida Keys, Inc.             ty film, called “Underwater”                   in “The Nutcracker” count-        the day for public employ-       sick leave, which rolls
— which for the past two              and locally acclaimed as                       less times.                       ees.                             over (mine doesn’t, does
years has presented “Sing             highly as the actual ballet,                     This year’s production            Not all public employ-         yours?), can go up to 120
for Your Supper” at the end           will eventually equal what                     will gross $237,500 if (and       ees, mind you. Just those        days. When did we sudden-
of October on the Tennessee           she spent on the original                      that’s a big if in the Keys,      near the top of the food         ly become France and if so,
Williams stage. “So we won’t          production, she said earlier                   unless you bus the audienc-       chain. The rank and file get     why don’t we have better
be doing that,” he said. The          this year.                                     es in) every one of the the-      to soldier on, like us poor      food?
company’s big show at the               The budget for the 10                        ater’s 475 seats is sold every    saps in the private sector,        If the city fires him — a
theater is scheduled for mid-         nights of “Nutcracker Key                      night at an average price         attempting not to go flying      decision Avael will never
March, an Opera Fest with             West” this year Stahl has                      of $50. That figure is not a      off the back of the tread-       have to make — the tax-
the Chorale and orchestra.            not yet shared with us.                        fraction of the cost of mount-    mill while paying the taxes      payers are on the hook for
   Following her critically             The 2005 production                          ing a show that takes the         that support said five-digit     six months salary.
acclaimed “Nutcracker                 involved an enormous effort                    entire month of November to       raises.                            I fully understand the
Key West” of 2005, Joyce              to produce multiple cos-                       rehearse.                           It’s already been noted        police chief’s job is a
Stahl told Solares Hill that          tumes, design a complex set                      Stahl has said she’d like       that the city’s round of         demanding one, “24-7” as
she had spent more than               and relentlessly rehearse                      “Nutcracker Key West” to          raises was particular-           he put it (in which case
$600,000 on the produc-               local children — a num-                        become an annual tradition        ly egregious, coming as it       we’ll be paying a lot of com-
tion; later estimates put the         ber of whom were forced to                     in town.                          did as a lame duck move          pensation).
figure considerably higher.           leave town by Hurricane                          Coming up at the                by (Former? Vacationing?           But indoctrinated as I’ve
There were four performanc-           Wilma — plus the importa-                      Tennessee Williams Theatre        Consulting?) City Manager        been by the stingy Scrooge-
es at the high school audito-         tion of some of the top bal-                   once the “Nutcracker” is          Julio Avael, without run-        ean private sector, I’ve
rium, not full on any night.          let dancers in the land. The                   done are the Pride Follies,       ning it by the commission-       always considered that sal-
   The following year Stahl           production, and especial-                      the Key West Pops orches-         ers or Jim Scholl, who had       aried professionals with
produced a documentary of             ly the movie that followed,                    tra and Bobby in the Lobby.       already been chosen as his       serious responsibilities —
the making of “Nutcracker             revealed the exacting stan-                    In January, Joel Gray will        successor.                       and generous compensation
Key West,” filmed and direct-         dards to which Stahl drives                    be here. In March, The              We all should have boss-       — working long hours is
ed by Quincy Perkins and              herself and others, follow-                    Temptations. ❐                    es like Avael, I suppose.        part of the deal. Apparently
Karen Leonard. The price              ing a New York career in                           But it would be nice if he       in the city of Key West, it’s
                                                                                                                       weren’t being so generous        all about what you can get.
                                                                                                                       with other people’s money.         That irritation was just

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                                                                                                                         The raise and especially
                                                                                                                       the other perks hand-
                                                                                                                       ed out to the police chief
                                                                                                                                                        beginning to subside when
                                                                                                                                                        a new inflamation arose
                                                                                                                                                        from the county front,
                                                                                                                       were especially infuriating.     where the county’s bud-
                    • e-mail:                                    Avael raised Mauldin’s sal-      get director threw a public
                                                                                                                       ary to $117,000 (almost as       hissy fit because he hasn’t
                                                                                                                       much as the sheriff, who is      received a $22,000 raise he
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JUNE 15, 2007                                                                     solares hill                                                                          PAG E 3

Continued from page 1
                                  C    ommissioner Bill Verge,
                                       whose district would
                                  include the island if it is
                                                                                                                                                    Bernsteins are the last peo-
                                                                                                                                                    ple who should be accused
                                                                                                                                                    of not caring about the com-
                                  annexed, was one of the two                                                                                       munity.
the island, could conceiv-        votes against it in the first                                                                                        “There’s no other family in
ably re-zone under a similar      reading. (The other was                                                                                           the Keys that has done more
scheme as Truman Annex,           Commissioner Mark Rossi.)                                                                                         than they have,” he said.
historic redevelopment. That        “Give me one good rea-                                                                                          “The Bernsteins have always
would allow a maximum of          son why it should be done,”                                                                                       made community their first
168 new units.                    Verge said this week.                                                                                             priority.”
   Ginny Stones, attorney           The annexation ordinance                                                                                           Roger Bernstein remem-
for the proposed developer,       mentions “expanding the                                                                                           bers his father building
Ocean Properties, said that’s     tax base of the city of Key                                                                                       Lincoln Gardens in the
way more than they would          West” as one benefit. Several                                                                                     1960s, 400 trailer park units.
actually use and the devel-       have pointed to Sunset Key,                                                                                       His father sold the lots to
oper plans to propose a new       formerly known as Tank                                                                                            the trailer owners for $4,000
zoning category that would        Island, the other spoil island                                                                                    apiece, $32 a month.
allow five units per acre.        in Key West Harbor that                                                                PHOTO BY NANCY KLINGENER      More recently, the fam-
The proposed zoning mirrors       was developed a decade ago.       The developer’s attorney says Wisteria would not be a twin of Sunset Key.       ily donated the land for
Sunset Key (and Truman            Sunset Key, in 2006, brought                                                                                      Bernstein Park on Stock
Annex) because that’s the         the city $309,000 in proper-                                                                                      Island and helped develop
closest and most similar          ty taxes.                         even ours yet.”                       would have 24 months to                   Park Village.
property. But the develop-          And that’s before the             That’s the same point               submit amendments to the
er wants to look at zoning                                          — from a different angle              city’s land use map. After
which would provide “sub-
stantially less than any den-
                                  Legislature decides wheth-
                                  er to limit the amount local
                                  governments can levy in
                                                                    — that Mayor Morgan
                                                                    McPherson makes. The dis-
                                                                                                          that, the ordinance states,
                                                                                                          the city “shall include the
                                                                                                                                                    T    hen there’s the question
                                                                                                                                                         of this island’s ecological
                                                                                                                                                    status, or importance.
sity that exists in the city      property taxes. “If that gets     cussion now should be about           applicant’s Future Land Use                  It was created from spoil
right now,” she said.             chopped, we’re going to sell      annexation and annexa-                Map amendment within the                  from harbor dredges, proba-
   The first reading of the       ourselves out for $150,000        tion only, he said. He favors         City’s next available com-                bly dating back to the 1800s,
ordinance to annex the            to $200,000 in taxes,” Verge      annexation because, he said,          prehensive plan amendment                 said Tom Hambright, his-
island went through smooth-       said.                             the island is so close to Key         cycle.” So even at this early             torian with the Monroe
ly, approved on a 5-2 vote.         “The project is just not        West that “if anybody should          stage, it’s not only about                County Library in Key West.
The developers’ annexation        thought out well. Its value       have a say-so as to what              annexation.                               It was added to during later
proposal assures the city         on the books right now is         happens out there, it should                                                    dredging, up to World War
that any development there
would provide its own water
                                  $270,000. As soon as you do
                                  the annexation, the property
                                                                    be the city.”
                                                                      If the island is developed
                                                                    similarly to Sunset Key,
                                                                                                          A    nother question is
                                                                                                               what will happen to
                                                                                                          the anchorage that now
                                                                                                                                                    II. “It’s one of those things
                                                                                                                                                    that grew over the years,”
(through desalination),           becomes worth millions over-                                                                                      Hambright said.
power (through alternative        night. What’s the city of Key     “I definitely would con-              surrounds the island. It’s a                 In 1960, another dredge
energy and generators) and        West getting in return, other     sider that an asset to our            major supply of affordable                was planned and the spoil
on-site sewage treatment.         than an additional load on        community,” he said. But              housing in a community des-               was to be added to the
   The city planning staff rec-   our infrastructure?”              development, he said, is “a           perately in need of afford-               island, “even though it was
ommended approval of the                                            secondary issue. Unless the           able housing.                             privately owned by that
annexation — even though                                            island’s annexed, that’s not            It’s also private proper-
“the annexation proposal
does not address potential
                                  S   ince the annexation
                                      ordinance was approved
                                  on first reading May 1, a
                                                                    even a consideration.
                                                                      “People are already try-
                                                                                                          ty, so those boaters are tres-
                                                                                                          passing and have been for
                                                                                                                                                    time,” he said. “But the
                                                                                                                                                    shrimp boat people primar-
                                                                                                                                                    ily protested. It would have
traffic and parking impacts       movement has been qui-            ing to answer questions               years.                                    made a longer trip for them,
associated with the proposed      etly growing to oppose the        before it’s even up to us to            McPherson said he’d love                coming out of the Bight.”
development either on the         annexation, as a way to           make any decisions,” he said.         to see a city-regulated moor-                Instead the spoil created a
island or in Key West.”           oppose development. The           “They shouldn’t be answered           ing field — and that state                second island, Tank Island,
   As far as the utilities go,    second and possibly final         until it’s up to us.”                 environmental authorities                 which the Navy used and
Stones said the developers        reading has been postponed          But the annexation ordi-            are already worried about                 later sold to Singh as part of
wanted to make sure the           until mid-July, when the          nance contemplates chang-             trash and sewage generated                the Truman Annex property.
project could be supplied as      entire commission can be          ing the zoning of the island.         by boaters in that area.
a self-contained entity if nec-                                     It says the property owner              And he said the                                    Please turn to page 20
                                  there. A petition demanding
essary, and “make the issue       that the island be zoned as

as low impact for the city as     green space by the city has
possible.”                        gathered almost 1,000 signa-
                                                                                                                                                       Serving Dinner
   Ocean Properties is the        tures. Suanne Hitchar, a Key                                                                                              from
same company that devel-          West resident since 1984
oped the Westin Hotel and         who lived on a boat near                                                                                            6:00 untill 11:00
Sunset Key. Wisteria, like        the island for two and a half
Sunset Key, would be “part        years, said she’s been telling
residential, part resort”         a lot of people not to give up.               THE ORIGINAL HURRICANE
but Stones said the gener-          “People are so worn out                                                                                                 Full Bar
al thinking is not to create a    with Key West, they think
                                                                                     MENU IS BACK
twin of Sunset Key. The feel      this is unstoppable,” she
at Wisteria would be less         said. But it’s not your stan-                     3 COURSES – YOUR CHOICE FOR $29.00                                 Full Menu is
manicured, with more native       dard development proposal.
vegetation and less imitation     “This is new and unusual.
                                                                                             MON – THURS ONLY                                        Always Available
of Old Town.                      It hasn’t been zoned. It’s not                615 Duval. • 294-6565 •
PAG E 4                                                                      solares hill                                                                          JUNE 15, 2007

                   Harry Wasn’t Wild About Wilderness
     by Nancy Klingener             Still, the symposium had                                                                                                establishment of the park,
                                 a catchy subtitle, “From Los                                                                                               which finally came to fru-

       he theme of this          Alamos to the Everglades,”                                                                                                 ition under his watch, has
       year’s Truman Legacy      and there’s no denying that                                                                                                consequences that we feel
       Symposium, held in        the post-war era did give                                                                                                  today. The park, Kimball
Key West last weekend, was       rise to a lot of the environ-                                                                                              pointed out, “was a factor in
“Harry S Truman and the          mental issues we still deal                                                                                                turning down a large power
Environment.”                    with today, including the                                                                                                  plant” just last week.
  It was quickly and univer-     introduction of the atom-
sally agreed that Truman,
while a good guy and damn
fine president, didn’t actual-
                                 ic age and the dedication of
                                 Everglades National Park,
                                 at which Truman spoke, 60
                                                                                                                                                            W     hile Truman may not
                                                                                                                                                                  have had a lot of time
                                                                                                                                                            for worrying about the envi-
ly care much about the envi-     years ago this December.                                                                                                   ronment, the symposium
ronment, or at least not as         That dedication speech got                                                                                              was a valuable opportunity
we understand caring about       a lot of attention on the sym-                                                                                             to look at the roots of the
the environment today.           posium panels, including as                                                                                                modern environmental
  “My grandfather’s view         it does some inspiring talk                                                                                                movement. Those roots, sev-
on the environment was           about the importance of the                                                                                                eral speakers said, go a lot
‘My office is not a good envi-   Everglades. In the speech,                                                                                                 deeper than Rachel Carson’s
ronment for you — get out.       Truman called the park “a                                                                                                  “Silent Spring,” published
Go outside and play,’” said      project whose great value                                                                                                  in 1962 and generally con-
Clifton Truman Daniel,           lies in the enrichment of the                            COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK   sidered the springboard for
Truman’s grandson and a          human spirit … We have                                                                                                     modern environmentalism.
                                                                          Harry Truman dedicates Everglades National Park, Dec. 6, 1947.
symposium attendee.              permanently safeguarded                                                                                                       Back in the 1930s there
  You can’t really blame         an irreplaceable primitive           talked about how inspir-               didn’t have a John Muir                        were two wildly popular
the guy. He had a lot on         area.”                               ing that speech was for                pushing him to dwell on                        books that brought terms
his plate, matters such as          Later he sounded again on         him. So did Susan Ponzoli,             nature’s less prosaic benefits                 like “ecology” to public con-
ending World War II (and         the spiritual theme: “And for        the assistant U.S. attorney            (along with the aforemen-                      sciousness — even if those
whether to deploy nucle-         conservation of the human            who helped bring the feder-            tioned global post-cata-                       books and the men who
ar weapons for the first         spirit, we need places such          al lawsuit against the state           strophic war reconstruction,                   wrote them have been pretty
time), navigating the recon-     as Everglades National               of Florida that led to the $11         Atomic Age, Cold War issues                    much forgotten.
struction of Europe and          Park, where we may be                billion project we know as             to deal with).                                    The books were “Our
the rehabilitation of Japan,     more keenly aware of our             Everglades restoration.                   Hechler’s CV also includes,                 Plundered Planet” by Fair-
managing a booming post-         Creator’s infinitely varied,           But they didn’t men-                 it emerged, his recent                         field Osborne and “Road to
war economy and beginnings       infinitely beautiful handi-          tion the other parts of that           appearance in Vanity Fair                      Survival” by William Vogt.
of the Cold War, and the         work. Here we may draw               speech, where Truman                   (as one of three surviving                     Both seem worth looking up
unpleasantness in Korea.         strength and peace of mind           talks about what he means              members of the Truman                          in that mythical free time in
  So if Truman didn’t have       from our surroundings.”              by conservation of natural             Administration), being the                     the near future for ponder-
a lot of time or interest for       The park’s current super-         resources. That was left to            first American to talk to                      ing environmental history.
appreciating nature, so be it.   intendent, Dan Kimball,              Michael Grunwald, author of            Herman Goehring after the
                                                                      the excellent Everglades his-          shooting stopped and being
                                                                      tory “The Swamp.”
                                                                        “Our high level of employ-
                                                                                                             the guy who would walk
                                                                                                             into the crowd at Truman’s
                                                                                                                                                            O    n Friday, the symposium
                                                                                                                                                                 opened with a reception
                                                                                                                                                            at the Little White House
                                                                      ment and our extraordinary             speeches and, if crowd                         featuring Christine Todd
                                                                      production are being limited           response was a bit tepid,                      Whitman, former governor
                                                                      by scarcities in some items            yell “Give ‘em hell, Harry!”                   of New Jersey and the first
                                                                      of our natural wealth. This            That’s not even counting his                   head of the Environmental
                                                                      is the time to develop and             nine terms in Congress and                     Protection Agency under our
                                                                      replenish our basic resourc-           16 years as West Virginia’s                    current president.
                                                                      es,” Truman said.                      secretary of state.                              Whitman was as puzzled
                                                                        “Full conservation of our               Hechler said he spent                       as everyone else at trying to
                                                                      energy resources can be                quite a bit of time with                       find Truman’s environmental
                                                                      accomplished by continued              Truman at the Little White                     roots, but quickly segued
                                                                      construction of dams, hydro-           House. “Down here in Key                       into a discussion of how our
                                                                      electric plants and transmis-          West, you could talk to him                    recent era of partisan polar-
                                                                      sion lines; by greater use of          in relaxed circumstances,”                     ity is harming the country
                                                                      natural gas, by research for           and Truman’s talk would                        and preventing us from get-
                                                                      more efficient methods of              sometimes turn to his hopes                    ting anything done.
                                                                      extraction of coral and oil,           and dreams for the country,                      Just about every piece of
                                                                      and by exploration for new             Hechler said. “His hopes and                   significant environmental
                                                                      resources.”                            his dreams never touched on                    legislation in the 1970s and
                                                                                                             the environment.”                              ’80s, Whitman pointed out,
                                                                      O    K. So Truman was no
                                                                           Teddy Roosevelt but, as
                                                                      his former speechwriter Ken
                                                                                                                But even if Truman didn’t
                                                                                                             write the speech — and
                                                                                                             didn’t even agree with its
                                                                                                                                                            was signed by a Republican
                                                                                                                                                            president working with a

                                                                      Hechler pointed out, Truman            loftier sentiments — the                              Continued on next page
JUNE 15, 2007                                                            solares hill                                                                 PAG E 5

HARRY                             Key West Harbor Maintenance Dredging Helped the Environment
Continued from page 4
                                       by Sandra Walters          Wildlife Service, and the        to and following the recon-      ty from rough weather con-
Democratic Congress. “The
                                                                  Florida Fish and Wildlife        struction of Pier B in the       ditions appeared to have a
votes were very rarely close,”

                                       t is important that some   Conservation Commission.         harbor. Pier B was relocat-      much stronger and more
she said. Since 1990, she
                                       factual corrections be     Local environmental groups       ed farther from shore over       long-lasting effect than that
counted one bill in that cat-
                                       made regarding some        also participated, including     deeper water, and turbidi-       of ships. Monitoring dur-
egory, the 2002 Brownfields
                                  of the points raised by Mr.     The Ocean Conservancy,           ty levels from ship activities   ing the dredging project sel-
Revitalization Act. “It wasn’t
                                  Jerrold Weinstock in his        Reef Relief and the Nature       were lower following this        dom found exceedances of
because we stopped need-
                                  commentary run in the June      Conservancy. The mainte-         change in location.              required standards and
ing to protect our environ-
                                  8 issue of Solares Hill.        nance dredging permits con-        Two dredge spoil dispos-       dredge operations were sus-
ment in 1990,” she said. “We
                                     The dredging that recent-    tained extensive conditions      al areas were used for the       pended temporarily the few
stopped being willing to
                                  ly took place in Key West       to protect the surrounding       overall harbor dredging proj-    times this occurred.
work together.”
                                  Harbor was maintenance          important marine resources       ect. Fine materials were            Ship activities in the
  Which doesn’t mean peo-
                                  work conducted by the U.S.      of the Florida Keys, includ-     taken to an upland disposal      harbor and their poten-
ple who care about the envi-
                                  Navy to facilitate military     ing monitoring of turbidi-       site on Navy-owned proper-       tial impacts have been
ronment should give up
                                  ship operations for nation-     ty and health of marine life     ty at Fleming Key, and were      reviewed extensively. The
hope, she said. They should
                                  al security, as changes in      prior to, during and after       placed within a contain-         first data collection in this
look closer to home, to plac-
                                  Navy operations in the Gulf     dredging.                        ment berm. For larger mate-      regard took place in 1999,
es like Tallahassee and
                                  and Caribbean resulted in          One of the publicly-stat-     rials, an offshore disposal      when a team of researchers
Sacramento and Trenton.
                                  the need for larger, deep-      ed reasons why the National      site went through extensive      from Florida International
  “The states are going to
                                  er-draft military vessels to    Marine Sanctuary support-        review prior to permitting by    University dove and col-
be pressing the federal gov-
                                  use the port. The harbor and    ed the maintenance dredg-        the EPA and was located in       lected data at 50, randomly
ernment, because frankly
                                  entrance channel were orig-     ing project is that increasing   an area of barren bottom.        selected sites in and around
the states and the governors
                                  inally dredged by the Navy      the depth of the entrance          Turbidity monitoring that      Key West Harbor to charac-
are not nearly as partisan as
                                  during World War II and         channel and harbor would         occurred prior to the dredg-     terize environmental con-
Congress,” she said. (Or the
                                  the last time it was main-      likely decrease the amount       ing project, in September        ductions and determine
current White House staff,
                                  tenance-dredged had been        of turbidity stirred by ship     2001, found elevated turbid-     whether there appeared to
she didn’t say.)
                                  in the 1960s. Both fine sed-    activities. This was part-       ity levels from ship activi-     be any differences that could
                                  iments and larger material      ly based on data acquired to     ties that dissipated quickly,              Please turn to page 15
E    arlier Friday, the sym-
     posium kicked off with a
workshop, on the fairly dry
                                  had collected in the deeper
                                  dredged areas, as will nat-
                                                                  meet permit conditions prior     and also found that turbidi-

                                  urally occur over time, and
topic of federal records from
                                  depths to which dredging
the Truman administration.
                                  took place restored original
But it did include this piece
of Truman trivia, tangen-
                                     Prior to performing this
tially related to the natural
                                  work, the Navy conduct-
world, from Ray Geselbracht,
                                  ed an environmental assess-
an archivist at the Truman
                                  ment of the project that
Library in Independence,
                                  involved extensive date col-
                                  lection concerning the size
   Every year at Thanksgiv-
                                  of particles and chemical
ing, it seems, reporters
                                  nature of sediments to be
call the Truman Library
                                  dredged, and no contami-
to ask if it is true that
                                  nation was found anywhere
Truman was the first presi-
                                  in the dredge area. In addi-
dent to “pardon” a turkey at
                                  tion, natural systems in and
Thanksgiving, an event that
                                  around the entrance chan-
has become an annual photo
                                  nel and harbor were care-
op and soft news staple.
                                  fully identified and mapped.
There’s a photo of Truman
                                  Applications for required
with a turkey that seems to
                                  permits were then filed
be the origin of this persis-
                                  and processed with the U.S.
tent story.
                                  Army Corps of Engineers,
   Geselbracht said that
                                  the U.S. Environmental
Truman, who had been a
                                  Protection Agency (EPA) and
farmer among his other pur-
                                  the Florida Department of
suits before taking up poli-
                                  Environmental Protection
tics, was often sent turkeys
as expressions of thanks and
                                     In addition to the per-
respect when he was in the
                                  mitting agencies, a large
White House.
                                  number of agencies par-
   “In every instance,”
                                  ticipated in the review of
Geselbracht said, “President
                                  these applications, including
Truman cooked that turkey.”
                                  the Florida Keys National
                                  Marine Sanctuary, the
                                  National Marine Fisheries
                                  Service, the U.S. Fish and                                                                                                  259661
PAG E 6                                                                            solares hill                                                         JUNE 15, 2007
                                     Fierstein as Edna Turnblad             aircraft from an unidenti-
 SOUNDINGS                           in “Hairspray” (2003).                 fied Latin American country.
                                                  ●●●●●                     He pulled off the heist and
                                       Manuel J. Fernandez,                 used the money from the job
                                     Jr. (known as Pete) was                to buy his first home, not far
                                     born in Key West in April              from Homestead Air Force
                                     of 1925, his family mov-               Base where he was able to
                                     ing to Miami when he was               keep up with old buddies
                                     young. His father was an               and cultivate a relationship
                                     Air Force pilot in World War           with a contract agent named
                                     II. Pete enlisted in the Air           Gerry Hemming.
                                     Force just seven days after               According to his official
                                     his high school graduation             family biography, in the last
                                     in 1943. He did not see any            years of Pete’s life, he and
                                     combat duty in World War               Hemming worked for the
                                     II, although both he and               South Florida Task Force,
           by                        his dad participated in the            providing key intelligence
                                     Berlin Airlift in 1948-49.             that led to the breaking up
           Mark                        In the Korean War of                 of the Black Tuna Gang in
                                     1950-53, Pete flew 125 mis-            1979, the biggest Colombian
           Howell                    sions, 25 more than the nor-           marijuana smuggling ring in
                                     mal tour of duty. During               the United States. The pair
                                     those missions, he downed              also provided background
                                     14 enemy MIGs, the third               info for Operations Grouper,

       he Tony awards,
       first given on Easter         highest kill rate of the war.          Banco and Tiberon, all coor-        The Koh-i-Noor diamond: The name means “Mountain of Light.”
       Sunday, April 6, 1947,          After his first kill, he             dinated by the DEA.
at a black-tie dinner in             wrote home saying he could                Pete was killed in 1980
the grand ballroom of New            not sleep. His father tore up          when a plane he was pilot-       numerous rulers.                  deposited in the government
York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel,        the letter, saying it was too          ing crashed in the Bahamas,        In 1544 the stone was           treasury.
are named for Antoinette             painful to read. Later Pete            his family insisting that the    given to a Persian, Shah            The cutting of the dia-
Perry, an actress, director,         wrote: “It is certainly a terri-       “traces” of cannabis found in    Tehmasp of Iran. It was           mond took 38 days and cost
producer and wartime leader          ble feeling to see that plane          the wreckage (140 pounds)        returned to India by a later      $40,000. The result was an
of the American Theatre              go down and no one come                came from a previous lessor      shah, only to be stolen in        oval weighing 108.93 metric
Wing who died that year.             out in a chute. Every time I           of the plane. His death was      the ransack of Delhi in the       carats, in stellar brilliant-cut
  Performers at the event            shot down a plane I would              covered in a lengthy obitu-      mid-1700s and ending up           with a total of 66 facets.
included Mickey Rooney               pray to our God that the               ary in The New York Times:       in the hands of an Afghan           In 1853 it was mount-
and Ethel Waters. Big win-           poor fool inside would jump.           “Korea Jet Ace Recalled As       ruler, Shah Shuja. In 1813,       ed on a tiara for the queen
ners that night were Arthur          No one likes to kill, but I            Modest Hero.”                    this guy handed it back to        that already held more than
Miller, Ingrid Bergman               will do my best to defend my              The Times called Pete “a      a maharaja in the Punjab,         2,000 diamonds. She was
and Elia Kazan.                      country at all costs.”                 Conch, a native of Key West,     Tanjit Singh.                     “very happy” with it. In 1937
                                       Most of Pete’s flying                Fla.,” noting that when            His son, Maharaja               the Koh-i-Noor was trans-
  While several perform-             after he quit the military             Peter appeared at Key West       Duleep, lost it to the            ferred to a crown made for
ers have won Tonys for               in 1963 was done from a                Memorial Day festivities in      Maharaja of Lahore in the         Queen Elizabeth the Queen
roles involving cross dress-         notorious section of Miami             1953, he told the crowd: “I      Sikh Wars that led to the         Mother. Today that crown
ing, only two have won for           International Airport known            have always been a Conch,        annexation of the Punjab by       may be viewed among the
roles in which the character         as Corrosion Corner, a place           and I’ll remain one until the    the British in 1849. One of       Crown Jewels on display in
is actually a member of the          of fly-by-night cargo outfits,         day I die.”                      the terms of the treaty was       the Tower of London, pro-
opposite sex: Mary Martin            smugglers and the Central                         ●●●●●                 that the Koh-i-Noor be sur-       tected by an armor-plate
in the title role of “Peter          Intelligence Agency. Pete                 There was a time when         rendered to Queen Victoria        “treasury” in the form of an
Pan” (1955) and Harvey               was contracted by the CIA in           Indian diamonds such as the      of England.                       octagon about 16 feet across.
                                     1965 to steal an unidentified          Koh-i-Noor and the Great           It was taken out of the         (The intrinsic worth of the
                                                                            Moghul were famous all over      Toshakhana jewel house,           Crown Jewels, which are
               Coral City Elks Lodge #610                                   the world. Today they are all    put in an iron box and            uninsured, has been conser-
   Key West African American                                                in the hands of foreigners.
                                                                               It is believed the Koh-i-
                                                                                                             secretly stashed aboard
                                                                                                             H.M.S. Medea as she set
                                                                                                                                               vatively estimated at $40
                                                                                                                                               million, the extrinsic worth
 Heritage/Goombay Summer Fest                                               Noor was mined in India          sail from Bombay. The voy-        as priceless.)
                                                                            at least 4,000 years ago.        age was a perilous one.             In 1947, the government of
    June 29 & 30 • 12 noon - 11pm                                           According to legend, a           Cholera broke out on board        India asked for the return of
                                                                            lion in the forest gave the      in Mauritius and the local        the Koh-i-Noor. The estate of
       r ing                                                                gem to Lord Krishna who          people demanded its depar-        Ranjit Singh also request-
   atu         The Robert Albury Band • The Bubba System                    returned it to the Sun God       ture, asking their governor       ed the return of its property.
Fe Cliff Sawyer • Bethany Todd • The Blues Man • The Ambassadors            from whence it had original-     to open fire and destroy the      Pakistan has made a further
                                                                            ly come.                         vessel if it did not respond.     claim on the diamond, dis-
                   & Open Mic for Local Entertainers!

                                                                               Western history catches up    After leaving Mauritius,          puted by India, and so has
                                                                            with the Koh-i-Noor in 325       a severe storm tossed the         the Taliban. More recently,
           Booth Space Available                                            BC when it fell into the pos-    vessel about for 12 hours.        newspapers in Teheran have
            Call 305-896-5514.                                              session of Porus, the king       Finally it reached Plymouth,      called for it to be returned
                                                                            of Punjab, after Alexander       England, where the price-         to Iran.
                                                                            the Great left India. It then    less — but still uncut —            Sir Olaf Caroe of the
                                                                            came into the hands of           diamond was eventually            Indian Political Service,
JUNE 15, 2007                                                              solares hill                                                                 PAG E 7
which mediated between           insight into the American         eventually stop these func-       through the plains, and I       your railroads speed.
Princely India and the Raj’s     character or what we have         tions.                            knew these sounds were the        “I want, I wish, I hope: I
penumbra of client states,       become 150 years later.”            After the victim stops          language of God. If I under-    know it sounds odd, but I
concluded that the Koh-i-           The War of Northern            drinking, the heart keeps         stood their dark, archaic,      am still waiting for the day
Noor had been in Mogul pos-      Aggression, as it is known        beating and alcohol in the        beautiful language, it would    when all this wanting will
session for 213 years, in        in the old South, “was the        stomach continues to enter        be the rediscovery of para-     resolve itself in a form and
Afghan possession for 66         defining event in our his-        the bloodstream and circu-        dise.                           a plan.”
years and in British posses-     tory,” says Hal. “Before the      late throughout the body.           “We are not gods and have                ●●●●●
sion for 127 years, and that     war, the nation was always        Even if the victim lives, alco-   not created ourselves but are      Q. What is it that
it should stay where it is.      referred to as ‘these unit-       hol overdose can lead to          children of the earth, part     Australian poet Les
   Now the legend goes that      ed states.’ It was only after     irreversible brain damage.        of the cosmos. Night, riv-      Murray calls “smugly phal-
the Koh-i-Noor will bring        the war that it became the        Rapid binge drinking (often       ers, oceans, drifting clouds,   lic in the deskchair of itself?”
misfortune or death to any       United States.” The Civil         on a bet or a dare) is espe-      storms, like creatures of the      A. The ampersand (&).
male who wears it, good luck     War gave us our first pres-       cially dangerous because          poet’s imagination and of                  ●●●●●
to any female who does so.       idential overlord and the         the victim can ingest a fatal     our dreams, are symbols and       Yvonne Harper of
           ●●●●●                 “first fitting of the harness     dose before becoming uncon-       bearers of our yearning that    Layton informs us she
   Plans for 100 new nucle-      to which we have grown so         scious.                           spread their wings between      had just returned from
ar power plants around the       accustomed, the income tax.”                 ●●●●●                  heaven and earth.               visiting her cousins Gordon
world have pushed the price         As for the fighting itself,       In ancient Egypt, the            “I want to let mountains,     Granger, Sr. and Gordon
of uranium skyward and set       “the appalling casualty rates     hedgehog was a symbol of          oceans and green islands        Granger, Jr. in East
off a frenzy of exploration in   were the unhappy result of        rebirth and triumph over          speak to you convincingly       Granby, Conn. last week
western Colorado and Utah.       Napoleonic gallantry meet-        death.                            with their enticing tongues,    when she saw mention in
   More than 18,000 new          ing the next generation of           Pliny the Elder, in the        I want to compel you to see     Soundings of their direct
mining claims in the two         firearms technology. Where        first century, wrote of hedge-    the immeasurably varied         ancestor, Maj. Gen. Gordon
states have been filed in the    infantrymen in Napoleon’s         hogs climbing apple trees,        and exuberant life blossom-     Granger. He’s the fellow
past year. The number of         army could stand exposed          knocking the fruit down,          ing and overflowing outside     who brought news of the
uranium companies snatch-        100 yards from a line of          then impaling apples on           your houses and cities each     Jan. 1, 1863 Emancipation
ing them up has jumped           enemy muskets in complete         their spines to carry to their    and every day.                  Proclamation all the way
from 10 to more than 400         safety, the same guy fighting     burrows.                            “I want you to feel           to Texas by June 19, 1865
over the past couple of years.   for Bobby Lee would be in            He was wrong. Hedgehogs        ashamed of knowing more         (hence Juneteenth).
And since 2002, when the         deadly danger at five times       can’t climb trees.                about foreign wars, fashions,
yellow-and-orange-tinged ore     the distance facing only a           The fleas on hedgehogs are     gossip, literature and art                 ●●●●●
fell to $7 a pound, the price    Springfield rifle.                “hedgehog fleas” and won’t        than of the springs burst-        Quote for the Week:
has climbed nearly 1,900            “Sadly, generals then as       live on other animals or in       ing forth outside your towns,     “When dealing with the
percent.                         now fought today’s battles        houses. Hedgehogs have up         than of the rivers flowing      insane, the best method is to
   There are 440 nuclear         with yesterday’s tactics.”        to 5,000 spines. Their babies     under your bridges, than        pretend to be sane.”
power plants operating in                   ●●●●●                  are known as hoglets or pig-      of the forests and marvel-               — Hermann Hesse
the world, using much of           Deaths of young peo-            lets.                             ous meadows through which                       (1877 - 1962)
the world’s processed ura-       ple due to alcohol poisoning         The traditional way to
nium. An additional 100          have largely been ignored         cook a hedgehog is to bake
are expected to be built         by the media. Those that          the animal in clay, which
and the increased demand         occurred on college campus-       takes the spikes with it
for the metal has revived        es were often followed by         when peeled off. The dish is
interest in the country-         death certificates that read      called Hotchiwitchi and it
side where Marie Curie           “cardiac arrest” or “asphyxi-     tastes like pork.
once packed uranium out by       ation.” In 1994, a federal law       Hence the name hedgehog.
mule and where the metal         was passed requiring col-                    ●●●●●
for the world’s first atom-      leges to publish all student        In January 2002, eight
ic bomb was chipped out of       deaths.                           policemen in New Zealand
rock walls. With the reopen-       As many as 4,000 deaths a       swooped on a Christchurch
ing of boom-time mines of        year occur from alcohol over-     residence in response to a
the 1950s such as Pie Face,      dosing among the young;           call about a burglary. The
School Marm and Fairy            that is, drinking too much        noise that disturbed the
King, Moab is turning once       alcohol too fast.                 neighbors turned out to be
again into a hotbed of mil-        Teenagers are particular-       two hedgehogs mating.
lionaires.                       ly vulnerable. Many who             (With thanks to William
           ●●●●●                 learn the hard way that           Harston.)
  Cat urine glows under a        alcohol can be a lethal drug                 ●●●●●
black-light.                     are first-time drinkers and          Here is a prophetic
           ●●●●●                 have never been drunk             passage from “Peter
  “One of the clearest mark-     before. Some are put to bed       Camenzind,” the first novel
ers of the deeply boring his-    by friends or their own par-      by Hermann Hesse, pub-
tory geek is an unabashed        ents to “sleep it off,” only to   lished in 1904 when the
interest in the American         be found dead in the morn-        author was 27:
Civil War,” writes Hal           ing. Alcohol depresses nerves        “I peered more and more
O’Boyle, who is anything         that control involuntary          greedily into the abyss of
but yawnful. “Without at         actions such as breathing,        things. I listened to the wind
least a passing acquain-         the heart beat and the gag        sing in the trees, listened to
tance with that struggle, it     reflex that prevents choking.     brooks roar through gorg-
is impossible to have any        A fatal dose of alcohol will      es and gentle streams glide                                                                  259655
PAG E 8                                                                          solares hill                                                    JUNE 15, 2007

The Wave Gallery Features New Works For Night on White
   This month’s Night            ing the rigid, yet sparkling
on White Art Walk is on          substance of mirror the illu-
Thursday, June 21. On the        sion of form, movement and
third Thursday of every          dimension. The end result
month area galleries, shops      is an image done in relief
and other businesses stay        made from painted shapes
open late from 6 to 9 p.m.       of glass.
to celebrate the opening           Regina Thomas from
receptions of new artists’       Gainesville, Ga., shows her
work on White Street.            series of Chunky Chickens.
   The Wave Gallery, 1100        Thomas paints all types of
White St., features new          animals in unnatural sit-
work by three ladies repre-      uations, but she is most
senting different mediums.       known for her chickens.
   Orlando-based art-            Her paintings are whim-
ist Karen M. van Beest is        sical, colorful and fun. She
showing her Mirrorscapes         has a background in com-
using a unique technique         puter design, but has been
that she created. She com-       painting for the past 10
bines a mirror and glass to      years. She is also an avid
create shimmering three-         animal lover. “I love all
dimensional images of            types and sizes. Even saved
nature’s wonders. This cus-      a few chickens along the
tom-framed original tech-        way,” said Thomas.
nique uses hand-cut,                The Wave Gallery’s
painted and layered mir-         owner, Kaidi Klein-Jones,
ror. It started as an experi-    introduces her jewelry col-
ment, using flora and fauna      lection with freshwater
as the subject. “I wanted to     pearls and semi-precious
give the illusion that this      stones, accented with ster-
rigid and inflexible sub-        ling silver beads.
stance bends and flows as          And last not but least,
in the curves of nature,”        locally well-known authors                                               “Bath Time” by Regina Thomas.
said van Beest. “Mirror also     David Sloan and Terry
has light qualities. I use the   Schmida will be present at
exposed mirror to depict         Walk on White to sign their
natural and unnatural
light.” Over the years her
technique has evolved giv-
                                 books at the Wave Gallery.
                                   For more information, call
                                                                          Artists Invited to Submit Designs
                                                                          for Easter Seals 2007 Ornament
                                                                            Local artists are invit-      something different” said       acceptable.
                                                                          ed to submit designs for the    Easter Seals Operations           Submission dimensions
                                                                          annual Easter Seals Holiday     Manager Barbara Divoll.         must be square and able to
                                                                          Ornament, which will be         “Pick your favorite bridge      be reduced to 3 by 3 square
                                                                          produced late summer for        and your favorite view and      inches. The deadline for sub-
                                                                          holiday sales. A Keys tra-      create a piece of art.”         mission is June 30.
                                                                          dition since 1989, the col-       The best designs feature        The designs must be
                                                                          lectible gold-over-brass        an image or shape that is       accompanied by a brief title
                                                                          ornaments are produced          recognizable from a distance    (no more than five words,)
  Call for this week’s
  Call for this week’s                                                    in a limited edition by the     and include many spaces to      the artist’s signature, name,
                                                                          Charleston Mint and sold        be die-cut, which give the      address, phone number and
                                                                          throughout the Keys to raise    ornament a rich filigreed       e-mail address. Also include
  event schedule.
  event schedule.                                                         funds for Easter Seals. First   look upon closer inspection.    a paragraph about the sub-
                                                                          State Bank partners with          Amateur, student and pro-     ject and how it has affected
                                                                          Easter Seals, ensuring that     fessional artists may submit    the artist.
                                                                          the ornaments are available     designs, which must be orig-      Send or hand-deliver sub-
                                                                          county-wide.                    inal art work and done as a     missions to Barbara Divoll,
                                                                            This year’s theme is “The     pen and ink with accommo-       Easter Seals Florida / Keys
                                                                          Bridges of Monroe County.”      dation for an arc on the top-   Region, 5220 College Rd.,
                                                                            “We pass over them every      side.                           Key West, Fla. 33040 or call

                                                                          day and every day we see          Photographs are also          294-1089, ext16.
JUNE 15, 2007                                                                    solares hill                                                                         PAG E 9

   Pinhole Photo Class Sponsored        Community Foundation
 by Key West Art & Historical Society Awards Grants, Scholarships                                        The Community                          possible through the gen-
                                                                                                       Foundation of the Florida                erosity of the Hamilton
                                                                                                       Keys (CFFK) awarded                      Family Scholarship, the
                                                                                                       $2,500 each to eight Key                 Floy Thompson Community
                                                                                                       West High School Teachers                Awareness Scholarship,
                                                                                                       for the David Wolkowsky                  the G. Ross McKee, Jr.
                                                                                                       Teacher of Merit Awards                  Scholarship, the Jeff
                                                                                                       to recognize their par-                  MacNelly Memorial
                                                                                                       ticipation in providing a                Scholarship, Key West
                                                                                                       positive educational envi-               Children’s Fund and the
                                                                                                       ronment for Key West                     Diego Caso Scholarship
                                                                                                       students. Eight especial-                funds at CFFK.
                                                                                                       ly effective teachers were                 Established in 1996, the
                                                                                                       honored: Nora Laubenstein                Community Foundation
                                                                                                       (social studies), Judd Wise              of the Florida Keys’ mis-
                                                                                                       (student services), Margie               sion is to make Key West
                                                                                                       Rodriguez (math), Judy                   and the Florida Keys a bet-
                                                                                                       Gaston (English), Ruth                   ter place to live now and in
                                                                                                       Holland (TIES), Ashby                    the future by encouraging
                                                                                                       Goldstein (humanities),                  philanthropy and matching
                                                                                                       Julia Parmer (science), and              these acts of caring to the
                                                                                                       Ed Smith (career).                       community’s needs. Since
                                                                                                         The Community                          1996, CFFK has grant-
                                                                                                       Foundation of the Florida                ed more than $6.8 million
               From left, Eva Hooden, Chris Castellanos, Daisy Muttha and Jodell Roberts.              Keys also granted a total                to the community from its
                                                                                                       of $35,000 in scholarship                donor-advised and unre-
  Photography instructor          everyone, especially her stu-         ety’s East Martello Museum     awards to 13 students and                stricted funds for scholar-
Jodell Roberts returned to        dents who have learned to             to develop their film,” said   graduating seniors of Key                ships and to support the
teach the art and science of      relate light to film to capture       Suzanne Pereira, curator of    West High School.                        important work of our local
original pinhole photography      images. “Students have to             education.                       These awards were made                 nonprofit organizations.
to ArtCamp 2007 students.         forget how they photograph              Student photos are eligi-
  She met the children at         with today’s digital cameras          ble to be displayed in the
the Custom House to tour
the Clyde Butcher exhibi-
                                  with light meters and view-
                                  finders, and learn to see how
                                                                        Custom House exhibit of art-
                                                                        works by students partic-
                                                                                                                HAPPY FATHER’S DAY
tion of nature photography        the camera sees. Then they            ipating in its summer art
and talk about the challeng-      hone their talents,” she said.        program.                                                      ENJOY
es of photographing outdoor
                                    “Keeping with the idea
                                  of Butcher’s nature photog-
                                                                          The pinhole project is
                                                                        sponsored partially fund-
                                                                                                        FRIDAY’S® PERFECT EVERYDAY MEALS.
  Roberts, who has 15 years       raphy, the class traveled to          ed by grants from the State     RIGHT SIZE, SMALL PRICE, BIG FLAVORS.
of experience with pinhole        Bahia Honda twice to put              of Florida’s Department of
camera photography, said          their skills to work and              Cultural Affairs, and the Uh     CEDAR-SEARED SALMON PASTA . . . . . . $8.99               RIGHT
the style is challenging to       then returned to the soci-            Oh Sisters Fund.                 SHRIMP KEY WEST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8.99    PORTION,
                                                                                                         ASIAN-GLAZED CHICKEN SALAD . . . . . . $6.99              RIGHT
Discovery Saturdays at the EcoDiscovery Center                                                           JACK DANIEL’S® CHICKEN ALFREDO . . . $7.99
                                                                                                         CAJUN SHRIMP & CHICKEN PASTA . . . . $8.99
                                                                                                                                                                       $ 99 TO
  The Florida Keys                preregistration is not                national wildlife refuges.       BRUSCHETTA CHICKEN PARMESAN. . . . $6.99                       6
                                                                                                                                                                         $ 99
EcoDiscovery Center’s             required.                             Highlights include a simula-     BISTRO SIRLOIN SALAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7.99
Discovery Saturdays is a             The first program is sched-        tion of the Aquarius under-      HALF-RACK BABY BACK RIBS . . . . . . . . $8.99
chance for children at the        uled for Saturday, June 16,           water research habitat,          CEDAR-SEARED SALMON SALAD . . . . . $8.99
kindergarten through fifth        and will feature activities           complete with sights and
                                                                                                         DRAGONFIRE CHICKEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7.99
grade levels to have fun          focused on seagrass habitat           sounds experienced by the                                                                    COME ENJOY
while learning about the          and the creatures that live           aquanauts.                                                                                     “HAPPY
environmental and cultural        in the seagrass meadows.                The center was developed                                                                    HOUR” AT
resources of the Florida Keys.       The Florida Keys                   by the National Oceanic and                                                                    OUR BAR
  Each program runs from          EcoDiscovery Center offers            Atmospheric Administration,                                                              4PM –
9 until 11 a.m. at the cen-       more than 6,400 square                the United States Fish         259659
ter, located at 35 East Quay      feet of interactive exhib-            and Wildlife Service, the
Road in the Dr. Nancy Foster      its, which interpret the              National Park Service, and                      North Roosevelt Blvd., Key West, FL
Environmental Complex, on         resources and management              the South Florida Water                               Present this Coupon for
the Truman Annex water-
                                  efforts of the Florida Keys
                                  National Marine Sanctuary,
                                                                        Management District.
                                                                          For more information on               $8.00 OFF ANY APPETIZER
                                                                                                         LIMIT 1 PER TABLE. W/PURCHASE OF ANY ENTRÉE, GOOD THROUGH 6/30/07
  Attendance is free, and         two national parks, and four          the center, call 809-4750.
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                                                                                                       middle of the hill                 solares hill                                                                                                                 • PAGE 11

 The White City
 of Guayaquil

                                  Watching over the White City.

                                                                                                                                         A city of 2 million souls.

                                                                            by Carol Tedesco               eled in the past, flew in from Seattle      the elusive “official permission.” This   ern upscale garden homes. At any
                                                                                                           to join me. I had allowed four full         eventually was granted with much          moment you expect to see an impec-

                                                                          upped into a sweeping hill-      days in which to shoot, which turned        helpfulness, much kindness and an         cably dressed shade striding out a
                                                                          side on the northern side        out to be fortunate and necessary,          official stamp on an official letter      gated front door with a newspaper
                                                                          Guayaquil, Ecuador, lies the     because as it turned out our high-          authorizing our presence.                 tucked under his arm.
                                                                  National Cemetery, more pictur-          end equipment intimidated some                 The grand, lovingly landscaped            The lower center, directly behind
                                                                  esquely known as El Ciudad Blanca,       armed cemetery security officers, and       lower reaches of the cemetery con-        the main gate, is an area of aston-
                                                                  “The White City.” I first became         we were kicked out of the cemetery          trast sharply with the teeming decay      ishing beauty — Guayaquil’s mag-
                                                                  enamored of its magnitude and            not once, not twice but three times.        of the surrounding city of 2 million      nificent, unexpected treasure. In
                                                                  mystery in 2001 while working on         Parts of the cemetery are deterio-          souls. Here, in its beautiful slumber,    the 1800s Guayaquil was a bustling
                                                                  an historic shipwreck project based      rated and in a process of restora-          the sounds of the nearby highway          cocoa port, a prosperous city. Wealthy              Up the hill.
                                                                  in Guayaquil. After returning to the     tion and these officers were afraid         are muffled. In the lower reaches of      families would import Italian sculp-
                                                                  U.S. its images continued to haunt       we would publish photos that would          the cemetery, the valley, reside the      tors to craft exquisite, enduring mon-
                                                                  me, so this past year I returned with    make them look bad. Because of this,        bones of the privileged deceased, and     uments. Wandering through this
                                                                  a camera, a friend and the purpose       a great deal of precious time was           these are segregated into “neighbor-      neighborhood is akin to wandering
                                                                  of recording and sharing with others     spent running around the city on            hoods.”                                   through a heaven populated with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             PHOTOS BY CAROL TEDESCO
                                                                  an impression of its artistic grandeur   foot and in cabs — to the office of the        One neighborhood, on the lower         angels and otherworldly beings who
                                                                  and evocative quiet.                     Junta de Beneficiencia de Guayaquil,        northwest end, I think of as “the         love and weep, feel joy and peace and
                                     The bankers’ condos.           Jeff Keiser, a photographer/cine-      to the Bureau of Tourism, and to the        bankers’ condos” — contemporary           despair.
                                                                  matographer with whom I had trav-        office of the Funeria — in pursuit of       mausoleums that look like mod-                               Please turn to page 18
PAG E 1 2                                                                       solares hill                                                      JUNE 15, 2007

  Bottle Cap Lounge
                                                                        musical notes
      1128 Simonton St.                                                     Albert Castiglia at the
  Today, June 15, VJ/DJ
                                                                                Green Parrot
                                                                           Castiglia was lead gui-
                                                                         tarist and vocalist for the
  Saturday, June 16, Lubo
                                                                         Miami Blues Authority
and Co.
                                                                         for seven years, named
  Wednesday, June 17, Chief
                                                                         Miami’s best Blues gui-
Billy and Robert Paul jam
                                                                         tarist by Miami New
                                                                         Times magazine, and
                                                                         later became lead guitar-
   Green Parrot Bar                                                      ist and vocalist for Junior
      601 Whitehead St.                                                  Wells. Since Wells’ death,
          294-6133                                                       Castiglia continued with
  Today and Saturday, June                                               Hoodoo Man’s Band, and
15 and 16, at 5:30 and 10                                                then toured with Sandra
p.m., Albert Castiglia.                                                  Hall.
 Hog’s Breath Saloon                  Thompson present a spe-            Schooner Wharf Bar
                                                                                                                         Joe Dallas Jr. at the Pier House
                                                                                                               Joe Dallas Jr. is well known locally for his excellent
        400 Front St.                 cial “Collector’s Edition” of            202 William St.
                                                                                                             work with the Paradise Big Band, the Key West Pops
          296-4222                    Broadway 3 Ways.                            292-3302
                                                                                                             Orchestra, local theater productions, and as the director
  Saturday, June 16, through                     ●●●●●●                   Today , June 15, from 7
                                                                                                             of bands and beginning choir of the Sugarloaf School.
Monday, June 25, from 5 to               Pier House Resort              p.m. to midnight, Ellard-
                                                                                                               A seasoned veteran professional, Dallas has performed
9 p.m., Bruce Isaacson and                     One Duval                James “Moose” Boles and
                                                                                                             with Jerry Vale, Patti Page, the Four Aces, the Hamid-
Red Seidman.                            Today, June 15, at 9 p.m.,      the Bulletproof Blues
                                                                                                             Morton Circus, the Greenville Symphony, and now with
          ●●●●●●                      Marty Stonely Trio with           Band.
                                                                                                             Larry Smith.
        La-Te-Da                      Skipper Kripitz on drums            Saturday, June 16, from 7
      1125 Duval St.                  and Larry Smith on piano.         p.m. to midnight, Injade.
         296-6706                       Saturday, June 16, at 9                                             vocal and bass, and Allison   Skipper Kriptiz’s League
                                                                                   ●●●●●●                   Mayer on vocals join          of Crafty Musicians.
  Today and Saturday,                 p.m., Clayton Lopez with
June 15 and 16, at 9 p.m.,            Peppy Pabon on drums and             Sugarloaf Lodge
Mark Watson and Randy                 Larry Smith.                             and Tiki Bar
                                        Sunday, June 3, at 9 p.m.,              MM17, U.S. 1
                                      musician Joe Dallas Jr.                  Sugarloaf Key
                                        Monday, June 4, Larry             Saturday, June 16, from
                                      Smith jazz. Smith is joined       sunset till 10:30 p.m.,
                                      by bassist Tim McAlpine           Tommy Tunes.
                                      and drummer Skipper                          ●●●●●●
                                      Kripitz.                                   Virgilio’s
                                        Tuesday, June 5, at 9 p.m.,             524 Duval St.
                                      Ladies Night Out with Larry                 296-8118
                                      Smith features vocalists            Tuesday, June 19, at 9:30
                                      Christine Naugthon and            p.m., Betty Saint on piano,
                                      Maj Johnson.                      George Hemund on clari-

                                                ●●●●●●                  net tenor sax, Teri Rae on

                                                   LOOKING FOR A WATER VIEW?
                                                    52 Cannon Royal Drive
                                                    Remarkable Gulf views and quality workmanship
                                                    are the hallmark of this brand new Shark Key es-
                                                    tate. 3BR/4BA, marble & hardwood flooring, Nana
                                                    System glass walls, gourmet kitchen, 25’ tongue &
                                                    groove vaulted ceilings, private pool and covered                    Injade at the Schooner Wharf Bar
                                                    parking. You’ll love it!                                   Injade is a four-piece band fronted by Adrienne
                                                                                                             Zolondick on acoustic guitar, keyboards and vocals, and
                                                    $2,985,000.                                              David Tortolano on electric acoustic guitar and vocals.
                                                                                                               Highlights of the band are the three- and four-part
                                                                                                             vocal harmonies. Backing them up is a rock solid rhythm
                                                                                                             section with highly seasoned players.
JUNE 15, 2007                                                                    solares hill                                                                      PAG E 1 3

               On the Road Again                                                                              Island Opera Closes
                                                                                                        Its Season at Sugarloaf Lodge

                                                                                                            From Left, Melody Cooper, Sandy Walters and Melissa Tausche.
                                                                                                          Divas 3, the touring                 at the Lodge” said Dean
                                                                                                        show produced by Island                Walters, Island Opera’s
                                                                                                        Opera Theatre, gives its               executive director.
                                                                                                        final performance as a din-              “This concert spans the
                                                                                                        ner theater presentation               soprano operatic repertoire
                     From left, Dave Herzog, Harry Schroeder and Howard Livingston.                     at the Sugarloaf Lodge,                from Donizetti’s “Daughter
                                                                                                        MM17, on Sunday eve-                   of the Regiment” to Verdi’s
     by Harry Schroeder           to improve the cultural base.            I hadn’t seen that part      ning, June 24. The divas               “La Traviata,” and real-
                                  There is a lot of music going         of the country in 40 years.     — Melody Cooper, Melissa               ly shows the talents of the

       he Mile Marker 24          on all the time, and art-             Most of it didn’t seem to       Tausche and Sandy Walters              divas — from the vocal
       band got back from         ists are encouraged to move           have changed much. The          already dazzled crowds last            power of Melissa Tausche,
       its first road trip of     there by paid moving                  larger towns all had out-       November in Marathon                   to the legato singing and
the summer last week. In          expenses and the offer of a           skirts full of the same clut-   and Key West, as well as               varied characterizations
the Chattanooga area the          $20,000 second mortgage.              ter of eyesores we have on      “breaking in” the new TIB              of Melody Cooper, to the
band played two gigs, the         The town is profiting from            North Roosevelt, but mostly     Amphitheatre at Founder’s              stratospheric high notes
second at the marina run by       intelligent planning by coop-         there was open road, in         Park in Islamorada.                    and coloratura of Sandy
Mike Manz, a frequent visi-       erating private and public            good repair and with slight       “This is the sixth touring           Walters.” The piano accom-
tor to the Keys who heard         officials, in ways that Key           traffic, going through well     show we’ve produced, and               paniment will be provid-
the band at Boondocks             West might do well to inves-          tended farms and little set-    the fifth year we’ve done              ed by Miami pianist, Sergio
and hired it for his annual       tigate.                               tlements, with general          a summer dinner theatre                Puig.
marina party. The second             Then I decided to see the          stores, gas stations, and a
weekend saw us north of           country. I had three days to          dozen or so houses. There
Indianapolis, playing four        travel 450 miles, so I rented         were many churches, some                        Island Facial Plastic Surgery
more. Musically, the trip         a car and wandered around,            not looking like churches at                    Announces the opening of
went very well, with enthu-       generally north, on back              all, more like sheds, housing
siastic crowds wherever we
played. I was the only horn
                                  roads named for statesmen
                                  and war heroes and country
                                                                        Christian denominations
                                                                        I had never heard of, and             Under the Palms
player along, so the section
was filled out by local profes-
sional trumpet and sax play-
                                  singers, from the hill coun-
                                  try in Tennessee with its
                                  miles and miles of canopies
                                                                        cemeteries with Memorial
                                                                        Day flowers on the graves.
                                                                        There were indications of
                                                                                                                Medi Spa
ers, all of whom showed how       of green trees, through the           poverty: a used car lot with                     Formally The Laser Clinic
very well music gets played       Kentucky and Indiana flat-            three old cars on it, a wreck
nowadays everywhere in            lands. It was the sort of trip        of a building housing                       John A. Hughes-Papsidero, D.O.
America.                          where if you miss a turn              Sharon’s Beauty Salon, a
   I had most of a week           it doesn’t matter, because            supermarket with three
                                                                                                                  Board Certified / Medical Director
between gigs. After a couple      there’s another road going            customers in it at four in         Face Lift • Countour Thread Lift • Nasal Reshaping • Eyelid Surgery
of days of the most generous      in the same general direc-            the afternoon. But, though                     Laser Resurfacing • Restylane • Botox • Perlane
kind of southern hospitali-       tion 10 miles on. And there           there was no indication of       Leslie Reasin, R.N./Esthetician ~ Livia Torres, LMT, PT, Esthetician
ty from Mike and Margaret         was for the first time in my          opulence, most of the area
Manz, partying with the                                                                                      Permanent Make Up • Laser Hair Removal • Facial/Body Wrap
                                  memory absolutely no hurry:           showed signs of neatness            Skin Peels • Microdermabrasion • Therapeutic Massage (12 styles)
liveaboards at the marina, I      the 450 miles ended up as             and order, and work, and                                     Endermology
had a fine visit with friends,    700. Several times I pulled           comfort. I wouldn’t want to                           (FDA Approved for Cellullite)
emigres from Key West,            over to let faster drivers            live there, but it really is                            And Much More
Carol and Dennis Lannon.          pass, which seemed to baffle          the heartland.                          Janet Cates                             Cosmeceuticals
Chattanooga is an interest-       some of them. And I had lei-             At this writing the band           Master Certified                   Jane Iredale (mineral make up)
ing town. It was in economic      sure to stop and practice the         is on its way out of town         Airbrush Sunless Tanning                Minus-Sol (sun protection)
depression in the mid 1980s,      horn for short periods sever-         for another road trip, this
and is now very much on           al times a day. This drew the         one for three weeks. I’m not                    Call for your Consulation Today
the way back up. The whole        usual curious inquiries, but          with it — my day gig calls.                             Luani Plaza
downtown and riverfront           there were no officious civil         But there will be others,
areas have been renewed,          servants giving me a hard             later in the summer and in                          1438 Kennedy Drive
and there is a strong drive       time.                                 the fall. ❐                                            305-292-2259                                      259662
PAG E 1 4                                                                                               solares hill                                                         JUNE 15, 2007

                                                                                                 book review
               A Rock and Roller’s Guide to Eating on the Road
Sound Bites: Eating                            lead singer and guitarist of                      tone for the                                       that doesn’t     one can’t help but take extra
on Tour with Franz                             the Scottish indie rock band                      intense, fast-                                     mean you         pride in some of Kapranos’s
Ferdinand                                      Franz Ferdinand, to write                         paced eating                                       should eat       more beatific run-ins with
                                               a food and travel column                          experiences                                        its balls.”      our traditional fare. He mar-
Alex Kapranos                                  called “Sound Bites.” These                       that Kapranos                                      More elo-        vels at the old-fashioned
Penguin, $13                                   collected musings, as well                        and his band-                                      quent is         doughnuts (and numerous
                                               as some other unpublished                         mates have                                         his descrip-     police officers) at a dough-
  reviewed by Nick Vagnoni                     material, have now been                           on their world                                     tion of a        nut shop in Greenpoint,
                                               released in a short collection                    tour. Also, as                                     Michelin-        Brooklyn. He sings the

     ggy Pop now requests                      of the same name.                                 if the writing                                     starred res-     praises of the bacon at
     bottles of Bordeaux                         It quickly becomes clear                        wasn’t vivid                                       taurant in       another Brooklyn breakfast
     backstage. Gillian                        that Kapranos isn’t fly-                          enough, prac-                                      Madrid:          spot: “thin strips of brittle,
Welch and David Rawlings                       ing blind on this project —                       tically every                                      “it is as if     salty crunch that shame the
have been heard remark-                        he’s worked in professional                       chapter of the                                     Spanish          watery, pink British rash-
ing on the “lovely piece of                    kitchens and dining rooms                         collection fea-                                    rural cook-      ers from a greasy spoon with
broiled swordfish” they had                    before and he has read other                      tures bar-nap-                                     ing has          their texture of car-door-
between sets at one of their                   well-known food writers.                          kin-style pen                                      been con-        seal.”
live shows. Hell, even Ted                     Some chapters tell of life                        sketches cour-                                     centrat-           The enthusiasm and joy
Nugent has a cookbook.                         in a restaurant kitchen in                        tesy of Franz                                      ed, refined      Kapranos finds in simple
With ample opportunities to                    a way that recalls Anthony                        Ferdinand’s touring drum-        and reduced to its essence         fare are infectious. The brief
tour the globe and eat along                   Bourdain’s “Kitchen                               mer and keyboard player          … It’s abstract, like listening    chapters, none of which are
the way, it should come as                     Confidential” — slashed fin-                      Andrew Knowles.                  to a Frank Zappa record —          more than three pages long,
no surprise that rock musi-                    gers stuffed in bowls of salt,                       Kapranos’s descriptions       interesting, but when a rec-       reflect the world tour cir-
cians know a thing or two                      industrial-sized kettles of                       of his meals abroad are          ognizable tune appears, it’s       cumstances of the author’s
about food. One of the edi-                    marrowbones. Other chap-                          informed not only by his         only as an ironic reference.”      dining experiences and add
tors at The Guardian must                      ters find Kapranos reach-                         already educated palate, but     And then there are the other       to the book’s readability.
have realized that when she                    ing back to his childhood                         also by the sex, drugs and       times where you’d never            This is not someone brag-
recruited Alex Kapranos,                       to describe his formative                         rock and roll that one might     guess Kapranos’s current           ging, it is a surprisingly
                                               food memories à la M.F.K.                         expect of such a narrator. In    occupation as a rock and roll      humble chowhound who is
                                               Fisher’s “The Gastronomical                       an herbal haze, Kapranos         frontman. A pork knuck-            eager to tell you about the
                                               Me.” Perhaps the most vivid                       anthropomorphizes his pan-       le at a beer hall in Cologne,      best kimchi dumplings to
 Fri. & Sat. • June 15 & 16 • 10 pm            of these comes in the intro-                      cakes and bacon at a canal-      Germany, becomes “a large,         be found in a Russian bar
                                               ductory chapter when, as a                        side cafe in the Netherlands.    primal bone of oven-twist-         in Incheon, Korea. Sadly,
Albert Castiglia                               toddler, Kapranos discovers                       After a run-in with bull tes-    ed meat and crackling,             the address of that bar does
  “One of South Florida’s Most                 his peanut allergy, setting                       ticles at a grill in Buenos      glued to the plate with pota-      not appear in the otherwise
 Dynamic & Aspiring Performers”                loose a flurry of vomiting,                       Aires, he likens eating the      to mash that is more butter        thorough appendix of res-
 Fri. & Sat. 5:30 PM “Sound Checks”            carpet ruining and, eventu-                       “mountain oysters” to the        than potato.” Coarse or not,       taurant information. Still,
                                               ally, severe spanking from                        aftertaste of fellatio (“like    Kapranos writes concisely          whether you ever get the

                                               his mother. While the rest of                     chewing a bag of green pen-      and with great excitement          chance to take Kapranos’s
          Famous Since 1890
                                               the book isn’t nearly as vio-                     nies”) and concludes that        about the places he travels        advice is beside the point.
on the corner of Southard & Whitehead          lent, this incident sets the                      while “everything that walks     and the things he eats.            His stories are good enough.
                                                                                                 may end up on the grill …          As an American reader,                                          ❐

  504 Noah Lane
                                                  Breathtaking Ocean
                                                  Views from this gracious                          Swim Around Key West Annual Competition
                                                  4BR/4.5 BA home. Guest
                                                  cottage, pool, gardens,                          The Florida Keys Community College along with the Bone Island Swim Club is sponsoring an
                                                  veranda, off street parking                    annual open water swimming event on Saturday, June 16, starting at 8 a.m. from Smathers Beach.
                                                  and amazing views from
                                                                                                 Many swimmers will compete in various categories in the FKCC Swim Around Key West, a 12.5
                                                  the widow’s walk.
                                                                                                 miles excursion clockwise around the island.
                                                  $4,200,000.                                      The contact for the event is Lori Bosco, aquatics director for the college. She can be reached at
                                                                                                 809-3562 or
                                                                                                   Additional information is available at
                                                                                                   This event is insured, and sanctioned by USA Swimming and United States Masters Swimming.
                                  1205 TRUMAN AVE., KEY WEST, FL 33040 305-292-2244   EXT.110
                                                                                                   Additional support is from MWR/NASKW.
                                      Website: Cell 305.923.4276
JUNE 15, 2007                                                                        solares hill                                                                        PAG E 1 5
                                                                                                                                                        ing for all permitting and
                                                                                                                       DREDGING                         commenting agencies to
                                                                                                                       Continued from page 5            review ongoing monitor-
       Hangouts … Places We Love                                                                                       be linked to ship activities.
                                                                                                                       Following analysis of the
                                                                                                                                                        ing results and make deci-
                                                                                                                                                        sions, as needed, to fine-tune
                                                                                                                                                        the process to assure that
                                                                                                                       data the research director,      natural resources were pro-
                                                                                                                       Jim Fourqurean, concluded        tected. The final meeting of
                                                                                                                       there were no significant dif-   this group resulted in high
                                                                                                                       ferences in the benthic com-     praise to the Navy and the
                                                                                                                       munities in and around the       Corps from the permitting
                                                                                                                       harbor from those found          and commenting agencies
                                                                                                                       elsewhere in similar areas       for an exemplary job and for
                                                                                                                       of the Keys and specifical-      far exceeding expectations
                                                                                                                       ly compared conditions with      in meeting permit conditions
                                                                                                                       those at the channel crossed     designed to protect the envi-
                                                                                                                       by the Seven Mile Bridge,        ronment.
                                                                                                                       which receives far less boat        In conclusion, the Key
                                                                                                                       traffic.                         West Harbor maintenance
                                                                                                                          The Sanctuary Advisory        dredging project was care-
                                                                                                                       Committee (SAC) created          fully and successfully
      Key West Marine Hardware,           Why We Love It:                 beginning for owner Roberto                  the Large Vessel Working         designed and implemented
   also known as Los Cubanitos or         ● Cuban Joe’s has been at       Narito, and his son Humberto                 Group in October 2002 to         to protect the marine envi-
   Cuban Joe’s, is located at 818      its present location since 1976,   Garrido, Jr. say they “hope we’re            study this issue, and the        ronment. The project was
   Caroline St. It is open Monday      back when the Bight was in one     here forever.”                               group held its final meet-       conducted by the Navy for
   to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,    of its historical highs.             ● They have the batteries we
                                                                                                                       ing in February 2004.            the purpose of national secu-
   on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2           ● Humberto Garrido, Sr.,        needed for our camera that we                Participants represented         rity, but an ancillary bene-
   p.m.                                who has run the place from the     could not find at CVS!                       the SAC, including Solares       fit was to reduce effect of all
                                                                                                                       Hill Editor Nancy Klingener      large vessels that utilize this
                                                                                                                       [then working for The Ocean      federally-designated and
                                      tips, at $38,968. Front desk          tainly property rich around
FROM THE HILL                         clerks make a lousy $25,393.          here. Seems like all the new
                                                                                                                       Conservancy], the city, the
                                                                                                                       U.S. Coast Guard, DEP, Reef
                                                                                                                                                        maintained harbor. ❐
Continued from page 2                 Stock clerks in retail make           money buying homes at                      Relief, sports fishing and         Sandra Walters is the
                                      $25,734.                              record taxable assessed lev-               commercial diving interests,     principal of SWC (Sandra
says he was promised two                Those aren’t usually long-          els should be able to support
months ago.                                                                                                            two cruise lines and the har-    Walters Consultants, Inc.), a
                                      term careers, I know, and             all this.                                  bor pilots. The group identi-    local environmental consult-
  I’m sure I’m not the only           they don’t require the sort              Now I’m starting to won-
one who choked on my coffee                                                                                            fied a number of issues that     ing firm that provides pro-
                                      of professional expertise and         der.                                       were then researched and         fessional services to many
when I read that in The               experience we expect from                A couple of years ago I
Citizen last week. A $22,000                                                                                           prioritized. Experts in sev-     public- and private-sector
                                      the leaders in our local gov-         attended one of the city of                eral fields were brought in      clients including the city of
raise? At a time when we’re           ernments.                             Key West’s public hearings
talking about serious short-                                                                                           to address particular ques-      Key West, Florida depart-
                                        But they are the backbone           on the budget. I think there               tions. The final findings of     ments of Transportation and
falls and the most uncer-             of the economy and they’re            may have been one other
tain budgeting process we’ve                                                                                           the group included a com-        Environmental Protection,
                                      paying the taxes, either              civilian there. I was working              mendation to the Navy and        and the South Florida Water
seen in years?                        directly or through their             for The Ocean Conservancy
  Are these guys aware that                                                                                            the Corps of Engineers for       Management District. Ms.
                                      rent checks.                          at the time, and said my                   cooperative planning of the      Walters serves on EPA’s
for quite a few people in the           This awareness doesn’t              piece about how relying so
Keys, $22,000 is take-home                                                                                             harbor and channel dredg-        Keys Water Quality Steering
                                      seem to enter the equation            heavily on cruise ship disem-              ing project.                     Committee and represented
pay?                                  when complaining about                barkation fees was a scary
  I did some superficial                                                                                                  Frequent and regular          Key West in the Navy main-
                                      the slowness of the $22,000           eggs-in-one-potentially-frag-              meetings were held through-      tenance dredging coordina-
checking just to see if I was         raise because, you see, other         ile-basket scenario.
nuts about this. According                                                                                             out the maintenance dredg-       tion process.
                                      people at equivalent levels              I wonder if we might see
to the 2005 American                  in the county government              more of a public turnout at
Community Survey — a                  get paid more.                        this year’s budget sessions.
sort of mid-decade census               Some people I know have             Only I don’t think cruise
— Monroe County’s medi-               been talking for years about          ship fees will be the primary
an household income was               how there is a growing class          target of the public ire.
$49,000 and median per cap-           of entitled public employees             That, or we’ll all be busy
ita income was $36,983.               in the Keys. I heard them,            applying for government
  The just-released Key               but had sort of dismissed it          jobs. ❐
West Wage and Benefit                 as anti-government griping. 
Survey from the Key West              And hey, I figured, we’re cer-
Chamber of Commerce had
good news in terms of over-
all employee turnover. But it
also shows that, in the ser-                                       HARRY S TRUMAN
vice industry, ie. tourism,                                       LITTLE WHITE HOUSE

most wages still stink. For
the host/hostess profession,                                      ✯✯ MUSEUM✯✯
average income was $20,726.
Servers did a bit better, after                                       111 F    R O N T    S   T R E E T
PAG E 1 6                                                                                  solares hill                                                         JUNE 15, 2007

                         sudoku                                                            Key West Burlesque Free Show
      Answers to the puzzle are on page 19                                            Desnudo Productions                                                the dames. The core trio of
                                                                                    brings a free theatrical bur-                                        Key West Burlesque, cre-
                                                                                    lesque show to the people                                            ator/director Tatah Dujour,
                                                                                    with the help of Fairvilla                                           head choreographer Giggles
                                                                                    Megastore. The event at                                              Gallore and starlet Moana
                                                                                    520 Front St. takes place                                            Amore will perform at the
                                                                                    Saturday, June 16, from 7 to                                         event and also be available
                                                                                    11 p.m.                                                              to meet their fans and sign
                                                                                      Key West Burlesque will                                            photos. Key West Burlesque
                                                                                    perform two free shows at                                            will be donating a portion of
                                                                                    8 and 10 p.m. There will be                                          T-shirt sales for all of their
                                                                                    a blizzard of specials and                                           events to local charity.
                                                                                    promotions along with Key                                              For more information,
                                                                                    West Burlesque T-shirts,         Creator/director Tatah Dujour and   check out www.keywestbur-
                                                                                    posters and photos with          producer Marky Pierson.   

                                                                                    Annual Red Ribbon Affair at Michaels Restaurant
                                                                                      Michaels Restaurant,           many community organiza-            why we do our annual bene-
                                                                                    532 Margaret St., hosts the      tions. “AIDS Help is a very         fit for them.”
                                                                                    10th Annual Red Ribbon           special organization and               The gala evening begins
                                                                                    Affair for AIDS Help, Inc. on    they need the support of            with cocktails and passed
                                                                                    Monday evening, June 25.         everyone in town, now more          hors d’oeuvres at 6:30 p.m.,

               solares hill
         “Fashions are induced epidemics.”
                                                                                    The community is invited to
                                                                                    participate in this celebra-
                                                                                    tion of caring and camara-
                                                                                    derie. Ever since Michael
                                                                                    and Melanie Wilson came to
                                                                                                                     than ever, with funding cuts
                                                                                                                     coming down from both the
                                                                                                                     state and federal govern-
                                                                                                                     ments,” says Melanie. “We
                                                                                                                     all need to do what we can
                                                                                                                                                         with seating for dinner fol-
                                                                                                                                                         lowing 45 minutes later.
                                                                                                                                                            The cost of Michaels Red
                                                                                                                                                         Ribbon Affair is $125 with
                                                                                                                                                         all proceeds benefiting AIDS
                                                                                    Key West and opened their        to make sure that organiza-         Help, Inc.
                                             ~ George Bernard Shaw                  restaurant, they became          tions like AIDS Help remain            For reservations, call AIDS
                                                                                    involved in the needs of         strong and healthy. That’s          Help at 296-6196.

                         Exquisitely prepared american
                           cuisine, fresh local seafood,
                               a superb wine list &
                             intimate surroundings.
                                                                                                               restaurant guide
                       Discover Our New Tapas Room                                    ANTONIA’S REGIONAL             town’s most popular attrac-         Square). Celebrating its 16th
                                                                                    ITALIAN CUISINE — 615            tion, Duval Street. Since           anniversary and known for
                          Tues ~ Sat • 6 to 10pm                                    Duval St. announces the          1984 this establishment             abundant portions of con-

                             1075 Duval Street at Duval Square                      return of the Original           is famous for its authentic         temporary American cuisine,
                         Key West, Florida 33040 • 296-4300                         Hurricane Menu. Monday           Italian cuisine in a roman-         Square One sets the mood
                                                                                    through Thursdays serving        tic, European atmosphere.           with a classic baby grand
                                                                                    dinner from 6 to 11 p.m.         Enjoy a delicious dinner,           piano, tables set with spar-
                                                                                      Full bar and full menu is      then relax with a martini in        kling stemware and white
                                       Best Eggs Benedict                           also available.                  Virgilio’s, their classy cock-      linen.
                                          in the Keys                                 Call for reservations 294-     tail lounge, which features            Prestigious awards from
                                                                                    6565.                            the best in live music every        Florida Trend and Gourmet
      416 Applerouth Lane
                                      Sunday Brunch                                   JIMMY BUFFETT’S                night. Open nightly. 296-           magazines and DiRoNA
                                                                                    MARGARITAVILLE CAFÉ —            1075.                               2007 also add to the reason

  (Between Southard & Fleming)            10-3                                      500 Duval St. Opens 10 a.m.         MARTIN’S CAFÉ — 416              you should stop by for cock-
      For Reservations Call:          Evening Dinner Specials
           296-1183                                                                 for lunch, dinner, and late      Applerouth Lane between             tails and dinner to see why
                                                                                    night rock and roll, starting    Southard and Fleming.               they received the “People’s
                                                                                    at 10:30 p.m. Serving fresh         Serving Sunday brunch            Choice Award for Key West’s
                                                                                    seafood, meats, salads and       starting at 10 a.m. and             Favorite Overall Restaurant.”
                                                                                    Key West favorites: Conch        going to 3 p.m. with the best          Now open for breakfast,
                                                                                    chowder, fritters, squid rings   eggs Benedict in the Keys           lunch and Sunday brunch.
                                                                                    and the famous cheeseburg-       and announcing the new              Dress is casual. Dinner at
                                                                                    er in Paradise. 292-1435.        wine and cheese bar.                6 p.m. nightly in the dining
                                                                                      LA TRATTORIA — 524                Call for reservations 296-       room or courtyard. Ample
                                                                                    Duval St., is one of Key         1183.                               free parking.
                                                                 259617             West’s most treasured res-          SQUARE ONE RESTAURANT               Reservations suggested
                                                                                    taurants at the center of the    — 1075 Duval St. (Duval             296-4300.
JUNE 15, 2007                                                                   solares hill                                                           PAG E 1 7

        Delicious Fun and Julie Christie at the Tropic
       Opens Today:
                                                                                                       hour 28 minutes.                  “The Last Romantic”
        “Waitress”                                                                                        Showtimes (in The               Calvin Wizzig is a poet.
  “Waitress” is a movie                                                                                George): Daily at (2:45),       He knows it. The world,
that’ll have you smiling and                                                                           4:45, 6:45, 8:45 p.m., except   though, may or may not
making a beeline for the                                                                               no 6:45 p.m. show on            ever get that opportunity.
next bakery.                                                                                           Wednesday, June 20.             Disillusioned with life back
  Jenna (Keri Russell from
                                                                                                                                       home, he ventures to New
“Felicity”) is trapped in a life
from which she dreams of
                                                                                                             Special Events            York City with the hope
                                                                                                         Free matinee movies for       of getting published as an
escaping. Her secret ambi-
                                                                                                       kids every Saturday at 12:30    influential writer. There’s
tion is to save enough money
                                                                                                       p.m.                            only one problem: his entire
from her waitressing job to
leave her overbearing and                                                                                  Saturday, June 16:          canon consists of a few scrib-
controlling husband (Jeremy                                                                                                            bles on a pocket notepad.
                                                                                                          “Eye of the Dolphin”         This absurd and sweet com-
Sisto from “Six Feet Under”).
A sharp, sassy woman with                                                                                A young girl discovers she    edy pulls from influences
a gift for making unusu-                                                                               can communicate with dol-       like J.D. Salinger and Hal
al pies, Jenna’s recipes are                                                                           phins in this “delightful       Hartley to create the bizarre
inspired by the trials, tribu-                                                                         drama about a father and a      and entertaining world of
lations and circumstances of                                                                           daughter rediscovering each     “The Last Romantic.”
her life. An unwanted preg-                                                                            other.” — Flick Filosopher         One show only, Wednesday,
nancy changes the course of                                                                              All films are provided by     June 20, at 6:45 p.m.
events, giving her unexpect-                                                                           Kids First, a program of           For full details and
ed confidence via letters                                                                              the Coalition for Quality       late changes, check
to her unborn baby.                                                                                    Children’s Media.     , or call
  Written and directed by                           Julie Christie in “Away from Her.”                   Doors open at noon. All       the theater showtime hotline
the late actress Adrienne                                                                              children must be accompa-       at 295-9493.
Shelly (“Sudden Manhattan,”                                                                            nied by an adult.                  Advance tickets for all
“Trust”).                          must be wrenchingly rede-          a wildly successful male           Wednesday, June 20:           movies and events are avail-
  “Serves up an irresist-          fined.                             escort. After 10 years of sex      Emerging Pictures/New         able at the Tropic box office
ible helping of delicious fun
                                     Co-starring Olympia              for pay, he becomes romanti-     York Times Undiscovered         during theater hours or
with writing that is tart and
                                   Dukakis and Michael                cally entangled with his two     Gems Film Series presents       online at
sharp and a story infused
                                   Murphy. Based on the short         roommates (Jonathon Trent,

                                                                                                           Lets Get WEST in; On Page:;
with sweetness.” — USA
                                   story “The Bear Came Over          Darryl Stephens) and with
                                   the Mountain” by Alice             Gregory (Patrick Bauchau),           Name: PROMO-KEY           CITIZEN
  Rated: PG-13. Runtime: 1
hour 44 minutes.                   Munro. Feature writing and         a reclusive elderly client.          Width: 3.833 in; Depth: 5
   Showtimes (in Carper):          directing debut for actress        Before Gregory will agree
Daily at (3), 5, 7 and 9 p.m.      Sarah Polley (“My Life             to sex, however, he tells an                17; Ad Number: -; Size: 10 in
                                   Without Me,” “The Sweet            unsettling love story span-
       Opens Today:                Hereafter”).                       ning 50 years and dares “X”
     “Away From Her”                 “One of the most remark-         to try to feel something he            *WE MOVED *               EROTIC ENCOUNTERS!
   Julie Christie is “haunt-       able and moving love stories       hasn’t felt in years: genuine          BOAT STAYED               Wanna Hook Up Tonight?
ingly, heartbreakingly good”       the movies have recent-            emotion. As the sexual roun-       Must sell 22’ Mako w/Ya-       Don’t Pay For an Escort
(Newsweek) in this poignant        ly given us.” — Chicago            delays become increasingly         maha 225 in dry storage,       Sign Up For FREE and
story of a woman who seeks         Tribune                            complicated, “X” learns that       needs work, Make offer!!!        Get Lucky Tonight!
to rise above an Alzheimer’s         “It’s a precociously assured     this time, his emotions are             305-731-6974    
disease decline. Married           and mature work, at once           running the show.                                                 EXOTIC PLAYMATES!
for almost 50 years, Grant         humble and bold, that keeps          Directed and co-written          COMPUTER PROBLEM?               Meet Real People For
(Gordon Pinsent) and Fiona         faith with Munro’s precise,        by Q. Allan Brocka (“Eating          24/7 On-site Service           Erotic Encounters!
(Christie) share a life of ten-    graceful prose while tailor-       Out”), based on the critically        $35.00/hr + Travel          Sign Up For FREE and
derness and humor, along           ing its linear progression         acclaimed novel by Matthew          Key West to Key Largo           Get Lucky Tonight!
with an unwavering com-            into shapely cinematic form.”      Rettenmund. It’s “a slick and           305-849-5252    
mitment to each other. Their       — Village Voice                    absorbing drama” says the
serene life is broken by             Rated: PG-13. Runtime 1          New York Times.
Fiona’s increasingly evident       hour 50 minutes.                     Winner: Best Film at
memory loss, creating a               Showtimes (in Taylor):          Philadelphia International
tension they usually brush         Daily at (2:30), 4:30, 6:30        Gay and Lesbian Film                   Check out the personals every day in
off. But when it is no longer      and 8:30 p.m.                      Festival.
possible for either of them                                              Winner: Paramount                  The Citizen and on the World Wide Web
to ignore the fact that                 One Week Only:                Comedy Award at Milan            
Fiona is being consumed by               “Boy Culture”                International Gay and
Alzheimer’s disease, the lim-                                         Lesbian Film Festival.               Call 292-7777 today to run your Personals ad.
its of their love and loyalty        “X” (Derek Magyar) is              Not Rated. Runtime 1
PAG E 1 8                                                             solares hill                                                 JUNE 15, 2007

                                                                                              Above, “The Gardener.”

                                 because they cannot           sometimes exposing caskets.    municipal team, led by        wander alone. If you visit,
THE WHITE CITY                   afford a proper burial. So,   And sometimes caskets are      visionary mayor Jaime         travel in pairs, keep belong-
Continued from page 11           scattered across the upper    exposed due to the trespass    Nebot Saadi, is largely       ings secure, and consider
                                 reaches are crosses fash-     of human scavengers. So        responsible for an “aston-    hiring a professional guide
   Reflecting the circum-        ioned from plain metal        the poor graves on the tree-   ishing transformation”        to orient you. I recommend
stances of Guayaquil’s liv-      pipes, and pieces of wood     shaded hillside are no less    of the city over the past     the Grand Hotel Guayaquil
ing population, the less         with inked and painted epi-   affecting than those marked    seven years — aggressive-     under the management of
blessed one’s economics, the     taphs. Some of the hillside   by the grand monuments         ly focusing on urban revi-    Gino Luzi, where you will
higher up the hillside one’s     graves, because of erosion,   below.                         talization and improved       find lovely accommodations
bones reside. Very poor fam-     have begun to slide down-       Unfortunately, Guayaquil     well-being and quality of     and a professional staff who
ilies are said to sneak the      ward, overtaking their        has a disproportionately       life for Guayaquil’s inhab-   are happy to assist you with
bodies of their dead onto        neighbors who rest below,     large underprivileged popu-    itants — many areas of        all of the details of your
the hillside at night to bury,   breaking the ground, and      lation. While the current      Guayaquil are not safe to     stay. ❐
JUNE 15, 2007                                                                 solares hill                                                                                    PAG E 1 9

Realty Check

              The Keys to Finding the Right Area to Call Home
     by Nancy Klingener           the library. I love walking        people who enjoy quieter liv-                      borhood living than any-          ing traffic tooth and nail to
                                  or biking to friends’ homes.       ing and are more ‘homeward                         where else. Close to major        get there. But once you are

        ince I arrived on the     I love the “Sesame Street”         bound.’”                                           shopping such as Key West         home it is paradise.”
        island, it’s been Old     experience of walking the             Lifestyle is the key factor,                    has. Schools and kids activ-         In the end, says Gray,
        Town for me.              dog and running into people        said Jimmy Lane of                                 ities are nearby. Still safe      progress through the Keys
   My first apartment was in      I know.                            Schwartz GMAC (and pres-                           enough for kids to take off       can mirror our progress
the 500 block of Simonton            I recently got a chance to      ident-elect of the Key West                        on their bikes or walk to a       through life.
Street. My office was             see how the other half lives,      Association of Realtors).                          friend’s. Quite enough for           “In the 20s it was Old
upstairs over Fast Buck           when a friend asked if we             “If you are someone who                         the older or childless but        Town, 30s and 40s definite-
Freddie’s. I covered the city     wanted to use her home on          is a boater, is always on the                      with a sense of community         ly New Town teeming with
of Key West, which took           Sugarloaf while she was out        water, and doesn’t mind a                          that quickly involves you.”       life, return after retirement
me to City Hall on Angela         of town. We jumped at the          little bit of a commute, then                         Up the Keys you get “idyl-     up the Keys for sure with a
Street and Old City Hall on       chance, especially since it        living ‘up the Keys’ may                           lic peaceful living of a house    fishing pole in one hand a
Greene. Sometimes I covered       was during bird migration          be the best choice for you.                        be it a mansion or a hut on       cold beer in the other.” ❐
trials at the courthouse on       and my husband knew of             However, if you are very                           the side of the beautiful sea.       Got a question I should
Whitehead.                        some good mangrove cuckoo          involved with the downtown                         Driving 20 plus minutes           ask the Realtors? E-mail me
   My colleague at the time       habitat nearby.                    ‘scene’ and can live in small-                     to get anywhere and fight-        at
used to ridicule me that I           Sipping coffee in the morn-     er spaces, you may be happi-
considered my beat to be
a five-square block area.
He was right, and I liked it
that way. (I’m still feeling
                                  ing in the screened in porch,
                                  watching a cardinal estab-
                                  lish his reign over the back-
                                  yard and just hearing the
                                                                     er living in Old Town, or at
                                                                     the furthest, New Town.”
                                                                        Ivy Gray notes that Old
                                                                     Town is “full of charm and
                                                                                                                                     sudoku answers
sorry for myself that I now       sounds of nature made me           tourists. Terrific historic                                          Puzzle is on page 16
have to drive all the way to      rethink my decision.               homes and evening strolls
Northside Drive for work.)           Then we got in the car to       to great entertainment and
   And yet. I have occasion-      head back to town. At 8:30         quaint restaurants. Old
ally mused on the possibili-      on a Monday morning.               town also has spring break,
ty of moving to the country,      I know sitting in traffic on       no parking and open bars
or what passes for it around      Stock Island for 10 min-           open until 4 a.m. and rent-
here, the Lower Keys. I talk-     utes is nothing compared           als that party till much later.
ed to a Realtor on Big Pine       to many commutes in this           Families have closeness to
once, and I used to cruise        country, but I found it pretty     Fort Zach and the park but
the Indian Mounds neigh-          aggravating.                       often the noise and traffic
borhood on Sugarloaf, eyeing         So thanks to Save Our           keep them indoors.”
houses on the market there.       Homes and my now-                     New Town, on the other
   The reasons for that were      ingrained social habits, I         hand, has “terrific invest-
the usual: space and quiet.       think it’s going to stay city      ment areas with homes built
I love my home in Old Town        life for me. But it was nice to    in the mid-’50’s, more neigh-
with all my heart but park-       have a chance to play coun-
ing can be a pain and it does     try mouse, at least for a
seem to be in the Domestic        weekend.                                    Did You                                      Roger
Dispute Zone, with 3 a.m.
lovers’ quarrels breaking out
                                     I asked the Realtors
                                  this week how people
                                                                              Know...                                     Emmons

                                                                             57% of home                                   Lynn
at high decibels, right below     should decide which area                   buyers rely on                               Kaufelt
our bedroom window.               they should buy in – Old                newspapers for real
   When I visit friends up the    Town, New Town, or Lower                estate information*                              Mitzi
Keys, I envy their big yards,     Keys. Here are some of the              *
                                                                           2004 National Association of Realtors          Krabill
their driveways, the peace        responses:                                profile of home buyers and sellers.

and quiet that surrounds             “Old Town is great for                              Call                              Terri
you once you turn off U.S. 1.     investors and folks that only               Jon Wean                                  Spottswood
   It’s never been enough to      spend a small amount of                   today to advertise
make me seriously consid-         time in Key West. They want              your home for sale.                             Kenn                 1500 ATLANTIC BLVD. #115
                                                                                                                         Edwards            Incredible open water views from
er the move (especially now       ‘instant gratification’ for res-         292-7777, ext. 218                                              this 3BR, 2BA furnished oceanfront
that I’d be looking at tripling   taurants, bars, theaters,”                                                                Jeff
                                                                                                                                           home. Great floor plan with large
my tax bill). And except          said Andrea Weitz, bet-                                                                  Searc y
                                                                                                                                              atrium entry, open living area,
for hauling groceries half a      ter known as “The Greek,”                                                                               oceanside master and enormous bal-
                                                                                                                                          cony. Amenities: 2 pools, beach, tennis,
block and waking to nasty         from Schwartz GMAC. “New                                                                em alyn
                                                                                                                                                fitness, parking & storage.
arguments, I love living in       Town seems better fit for                                                               mercer
                                                                                                                                                  OFFERED AT $1,200,000
Old Town.                         families as it’s closer to more
   I love walking to restau-      schools, folks with pets (larg-                                                          Wendy

                                                                                                                        Zintsm aster
rants and the neighborhood        er yards), people that work
pub. I love hopping on my         in military and hospitals                                                                 Rob                   WWW.TRUMANANDCOMPANY.COM
bike to catch a movie at the      (less travel time). Up the                                                              SEVERIN               305-292-2244 OFFICE 305-292-2202 fax
Tropic or pick up a book at       Keys for boaters (obviously),                                                                                   1205 TRUMAN AVENUE, key west         247798
PAG E 2 0                                                                     solares hill                                                             JUNE 15, 2007

WISTERIA ISLAND                   its maximum current devel-                                                  osprey and about a dozen          challenge zoning and comp
                                  opment potential right now.                                                 white-crowned pigeons, a          plan changes to the island.
Continued from page 3             We’ve got too many develop-                                                 bird listed by the state (but     “It should be difficult, if DCA
                                  ments going on at the same                                                  not the federal government)       does its job, for the island to
Wisteria Island never             time.”                                                                      as threatened.                    be rezoned for the extensive
belonged to the Navy. “It was        Left alone, the island                                                      And, it turns out, the         kind of use they’re talking
just a dredger’s island, part     developed major growths of                                                  island is included on the list    about,’ Morgenstern said.
of the state submerged land       exotic vegetation including                                                 of natural areas in Monroe           He is not currently rep-
sales,” back when that was        Australian pines (about 18                                                  County known as the FEMA          resenting any of the indi-
common.                           acres), as well as some salt-                                               list.                             viduals or groups opposing
   The Bernstein family           marsh wetlands (about 1.8                                                      It’s called that because the   annexation or development,
bought the island in 1967,        acres) and mangrove wet-                                                    list is the result of a law-      but said he thinks 160 units
adding 150 acres of sur-          lands (about 1.4 acres),                         PHOTO BY NANCY KLINGENER   suit brought by environmen-       is a “terrible idea” for the
rounding baybottom in 1972.       according to a report pre-          A white crowned pigeon roosts on
                                                                                                              tal groups against FEMA,          island.
“It’s manmade, scarified. It’s    pared for the property owner        Wisteria.                               claiming that the agency was         “I don’t know where they’re
covered with exotics,” Roger      by Consulting Engineering                                                   encouraging development           going to get water, sewer,
Bernstein said. It has suf-       and Science, out of Miami.          ly use portions of the island,          in Keys endangered species        police, fire. The people that
fered damage from nature,            The report describes a           especially the mangrove wet-            habitat by underwriting flood     live there are going to com-
especially the hurricanes         “series of site visits” late last   land, for foraging. State-list-         insurance.                        mute and have to park their
of 2005, and from humans.         year and early this year. “No       ed wading birds such as                    The result was a court         cars somewhere. There
“There’s evidence of a very       state or federally protect-         the White Ibis, great White             requirement to create a list      already is not enough park-
large fire at the center of the   ed animals were observed            Heron, Snowy egret and                  of every property in the Keys     ing,” Morgenstern said.
island,” Bernstein said.          during the evaluation of the        Little Blue Heron almost cer-           that could possibly have hab-        “There already is not
   Development opponents          Wisteria Island property,”          tainly use the island periodi-          itat for endangered species       enough open space, and to
say it still has natural value.   the report states. “Because         cally, but were not observed.”          and deny flood insurance for      convert what is now a nat-
   “It has, over the years,       the habitats are disturbed             I went to check out the              new building on those prop-       ural view to feeling like
developed into its own eco-       and the island is isolated          island this week — in 16                erties. So while the island       you’re in downtown Miami
system. I think it should be      from other natural areas, the       years in Key West I had                 remains on the FEMA list,         — if that’s their vision of Key
picked up by Florida Forever      potential for use of the island     never been there. The first             new building there could not      West, a crowded and urban
[the state land conserva-         by state or federally protect-      thing I saw on approach was             get flood insurance.              downtown when they’re
tion program], either that or     ed animals is unlikely.”            a great white heron. There                 Henry Lee Morgenstern,         advertising in all of their
Monroe County should turn            The report goes on to say        was an osprey perched high              the attorney who brought          tourist advertising as being
it into some sort of a park       that “highly mobile species”        up, keeping an eye on me.               the FEMA case on behalf of        retreating to the tropics — it
system,” Verge said. “The         like wading birds could get         Later I saw a cormorant,                environmental groups, said        seems crazy.” ❐
city of Key West is reaching      there “and may occasional-          a brown pelican, two more               there are lots of reasons to

                                                        recently sold properties

                        301 Ave. F, Big Coppitt Key                                                                        568 Porter Lane
List Price: $389,000                       Listing Agent: Bascom Grooms,
Sale Price: $385,000                       Bascom Grooms Real Estate                    List Price: $815,000                           Listing Agent: Rudy Molinet,
                                                                                        Sale Price: $780,000                           Marquis Properties Realty
Sale Date: April 25                        Selling Agents: Barbara and
Days on the Market: 91                     Danny Crespo, Coldwell Banker                Date Sold: May 4                               Selling Agent: Mike Caron,
                                           Schmitt                                      Days on the Market: 75                         Compass Realty

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