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					A Sneak
Peek into
                            Created with you in mind

Because we are dedicated to keeping things simple, practical and applicable, we

   • Auditory
   • Visual
   • & Kinesthetic

learning tools in the creation process of this eBook. You’ll see, hear and
experience each lesson through the written word, illustrations and video tutorials.

Take a peek into the manual. . .

Our chapters are clearly stated:
Instructions contain written guidelines as well as colorful illustrations:

When we direct you to click on something, it is obvious. . .
We share resources and tips to save you time and energy. . .

We clearly mark the most important things:
We may have given instructions on something in a previous chapter, but we state
it just as clearly when you have to do it later, saving you the frustration of
having to go back and look it up.

And, we have fun.
We even give you choices.

What are you waiting for? You know you want to see more.

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