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Welcome to Inside The Hanley 2008. It’s been another record breaking year for
The Hanley with many highlights including winning a Midlands Excellence Award in only
our second year of entry and the completion of our branch refurbishment programme.
In this edition on Page 8 we look at buying your first home following the experience of Nick and
Lianne who recently purchased their first home with help from The Hanley.

Professional independent investment advice remains important and we explain why on Page 15.

In April 2008 the rules regarding ISAs change, on Page 19 our Savings Specialist explains the benefits
of these changes.

Page 10 reports on our continued support of the local community which includes our ongoing
sponsorship of the Axis Festival and the 2008 Potters ’Arf Marathon.

Faces at the Hanley on Page 20 features new and experienced staff, some of whom you may recognise.                Marketing Team - Jean,Tom, Jo and Rob

On Page 24 you have the opportunity to win a fantastic Nintendo Wii by completing our customer

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                                                                                                     Published March 2008 on paper from sustainable forests.

                               Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                                      03
Credit Crunch? Liquidity crisis?
Northern Rock?
How can a small local building society thrive amongst the recent turmoil?

                               As I watched BBC News 24 on Thursday          the housing market, notably in America,
                               evening 13 September 2007 I was               began to slow down, these borrowers
 FINANCIAL                     captivated by the unfolding story, told by
                               the BBC’s Business Editor, Robert
                                                                             faced mortgage payments they were
                                                                             simply unable to meet.
 HIGHLIGHTS                    Peston, about the Northern Rock bank          Consequently lenders such as Northern
                               requiring emergency funding from the          Rock could no longer claim to have
                               Bank of England. Northern Rock was            strong underlying mortgage assets that
  Post tax profit up by        unable to finance its outstanding             were easy to sell on in large blocks to
                               mortgage commitments and sought help          investors, and so the “credit crunch” bit
    24% to £1.72m              from the “lender of last resort”. The TV      hard and Northern Rock ran out of
                               pictures over the following weekend,          money to lend. When those queues
      Total assets up by       showing customers queuing outside             emerged at Northern Rock branches the
                               Northern Rock branches to withdraw            problem magnified and several billion
       5.8% to £341m           their savings, will live long in the memory   pounds of retail funds were withdrawn
                               and of course now, some 6 months later        and much of it reinvested in traditional
                               the Northern Rock is in public                building society accounts! Suddenly the
  Profits up 111% over         ownership as a nationalised bank.             virtues of security, stability and member-
                                                                             value which are at the heart of any
     last five years           So how did this happen and what has it        building society become fashionable
                               got to do with The Hanley Building            again!
     Costs down by 17%                                                       In reality of course,The Hanley has little
     over last five years      During last summer it became clear that       in common with Northern Rock;
                               a financial crisis in America was having a
                               major impact on Northern Rock, a                We have no shareholders yearning for
                               mortgage bank based in Newcastle Upon           annual dividends from maximised
ACHIEVEMENTS                   Tyne. Until 1997 Northern Rock was a
                               building society but it then chose to
                                                                               We have no exposure to the US
 OF THE YEAR                   “demutualise” and converted to a Plc
                               bank where its profits were paid to
                                                                               sub-prime mortgage market
                               shareholders through annual dividends.          We have high levels of liquid funds
  Winners of ‘European         An adventurous growth in mortgage               from our loyal savers
                               business was planned and achieved in the
   Foundation for Quality      relatively benign market conditions of
                                                                               We have no plans to grow mortgage
                                                                               assets disproportionately or
Management’ Award (EFQM)       the decade up to mid 2007.
                               However, Northern Rock did not have             We have very low arrears and
  Annual General Meeting       enough capital of its own, or deposits          repossession levels
                               from savers to finance such ambitious
voting increased to a record   growth, so it borrowed extensively in           We have very low levels of wholesale
                               wholesale markets from investment               funding
         level of 20%
                               banks and finance institutions. It then
                               undertook lending to homebuyers with
   Completion of Branch        weak credit records or unreliable
                               income levels in order to accelerate its
 refurbishment programme       asset growth. These so called “sub-           “We are a building society
                               prime” mortgages (a dreadful term) had
                               a higher propensity to default and when             not a bank”

04                                www.thehanley.co.uk
Our Customer Forum is a vital part of our member engagement and it gives members the
chance to discuss the direction of the Society. Here are a selection of questions David has
been asked over the past year at our Customer Forum.

Are our savings protected                    How is The Hanley                               Why does The Hanley not
at The Hanley?                               tackling green issues?                          operate a loyalty scheme?
The Society is a member of the Financial     The Hanley was one of the first                 We prefer to provide our members with
Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)          mortgage providers to create and                long term competitive savings and
and under this scheme you are                market a Green Mortgage. Upon                   mortgage products. Loyalty schemes can
protected up to £35,000 of your savings.     completion of the mortgage The Hanley           be costly to operate in both monetary
It is worth noting that the last time        will donate £200 to ClimateCare, an             and labour terms and could cost more
building society savers lost their money     organisation that supports green                to run than we would actually pay to
was back in1892. Interestingly, during the   projects around the UK. Also:                   members.
Northern Rock crisis many newspapers
                                               We have reduced heating and lighting          As such we prefer to ensure our
reported savers returning to building
                                               costs even though energy costs                members get the benefit of savings and
societies as a safer option.
                                               have risen                                    mortgage products that give value for
With the recent negative                       All paper waste is shredded by a local
                                                                                             money over the longer term.
press regarding sub-prime                      company and then recycled                     How do you become a
mortgages, does The                            Glass, cardboard, plastic and tins are        member of the Customer
Hanley lend in this market?                    all recycled                                  Forum?
No. The Hanley won’t lend members’             Mobile phones and ink cartridges are
                                                                                             We hold a Customer Forum each
money in this market. We do not wish to        recycled
                                                                                             quarter and as a Society member you
see our borrowers overstretched, nor do        Clothes and books are recycled to             are welcome to attend. This discussion
we want them to face hardship if interest      local charities                               forum gives you the chance to talk to
rates rise or their personal circumstances                                                   myself, members of The Hanley’s Board
change.                                        Computer equipment is either
                                                                                             and also members of staff about how the
                                               donated to charity or recycled
We always ensure best practice in our                                                        Society is performing.
mortgage lending and, as a responsible       We are working hard towards reducing
                                                                                             To register your interest and be
lender, will continue to do so without       our carbon footprint and we are taking
                                                                                             informed of the next forum please
taking risks such as making inappropriate    seriously our environmental
                                                                                             contact Joy Nicholls on 01782 255000.
loans to borrowers, or lending where the     responsibilities.
house value is equal to, or less than, the   Last year Inside The Hanley was sent via
mortgage.                                    e-mail to all members whose email
                                             address we hold. This resulted in fewer
                                             magazines being printed.
                                             If you would like to receive future
                                             editions of Inside The Hanley
                                             electronically, please email

                                                           David Webster - Chief Executive

                                Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                              05
It’s been a year full of news for mortgage customers, here is just a recap of some of the
more important stories...

The Credit Crunch                            Home Information Packs (HIPs)              Consistent “Best Buy” mortgages

The term “credit crunch” has featured in     In April 2007 “Inside The Hanley”          The Hanley is proud to have offered some
the national press on a daily basis over     featured the impending introduction of     of the most competitive deals on the
the last six months. You will all            Home Information Packs. Since              market throughout the year.
remember watching the news with              August 2007 we have seen a phased
images of hundreds of savers queuing         introduction of the scheme for sellers
outside Northern Rock branches to gain       of residential properties in England and
access to their savings and more recently    Wales.
the nationalisation of Northern Rock.        No implementation date has yet been
The credit crunch has its roots in the       announced for sellers whose property
sub-prime mortgage crisis in America.        was marketed for sale prior to August
The sub-prime mortgage market focuses        2007.                                      The independently recognised “Best Buy”
on lending to individuals with poor credit                                              status has been awarded to several of our
history. This market experienced             A HIP must be made available to all        mortgage products over the last 12
significant growth during the US housing     interested buyers and must include the     months.
boom with US mortgage companies              following compulsory documents:
lending billions of dollars on                                                          Over the last year we have featured
inappropriate loans. These debts were          Home Information Pack Index              regularly in national newspapers including
then sold on to financial businesses                                                    The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times,
                                               Energy Performance Certificate
around the world including UK banks.                                                    The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily
After two years of interest rate rises in      Sale Statement (summarising the          Telegraph and Financial Times.
the US, thousands of sub-prime home            terms of sale)
owners were unable to afford their                                                      Continuing to put the “Eco” in Economic
                                               Standard Searches (i.e. local and
monthly mortgage payments resulting in
                                               drainage and water)
mortgage defaults on an unprecedented                                                   The Hanley continues to be one of only a
level.This resulted in banks around the        Evidence of Title                        handful of mortgage providers offering a
world experiencing significant losses.                                                  ‘Green Mortgage’.
                                               Additional information for leasehold
Struggling to meet mortgage                    and commonhold sales, where              We believe it is important to play an active
payments?                                      appropriate                              role in helping to reduce our carbon
In February 2008 the Financial Services                                                 footprint and ultimately climate change.
Authority (FSA) conducted a national         Before you go through the hassle and
survey on the ability of homeowners to       strain of moving to a bigger home          With our ‘Green Mortgage’ The Hanley
meet their mortgage payments over the        perhaps you may want to consider           will donate £200 to ClimateCare. This
next 12 months.                              home improvements or home                  donation will be used to offset the
                                             extensions to meet your growing            equivalent of 3 years CO2 emissions of a
Results of the survey show that 1 in 5       family needs?                              typical household.
mortgage holders are concerned about
meeting their repayments in the next 12      Whatever your circumstances our fully      ClimateCare uses these donations to fund
months. When asked how they would            qualified Mortgage Advisers are here       schemes such as:
meet these costs, a quarter of them said     to help with your decision.
they had no plans in place.                                                                     Forest restoration
                                                                                                Energy efficiency
If you are experiencing difficulty in                                                           Renewable energy research
meeting your monthly payments, it is
important that you contact us as early as                                               For more information on how you can
possible so that we can work together                                                   help the environment with our ‘Green
to try and find a solution to help you                                                  Mortgage’ contact us on 01782 255000.
meet your financial commitments.

06                  Telephone: 01782 255000 email: customerservices@thehanley.co.uk
Not only does The Hanley provide its own ‘Best Buy’ mortgage deals we also provide
other lenders’ mortgages. We discuss in more detail with Trevor Cotterell, Mortgage
Adviser, what this means to our customers.

Tell me a little more about what a                 What are the benefits of “Mortgage               Can you help arrange insurance and
customer can expect when they come                 Choice”?                                         protection?
to see you.
                                                   The main benefit to our customers is that        The Hanley provides competitive and
The first step is to chat over a cup of coffee     we are not restricted to promoting a             comprehensive insurance products through
and understand what your mortgage                  Hanley mortgage. We are able to offer all        our relationships with a number of
requirements are. For example are you a            our customers access to exclusive mortgage       recognised household names. The types of
First Time Buyer, looking to move home,            deals across all types of mortgage products.     insurance we recommend you consider
require additional borrowing for home                                                               include buildings and contents insurance, life
improvements or, are you searching for the         For example you may wish to fix your             protection, critical illness cover for you and
best mortgage deal on your existing home?          monthly mortgage repayments for three            your family and mortgage payment
The benefit of talking to a Hanley Mortgage        years and with our “Mortgage Choice”             protection.
Adviser is that as well as offering our own        service we are able to find you a
competitive products, we are able to access,       competitive fixed rate deal all year round.      How do I arrange an appointment
through our mortgage choice service,               This means that we are able to search the        with an adviser?
mortgages from a panel of over 50 other            market for you and save you valuable time.
lenders. This allows us to find the right                                                           Simply pop into your local branch of The
product for your individual circumstances.         How much does this service cost?                 Hanley to arrange an appointment with a
The next step is for us to complete a fact                                                          Mortgage Adviser or call 01782 255000.
find with you.                                     Nothing, our Mortgage Advisory service is
                                                   provided free of charge.                         The Hanley prides itself in offering face-to-
Why is a fact find required?                                                                        face advice at times to suit the customers.
                                                   What are the next steps?                         That is why we are open until 4pm on
It’s not as daunting as it sounds, the fact find                                                    Saturdays and 7pm every Thursday evening
is used to gather information about your           Once the fact find is completed and we           for customers wanting a late night
personal earnings and outgoings. This              have searched for the best deal a second         appointment.
information is used to ascertain the right         appointment is arranged to discuss the
mortgage to suit you which can be either a         various options available and to recommend
Hanley mortgage or a product from                  the most suitable solution for you.
another lender.                                    The next stage is to complete the
                                                   application form with you.

                                                                        Don’t Forget
                                                                        Recommend a friend to The Hanley’s mortgage range and you and
                                                                        your friend will receive either a £50 cheque, a £50 Virgin Experience
                                                                        Voucher or, if you prefer, you can donate your £50 to our nominated
                                                                        charity Breath of Life. See page 24 for more details.


    Debbie Holmes                           Deborah Ward                         Trevor Cotterell                       Evy Caluwé
                                  Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice

                                 Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                         07
At The Hanley we pride ourselves in offering quality mortgage advice particularly to First
Time Buyers who need help getting onto the property ladder. We spoke with Nick and
Lianne who recently bought their first home.....

     Nick and Lianne, tell us how this first started                 Were you happy with the service from Debbie?

     Well, we had some idea about what we needed to do to            Yes, through The Hanley’s “Mortgage Choice” service our
     buy our first home but we weren’t sure in which order           mortgage was arranged with Bristol and West and the
     we needed to do everything. We decided the first step           Hanley kept us informed of progress throughout our
     would be to see how much money we could borrow for              application.
     our first home.
                                                                     How did you hear about The Hanley?
     So that’s when you came to see The Hanley’s
     Mortgage Adviser Debbie Holmes?                                 On recommendation from one of our friends who is
                                                                     already a member and has his mortgage with The Hanley.
     Yes, Debbie went through some basic information with            He spoke very highly of the service he has received and
     us, for example, how much we both earned and what               gave us Debbie’s details.
     type of mortgage we were interested in. We had already
     decided we wanted a Fixed Rate mortgage so that we              What advice would you give to other First Time
     knew exactly how much we would be paying for the first          Buyers?
     few years.
                                                                     Firstly find out how much you can afford to borrow before
     What was the next step?                                         you start looking. Secondly make sure you don’t over
                                                                     stretch yourself because once you move in there are other
     Once we had finished the interview Debbie gave us a             bills such as council tax, electric and gas to pay. Thirdly
     certificate confirming the amount we could afford to            don’t be put off by bad press about the difficulties facing
     borrow. When we found the house we wanted we used               First Time Buyers.
     the certificate to prove, in principle, that we could afford
     the mortgage.                                                   If you are uncertain what to do, speak to one of The
                                                                     Hanley’s advisers who will help you to work out how
     What happened after you found your new home?                    much you can afford to borrow and take some of
                                                                     the pressure away from you.
     After we had put in our offer, we came back to see
     Debbie to finalise the mortgage application. At this point
     we decided to take out the insurances offered by The
     Hanley which included cover for life and critical illness,
     sickness and unemployment and our buildings and
     contents insurance.

                                                                                Nick and Lianne with Laura Hart, Branch Assistant

 Did you know?
 For a number of years The Hanley has provided mortgages to First
 Time Buyers with family members acting as guarantors. For more
 information you can contact one of our Mortgage Advisers who will
 be happy to discuss your requirements.

08                                                    www.thehanley.co.uk
The Hanley has helped local people to buy their own homes over the past 154 years.
Did you know that The Hanley also funds local developers to build residential homes?

  What types of commercial lending does                            Why should I approach The Hanley for my
  The Hanley fund?                                                 commercial mortgage?

  The Hanley will consider lending money on the                    The Hanley has a team of dedicated commercial
  development of residential properties. The Hanley also           mortgage specialists with a vast range of experience.
  lends on commercial premises such as retail, professional        We understand the need for a steady cash flow to aid
  services and small industrial units.                             your development or business and this is why all our
                                                                   commercial customers have direct lines of
  The Hanley can also look at taking over your existing            communication to our specialist team.
  commercial mortgage.
                                                                   The Hanley’s management structure means decisions are
  What is the general lending criteria for a                       made quickly and efficiently.
  commercial mortgage?
                                                                   Who do I contact for more information about
  The development or business must be located in                   commercial mortgages?
  Staffordshire, Cheshire or Shropshire and the maximum
  loan on any development or business premises is                  Please contact Paul Godwin, Business Development
  £3 million.                                                      Manager, who will be able to help you with your enquiry
                                                                   and any questions you may have.
  The Society will consider applications from the following:
      Individuals                                                  Paul can be contacted on 01782 255159 or email
      Partnerships                                                 pgodwin@thehanley.co.uk
      Limited Companies

                   MORTGAGE SPECIALISTS

             Paul Godwin                                Sarah Brundrett                                Alison Shaw
     Business Development Manager                    Lending Quality Manager                          Lending Specialist

        Paul joined The Hanley in                   Sarah is vastly experienced               Alison joined The Hanley in 1979
        February 2007 and is the                    having worked in Specialist                working in Customer Services.
      relationship manager for new                   Lending at the Hanley for                She joined the Specialist Lending
           commercial business.                           over 20 years.                              team in May 2007.

                                                                                  Did you know?
                                                                                  None of The Hanley’s savings products are subject to bonuses or
                                                                                  introductory rates.We offer long term competitive savings rates
                                                                                  as demonstrated with accounts like our Child Trust Fund.

                            Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                      09
2007 has been another great year in the community for The Hanley. We are delighted to
have been part of some hugely successful schemes and going forward in 2008 we intend to
remain actively involved in the community.

  This is my last contribution to the Customer                                    I have been privileged to be a member of local
  Magazine as I retired from The Hanley at Easter                                 charity Boards and Panels and been invited to
  2008. I have enjoyed the last ten years                                         participate in numerous activities. I’ve had the
  tremendously and been involved in many varied                                   pleasure of meeting Sir David Attenborough,
  activities in my role as Community Officer. I                                   David Bellamy the naturalist and HRH The
  have met some wonderful people both in the                                      Prince of Wales. This was only made possible by
  charity and community sectors and I’ve had the                                  The Hanley’s involvement with environmental
  pleasure of working with some amazing young                                     projects and the Prince’s Trust.
                                                                                  Working with the young people at Abbey Hill
                                                                                  School was a particular highlight for me and I
  Being involved with the Prince’s Trust,Young                                    have assisted business students through the
  Enterprise, various charities and local schools                                 Young Enterprise Scheme to become successful.                                             Jean Gibson
  has brought the Society to the forefront of the                                 I am pleased that The Hanley has gained                                              Community Officer
  Community and gained us many prestigious                                        awareness through our work in the Community
  awards such as; Community Mark, North                                           and proud that we have given something back to
  Staffordshire Private Sector Impact on                                          our roots. I will miss my colleagues who have
  Regeneration and a national and regional award                                  given me tremendous support but I know that
  from the Chamber for Business Commitment to                                     our involvement in the Community will be left
  the Community. I’m extremely proud to have                                      in safe hands.
  played a part in them all.
                                                                                  So it’s goodbye, and may I wish everyone well
                                                                                  for the future.


 April 07 - Sponsorship of Glitter Bin   May 07 - Sponsorship of the first Axis     June 07 - Sponsorship of Prince’s Trust   July 07 - Sponsorship of Little Stars   August 07 - Abbey Hill students open
 competition                             Festival                                   Golf Day                                  competition                             accounts with The Hanley

 September 07 - The Hanley provides      October 07 - The Hanley donated a          November 07 - Granville at Longton        December 07 - Launch of Breath of       January 08 - Sponsorship of Longton
 children’s prizes at the Floral and     tree to St.Thomas CE(A) Primary            Christmas lights switch on                Life as this year’s nominated charity   Harriers junior football team
 Garden Show                             School in Kidsgrove

10                          Telephone: 01782 255000 email: customerservices@thehanley.co.uk
The Hanley Building Society Potters ’Arf Marathon 2008
Continuing our theme of sponsoring local events, this year The Hanley is proud to announce our
sponsorship of the Potters ’Arf Marathon. This event, now in its fifth year, is the successor to the full
marathon that previously took place in Stoke-on-Trent.The race launch was held in the Potteries
Shopping Centre, Hanley on 18th January 2008 (pictured right) and over 150 people registered on the day.
The race is a popular event attracting upwards of 1,100 runners and can be run as a full half marathon or
as part of a relay team.The relay can be broken down into four stages ranging from 1.4 miles to 4.2
                                                                                                                            The Hanley’s Marketing Team, local runner
                                                                                                                            Michelle Ross, Don Shelley and Ken Rushton
                                                                                                                            Race Organisers,Gill Walters and John Belfield
                                                                                                                            from Breath of Life
Ten members of staff are already in training for the race and will be running for our nominated charity Breath of Life. Many more of our
staff will be helping out on the day, giving prizes at the finish line or marshalling runners on the route. Every runner will receive a t-shirt and
commemorative plate, and those finishing the race in under two hours will receive a medal. Entry forms can be obtained from all our
Branches or by contacting Rob Hassall on 01782 255141 or by e-mailing rhassall@thehanley.co.uk.
A map of the route can be downloaded from www.potters-arf.co.uk.

                                                          Axis Festival 2008 - 24th April 2008 to 4th May 2008
                                                          Following last year’s successful Axis Festival,The Hanley is pleased to be involved once again as a
                                                          principal sponsor of such a lively and energetic event. Opening this year’s festival will be up and
                                                          coming band ‘The Wombats’ and the event will also feature the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and
                                                          an “Antiques Roadshow” style evening with Eric Knowles. Over 200 community events are being
                                                          scheduled to run alongside the festival, which was a huge success last year.
                                                          Keep your eyes on www.thehanley.co.uk & www.axisfestival.co.uk for more details as new events
                                                          are added weekly.

Our Staff and the Community
Tom Sayle (pictured right) joined The Hanley in 2007 on his placement year from Staffordshire University
to further his Business Management (BA Honours) degree and has actively represented The Hanley in
various community initiatives.

Margaret Hughes, a member of The Hanley’s Finance Team, has been appointed to the Board of
Home-Start, a national charity offering help and support to local families.The Hanley has been proud to
support Home-Start for a number of years.

We were delighted to sponsor the Ceramics Festival Competition in which local primary and secondary
school children were asked to design a plate and write a letter about their family’s most treasured piece
                                                                                                                             Tom Sayle, (far right) Ceramics Festival
of pottery. We received over 700 excellent entries and finding a winner was very challenging.                                organiser Ray Elks and the 2nd prize winner

                                                     Our nominated charity this year is Breath of Life, a North Staffordshire charity specialising in the
                                                     treatment of respiratory conditions and lung disease. Our partnership with Breath of Life began in
                                                     December 2007 and we are thrilled to have raised over £1,000 already through our Annual General
                                                     Meeting and other fund raising activities. We aim to raise even more money during the year with the
                                                     help of members of staff and their families running the Potters ’Arf Marathon and other initiatives
                                                     throughout the year.

                                                                                                  Did you know?
                                                                                                  The Hanley provides Independent Financial Advice through its
Granville with Hannah Presutti face of Breath                                                     subsidiary company Hanley Financial Services Ltd. Offering a
of Life                                                                                           whole of market service we ensure you get the right product.

                                                                                                                            Mr Smith, 2nd Prize Winner Kid B with Tom Sayle,
                                                Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial AdviceMarketing Assistant
August 2007 saw the completion of our branch refurbishment programme.
Our Newcastle Branch located in the High Street, was officially re-launched by Ted
Turner, Chairman of The Hanley’s Board of Directors in September.

                                                                                                                                                       Julie Barlow
Looking down the High Street, Newcastle Branch on the                Chairman Ted Turner cuts the ribbon at the re-launch with the
launch night.                                                        Newcastle Branch Team, David Lownds and Charmaine Cameron-Reale
                                                                                                                                               Branch Team Leader

Newcastle’s refurbishment brings to an end our branch modernisation programme which started in August 2004 after the grand opening
of our branch in Stone. The emphasis in all our branches is very much with the customer in mind and Newcastle is no exception.
We have removed the old fashioned counter and replaced it with a more open plan aspect. We have utilised space to create additional
interview rooms so customers can discuss confidential issues with advisers in private.

Newcastle has been transformed into a contemporary and vibrant branch focusing on a personal, flexible service at a time when many
customers are wary of dealing with impersonal call centres.We believe that our customers should expect to receive a personal service
tailored to them.

                       A distinctive service, with a personal touch and a choice of products from well-trained staff.
                                                   That’s what’s on offer from The Hanley.

Dianne Thompson, Operations Director said
“All of our branch and advice centres demonstrate how The Hanley differentiates itself from our competitors by offering a one stop shop
for Mortgages, Savings and Independent Financial Advice from our qualified team of advisers.”

Julie Barlow, Branch Team Leader commented
“Customers have remarked that the branch is now more inviting, open and brighter. The staff love working in their new surroundings and
I’m looking forward to welcoming new and existing customers who take advantage of our new branch and advice centre.”

New branch counter at Newcastle Branch                  Addition of private interview rooms                             Re-launch evening with guests and staff enjoying the event

12                          Telephone: 01782 255000 email: customerservices@thehanley.co.uk
        Festival Park Branch                               Hanley Branch                                     Stone Branch

              Granville House,                                5 Lamb Street,                                   1 Mill Court,
               Festival Park,                                     Hanley,                                       Mill Street,
                  Hanley,                                        ST1 1PF                                          Stone,
                 ST1 5TB                                                                                        ST15 8BF
Anna Whitehead is Team Leader at our             Charmaine Cameron-Reale is Team Leader at        Mark Watson is Team Leader at our branch in
Festival Park Branch. Situated within our Head   Hanley Branch. Located in the heart of           Stone. Opened in August 2004 it was the first
Office building it offers spacious and           Hanley city centre, it offers a welcoming and    branch in The Hanley network to be specifically
comfortable surroundings with free car           inviting atmosphere and is convenient for        designed as a Branch and Advice Centre. Mark
parking. The branch is open all day Monday to    members who work in or visit the city centre.    is supported by his colleagues, Sue Smith,
Saturday and has a team comprising of            Emma Wootton, Nicola Colclough, Claire           Joanne Tittensor and Ibbran Hussain. Paul
Cathryn Dudley, Emma Dawson and Daniela          Hopwood and Sherry Phillips are our team of      Collyer provides Independent Financial Advice
Avigo. They are supported by David Brown,        trained Branch Advisers with Neil Clappison      with Evy Caluwé as branch Mortgage Adviser.
Independent Financial Adviser and Debbie         providing Independent Financial Advice and       The branch is located just off the main one way
Holmes, Senior Mortgage Adviser.                 Debbie Ward providing mortgage advice.           system through Stone opposite Morrisons.
      01782 255161                                      01782 255110                                    01785 318023
      festivalparkbranch@thehanley.co.uk                hanleybranch@thehanley.co.uk                    stonebranch@thehanley.co.uk

                       Longton Branch                                                            Newcastle Branch

                          93 The Strand,                                                            83 High Street,
                             Longton,                                                            Newcastle-under-Lyme,
                             ST3 2NS                                                                   ST5 1PS
Sue Pedley is Team Leader at Longton Branch. Located on The Strand        Julie Barlow is Team Leader at Newcastle Branch.The branch is situated
near to the recently opened retail park it continues to serve its         in the heart of Newcastle town centre and now boasts an impressive
longstanding members as well as welcoming new customers from the          modern layout with private interview areas. Ably assisted by Kerry
surrounding area. Supporting Sue is Laura Hart, Rachel Ecclestone, Sue    Wright,Tom Ward, Claire Williamson,Trevor Cotterell (Mortgage
King, Katie Wood and Yvonne Prince. Mortgage Advice is provided by Evy    Adviser) and Neil Clappison (Independent Financial Adviser) customers
Caluwé and Independent Financial Advice is provided by Becky Jones.       old and new are made extremely welcome.
      01782 312027                                                              01782 615262
      longtonbranch@thehanley.co.uk                                             newcastlebranch@thehanley.co.uk

                 Branch Opening Hours
                                    Monday         Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday          Friday         Saturday
                Festival Park       9am-5pm        9am-5pm        9am-5pm          9am-7pm         9am-5pm         9am-4pm
                   Hanley            Closed        9am-5pm        9am-5pm         10am-7pm         9am-5pm         9am-4pm
                  Longton            Closed        9am-5pm        9am-5pm          9am-7pm         9am-5pm         9am-4pm
                 Newcastle           Closed        9am-5pm        9am-5pm          9am-7pm         9am-5pm         9am-4pm
                   Stone             Closed        9am-5pm        9am-5pm         10am-7pm         9am-5pm         9am-4pm

                                   Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                 13
INDEPENDENT                                                                                             www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk

The wide choice of financial services on the market today can make your head
spin, that is why you need advice from experts to help you choose. Hanley
Financial Services Limited offers products from the market as a whole meaning we
are not tied to any one financial provider.

                                At Hanley Financial Services Ltd we prefer to meet our customers face to face to find out
                                what’s important to you when you are looking to invest your hard earned cash.
BULLETIN                        Our independence gives you the peace of mind that our advice is unbiased and will be tailor
                                made to your personal circumstances.

                                We start by asking you the following questions:
From 6th April 2008:
                                •   How long are you looking to invest for?
ISA allowance increased         •   How much can you afford to invest?
                                •   What’s your attitude to risk – cautious, balanced or speculative?
to £7,200 a year and            •   What do you want your investment to provide?
£600 a month.                   •   Are you concerned about the effect of inflation on your savings?
                                •   Are you concerned about the amount of tax on your savings?
Tax changes on                  Once we understand your personal needs we are then able to construct the right
investment trusts - have        investment solution for you. What’s more we will put in writing what we recommend and
                                talk you through the step by step process of making an investment.
you reviewed yours?
                                Our Independent Financial Advisers are based in each of our five Branches and are available
                                throughout the week from 9am to 5pm on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday, until
Basic Tax Rate reduced          7pm on Thursday and from 9am to 4pm on a Saturday.
from 22% to 20%.                Whatever your question or query regarding investments they are here to help.
                                Call in for a coffee to find out more about how our Advisers can help you.

                                                                       Hanley Financial Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of
                                                                                     Hanley Economic Building Society.
                                                                       Hanley Financial Services Ltd is an appointed representative of
                                                                        LighthouseXpress Limited which is authorised and regulated
                                                                                    by the Financial Services Authority.


     David Brown           Neil Clappison                       Paul Collyer                             Rebecca Jones

14                           www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk
FINANCIAL TREE                                                                                         www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk

The mistake most of us make is not planning ahead in life. It’s fair to say people
don’t give much thought to financial planning in their twenties or thirties and by
the time they get around to starting, it’s often too little too late.

Here’s the Hanley Financial Services’ guide to managing your money:

The 20’s - Starting Out
In your 20’s you are enjoying life to the full, but have you thought about what’s around the corner?
You may be thinking about buying your first home and perhaps marriage is also on the cards.You
should hopefully have started to talk to someone about your pension and retirement plans.

The 30’s - Settling Down
In your 30’s you may be married and perhaps even have a few little ones who are dependant on you.
You need to think about making a will and making sure you have a good level of protection in place
for your loved ones should the unthinkable happen. If you have protection in place have you reviewed
the policy to incorporate any changes in your life? You may be thinking about moving up the property
ladder, looking for an investment scheme for when your children are older, or planning to increase
your pension contributions to make sure you’re on track for that early retirement you promised
yourself in your 20’s.

The 40’s - Helping Loved Ones
Into your 40’s and glad you took out investments in your 30’s as you might need the money to support
your children through University. An early retirement could still be on the cards as you would have
reviewed your pension frequently and made sure your pension has continued to work as hard as you.
As you get older you may find your attitude to risk changes and you prefer to either take more or
less of a risk with your hard earned cash.

The 50’s - Taking Time For You
As retirement gets closer you might need to work out what income you’ll need when you finally
retire. This could be an important time when you decide when you can actually afford to retire.
Now could also be a time to make gifts to your children to provide them with a helping hand for
things like a deposit on their first home or maybe even a wedding.

The 60’s - The Home Straight
After working non-stop for over 40 years you’ll probably now be either thinking of retirement or
already enjoying retirement. Your main concerns are getting the best from your pension and
investments and ensuring you have a comfortable standard of living. Plus you have the time to
consider how you might provide for future care costs or Inheritance Tax.

Most of all, throughout all these stages you should now be ENJOYING YOURSELF

                                             www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk                                             15
INDEPENDENT                                                                                                        www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk

At Hanley Financial Services Limited, we’re proud of the service we offer. Don’t
just take our word for it, read what Mr and Mrs Dodd have to say.

Jean and Tony Dodd came to visit Becky in July 2007 to talk about new and existing investments. Becky has a longstanding relationship
with Jean and Tony going back a number of years and both say that they trust no-one else to deal with their investments.

Jean and Tony, can you tell us a little         If we may ask about your attitude to          And have you received follow up
more about why you chose Hanley                 risk, what prompted you to think              contact from Becky to review the
Financial Services to help with your            about investments? The impression             business you completed?
investments?                                    some people have is that investing is
                                                risky business…                               Becky usually contacts us every few
Because Hanley Financial Services offer                                                       months to keep us up to date with our
Independent Financial Advice compared to        We have some high risk investments            investments. She will also contact us if
other Banks and Building Societies which        alongside some medium and low risk            market conditions change and she sees a
are tied to one financial provider. Becky       investments such as ISAs. This way we are     possible investment opportunity which will
was able to deal with all our investments       not putting all our eggs in one basket,       be beneficial to ourselves.
and she has more scope for our future           which reduces the risk towards our
financial needs as she has access to            investments. Becky is also very pro-active    Would you or have you,
everything. We also chose Hanley Financial      and will move high risk investments if she    recommended Hanley Financial
Services as they offer face to face             feels they will perform better elsewhere.     Services Limited to any of your
customer service with flexible and                                                            friends or family?
convenient appointments, even travelling to     How long did the whole process take
our own home at times to suit us.               to complete?                                  We have both recommended Hanley
                                                                                              Financial Services Limited to family and
What is your opinion of the service             The process is very straightforward and       friends and we will continue to do so as
you received from Becky, was                    doesn’t take long to complete with the        we believe the service is excellent.
everything clear and easy to                    appointment usually lasting around an hour.
understand?                                     We have renewed and carried out several
                                                different investments over the last few
Becky speaks in plain English and makes         years and Becky has also helped us with
everything very clear and easy to               our Pension and with Inheritance Tax
understand. She doesn’t use complex             Planning.
terms and financial jargon which is
sometimes associated with IFAs. She is
always willing to help, is very approachable
and does an excellent job in meeting our
needs.                                                                                                Jean and Tony Dodd

Investment Advice
There are hundreds of ways you can invest your hard earned cash. The first and most important stage in any investment decision is to
identify your aims:

    How long are you looking to tie your money up for?
    How much can you afford to invest?
    What’s your attitude to risk?
    What do you want your investment to provide?

There are many different types of investments schemes available, bonds, cash deposits and property are just a few. With Hanley
Financial Services Limited whole of market service you can be sure you’ll get the investment advice that suits you.

                                        For more information contact us on 01782 255000

16                                             www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk

We all at some point in our life wish to save for a special event. It may be as
simple as a special holiday, a wedding or something we all have in common,
our retirement!

It may be short-term savings over the next few years; maybe it’s medium-term savings for a special birthday or perhaps long-term
savings for the retirement years.We all look forward to having the money to do exactly what we want to do.

Here at Hanley Financial Services Limited we pride ourselves on being able to offer you regular saving options from the whole of the
market place as well as deposit based options from The Hanley.

We are all quick to utilise our Cash ISA allowance each tax year but what about the investment element that we all seem to miss out
on or didn’t know about? You can save in investment plans from as little as £50 per month and this can be as part of your annual tax
free ISA allowance.

Pound Cost Averaging
Did you know that you could invest in the market on a monthly basis and this has the advantage of ‘pound cost averaging’? Pound cost
averaging is a fancy term which describes how you can build up a capital sum by investing a fixed amount of money in a particular
investment vehicle (shares or fund) on a regular basis. It is most often used with equity-based investments rather than bonds or fixed
income assets that tend to be less volatile.

The key point about pound cost averaging is that you invest small amounts on a regular basis. This means that when prices are high
your monthly contribution may buy fewer shares or fund units but when prices are low, your investment buys more shares or fund
units. This continuous drip-feed method of purchasing your investment means that the average purchase price paid over any given
period is going to be lower than the mathematical average of the market price. It also instills a useful discipline in the investor, creating
the savings habit. Pound cost averaging takes the worry out of investment decision-making, you do not need to panic when the price
falls because you will merely be buying more of your chosen investment and because you are committing funds on a regular basis you
need not worry about investing all your savings at the top of the market either. While pound cost averaging can reduce your risk, it is a
strategy that does benefit from volatile markets.

In a bear market, pound cost averaging allows you to build up an investment poised to benefit from a recovery without having to worry
about trying to work out when the bottom of the market will occur. However, the strategy will mean you would lose out on the best
of the growth in a rising market, although this is a small price to pay for the added security that pound cost averaging brings to
investment decision-making.

You can invest in many different funds across the market place according to your attitude to risk. Have you ever considered investing in
China or Emerging Markets? Perhaps not before, but why not consider investing on a monthly basis?

Most people would easily spend £50 on a night out, however they would agonise at saving £50 per month.

There are many different investments available and this is only one example of how, with the help of our qualified Independent Financial
Advisers, we can try and make your money work for you. After all, you’ve had to work hard to earn it!

                                              www.hanleyfinancialservices.co.uk                                                             17
                                            UNCLAIMED ASSETS
                                            As mentioned in last year’s Newsletter, the government backed Unclaimed Assets scheme is
                                            beginning to gather pace. A national advertising campaign is currently underway by the government
                                            and The Hanley will be launching a local advertising campaign in 2008. The scheme will allow the
                                            government to pool all unclaimed assets into one central fund allowing them then to distribute to
                                            charities. The Hanley has been designated a small provider by the government which allows us to
                                            allocate our unclaimed assets to local charities. We intend to exhaust every option possible to
                                            reunite members with their unclaimed assets, initially letters will be sent to all members we have
                                            had no contact with over a period of time. We will then use other options such as placing adverts
                                            in the local press and using the electoral role to find people.
                                            We would like to reassure members that they can be reunited with their unclaimed assets at any
                                            time in the future even if their accounts have been classed as “unclaimed assets”.

1st October 2007 saw the launch of our Branch Regular Savings account. This account is available to
people who live within 25 miles of our Head Office. The added benefits include five penalty free
withdrawals per financial year and can now be opened with monthly subscriptions ranging from £25 to
£500 per month. More details of this product can be found at our website www.thehanley.co.uk by
visiting one of our branches or by calling our Customer Services team on 01782 255000.

                                              1,000th CHILD TRUST FUND ACCOUNT
                                              You may have seen The Hanley’s Child Trust Fund account featuring recently in the savings ‘Best
                                              Buy’ tables. The Hanley’s Child Trust Fund account must be opened in person through a branch
                                              visit and our excellent rate has attracted customers from as far afield as Milton Keynes
                                              when Mrs Taiwo (pictured left) came to open an account.

                                              Following on from our article (pictured right) in The Sentinel on 11th
                                              February 2008,The Hanley is pleased to announce that on 26th March
                                              2008 our 1,000th Child Trust Fund account was opened. The lucky winner
David Webster, Chief Executive welcomes       will now receive a cash injection of £1,200 into their fund.
Mrs Taiwo and Olaposi after their journey
from Milton Keynes to open their CTF

My Accounts is an interactive service allowing you to view your savings and mortgage accounts 24
hours a day 7 days a week. Did you know 30,000 people a month are visiting our newly revamped
website and the number of people using My Accounts is continuing to grow?
For more information visit www.thehanley.co.uk and take a look for yourself.

18                                                        www.thehanley.co.uk
From 6th April 2008 the Government is making changes to the way ISAs work.
We talk to Savings Specialist Sandra Glover on what this means for your ISA.

What are my investment                 However, if you transfer your ISA        How do I transfer the money
options now?                           to a new provider, you did not sign      in my Cash ISA to a Stocks
From April 2008 you will be able to    a continuous application form, or        and Shares ISA?
invest in one Cash ISA and one         you did not save in your ISA in the      In exactly the same way as you
Stocks and Shares ISA each tax         previous tax year then you will          would transfer your ISA to another
year. The annual ISA subscription      have to complete a new ISA               provider. You will need to select
limit will rise to £7,200 per tax      application form.                        the Stocks and Shares ISA provider
year. Up to £3,600 of that                                                      that you want to have your ISA
allowance can be saved in cash         Can I transfer my Cash ISA to            with. The Hanley Investment
with one provider. The remainder       a Stocks and Shares ISA and if           Specialists will be happy to help
                                                                                                                           Sandra Glover
of the £7,200 can be invested in a     so how much?                             you to select a new provider. You
Stocks and Shares ISA with either      Yes, you can transfer some or all of     must then ask your new provider
                                                                                                                        Savings Specialist
the same or another provider. For      the money you have saved in              to arrange a transfer. You must not
example, you can chose to save         previous years without affecting         withdraw the money and invest it
£1,000 in a Cash ISA with one          your annual ISA investment               in your Stocks and Shares ISA
provider and £6,200 in a Stocks        allowance. You are also able to          yourself, as it will count against
and Shares ISA with a different        transfer money saved in the              your annual ISA investment
provider.                              current tax year. Such transfers         allowance.
                                       must be the whole amount saved
What happens to my existing            in that tax year in that Cash ISA up     Can I also transfer the monies
ISAs?                                  to the day of transfer. These            I hold in my TOISA to a Stocks
Mini Cash ISAs,TOISAs, and the         transfers are subject to the terms       and Shares ISA?
cash component of a Maxi ISA will      and conditions of your ISA               Yes you can. A TOISA is now a
be reclassified as ‘Cash ISAs’. Mini   providers.                               Cash ISA.
Stocks and Shares ISA and the
stocks and shares component of a       I have transferred part/all of           Can I transfer the monies I
Maxi ISA will be reclassified as       my current year cash                     have invested in my Stocks and
‘Stocks and Shares ISAs’. With         subscriptions to a Stocks and            Shares ISA to a Cash ISA?
effect from 6 April 2008 there will    Shares ISA, can I make any               No. The ISA rules are being
be two types of ISA - a ‘Cash ISA’     further subscriptions to a Cash          changed to allow the transfer of
and a ‘Stocks and Shares ISA’.         ISA?                                     monies saved in a Cash ISA to a
                                       Yes – provided you haven’t already       Stocks and Shares ISA but not vice
Will The Hanley advise me of           used up your annual ISA investment       versa.
the type of ISA that I have?           allowance of £7,200. When you
Yes you will receive individual        transfer your current year Cash ISA      Can I still transfer my Cash or
notification of the changes prior to   to a Stocks and Shares ISA it is as if   Stocks and Shares ISA held
the tax year-end.                      that Cash ISA had never existed. Any     with one provider to another
                                       money you saved up to the date of        provider?
Will I have to sign any new            transfer will be treated as if you had   Yes. The rules for transferring like-
forms if I want to continue            invested that money directly to the      for-like ISAs between providers are
paying in to my ISA?                   Stocks and Shares ISA. For example       not changing. For example you can
No – as long as you:                   if you had saved £2,000 in a Cash ISA    still transfer your Cash ISA held
     Saved in that ISA in the          and then transferred it to a Stocks      with one provider to a different
2007/2008 tax year                     and Shares ISA you would be able to      Cash ISA provider, without
     Signed a continuous               make further investments totalling       affecting your annual ISA
application form for that ISA          £5,200 in the year. You can either       investment allowance.You must ask
     Have not already saved in         invest all of the £5,200 in a Stocks     the new Cash ISA provider to
another ISA of the same type (cash     and Shares ISA or you could save up      arrange the transfer. You must not
or stocks and shares) during the       to £3,600 in a Cash ISA or a             withdraw the money and invest it
current tax year                       combination of both.                     in your Cash ISA yourself, as it will
                                                                                count as a second Cash ISA in the
                                                                                year, which is not allowed.

                               Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                 19
Over 15% of The Hanley’s staff have worked for the Society for over 20 years.
As a result of working in a variety of roles and departments, our staff have become
some of the most skilled people in the industry.

We are characterised by having an effective blend of long-experienced and relatively new staff, with the
common ground of high commitment levels and a belief in the values and aims of the Society. Engaging our
people in the challenges and successes of our business is our objective and is demonstrated by our ongoing
commitment to Investors in People.

In a recent staff survey, 97% of Hanley employees believed that providing outstanding customer service is key
to our continued success and differentiates us from our competitors. This ethos comes not only from the
mentoring by experienced staff but also in the drive, ambition and commitment we look for when recruiting
new employees.

The Hanley has for a number of years invested in, and encouraged, a training program for employees.
It is no surprise to see that in the staff survey 90% of employees said their skills and knowledge had             Cris Hammond
developed during their time with the Society. This is supported by the fact that 34% of our staff are     Human Resources Manager
involved with formal training courses either specific to their role or for a role to which they aspire.

                    Rita Adams began her career at The Hanley as a part-time branch assistant in 1988.
                    Rita is currently a member of the Customer Services team involved primarily in investment accounts administration
                    and she has considerable experience with customer service enquires. Rita knew she’d fit in well from day one after
                    being offered a position despite falling off her chair at her interview! Rita attributes her job satisfaction to the people
                    she works alongside and the customers she deals with on a daily basis.

                    Another long serving member is Anna Whitehead who has recently been promoted to Branch Team Leader at
                    Festival Park. Whilst Anna has been with The Hanley she has gained a number of professional qualifications and is
                    proud to be part of the Hanley’s ongoing success in an increasingly competitive environment.
                    She says “The best thing about working for the Hanley is the great people I am lucky enough to work with and the
                    fact that we are all recognised and rewarded for our achievements. It’s nice to know our efforts don’t go unnoticed!”

                    Angela Finney joined the typing department in1984 and has undertaken a number of roles over the last 23 years.
                    Her current role is Human Resources Administrator and she occasionally supports the branch network. Angela’s
                    most memorable moments include moving from the Head Office in Hanley to Festival Park some 16 year ago, and
                    more recently attending the Midlands Excellence Awards. Angela feels she has been provided with support and
                    encouragement to learn new skills and says “I feel empowered to make decisions and each day brings new challenges.
                    The things I like most about The Hanley are the caring and friendly staff; you are made to feel a valued and trusted
                    member of the team.”

                    Daniela Avigo is one of our newer members of staff who, through the Society’s reputation of being an employer of
                    choice, was encouraged to join The Hanley. She was so keen to start she joined the day after sitting her last A level
                    exam. Daniela says “I enjoy my role in the branch and I am keen to start my CeMAP training to become a Mortgage

Would you like to work for The Hanley?
If you’re interested in joining a dynamic, forward thinking organisation, you can explore our current opportunities and get your application
moving by visiting our website at www.thehanley.co.uk.

20                                                       www.thehanley.co.uk
The Hanley attributes its success to a mix of experience and new blood, both are vital
to ensuring The Hanley’s continued development in the financial services sector.

  1. Chris Hassall - Group Secretary                                      1. Daniela Avigo - Branch Adviser
  Chris has been with the Society for over 35 years, the last twenty of   Daniela joined the Festival Park team in June 2007.
  which have been spent as Company Secretary.
                                                                          2. Paul Collyer - Independent Financial Adviser
  2. Rita Adams - Customer Services Adviser                               Paul is based at our Stone Branch and has over 18 years’ experience
  Rita joined in 1988 and is part of the Customer Services team.          as a Financial Adviser.

  3.Angela Finney - Human Resources Administrator                         3. Laura Hart - Branch Marketing Officer
  Angela has been with the Society for 23 years and is part of our HR     Laura is currently on her placement year from Staffordshire
  team.                                                                   University at Longton Branch supporting Marketing initiatives.

  4. Chris Allen-Fletcher - Customer Services Adviser                     4. Evy Caluwé - Mortgage Adviser
  Chris has been with the Society for almost 35 years and is a valued     Evy, our newest recruit, is based at Longton and Stone as a
  member of the Customer Services team.                                   Mortgage Adviser.

  5. Rob Brittain - Customer Services Adviser                             5. Matt Edwards - IT Administrator
  Rob joined in 1979 and is responsible for supporting the Mortgage       Matt joined us in June 2007 and works in the IT team.
  Advisers and their customers.
                                                                          6. Sue King - Branch Adviser
  6. Joy Nicholls - Personal Assistant to the                             Sue joined the Longton team in November 2007 and brings with her
  Chief Executive                                                         over 20 years experience of working in the building society industry.
  Joy is one of our longest serving members of staff with 35 years’
  service.                                                                7. Charmaine Cameron-Reale - Hanley Branch Team
  7. Helen Mulroy - Customer Services Adviser                             Charmaine has been with us for just over a year and was recently
  Helen joined us in1972 and is part of the Customer Services team.       promoted to Team Leader at Hanley Branch.

  8.Anna Whitehead - Festival Park Branch Team Leader                     8. Cathryn Dudley - Branch Adviser
  Anna has worked at the Society for nearly 20 years and was              Cathryn is the newest member of the Festival Park team having
  recently promoted to Team Leader of our Festival Park Branch.           worked for a number of years for the Cheltenham and Gloucester.

  9. Sandra Glover - Savings Specialist                                   9.Tom Ward - Branch Adviser
  Sandra is our longest serving member of staff having worked at The      Tom has been a member of the Newcastle Branch team for over 12
  Hanley for 37 years.                                                    months.

  10. Ian Stone - Computer Systems Manager                                10. Becky Jones - Independent Financial Adviser
  Ian joined the Society in 1973 and is a member of the IT team.          Becky joined us in 2006 and is based at our Longton Branch.

  11. Gail Wood - Customer Services Adviser                               11. Neil Clappison - Independent Financial Adviser
  Gail celebrates 20 years service this year in the Customer Services     Neil has over 20 years’ experience as a Financial Adviser and is
  team.                                                                   based at our Hanley Branch.

                              Mortgages • Savings • Independent Financial Advice                                                                  21
The Hanley’s Executive Team has over 150 years combined experience working in the
Financial Services Industry. Often featured separately in Society publications but rarely
together, we take a brief look at what each member brings to The Hanley.
                    David Webster
                    Chief Executive
                    David Webster has been Chief Executive at The Hanley since April 2002. His aim during the past six years has been to
                    establish The Hanley as a distinctive Society able to combine the roots and traditions of a well respected local mutual
                    with the verve and imagination of a 21st century customer focused business.

                    Joy Nicholls
                    Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive
                    Joy brings a wealth of experience to her role in the Executive team having worked at The Hanley since 1972.
                    Joy’s role has included the project management of a new branch in Stone in 2004 and the relocation to a prime position
                    of our Hanley city centre Branch in 2006. Joy currently champions Corporate Social Responsibility at The Hanley as
                    well as supporting the Chief Executive.

                    Chris Hassall
                    Group Secretary
                    Chris joined the Society in 1972, has been its Secretary since 1988 and is also Company Secretary for its subsidiary
                    companies. His role sees him responsible for all Corporate Governance functions and ensuring adherence to all
                    statutory, regulatory and legal requirements. Chris is The Hanley’s liaison officer with the financial and regulatory
                    authorities and is the Society’s Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

                                                                                                     Cris Hammond
                                                                                         Human Resource Manager
Cris has worked in HR for nearly 19 years having started with a training organisation and then moving on to the NHS
where she also studied at University to achieve her Certificate in Personnel and Development (CPD). Cris joined The
Hanley 10 years ago and is responsible for all aspects of HR Management. Over the last few years her emphasis has been
on continuous improvement and this is demonstrated through our recognition by Investors In People, Investors in
Excellence and more latterly our EFQM award for most improved organisation.

                                                                                                   Dianne Thompson
                                                                                                Operations Director
Dianne has 30 years’ experience working in the building society sector and is a qualified Mortgage and Independent
Financial Adviser. In her six years with the Society Dianne has successfully developed our Branch network and advisory
proposition on mortgages and financial services products. Dianne is also Managing Director of our two subsidiary
companies and is the Regional Chair for Lighthouse Group PLC.

                                                                                                      David Lownds
                                                                                         Head of Business Support
David joined The Hanley in 1994 as a university graduate after achieving a 2:1 honours degree in Information Systems.
Initially working as an application developer in the IT Department, David progressed through the ranks of the business
reaching executive level in 2003 aged just 31. David’s key responsibilities are Mortgages, Retail Savings, Customer
Services and Marketing.

                                                                                                           Steve Jones
                                                                                                     Finance Director
Steve is a Charted Accountant whose previous financial experience comes from working for accountancy firm Coopers
and Lybrand. Steve has been with the Society for over 16 years and his current responsibilities include both Finance and
IT and he is also responsible for the Society’s treasury and financial reporting. Steve is actively involved in the local
community and is currently Chair of MIND in North Staffordshire.

22                                                       www.thehanley.co.uk
                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Hanley – Home of Great Savings Choice

                           Interest rates for savers                                                                                                                                                                            Regular Insta
                                                                Effective from 1st March 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Fre                     Savings Acc nt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           e ss
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tax vings
                                           Gross             Net             Annual Previous                                                   Gross             Net             Annual Previous     Sa
                                          Contractual   Illustrative only   Equivalent Rate                                                   Contractual   Illustrative only   Equivalent Rate
TERM ACCOUNTS                                 or        based upon the                          CLOSED ISSUES*                                    or        based upon the
                                           gross rate   applicable rate       Rate†                                                            gross rate   applicable rate       Rate†
                                                         of income tax                                                                                       of income tax
Growth Bonds (Annual Interest)                %              20%              %        %        Monthly Income Bonds#                            %             20%                 %        %
Balance £100,000 and above                  4.90           3.92              4.90     5.15      Balance £100,000 and above                     4.40           3.52                4.49     4.65              nger
Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                4.65           3.72              4.65     4.90      Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                   4.15           3.32                4.23     4.40
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bon th
Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                4.45           3.56              4.45     4.70      Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                   3.90           3.12                3.97     4.15
Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                3.95           3.16              3.95     4.20      Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                   3.65           2.92                3.71     3.90
                                                                                                                                                                                                         You rs
Balance less than £10,000                   3.40           2.72              3.40     3.65      Balance £5,000 – £9,999.99                     3.35           2.68                3.40     3.60
                                                                                                Balance less than £5,000                       3.15           2.52                3.20     3.40            Save
Growth Bonds (Monthly Interest)#
Balance £100,000 and above                  4.79           3.83              4.90     5.03      Target Shares First Issue                      2.60           2.08                2.60     2.85
Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                4.55           3.64              4.65     4.79
Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                4.36           3.49              4.45     4.60      Regular Saver                                  5.75           4.60                5.75     6.10
Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                3.88           3.10              3.95     4.12
Balance less than £10,000                   3.35           2.68              3.40     3.59      Mini Cash ISA (30 day notice)
                                                                                                Balance £3,000 and above                       5.45         Tax Free              5.45     5.80
TAX FREE SAVINGS                                                                                Balance less than £3,000                       4.70         Tax Free              4.70     5.00
Mini Cash ISA – Regular saver               5.40        Tax Free             5.40     5.75      TESSA Only ISA                                 5.55         Tax Free              5.55     5.90
Mini Cash ISA – Instant access                                                                  Postal 30 (Annual Interest)
Balance £3,000 and above                    5.25        Tax Free             5.25     5.60      Balance £200,000 and above                     5.00           4.00                5.00     5.25
Balance less than £3,000                    4.65        Tax Free             4.65     5.00      Balance £100,000 – £199,999.99                 4.90           3.92                4.90     5.15
                                                                                                Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                   4.70           3.76                4.70     4.95
REGULAR SAVINGS                                                                                 Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                   4.45           3.56                4.45     4.70
Branch Regular Saver                                                                  5.85
                                                                                                Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                   4.10           3.28                4.10     4.35                    The Hanley
                                            5.60           4.48              5.60               Balance less than £10,000                      3.85           3.08                3.85     4.10
NOTICE 28 SHARES &                                                                              Postal 30 (Monthly Interest)#                                                                                     Savings Choice
DEPOSITS                                                                                        Balance £200,000 and above                     4.89           3.91                5.00     5.13
                                                                                                Balance £100,000 – £199,999.99                 4.79           3.83                4.90     5.03
Balance £100,000 and above                  3.55           2.84              3.55     3.80      Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                   4.60           3.68                4.70     4.84
Balance £50,000 – £99,999.99                3.20           2.56              3.20     3.45      Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                   4.36           3.49                4.45     4.60
Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                2.95           2.36              2.95     3.20      Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                   4.02           3.22                4.10     4.27
Balance £10,000 – £24,999.99                2.70           2.16              2.70     2.95      Balance less than £10,000                      3.78           3.02                3.85     4.02           Hanley savings...
Balance £100 – £9,999.99                    2.50           2.00              2.50     2.75
Balance less than £100                      0.75           0.60              0.75     0.75      Postal 90 (Annual Interest)
                                                                                                Balance £100,000 and above                     5.35           4.28                5.35     5.60         ...give your savings a lift
INSTANT ACCESS                                                                                  Balance £50,000 – £99,999,99                   5.05           4.04                5.05     5.30
                                                                                                Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                   4.95           3.96                4.95     5.20
Balance £10,000 and above                   2.40           1.92              2.40     2.65      Balance less than £25,000                      4.75           3.80                4.75     5.00
Balance £100 – £9,999.99                    2.15           1.72              2.15     2.40
Balance less than £100                      0.50           0.40              0.50     0.50      Postal 90 (Monthly Interest)#
                                                                                                Balance £100,000 and above                     5.22           4.18                5.35     5.46
                                                                                                                                                                                                          We will help you make
YOUNGER SAVERS                                                                                  Balance £50,000 – £99,999,99                   4.94           3.95                5.05     5.18
                                                                                                Balance £25,000 – £49,999.99                   4.84           3.87                4.95     5.08
Young Savers                                5.30           4.24              5.30     5.55      Balance less than £25,000                      4.65           3.72                4.75     4.89          the most of your money
Child Trust Fund                            8.00        Tax Free             8.00     8.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        T   H    E

                                                       All above interest rates are variable and correct at time of printing, March 14 2008.                                                                                 E C O N O M I C
            Any change in the above rates will be notified in The Sentinel and the Leek Post & Times newspapers and on The Hanley website, www.thehanley.co.uk                                                                Building Society
 * Closed Issue means that these accounts are unavailable to new customers, however existing customers can operate their account in line with the appropriate account terms and conditions.
   # Interest paid monthly. All other interest is paid annually. Interest will be payable net of income tax (which may be reclaimed by non-taxpayers) or, subject to the required                                         www.thehanley.co.uk
        certification, gross. †Annual Equivalent Rate illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year, and has been rounded to two decimal places.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tel. 01782 255000
                         Head Office: Granville House, Festival Park, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 5TB                                                                                                    Branches at Festival Park, Hanley, Longton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Newcastle and Stone
                                                           Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
       Make sure it’s The Hanley”
“Who’s looking after your financial future?

              01782 255000

     Marketing Department
     Hanley Economic Building Society
     Granville House
     Festival Park
     ST1 5BR
WIN A                                                                                                       RECOMMEND
NINTENDO                                                                                                      A FRIEND
We want to hear from you to make sure we aspire to your expectations as                         You’re a valued member and we’re sure you’ve enjoyed an excellent and
a member. Please help us by taking a few moments to answer the questions                        friendly service during your time with the Society. We know from customer
below and not only will you have your say in The Hanley's future, you could                     satisfaction surveys our members are happy to recommend The Hanley’s
also win a Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports Game. Please complete
                                                                                                great range of competitive savings, mortgages and services from our
the questionnaire by 31st July 2008.
                                                                                                subsidiary IFA company.

1. Which financial service(s) do we currently provide for you?
                                                                                                For every friend who either completes a mortgage or takes out any of the
       Mortgage              Savings                     IFA                                    products or services offered through our subsidiary company HFS Ltd* by
       Insurance             Personal Loan               Travel Insurance                       the 31st August 2008, we’ll reward you both with a choice of either a
                                                                                                V.Gratifying Virgin Experience Day, a donation of £50 to The Hanley’s
2. How did you first hear about The Hanley?
                                                                                                nominated charity for 2007/2008 (Breath of Life) or a cheque for £50.
       Newspaper             Internet        Recommendation
       Window Display        Radio           Family             Other   If other please state
                                                                                                Your Name
3. How would you describe the level of service we provide to you?
       Excellent        Very Good       Acceptable              Poor       Very Poor
4. Which branch of The Hanley do you use the most?
       Festival Park         Newcastle                   Hanley                                 Postcode
       Longton               Stone                       Transact by Post                       Tel No.
5. Have you visited www.thehanley.co.uk in the past 12 months?                                  Email
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6. Would you recommend The Hanley to friends and family?                                        Virgin Experience
       Yes         No
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7. What is the single most important aspect The Hanley offers you?
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8. Please tick any areas that we can be of help to you currently.                               Address
       Mortgage              Savings                     IFA
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9. Would you like to attend a future customer forum?
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11.What do you think of the new look magazine?                                                  Charitable Donation
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12. Please include any other comments

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                                                                                                                                      T   H   E

                                                                                                                              E C O N O M I C
                                                                                                                               Building Society


                                                                                                           Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
                                                                                                 The IFA service is provided by Hanley Financial Services Limited which is a wholly
Address:                                                                                          owned subsidiary of Hanley Economic Building Society. Hanley Financial Services
                                                                                                   Limited is an appointed representative of LighthouseXpress Limited which is
                                        Postcode:                                                          authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                                                                    Minimum age 18. All loans subject to status.
Tel:                                                                                                                  YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED
                                                                                                          IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE
                                                                                                                            Published March 2008                                  24
    Recommend a friend...

                                   to The Hanley’s Mortgages and IFA service
                                 and we’ll give both of you a choice from either*
                                                   • £50 cheque
                                             • £50 donation to charity
                                        • £50 Virgin Experience voucher
                   Simply fill in the voucher on the customer questionnaire page.

                                                                            T   H   E

                                                                  E C O N O M I C
                                                                  Building Society

                                              Call 01782 255000 for more information
                                                                  *Terms and conditions apply.
                                                  Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
The IFA service is provided by Hanley Financial Services Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanley Economic Building Society. Hanley Financial Services
            Limited is an appointed representative of LighthouseXpress Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
                                                                      Published March 2008

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