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2009 Rivers Region Try a Trade Evaluation Report


									 2009 Rivers Region Try a Trade
       Evaluation Report
                   3rd & 4th June 2009

“Trade Careers can be challenging, lasting and lucrative”

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Try’aTrade – Background:
Try’aTrade is a Worldskills Australia interactive program that allows students to “have a go” at various trade
areas. Professional Tradespeople and Apprentices provide accurate career information and interactive skill
focused activities directly relating to the trade.

Try’aTrade has been a success in the Northern Territory since commencing in 2003 and is organised by a
consortium of organisations comprising of Charles Darwin University (CDU), Group Training NT (GTNT)
and Department of Education and Training (DET). The Try’aTrade consortium supports the development of
regional committees such as Rivers Region Youth Development Service (RRYDS) to assist with the
expansion and delivery of the program across the Northern Territory.

2009 Rivers Region Try’aTrade Committee:
Fiona Smith:             Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Jim Bitossi:             Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Terry Radford:           Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Debra Young:             Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Haidee McKittrick        Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Trisha Mellow:           Charles Darwin University (CDU)
Amanda Sandery:          Charles Darwin University (CDU)
Mim Smith:               Group Training NT (GTNT)
Lisa Dodds:              Group Training NT (GTNT)
Sandy McCue:             Department of Education & Training (DET)
Cathy Preddy:            Department of Education & Training (DET)
Bernadette Dulihanty     Department of Education & Training (DET)
Bill Daw:                Department of Education & Training (DET)
Zoe Walker:              Department of Education & Training (DET)
Marilyn McPherson:       Chamber of Commerce
Purdey Eades:            Chamber of Commerce

The Event:
2009 Try’aTrade event was held at the Department of Education, Katherine Regional Training Centre,
Second Street, Katherine on Wednesday 3rd June, 2009 between 8.30am – 2.30pm.
The second day, Thursday 4th June 2009 followed on with a “Kaleidoscope of Careers” which enabled
students a similar experience to day one, with local careers as the main focus. This allowed many students
who had travelled from remote community schools to participate in a number of additional exhibits and
experience firsthand both trades and alternate career pathways that are available in the Rivers Region.

The Try a Trade event hosted 168 students on the 3rd June from 7 Northern Territory High Schools and
Community Education Centres. Try a Trade offered students the opportunity to partake in the following
                         Try’aTrade Industry Activity Areas
    Butchery                                            Commercial Cookery
    Plumbing                                            Conservation & Land Management
    Electrical                                          Childcare
    Health                                              Hairdressing
    Rural Operations                                    Horticulture
    Emergency Services & Policing                       Security Operations
    Heavy Vehicle & Machinery                           Mechanical Automotive
    Financial Services & Accounting                     Power & Water
    Design & Structural Draftsman                       NT Government
    Nutrition                                           Australian Apprenticeships NT

Program Aims:
The program aims to address the critical skill shortage currently faced by our trade industries, and regional
businesses, by providing a variety of educational initiatives, which introduce students to general concepts
and skills associated with employment within the trade industries. It also provides an opportunity to
facilitate partnerships between schools, industry, employers, local community partnerships, government
departments and training organisations.

School Invitations:
All Secondary Schools and Community Education Centres Principals across the Northern Territory Rivers
Region received an invitation for their students to participate, and an open invitation was posted on the
Department of Education & Training’s website. Try’aTrade notifications were also posted on the Charles
Darwin University’s Calendar and RRYDS’s website. Schools interested in participating needed to
complete a registration and student media release form.

                   Participating NT Secondary Schools / CEC’s
                   Katherine High School.                   Katherine           (65)
                   KHS Work Ready Class                     Katherine          (19)

                   St Joseph’s College.                     Katherine          (28)

                   Lajamanu School.                         Lajamanu           (12)

                   Kalkaringi School.                       Kalkaringi         (16)

                   Wugularr School.                         Wugularr           (12)

                   Pine Creek School.                       Pine Creek         (8)

                   Warruwi School.                          Goulburn Island (8)

                   Total Student Attendance:                            168.

                   Number of Participating Schools:                       7.

      * Note: Barunga School was schedule to attend with 10 students but were unable to make it on the day.
Trade Activities
Students were separated into groups of up to ten (10), and rotated through twenty (20) industry sessions,
with each session lasting 25mins. Industry sessions were delivered by qualified tradespeople and
apprentices. Sessions provided engaging practical, hands on activities, up to date career information and
OH&S requirements for their relevant industry.

In each of the areas the students worked on a variety of practical activities; for example:

                         Australian Apprenticeships NT: Students discussed what is involved in an
                         apprenticeship, training options within our region and asked questions and
                         gathered information sheets on a selection of trade and careers pathways.

                         Butchery: Students experienced how to mince steaks and make sausages
                         (which were then used as part of the BBQ lunch), and discussed how to identify of
                         a variety of cuts from a side of beef.

                         Commercial Cookery: VET students from Darwin High School (DHS) along with
                         their Charles Darwin University (CDU) lecturers demonstrated to students safe
                         food principals with an opportunity for students to make a variety of meat & fruit
                         kebabs. DHS students coordinated, cooked and served the BBQ lunch for up to
                         200+ people on both days.

                         Conservation & Land Management: Students learnt about the duties of a
                         Ranger, and how best to manage and use a variety of equipment, including
                         whipper snipper’s, brush cutters and crocodile traps. Students identified wildlife
                         from within the parks and discussed pest management plans.

                         Childcare: Students discussed a range of activities designed for 0-5yrs and how
                         these are programmed each day. Students also discussed hygiene standards and
                         practised changing a nappy with a baby doll.
Electrical: Students were able to participate in the use of the high bucket truck
used for electrical power line repairs and maintenance. Students were provided
with wiring diagrams and assistance to complete wiring systems that then
operated a series of switches and electrical circuits.

Financial & Accounting Services: Students view a visual presentation on
careers in today’s financial sector, and participated in documentation of fuel usage
and estimations for a factious transport business.

Hair Dressing: Students were guided and performed professional up styles using
professional salon products, bobby pins, hair bands, hair dryers, straighter,
crimpers and clips. Students also learnt about colouring and the safety
precautions when using these chemicals.

Health: Students were able to participate in a variety of activities performed in
remote community health centres on a daily basis including how to manage
personal hygiene in community.

Heavy Vehicle Machinery: Students used computerised engine diagnostics
systems on a laptop to troubleshoot mechanical problems with heavy vehicle

Horticulture: Students participated in the planting of seedlings and were able to
experience and learn how to graft mango trees.
Mechanical Automotive: Students were guided through a visual and interactive
display of engine performance, electronic ignition, emission control and
mechanical systems, whilst being provided the latest information on technology
advancements. Students practiced how to perform general maintenance functions
such as checking oils etc.

Nutrition: Students discussed the role of a nutritionist and participated in
activities showing students how to read food labels and measure the amount of
sugars in a variety of everyday products. Students discussed healthy food

NT Government: Careers within the NT Government were discussed, along with
entry requirements and opportunities for future career progression. An interactive
visual display showcased a variety of departments with annual apprenticeships on

NT Police: Students discussed the variety of career paths within the NT Police
Service. Students learnt how to take fingerprints and use a hand held radar.

Power & Water: Students discussed the distribution of high voltage power, and
were able to participate in an activity using powerlines distribution airbrakes.

Plumbing: Students learnt how to remove and replace taps and tap washers,
checking for water leaks. Students also learnt and practiced how to install and
repair a household septic system.
                        Rural Operations: Students discussed the safety requirement associated with
                        the use of chemicals and fertilizers and learnt how to mix chemicals and use a
                        commercial sprayer fixed to a quad.

                        Structural Draftsmen & Design: Students experienced how to use Construction
                        & Design (CAD) drawing programs, and experimented with technical drawing and
                        measurements commonly used within the construction industry.

                        Security Operations: Students discussed the duties and variety of task
                        performed by security guards, and experienced how to use security surveillance
                        equipment (CCTV).

Promotion and Media Coverage:
The Try’aTrade event information was posted on the DET website, DET Enews, GTNT Website, GTNT
Newsletters, RRYDS Website as well as in a media release given to the Katherine Times. A local
Katherine Times photographer was present throughout Try’aTrade and photographed a variety of trade
exhibits and student activities. Katherine Community Radio featured a new story with student’s interview
and comments following the event. Charles Darwin University posted the information on the CDU website
and Calendar. Follow up media coverage included a feature article in the Katherine Times newspaper and
a presentation on ABC Radio’s Country Hour on 12th June 2009. Further coverage is scheduled with the
NT News upon completion of Darwin and Alice Springs events.

The Official Launch:
Ms Sandy McCue, Regional Director, Department of Education & Training officially opened the Rivers
Region 2009 Try a Trade on Wednesday 3rd June, 2009 at 12 noon.

Official List of Invitees:
Honourable Paul Henderson MLA           Chief Minister. Minister Education and Training.
Dr Christopher Burns MLA                Minister for Business & Employment.
Hon Rob Knight MLA                      Minister for Public Employment.
Hon Gerald McCarthy MLA                 Minister for Young Territorians
Ms Sharon Hillen                        Office of the Chief Minister – Katherine.
Mr Willem Westra van Holthe MLA         Member for Katherine
Mrs Anne Shepherd                       Mayor of Katherine
Mrs Wendi Masters                       Department of Education & Training
Ms Sandi McCue            Department of Education & Training
Ms Cathy Preddy           Department of Education & Training
Mr Roger Bryett           Department of Education & Training
Ms Gillian McDonald       Department of Education & Training
Miss Zoe Walker           Department of Education & Training
Ms Sharni Wilson          Department of Education & Training
Ms Jen Coad               Department of Education & Training
Mr Barrie Goedecke        Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Ms Jann Buckland          Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Ms Cheriece Kemp          Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Mr Graham Newhouse        Northern Territory Government
Ms Morag Dwyer            Northern Territory Government
Ms Kerri Watkins          Northern Territory Government
Mr Robin E Smith          Northern Territory Government
Ms Caryn Chalk            Northern Territory Government
Ms Bernadette Dulihanty   Northern Territory Government
Mr Paul Blare             Northern Territory Government
Mr Tony Freshwater        Northern Territory Government
Mr Mark Ridgeway          Indigenous Coordination Centre
Ms Clare Lumb             Indigenous Coordination Centre
Mr Geoff Brooks           CEO Katherine Town Council
Mr Trevor Ford            Alderman Katherine Town Council
Mrs Jodi Locke            Alderman Katherine Town Council
Mr Bill Daw               Alderman Katherine Town Council
Ms Toni Tapps Coutts      Alderman Katherine Town Council
Ms Chrissy Harris         Alderman Katherine Town Council
Ms Samantha Hohn          Katherine Town Council
Ms Terri Jackson          Victoria Daly Shire
Ms Jacqui Watkinson       Victoria Daly Shire
Ms Leigh Lesley           Victoria Daly Shire
Mr Michael Berto          Roper Golf Shire
Lara Brennan              Roper Golf Shire
Mr Wayne Buckley          Roper Golf Shire
Mr Ian Lackington         Australian Apprenticeships Northern Territory
Ms Trisha Kohlweg         Charles Darwin University
Ms Amanda Sandery         Charles Darwin University
Ms Natalie Ellis          Charles Darwin University
Mr Brian Heim             Charles Darwin University
Mr Tim Biggs              Charles Darwin University
Ms Vicki Williams         Charles Darwin University
Mrs Fiona Smith           Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Mr Jim Bitossi            Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Mr Terry Radford          Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Ms Haidee McKittrick      Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Ms Debra Young            Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Mr Mike Harrison          Group Training Northern Territory
Ms Mim Smith              Group Training Northern Territory
Ms Lisa Dodds             Group Training Northern Territory
Mr Chris Young            Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
Ms Marilyn McPherson      Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
Ms Belinda Green          Charttes
Mr Joe Berner             Cycad International Gardens
Mrs Karen Berner          Cycad International Gardens
Mr Andrew Oliver                       Taminmin High School
Ms Bernadette Wallace                  Beauty Works
Ms Pauline Meehan                      Jobfind
Ms Lorraine Jackson                    Jobfind
Ms Peta Romeyn                         Katherine Isolated Children’s Service
Mr Clive Pollack                       Nitmiluk Tours
Ms Tessa Pollack                       Nitmiluk Tours
Mr Wes Miller                          Jalwyn Association
Mr Preston Lee                         Jalwyn Association
Mr Rick Fletcher                       Kalano Association
Mr Barry King                          Northern Land Council
Mr John Cummings                       Narmco
Ms Teresa Cummings                     Narmco
Ms Judith Locke                        Katherine Community Radio
Ms Tegan Fodder                        Katherine Times
Mr Craig Lambert                       Katherine Mitre 10
Mr Gary Giles                          Starfish
Mr Kevin Grey                          NT Technology
Mrs Brenda Miles                       NT Technology
Ms Mel Raynor                          Territory Craft Katherine
Mr Gregory Dowd                        Police, Fire & Emergency Services
Warren de With                         Rod & Rifle
Samantha Kuze                          ANZ Bank

Katherine High School
Principal             Mr Ken Barnes
VET Coordinator       Mr Perry Schafer
                      Ms Jodi Matthews
Careers Adviser       Ms Pam Kahl
Senior Teachers       Ms Rae Brown

Katherine Group Schools
Principal            Mr Stuart Dwyer
Asst Principal       Ms Trish Hyland

Ngukurr Community Education Centre
Principal           Mr Ric Eade
Senior Teacher      Mr Robert Fullbrook

Minyerri Community Education Centre
Principal            Mr Neil Gibson
Senior Teacher       Mr Alex Duckett

Jilkminggan Community Education Centre
Principal           Mr Jeanette Leather

Wugularr Community Education Centre
Principal           Ms Sue Hearnden
Senior Teacher      Ms Alicia Holt
Barunga Community Education Centre
Principal          Mrs Anita Camfoo
Senior Teachers:   Mr David Arnold
                   Mr Peter Carlson

Borroloola Community Education Centre
Principal           Mr Geoff Perry
Senior Teacher      Ms Rachel Kelly

Lajamanu Community Education Centre
Principal          Ms Nicky Fammartino
Senior Teacher     Mr Rupert Hunt

Kalkarindji Community Education Centre
Principal            Mr Stephen Pelizzo
Senior Teacher       Mr Jeff Parker

Katherine School of the Air
Principal              Ms Jen Coad
Asst Principal         Ms Sally Thomas
Senior Teacher         Ms Kate Dixon

St Josephs College – Katherine
Principal             Mrs Anne Weygood
Asst Principal        Mr Peter Moloney
Senior Teacher        Mr Kerryn Lines

Survey Results:
124 students correctly completed event surveys at the completion of day 1.

Q1. What Trades & Activities Interested You the Most?
    (Some students selected more than one response)
Q2. What did you enjoy most about Try a Trade?

Comments from the students in relation to this question were as follows:
“More hands on stuff & different skills and qualifications needed for each trade”;
“Learning about different trades, what you can do in them and where they can take
 “Try different things”;
“Enjoyed making the sausages for lunch”;
“I got to experience different apprenticeships and careers and it really helped me
open my eyes to bigger options”;
 “Good time”; “Seeing old friends and learning a few good things”; “Everyone coming
together and sharing the experience”;
“How we can see what is out there when we finish school. I'm glad that I came”;
“The different trades, the people”;
“It was educational and very hands on”;
“I enjoyed it when we got to try things out rather than just listening to people
“Trying new things”;
“Listening to people talk about different jobs”;
“Going to all the activities and the information”;
“The variety”;
“Enjoyed making the sausages for lunch”;
“Was fun”;
“Learning about all the cool things”;
2 students commented that missing school was what they enjoyed the most.
Q3. What did you enjoy least about Try a Trade?

Comments from the students in relation to this question were as follows:
“Waiting for lunch”;
“The heat as too hot’;
“Getting zapped at power projects”;
“Weren't many jobs I am interested in”;
“This survey. Just Jokes”;
“Waiting for ages”;
“That I didn’t get to speak to anyone about nursing, because it is something I'm
very interested in”;
“We had a certain amount of time to complete the experiences”;
“Nothing. I think it was all pretty good”;
“Some things I wasn't interested in. We were also late so I missed most things”;
 “The ones I wasn't interested in”;
 “Went too long”;
“Some bits were boring”; “
Some of the stalls went for too long”;
Q4. What Trade Activity taught you the most?

Q5. Did the day assist you in understanding how to get a Trade?
Q6. Are you considering a Traineeship or School Based

Q7. Please rate the event on presentation, information and trade activities

             Nil response was selected for: Poor or Very Poor.
Feedback & Comments:
The feedback received from the Principals, teachers, industry and students was extremely positive, with
several of the trade exhibitors discussing how they can build on the experiences and adapt their activities
to incorporate additional activities for the students in 2010. Enhanced preparation for our skills coaches
with the development of the Careers Information Pathways kits will ensure the most up to date information
on training packages and entry level requirements is available and discussed with students. Several
school teachers made comment on the “Realistic Value and Meaningful outcomes” of such an event for
their students, with the most common feedback being how the schools will be able to value add to this
event and continue these discussions back in their classrooms.

Following on from this Try a Trade, several remote schools participated in industry tours whilst in the town
which further supported their students exposure and learning experiences. All of the organisations,
tradespeople and skills coaches who participated in the 2009 Rivers Region Try a Trade said that they
were happy to offer their staff and resources where possible to support for the event into the future, with a
further 3 organisation approaching the committee with regards to participation in 2010.

Survey Prize Winners:
Apple IPOD & Dock                 Miss K.J…                St Josephs College.
iTunes Gift Voucher

Apple IPOD &                      Miss K.T…                Katherine High School.
iTunes Gift Voucher

Drawn by: Ms Mandy Sandery of Charles Darwin University, in the presence of committee members.

The Committee:
In 2006, the Darwin Try’aTrade CDU committee member was approached by the secondary schools to hold
an event in Katherine, enabling all of the Schools and Community Education Centres in the Rivers Region
to participate. It was discussed that the event would need to incorporate the Trades that valued and have
employment opportunities within this region. In 2007 Mr Jim Bitossi the Local Community Partnership’s
Project Officer for Rivers Region Youth Development Services was invited and attended the Darwin event.

From this formation and with the support of the Darwin Try a Trade Committee Members, Rivers Region
Youth Development Service, Group Training Northern Territory and Charles Darwin University the
inaugural 2008 Rivers Region Try a Trade event was hosted in Katherine at the Charles Darwin University
Katherine Rural Campus with great success. For 2009 the event was held at the Department of Education,
Katherine Regional Training Centre, Second Street, Katherine.

The enthusiasm, along with the high levels of participation in this Try a Trade by remote schools (some of
which had to fly in to be able to attend due to distance and road conditions) indicates very heavily that there
is an enormous need for this event to continue into the future. Especially for remote communities the
opportunity for these students to be exposed to such an array of career pathways within the trades is an
essential part of successful career transition planning and ultimately their transition from school to work.
Recommendations from 2008 with 2009’s Actions (noted in blue)
      Request a member from Department Education and Training Katherine Office join the steering
       committee. This was successfully achieved with Ms Sandy McCue, Regional Director DET joining
       the steering committee and regularly attending meetings.
      Consider alternative venues for 2009 (Less walking between exhibits) Event held for 2009 at the
       Katherine Regional Training Centre, Second Street, Katherine.
      Adjust the events timing and bring forward to the end of term 2 or early term 3. Event held in week
       8 Term 2 of 2009.
      Not to host the event in the first or last week of the school term due to student attendance.
       Achieved with new dates for 2009 event.
      Have the same number of trade exhibits as allocated student groups. Event scheduled to have one
       extra exhibit.
      Consider 25 min for each exhibit as the minimum. Achieved.
      Review as a committee in 2009 if we should host the event over a period of 2 days. Review
       undertaken in March 2009.
      Roster staff and committee members to set tasks on the day. Achieved.
      Have remote schools come into town the evening prior to assist with starting all events on time.

Recommendations from 2009 for 2010.

      Consider placement of exhibits with high noise levels EG: sirens or vehicles so they are removed
       from the main area.
      Develop a Careers Information Pathways booklet for each trade / Skills Coaches to utilise.
      Keep fruit for morning tea as this worked well for students.
      Schedule in a morning tea break for 2010, but shorten lunch time to 40min
      Operate Try a Trade in Katherine as a single day event for 2010.
      RRYDS to facilitate a “Kaleidoscope of Careers Day” for 2010 (Open up to Yrs 6 & 7 Students)
      Continue with thankyou certificates and dinner for exhibitors as it was greatly appreciated and
       continues to foster their involvement for future years.
      Minutes to include action items list.
      RRYDS & DET Regional Director to teleconference with schools to facilitate an event briefing 3-4
       week prior.
      Rivers Region Committee Members to attend Darwin 2009 Try a Trade where possible.
      Secure additional funding / grants to assist remote schools with the costs of travel and
       accommodation to attend.
Special Acknowledgements: (in alphabetical order)
         Advance Plumbing
         Australian Apprenticeships NT
         Cadillac Transport
         Chamber of Commerce NT
         Charles Darwin University
         Department of Education & Training
         Goodings & Associates
         Group Training Northern Territory
         Katherine East Child Care
         Katherine Regional Training Centre
         Katherine Toyota
         Nordraft
         NT Police – Katherine
         Parks & Wildlife
         Power Projects NT
         Power & Water
         Red Cross
         Rhads Security
         Rivers Region Youth Development Service
         Sunrise Health Service
         Town& Country Butchers
         Tukanap Mango Nursery
         Visions Hair Design

2009 Try’aTrade Budget:
Financial acquittals for both Try a Trade on 3rd June 2009 and Kaleidoscope of Careers on 4th June 2009
have been submitted to the relevant funding bodies.

Report prepared by:                     Mrs Fiona Smith          Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Survey Results       :                  Mrs Debra Young          Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Financial Treasurer:                    Mrs Fiona Smith          Rivers Region Youth Development Service
Funding Manager:                        Ms Lisa Dodds            Group Training Northern Territory

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