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									             Expat Newsletter   Serving the Expat Community in Chiang Mai

Issue 61                                                March 2011                                                     Free Copy

         Chiang Mai Expats                                           "So how much will it cost?" he inquired.

         Save Author's Life                                 "Between 300,000 and 400,000 baht," according to the surgeon,
by Charles Burke, author of Makin' Book ( "depending on what we find when we open you up. You've got
                                                            insurance, of course?"
The expat community of Chiang Mai
closed ranks around one of its own recently                          That's when Stuart started to worry. Seven years previously, he'd been
and saved his life.                                                  in hospital for a relatively minor infection, but he was unusually
                                                                     sensitive to the antibiotics. By the time the doctors switched him to a
"Chiang Mai expats showed how kind and                               different antibiotic, he'd been in the hospital 3 weeks for a 3-day virus.
generous they can be when someone is in                              Within hours of starting the new medication, he was back to normal
need," said long-time resident Stuart Land.                          recovery, but by then the hospital had run up an impressive bill.
"And I'm lucky to be alive. The expats
literally saved my life."                                            The insurance company quietly paid it, but when his policy came up
                                                                     for renewal, they cancelled, leaving him without coverage, thus
For most of Stuart's 12 years in Thailand,                           effectively blackballing him with other insurers.
things have gone smoothly, but last October,
Stuart began feeling a little sluggish so he made an appointment for Now fast forward seven years, and a cardiologist has just stated that
a checkup. Although his energy was low, he wasn't expecting to hear only a costly operation will keep him alive. What to do?
that he urgently needed open heart surgery, or else he'd die.
                                                                      Stuart mentioned his dilemma to a couple of friends, and entirely on
True, a congenital heart problem runs in the males of his family, but their own initiative, they started spreading the word.
he's always tried to stay healthy - drinks only the occasional
Guinness, doesn't smoke anything, eats properly and works out Soon, offers and donations began flowing in, including some from
regularly. In other words, he's the person you'd vote most likely to total strangers. Before it was over, Stuart had received more than
live to a hundred.                                                    enough money to pay for the surgery, his hospital stay, and all follow
                                                                      up treatment.
Then came the bad news: two of his heart valves were malformed
and needed repair or replacement... urgently. This heart valve Regarding the money, he says, "As far as I'm concerned, those are
problem was beyond the scope of living healthily. It had already loans, not donations. I've kept a full record of everybody who sent
contributed to his father's death. Luckily his brother was saved by money, and it'll take me a while, but all of it will be paid back."
the surgery Stuart would now need.                                                                                  Continued on Page 7

                   IT ble
                 N a
             5 U avail
       ST 1offer
     LA cial

                                          SOME PEOPLE CALL IT HEAVEN.
                                                            YOU CAN CALL IT HOME
                                                      THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CONDO IN CHIANG MAI
                                                      ONLY 5 MINUTES FROM NIMMANHEMIN ROAD.
                                                      ON CANAL ROAD, OFF SOI KAENG RON BAAN SUAN.
                                                      OUR NEXT PROJECT
                                                      "THE RESORT CONDOMINIUM" COMING SOON!
                              TEL: 089 188 8809 OFFICE: 053 226222 FAX: 053 225 992
 Page 2 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61                        Expat Clubs

                                                                                                             Coming Events &
                                                                                                             Future Speakers
                                        Our Mission                                                          Please note that CEC meetings
                            Chiang Mai Expats Club aims to help       Chiang Mai Expats Club meets every     are now held once a month
                            expats expand friendships and
                            improve their quality of life here. We
                                                                      4th Saturday of the month at the       only.
                                                                      Shangri-La Hotel, Changklan Road.
                            try to serve the community of                                                    Saturday, 26th February
                            foreigners by making it easier to         The meetings start at 10.30am, but     BBC Cameraman Sid Perou.
                            understand the laws, language and         you are encouraged to start arriving
                            lifestyle needs of our members and        from 10am.
                            guests. Through the actions of our
                            members and committees, with              The meetings are great fun, with a
                                                                                                             Friday, March 11th
                            meetings once-a-month, we strive to       variety of guest speakers, an open     CEC Coffee Morning 10am-12pm
    “ a credit to the       ease you into Chiang Mai culture by       forum, access to advice on a variety   at Mokador Coffee Lounge,
                            liaising with immigration and law         of subjects, plus the famous CEC
      ai community,         enforcement officials, medical and        Lucky Draw.
                                                                                                             Opposite Wat Pra Singh
                            insurance providers, businesses and
    not a burden...”        property services and more.               There is also an opportunity to meet
                                                                                                             Saturday, 26th March
                                                                      with members of the special interest
                            It is our hope that through the efforts   groups. For more information visit     Dr Michael Moreton M.B.Ch.B.
                            of Chiang Mai Expats Club we can          the website or email us:
                            help members to successfully
                                                                                                             FRCSC, International Medical
                            integrate into the Thai community           Coordinator for Bangkok Hospital
                            and make contributions of our own                                                here in Thailand.
                            for the benefit of all.         

                                         Outside Group Activites (OGA)
 Outside Group Activities operate independently from CEC with - Expat Ladies’ Lunch Group: Nancy Lindley -
                                                                           Garden Group: Mark Bleadon -
 Board & Card Games: Chris Hedges -
                                                                  Gay & Lesbian Friends Group: Bruce Janis -
 Chiang Mai Photographic Group:Mike See & Wyndham Hollis. Contact or visit     Sunday Hikes: Roger Williams. Email: or
 Chiang Mai Video Group:
                                                                  Reading Group: Janet Greenleaf -
 Computer Club: Bill Dahm - or
 visit                       Travel Club: Dorthy Engmann -

 Dining Out Group: Paul Schoenkopf -              Textile Arts:

                                                                            are to contact Mr. Thomson, we have his details.
            Chiang Rai Expats Club
                                                                            The club is now in its 2nd year with 47 members just 3
                             The next meeting of the                        short of the 50 target I set when we launched the club in
                             Chiang Rai Expat Club will                     January 2010. As stated earlier the highlight is the guest
                             take place on the 5th March                    speaker, at the time I wrote this article we did not have a
                             2011. The highlight of each                    guest speaker for the March meeting. So I thought why
                             meeting is our guest speaker.                  not ask the readers if they would like to present or if you
                             In February we had the                         know someone with an interesting story to tell to come
                             pleasure to welcome the                        along and give us a talk? You can contact me by phone
                             British Honorary Consul Mr.                    0807402318 or email me at
                             Ben Svasti Thomson. Mr.                        Everybody has an interesting story but may find it
                             Thomson has for many years                     intimidating to speak to a large group, don’t worry we
                             been involved in raising the                   are a nice bunch so please get in touch.
                             awareness of the subject of                    Why not come along and meet some new friends and if
                             Human       Trafficking.   His                 you join you get to enter the prize draw which has now
                             excellent presentation on the                  grown to 9 prizes (not bad)! You may get lucky. Life time
                             subject      had      everyone                 Membership fee is 500 Baht meeting fees are 100 Baht
                             spellbound as he described                     for members and 150 for non members. Tea, coffee and
how his teams stalked out brothels both here in Thailand                    light refreshments are included and the meeting takes
and in surrounding countries. Many of these brothels hold                   place at the Inn Come Hotel opposite Big C on the Super
young girls captive against their will and exploit them for                 Highway on the first Saturday of the month.
commercial sex. They have been very successful in
rescuing as many as 12 girls in one raid and are constantly                 Article written by
on the look out for more of these places to raid. They have                 Kevan W Nightingale (Club Manager)
an extensive rehabilitation program to try to reintegrate
                                                                            Contact details:-
the girls back into a normal life. I admire Mr. Thomson’s
dedication and would encourage anyone who suspects or
                                                                            tel. 0807402318
is aware of where these terrible places
  Page 4 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61                     Counsellors Corner
                                                                      Communication is almost always the key…and the two big
                                                                      questions which always elicit blank stares are; 1. ‘What does
                                                                      it take for you to feel loved?’…and, 2. ‘What does your
                                                                      partner need in order to feel loved?’

                                                                      Think it sounds easy? Think again. This is about the deeply
                                                                      personal, highly individual, information that we take from
                                                                      each others words and gestures on a daily basis. Answers
                                                                      have ranged from; “ don’t keep telling me that everything
           Counsellors Corner                                         will be alright…I need to know that you’ll be there whether
     Brought to you by The Life Change People, Chiang Mai             things go right or not” to “ show an interest in my work/my
                                                                      family/football/art….even if you don’t really mean it!”

         What Can I Say?                                              I often ask couples to consider the questions separately,
                                                                      write down their answers and share them with each other
                                                                      during a session. Why not try this at home?
My short message this month is about communication…..a
huge subject and one that may be particularly pertinent to
                                                                      A nal, vital piece of advice for this month...never assume
readers of this newsletter, who may have, or strive to have,
                                                                      you know what s/he needs….never assume s/he knows
relationships and friendships which transcend cultural
                                                                      what you need.
di erences. I don’t have the pages and pages needed to
give the matter the detailed attention it deserves, so I’m
                                                                      Next month: Part Two; It’s Not What You Say That’s
going to con ne myself to general, but crucial information,
                                                                      Important…It’s What They Hear.
which applies to anyone who loves anyone else.

 “I have worked with many couples over the past 20 or so years, all
 with their own issues, needs, and di erences. Many are ba ed
 that the person with whom they once viewed life as an exciting
 and wonderful challenge, is now facing them on a marital
 battle eld, seemingly littered with good intentions, fresh starts
 and battered hopes.”

        Chrissy Richman, Counsellor, The Life Change People
                                                           G.P Corner                   Page 5 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61

                                                                       Again, while looking at the biological and psychological issues (which
                                                                       a ect each other, such as when illness leads to anxiety and
                                                                       depression), take an honest assessment of the health of your
(PART 2)                                                               relationships with your family and close friends. Is there unresolved
                                                                       con ict? Are you harboring guilt or anger towards someone over a
                                                                       past event? Do you still have emotional wounds that have not been
                                                                       dealt with? Are you in con ict with someone at work or with a
                                                                       neighbor? You may need an intermediary to help with these issues.
                                                                       You may not care to step into that landmine again, but if it is causing
                                                                       you to lose sleep, then maybe you need to rethink how you are
                                                                       handling (or avoiding) the problem. Social problems lead to
                                                                       diminished mental and physical health, which then makes the social
                                                                       problems even worse. Learn how to forgive, how to be kind, and how
                                                                       to really love those around you. You will bene t so much by being at
                                                                       peace with others as best you can.

             BY DR. GREG GREER                                         Finally, assess your spiritual health. I wrote an article about this
                                                                       recently, so I won’t go into details here, but, ultimately, health is
Last month we discussed sleep problems. Most people                    spiritual because illness is dependent on perception. How you
experience some type of sleep problem at some point in their           perceive and interpret what is happening to you will determine how
lives. We discussed the di erent reasons for these di culties, so      healthy (or sick) you are, particularly when it comes to issues like
now lets turn to what to do if you are struggling with insomnia. As    sleep. If you are using medications or alcohol to help you sleep, you
a family physician, I think it is essential to take a whole person     should realize that they work well in the short-term, but that in the
approach to this multi-factorial problem. You may be aware of          long run those medications will not give you good quality sleep and
one issue that can cause sleep problems, such as waking up to          you can become dependent on them over time. You should try to
empty your bladder, but there may by other issues as well that         wean o of those medications (under the care of your doctor, of
also are contributing to the problem. Many small factors that may      course) and learn how to sleep naturally, like a baby.
not cause you to lose any sleep in and of themselves could add up                                                Good night and sweet dreams.
to inhibit the natural process of falling asleep and going into a
deep, high-quality sleep.                                                                                                 Dr. Greg Greer MD
The biopsychosocial-spiritual model of health is a helpful way to                         American Board of Family Medicine and member of
approach sleep. I don’t mean that you should compartmentalize                      American Academy of Family Physicians since 1997 Adjunct
problems into either physical or mental. Modern medicine has                                professor, Family Medicine, Sripat Medical Center,
done that so much so that patients often feel like a collection of                                Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University
body parts. The orthopedist deals with the bones, the urologist
the plumbing, the cardiologist the heart, the psychiatrist the
mind, the neurologist the brain, etc, etc. You are a whole person
and every part is integrated into that single individual. Not only             Help an entire village overcome poverty…
that, but you are an integral part of a complex social network of
family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and other groups. You are
also a dynamic blend of the organic and the mystic, the material                Chiang Mai Properties, in conjunction with
and the ephemeral. Your body, mind and soul together express                    Chiang Mai Expats Club and Chiang Mai SOS
your unique identity as a person.                                               are hoping to transform the lives of 263 people…
Thus, you have to approach sleep in terms of what conditions will
allow your whole person to fall into that beautiful and natural                                                     Sponsor a Family from Mae
state we call sleep. Few things feel better than to wake up after a                                                 Thalanna Village, 4 hours from
good night’s sleep. So, think about what you need to fall asleep. It                                                Chiang Mai. Help change their
may not be the same for everyone. Some people who live in a                                                         future by giving them access to
noisy part of town can fall asleep with loud loud noises and lights                                                 clean water, food, clothing,
all around them. Others need a quiet environment that is                                                            medicine, education, and the
                                                                                                                    basic necessities we all take for
comfortable and dark, no noise and no lights with just the right
                                                                                                                    granted, such as a toothbrush or
temperature and humidity.
                                                                                                                    a bar of soap.
At the same time, examine your self for anxiety and depression.
Actually, you may not see it, but those around you will. Ask                   How to donate...
someone close to you if you seem wound up or uptight. Are you                 Directly into Chiang Mai Expats Club bank account:
worried about something? Do you have some internal,                           Bangkok Bank, Kad Suan Kaew, Account No. 5310430656
unresolved issues that cause you to feel unsettled? Do you have a
                                                                              The families also need jackets, sweaters, hats, socks and shoes as well
sense of peace about yourself and your life? You may need to talk
                                                                              as blankets, towels and non-perishable foods such as rice.
to a professional counselor to give you feedback about your
current mental health. There are many English-speaking                        Items can be brought to CEC meetings or can be taken to Chiang Mai
counselors in Chiang Mai who are available to process these                   Properties Offices on Changklan Rd. (opposite Shangri La)
questions with you.                                                                                                  Email:

                                                                               Make a difference this year!
Page 6 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61              What’s On

                 What’s on in Chiang Mai?
  What’s On in Chiang Mai ?
  Events at The Olde Bell

  Tuesday 1st March St. David’s Day come along and celebrate the National Day of Wales in a Welsh
  owned pub! BBQ (cost 100 baht) includes, steak, burgers, Sausages, sh, prawns, potato salad, apple and
  celery salad & coleslaw. Welsh music, ra e, and promotions!
  Sunday 13th March Formula 1 Grand Prix Season begins today. Flag drop is 7pm All the action from
  Bahrain as it unfolds, on our big screen. Bu et ( Cold Meats, Pizza, Salads, etc. Just 100 baht). We’ll also be
  showing the FA Cup quarter nals on our other TV’s so you won’t miss any of the sporting action

  Royal British Legion
  Wed 2nd March Social Evening, from 7pm. Curry Night. A range of Curries, some home made at The
  Olde Bell, some bought in from Indian Restaurants around town, together with Pilau rice, Rotis and Mango
  Chutney. 150 baht for Expat Club members, 195 baht to the general public.

  Sangdee Gallery
                                                       , from 1.30 to 5.30PM with Wouter Van der Stichel at
  Sangdee Gallery, Sirimankhalajarn Rd Soi 5 Main Topics: Introduction to oral art traditions and cultures,
  Asia, Europe, etc…/ Technical material overview / Plant material overview / Making a bouquet / Making a
  biedermeier piece / Inspiration from nature / Making a free creation. Fee 1500THB includes all materials

                       Where to spend St Patrick’s Day,
                       Thursday 17th March
   St Patrick’s Day at The Olde Bell, a British Pub in the heart of downtown Chiang Mai. We are located on Loi
   Kroh Rd, 300m from the moat and next door to the Raming Lodge Hotel. All the special days of the British Isles
   are celebrated at The Olde Bell and no more so than Paddy’s Day. Wherever you’re from in the world, you’re
   welcome to come and join us. Irish Stew and a Pint of Guinness 320 baht! (normally 375 baht) come and tap your
   toes to our extensive collection of Irish music and join in the Craic!
   ST PATRICKS DAY at O'Malley's. Located in the open-air market of Thai restaurants and small shops called
   Anusarn Market. Anusarn Market is at the south end of the famous Night Bazaar on Chang Klan road. O’
   Malley’s is famous for it’s St. Patrick's Day Celebration every March 17th.
    If you are lucky enough to be in town that day be sure to come in and enjoy a traditional Irish "pissup", bantering
   with the locals and visiting travelers until late in the evening. Don't forget to wear your green!! Drafts on tap:
   Guinness, Kilkenny, Dunkel,Erdinger Wheat Beer & Heineken. Open from 9:00 AM to 2:00 AM and fully air
   conditioned for your comfort. Where You're Only A Stranger Once!
   St Patrick’s Day at The U.N. Irish Pub, located on Rajwithie Rd, not far from the three kings monument in the
   heart of the city. The pub is popular with local expats as well as tourists; one of the advantages of the location is
   that it is away from the hustle and bustle of the Tha Pae Gate and Night Bazaar areas. Celebrate St. Patrick’s
   Day with a hearty pub dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. To book a table Tel: 053 214 554
                                                                            Page 7 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61

So what kind of person inspires this kind of loyalty among
friends and generosity among strangers? Just who is
Stuart Land?
Born in 1948 to a former showgirl, who - by the time her
children came along - had morphed into a dance school
owner, Stuart was included in his mother's dancing
classes from the time he could toddle.
"I learned to dance, peaking at age ten when I danced
with the New York City Ballet as the lead child, Fritz, in the
Nutcracker. However, I always wanted to be a
photographer or sculptor or... or maybe a policeman." As it
turned out, he got all three of those wishes.
After being a hairdresser, he joined the Washington D.C.
Police Department for a year and a half during the
demonstrations and riots of the late sixties. But he had
divided loyalties.
"During the day," says Stuart, "I stood in the ranks
guarding government buildings. Then, once I was o
duty, I was on the other side of the line with the
                                                                 The novel he wrote in Bali was published in America in
                       Stuart      segued       into     a       2005. Since that time he has written two screenplays,
                       photographic career in NYC, but           adding to the dozen-plus he already had, and three more
                       eventually turned to another rst          novels. Two of these, "Shadow House" and "Original
                       love: sculpture. "Thanks to               Blood," are now on
                       dogged determination," he says,
                       "I got into the movie industry            In November, shortly before the heart operation, an
                       sculpting creatures, props and            email arrived saying that his most recent screenplay had
                       precise scale models." On one             won second place in the One-In-Ten international
                       memorable project he sculpted             screenwriting contest, and so is assured reviews by
                       both full-size mini-subs and the          prominent literary agents and producers.
                       interior of the alien space ship in
                                                         When asked about his plans for the future, Stuart replied,
                      James Cameron's "The Abyss." He    "Nobody knows what tomorrow's going to bring, of
later made an exact replica of Sigourney Weaver for her  course - look at what just happened to me - but I'm a
Power Loader ght in "Aliens."                            writer, and for the foreseeable future, I'll keep on that
For over 15 years Stuart worked on movies, but being on path because there are so many stories to be told and
so many big budget productions prompted him to learn characters to explore."
the craft of screenwriting and also to work on his own Living in Chiang Mai, Stuart is surrounded by friends
sculpture projects.                                      who refused to let him die, and doing work that he
Later, when Stuart was living in Bali writing his second enjoys. Is there any better plan for the future than that?
novel, he came to Thailand on a visa run, and never left.
Stuart's ever-creative mind turned to a new challenge,
and he reinvented himself yet again, this time designing
marble water fountains, which he exported to the US.
During this time he began a series of erotic sculptures,
which sold well, especially on eBay. Stuart next produced
a series of quieter, more elegant pieces: his yoga poses. He
poured endless hours and painstaking craftsmanship into
these, and even now, several years later, he continues to
receive a steady ow of orders for the "yoga girls" via his
 Page 8 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61                   Restaurant Feature

                   Italian Trattoria
Review by Mark Whitman

Beccofino is – beyond question – one of the best Italian restaurants in
the City, and high up on any list of eating places in Chiang Mai
whatever the nationality. It is quite large, though far from cavernous,
stylish in its ambience and its friendly but discreet service. They are
open for a special lunch on Sundays, although I have only been there in the evenings, including on two occasions, for their
excellent value ‘set’ dinners. On both those occasions we took our own wine and the corkage was 300 baht.

                                                      All of the above will indicate that it is, unsurprisingly, one of the city’s more
                                                      expensive eating places, although many of the pasta dishes and the starters are
                                                      modestly priced and it is possible to eat reasonably. Their pizzas are possibly
                                                      the best in town: they are generous in size and they will split one between two
                                                      toppings for extra variety. Average cost about 230 baht.

                                                      Beccofino is a place for dining out: one goes for the whole experience. The
                                                      dining room can seat about 30-40 customers and there is additional seating on
                                                      a terrace at the front of the elegant building. On entering there is a bar which
                                                      is as well stocked as anywhere in town and then a wood fired oven for those
                                                      more-ish pizzas.

                                                      The menu carries a wide array of Italian classics, with salads, anti pasti and
                                                      soups (90 baht) to start with and plenty of pastas, raviolis, risottos (200- 300
baht) and so on for mains. They also have decidedly up market fish and meat sections which are inevitably more expensive,
although the pan fried John Dory, with vegetables, is modestly priced at 380 baht. There are steaks and salmon for traditional eaters
and a small choice of delicious puddings, naturally including tiramisu.

The drinks menu would take up this review in itself. But to be fairly basic, the house
wine is 120 baht and the better offer by the glass (from Umbria) is 150. There are
plenty of good bottles available and a huge selection of cocktails, spirits, grappa and
liqueurs. Coffees, teas and soft drinks and beers are plentiful too. There are also
imported mineral waters – at a price.

My favourite starter there is the organic rocket salad with baby tomatoes and a truly
delicious balsamico dressing. This comes with a range of breads, which are served
quickly along with ‘normal’ mineral water. I also enjoyed another of their fish dishes
which was very flavourful having been cooked en papillotte, with small vegetables
and a good sauce. I’m not sure, but assume that might be cooked in the wood fired
oven. Even better was the risotto with black truffles and parmesan.

All in all, a most attractive dining out experience. There is a plus plus on the menu so all prices quoted go up by 17 per cent or so.
Be prepared to spend between 600 and 900 baht a head inclusive of house wine or beers. Less if you wish or the skies the limit if
you are celebrating. The special menus, when available, are 700 baht exclusive of drinks.

You will find Beccofino on Soi 7 (backing through to soi 5) off Nimmenhaemin Road. They open for lunch from 11.30 and for
dinner between 6p.m. and 10.30 p.m. Phone on 053 226 590/1/2. There is a Happy hour daily 17.30 - 19.30 - Buy 1 get 1 free House
Wine or Cocktails
                                                                                   This and other reviews are available at
                                                                                        Page 9 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61

How to Get Your Book Published                                            current events, ideas and insights as they arise. Although certain
                                                                          health routines and administrative structures support the writer,
Part One: The Decision                                                    the will to have new experiences is also important. Boredom sti es
                                                                          For reasons mentioned above, the adept writer lives in an aesthetic
                                                                          environment, ideally surrounded by natural beauty. Regular
                                                                          contact with positive and inspiring people bene ts the writer.
                                                                          Avoid ‘moaners’ at all costs!
                                                                          Motorcycle trips are an e ective means of clearing the mind and
                                                                          enhancing creativity. Let your inquisitive self out to roam!
                                                                          Relaxation and high spirits are the vital keys of every writer.

                                                BY PHILIP WYLIE
Chiang Mai is the perfect place to get your book published! Many
of us have spare time available for writing; the costs of publishing
are inexpensive; and there are many writers, editors, graphic
designers, and photographers here to lend you support.
Many expats have a burning ambition to get their book published.
Anyone who lives life fully and passionately has potential to write a
book. Having your own book in print is a deeply rewarding
Have you ever considered writing your autobiography or even a
book of short stories? Perhaps you have some knowledge or
experience you want to share?
The established businessperson is ‘published’ as tangible evidence
of reaching the top of his or her profession. Published business
professionals are in a class of their own; and their book is their most
powerful marketing tool.

What Makes A Writer?                                                      Where Do We Start?
Characteristics of an adept writer include sensitivity, curiosity,        Anyone with a pen and paper can claim to be a writer. Any person
devotion, and an aware open mind. Naturally, Buddhist philosophy          who uses his pen and paper is a writer. The truth is that writing can
supports creative arts because meditation enhances                        be extremely pleasurable, and therapeutic too. However, after the
self-awareness and mindfulness.                                           manuscript is complete the real work begins.
A high EQ (Emotional Quotient) bene ts writers. Are you aware of          The writing project begins with a clear publishing concept: a book
your feelings? Also, do you have the psychic ability to sense other       title, an intended readership, a marketing plan, and so forth. Your
peoples’ feelings? If so, your sensitivity will serve you as a writer.    business plan for your intended publication is the Publishing
Veteran writers have a deep respect of their language. Are you a
Jack of all languages or a master of one? Writers who have a strong Ask yourself, “What are my motives for writing and publishing the
will to master their written language are way ahead of their book?” Do you want to in uence other people? Do you want to
compatriots.                                                          make a living out of writing? Or are you doing it for the personal
Creativity is the ability to perceive ideas from di erent viewpoints;
it is also the propensity to be aware of our mental conditioning or If you want to make money from writing books, be aware of the
standardized thinking. Can you perceive concepts from di erent following sobering statistics: An estimated 5% of the world’s 1.8
angles?                                                               billion internet users have a book awaiting publication – that’s
Ultimately, however, the writer is a communicator of truth and            90,000,000 books. Since there are just over 1 million books
purveyor of alternative realities from a unique standpoint.               published worldwide annually, only 1% of writers worldwide
                                                                          manage to publish their book. My job is to help you squeeze into
The Writer’s Lifestyle                                                    the 1% of success stories.
Relaxation and fun (sanuk!) supports creative writing. Many writers
– including myself – engage in a regular exercise, such as                 Philip Wylie is the author of several books, including How To
cross-country running, swimming or cycling. It’s much easier to            Establish A Successful Business In Thailand and How To Make A
focus when we feel relaxed.                                                Living In Paradise; and he assists writers in their quest to get their
                                                                                books onto bookshelves via
The writer usually carries pen and paper with him or her to record
  Page 10 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61                      Crossword & Sudoku

Cryptic Crossword                               Across
                                                1 For example, green influence (6)
                                                5 Timetable of clues he'd produced (8)
                                                9 Is Nero brought back into Free Church belonging to courts
                                                of law? (8)
                                                10 East wing emitting, in part, a sudden pain (6)
                                                11 Mauritania travelling is within extremely
                                                halcyon philanthropist (12)
                                                13 Dishes of soldiers, you heard (4)
                                                14 Plagued in France with steed, perhaps (8)
                                                17 Servant's row (8)
                                                18 A method, not at home (4)
                                                20 Craftsman's room on ship with Alien producer (7-5)
                                                23 Inspector about to stomach authoritative statement (6)
                                                24 Taking no active part in bazaar: MC Hairdo (8)
                                                25 Destroyed arid fern of a certain wavelength (8)
                                                26 Flowery or neat, somehow (6)
2 There's nothing in award for instrument (4)        12 Conclusion for every speech (10)
3 Love river going underneath writer's hotel, with   15 Aquatic creature reported to visit mischievous
visitors welcome at any time (4,5)                   child (3,6)
4 Restart summary (6)                                16 Decoration of vessel going around river (8)
5 Deputy canon commends Di's construction (6-2-7)    19 Elbows out - a girl's personal problem (6)
6 Fiery man, very loud and attractive person (3,5)   21 Bury in porcelain terrain (5)
7 Not as wet as doctor that is redhead (5)           22 Metal with Turkish leader's dye (4)
8 Where bags and suitcases may be carried, in new
language (very good) (7,3)

How to play?
                                                              9            4              3           8
1. The objective of the game is to fill all the
blank squares in a game with the correct                                 7 5                          9 2
numbers. There are three very simple constraints              8 3     1   4
to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game:
2. Every row of 9 numbers must include all                      7   1 2     3
digits 1 through 9 in any order                                 2 8 6     9 7
3. Every column of 9 numbers must include all                   4       7   2
digits 1 through 9 in any order
4. Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square
                                                                  5   9     4 3
must include all digits 1 through 9                           7 6       2 5
Please see solutions on page 12                                 9   3   1     8
                           Columnist Scott Jones                         Page 11 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61

(Chapter Two)

                                    Last month we covered my dead end relationships in Hong Kong and Vietnam with
                                    women I met at, an international online dating site. Those gentle
                                    experiences did not prepare me for the fervor of Thailand, where they love you
                                    before you arrive and are ready to devote their lives to you and their other seven
                                    boyfriends in several different countries.

                                 Match.ThaiCandidate Number One looks rosy on the website but the English in her
                                 emails is remedial. She definitely knows the words “can’t wait to see you, my love”
                                 though they are never in the right order. She and her friend meet me at the airport in
                                 Bangkok, which after two months in Vietnam, seems like I’ve come from the moon
                                 to the capital of the Earth. She still knows only seven English words, but her friend
                                 knows at least twice that many. My Thai consists of hello, goodbye, where’s the
                                 bathroom and a few numbers, probably never in the right order. I am just trying to
survive the day but they both seem ready to spend their lives with me. After three hours of dinner, passing my
Thai-English dictionary back and forth to talk about nothing, and a tour of the Bangkok Night Bizarre area where you
can see women doing unnatural things with ping pong balls, I only want a solitary trip to Scottyland. Suddenly they
know more words like “no money, no taxi home, support my entire family, will you marry me tomorrow?” 500 baht
sends the tour guides somewhere else, wherever. I remember the experience fondly as a Pair o’ Sites with Parasites.

The next day I arrive in Chiangmai with great expectations of
Match.BeautifulWoman who speaks several languages and has
an impressive marketing position. I am ready to devote my life
to her. As she approaches me at the designated rendezvous, I am
puzzled. The face doesn’t match the photos. I learn that the web
shots were taken with her slim nose job that she has since had
reversed. I respect her for returning to her original proboscis.
(I’m trying to get back down to my original weight…6 pounds,
11 ounces.) But how many other reversals might there be in the
future? (I imagine she’ll come home with a small arm fastened
to her forehead, several ears, perhaps as a man once again.) Who
knows? Whose nose?

I venture again to Bangkok to meet Match.TryTryAgain, who is                  A Pair o’ Sites with the Parasites
very energetic, speaks great English and looks good in pictures. In         (Photo altered to protect the guilty.)
person she never stops speaking, somehow eats vast amounts of
food while orating and wears enough make-up for all the parasites in Bangkok. Her head looks like the soft clay bust I
made in elementary school. Flying leaves and scraps of paper stick to her face as we approach an All-You-Can-Eat
Buffet. (I imagine kissing her and leaving the deep impression of my nose in her cheek.) I am astonished at her
mastodon appetite, though she’s still very thin. It must take immense energy to fuel her aerobic vocal ramblings. (I can’t
get this limerick out of my mind: A bulimic sweetheart of mine…was asked at what time she would dine…She replied
at 11…at 3, 5 and 7…at 8 and a quarter to 9.)
I leave the restaurant, but she’s probably still there today, masticating and chattering, as her face rubs off on the napkin.
Next month, the final chapter, thank God!
Page 12 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61



    8    6   7    1   5   3    4   9   2
    9    1   5    2   4   8    3   6   7
    3    4   2    6   9   7    5   8   1
    5    2   6    7   8   9    1   4   3
    1    7   9    4   3   6    8   2   5
    4    3   8    5   2   1    9   7   6                  SOS
    7    5   4    9   1   2    6   3   8
    2    9   3    8   6   5    7   1   4
    6    8   1    3   7   4    2   5   9

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             Editor : Ana Gracey
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                                           Legal            Page 13 | Expat Newletter | Issue 61

Thai House Book (Ta Bien Baan)
                                                                future Thai employee. If you translate word by word Thai to
                                                                English "Ta bien" means "registration" and "Baan" means
By Kritiya Kanthasate (LL.B.), YK Consultants                   "house". So, it's a "house registration book".

The Thai house book which is also known as “Ta Bian Ban” Example of Blue House Book
is an official document which mentions the details of the
individuals who reside in a house. It doesn’t say who the
owner of the house is, but shows the house “holder(s)” and

Most Thai people have a Ta bien baan as a proof of
residence. It is an important book for Thais and it is needed
by a person while transferring anything officially. For
example, if anyone wants to register his ownership of a
vehicle then this book will be very useful because it will be
needed in the Department of Transport for the registration
process and for transportation purposes as well. But in the
case of Foreigners if they do not possess this book then they
can show the letter of their address proof provided by the       Note: There is one exception, Foreigners having
local office of Immigration. We call this document a             permanent residency can be included in a Blue
“Certificate of Residence”.                                      House Book according to article 44 of the Central
                                                                 office registration rules (year 2535).
A Thai employer will also often ask the Ta bien baan of a
           1,2(#+%,-#3%4"0                                                                             !"#"$




                        FGHDIFJKJG#$&#FLLDGMNDNHOH                                    MKNTIF###.%%A#J##RA#.8"B68##.,8&=U#QB68&=#.86
#,'(8$2,0&A2(&$3&)6+B,(&-<3&),&(6&2,,(&762,.&366C                                              ZD7869#Y#;(2[;7EB%(7869A;%7#

                                         !                                   !                   01&*.&$2"(+*2+$

U0+!Y0+'!$-<0+Y,*$0-!0-!,.9'+*$%$-3!                            "')7!LMNOPPMOQRMOS!'5*7!TLLT!U,57!LMNOPPMQRQ
           1)',%'!/0-*,/*!                                                  C0V$)'W!LXT!PXXTRQQ
        !"')7!LXO_TNXOQSMS                               PT!F=,2!A,'(!J.7!",YV0-!B=*#'1>!87!C=,-3>!D#$,-3!
 4Y,$)W!=Y1$3,7'51,*Z3Y,$)7/0Y                                        C,$!MLPLL>!"F8H[8&\


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