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        Expat Guide for the Maastricht Region 2010

site of life
World Class in the Maastricht Region

   The World’s leading arts and                                           WELCOME TO THE
   antiques Fair.                                                         BRIGHT SITE

                                André Rieu
                                Violinist who performs around the world
                                with his Johann Strauss orchestra.

UCI World Championship road
cycling 2012
Takes place in the Maastricht Region.

                 Pinkpop                                                                   André Rieu
                                                                                           Director Johann Strauss Orchestra
                 The Netherlands’ most famous open-air
                 festival and the world’s longest running
                 annual outdoor pop festival.
                                                    2/3                                 TABLE OF CONTENT

                                                          THE BRIGHT SITE                                       THE BRIGHT GUIDE
                                                          Magazine                                              Service information

                                                     4    Interview: Yu-Hwa Ed Sheu                             NEED TO KNOW
                                                     8    Introducing The Netherlands                      25   The Dutch way
                                                    10    Interview: Neena Kannan                          28   Checklists
                                                    14    About the Maastricht Region
                                                    16    Europe by train                                       TO WORK
                                                    18    Interview: John Smylie                           37   The best place to do business
                                                                                                           39   Personal assistance for foreign investors
                                                                                                           40   Careers and industries
                                                                                                           42   Professional networks

                E.P.J. (Elies) Lemkes-Straver                                                                   TO LIVE
                Chairman Brainport Development NV                                                          45   Housing
                                                                                                           46   The Dutch healthcare system
                                                                                                           47   Education
                                                                                                           47   Day-care for children
                                                                                                           47   Transportation
                                                                                                           48   Religion
                                                                                                           48   Daily needs
                                                                                                           48   Waste and recycling

                                                                                                                TO LOVE
                                                                                                           51   Sports
                                                                                                           52   Leisure
                                                                                                           53   Shopping
                                                                                                           53   Culture
                                                                                                           54   For kids

                                                                                                           56   Resources
                 4/5   INTERVIEW YU-HWA ED SHEU

                 IS BECOMING
                                                  8/9                         INTRODUCING THE NETHERLANDS

                                                  BICYCLES The pre-eminence of bicycles is not just an intriguing fact. A bicycle
                                                  has penultimate right-of-way; only that of the tram supercedes it. Everybody
                                                  else must yield for bicycles!
                                                  BIRTHDAYS Dutch birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The most
NETHERLANDS                                       surprising tradition: the birthday persons buy their own cakes! At work you bring
                                                  pastries for colleagues, at school children bring treats for all their classmates.

                                                  COMMUNICATION The Dutch tend to be plain-speaking, but there is no inten-
                                                  tion to appear rude.

                                                  DINNER It’s usual to bring wine and flowers when invited to dinner. However
A short history of the Netherlands   Government   don’t expect the host to open the wine for the meal. It is very often put aside to
                                                  be enjoyed later.

                                                  DRESS CODE Banking and law are formal and traditional, but in many other
                                                  industries the dress code is casual. The focus is on content rather than form.

                                                  ENCOUNTERS Virtually everyone shakes hands in the Netherlands when greet-
                                                  ing and on departure. In informal situations women and men may also kiss on
                                                  alternating cheeks.

                                                  MEETINGS In the Netherlands, people at all levels have their say in decision-
                                                  making. This can take some time, but it ensures that everyone’s view is heard.

                                                  PUNCTUALITY Call if you are delayed and avoid cancelling meetings at the
                                                  last minute. Meetings usually have a strict agenda, finishing on time.

                                                  TELEPHONING People say their name straightaway, at work or at home, when
                                                  answering or calling.

                                                  WORK-LIFE BALANCE Personal time is valued. A business lunch is usually
                                                  preferred to dinner. If you want to motivate Dutch workers, time-off works best.
               10 / 11   INTERVIEW NEENA KANNAN


               A SENSE OF
                                              14 / 15                    ABOUT THE MAASTRICHT REGION

                                              The Maastricht Region has 600,000 inhabitants living in an area of 20 x 20 km.
                                              The Maastricht Region has the best university of applied sciences in the
ABOUT THE                                     Fast train links to Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Cologne, London and Paris.
                                              The Maastricht Region is the most popular holiday destination in the
MAASTRICHT REGION                             Netherlands.
                                              There are 26,000 students, 40% of whom are foreign, and all of whom enjoy the
                                              best university-level education in the Netherlands.
                                              The Maastricht Region hosts the largest art and antiques fair in the world.
                                              About EUR 100 million will be invested in the Research & Business Campus in
                                              the next 5 years.
                                              There are eight airports within an hour’s travel.
History                                       There are 34,000 companies operating in the Maastricht Region, providing
                                              276,000 jobs.
                                              There are 220 kilometres of border shared with foreign countries; only eight
                                              kilometres with the Netherlands.
                                              The Maastricht Region has the best city in the Netherlands for quality of life.
                    Easy access
                                              The Maastricht Region has the greenest city in the Netherlands.
                                              The Maastricht Region hosts the third most innovative company in the
                                              Netherlands: DSM.
                                              Collectively, the Maastricht Region’s restaurants boast 8 Michelin stars.
                                              One of the biggest and most innovative chemicals clusters in Europe.
The region today                              Best pre-university secondary school and best childcare centre in the
                    Ideal work/life balance   The Maastricht Region has 15 museums, 17 concert halls, 14 theatres and
                                              3 art cinemas.
                                              The Meuse-Rhine Euroregion (50 km radius) comprises 3.7 million
                                              inhabitants, three countries and three languages.
                                              The Maastricht Region even has internationally celebrated vineyards.
                                              There are approximately 200,000 single-family homes.
                                              Labour productivity per FTE is > EUR 116,000 (Netherlands: EUR 82,000).
                                              The Maastricht Region has the Netherland’s best hospital.

                           16 / 17                                      EUROPE BY TRAIN

                                     international high-speed railway
                                     national railway

 TIMETABLE                                                              2 hrs.



                                                                                1 hr.

                           BRUSSELS                                                          HEERLEN
                           1 hr. 20 min.

                  LONDON                                                                                 COLOGNE
                  4 hrs.
                                                                        LIÈGE             AACHEN

                                                                                                       3 hrs.
                           3 hrs.
                  18 / 19   INTERVIEW JOHN SMYLIE


                  THE MAASTRICHT REGION
                  OFFERS ME OPPORTUNITY
                  FOR CREATIVITY
         22 / 23



                                                                                      24 / 25                                   NEED TO KNOW

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE DESK MAASTRICHT REGION                                                                                    THE DUTCH WAY
Its favourable location at a major intersection of roads, cultures and languages      Facts
has made Maastricht an internationally oriented city. The Maastricht Region                                                     SOCIAL SECURITY
has developed rapidly into a centre of knowledge and services.                                                                  The Netherlands has a fairly typical European social security system: i.e. it is
                                                                                                                                expensive to run, but offers good benefits to those in need. Nevertheless, the
Many foreign companies have discovered Maastricht to be an excellent spring-            natural gas.                            current system is still regarded as one of Dutch society’s finest achievements.
board to access European markets. And as a result, more and more expatriates
are drawn to the Maastricht Region, to live, work and study here.                                                               The main principle behind the Dutch social system is that everyone should be
                                                                                        different connector plugs to many       able to play an equally active role in society. Some people need help in doing
In response to this trend, the municipality of Maastricht, Brainport Develop-           other countries, which means phones     so: the old and disabled, families on low incomes, young people without qualifi-
ment, Limburg Development and Investment Company LIOF and the Maas-                     bought outside the Netherlands may      cations, ethnic and other minorities.
tricht Region Branding Foundation started an initiative to support the                  not work without an adaptor or a new
international community: the International Service Desk Maastricht Region.              plug.                                   In some cases it is possible for expats to opt out of paying social security in the
                                                                                                                                Netherlands if Form E101 or a certificate of coverage are obtained before depar-
The desk is an information point for expatriates, the international business            uses the GSM standard.                  ture. The unemployment benefit premium is paid partially by the employer and
community and foreign students in the city of Maastricht and the surrounding                                                    partially by the employee. The premium for the National Health Insurance Act
region. It provides information and services on a variety of topics, including for-     offering cheap international calling.   is paid by the employer.
malities relating to mandatory registration, parking permits, marriage, registra-
tion of birth, converting driving licences, waste collection, etc.                      mains power systems other than 220      More information: www.svb.nl
                                                                                        volts and 50 Hz will not work without   The SVB provides brochures on social security in several foreign languages.
Contact us:
                                                                                        standard.                               CITIZEN SERVICE NUMBER
International Service Desk Maastricht Region                                                                                    The Citizen Service Number – in Dutch written as Burger Servicenummer or BSN
Email: international@maastricht.nl or call us at +31 43 350 50 10.                                                              – is a unique personal ID number for every citizen registered in the Population
                                                                                                                                Register (the Municipal Personal Records Database) of the municipal authori-
Visiting address:                                                                                                               ties. This number is needed for a variety of formalities, so it is important to
Gemeente Maastricht (Municipality of Maastricht)                                                                                obtain it as soon as possible. You will automatically obtain a Citizen Service
Mosae Forum 10                                                                                                                  Number when you come to live in the Netherlands and register with the munici-
6211 DW Maastricht                                                                                                              pal authorities.

Postal address:
Gemeente Maastricht (Municipality of Maastricht)                                                                                TAXATION
PO Box 1992                                                                                                                     Cross-border workers
6201 BZ Maastricht                                                                                                              If you are a ‘cross-border worker’, i.e. you reside in another country but still
                                                                                                                                receive wages from a Dutch employer, you will need a tax and social security
www.maastricht.nl/internationalservicedesk                                                                                      number. You can apply for this from the tax office in Maastricht: 0800-0543.
                                                                                                                                Visiting address: Terra Nigrastraat 10, 6216 BL Maastricht. Post address: Post-
                                                                                                                                bus 5750, 6202 MB Maastricht.
If you have any questions or queries about your plans to stay in Maastricht,
please contact us.                                                                                                              The 30% tax ruling
                                                                                                                                The Dutch are taxed relatively highly; foreigners, however, often qualify for an
                                                                                                                                advantageous income tax regulation whereby 30% of their income is classed as
                                                                                                                                a tax-free allowance. According to the ruling, an employer may provide a tax-
                                                                                                                                free allowance of 30% of the total salary of an employee. Any application for
                                                                                                                                the 30% ruling must be made by the employer and the employee.
                                                                                                    26 / 27   NEED TO KNOW

Does          How to apply for the 30% tax ruling
              Each case is specific and not all information is relevant. In practice it is easiest
                                                                                                              need to be signed by several different authorities in order to be legalised. This is
                                                                                                              called the legalisation chain.

Dutch         to see your HR Manager and discuss your case with him/her.
                                                                                                              Some countries have entered into agreements to streamline the legalisation
Bureaucracy   The official website of the Ministry of Finance provides detailed tax-related
              information in English: www.minfin.nl, Maastricht Region also offers personal
                                                                                                              chain. This means that certain documents from one country may be used in
                                                                                                              another country with only a single legalisation or even none at all.
get on        assistance, please contact: +31 43 328 25 65 or info@maastrichtregion.com for

              services powered by PricewaterhouseCoopers.                                                     The best-known legalisation convention is the Apostille Convention (5 October
                                                                                                              1961). This convention does not completely abolish legalisation but shortens

nerves        VISAS
                                                                                                              the chain so that only a single action is required: the addition of an apostille
                                                                                                              (certification stamp). A document bearing an apostille does not require any fur-

too?          Citizens of some countries, such as those of the EU, Australia, Canada, Japan,
              Norway, the US and South Korea, can enter the Netherlands with the purpose of
                                                                                                              ther legalisation by the embassy or consulate of the country in which it is to be
              residing without a visa. Most other nationalities need a visa - a so-called Autho-
              risation for Temporary Stay (MVV). Check with your HR Manager, International                    For more information on legalising foreign documents, see
              Office or local Dutch Embassy if unsure.                                                         www.minbuza.nl/en/welcome/comingtoNL,legalisation_of_documents

              Applying for a voluntary visa can be advantageous even for those who do not
              need them. This is because people with visas have had basic checks on their                     BANKING
              documents before entering the Netherlands, and can therefore start work                         In the Netherlands there are a number of banks that offer services to private
              immediately after entry.                                                                        customers. The major banks are ABN AMRO, Rabobank, SNS, ING and Fortis. All
                                                                                                              towns and most villages have local branches that are normally open during
                                                                                                              office hours. Automatic cash dispensers (ATMs) are also widely available. The
              WORK PERMITS                                                                                    services that the banks offer include, personal and Internet banking, insurance
              In order to work in the Netherlands, employees from countries outside the EU                    and mortgages.
              and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein must either have a work
              permit or be accepted into the Knowledge Migrant scheme (see below). They                       You will need a Dutch bank account if you are going to live here for some time.
              may also be accepted as a researcher according to EU regulation 2005/71/EG.                     To open an account you must go in person to the bank. The bank will ask for
              This also applies to citizens from the new EU member states: Romania and                        your BSN number, which will be issued by the Town Hall following approval by
              Bulgaria.                                                                                       the immigration authorities.

              People who don’t need a work permit can start work immediately although they                    It is a good idea to keep your old bank account in your home country. If you do
              should apply for a Citizen Service Number (Burger Servicenummer or BSN) right                   not already use Internet banking, then now may be a good time to thinking
              away. Those needing a work permit must obtain one before they can legally                       about setting it up.
              start work. Getting a visa, work permit and residence permit can take between
              one and four months.
              All work permits are specific to a given job and the company usually makes the                   The type and amount of insurance you need is largely a personal decision. For
              application. There are a number of different types, please check the following                  the available types of insurances please visit: www.expatguideholland.com/
              website for details on visas and residence permits: www.expatguideholland.                      themes/finance___insurance

                                                                                                              For more information: www.maastrichtregion.com
              The Dutch authorities and the authorities of other countries need to be certain
              about the status of each other’s documents. This is often difficult to establish.
              Legalisation confirms that a document was issued by someone with the author-
              ity to issue it and that the signatures it bears are genuine. Some documents
                                                                                    28 / 29   NEED TO KNOW

CHECKLISTS                                                                                    Housing:

BEFORE LEAVING                                                                                                                                                                   -
  the Netherlands, and for the full duration of your planned stay if possible.
  expiry date. If it has no expiry date, make sure it is not more than nine years                                                                                                -
  since it was issued.                                                                          mentation.

  Documents may also need to be translated if not already in English, French,
  German or Dutch. Different rules apply to different nationalities, so check
  with your HR Manager for information about your personal situation.
                                                                              -               Vehicles:
  ble). Your HR Manager / International Office can advise you on the correct
                                                                                                free under certain conditions (the most important is that you have had and
Financial arrangements:                                                                         used the car for more than six months).


Children:                                                                                     Good preparation is essential before any international move. No matter how
                                                                                              well prepared you are, it is likely you will experience some unexpected surprises
  etc. (in English where possible).                                                           in the first weeks. This checklist may help.

  schools in the Maastricht Region and apply for a place. Also do this for child-             Arrangements for removals:
  care organisations if needed.

  school fees.                                                                                  removals company).

  stay in contact.

  for the journey and the moving-in period are put aside to go with the hand                  What to bring:
                                                                                                other non-European) electrical appliances will not work without a trans-
Healthcare:                                                                                     former (the North American electrical supply is 110V and 60 Hz).

  records.                                                                                      change all the plugs. All Dutch electrical sockets use plugs with two circular
                                                                                                pins – standard throughout much of Northern Europe (except the UK and
Social security, insurance and taxation:                                                        Ireland).

  home country.                                                                                 light fittings and bulbs will have been removed, so bring some lamps with
                                                                                                you to provide light until you have installed new fittings. In Dutch houses
  are not covered.                                                                              ceiling lighting is often limited. A flashlight may also prove useful.

                                                                                                supply of light bulbs as you can only buy screw-in bulbs in the Netherlands.
                               EINDHOVEN                                                                                                                 ESSEN


 5 km                                                       WEERT


                                                                                  ROERMOND                                              DÜSSELDORF

                               THE MAASTRICHT
                   E313        REGION


 E314                     HASSELT
                                                  E314           SITTARD-GELEEN

                                                                                   HEERLEN / PARKSTAD
                                          E313                                           AACHEN                               AMSTERDAM
        BRUSSELS                                                                                                              200 KM

                    E40                                    E25                                             490 KM                       THE MAASTRICHT

                                           LIÈGE                                     EUPEN                                   BRUSSELS
                                                                                                                                                         90 KM
                                                                                                                             110 KM

                                                                                                                                                         275 KM

        CHARLEROI                   use
                                                                                                                    400 KM
                                                                                    32 / 33   NEED TO KNOW

                                                                                              You will need to produce the following documents:
  with you.
                                                                                                Foreign Affairs for legalisation procedures for your country of origin.

  have a medical condition requiring attention, bring your medical records.

What not to bring:
  European kitchens.
                                                                                                submit the application so consult your HR Manager for details.

  oven clocks, clock radios, etc. – the 50 Hz frequency means they will not keep
  correct time.                                                                                 can be submitted before the work permit has been issued. Consult your HR
                                                                                                Manager/International Office for details.

  connection to the cold water supply.                                                          nationalities and is carried out by the Municipal Healthcare Services (GGD).
                                                                                                Consult your HR Manager / International Office for details.

  usually be used.
                                                                                                depends on nationality, type of work and residence permit).
  and steep.
  months old to avoid import duty.


ON ARRIVAL                                                                                      living in the Netherlands may not own and drive a ‘foreign’ vehicle here.
There will be quite a few formalities to be completed on arrival in the Nether-
lands. The exact list of what you need to do depends on your nationality, place               Children:
of birth, family composition, and your employer’s choice of work permit (in
some cases). Good preparation is vital.
What to expect:

  exception.                                                                                  Social security, tax and insurance:

                                                                                                arrange registration.

  permit and a residence permit.
You will need to register with the Town Hall at your new address, which will also
issue you with a Citizen Service Number (Burger Servicenummer or BSN).
                                                                               34 / 35   NEED TO KNOW

  Town Hall, or simply ask a neighbour.

Mobile phone:

  bring your passport and your most recent bank account statement (with your
  address on it!).

  10, 20, 25, 40, and 50 Euros.


  on time!


Social security, tax and insurance:
             36 / 37              TO WORK

to work
                                  You want to achieve your ambitions, but you also want to enjoy life
                                  away from your work. In the Maastricht Region, part of the Province of
                                  Limburg, you can. Working here means a balanced life – a top job in a
                                  quiet setting, without the hassle of congested highways. This is a place
                                  where there is plenty going on, but without the typical problems of
                                  major cities. You can recharge your batteries after work by enjoying the
                                  good life: a work-out, a walk in the countryside, a game of golf, a night
                                  at the opera, a movie, or dining out. Everything is right there, and it’s
                                  bustling. Students from 70 different countries provide a constant input
                                  of fresh enthusiasm and ambition. They came to jump-start their
                                  careers and they keep the cities alive and vibrant. If you are moving
                                  with a working spouse, there are many job opportunities available with
                                  Brussels, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Eindhoven, Cologne, Liège and Venlo
                                  within commuting distance. Although most professionals speak Eng-
                                  lish, keep in mind that learning the local language is a definite asset.

                                  THE BEST PLACE TO DO
                                  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Netherlands ranks third in the
                                  best European countries for doing business. It scores particularly highly on
                                  indicators such as a stable and effective political system, excellent macroeco-
                                  nomic environment, efficient financial sector, flexible labour market, interna-
                                  tionally oriented economy and its central location in the European Union.

                                  Limburg, the most southern province of the Netherlands, is strategically situ-
                                  ated in the heart of Western Europe. With 1.12 million inhabitants, it accounts
                                  for 7% of the Dutch population. The major urban regions are Maastricht, the
                                  oldest city in the Netherlands, Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen and Venlo. In the north,
                                  Limburg borders the provinces of Brabant and Gelderland. The River Meuse
                                  flows through Limburg for 160 kilometres from south to north, providing a
                                  direct connection with the port of Rotterdam and, via canals, with Antwerp.

                                  Limburg borders Germany for a distance of 212 kilometres and Belgium for 140
                                  kilometres and is strategically located between some of the main metropolitan
                                  areas of Europe:

                                    The Hague, Utrecht.


                                    Essen, Bochum, Dortmund.
          Sabic, Sittard-Geleen
                                                                                                                           38 / 39   TO WORK

                                    This geographical situation makes Limburg the prime choice for any enterprise                    make up the majority of foreigners in Limburg with people from neighbouring
                                    intending to start its activities in a favourable location in the still-expanding EU             Germany and Belgium being the front runners. Other major foreign communi-
                                    market. In the last 30 years, more than 450 international companies have                         ties are Indonesian, Moroccan and Turkish. Limburg’s multicultural population
                                    chosen Limburg as a base for their, often pan-European, operations. The advan-                   is a significant advantage for companies doing business in a global economy.
                                    tages of Limburg’s geographical situation and the skills of its labour force, com-
                                    bined with other strong local factors, amply reward those who have the
                                    imagination to exploit the opportunities it offers.                                              REGIONAL ECONOMY AND INCOME
                                                                                                                                     Limburg’s economy has always been based on industry. In fact, in the 19th cen-
                                                                                                                                     tury, industrialisation in the Netherlands actually started in Maastricht. The
                                    INFRASTRUCTURE                                                                                   late 1990s saw a rapid change towards a service-oriented economy with com-
                                    The Maastricht Region is easy to get to by car, boat (inland waterways) and                      mercial services and healthcare being the main drivers. However Limburg is still
                                    plane and has a well-developed public transport network. Traffic jams are                         the most industrialised province when employment is considered.
                                    almost non-existent. There are four trains an hour between the four “districts”,
                                    and efforts are being made to increase the speed and frequency of service. The                   Economic growth in Limburg stagnated in the first years of this century.
                                    region has its own airport and is only an hour’s travel from the international air-              Because of its strong focus on exports, the world economic downturn hit the
                                                                                                                                     region severely. In 2004, the regional economy recovered and 2006 showed a
                                    hand. London and Paris have never been so close. Regular scheduled express                       strong increase in investments, export, consumption and employment.
                                    trains run frequently and reach Brussels in just over an hour, Amsterdam in 2,
                                    Paris and Frankfurt in 3 and London in 4 hours.
                                                                                                                                     LABOUR MARKET AND EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                                                                     The labour force in Limburg numbers almost 500,000 people. Between 2001
                                    City                 Kilometres            Miles                                                 and 2005, it showed an annual growth of 1.5%, which was entirely caused by
Road distances                      Amsterdam            200                   124                                                   the increased participation of women.
                                    Antwerp              110                   68
From Maastricht to major European   Berlin               650                   404                                                   The labour force in Limburg is well educated, with a high proportion of people
cities                              Brussels             110                   68                                                    who have completed higher education. The number of people at secondary edu-
                                    Cologne              90                    65                                                    cation level is comparable to the national average.
                                    Düsseldorf           95                    60
                                    Eindhoven            80                    50
                                    Frankfurt            275                   171
                                    Geneva               775                   482                                                   PERSONAL ASSISTANCE FOR
                                    London               490                   305
                                    Luxembourg           150                   93                                                    FOREIGN INVESTORS
                                    Milan                875                   544
                                    Munich               675                   419                                                   Limburg Development and Investment Company LIOF provides assistance for
                                    Paris                400                   249                                                   foreign investors free of charge. Services include insights and data on site selec-
                                    Prague               750                   466                                                   tion and logistic strategies and guidance on such matters as available incen-
                                    Rotterdam            200                   124                                                   tives for investments and innovations, permit produces and tax structures. All
                                                                                                                                     services are tailor-made and provided on a confidential basis. LIOF introduces
                                                                                                                                     corporate investors to a variety of Dutch national and regional networks and
                                    POPULATION                                                                                       service suppliers, local government authorities and to others central to the
                                    Limburg has more than 1 million inhabitants, 55% of whom live in the conurba-                    investment process. LIOF can help with finding business accommodation, has
                                    tion in the southern part of the province. The population in the central and                     contacts with staffing agencies, and may be able to provide venture capital. For
                                    northern part is more scattered with 21% and 25% of the total population                         each focus area LIOF has experts ready to guide foreign investors. Focus areas
                                    respectively.                                                                                    are High Tech Systems, Life Sciences, Value-added Logistics, Renewable Energy,
                                                                                                                                     MRO and Agro-Food. Once the decision to settle in Limburg has been made,
                                    Limburg has a multicultural population, with 45 different nationalities living                   LIOF can introduce staff to local partners who can provide help on personal relo-
                                    together. More than 100,000 people are of foreign origin (9%). European citizens                 cation issues, such as accommodation and education.
                                                                                       40 / 41                                    TO WORK

LIOF‘s brief is to support the development of the Limburg economy and the pro-                                                    innovators at the medical and healthcare centres in Heerlen (Atrium), Sittard-
motion of its business climate. LIOF regularly combines forces with the Dutch          Hospitals                                  Geleen (Orbis) and Maastricht (MUMC+) are working on the frontiers of modern
Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Provincial Government, the Chamber of Com-                                                      medicine.
merce and the Limburg municipalities to stimulate investment in Limburg.               Atrium Medical Center Heerlen /
                                                                                       Parkstad                                   The Maastricht Region is home to the headquarters of various multinationals
More information                                                                       Atrium MC is one of the largest general    such as DSM, Sabic, Vodafone and APG (the Dutch public service pension fund,
Does your company need advice or information about (re)location and the                hospitals in the Netherlands, with loca-   which with invested assets of EUR 210 billion is one of the largest financial insti-
current business climate? LIOF has experts assigned to key focus and geo-              tions in Heerlen, Brunssum and Ker-        tutions in the world) and the worldwide call centres of DHL and Mercedes-Benz.
graphical areas.                                                                       krade. It was voted best hospital of the   Business tourism (conferences) and leisure in the broadest sense (hospitality,
                                                                                       year in 2009 by the quality index of       recreation and wellness) are important economic drivers for the region.
Renewable Energy                                                                       newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, the AD
Jacques Mikx, Head of Department, Investment Promotion and Business                    Ziekenhuis Top 100.
Development (IBD)                                                                      www.atriummc.com                           CAREERS FOR PARTNERS
jmikx@liof.nl                                                                                                                     Despite an increasingly global society, the expatriate spouse who is unable to
                                                                                       Maastricht UMC+                            pursue his or her career remains a problem. In fact the number-one reason for
High-tech Systems / Asia                                                               Maastricht University Medical Center.      foreign assignment failure remains family discontent. Companies and reloca-
Mart Dijk, Senior Project Manager                                                      A cooperation between the University       tion agencies are realising that self-employment and portable careers are an
mdijk@liof.nl                                                                          Hospital Maastricht and Maastricht         alternative solution, and they do focus on being helpful in that direction.
Life Sciences, Shared Service Centers/ North America                                   UMC’s five focus area’s:                    Seventy-five per cent of international managers are involved in a dual-career
Sjoerd Boomsma, Senior Project Manager                                                 1 Cardiovascular diseases                  scenario. As both partners increasingly have their own careers, this is reflected
sboomsma@liof.nl                                                                       2 Chronic diseases                         in the large numbers of accompanying spouses who want to find a fulfilling
                                                                                       3 Oncology                                 occupation while overseas. Problems that you have to deal with when following
Aerospace MRO / Europe                                                                 4 Mental health care and neuroscience      your partner on an international assignment are:
Jaap Heukelom, Senior Project Manager                                                  5 Public health and primary care
jheukelom@liof.nl                                                                      www.mumc.nl

Agro-Food                                                                              Orbis Medical Center, Sittard
Mark Koppers, Project Manager                                                          Orbis Medical Center is a high-tech
mkoppers@liof.nl                                                                       center aimed at providing high quality
                                                                                       care in the most patient-friendly and
                                                                                       efficient way, focussing on:
                                                                                         Striving for at-home feeling             Being in a situation like this means that you should look for help and consultation.
CAREERS AND INDUSTRIES                                                                   Patient at the center of care-giving     The hiring company can help with applying for a work permit for the partner, and
                                                                                         Smart technology solutions               might even provide support with some language courses. Relocation agencies can
The Maastricht Region offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. Its           www.orbisconcern.nl                        help with the cultural issues, assessments and validation of the foreign education.
three technology campuses are pioneers in innovation. Avantis (Parkstad) spe-                                                     Head-hunters, temp agencies and social networks can help you to find a job. It will
cialises in new, high-tech energy facilities, while cross-border clinical facilities                                              take time and the job abroad might not be as interesting as the one you had in
are on the horizon. The Chemelot R&D Campus (Sittard-Geleen) is a global                                                          your home country, but it is an experience that will always look good on your CV.
leader in performance materials and biotechnology. This is the birthplace of
Dyneema, the world’s strongest fibre. Finally, the Campus in Randwyck-Maas-
tricht is making major innovations in healthcare. Heavy industry, such as the                                                     LANGUAGE COURSES AND OTHER ADULT EDUCATION
Nedcar automotive manufacturing plant and the DSM chemical company, is                                                            The Maastricht Region borders on Germany and on both French and Flemish-
also located close by.                                                                                                            speaking Belgium. If you include the international students, you will hear many
                                                                                                                                  languages and dialects daily. Apart from the intensive language courses on offer
Economic growth is generated by a major academic/life-sciences hub linking                                                        at Maastricht University, various institutes have classes depending on your
Maastricht University, Maastricht University Medical Center and the technical                                                     needs. Syntra Limburg in Belgium is said to provide the cheaper options. Most
universities of Aachen (20 kilometres away), Eindhoven and Louvain. Leading                                                       cities in the region have institutions offering arts and culture education.
                                                                                   42 / 43                                      TO WORK

Regional professional networks are primarily Dutch; however several service
clubs in the region have dedicated international branches. International Round
Table Maastricht (for men aged18-40), Rotary International (for 40+ profession-
als), Kiwanis International and Lions Club Maastricht Mondial are internation-                                                                     Are you an international and coming to
ally known service clubs that are good for getting connected in the area. The                                                                      work and live in the Southeast Netherlands?
annual May Fair, the Lion’s Club’s main fundraiser, is a great event that brings                                                                   Do you have questions about visa? About
together expatriates and their families to meet, mingle and enjoy a free after-
                                                                                                                                                   housing? Are you looking for a clear
noon of entertainment, information and hospitality at a location in the Euregio.
The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel Zuid-Limburg) is also a
                                                                                                                                                   explanation on the Dutch educational
good place to start, especially for networking events, starting your own busi-                                                                     system? Or maybe you want to learn more
ness or if you are looking for business advice.                                                 Formalities                                        about the Dutch culture and manners?
                                                                                                                                                   Go to the website Expatguideholland.com
                                                                                                                                                   and nd all the answers to your questions!
For more information: www.maastrichtregion.com                                                  Finance & Insurance

                                                                                                Education & Careers

                                                                                                Personal & Social Needs

                                                                                                Culture & Leisure

                                                                                             The top technology region Southeast Netherlands has not only much to o er on a professional
                                                                                             level but just as much on a personal level. Since moving is always a hectic time, we strive to make
                                                                                             the transition to a new home in a new country as smooth as possible so you and your family can
                                                                                             concentrate on settling in, and enjoy living here.

                                                                                             The website Expatguideholland.com collates all information and services that are relevant to
                                                                                             internationals who are going to live and work in the Southeast Netherlands. Expatguideholland.com
                                                                                             answers every question you may have on the matters of formalities, housing, taxation, nance &
                                                                                             insurance, education & careers, personal & social needs and culture & leisure. And, if you cannot nd
                                                                                             the answer to your question on the website, just ll in the contact form and our experts will respond
                                                                                             to your questions within three days!

          44 / 45                                   TO LIVE

to live
                                                    Moving to the very southern tip of the Netherlands means moving to the
                                                    centre of Europe. With Brussels, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Liège
                                                    and, of course, Paris all within three hours’ travelling time and several
                                                    airports close-by, Europe is at your feet. And although the inhabitants
                                                    will say that the Maastricht Region is nothing like the rest of the Neth-
                                                    erlands, the Dutch are generally easy-going, albeit straight-forward.
                                                    And most of them speak English. They are known for their tolerance of
                                                    other religions, viewpoints and customs, which makes the Netherlands
                                                    an attractive location for foreigners.

                                                    DECIDING WHERE TO LIVE
          Insights                                  Choosing where to live can be a major headache if you don’t know the area: the
                                                    procedures may not be the same as you are used to, and the information will be
                                                    in a language you may not understand. Ideally you should visit the area a
            densely populated countries in          month or so before moving to select your new home, but as this is not always
            Europe, with almost 400 people per      possible you may need to stay in a hotel when you arrive while you find some-
            square kilometre.                       where to live. Unfortunately, staying in temporary accommodation can delay
                                                    your registration at the Town Hall, and in some cases your application for a resi-
            why many houses are small and           dence permit – see the ‘Formalities’ section for more information.
                                                    Most people coming to the Maastricht Region will probably choose to live in the
            in maximizing the use of space.         area. However, Dutch transport networks are good and some prefer to commute
                                                    from other areas. It’s even possible to commute from Belgium, Germany or
            still cheaper and/or more spacious      Luxembourg but you should check the legal position first. For most EU citizens
            than in Amsterdam, Utrecht or           there are no issues, but if you need a residence permit you may have to live in
            Rotterdam.                              the Netherlands. Living outside the country may also have tax consequences,
                                                    so consult your HR Manager. Your company might be able to help you with
            diversity of housing types and envi-    housing, so consult them.
            ronments – from the city feel to vil-
            lage life in the surrounding
            countryside.                            DUTCH HOMES
                                                    Dutch homes vary from studio apartments (a single room including sleeping area,
                                                    living area and cooking facilities) to more traditional apartments with multiple,
                                                    separate bedrooms, and larger houses (detached, semi-detached, and terraced).
                                                    With little available space, houses at the lower and middle end of the market
                                                    tend to be fairly compact out of necessity. How you see this depends on your
                                                    experience in your home country. Most Europeans comment that housing is
                                                    expensive and gardens small. Americans used to the spacious properties fre-
                                                    quently found there also feel that the rooms themselves are small (particularly
                                                    children’s bedrooms). They are more likely to require the more luxurious end of
                                                    the market in terms of decoration, fixtures and fittings. Those coming from
                                                    places such as Singapore however, where land is also at a premium, may see
                                                    things differently. Wherever you come from, it is essential to realise that the
                                                    housing available will probably not be the same as you are used to!
                                                                                     46 / 47                                TO LIVE

LIVING IN THE MAASTRICHT REGION                                                                                             EDUCATION
The Maastricht Region has green hill-country (‘Heuvelland’) in the centre sur-       International
rounded by the urban areas of Maastricht (West), Sittard/Geleen (North), Park-                                              Schools in the Maastricht Region have ranked among the top ten best schools
                                                                                     education                              in the Netherlands for some years now. Some of them have international curri-
Maastricht, no-nonsense Heerlen and the workers’ ethic of Sittard/Geleen. The                                               cula suitable for non-Dutch speakers. Two international schools in the region
region offers a wealth of choice in finding your new home. Traffic jams are prac-      Pre-primary education                  provide an international education: the Afnorth International School in
tically unheard-of and the cities and villages are safe and relaxed. So whether      United World College Maastricht        Brunssum, which meets British/American and German educational require-
you prefer the inner-city bustle, leafy suburban towns or quaint villages and the    Pre-school                             ments, and recently the United World College Maastricht (UWC). UWC was
privacy of a rural property these are all options within commuting distance of       www.joppenhof-id.nl                    founded by merging two existing schools: the International School Maastricht
work. As one executive’s wife put it, ‘This is the first posting where we have been                                          (ISM), and the Joppenhof International Primary School, which teaches the
able to enjoy breakfast with the entire family’.                                     Primary education                      International Baccalaureate (IB). The Maastricht Region is also home to two
                                                                                     United World College Maastricht        well-regarded institutes for higher education: Maastricht University (UM) and
                                                                                     Primary School                         Zuyd University (Hogeschool Zuyd). Aachen University of Technology, one of
UTILITIES (GAS, WATER, ELECTRICITY, PHONE,                                           www.joppenhof-id.nl                    the largest and best-performing universities in Europe, is within easy reach.
The Netherlands has excellent utilities. Practically every home has mains elec-      Secondary education
tricity, drinkable water, central heating, fixed-line phones, and mobile phone        International School Maastricht
and high-speed Internet coverage. In urban areas, most properties have piped         (UWC)                                  DAY-CARE FOR CHILDREN
gas for cooking and heating, mains drainage, and cable TV.                           www.ismaastricht.nl
                                                                                                                            There are plenty of day-care centres in the Maastricht Region and waiting-lists
You can also organise your telephone line by visiting a Primafoon shop (listed in    Afnorth international School           are short. The MIK nursery and after-school care-centre (www.mik-online.nl –
the Yellow Pages (www.goudengids.nl). Take your passport, residence permit,          www.afnorth-is.com                     in Dutch) provides services at 80 different locations while Humanitas
work contract, bank account number and address.                                                                             (www.humanitas.nl) has 12 day-nurseries and 17 after-school care-centres in
                                                                                     Porta Mosana (bi-lingual)              the Maastricht Region. MIK and Humanitas organise many activities, from
                                                                                     www.portamosana.nl                     street dances and swimming to a brass-band course.

THE DUTCH HEALTHCARE                                                                 Tertiary education                     A good meeting point for pregnant women and mothers with young children is
                                                                                     Maastricht University                  Maastricht International Playgroup: an English-speaking, non-profit associa-
SYSTEM                                                                               www.maastrichtuniversity.nl            tion of expatriate and Dutch parents, carers, and parents-to-be (www.mip.f-sw.
                                                                                                                            com). Apart from day-care and in-home childcare, there is a further option for
The family doctor (huisarts) is central to the Dutch healthcare system. For          Zuyd University                        toddlers: from the age of two, children can go to ‘peuterspeelzaal’ (toddler play
many newcomers this predominant role is the single most important difference         www.hszuyd.nl                          school).
between the medical practice in the Netherlands and that of their home coun-
try. Another difference is the medical culture. In the Netherlands, antibiotics      Other education
and other medications are prescribed with greater reserve than you may be            Chinese school, Brunssum
accustomed to. This has resulted in a very low incidence of antibiotic-resistant     www.wahfookwui.nl                      TRANSPORTATION
                                                                                     Japanese school                        It’s easy to get around the Maastricht Region. Fast public transportation and
Testing is not automatic and annual check-ups are not part of the basic service.     www.geocities.jp/maastrichtjapanese-   direct highways connect to major European cities and there are no less than
In general, these extra services are only provided if there is evidence that they    school/index.htm                       seven different airports in the area. For an overview of routes in and out of the
are necessary. Some private clinics now offer this service but these are expen-                                             region see the map on pages 30-31 .
sive and are not covered by Dutch insurers. The following institutions offer
scanning facilities: www.prescan.nl and www.privatescan.nl

You can find detailed information on healthcare, including pregnancy, child-
birth and dental care at www.maastrichtregion.com and also check the
Resources Section in the back.
                                                                                                       48 / 49   TO LIVE

                   RELIGION                                                                                      Waste and recycling has proved to be a complicated matter, please consult the
                                                                                                                 Maastricht Region website to find out about waste management in your munic-
                   The Netherlands is a tolerant nation in which all the major religions are repre-              ipality: www.maastrichtregion.com/to_live/formalities/waste__recycling.html
                   sented. Every individual has the right to change religion and is free to practise
                   his or her religion or conviction. In this country, about 31% of the population
                   are Roman Catholic, 20% Protestant and 5.5% Muslim. 2.5% of Dutch people                      For more information: www.maastrichtregion.com
                   have another religious conviction while 41% profess no religion at all.

                   DAILY NEEDS
Fresh food
                   Most daily groceries can be bought at the Dutch supermarkets or local stores,
markets            but there is also a wide range of options just across the border, including a

Monday             increasing variety of organic foods available in the Netherlands. Most cities
Valkenburg         have a health-food store and larger organic supermarkets can be found in
Heerlen/Parkstad   Popular options for shopping are the weekly local markets, which are full of sur-
                   prises and excellent places for people-watching. Most markets have a wide
Wednesday          range of products ranging from avocados to bike parts, although some special-
Maastricht         ise in certain items. For example, the Maastricht market on Friday mornings is
                   famous for fish, the Sittard market on Thursday morning for its selection of fab-
Thursday           rics and the Geleen market on Saturday mornings for its fresh produce. Go and
Sittard/Geleen     explore them all!

Friday             Speciality food stores for local products such as jams, cheeses and chutneys
Maastricht         can be found in most towns, as can Asian stores. Nowadays, there are several
                   that enable you to order products from your home country. Expat Guide Holland
Saturday           (www.expatguideholland.com) provides various links.
                   Check the local town website or the special ‘Dutch markets’ website
Sunday             (www.hollandsemarkten.nl) for weekly schedules of markets near you.

                   WASTE AND RECYCLING
                   There are several recycling schemes, which may vary slightly depending on the
                   community. Most homes have two rubbish bins that are emptied on alternate
                   weeks: a green one for biodegradable waste, and a grey one for other household
                   waste. Paper is collected fortnightly, and a van collects small chemical waste
                   such as light bulbs, batteries, and harmful cleaning products. Bottle banks are
                   located outside many supermarkets, as are collection points for unwanted
                   clothing, and sometimes also batteries. The price of bottled beers and soft
                   drinks includes a small deposit that is refundable on returning the empty
             50 / 51              TO LOVE

to love
                                  The Maastricht Region is truly loved by its residents and its many visi-
                                  tors. There is no single reason for its appeal – there are many reasons.
                                  “Maastricht was propelled into stardom with the signing of the Treaty
                                  of Maastricht and the birth of the euro in 1992”, says newcomer David
                                  Wells-Greco. “This rightfully added to its international fame, but it’s
                                  the diversity that makes people speak passionately about the area. It
                                  has cosmopolitan European allure without the big city problems.
                                  There’s plenty of space; it’s green and calm, and yet there are ample
                                  opportunities to be inspired or have fun. Once you’ve lived in the Maas-
                                  tricht Region, you will always remember the good life there. Children
                                  can attend school within walking or cycling distance and safely visit
                                  friends or sports clubs on their own. They don’t have to be taught about
                                  independence and freedom; they live it.”

                                  The Netherlands prides itself on being a sporting nation and if you want to get
                                  some exercise, you will surely find what you are looking for. Because of its beau-
                                  tiful scenery and hilly landscape, the Maastricht Region attracts many recre-
                                  ational cyclists and hosts various cycling races. It’s also great for hiking. There
                                  is an immense variety of active and spectator sports varying from canoeing on
                                  the Maas, hot-air ballooning and skiing and snowboarding in Europe’s largest
                                  indoor skiing facility, to a leisurely game of golf or boules.

                                  WHERE TO FIND YOUR FAVOURITE SPORT
                                  Naturally there are far more sports available in the Maastricht Region than we
                                  have space to feature here. However, here is a selection that seems to appeal to
                                  most expatriates.

                                  Many expats are surprised to discover that there’s a thriving cricket club in the
                                  Maastricht Region: Heerlen CC. The club welcomes expats and their skills with
                                  open arms! Contact Andrew Davies by e-mail at info@cricketheerlen.com or call
                                  045 566 0970 for more information.

                                  FOOTBALL (SOCCER)
                                  The best-known football team in the Maastricht Region is Roda JC, currently in
                                  the Dutch Premier League. There are also several local soccer clubs for the
                                  enthusiastic amateur. See under voetbal in the Sports section of the Community
          Cultura Nova, Heerlen
                                                                                      52 / 53   TO LOVE

SWIMMING                                                                                        thing less strenuous, there are the architectural highlights of an historic city
There are many swimming pools in the Maastricht Region, the largest of which                    centre. For the adventurous, there’s a variety of activities including kayaking or
is Gulpen Mosaqua with a competition pool, an instruction pool, and a large rec-                canoeing trips and climbing or skiing in the Netherlands’ largest indoor ski
reational pool with rapids, water glides, whirlpools, and a paddling pool for the               piste. There are even underground passageways that have been made accessi-
little ones. Plus a host of other facilities.                                                   ble for mountain bikers! And after a day of hard exercise, you can rest and relax
                                                                                                at a spa.

Hockey is very popular in the Netherlands. There are usually teams appropriate                  FOOD AND DRINK
for all skill levels, not just for top players. Hockey can be a fun way to mix with             A simple fact says it all: eight Michelin stars have been awarded in a region no
Dutch people. Look in the Community Guide under hockey.                                         larger than 20 x 20 kilometres. Maastricht is the culinary capital of the Nether-
                                                                                                lands, but there are countless bistros, cafés and other small restaurants in the
                                                                                                region to suit every taste and budget. Visitors are not only attracted by the gas-
GOLF                                                                                            tronomic excellence: they also love the boutiques in the old city centre of Maas-
Golf is growing increasingly popular in the Netherlands. A few years ago, it was                tricht and the opportunities to enjoy art, cultural events and the beautiful
a sport for the happy few, but nowadays it is open to everyone.                                 outdoors in the entire region.

In Sittard-Geleen, the Laco Glanerbrook sports centre has an ice-skating centre                 SHOPPING
with a 400m track, an indoor fun court, and a training field.
                                                                                                Class and allure: that’s what Maastricht is famous for. The cosy atmosphere and
                                                                                                diversity of shops, boutiques and specialty stores makes Maastricht very attrac-
MORE INFORMATION                                                                                tive for all kinds of shoppers.
The ANWB (www.anwb.nl) and the Maastricht Region’s tourist offices
(www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl and www.vvvmaastricht.eu) which are both national                        Just outside Heerlen the Woonboulevard is excellent for home furnishing, it
tourism organisations, have informational websites and stores in the larger                     includes one of Europe’s largest IKEA’s. For other ‘good value’ shopping try
cities with a great selection of roadmaps for hiking, cycling and guides for other              Decathlon for sporting goods and Hornbach, Gamma or Praxis for home furnish-
sports activities or events.                                                                    ing and building materials.

See your municipality website, the local community guide or consult the                         Two designer outlets with unique designer labels and luxury brands offer good
(online) telephone book (www.detelefoongids.nl) for information on sport clubs                  fun and value to residents in the region: Designer Outlet Roermond and Maas-
and locations. More information on sports activities can be found at:                           mechelen Village.

                                                                                                If you’re looking for arts and culture, the Maastricht Region, with its long, rich
The spacious, tranquil, hilly countryside of the Maastricht Region is bordered                  history, is definitely the place to be. As you might expect, the region houses a
by historic towns and major tourist attractions. The variety that can be found in               variety of historical museums and sites, ranging from artefacts from the Roman
this small region is truly astonishing, and very different from the rest of the                 era in the Thermen Museum in Heerlen to the treasure-house of Saint Servatius
Netherlands. Dutch people who visit often feel they are abroad. And those who                   Cathedral in Maastricht, from the Museum of Natural History to the Museum
                                                                                                aan het Vrijthof (located in the former Spanish government building). Interna-
to Aachen in Germany have all of Europe at their feet.                                          tional contemporary art can be found in the striking Bonnefanten Museum in
                                                                                                Maastricht, Museum Het Domein in Sittard and at Schunck Glaspaleis in Heer-
The Maastricht Region’s hilly countryside makes it ideal for a great many sport-                len. And of course the region abounds in smaller private galleries.
ing activities. It’s perfect cycling and hiking country. And if you want some-
                                                                                      54 / 55                                  TO LOVE

Schunck Glaspaleis in Heerlen and Centre Céramique in Maastricht amply illus-                                                  Maastricht Toneelstad Festival            Kunstroute Europapark Sittard
trate that public libraries in the Netherlands are often much more than just a        Events                                   Theatre festival, Maastricht              Art village, Sittard
place to borrow a book: they present frequently-changing exhibitions, house                                                    www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl              www.kunstrouteeuropapark.nl
various community events and organisations and even have a coffee bar.                January
                                                                                      The European Fine Food Fair              Remembrance Day Margraten                 Orlando Festival
Theatre, music and dance abound in Maastricht’s theatres and concert halls.           Food fair, Maastricht                    Remembrance Day event, Margraten          International chamber music festival,
Even the smaller towns often have two cinemas: one for mainstream movies              www.efff.nl                              www.adoptiegraven-margraten.nl            Kerkrade
and one for art-house movies. And as anyone will tell you, many of the region’s                                                                                          www.orlandofestival.nl
bars and cafés are often not just places for a late-night drink, but dance-halls      February                                 Pinkpop
too.                                                                                  Carnaval                                 The Netherlands’ oldest music festival,   Preuvenemint Maastricht
                                                                                      Dutch carnival, Limburg                  Landgraaf                                 Culinary event, Maastricht
And within an hour’s drive, a world of possibilities for culture-lovers opens up in   carnaval.eropuitinlimburg.com            www.pinkpop.nl                            www.preuvenemint.nl

                                                                                      March                                    June                                      Limburg Festival
For more information about art and culture in the Maastricht region, see              TEFAF                                    Breakfest                                 Street theatre, Limburg
www.maastrichtregion.com. For detailed information about forthcoming                  International art fair, Maastricht       Youth culture & music festival,           www.limburgfestival.nl
events, see www.maastrichtregion.com/to_love/cultural_calendar.html                   www.tefaf.com                            Landgraaf
                                                                                                                               www.breakfest.nl                          September
                                                                                      Duringtefaf festival                                                               Musica Sacra Maastricht
                                                                                      Concerts, performance and exhibitions,   Cultuur- en Folklorefestival              Sacred music, Maastricht
FOR KIDS                                                                              Maastricht                               Folk festival, Wijnandsrade               www.musicasacramaastricht.nl
                                                                                      www.duringtefaf.com                      www.festivalwijnandsrade.nl
The Maastricht Region is a perfect place for children to grow up, and to enjoy                                                                                           October
themselves too. They can safely commute to friends or sporting clubs by them-         April                                    July                                      Dutch Dancedays
selves, and there is plenty to do and discover for toddlers, kids and teenagers.      Amstel Gold Race                         Kunstmaand Vaals                          Performance, Maastricht
Activities range from learning how to bake a traditional ‘vlaai’ (the pie of the      ProTour cycling event, Valkenburg        Art village, Vaals                        www.theateraanhetvrijthof.nl
region) in the old city centre of Maastricht, to camping in the Ardennes, playing     www.amstelgoldrace.nl                    www.vaals.nl
in one of the many playgrounds in the area or taking a street-dance class at                                                                                             November
Kumulus. The Natural History Museum in Maastricht devotes special attention           Kennedy Mars                             Oud Limburgs Schutterfeest                Jumping Indoor Maastricht (JIM)
to kids with interactive exhibits, and if your children want to see the real thing,   Walking event, Sittard                   Civic guard festival, Grubbenvorst        Horse-jumping, Maastricht
                                                                                      www.kennedymars.org                      www.ols-2010.nl                           www.jumpingindoormaastricht.nl

The Maastricht region boasts no less than two major theme parks: for good old-        Made in Europe                           Worldfestival Parade Brunssum             December
fashioned fun, there’s the Valkenier while the enchanting Sprookjesbos brings         Filmfestival, Maastricht, Heerlen,       World dance and music, Brunssum           Kerstmarkt Aken
all our favourite fairy stories to life. And if you thought that the Netherlands is   Sittard, Aachen                          www.paradebrunssum.nl                     Christmas market, Aachen, Germany
just flat polder, you’ll be amazed at the state-of-the-art Neolite climbing centre     www.madeineuropefilmfestival.eu           (next edition 2012)                       www.aachen.de
in Heerlen.
                                                                                      May                                      August                                    Kerstmarkt Gemeentegrot
                                                                                      Bevrijdingsfestival Roermond             Booch! Heerlen                            Christmas market, Valkenburg
For more information: www.maastrichtregion.com                                        Remembrance Day music event,             Music festival, Heerlen                   www.valkenburgkerstmarkt.nl
                                                                                      Roermond                                 www.booch.nl
                                                                                      www.bevrijdingsfestivallimburg.nl                                                  four times a year
                                                                                                                               Cultura Nova Heerlen                      PechaKucha Maastricht
                                                                                      Koningsvogelschieten St. Joseph          Theatre, music, dance, visual art and     12 sparkling speeches, Maastricht
                                                                                      Vijlen                                   film, Heerlen                              20 x 20 seconds
                                                                                      Civic guard festival, Vijlen             www.culturanova.nl                        www.pechakuchamaastricht.eu
                                                                                                                                  56 / 57                              RESOURCES

                                              Recruitment services for internationals   International school holidays             Away with the kids                                                            Family matters
Practical                                     Undutchables                              www.eurydice.org                          www.wegmetdekids.nl                  Resources for                            www.family-matters.nl
resources                                     Box-expat (Belgium)
                                                                                        Long distance calls
                                                                                                                                  Tourism in and around Aachen
                                                                                                                                                                       the interna-                             Transition dynamics

Emergencies (police, ambulance, fire)
                                              www.box-expat.eu (Belgium)                www.tele2.nl                              www.kingkalli.de
                                                                                                                                                                       tional                                   Third-Culture kids
112                                           Housing and relocation                    Driving licence                                                                                                         www.tckinteract.net

Immigration and Naturalisation Service
                                              www.maastrichtregion.com/to_live/         www.rijbewijs.nl/nl/english               (A)way, Belgium-based magazine for   community
                                              your_home.html                                                                      international families                                                        News
                                                                                        Public transport                          www.awaymagazine.be                  In general
www.ind.nl                                    Moving to the Netherlands                                                                                                                                         Radio Netherlands Worldwide
                                              www.movetothenetherlands.com              Public Transportation                                                          About moving to the Netherlands          www.rnw.nl/english
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (visas, legali-
                                                                                        www.9292ov.nl                                                                  www.movetothenetherlands.com
sation etc.)                                  List of international movers                                                                                                                                      Dutch National Newspaper (NRC) inter-
www.minbuza.nl                                www.nevim.com                             Train                                                                                                                   national edition
                                                                                                                                                                       Resources for expatriates
                                                                                        www.ns.nl                                                                                                               www.nrc.nl/international/
Netherlands organisation for higher           Utilities                                                                                                                www.access-nl.org
education                                     www.maastrichtregion.com/to_live/         International trains (also see page 16)                                        www.expatica.com                         Dutch news
www.nuffic.nl                                  your_home.html                            Belgium www.b-rail.be                                                          www.access-nl.org                        www.dutchnews.nl
                                              www.huisaansluitingen.nl (Dutch)          Germany www.bahn.de                                                            www.xpats.com
International service desk Maastricht
                                                                                        France www.sncf.fr                                                             www.NLplanet.com                         Regional resources
+31 43 350 50 10                              Yellow Pages
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international@Maastricht.nl                   www.goudengids.nl                                                                                                        Government news and information          Crossroads, English-language web mag-
                                                                                                                                                                       www.government.nl                        azine for the international community
Your Embassy                                  References to everything Dutch            Language courses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                living in Maastricht and surroundings
www.embassiesabroad.com/embassies-            www.fireflycoaching.com/resources.nl                                                                                       Official site of Holland
                                                                                        Maastricht University Language Centre                                                                                   www.crossroads.mag.eu
in/Netherlands                                                                                                                                                         www.holland.com/global
                                              Your municipality                         www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/web/Main/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Meuse Rhine Journal, online regional
Tax                                           www.maastrichtregion.com/to_live/for-     ProspectiveStudents/ShortCourses.htm                                           History of the Netherlands
                                                                                                                                                                                                                business magazine
www.belastingdienst.nl                        malities/your_municipality.html                                                                                          www.history-netherlands.nl
                                                                                        Syntra Limburg                                                                                                          www.meuse-rhine-journal.com
Hospitals and healthcare information                                                    www.syntra-limburg.be                                                          Dutch royalty
                                              Day Care                                                                                                                                                          History of Maastricht
www.maastrichtregion.com/to_live/                                                                                                                                      www.koninkrijkhuis.nl/english
                                                                                        Berlitz                                                                                                                 www.zichtopmaastricht.nl
health.html                                   MIK (Maatwerk in kinderopvang
                                                                                        www.berlitz.nl/en/maastricht                                                   CIA’s World Factbook on
                                              Maastricht and surroundings)                                                                                                                                      Cultural Calendar
Ministry of Health                                                                                                                                                     The Netherlands
                                              www.mik-online.nl                         Jeroen Bosch Institute                                                                                                  www.maastrichtregion.com/to_love/cul-
www.minvws.nl/en                                                                                                                                                       www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/
                                                                                        www.instituutjeroenbosch.nl/en/                                                                                         tural_calendar.html
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Verification of qualifications                                                            index.html
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www.beroepserkenning.nl                                                                                                                                                Parenting in Holland                     South Limburg Tourist Guide
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accounts/?region=egh                                                                                                                                                   index.html
                                              www.uwc.nl                                www.vvv-maastricht.eu/home.html
Practical guide for internationals                                                                                                                                     Support during and after childbirth
                                              Afnorth International School, Brunssum    Out with the kids
www.expatguideholland.com                                                                                                                                              www.doula.nl
                                              www.afnorth-is.com/index-1.html           www.uitmetkinderen.nl (Dutch)
                                                                                                               58 / 59                                    RESOURCES

Clubs and groups                                                          Fine, and you (formal)?                                                         Current participants       Province of Limburg

Maastricht International Playgroup
                                          Basic Dutch                     Goed, en met u?                      The Maastricht
                                          phrases                         Pleased to meet you
                                                                          Aangenaam kennis te maken
                                                                                                               Region, a
International women’s club
www.iwc-sl.nl                             Hello                           How much is it?                      welcoming
                                          Hallo                           Hoeveel kost het?
Lion’s Club Mondial Maastricht
www.lionsmaastrichtmondial.nl             Goodbye                         See you later
                                                                                                               region                                       maatschappij BV

                                          Tot ziens                       Tot ziens
International Round Table                                                                                      The Provincial authority, nineteen town
www.rt179.nl                              Good morning                    Sorry                                councils, companies and organisations
                                          Goedemorgen                     Sorry                                in the Maastricht Region have joined       Current auditors
                                                                                                               forces to ensure a sustainable and prom-                          -
www.rotary.nl                             Good afternoon                  Excuse me
                                                                                                               ising future for the Maastricht Region.      maatschappij
                                          Goedemiddag                     Pardon
www.kiwanis.nl                            Good evening                    Can you help me please (formal)?     Two institutions were founded for that
                                          Goedenavond                     Kunt u me helpen altublieft?         purpose:
Other (national) expat groups and clubs
                                                                                                               1 The Maastricht Region Urban Net-
www.expatguideholland.com/themes/         Yes                             Can you help me please (informal)?
                                                                                                                 work, a joint development platform
personal___social_needs/network___        Ja                              Kun je me helpen alsjeblieft?
                                                                                                                 and lobby;                               Current sponsors
                                          No                              I am trying to learn Dutch           2 The Maastricht Region Branding
                                          Nee                             Ik probeer Nederlands te leren         Foundation, set up to promote and
                                                                                                                 enhance the image of the region.
Interesting books on the                  Please (informal)
                                                                          for more phrases:
Netherlands                               Alsjeblieft
                                                                          www.linguata.com/dutch               Current partners
The Holland Handbook                      Please (formal)
Xpat Media                                Alstublieft

The History of Holland                    Thanks (informal)
Mark Hooker                               Dankjewel

Dealing with the Dutch                    Thanks (formal)
Jacob Vossestein                          Dankuwel
                                                                                                                 Zuyd University
Culture shock Netherlands                 My name is ..
Hunt Janin                                Ik heet ..

The art of crossing cultures              What is your name (informal)?
Craig Storti                              Hoe heet jij?

At home in Holland                        What is your name (formal)?
American’s Women’s Club of The Hague      Hoe heet u?

Undutchables                              How are you (informal)?
Colin White & Laurie Boucke               Hoe gaat het met jou?

Food shoppers guide to Holland            How are you (formal)?
Xpat Media                                Hoe gaat het met u?

                                          Fine, and you (informal)?
                                          Goed, en met jou?
Expat Guide for the
Maastricht Region
                                         Maastricht Region Branding Foundation                                                                       Schunck*
A publication of the Maastricht Region
Branding Foundation, May 2010
                                         Concept and editorial
                                         Lorraine Witteveen (Buro ter Meulen) for the Maastricht Branding Foundation
                                                                                                                                                     (1935 by architect Frits Peutz) is included in the
                                                                                                                                                     International Union of Architects (UIA) index of
Maastricht Region Branding Foundation
Lage Kanaaldijk 112-b
                                         Concept, design and execution
                                         Zuiderlicht, Maastricht
                                                                                                                                                     the 1,000 most significant architectural monu-
NL-6212 NA Maastricht                                                                                                                                ments of the 20th Century.
                                         Cover illustration
T +31 (0)43 328 25 65                    Stang Gubbels
E info@maastrichtregion.com
W www.maastrichtregion.com               Editing
                                         David Frazer Wray

                                         Interview photography: Loraine Bodewes
                                         Hugo Thomassen and Arnaud Nilwik
                                                                                                                                  Bookstore Selexyz
                                         Sueli Brodin and Lorraine Witteveen
                                         Print                                                                                    Possibly the most beautiful bookshop of all time...
                                         Schrijen Lippertz, Voerendaal                                                            ‘A bookshop made in heaven’ (The Guardian), nominated
                                         Thanks                                                                                   for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architec-
                                         André Rieu, Neena Kannan, Yu-Hwa Ed Sheu, John Smylie, Sueli Brodin, Alexandra           ture, the Mies van der Rohe Award 2009 and winner of 2nd
                                         Katerberg, Jo Cortenraedt, Vesteda Groep, Sam Welie and all locals who were happy
                                         to share their tips with our new international fellow residents!                         prize in the Contract World Awards.
                                         Various sources have been consulted in compiling and a number of organisations
                                         have lent their cooperation and provided information. The Maastricht Region
                                         Branding Foundation has verified this information as far as possible with authorities
                                         and experts. Nevertheless we remain dependent on external sources. We cannot,
                                         therefore, accept any liability for any errors or their consequences. We advise you at
                                         all times to get advice from your HR department or the relevant official bodies.

                                                                                                                                           The Treaty on European Union
                                                                                                                                           Was signed in Maastricht on 7 February 1992.
Welcome to the
Maastricht Region
Moving is always a busy time and there are so           Any comments, questions and suggestions for
many things to be done. You have to get the for-        additions can be sent to info@maastrichtregion.
malities in order, find a house and a school for your    com, mentioning the ‘Bright Site Magazine’. These
children, and understand life in your new country.      will be taken into account for the next edition.
To support you through this hectic period, we are
pleased to offer you this ‘Bright Site Magazine’ with   We sincerely hope this guide is useful to you
insights into the Netherlands and the Maastricht        and your families, and wish you a smooth moving
Region including a comprehensive guide to help          period and a wonderful stay in the Maastricht
you feel at home in this region quickly.                Region!

This publication was produced in cooperation with       Wim Ortjens
Brainport Development N.V., the City of Maastricht,     Managing Director, Maastricht Region Branding
Maastricht University and the Maastricht Region         Foundation
Branding Foundation. The magazine was funded by
regional and national authorities, and was written
on behalf of the international employees of part-
ners of the Maastricht Region Branding Foundation.
Maastricht Region would like to thank all these
organisations for their input and contributions to
this magazine.