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					Applicants for PEC Assessment of Triclosan
The chemical phenol, 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy), commonly known as
triclosan, was declared a Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) by the Minister for Health
and Ageing on 6 May 2003 In accordance with the Industrial Chemicals (Notification
and Assessment) Act 1989, as amended, all those who wish to manufacture or import
triclosan during the period that it is a PEC must apply in writing using a PEC
Application Form. Importers of products/mixtures containing triclosan must also
apply for assessment. Persons other than importers or manufacturers may also apply.
There are no application fees.

There is a penalty for manufacturing or importing a PEC without applying for
assessment of the chemical.

The PEC application form (Form 1-PEC) can be found at If you
wish to know more about the assessment or have any queries please contact
Paul Harvey on (02) 8577 8892 or

The following is a list of companies that have submitted an application for assessment
of triclosan following its declaration as a PEC (current as of 8 February 2006).

3M Australia Pty Ltd
Aeris Technologies
Aeropack Australia Pty Ltd
Aerosol Products Ltd
Amtrade International Pty Ltd
Apisant Pty Ltd
Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals Ltd
ACCORD Australasia
Avon Products Pty Ltd
Barry Luke & Associates Pty Ltd
Boots Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
C.B.Fleet Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Campbell Industrial Products
Canpoint International Pty Ltd
Carter Products (Australia) Pty Ltd
Cartigny Pty Ltd
Chanel (Australia) Pty Ltd
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Pty Ltd
Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd
Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd
Combe International Ltd
Cosmetech Pharmaceuticals

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Custom Chemicals Ltd
Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW)
Down Under Chemicals
Ecolab Pty Ltd
Elizabeth Arden Pty Ltd
Ensign Laboratories Pty LTd
Estee Lauder Pty Ltd
Frostbland Pty Ltd
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Guerlain Oceania Australia Pty Ltd
Hair Advisory Centre Pty Ltd trading as Queensland Cosmetic Laboratories
Halas Dental Ltd
Hallas Trading Co Pty Ltd
Innoxa Pty Ltd
Jalco Group Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Juvena Australia Pty Ltd
Key Sun Laboratories
L’Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetic Groups Pty Ltd
McPhersons Consumer Products Pty Ltd
Milpharma Pty Ltd
Nimue Skin Technology Pty Ltd
Nowra Chemical Manufacturers Pty Ltd
Nutrimetics International (Australia) Pty Ltd
Optigen Chemicals Pty Ltd
Pax Australia Pty Ltd
Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
Protective Technology Pty Ltd
Redox Chemicals Pty Ltd
Revlon Australia Pty Ltd
Ross Cosmetics Australia Pty Ltd
Sabco Australia Ltd
Sara Lee Household & Body Care (Australia) Pty Ltd
Semal Pty Ltd trading as Consolidated Chemicals Co
SSL Australia Pty Ltd
The Australian Perfume Company
Trimex Pty Ltd
Unilever Australasia Ltd
Wilfrid Owen (Sales) Pty Ltd

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