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									In 5th Grade the World is Ours…
Information for Both 5th Grade Classes                                                      April 22nd, 2011

                                    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or
    CHARACTER TRAIT OF THE          concerns!
              MONTH:                Mrs. Chelsea Mayer
 It's not that I'm so smart, it's   Email: mayerc@cvamail.com
 just that I stay with problems     Phone: (303) 774-9555 x134
 longer. ~Albert Einstein           http://www.carbonvalleyacademy.org/cvateacher/mayer/mayer.html

                                    Mr. Matt LaJeunesse
 Writing: We are writing            Email: LaJeunesseM@cvamail.com
 persuasive pieces on “Hot
                                    Phone: (303) 774-9555 ext 133
 Topics”. Students choose a
 view point and try to
 persuade             audience
 members of the opposing
 view to see it their way.
                                                                                     Summer Camp!
 Verb Team: Next meeting is
                                      Class Donations needed:            There is a document about Summer
 the 26th of April.
                                      Our class is in need of the           Camp on my webpage and in
                                      following supplies:                Friday Folders. Please take a look! It
Upcoming Events:
                                      -Wide or College Ruled Paper       will be full of fun activities, and give
4/26 Verb Team                        We appreciate any thing you           your child something to do for 2
4/27 Golf Basket Due                  can donate!                             weeks! Please check it out!
4/28 Mrs. Mayers Book
Report Due                            INFINITE CAMPUS- Please take
                                      a look to see your student’s       Gift Basket: Each classroom is
04/27-29 LOVE of                                                         required to put together a gift
                                      progress and assignments
Learning Fair Projects                scores and what they are           basket for the Golf Tournament’s
and event                             missing.                           silent auction. Our basket’s theme is
4/29 Junior                                                              “Golf Lover”. Some ideas to include
Achievement with Mr.                  LOVE OF LEARNING FAIR- We          in the basket are golf movies, tees,
                                      are in need of TABLES! If you      golf balls, gift certificates to local
Rangel and Mrs. Davis                                                    golf courses, golf lessons…etc.
                                      are able to lend a table for
5/1 Start Unit on the                 this event, April 27-29th please   PLEASE HELP! We need donations for
“Human Reproduction”                  let me know. Thanks for your       the basket. The class’s basket that is
5/4 Read- athon                       help! We need them on              the most creative wins an ice cream
5/6 5th grade field day               Monday, the 25th. If you are       social. Thanks for your help and
                                      able to lend a table, please       donations and thanks to those of
5/6 Mr. L’s Book Report                                                  you who have donated already! It is
                                      be sure you put your name on
Due                                   it somewhere!                      a huge help!
5/18 Civil War Project
5/23 5th Grade Field Trip
(Please let me know if              Please see the next page of the newsletter for
you are interested in               Language Arts and Math updates. Thank you!
Language Arts & Math Information
 Current Social Studies Unit: Mrs. Mayer’s                        Mr. LaJeunesse’s
                               L.A. Group                            L.A. Group
                                   -Writing  Letters of Concern
We       are       collecting
information for our research          Rough drafting
                                                                  -Writing Letters of Concern
projects that are coming                                          to President Obama
up in class. Students are                                         -“Me” Poems with similes
                                   -Read “Old Yeller and the
                                                                  -Read “Old Yeller and the
required to be working on          Bear”
this report up until it is due.    -Spelling Packets/ Vocab
                                                                  -Spelling Packets
                                   -Simile “Me” poems
They will be given some                                           -Book REPORTS DUE MAY
                                   -BOOK REPORTS DUE APRIL
time in class, but also be         28th!!! Books need to be
sure they are working on it                                       -New spelling packets will
                                   read by Monday, April
at home.                                                          be given out Monday,
                                                                  sorry for the delay.
                                   -New spelling packets will
                                   be given out Monday. I
      LITERATURE:                  am very sorry for the
                                                                         Math Group
 “Tom Sawyer” by Mark              delay.
Science: TheEndocrine System
                                   Math Group
***The first week of May we will   -Probability
   be starting our Unit on The
 Human Body, Life Cycles and
  Reproduction. Please let us      At home: Please help with
 know if you have questions or     basic facts and go over
             concerns.             homework together after
                                   it is completed!!

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