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Last Minute OGT Tips ECOT Offers Rewards for State Testing OGT


									                                                                                                    Spring Edition 2009

     The Importance of Required State Testing                                                   OGT Dates
  Student participation in required         tant to ECOT because they are used            Monday, March 16, 2009
state testing is extremely important.       to determine the school’s success in
  The state requires all high school        educating its students.
students to pass all five sections of the     The federal government has a par-           Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) to earn          ticipation standard in its Adequate                        Math
their diplomas. Students who do not         Yearly Progress (AYP) measurement           Wednesday, March 18, 2009
test may be withdrawn from ECOT as          that requires 95% of all students, and                   Writing
stated in Ohio law.                         students in each demographic cat-            Thursday, March 19, 2009
  Students also benefit by taking           egory in grades 3-8 and 10, to com-                      Science
the tests. Not only is it an opportu-       plete all required tests. ECOT has met
nity for students to follow the law,        this standard for the past three years.
                                                                                           Friday, March 20, 2009
feedback from testing helps ECOT              The state of Ohio uses the average                Social Studies
provide the best learning environ-          test scores of students enrolled the
                                                                                        Testing times vary at each site;
ment for students. Remember: Even           entire school year to rate ECOT on the
                                                                                        check the scheduled times on
students who may be exempt from             school’s Local Report Card. Students
                                                                                        the Testing Department web-
consequences must attempt to take           who don’t attend testing are assigned
                                                                                        site in IQity or call 1-888-326-
the tests.                                  a score of “0.” This makes attendance
                                                                                        8395, extension 8153.
  Student attendance and perfor-            important to ECOT on both the state
mance on the tests are also impor-          and federal levels.

 Last Minute OGT Tips                              ECOT Offers Rewards for State Testing
•	   Review the functions of the               All ECOT students who complete the required sections of the Ohio
     OGT calculator; check the               Graduation Test (OGT) and the Ohio Achievement Test (OAT) are
     Testing Department website in           eligible to receive financial incentives.
     IQity for usage instructions.             High school students will receive $10 for each section of the OGT
•	   Bring your confirmation letter          they complete. This requires answering all short answer and extend-
     to the test site.                       ed response questions. The amount will double to $20 per section if
•	   Eat breakfast on each test day.         the tests are completed in the required sequence March 16-20, 2009
•	   Arrive on time to the testing           (see above chart).
     location.                                 Students in grades 3-8 will also be eligible to receive $10 for each
•	   Complete the whole test;                section of the OAT they complete. As with the OGT, the amount will
     select an answer for every              double to $20 per exam if students complete the tests in the re-
     question on the test (take your         quired sequence on April 21, 23, 27 & 29, 2009. (number of tests vary
     best guess if necessary).               by grade level--See back panel for test dates by grade)
•	   Answer all short answer and               Incentives will be sent to students 6-8 weeks after the conclusion of testing.
     extended response questions;            Students must be enrolled in ECOT through the end of the school year.
     they’re worth the most points!
               ECOT LifeSmarts Team: Back-to-Back State Champions
    For the second straight          While many ECOT students
year, the ECOT LifeSmarts          may not see other ECOT
Team became state champi-          students regularly, the mem-
ons.                               bers of the LifeSmarts team
  LifeSmarts is a program          interact with each other and
designed to develop the            learn about teamwork while
consumer skills of high school     practicing.
students in a fun way.               “These kids are 120% caring
  The teams with qualifying        and supportive of one another
online scores advance to the       and dedicated to excellence,”
state tournament, where they       said Marilyn Hiestand, who
meet their competitors face-       has coached the team for the
to-face.                           past two years.
  The ECOT team faced the top        Teamwork is not the only
nine teams in Ohio. On the         quality students learn through
day of the competition, the        LifeSmarts.
team was optimistic.                 “I like LifeSmarts because it           First row (left to right): Brandyn Chaney, Tessa Pavey,
  “I thought we had an 80-90%      helps me challenge myself. I          Shabazse Chaney, and Nickie Pavey. Second Row (left to right):
chance of winning,” said Sha-      like all aspects of it: the team-                 Marilyn Hiestand and Stephenie Willis
bazse Chaney, team captain.        work, consumer knowledge,            “Practicing for nationals will   of three rookies: Stephenie
  Along with Nickie Pavey, this    knowing how to use informa-         be challenging since some         Willis, Brandyn Chaney, and
is Chaney’s second year as a       tion. It prepares me for real       team members have to focus        Tessa Pavey.
member of the team.                life,” Chaney said.                 on preparing for the OGT.           The team also increased the
  In their final round, they         The team is currently prepar-     However, we will be ready for     coaching staff this year. Erin
faced a very strong team from      ing for the National LifeSmarts     the national championship,”       Newman, ECOT’s Media Spe-
Benjamin Logan High School.        Competition to be held April        Chaney said.                      cialist, has joined the effort to
The ECOT team dominated the        25-28, 2009 in St. Louis, Mis-        In addition to Chaney and       coach the team to victory.
match and won by 65 points.        souri.                              Pavey, the team is comprised

                         IQity Learning Management System Update
   In 2008, ECOT’s Learning        and teachers for 98% of the         only a few hours.                 be viewed as a sign of prog-
Management System, called          time, with occasional slow            These planned outages and       ress rather than set-backs.
IQity, experienced occasional      performance issues during           the occasional slow (but still      We are confident that IQity is
unplanned outages and slow         peak hours.                         functioning) performance          now on the right track and in
periods.                             In order to continue to           issues may still cause stu-       the right hands.
  These events increased in        improve the system, there           dents, parents and teachers         While we continue to strive
frequency and duration until       will continue to be occasional      to become frustrated, and we      for 100% up-time with the
IQity, working closely with        scheduled maintenance peri-         apologize for this.               fastest experience possible,
ECOT, made the decision to         ods when IQity will be unavail-       The good news is that ECOT      we are confident that the per-
replace its original application   able to teachers and students.      should see continued im-          formance issues will continue
development vendor with a            While in 2008 these outages       proved performance week-by-       to improve as IQity’s new
new vendor.                        were unplanned and often            week.                             vendor conducts their work.
  The new vendor is a leading      during peak hours, mainte-            All non-scheduled outages         We apologize for the incon-
technology company, and            nance windows are now timed         that have occurred in the past    venience that students and
we have great faith in their       to occur during non-peak            60 days have been the result      teachers have experienced
abilities.                         hours (preferably in the early      of the new vendor’s efforts       because of the technology
  During the past 60 days          a.m. hours), are communicat-        to improve the system. Such       issues that have occurred.
since they took over, IQity has    ed to students and teachers in      incidents may continue to           Thank you for continuing to
been available to students         advance and typically last for      occasionally occur, but should    choose ECOT.
                      Meet Kimberly Kocher: Ohio’s Fastest Student
  Kimberly Kocher is not         work and determination.
your typical teenager.           She has a small motocross
  The ECOT student became        track on her parent’s prop-
a professional motocross         erty that contains all of the
rider last August, and she’s     elements for the skills she
been riding motorcycles          needs to practice.
nearly as long as she’s been       “I used to ride everyday,
walking.                         but now I just get out there
  “I started riding at three     and focus on perfecting the
and a half to four years-old     skills,” Kimberly said.
and started racing when I          Having a track at home
was six. Now, I’m 19,” Kim-      means she can work on
berly said.                      those skills whenever she
  Before she enrolled in         wants.
ECOT in the fall of 2006,          When she is not on her
Kimberly participated in         bike, Kimberly is training in
many national amateur            the gym.                             Kimberly Kocher poses for a picture with her many
                                                                              motocross trophies and awards.
competitions which re-             “It takes a lot of upper
quired traveling.                body strength to handle           “I was very happy with             In 2004, a broken leg
  Sometimes, the admin-          a bike, and it takes leg        my finish. At that point, I        required extensive surgery.
istrators at her previous        strength to stay on the         hadn’t been on a bike for          It took over a year for Kim-
school were concerned            bike,” Kimberly said.           two months due to Ohio             berly to heal.
about her need to miss             The training helps build      weather so I did pretty well,”       “Through all the pain, I still
school days for her sport.       the endurance she needs         Kimberly said. The riders          wanted to race,” she said.
Once she enrolled in ECOT,       for competitions. The aver-     who finished ahead of her            Why does she love moto-
her school could go with         age event lasts 20 minutes.     were from warmer states            cross so much?
her.                               Kimberly has a long list      such as California, Florida,         “The thrill of winning is
   “Anytime I traveled, I’d      of top 10 finishes in moto-     and Arizona.                       exciting. It just runs in my
take my Dad’s laptop and         cross events. On New Year’s       Kimberly has enjoyed             blood, I guess.”
could still go to school,” she   Day, she competed in the        several benefits from racing         When asked about her
said.                            Women’s Motocross Asso-         motorcycles. Since she             plans for life after high
  Kimberly was not able          ciation (WMA) Cup in Texas      started racing at a young          school, Kimberly said she
to “turn pro” without hard       and finished 7th overall.       age, all of her friends are as-    wasn’t sure yet.
                                                                 sociated with racing, too.           “I’ve debated going to
                                                                   “It’s something construc-        college, but I will definitely
                                                                 tive to do. It keeps me            continue with my racing
                                                                 away from other things like        career,” she said.
                                                                 partying.”                           Kimberly recently com-
                                                                   However, participating in        pleted all of her graduation
                                                                 motocross comes with its           requirements at ECOT.
                                                                 own dangers (please do not           While she is looking
                                                                 try this at home!). Kimberly       forward to the graduation
                                                                 has a list of injuries she’s ex-   ceremony, she may not be
                                                                 perienced as a result of par-      able to attend. The sec-
                                                                 ticipating in the sport. In        ond round of the Women’s
                                                                 addition to sprained joints        National Motocross Cham-
                                                                 and a concussion, Kimberly         pionship begins on June
                                                                 has broken two fingers and         6, the same day as ECOT’s
      Kimberly taking on a curve during a competition.
                                                                 her collar bone.                   graduation ceremony.

                                                                                                Columbus, OH 43207
                                                                                                3700 S. High St. - Suite 95

                      Key Dates                                    Required Ohio Achievement
March 5, 2009 - Family Night - Bring the whole family!              Test Dates and Sequence
Open Door Ministries
3130 S. Bridge St., Chillicothe, OH 45601                                 Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday,
March 16, 2009                                                            April 21 April 23 April 27 April 29
Ohio Graduation Test - Reading                                 3rd        Reading Math       - - - -       -  -
March 17, 2009                                                 Grade
Ohio Graduation Test - Math
                                                               4th        Reading Math              Writing -          -      -
March 18, 2009                                                 Grade
Ohio Graduation Test - Writing
                                                               5th        Reading Math              Science Social
March 19, 2009                                                 Grade                                        Studies
Ohio Graduation Test - Science
                                                               6th        Reading Math              - - - -      -            -
March 20, 2009                                                 Grade
Ohio Graduation Test - Social Studies
                                                               7th        Reading Math              Writing -          -      -
April 1, 2009 - Family Night (all teachers will be present)    Grade
Kings Island Convention Center
5691 Kings Island Dr., Mason, OH 45040                         8th        Reading Math              Science Social
April 10-19, 2009                                              Grade                                        Studies
Spring Break - School Closed (school resumes 4/20/09)         All grade 3-8 ECOT students must attend required Ohio
                                                              Achievement Tests at a site in their area. H.S. students should
April 21, 23, 27, 29, 2009                                    see front page. For complete information, visit the Testing
Ohio Achievement Test - See complete sequence ------->
                                                              Department website in IQity or call 1-888-326-8395, ext. 8153.

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