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           FREE  OUR 142nd YEAR  ISSUE 51  DECEMBER 17, 2010

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                                                                                        Italian Cuisine
                                         An Establishment of Good Taste                 “Best Food by a Dam Site”
                                                                                         Family Dining Since 1945
                                              With more                                      DINNERS: Veal, Lasagna,
                                        creative tasty delights,                                  Chicken, Steaks
                                          come in and treat                               Fresh Fish - Haddock, Scallops
                                                                                      Pizza - Home of Original
                                             your palate!                                     Thin Crust
                                      Original cuisine using only the freshest          Kids Menu includes
                                          ingredients, making it the best                Drink & Ice Cream
                                               of its kind anywhere!
                                       Visit our website:         • Full Liquor License
                                                                                         • Eat In / Take Out
                                      Sun-Thurs 11:30am-9pm; Fri & Sat 11:30am-10pm
                                          9 Depot St. • Hillsboro • 464-6700              Bennington • 588-6512
                                             Est. 1999 • Sean Burt, Proprietor               Open Daily 5 PM

                                     American Legion
                                     POST #59
                                                                                                    C LUB

                                     HILLSBORO • 478-0091
                                        All Events Open To Public                        B R EAKFAST
                                                      Lunches                                                                   M
                                               Mon.-Fri. 11:00AM - 3:00PM

                                                                                                                                    m m!
                                         $5 Specials everyday plus Sandwiches
                                              Wednesday Night
                                                  Serving 4:30-7:00PM
                                                $8 per person, tax incl.
                                                Thursday Night
                                           BINGO - Doors Open @ 5:00PM                    8-11AM • 1ST & 3RD Sundays
                                              Kitchen open 5:00-8:00 PM                     Seniors Always Free
                                                  Friday Nights
                                            Danny’s Fish Fry • 4:30-8:00PM
                                                                                      THE                  APPLESEED
                                                     KARAOKE                                        & CATERING SERVICES
                                             First Saturday of Every Month                          Lake Todd • P.O. Box 774 • Bradford, NH 03221
                                                    8:00PM-Midnight                                             Catering for all occasions

                                        Sunday FOOTBALL BUFFET                          “Country Dining... at Country Prices”
                                                                                         938-2100 •
                                           All U Can Eat $5 • 1:00-4:00PM               HRS: Tues.-Sun., 5:00 pm-9:00 pm • Closed Mon.

                                        Guests Must Be Signed In                                                BRING A GIFT
                                           Kitchen Now Under                                                              FOR
                                         Angelino’s Management
                                        Come Join the Fun!                                         and we’ll give
                                         E-mail:                    you an appetizer or dessert
                                       Website:                for each donation you make.
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Hospital employees facing salary & benefit cuts
    Faced with declining revenues in a            The plan includes initiatives to increase   does not include any layoffs in an effort to
poor economy, Monadnock Community              revenue while decreasing expenses but          ensure financial stability.
Hospital has announced a second round of
salary cuts.
    In February 2009, the hospital an-
nounced cuts to salaries and wages in an
effort to avoid layoffs, and last week, the
hospital announced a new financial plan to
stave off the downward trend in health care
    Starting in January, all employees,
in-cluding physicians, will be subject to a
reduction in salary and or benefits.

  URGENT!!!                        2000

  Help us feed our    $
  needy neighbors
  this Christmas!

  Please send your
  check today!                     $
                                      1000        Weare Boy Scouts tour Boston historical sites
  Send your
                          750                         Recently the Weare Boy Scout            tour aboard the United States Coast
                                                  Troop #24 took a trip to Boston. The        Guard Cutter Escanaba. The USCGC
  check to:                            500
                                                  boys took a walking tour of many            Escanaba was commissioned in 1987
  Lions Food Basket $250                          historical sites including Paul Revere’s    and is a 270-foot medium class cutter.
  C/O The Messenger                               House, the Old North Church, St.            The Escanaba is actually the second
  PO Box 1190                              0
                                                  Leonard’s Church, Faneuil Hall, Quincy      cutter with that name. The first USCGC
  Hillsborough, NH                                Market, the Boston Common, the Mas-         Escanaba sank during World War II in
  03244                                           sachusetts’s State House, the Old City      the North Atlantic. The tour included
                                                  Hall, and Fenway Park.                      the Helicopter hanger, the bridge, the
  Sponsored by
                                                      The highlight of the trip was a         mess hall, and the engine room.
  Hillsboro Lions Club

 Holiday Specials Featuring...                                                                     ials
                                                                                      Holiday Spec
  � Shaker and Country-Style Dining Room, Bedroom and Occasional Pieces                on Kin g Koil™
  � Choose from Solid Oak, Maple, Cherry, Ash and Pine                                  Mattress Set
                                                                                                                Free Delivery
  � Other Holiday Specials Throughout the Store including Factory Authorized
                                                                                                Holiday Super Sp
    Specials on Clayton Marcus Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sleepers and Recliners—                                 ecials
                                                                                                 on our handcraf
   Save on Leather too!                                                                         Tiger Maple Gal

      BARNS OF BRADFORD -                                                  Factory Furniture Store
                      Rte 114 by Lake Massasecum, Bradford NH • 938-2618
                     MC/Visa/Discover • OPEN Mon-Sat 10 to 5; Sun 11 - 4 • Budget terms arranged.
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 The         Messenger                                            Publisher’s Perspective by Leigh Bosse
 A Publication of                                                 They Still Don’t Get it!              than return funds to the taxpayers.
 Granite Quill Publishers                                   The Hillsboro-Deering School Board              This year, they are looking to do more
 Your Hometown Weekly Since 1868                        and SAU #34 are apparently oblivious to         of the same. The initial SAU budget request
 A Tradition Worth Keeping!                             the economic hardships the rest of us are       was a 7% increase, including raises, and
 246 West Main Street • PO Box 1190                     facing. Other school districts reacted to the   the school board, which had another
                                                        situation last year: The ConVal Teacher’s       $600,000 surplus is again asking for an
 Hillsboro, NH 03244-1190
                                                        contract was rejected; Hopkinton Inde-          increase. And, yet another year has passed
 Phone: 464-3388 • Fax: 603-464-4106                    pendent School closed; Sunapee’s school         and the board has done nothing to get rid
 E-mail:                    budget was up less that 1 %; Bow teachers       of the “evergreen clause” in the teacher’s                                   surrendered pay raises and benefits; Goffs-     contract which guarantees more money
                                                        town cut $691,000 from its school budget;       each year even if a new contract agreement
  STAFF                                                 ConVal administrators did not seek raises;      is not reached.
  Publisher: Leigh Bosse                                Hopkinton teachers accepted reductions;             In this issue of The Messenger you
  Editor: Joyce Bosse                                   and Goffstown asked teachers to renegotiate     will read how Monadnock Hospital has
  Graphics: Christi Macomber                            their contract. Hillsboro and Deering, on the   announced another round of salary cuts
                                                        other hand, not only increased spending but     and how the ConVal School Board expects
  Design/Layout: Gail Stratos
                                                        also added staff positions. To add insult to    to cut over 21 full time employees. It’s time
  Sales Reps: Deborah Belanger
                                                        injury, when they discovered a surplus, they    for the H-D Board to take the same cost
 DEADLINE:                                              built a new $50,000 storage building rather     saving measures.
 Monday at 5 PM prior to Fri. publication.
 We will be responsible for errors in advertise-
 ments only to the extent of correcting the
                                                                  OPINION letters to the editor
 same in the next issue using space equal to
 the items in error.                                    Dear Messenger:                                 ordinators and hundreds of volunteers, our
                                                            As the Living History Event planning        local program specialist volunteers - you
 We will print signed letters to the edi-
                                                        and follow-up winds down for 2010, we           are amazing, our donors and grantors
 tor on a space available basis. Letters                wish to thank those groups who provided         who help financially to fill in the gaps, our
 should be no more than 250 words,                      such strong support over the past year.         incredible re-enactors, our schools in many
 typed or e-mailed. Letters must be                     Without the numerous hours donated              numerous ways, and both the Messenger
 signed but names may be excluded
                                                        by many of you to make this event come          and Villager newspapers who both assisted
 upon request.
                                                        together and without the strong financial       with advertising and articles on the event.
 PHOTO SUBMISSIONS:                                     support of the business community here          We would also like to thank our hosts, the
 We encourage individuals and groups to sub-
 mit photos of their events or activities, either       and in surrounding towns, there wouldn’t        Hillsborough Historical Society who do a
 by mail or e-mail.                                     be a Living History Event showcasing the        lot both financially and on a volunteer basis
 CORRECTIONS POLICY:                                    unique history and beauty of the Hillsbor-      to ensure this event goes forward.
 We strive every day to present full, fair and          ough area.                                           We also want to introduce new
 accurate news reports. We will correct, in this            We particularly want to take note of        members of this coming year’s Steering
 space, factual inaccuracies in our coverage.           the following groups who are integral to        Committee: Beth Pritchard, Gail Johnson,
 We encourage readers to tell us if we have
 made a mistake.                                        the success of this event: Our business         Trim Hahn, and Jean Gannon. Thank you
                                                        community who were extremely thought-           all for volunteering your services. We look
  Also from the The Granite Quill:                      ful and generous during what is a very          forward to a wonderful 3rd year as we plan
                                                        stressful economy; the site coordinators at     together and get ready for LHE2011.
  IN New Hampshire                                      the Homestead, Jones Road, Hillsborough              The 2010 Living History Event Steering
  Your Guide to What’s Happening in the Granite State   Center, and the Downtown managed by             Committee Abby, Bonnie, Ellie, Kathy,
                                                        Hillsborough Pride; our volunteer co-           Linda, and Ginks
  A Guide for New Hampshire’s Active Seniors

  NH Homes & Home
  Improvement                                               TRUE THEN • TRUE TODAY
  A Guide for NH Home Owners & Home Seekers                My reading of history convinces me that most bad government
                                                           results from too much government.             ~ Thomas Je erson
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Chamber honors Shattuck & Livingstons
    The Hillsborough Chamber of Com-                                                                                  the Year. Owned and operated by Gene and                             neighbors have been touched by the care and
merce is pleased to announce that the 2010                                                                            Marianne Livingston (auto repair) and Steve                          generosity quietly extended by the Livingston
Citizen of the Year is Gilman Shattuck. Gil                                                                           and Samantha Livingston (Arctic Cat), Liv-                           family and their business. Father and son are
Shattuck has demonstrated his dedication                                                                              ingston’s enjoys a well-deserved reputation                          long-time firefighters with the Hillsborough
to the Town of Hillsborough through his                                                                               for serving their customers and their commu-                         Fire Department. Gene is a retired fireman
efforts to preserve Hillsborough’s past, most                                                                         nity with integrity and conscientiousness.                           and Steve serves as Assistant Fire Chief.
notably cataloging the Town’s priceless                                                                               Hillsborough area organizations, including                               The awards will be presented at the
Manahan Phelps McCulloch Photo Collec-                                                                                the Chamber of Commerce, have benefited                              Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce’s An-
tion. He has served as a state legislator since                                                                       from Livingston’s sponsorship of events                              nual Awards Dinner on Saturday, Jan. 29,
2005. A New Hampshire native, Gil and                                                                                 and volunteer efforts, while customers and                           2011 at the American Legion Post.
his wife Sieglinde (“Sissy”) have made their
home in Hillsborough. Livingston’s Auto                                                                                                                                                                  OZRAM FIRST Robotics Team sold
Repair and Arctic Cat is the 2010 Business of                                                                                                                                                            tickets to a Monarchs game as a fund
                                                                                                                                                                                                         raiser, and earned the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                                                                         have their Tin Man V robot perform on
  ON THE COVER:                                                                                                                                                                                          the ice between periods 1 and 2. Tin
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Man V kicked the most balls, and quali-
  santa listens to                                     “Your Local Weekly Since 1868
                                                                                       � A Tradition Worth Keeping”                                                                                      fied to have a human player, Chase
  Callia healey’s

                                       FREE � OUR 142nd YEAR
                                                                                                                                                                                                         St. Laurent from Stark, score goals
                                                                                                                                                                                                         between periods 2 and 3. Chase scored
                                                               � ISSUE 51 � DECEMBER

  Christmas wish
                                                                                     17, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                         six goals from the blue line, and earned
  list during                                                                                                                                                                                            a shot from the red line for a $100. He
  Deering’s                                                                                                                                                                                              nailed it! Tin Man V has had an excellent
                                                                                                                                                                                                         2010 season! The 2011 FIRST Robot-
  Christmas Party                                                                                                                                                                                        ics game challenge will be unveiled in
  last saturday.                                                    Last Minute Gift
                                                                                                                                                                                                         January and we’re gearing up!
                                US Postage
                                PRSRT STD

                                                                    Guide Pages 17-20

       Rely on Husqvarna To                                                                                                                                                                                         OPEN 7 DAYS
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sun 9-5; Mon-Thurs 9-6; Fri 9-7; Sat 9-6
        Get The Job Done.                                                                                                                                                                                       128 Concord St., Antrim
                  • 12.4 lbs/ft Torque                                                                                  • 18 lbs/ft Torque
                 • Two stage LCT engine                                                                                • Two stage LCT engine                                                             DISCOVER PLACE I N THE WOODS
                                                                                                                                                    O                                                             Offering a great selection of:


                       • 27” clearing width                                                                                  • 30” clearing width           TH                                  &   PL    NH Made Gifts & Souveniers • Bait & Tackle
                       • Power steering &                                                                                    • Power steering &                       A Y Y O U IV E, W O R K                   Camping • Clothing • Footwear
                          remote deflector                                                                                     remote deflector                                                            Fierarms • Hunting • NH Fishing Licenses
                          Price...                                                                                               Price...                         Enjoy the peaceful waters of Southern NH
      12527HV            $999.95    1830HV                                                                                     $1,199.95                            Canoe & Kayak Sales and Rentals
                                                                                                                             Day & Week rentals available for vacationers.
             TYLER’S SMALL ENGINE                                                                                                                              Rentals starting as low as $25/day
   20 CONCORD STREET • ANTRIM, NH 03440 • 603-588-6200                                                                                              Place in the Woods... the biggest little store in the Woods. M-F 8-5:30, SAT 9-1                                                                                                             Conveniently located on Route 202 in Antrim.

                         Choose Our Quality
                                                                  Antrim Lumber
                                                                                                                                                                      CUTTER FLOORING &
                         Lumber.                                                                                                                                        FURNISHINGS
                         Why “wood” you                                                                                                                             Carpet • Hardwood • Ceramic • Furniture • Window Treatments
                          settle for less?                                                                                                                        Featuring: American Olean • Armstrong Congoleum • Mannington
                                                                                                                                                                    • Stainmaster Carpet • We now carry Cork & Bamboo flooring!
                        If you’re interested in quality
                       lumber and unparalleled                                                                                                                   We sell mattresses made in the USA. Starting at
 service, Antrim Lumber should be your choice.                                                                                                                    Twin $159 set, Full $199 set, Queen $259 set.
 Stop in and see us today.

 Antrim Lumber Co.                                                                                                      78 Smith Road
                                                                                                                      Antrim • 588-2139
                                                                                                                                                        24 Main Street, Antrim, NH •
       HOURS: M-F 7am-5pm, Sat. 7am-1pm
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  Give Peace of Mind for��
 Christmas & the New Year
�� $24 a Month!              for only
                              Compared to                       � �
                         the other guys at up to
                              $42 a month!

                            With System $90
                            Installation Value

     • Wireless Systems  • 100% Warranty for
                           100% Warrant for
                                Warranty          �                 �        White Birch Community Center senior program coordinators
                                                                             Pat Matheson and Heather Marino present Henniker Lions Club
     • Installed in 3      12 months                                         president Bruce Trivellini with hats and mittens knitted by White
       hours or less     • Monitoring Fee guaranteed                         Birch Community Center’s “knit wits.” Hats and mittens will be
     • Medical Emergency for up to 5 years

                                                                             distributed to children by the Henniker Lions Club.

                                Protection inc.                           Hillsborough couple escapes Sunday fire
                                 Member NFIB Established 1989
                                                                              Last Sunday, Hillsborough firefighters rescued an elderly man
    Burglar • Fire • Freeze Alarms • Cameras • Commerical & Residential   who couldn’t get up from the kitchen floor as smoke filled his home.
                   Call 800-776-3872                                      The fire started in the breeze-way that connects Fred Hill’s garage to
                                                                          the kitchen of his 25 Center Road home.
                                                                              His wife, Sally, managed to get out safely and told Fire Chief
                                                                          Kenny Stafford and Deputy Chief Scott Murdough that her husband,
                                                                          who has a walking disability, was lying on the kitchen floor and
                                                                          couldn’t get up on his own. Stafford said he, Murdough and Police
                                                                          Capt. Darren Remillard tried to force their way inside, but didn’t
                                                                          have breathing gear and were pushed back by thick black smoke.
                                                                          Firefighters later managed to carry him out safely.

             H ous e to C el eb                                           ConVal schools to cut 21 positions
     O p e n t t o n ’s R e t i r a t e                                       Faced with the rising costs of employee health benefits and
            Du                 r eme n
     J a ne
                                                                          retirement plans, the ConVal School Board has developed a budget
                                       t                                  proposal for the 2011-2012 school year that calls for an overall
                                                                          budget increase of less than half a percent. In order to achieve that
  Jane Dutton will be retiring January 1st after 38 years                 goal, officials are proposing a reduction in staff of 21.5 full-time-
  of dedicated service to our firm. Doug,                                 equivalent positions.
  Margaret-Ann, Steve and staff are                                           Jobs that would be dropped include six elementary school teach-
  extending an invitation to all who have                                 ing positions and one middle school teaching position, four special-
  had an opportunity to get to know Jane                                  education teaching jobs, and three general-education paraprofes-
  to stop by our office on December 29th                                  sional jobs and 13 1/2 special education paraprofessional jobs.
  between 3 and 5 to help us celebrate
  and wish her the best.
                                                                          Pair of Harvard professors found guilty
                                                                              Husband and wife Harvard Medical School professors have
                                                                          pleaded no contest to hosting an underage drinking party in Weare
                                                                          for about 70 graduating seniors at St. Paul’s School.
                                                                              Theonia Boyd, 50, and Jon Wesley Boyd, 47, recently pleaded
 Hillsborough                                                             No Contest to two charges each, one of prohibited sale of alcohol
 8 School Street, HIllsborough, NH 03244-0013                             and a second of facilitating an underage alcohol house party. Each
 Tel: 603-464-5578                                                        paid $558 in fines, but they face no jail time or probation.
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                                                                        Free Estimates                                         Fully Insured

                                                                                                Warchal Insulation
                                                                                                           Blown in Cellulose & Fiberglass
                                                                                                                  Fiberglass Batts
                                                                                                                      Bob Warchal

                                                                                                        Office 603.391.6370 • Cell 603.391.6327

                                                                                                                              on your

                                                                                      SAVE                                    Energy

Brian Boucher                       Brent Smith                         Large enough to                                           • I-Joist Floor
                                                                        meet your needs...                                    System Planning
Pair arrested for Hillsboro home invasion                               Small enough                                                     • Power
    Two local men have been arrested in relation to a violent home      to care.                                                     Equipment
invasion on December 13th. Brian Boucher, 26, of Hillsboro and
Brent Smith, 26, of Deering have been charged with armed robbery
in relation to a home invasion at a house on Second NH Turnpike.
    After forcibly robbing an elderly man of his wallet the suspects
then fled the scene in a vehicle, but were identified, arrested and
transported to the Hillsborough House of Corrections.
    Hillsboro Police are also investigating burglaries involving at             BRADFORD: 603.938.5161 • Rte. 114 • Mon.-Sat. 7-5
                                                                               NEWBURY: 603.938.2000 • Rte. 103 • M-F 7-5 & Sat. 7-1
least 8 residences where copper pipe has been stolen. Police con-               GOSHEN: 603.863-5601 • Rte. 10 • M-F 7-5 & Sat. 7-3
ducted a search at a residence in Hillsborough for evidence from the
copper thefts, and arrests are expected in the future.

Roof top burglar surrenders to police
    A New England College student barricaded himself in his apart-
                                                                             NEXT GENERATION
ment for 90 minutes before surrendering to police last week. The              Automotive Service Center
Henniker Pharmacy and 2nd floor apartments were evacuated                  QUALITY SERVICES INCLUDE: Foreign & Domestic
because of his suspicious behavior.                                        Auto & Truck Repair • Autobody Repair • Towing • Alignments
    Joseph Bartolomea, 22, of Hapeday, Mass., was arraigned in
Henniker District Court on charges of burglary and criminal tres-
                                                                           Free State Inspection
pass. He is being held on $5,000 cash bail.                                with Complete Oil Change
    According to Henniker Police Chief Ryan Murdough, officers               • just mention this ad •
responded to a call about a man on the roof of an NEC dormitory,          325 North Stark Hwy (Rte 114) Weare • 529-5199
who was believed to be trying to enter the building through upper  
story windows. He left before police arrived but they later spotted
him on the pharmacy’s roof.

New London funds Lamson Lane repairs                                    2011 ARCTIC CAT Z1 TURBO
    New London Administrator Jesse Levine said that in 2007,
the Town applied for a hazard mitigation program grant to repair                              LXR
Lamson Lane, and it finally appears that the grant will be funded.
This would require the Town to come up with $110,000 in matching
funds, which Levine recommended funding over two years. There is                                                              Stop in to see our
                                                                          If you’re looking for a great deal on a used car,
the possibility of $15,000 match, and Lee said he will look to see if          visit our website:         HUGE selection!
there is more work that can be done by the DPW.                         ���������������
    Selectman Mark Kaplan moved to put away $55,000 in 2011
and 2012 to be used for Lamson Lane in the event the federal               LIVINGSTON’S ARCTIC CAT
government gives us the hazard mitigation program grant and the                              (603) 464-5454
motion passed 2-1 with Peter Bianchi against.                           123 Henniker Street • Hillsboro, New Hampshire
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Newport applying for state grant
   Public Works Director Larry Wiggins                           with the Newport selectmen to discuss   Status. Brown summarized by stating that
and Finance Director Paul Brown met                              STP Rural Development Grant & Project   the USDA feels Newport can’t afford to do
                                                                                                         this project without their help, but said the
                                                                                                         State has a new proposal for funding the
                                                                                                         state revolving loan fund, which could give
                                                                                                         Newport 30% towards the project.
                                                                                                              Wiggins stated they have already ap-
                                                                                                         plied and should hear by summer. Town
                                                                                                         Manager Daniel O’Neill said legal counsel
                                                                                                         felt the Town was in a good position be-
                                                                                                         cause the language stated that it would be
                                                                                                         “up to 75%.”
                                                                                                              O’Neill suggested that Wiggins meet
                                                                                                         with the engineer and find out what costs
                                                                                                         can be cut from their quote.
                                                                                                              He added that he has concerns about
                                                                                                         the Town’s ability to afford this project
                                                                                                         and that if they did not get grant money
     Henniker Rotary Club President John Capuco thanks Steve Gratton, CEO of the Lovering                or a significant low interest loan, they may
     Family Foundation, for his presentation to the club on the importance of the proper use of          be better off taking the chance of non-
     seatbelts. This is the second time that Steve has addressed the club with important safety          compliance.

                                                                    Ready to Run                                                Woodlawn
                                                                             Toni Spiegel,                                                Pet Resort, LLC
                                                                       PSI Accredited Pet Sitter
                                                                                                                                          Owners, Andrea & Abel LeBlanc
  • Climate controlled, allergy-free indoor air quality system
  • Raised stainless steel tub w/non-slip ramp & tub mat
  • Grooming area for brushing or combing                                                   Pet CPR &
  • Choose shampoo, conditioner, odor control,                                               First Aid
    warm water rinse & warm air blow dry
            76 Pine Street, Contoocook, NH
                                                                                                              NEW! EXTRA LARGE
                746-3456                                                                    464-2773          LUXURY SUITES
                                                                                                            PLEASE CALL FOR RATES                 & AVAILABILITY
     Open daily 6am-10pm •
                                                                    Online at:         Dog & Cat Boarding • Daycare • Classes
                                                                                                                      Dog Grooming • Toys • Gifts
                                                                  The Mutt Hut
                                                                                                                    We Offer Premium Dog Foods—
     VETERINARY                                                                                              California Natural, Innova & Bravo Raw Diet

            Professional Association                                   All Breed Dog Grooming                  Check us out on Facebook for upcoming
                                                                                                           training workshops, Puppy Angles open houses,
          Small Animal                                                                                                events & weekly coupons.
        & Equine Practice                                            Alyssa Janelle
                                                                     86 Prospect St.                      Flexibly Scheduled DOG TRAINING with
         Alyssa J. Brust, D.V.M.                                        Henniker                               Dee Ganley & Helen Nicholls
        Robert A. Brust, D.V.M.
         Jill Patronagio, D.V.M.                                   Pampering pets                                       603-746-4201
         Amy C. Jones, D.V.M.                                        since 1988                             406 Poverty Plains Rd, Warner, NH 03278
        House Calls Available                                      603-428-7290                                
            428-3441                                                 By appointment only.
                                                                                                            We are inspected regularly by the NH Department of Agriculture.
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                  Events: Community bulletin board
PHOTOS WANTED: For the 2010 Town Report, we               8 pm. Bring a song if you’ve got one you’re comfort-     out the SAU 34 web site: or e-mail:
are inviting Hillsborough residents to submit pictures    able singing without accompaniment and wear    
they have taken around town of scenery or events that     comfortable clothing. We’ll be having you sing, read     FRIDAY JANUARY 7
happened in 2010. We will be choosing one or more         from the script and do some movement. Rehearsals         CONCERT: The Open Door Co ee House at Smith
to appear on the cover of the report with recognition.    will start January 4th and will be Monday, Tuesday,      Church. You won’t believe the talent of these local
Please submit pictures via email in a jpg format to       Thursday and Friday evenings as well as some Saturday    musicians. by January 14, 2011. If you       afternoons. For more information about the production    SATURDAY JANUARY 8
have any questions you can call 464-3877 ext. 223.        and our theatre got to and to make an       CONTRA DANCE: The Monadnock Folklore Society
SATURDAY DECEMBER 18                                      appointment for an audition call 568-5102 or e-mail:     presents the Nelson Second Saturday Contra Dance on
CANDLE LIGHT SERVICE: The Union Chapel of Hills-                                      Jan 8th. Dancing begins at 8:00pm, with a short work-
boro’s Lower Village Candle Light Holiday Service on      FRIDAY DECEMBER 24                                       shop beforehand. Beginners and singles are welcome
Saturday December 18th at 7pm. All are welcome.           DEERING CHURCH: The Deering Community Church             and all dances are taught throughout the evening. Ad-
Dress warmly. Refreshments and fellowship to follow.      is extending a warm welcome to all for these upcom-      mission is $8 or $6 for students and seniors. The dance
CHRISTMAS PARTY: Your American Legion Auxiliary           ing Special Christmas Services: Friday, December 24,     takes place in the historic Town Hall in Nelson, NH.
is proud to sponsor this year Christmas Party for chil-   at 5:00pm. Request your favorite carols. Candlelight     PANCAKE BREAKFAST: The Hillsboro NH Scholars
dren from 11-1pm. There will be crafts, food and fun      closing with Silent Night.                               and FBLA will be hosting their rst pancake breakfast
and Santa at noon time. Open to only legion member’s      CHRISTMAS EVE: Candle Light Service at 5pm,              on Saturday, January 8th. The event will be held at the
children and grand-children ages 0-10years. Please call   December 24, 2010. East Washington Baptist Church,       high school cafeteria from 8 to 11am. There will be
478-0091 to register your child and their age.            all welcome.                                             pancakes, sausage, co ee, juice and milk on the menu.
SUNDAY DECEMBER 19                                        CHRISTMAS EVE: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service         This is an all you can eat breakfast and will cost $5 for
DEERING CHURCH: The Deering Community Church              of Lessons and Carols will be held at the Washington     adults and $3 for seniors and children under 10. All
is extending a warm welcome to all for these upcom-       Congregational Church at 7pm on Friday, December         proceeds will be split between the two organizations.
ing Special Christmas Services: Sunday, December 19,      24th. Parking is in the lot behind the church, and the   SATURDAY JANUARY 15
at 10:00am Worship with Children’s Pageant. Sunday,       church is fully accessible. Everyone is welcome!         SNOWSHOE TOUR: Sunapee’s Webb Woods, part
December 19, at 5:00pm Vespers with lessons and           MONDAY DECEMBER 27                                       of the Greenway’s Trail 2. Ron Wyman, 763-5822.
carols, festive reception follows.                        THEATRE CAMP: December 27 to 30 there will be a          3.4 miles, easy.
SATURDAY DECEMBER 20                                      special holiday musical theatre camp for area youth      SATURDAY JANUARY 22
NUNSENSE: Auditions for the ve women who range            between the ages of eight and eighteen. This camp is     CROSS-COUNTRY SKI: to Spring eld’s Morgan Pond
from 16 to 96 are being held by appointment Monday        being sponsored by the Hillcat Community For more        from Twin Lake Villa. Call Andy Hager. Phone, 526-
and Tuesday, December 20th and 21st from 6pm to           information or to register for the camp please check     2846. 5 miles, moderate for experienced skiers.

             Henniker Transfer Station                                                                     PUBLIC NOTICE
                  Holiday Hours
                                                                                                  The Town of Hillsboro
             OPEN Tuesday 12/21, 12 noon — 5 pm                                                  Transfer Station WILL BE
             OPEN Thursday 12/23, 12 noon — 5 pm                                               CLOSING at 3:00 on Thursday,
              CLOSED Friday 12/24, Christmas Eve
            CLOSED Saturday 12/25, Christmas Day                                                    December 24, 2010.
               OPEN Sunday 12/26, 8 am — 5 pm
             OPEN Tuesday 12/28, 12 noon — 5 pm                                                   PUBLIC NOTICE
             OPEN Thursday 12/30, 12 noon — 5 pm                                         HILLSBORO-DEERING SCHOOL DISTRICT
             CLOSED Friday 12/31, New Year’s Eve                                         WARRANT ARTICLES
           CLOSED Saturday 1/1/2011, New Year’s Day                                      Persons wishing to submit warrant articles for inclusion in the
             OPEN Sunday 1/2/2011, 8 am — 5 pm                                           warrant for the 2011 Hillsboro-Deering School District Warrant
                                                                                         must submit such warrants to the School Board, or one of its
 Normal hours of operation will resume on Tuesday 1/4/2011                               members, no later than Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 4:30pm.
         Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon — 5 pm                                          Persons wishing additional information may contact the
           Saturdays and Sundays, 9 am — 5 pm.                                           Superintendent of School’s office at 464-4466.
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         Celebrating Our 71st Year
                                                                         Honor Rolls
                                                                Newport Middle/High School
                                                                Grade 12
                                                                High Honors: Dorothy Dickinson, Emily DiPadova, Ryan Monah-
                                                                an, Kianne Noble, Trung Phan, Joshua Roberts, Leanne Rubchinuk,
                                                                Monica Stout, Joseph Tremblay, Samantha West, Sarah Wiggins.
                                                                Honor Roll: Esther Ahiafor, Joshua Avery, Alison Ayen, Tiffany
              • “PURECOMFORT” Heating Oil
                                                                Benware, Anthony Boardman, Ingrid Carvalho, Taylor Chadwick,
             and PREMIUM PROPANE Delivery
                                                                Rachel Chartier, Katelyn Renee Chenette, Tyson Colby, Lacey Cote,
                                                                Rachel Dewey, Nathan Dopp, Dakota Durgin, Taylor Gates, Megan
                                                                Gokey, Saba llyas, Katherine Kessler, James Koelsch, Molly Kuhns,
                                                                Robert Lamb, Jason Lounder, Cody Merrow, Jordan Murphy, Jorge
                                                                Olivares Alvarez, Ivanna Schaefer, Jason Marc Schillinger, Renee
                                                                Smith, Logan Stancil, Nicholas Sullivan, Brianne Marie Tait, Jacob
                                                                Temple, Gerardo Valenzuela, Steven West.
                                                                Grade 11
                                                                High Honors: Cole Boone, Jadyn Goddette, Jacob Kemp, Elyse
                                                                Rubchinuk, Jeremy Runyan. Honor Roll: Stephanie Ayotte,
                                                                Amanda Bolduc, Timothy Brown, Heather Butcher, Brianna DeFil-
                                                                ippis, Rachel Facto, Kaitlynn Fish, Taylor Forgit, Chandler Griffiths,
                                                                Sarah Huff, Danielle MacConnell, Ronald McCormick, Megan Mer-
                                                                lotti, Brett Pare, Brittany Pitkin, Zebulon Swenson, Shaun Walsh,
                                                                Angelique Watts, Morgan Wilson.
                                                                Grade 10

                                                                High Honors: Jordan Collins, Jessica Fish, Stephanie Fulton, Darien
                                                                Hubert, Daniel Huat, Katherine Marsh, Joseph Salinardi, Alexandra
                                                                Stefan, Matthew Tremblay, Lydia Walker. Honor Roll: Christopher
                                                                Ayotte Jr., Nakita Ayotte, Karine Bailey, Kira Bailey, Benjamin Bates,
                                                                Ryan Bowie, Aaron Cherry, Ashley Clivio-Wentrup, Alexander Gray,
                                                                Kyle Greene, Justin Vemell Halberg, Morgan Kuhns, Ashley LaQuire,
                                                                Cory Lopes, Michael Porter, Hannah St. Jean, Sharissa Stout, Kan
           INSTALLATION & PROTECTION                            Teerasatienscopon, Meagan Votaw, Mary Ellen Ward, Riley West .
                                                                Grade 9
     PROTECT YOUR HOME                                          High Honors: Lindsay DeFilippis, Lindsy Desmaris, Allison
       with Seamless Gutters               SAVE                 Doucette, Gunter Hubert, Hannah Merrow, Michael Salinardi, Sophie

                                                                Willis. Honor Roll: Ethan Beattie, Zachery Brown Matthew Chase,
                        -OR-                                    Nolan Cota, Sky Curtis, Kayla Desrosiers, Cheyenne Dustin, Nicole
                        UPGRADE             Call for details!
                                                                Gardner, Emily Goss, Richard Hammond, Hannah Hibbard, Kelley

                        YOUR GUTTERS                            Jennings, Caitlin Jones, Kaytlynn Kenney, Renee Magoon, Leah Peel,
                                                                Noel Peterson, Julia Sullivan, Alexis Walker, Chandler Wentzell
                        with LeafProof ®                        Grade 8
                 Gutter Protection System                       High Honors: Emily Almquist. Honor Roll: Brady Bates, Molly
                                   We Know                      Early, Kacey Gassett, John Richard Hisel, Hannah Hubert, Kyle
   Easy Payment Plans              Gutters!                     Johnson, Philip Kessler, Derrick Pare, Bryan Chandler Pitkin, Sea-
                                                                mus Ritz-Williamson, Anna Stefan, Alex Wesoja, Kayla White.
                                                                Grade 7
                                                                High Honors: Allison Howe. Honor Roll: Spencer Almstrom, Kait-
                                                                lyn Sue Batista, Katrina Batista, Trevor Dean Boardman, Elisha Chantel
    Call Today!                     FREE Estimates!             Butcher, Dawson Robert Campbell, Emma Carroll, Heather Chrimes,

                                                                Melissa Clivio-Wentrup, Tyler Aaron Currier, Jonathan Fowler, Olivia
                                                                Marion Hamilton, Emily Ann Koelsch, Christian Lawrence, Christo-
                                                                pher Lawrence, Katelynn Loring, Tyler Maheau, Samantha McNeel,
 Toll Free: 1-866-641-4887 •
                                                                Emalie Jean Robertson, Taryn Wentzell, Payton Wilson.
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                                                                                                                    DeWalt® 37 pc.
                                                                         DeWalt®                             Screwdriving Bit Set
                                                                         7-1/4”                              Phillips, slotted,
                                                                         Circular                            square bits; nut-
                                                                                                             setters, magnetic
                                                                         Saw      24T, 5/8” round arbor with
                                                                                                             bit holder, locking
                                                                                                             storage case.
                                                                         Blade diamond knockout.
                                                                                  Tungsten carbide,
                                                                         2/pk. thin kerf. YOUR CHOICE

                                                                                                   $ 99    9

                                                                                      DeWalt®                       DeWalt®
                                                                                      6 pc. Recip-                  16 pc. Gold
                                                                                      rocating Saw                  Ferrous
Pictured in front of the monument are society members Alyssa Boehm,                   Blade Set                     Pilot Point
Sophia Snaith, Lydia Monroe, and Society Vice President, Madison                       Includes wood, metal and     Drill Bit Pilot point tips start on
                                                                                                                                contact. Includes magnetic
Snaith.                                                                                demolition blades. 2301984   Set         drive guide. 2209518

C.A.R. visits namesake’s monument                                                                       r
                                                                          Maple St., PO Box 2127 Henniker 603-428-3265 Fax 428-7377
                                                                          56 Main St., PO Box 126 Antrim 603-588-6565 Fax 588-3101
    The November 20th meeting of the Hannah Dustin Society
C.A.R. (Children of the American Revolution) was held at the home •
of Judy and Alyssa Boehm of Contoocook. Following a brief meet-
ing, the society members participated in making decorations for the         TAKE YOUR MEDICINE
C.A.R. Christmas tree. Members decorated their tree on December
                                                                                              It’s best to start taking supplements to protect
2nd at the Town Hall in Warner so that they may participate in                                against the effects of old age by the time you are
the Festival of Trees. Members then traveled to Penacook to visit                             middle-aged, say researchers after studying the
the Hannah Dustin Monument and were privileged to meet direct                                 effects of a supplement containing a combination
descendants of Hannah Dustin who spoke to all of the society                                  of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10, creatine (a
members who were present about the incredible story of this brave                             compound that aids muscle performance), and
woman.                                                                                        ginseng, which also has been shown to have
                                                                                              antioxidant properties, in a report in the journal
Former police officer sues Weare                                         BY SARAH CHAPIN
                                                                                              PLoS One.
                                                                                                       •     •     •
    A former Weare police sergeant has filed a lawsuit against the
                                                                        Men who use statins to lower their cholesterol are 30 percent less likely
Weare selectmen, the police chief and a lieutenant claiming he was      to see their prostate cancer come back after surgery compared to men
the subject of a bogus child pornography investigation. Lou Chatel      who do not use the drugs, according to research published in the
wants financial compensation, violations of his civil rights, when      journal CANCER. Researchers also found that higher doses of the
he was wrongfully terminated after he filed a whistle-blower com-       drugs were associated with lower risk of recurrence.
plaint last summer.                                                                                    •     •     •
    Chatel said he was the subject of retaliation by Lt. James Carney   The bone-strengthening drug Zollernia acid (Zosema) can help fight
                                                                        metastatic breast cancer when given before surgery, suggests research
over a dispute about the handling of a drug and counterfeit money
                                                                        published in The Lancet Oncology.
case in late 2009. Chatel claims Carney altered a police report in                                     •     •     •
that case, and Chief Gregory Begin later contacted the attorney         The use of Omega-3 supplements is effective among patients with
general’s office reporting that Chatel might have been manufactur-      major depression who do not have anxiety disorders, according to a
ing child pornography, and had brought home a police laptop that        study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
contained child pornographic images.                                                                   •     •     •
    In September, authorities cleared Chatel, saying he commit-                       Broug ht to you a s a publ ic ser vice by :
ted no wrongdoing. Chatel claims the investigation was a form of                 HENNIKER PHARMACY
harassment, which led to “severe anxiety with physical manifesta-                  P.O. Box 718 • Proctor Square
tions” that caused him to leave the department.                                  Henniker, NH 03242 (603)428-3456
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                                                      It’s Our...
                                                      Christmas of savings!
                                                      & We’re giving the gift

 Saturday, December 18 to Friday, December 24, 2010

                                                            WO    W
                                                           Great P !
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Holiday Baking Needs          Cookin’ this Christmas

                             More Grocer y Bargains
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  FREE ESTIMATES                                   (603) 464-4381

              le Plowing , LL
      Affordab                C

  Walks                                                           Salting
  Decks                                                          Sanding
  Driveways                       Insured                       Shoveling

                  Haigh Builders    Home Repairs & Improvements
                                                                              L-R Jerry Gilbert, Henniker Chamber of Commerce Vice President; Pat
                                                                              St. Laurence and Holly Prebble, Henniker Food Pantry Representatives;
                                                                              Paul Sheppard, Henniker Chamber of Commerce President.

                                        Additions • Decks • Porches
                                             Roofing • Siding                 Henniker Chamber helps food pantry
                                       Door & Window Replacement                  The Henniker Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a Holiday
                                                                              Business After Hours at Daniel’s Restaurant. Fifty-five members
                                               ~ Since 1983 ~                 and guests attended this holiday event. This was a great opportunity
                                     Bill Haigh • 478-3963                    to network with other chamber members while enjoying delicious
                                                                              food and drink. Many brought donations for the Henniker Food
                                                                              Pantry. Henniker Food Pantry Board members were presented with
                                                             FUEL             a donation from the Henniker Chamber of $250. The Chamber
                                                             OILS             also presented the Food Pantry with cash donations and nearly 200
                                                                              items of food.
                                                            LP GAS                Pat St. Laurence from the Henniker Food Pantry said, “We are
        Serving the area’s heating needs for over 60 years!                   grateful to the Henniker Chamber of Commerce for honoring the
              24 Hr. Self Service • Gasoline & Diesel Pumps                   pantry their first year as a group and for helping our neighbors,
           Located at: 4 Hall Ave., Henniker, Rte. 114, Bradford              especially now, during the holiday season.”
  We honor Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover at the pumps
           603.428.3333                     603.938.5335                      Bradford Community Center part time
                                                                                  John Bruss, Susan McKevitt and Kate Dobrowski represent-
                                                                              ing the Bradford Area Community Center met with the selectmen

   LJM Construction, LLC                                                      to discuss the Bradford Area Community Center Director’s Job
                                                                              Description and Responsibilities.
  Excavation Contractor, NH Licensed Septic Installer • 478-2833                  Kate Dobrowski said she could not accomplish the job in 20
  Hillsboro • 30+ Years Experience • Fully Insured • Free Estimates           hours, but the Selectmen unanimously agreed that they are staying
                   • Patios: Brick, Concrete Pavers, Asphalt                  with the 20 hours a week for a Director of the BACC. If it doesn’t
                      • Driveways: Installation, Grading, York Raking         work out after a year, then it would have to go back to full time.
                         • Leach Fields/Septic Systems: new or replacement
                           • Sump Pumps/Wet Basements
                             • House Lots • Demolition • Landscaping
                                                                              Peterborough man charged with felony
                                                                                  A Peterborough man was arrested Monday on felony charges for
                                • Retaining Walls • Drainage Work
                                                                              allegedly growing marijuana in his apartment. Jeffrey Orban, 24,
                                                                              of Union Street, turned himself in on a warrant charging him with
          le Weekly Rubbish Removal
                                                                              manufacture of a controlled drug.
                                                                                  He was arraigned in Jaffrey-Peterborough District Court and
                                                                              released on $10,000 personal recognizance until a probable cause
                                                                              hearing on Dec. 27th. His case will then be sent to Hillsborough
                                                                              County Superior Court since he is charged with a felony. According
                                                                              to Cpl. Brian Dugre, Police had been investigating Orban several
      � Friendly and Reliable             � Household Rubbish Only
                                                                              months ago after responding to his apartment for a noise complaint
  �   Affordable and Dependable      �   Ask about our Seniors Discounts!!!
                                                                              on Sept. 11. Police observed contraband and underage people under
 We Service Hillsboro, Antrim, Deering, Washington and Henniker               the influence of alcohol in the apartment. An arrest warrant for
             Call Bradley Hauptman 603-325-5994                               Orban was issued after several months of investigation.
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                                                                               Apartments in Hillsboro, NH
                                                                           Historic Albion Mill & 12 Williams Rd
                                                                              ONE MONTH FREE RENT @ ALBION MILL
                                                                                     NO APPLICATION FEE
                                                                             1 & 2 BR Apts, clean with fresh paint, on-site laundry
                                                                            and parking, some new carpet, 24/7 emergency on-call
                                                                                           maintenance. $525-$750
                                                                             Open Tues-Wed-Thurs 10-4 or by appt

                                                                              P    R     O      P     E     R      I     T   E    S


                                                                              Computer or Virus Problems?
    Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School students were recently                Mac or PC — We Can Help!!
    entertained by the Grabgrass Puppet Theater.
                                                                          For all your computer and networking needs.
Roberts may add Chrysler dealership                                          Main office
    Hillsboro may soon have another auto dealership, adding at               in Henniker
least 15 jobs to the local economy. The Roberts family, owners of     
Hillsboro Ford hope to open a Chrysler dealership in Hillsboro in          No Tricks. No Gimmicks. Just Quality Service.
the next few months.

                                                                         FIREWOOD FOR SALE
    Until May 2009, the Roberts owned a Chrysler dealership
in Peterborough, but were forced to close it when Chrysler went
bankrupt. Recently however, the automaker asked if they would be
willing to reopen in Hillsboro. According to Dennis Roberts Jr., the                 Green Hardwood $195.00
Peterborough facility always had good customer satisfaction and                     Seasoned Hardwood $235.00
always maintained a good market share.
                                                                                  FREE DELIVERY • 10 MILE radius.
    The Hillsboro Planning Board has reviewed the proposal and
will soon vote on tbe project. Hillsboro Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge would
                                                                                         428-8400 ext. 232
                                                                                              Prices subject to change
occupy about 12,000 square feet, with about 80 vehicles in stock.
Roberts said that the new dealership could open early next year if                Hopkinton Forestry and Land Clearing, Inc
approved.                                                                Logging, Land Clearing, Complete Site Work & Hydro Seeding.

Henniker man arrested for sex crimes                                                            Call for pricing.
                                                                                                                                   Est. 1990
    A Henniker man has been arrested and charged with sexually
assaulting a girl several times in the last decade. John F. Spaulding,     Does this resemble Your Home or Garage?
59, of Patterson Hill Road was arrested after the woman, now 21,
                                                                           WE CAN HELP!
                                                                         SELF-STORAGE UNITS
told authorities in July that Spaulding had assaulted her when she
was between 10 and 15 years old.
    Local police were aided by the New Hampshire Crimes Against
                                                                                  Now Available at
Children Task Force. Spaulding is charged with aggravated sexual
assault, felonious sexual assault and acts prohibited, which was                  Harvester
related to a drug violation. He is being held on $100,000 cash bail                Market                                    Starting
and is scheduled to return to Henniker District Court, where the              Route 114 ¥ Henniker, NH                        at only
case will be transferred to Merrimack Superior Court because it             Store your Snowmobile for the Summer;                   0
involves several felony charges. The investigation is still ongoing,     your Car, Boat or Motorcycle for the Winter,        per mn
                                                                         or just gain some extra living space at home!
and authorities are not sure if there are other people who may have
been victimized by the suspect.                                              For More Info. Please Call (603) 428-3912
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National Commander candidate visits NH Legions
Photo and text by Richard L. Dahlgren                       criss-crossed the state visiting 12 Posts, one             the shipment leaving in December for Iraq
    Fang Wong, the lead candidate for next                  District and the Nashua Armory.                            and Afghanistan.
year’s National American Legion Com-                            One of the highlights of his trip was                      Wong not only visited NH Posts but
mander, paid a visit to New Hampshire                       witnessing the presentation of 1000 per-                   also “broke bread” with the Post members,
over the weekend of November 19-21, 2010,                   sonalized Christmas cards to Paul Moore,                   their wives and families. He had a chance
accompanied by his wife, Barbara Wong.                      co-founder of Moore-Mart at the armory                     to meet the various Post Commanders and
Retired from the Army as a Warrant Officer,                 in Nashua. These cards were designed,                      listen to their concerns and offer some sage
his Post is in Chinatown, Manhattan, NY.                    printed and written by inmates at the State                advice based upon his experience.
    With NH Department Commander                            Prison in Berlin, NH and had been given                        He mentioned that prior to coming to
Frank Anderson, Department Adjutant                         to Jack Neylon on one of his visits there.                 NH, he had visited 31 different states and
Dave Meaney, National Executive Com-                        Moore-Mart regularly ships packages to                     found that NH was one of the most cordial
mitteeman Jack Neylon and several of                        service personnel around the world and                     and hospitable places; he felt very comfort-
the Department Vice-Commanders, he                          these cards were going to be included in                   able on this visit.
                                                                                                                           The American Legion has 55 Depart-
                                                                                                                       ments in the 50 states, the District of
                                                                                                                       Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto
                                                                                                                       Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines,
                                                                                                                       consisting of 2.5 million members.

                                                                                                                       Great Brook School
                                                                                                                       November Students
                                                                                                                       of the Month
                                                                                                                           GRaDe 8: Anala Adkins, Jamie
                                                                                                                       Ammon, Joel Barwood, Heather Brown,
                                                                                                                       Shauna Driscoll, BizhdeBah Kelly, Kyler
                                                                                                                       Mose, Monica Pierson, Allee Proctor, Olivia
L-R Barbara Wong, Fang Wong, Paul Moore, Jack Neylon, Frank Anderson, Bob Blais.                                       Proctor, Megan Stanley, Julianna Stone,
                                                                                                                       Maddy Zimmerman.

   Living at Hillsboro House
                                                                                                                           GRaDe 7: McKenzie Armstrong,
                                                                                                                       Hunter Anderson, Ivy Battaglia, Cameron
                                                                                                                       Brissette, Chelsea Broderick, McKenzie
                              BY GINGER JOHNSON                                                                        Christiansen, Dalton Coyne, Andria Dara-
                                                                                                                       gon, Kayla Rose Davie, Allyson Fife, Molly
        Excitement is in the air as the holidays approach   think we all agree the acting was superb and the
                                                                                                                       Graves, Maddie Harvey, Lauren Paquette,
  at the Hillsboro House Nursing Home. We have              singing was delightful. We would like to thank
  just finished decorating our Christmas Trees and          Brenda and Kayleen for their time and big cars to get      Veronika Raczek, Jordan Robertson, Ash-
  making Gingerbread Houses. According to Angus             everyone there.                                            ley Ruston, Katy Taylor, Lexi Williams.
  the dog, the Gingerbread houses are very beautiful             This year at the Hillsboro House, we are starting         GRaDe 6: KJ Ammon, Liam Bald-
  and tasty too!                                            a new tradition of having a Holiday party for resi-
        We have a new pet at the Hillsboro House. His       dents and staff in place of the Open House. Pianist        win, Allyson Beckman, Colin Brinkley,
  name is Buster the Cat and he is extremely affection-     Robert Kelly will be joining us for this festive occa-     Mackenzie Burnside, Beau Edes, Meaghan
  ate. He is perfectly content to spend most of his days    sion to play the residents’ favorite Christmas classics.   Farrell, Hannah Fitzgerald, Sylvie Holding,
  lounging around in Ken Grant’s room sleeping on                Residents celebrating a birthday this month are:      Breanna Lester, April Paine, Jill Pierson,
  the sunny windowsill. Lately, however, he has shown       Ruth Jones 25th and Cliff Blanchard 31st. The staff
  some interest in Billy the Bird in the Solarium. We’ll    and residents at the Hillsboro House would like to
                                                                                                                       Jeff Pinkham, Jonathan Pope, Brandon
  have to see how that friendship works out!                wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy           Rajaniemi, Joseph Ricco, Gianna Ricco,
        There have been some wonderful visitors             New Year!                                                  Carly Storro, Taryn Wing.
  stopping by to sing Christmas Carols and volunteer                                                                       GRaDe 5: Rhiannon Bell, Skye
  their time. A special thank you to Linda Brake’s Girl      Hillsboro House Nursing Home is a Medicare-
  Scout troop for the wonderful ornaments made for                                                                     Civitella, Sarah Dauphinais, Lily Denehy,
                                                             Certified Rehabilitation and Long Term Care
  the residents! We are expecting some more visits           Facility serving communities from Antrim to               Shea Ellis, Hattie Kendall, Bailey Kirkpat-
  from school children and a group of piano students         Warner for more than forty years. Our telephone           rick, Anna Murphy, Hunter Salamy, Sarah
  with Barbara Daley later this month.                       number is (603) 464-5561. David Irwin,                    Tyler, Mackenzie Wetherill, Domimque
        Last month, we ventured out in the cold to see       Administrator. Daina Hilchey, RN, DNS.
  “A Christmas Carol, the Musical” in Concord. I                                                                       Wheeler, Isabel Wilder, Manon Anne Win-
                                                                                                                       chester, Riley Young.
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 Last Minute Gift Section
     DAY SPA                                                                                                                   From all of us
   • Massage • Pain Management                                                                                            at The Messenger:
   Give a gift that’s sure to please...
     ... purchase a Gift Certificate
                                                                                                                     Have a Merry Christmas
      from Living Young Day Spa
             Francine Marchand,
                                                 Happy Holidays!                                                     & Wonderful New Year!
                                                Thank you for your patronage
 licensed esthetician/instructor/Reiki master
256, 2nd NH Turnpike Hillsboro, NH 03244 • 478-0304

                                                                                                e Sporting Good
       Great Seasonal & Holiday Savings with              Come experience

                                                                                            orsThe Outdoor Enthusiast!
                                                      North Branch Village!
         New Merchandise Arriving Daily!                We have a wide variety of
                                                      merchandise to choose from
                                                         including Furniture &
                                                                                                    Everything For

                                                       Furnishings, Architectural

                                                      Salvage, Tools & Hardware,
                                                         Fine Art, Art Pottery,             • Surefire Lights                 • Smart Wool Socks
                                                          Porcelain and Glass.              • Kids Youth                      • Boots
                                                      We strive to preserve the past        • Ice Fishing Equipment           • Archery Pro Shop
                                                       by giving it renewed form
                                                      and function in your home.            • Guns & Ammo                      ~ Mathews
                                                                                            • GPS Units • Gift Certificates    ~PSE ~ Hoyt
                                                         Everyday Savings
          North Branch Village:                            of 10-25% off
             Antiques & Accessories                       items over $10.               85 Contoocook Falls Rd. • Hillsboro • 464-3444
           191 Keene Road, Antrim, NH                     Great gift ideas               
           603-588-3322                    at affordable prices!
    Open Daily 10:30-5; Sun. 11-4; Closed Tues.

                                                                                               A Great Holiday
                                     We have a complete line of:                                  Gift Idea!
                                          * Boots * Suits * Socks
                                              * Helmets * Gloves
                                                                                         Purchase at:
                                               * even Underwear                          •
                                                    Arctic Cat                           • 1-888-PATS PEAK
                                                  Accessories!                           • Guest Services
                                                                                           Gift Cards can be used for lift tickets, rentals,
                  LIVINGSTON’S • 464-5454                                              food & beverage, ski/board shop merchandise & more!
                     123 Henniker Street • Hillsboro, NH
                                                      PATS PEAK Ski Area, Route 114, Henniker NH 03242
Page 18 | The Messenger | DeCeMber 17, 2010 | www.graniTequill.CoM             Last Minute Gift Section

                                                           Place in
         R TH
                E W AY
                         YO U LIV E, W O R   K&P
                                                 LA   Y!   the Woods...
                                                           Goods for country living.
   128 Concord Street
                                                           Traditional clothing and
   Antrim, NH 03440
                                                           accessories, toys, gifts,
   603.588.2446                                            NH made specialty items.
   Sun. 9-5; Mon.-Thurs. 9-6; Fri. 9-7; Sat. 9-6
                                                           Snowshoe Rental
          New!                                             Ice Fishing Gear
                   Blue Seal farm & pet supplies,          Hunting Supplies
                     wild bird seed and feeders            Firearms

                                                                      We are more than just a
                                                                      Christmas Tree Farm!

                                                                         Opening November 26th!
Last Minute Gift Section                                                  www.graniTequill.CoM | DeCeMber 17, 2010 | The Messenger | Page 19

                                                                                               PING MON
                                                                                             EE                           �The Elegant �
                                                                                                                            Alpaca Shoppe


  Sometimes the best treasures are found off the beaten path
                                                                                                                            is now open
   THE CALICO HEN                                                                                                           11am to 5pm
       371 Burnham Intervale, Contoocook, NH                                                                              Every Saturday & Sunday except for
                                                                                          FARM ALPACAS                     Christmas Day and New Years Day.
         Seasonal Folk Art for a House,
            a Garden, a Happy Heart                                                          Bring in this ad for
                                                                                            your total purchase     10% 0ff                        Expires
                                                                                                                                                Jan. 31, 2011

          Gift Certificates, Visa, MC, Disc, Amex                                          Great prices on quality products!
   Call or visit our website for more details & regular hours.                                   “A gift of alpaca is a gift of love...” • email:
          I-89 to Exit 6. In Contoocook Village, bear left after stone
                                                                                            �New Inventory Weekly �
          bridge, take a sharp left onto Pine St. (between fire station                      Sweaters ~ Hats ~ Scarves ~ Socks ~ Gloves ~ Mittens
             and telephone company) 6/10 of a mile to Burnham                                3 Season Vests ~ Childrens & Adults ~ Raw Fiber ~ Yarn
              Intervale on left; 6/10 of a mile to shoppe on left.
                                                                                                 Batts Roving ~ Felted Sheets & Felting Supplies
                     (603) 746-5659
                                                                                            Gift certificates available • We now accept Visa & Mastercard
                                                                                            116 Ashby Road • New Ipswich, NH • 878-2183

     COUNTRY COBWEBS                                                                                 Give the Spirit of Christmas
   and ARTISAN’S SAMPLER                                                                              Give the Gift of Love...
          Browse through many Wonderful Gifts
         to fill your Holiday Baskets & Stockings.
          Discover Unique Gifts and Handcrafts
              for all your Christmas needs.

       � Jewelry � Loons � Santas � Bears � Prints
      � Pottery � Herbal Soaps � Candles � Gift Baskets
            and Baskets to fill with many Gourmet Foods
                                                                                                    Specializing in your custom design
                All those                                                                                 Check out our new
           Last Minute Gifts....                                                                         Watch & Jewelry lines
            We’ve Got T hem!!                                                                         VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION
                                                                                                      DEPOT SQUARE, PETERBOROUGH
                      OPEN DAILY 10-5                                                              Yours ... A Wonderful Feeling of Confidence
                      Closed Christmas Day
                                                                Hobbs Jewelers, Inc.
        42 Kearsarge Mt. Rd.,Warner, NH                                                         20 Depot Street • Peterborough, NH 03458
                      603-456-3033                                                                               924-3086
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  Carhartt Has What You Need
  to Stay Warm This Winter!

                                                                                        Cowhide Glove
                                                                                        A123 • $15.95
                                               Long Sleeve
                                                Knit Shirt           Waterproof Breathable
                                              K253 • $26.95             Insulated Glove
                                                                        A228 • $35.95
     Flannel Lined        Quilt Lined
       Duck Pant        Sandstone Pant
    B111 • $45.95       B194 • $69.95

    Women’s Henley            Women’s Work Dry          Women’s Flannel            Women’s Utility
   Long Sleeved Shirt           Thermal Top             Lined Denim Pant            Pigskin Glove
    WK001 • $25.95             WK016 • $32.95           WB022 • $46.95             WA009 • $26.95

                           OPEN: MON.-SAT. 8-5; SUN. 9-1
                  110 BRADFORD ROAD • HENNIKER, NH 03242
                                                                                www.graniTequill.CoM | DeCeMber 17, 2010 | The Messenger | Page 21

                    Obituaries: Friends & neighbors remembered
andrew J. Lawson                                                      Hillsboro, NH 03244.                            David Feather
    DEERING - Andrew J. Lawson, 72,                                   Virginia Dow Brennan                                DEERING - David Feather, 85, of West
of 7 Longwoods Road, died December 12,                                     WEARE - Virginia (Ginny) Dow Bren-         Deering, NH died Sunday December 5, 2010
2010, at his home. Mr.                                                nan, 90, of 37 Quaker Street, died Dec. 13,     at the Concord Hos-
Lawson was born in                                                    2010, at her home surrounded by three           pital. Born May 18,
Deering on April 25,                                                  generations of her family. Ginny was born       1925 in Springfield,
1938, the son of Rob-                                                 in Weare on May 1, 1920, the daughter of        Vt, to Smith & Edith
ert and Ruth (Davy)                                                   Harry Dow and Gladys (White) Dow.               (Morse) Feather.
Lawson. The family                                                         Her family includes her husband, Joe           Survived by his
includes his wife and                                                 Brennan, who died in 2002; one son, Arthur      wife Jean D (McAl-
partner of 30 years,                                                  Brennan and his wife Nancy of Weare; a          ister) Feather, of
Linda (Dumais) Law-                                                   daughter, Jean Stafford and her husband,        West Deering, NH,
son of Deering; one        Andrew Lawson                              William (Bill) Stafford of Weare; a daughter,   3 daughters, JoAnn          David Feather
son, Mark A. Lawson                                                   Joan Brennan Boyle and her husband, Gary        Druscilla Feather Bar-
and his wife Audrey, of Hillsborough; one                             Boyle, of Littleton; and a daughter, Jane       rett, of Hillsboro, NH, Linda Mae Feather
daughter, Patricia A. Gregg, of Washington;                           Brennan of Weare. Grandchildren are Molly       and Heidi Jean Feather, of both of West
two step-sons, Allen L. Grendell and his                              Brennan of Chicago, Illinois; Kate Bren-        Deering, NH; 1 brother, James Feather, of
partner Robyn, of Bennington and Mark J.                              nan of Jackson, Wyoming; Mike Stafford          Rochester, NH; 2 grandsons, several nieces
Grendell of Deering; two grandsons, Connor                            of Weare; Jenny Gordon and her husband          and nephews and nousins.
and Colton Gregg, of Washington; three                                Josh Gordon of Bow; Connor Boyle of Bos-            Donations may be made in his name
step-grandsons, Lucas and Brandon Gren-                               ton, Massachusetts; Kerry Boyle of Woods-       to the Deering Rescue Squad RR1 Box 166
dell, of Bennington and Zackary Grendell                              ville; Cavan Boyle of Boston, Massachusetts;    Deering, NH 03244.
of Connecticut; three step-granddaughters,                            River Clegg of New Haven, Connecticut; and
                                                                      Mariah Brennan Clegg of Williamstown,
                                                                                                                      (Douglas) Glenn Harwood
Felisha Grendell, of Washington, Britney                                                                                  NEWBURY - (Douglas) Glenn Harwood,
Grendell, of Deering and Shauna Driscoll,                             Massachusetts. Great-grandchildren are
                                                                                                                      60, passed away peacefully in his sleep
of Bennington. He also leaves one brother,                            Logan Gordon and Ally Gordon of Bow; and
                                                                                                                      on Thanksgiving morning, after a brave
James Lawson and wife Helen of Bar-                                   Diana Stafford and Haley Stafford of Weare.
                                                                                                                      22-month battle with cancer. He was in the
rington, NH and two sisters, Mabel Ager                               Ginny was predeceased by her sisters,
                                                                                                                      warm company of his family circle, includ-
and husband Donald of Hillsborough and                                Rosamond (Rosie) Colburn of Weare, and
                                                                                                                      ing his wife of 32 years, Donna (Gallup);
Charlotte Groves and husband Larry of                                 Rebecca (Becky or Bec) Moore of Weare.
                                                                                                                      their loyal black Lab, Tobey; and his son,
South Carolina. He was predeceased by his                             Ginny also had many nieces and nephews
                                                                                                                      Brady, of whom he was so proud, and his
parents, Robert and Ruth Lawson and by                                and grandnieces and nephews.
                                                                                                                      girlfriend, Addy, and their loyal black Lab,
one brother, Robert Lawson.                                                In lieu of flowers, memorial donations
    In lieu of flowers, memorial dona-                                may be made to the Concord Regional VNA
                                                                                                                          Glenn was born in Beverly, Mass., on
tions may be made to the Deering Rescue                               Hospice Care, The Slusser Center, Develop-
                                                                                                                      Dec. 22, 1949, to his parents, Janet (Arm-
Squad, P.O. Box 166, Deering, NH 03244 or                             ment Office, 30 Pillsbury Street, Concord,
                                                                                                                      strong) Harwood and Douglas Harwood.
Hillsborough Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 350                               NH 03301.

Win a $15 Gift Cert. to Appleseed Restaurant!                                                     Mystery                      Identify this Mystery Photo and
 Find & list the graphic at right from 4 ads and send your answers to:
   The Messenger’s Ad Hunter, PO Box 1190, Hillsboro, NH 03244
                                                                                                  PHOTO                        Win $15 Gift Certi cate!
                                                                                                                               Win aa $15 Gift Certicate
                                                                                                                               to Appleseed Restaurant!

  Ad #1                           Page #             Ad #2                             Page #                                  All entries must include name,
                                                                                                                               address and telephone number.
  Ad #3                           Page #             Ad #4                             Page #                                  Mail to: Mystery Photo,
                                                             Answers for week of Dec. 10, 2010:                                PO Box 1190, Hillsboro, NH 03244
                                                             •   Next Generation - Page 7
                                                             •   New London Gutters - Page 10
  Name                                                       •   Morse Sporting Goods - Page 17                                      winner for Dec. 10, 2010:
                                                             •   Tony Riccio - Page 22
                                                                                                                                   Connie Jordan, Hillsboro
  Mailing Address                                                   winner for Dec. 3, 2010:                                         Picture was of iris Campbell
  Town & Zip
                                                             Sandy Rebstad, Bennington
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                                                                                                                  SPORTS high school results
                  Affordable shared housing opportunity
              in Antrim, NH for persons 62+ years, or w/
              disabilities. Private BRs, shared common                          STOVE SHOP
              areas, private yard, on-site laundry facilities
              and parking. Utilities incl. Rent based on        • Certified Chimney Sweep • Cleanings
              30% of monthly income                             • Inspections • Crown Work              BOY’S BASKETBALL
              provided annual income                            • Rain Caps • Chimney Repairs           Hopkinton 57 Hillsboro-Deering 50
              is $25,900 or less.                               • Stainless Steel
                                                                  Liners                                    Twenty-five turnovers and 3 for 13 at the charity stripe doomed
              For more information call                         • Installations                         the Hillcats, who somehow managed to keep the game close.
             Great Brook Homes                                   Call now for an
                                                                                                        Jimmy Angell led the Hawks with 13 points while Brendan Norton
                                                                                                        netted 13 for the Cats.
                        603-588-3499                             464-4147
                                                                                                        GIRL’S BASKETBALL
                     Murdough                                        ELECTRICIAN                        Hopkinton 37 Hillsboro-Deering 35
                     Builders, LLC                                                                          The Hillcats led by 6 in the fourth quarter but scored only 3
                   “Building a Reputation of Quality”                                                   more. Gabby Forrester’s “3” with 20 seconds left was the game win-
                                           • Fully Insured                                              ner. Harley Smith led the Hawks with 16 points and Katie Kings-
                                            • New Homes
                                                • Garages        DONALD J. SOLOMON                      bury paced H-D with 10
                                               • Additions
                                            • Remodeling            405 W. Main St.                     Hanover 36 Kearsarge 25
                                    • Sill Replacements
                                                                   Hillsboro, NH 03244                      Kearsarge jumped out to a 7-0 lead but it went down hill from
                                   • Barn Restorations
                                                                                                        there. 26 Hanover free throws provided the margin of victory. New-
                          • 478-0436
                        • Fax 464-5742                              603.478.5621                        comer Morgan Church led the Cougars with 9 points.
                       Keith A. Murdough,                              Licensed & Insured               John Stark 46 Goffstown 27
                                                                                                            The Generals led 14-4 after one and never looked back in a
                                                                                                        home opening win. Katie Cullerot led all scorers with 12 followed by
                                                                   Mark Lawson                          Erica Vailancourt with 10.
                     DAVID                                             Automotive                       Milford 51 ConVal 49
                   BOURGOINE                                           Complete Auto                        The Cougars lost their season opener to Milford. Morgan Lowe
                      Logging and Land
                                                                    Maintenance & Repair                netted 14 points followed by Marena Brock with 12. Mallory Siros
                     Clearing and Whole
                        Tree Chipping                                 State Inspections                 pulled down 11 boards.
                     Seasoned Firewood                              Car-Truck-Motorcycles               HOCKEY
                    $250.00 per cord                                                                    John Stark 5 Kennett 4
                     Will buy Standing Timber.                    288 Beard Road
                                                                  Hillsborough, NH                         Simon Hunter had 3 goals and an assist while Nick Saball and
                       924-9759                                                                         Dylan Payea each scored a goal and added 3 assists.

                  K NAPTON                                      JESSE JAMES CARPENTRY                   Newport selectmen honor football team
                                                                                                           Chairman Virginia Irwin read a proclamation from the New-
                DONALDE J. SOLOMON
                READE & WOODS
                              Jesse J. Lavoie • Carpenter                                               port Board of Selectmen which congratulated the Newport High
                                                                                                        School Tigers Football Team for their recent championship win and
                                           405 W. Main St.
                                                                                                        presented it to Mr. Johnson, Chairman of the School Board.
                                      Hillsboro, NH 03244
                       Fax 603/464-4066
                          2 2 S c h o o l S t re e t                                                    Henniker Youth Hockey
                        H i l l s b o ro , N H 0 3 2 4 4            Interior • Exterior
                       HOME AUTO                                                                            The Henniker Huskies Edmunds Ace Hardware Squirt Team
                                                                 Drywall • Siding • Roofing
                         BUSINESS                                                                       were defeated against NH East Sunday afternoon. Barry Quentin
                       LIFE HEALTH                              Windows • Doors • and More
OINE                              6 0 3 . 4 7 8 . 5 6(603) 325-5563
                  DONALD E. KNAPTON, JR. CIC
                                                                                                        and Jacob Cole played well defensively in the first period while
                                                                                                        Matthew Strickland held off the opposing team from scoring in the

                                                                                                        second. In the third period Jeremiah Barry and Paul Molnar each
Land T O N Y R I C C I O Insured
                    Licensed & NAUGHTON & SON                                                           scored a goal to bring the final score to 5-2
         “An Experienced Roofer”      RECYCLING INC.
 nd            � No Middle Man � No Job Too Small
                                       • Residential, Commercial &
                              � Fully Insured �
                                                                                                            The TDS Telecom Henniker Huskies Mites Black team came out
                                                                                                        aggressively against the Kearsage Mites, Andrew Nordstrom led the
 ipping.             • Snow Plowing
                    • Roof Shoveling
                                     Construction ~ Recycling Services
                                       • Construction • Cleanout
                                                                                                        scoring with 2 quick goals in the 1st period. Harrison Briggs scored
                                                                                                        in the 2nd period to make the score 3-0 Huskies. Noah Urban was
                                                                   • Roll-offs (15 to 40 yds)
 wood                       Shingles
             I N S U R• A •N C E
                        Leak Repairs                               • Containers (2 to 10 yds)           superb in goal, 3-1 Huskies would be the final score. Andrew and
 ord                                  • Houses • Camps                                                  Matthew Mitchell anchored the defense.
g Timber R O F T H E D AV I S & T O W L E G R O U P
    A M E M B�
                                         • Barns • Sheds

                       day or evening • 7 days a week
                                                                                 Hillsborough &
                                                                                Surrounding Areas
                                                                                                            The Henniker Mites Red team lost to Keene 2-1. Cabot Lineber-
                                                                                                        ry scored for the Huskies, while Dylan Clarke and Nolan Willough-
                                                                24 Jones Road, Bradford • 938-2282
 59           Call Tony today to schedule a Free Estimate                                               by anchored the defensive effort.
             Fax 603/464-4066
                                                                                                  www.graniTequill.CoM | DeCeMber 17, 2010 | The Messenger | Page 23

                           CLASSIFIEDS: Messenger classified ads get results!
ANIMALS                                                       LAND FOR SALE

FINANCIAL HELP: for spaying & altering of                     100% FINANCING AVAILABLE ON LAND!
dogs & cats. 224-1361 before 2 PM.                            In conjunction with purchase of a modular                                           “Your Local Weekly Since 1968 • A Tradition Worth Keeping”

-----------------------------------------------------------   home. Lots available in Hillsboro, Henniker,
                                                              Deering, Weare, Antrim, Stoddard, Bennington,
COMMERICAL FOR RENT                                           & many other areas. Call Red Coat Realty
                                                              1-800-564-4036 for exciting details today!
BUSINESS SPACE – Excellent location on
Route 114 in downtown Henniker. Good vis-
                                                              MOBILE HOMES
ibility, o -street parking. 428-3262, days.
-----------------------------------------------------------   DO YOU NEED A NEW HOME?                                                Our classifieds reach over
CORD WOOD: Green Wood $180 a cord; Dry
                                                              TRADE IN YOUR OLD MOBILE HOME
                                                              FOR A BRAND NEW MANUFACTURED                                        80,000 people in 33 area towns!
                                                              OR MODULAR HOME. BUY NOW WHILE
Wood $250 a cord. Call 588-2135.
                                                              RATES ARE LOW! CONCORD HOME
                                                              SALES, RT 28 (2 1/2 MILES SOUTH OF                                                  REGULAR TYPE
FOR RENT                                                      TRAFFIC CIRCLE) EPSOM, NH. OPEN 7                                  1 week $10 each • 3 weeks $9 each • 4 weeks $8 each
RENT REDUCED - HOUSE FOR RENT: 2                              DAYS. (800)498-8252 (603)736-8252.
Bdrm, updated Kitchen & bath, new rugs,                       -----------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                    BOLD TYPE
FHA & wood heat, woodstove included,
                                                              REAL ESTATE
Large screen porch & storage shed. In
                                                                                                                          1 week $13.50 ea. • 3 weeks $12.50 ea. • 4 weeks $11.50 ea.
Hillsboro ELVD, dead end street, quiet
                                                              Manufactured Homes For Sale                                          Allow 41 characters per line, up to 4 lines. Additional lines $2.50 each.
neighborhood. Non-Smokers ONLY. Avail-
                                                              BOSCAWEN - 2bd/1ba $67,900
able immediately. $900/month plus utilities.
                                                              BOSCAWEN - 3bd/2ba $98,900
References & Sec Dep required. Call eves &
                                                              BOSCAWEN - 2bd/1ba $56,900

wkend 464-5821.

                                                                                                                                 Photo Special
                                                              CONCORD - 3bd/2ba $125,000
                                                              EPPING - available
ANTRIM: 1 & 2 BR apts. Heat & hot water
                                                              GILFORD - 2bd/1ba $59,900
included. No dogs. From $165-$185/week.
                                                              HENNIKER - available
                                                                                                                                                                          Non-business classi ed for items
GREAT VALUES. Call 563-7173 or 924-7580,                                                                                            25 words with photo!                  $100 or less. Limit: 1 item per ad,
                                                              PITTSFIELD - 2bd/1ba $64,900
7AM - 7PM.
                                                              PITTSFIELD - 2bd/1ba $66,900
                                                              PITTSFIELD - 3bd/2ba $87,900
                                                                                                                                       only $45!                           2 ads per household per week.
                                                                                                                                                                              Ad may run up to 4 issues,
FOR SALE                                                                                                                           Ad runs until item sells!
                                                              SOMERSWORTH - 2bd/1ba $59,900                                                                                       space permitted.
1989 32’ OVERLANDER MOTOR HOME:                               Concord Home Sales
Immaculate condition. Asking $10,000 or                       Route 28 South, Epsom
BRO. Call Joyce at 464-3053.                                  603-736-8252                                                  Visa • Mastercard • Discover accepted. Mail: PO Box 1190, Hillsboro, NH 03244
-----------------------------------------------------------                                                                           Fax: 603-464-4106 • Email:
                                                                                                                               Classifieds NOT taken over the phone • All classifieds MUST be pre-paid

                                                                                                                                            STOVE SHOP • 464�4147
                                                                                                                                                          We now are an authorized dealer
                                                                                                                                                          of SUNHEAT. The latest
                                                                                                                                                          technology in infrared
                                                                                                                                                          zone heating. Stop in to
                                                                                                                                                          see how affordable and
                                                                                                                                                          efficient they are.

                                                                                                                                                          Come to our new location at
                                                                                                                                                          6 Intervale Drive, Hillsboro (Behind VIP)
                                                                                                                                                          Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm; Sat. 9am-3pm
                                                                                                                                                          Financing is now available!
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       It’s a Women’s World
  Sam’s Chair
      Rush • Reed • Splint
                                                    Salon 405
                                               HAIR DESIGN
                                           STUDIO & TANNING
                                                           Wanda Robie
                                                          • Owner/Stylist
                                                                                     A&B VIDEO
                                                                                     We get them before Red Box!!
                                                                                                                              H ILLSBORO
                                                                                                                         P HYSICAL T HERAPY LLC
                                                                                                                         Pain Reduction; Functional Restoration
                                                                                                                          190 W. MAIN STREET, HILLSBORO
                                                                                                                          • IN THE SAME BUILDING AS JD FOODS,
                                                                                                                              NEXT TO WYMAN’S CHEVROLET.
         Quaker District
         Henniker, NH
                                             ISO Products                            Video Rentals                               Four years at this location
                                                                                                                              PHONE: (603) 464-4261
     Restore your old seat!
                                          Hrs: Tu-Sat 9am - 5pm
                                        • Evenings by Appointment
                                      405 Beard Rd., Hillsboro, NH
                                                                                     464-4300                                  FAX: (603) 464-5461
                                                478-5722                             River’s Edge Plaza, Hillsboro, NH        Caring for a community of needs

             December Special!        GSM Creations
                                            Geraldine Sue McQuade
                                              Designs by Sue
    Service Fee!                        Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets,                                                           Trends Of Fashion
                                          Bookmarks & Earrings
                 Bring in a toy                                                                                                   Full Service Family Salon
                                                   Gemstones, Crystals
                  to brighten
                                                & Beads (Metal & Glass)              I do house & office cleaning.             MEN~WOMEN~CHILDREN
                   up a child’s                                                                                            Serving Our Community Since 1995
                   Christmas!                              Repair of                 Willing to run errands and           Tues.11-6, Wed. & Thurs. 11-8, Fri. 9-5, Sat. 7-2
  And help Curves celebrate                            broken favorites              do light yardwork too!                 GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE
  their One Year Anniversary,                          Beading Supplies
  here at:
               49 Henniker Street,
                                                    & Findings for Sale
                                     1736 Valley Rd. ¥ Washington, NH 03280
                                                                                     464-9043                                      Paula Brissette ~ Owner/Stylist
                                                                                                                               46 Main Street, Antrim, NH
             Hillsboro • 464-3385    603-495-3763 Hrs: 11-6 & by appt; closed Fri.                                    

           Check Out

                                                                           New Live & Local
                                                                            All-Star Lineup
                                                                                            Starting December 1st

            6:00 - 10:00 AM                                                              12:15 - 1:00 PM
           The New Hampshire                                                               Money Basics
              Wake Up Show                                                             with Steven Albrecht
           with Peter St. James                                                        & Cynthia Wentworth
                & Ken Cail
                                                                               1:00 - 3:00 PM
                                                                      The Bob Lobel Show with Bob Lobel
             10:00 AM - NOON
                Bulldog Live                                                3:00 - 5:00 PM
              with Brian Tilton                                    New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath

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