Growing In Faith Together by yaofenji


    A Centennial History Of
 Community Presbyterian Church
Dear Church Family:
This centennial history booklet has been produced to help our
congregation celebrate our first 100 years of ministry. Our con-
gregation began in 1906, which means that our congregation is
older than the city of Redmond. In those early years folks
would ride horses and buggies to church. They faced great and
overwhelming challenges to begin a church in what was the
frontier. Although the challenges have changed over the years,
the purpose of the church remains the same: We live to share
the eternal love and grace of Jesus Christ with one another.
The founding members made an incredible commitment and
sacrifice of time, energy, and money to begin this church.
While we possess few photos or written documents from those
early pioneers, we are able to see the results of their hard work,
dedication, and faithfulness every time we gather as a church
community to worship or attend a special ministry opportunity.
I hope that you will enjoy this wonderful booklet! The theme
for our centennial celebration is “Growing In Faith Together” -
G.I.F.T. As you explore each page you will discover the
“GIFT” of ministry that is ours to cherish and share with each
future generation. Our history as a congregation is priceless,
yet many people in the past have made sizable contributions in
order that our current ministries might flourish. The efforts of
our church ancestors have helped change and enrich the lives of
many persons by sharing a deep faith and trust in Jesus Christ—
Our Lord.
Please express your personal thanks to Ed and Judy McKinney
who have served as co-chairs for the Centennial Committee,
and their committee members who are listed on the last page of
this booklet. Their tremendous work is most appreciated.
In Christ‟s service,
Pastor Rob Anderson
Ephesians 5:20
     Community Presbyterian Church
         Redmond, Oregon
              Prepared by Paula Kerfoot
             Research assistance provided by
                     Louise Downs
                 Ed and Judy McKinney
                      Doris Priday
                      Barbara Rich
                      Lynn Smith
                     Norrie Taylor
Information was also used from the church‟s 50-year history
      booklet prepared by Martha Stranahan in 1956
            One Hundred Years of Service and Progress

November, 1905—Redmond Union Sunday School founded
November 25, 1906—Redmond Presbyterian Church founded
      Rev. Levi Johnson, guest preacher
      Rev. J.C. George, first pastor
July 1, 1907—Rev. G.A.M. Lilly installed as pastor
June 30, 1912—Church sanctuary dedicated
         Rev. G.A.M. Lilly resigns                                         CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS
July 1, 1912—These pastors served in succession:
         Rev. Frederick K. Harvey (1912-14), Rev. T.J. Hedges (1914-15)
         Rev. I.S. Mershon (1915-16), Rev. J. Edward Blair (1916-18)               Ed and Judy McKinney, Co-Chairs
         Rev. E.M. McVickers (1918-19), Rev. David E. Schnable (1920-                  Elden and DeeAnn Bauerle
         25), Rev. E.L. Moore (1925-26)
                                                                                 Loralee Galvez and the late Dick Galvez
January 4, 1927—Rev. Percy Arkle installed as pastor                                         Teddy Johnnie
September 23, 1929—Methodist and Presbyterian congregations unite to                     Ken and Paula Kerfoot
       form Redmond Community Church (Presbyterian)                                       The late Lola Owen
October 1, 1929—Presbytery of Pendleton sanctioned the church‟s change
                                                                                              Barbara Rich
        of name to Redmond Community Presbyterian Church                                     Jane Schroeder
                                                                                               Lynn Smith
June 19, 1938—Rev. Arkle dies
                                                                                        George and Jessie Taylor
January 1, 1939—Rev. Dick Morgan installed as pastor                                        Lynn Troutman
May 15, 1942—Rev. Dick Morgan resigns; Rev. Robert Prentice of Bend                          Ginny Weeber
        begins interim pastorate
June 13, 1944—Renovation of sanctuary completed
June 1, 1946—Rev. Wesley Baker installed as pastor
January, 1950—Westminster Hall first used
June 1, 1950—Rev. Wesley Baker resigns
September 10, 1950—Rev. Robert Williams installed as pastor
1953—A church secretary is first employed
May 23, 1953—Moller pipe organ dedicated, sanctuary redecorated
August 1, 1955—Mrs. Donald Gardner begins work as first Director of
        Christian Education
November 25, 1956—Church celebrates its 50th anniversary. The church has
      375 members and has a budget of $24,450.
May 1, 1958—Rev. Robert Williams resigns as pastor
October 1, 1958—Rev. Jim Egly installed as pastor
1962—Chimes added to the pipe organ
May 30, 1970—Rev. Egly resigns
September 1, 1970—Dr. William Gamble begins service as interim pastor
       until April 30, 1971
June 27, 1971—Rev. John Braund installed as pastor
March 2, 1980—First worship service in new church facility conducted in
        Fellowship Hall. First regular service in the sanctuary was on
        July 7, 1985
November 13, 1983—Rev. Braund resigns
January 1, 1984—Rev. David VanDyck begins service as interim pastor
         until February 4, 1985
March 1, 1985—Dr. R. Michael McLellan installed as pastor
June 15, 1988—Dr. McLellan resigns
September 20, 1988—Dr. Myrlene Hamilton and Rev. Ed Hamilton begin
       service as co-interim pastors until April 15, 1990
May 1, 1990—Rev. Craig Stein serves as interim pastor until August 15, 1990
December 1, 1990—Rev. Michael Shaw installed as pastor
May 26, 1994—Rev. Susan Watkins installed as associate pastor
October 1995—Church holds a mortgage-burning ceremony
1996—Contemporary worship service is added; church office gets its first
July 10, 1997—Rev. Michael Shaw resigns
September 28, 1997—Dr. W. Daniel Klingler begins service as interim pastor
       until November 11, 1999 (actually October 31)
November 1, 1999—Rev. Roberts Anderson installed as pastor
December 31, 2002—Rev. Susan Watkins resigns as associate pastor
2005—Carillion chimes installed on church roof
2006—Church website and video projection system fully functioning
November 25, 2006—Church celebrates its 100th anniversary. The church has
385 members and has a budget of $399,800.
                           1906-1916                                                            We have been given
                      If The Way Be Clear                                                       the gift of music for
                                                                                                many years by our

O         n April 27, 1906 Rev. J. C. George of Laidlaw (now                                    choir, praise teams,
          Tumalo) and Rev. J. A. Mitchell of Sisters were appointed                             and organist.
          by the Presbytery of Pendleton “to visit the Redmond field
                                                                                                Our building and grounds are in excellent con-
and organize a church if the way be clear.” Organized Christian
                                                                             dition, thanks to a talented property team who performed regular
teaching had been taking place in Redmond since November 1905,
but a church did not yet exist. A later notation in Presbytery re-
                                                                             maintenance and remodeling projects.
cords states that „The special committee to visit the                        There will always be monetary needs, but our capable Finance
Redmond field reported that on their visit to Red-                           Committee oversees our finances and our income is currently
mond November 25, 1906, the way was found clear                              covering our expenses.
and that on that date a church was organized with ten
charter members.” Rev. George was the church‟s                               Our Deacons took care of pro-
first pastor, although Rev. Levi Johnson had also                            viding the “business of caring”
helped organize the congregation and had preached                            to so many—visits to shut-ins,
at special services prior to the church's founding. Rev. Levi Johnson        coordinating receptions after
                                                     Guest preacher at the   funerals, preparing for com-
The ten charter members of the Redmond Presby- founding services             munion, sending cookies to col-
terian Church (incorporation papers refer to the                             lege students, and coordinating
church as the First Presbyterian Church of Redmond) were Mr. and             Christmas food baskets for needy families in the community.
Mrs. H. C. Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra M. Eby, Mr. and Mrs. B. A.
Kendall, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McGuffie (Mr. McGuffie was or-                                                          All of these actions happened
dained an elder), Mrs. Ella H. Simon, and Mrs. C. M. Redfield.                                                      through the leadership of the
One adult and four children were baptized on the day of organiza-                                                   18 Elders who serve our
tion: Mr. Bert Kendall, Irene L. Kendall, Bartlett C. Kendall, Her-                                                 church. They have skillfully
bert C. Eby, and John C. Lamb. Sunday school was held at 2 p.m.                                                     led our committees and sub-
and worship services at 3 p.m. This gave Rev. George time to                                                        committees through their ac-
travel the three hours by horseback or carriage from Laidlaw after                                                  tivities.
preaching the morning services there.
                                                                             With a few changes, a quote from our 50-year history is still rele-
It would be several years before the church congregation had a               vant today:
church building in which to meet. After using a house on S. Sev-               In this celebratory year, we find the world in turmoil. Freedom is
enth Street, the church met in a rented hall over Lamb‟s Feed Store            violated, innocent people brutally treated; hunger, poverty, igno-
on the southeast corner of Sixth and Evergreen. In September and               rance, fear still prevail in too many parts of the world. As we re-
October of 1910, the Presbyterian Building Committee held meet-                joice in 100 years of growth and prosperity here, we see the need of
ings to plan for a church building. In 1912 the Presbyterian church            our brothers around the world to know the security and freedom that
was completed and dedication was held on June 30 of that year.                 only Christ can give. We hear with greater clarity Christ‟s call to
                                                                               take his gospel to all the world.

                                  3                                                                            24
                                                                   As pastors Rev. G. M. Lilly, Rev. Frederick Harvey, Rev. T. J.
                         Conclusion                                Hedges, and Rev. I. S. Mershon served the Presbyterian church

                                                                   during its first decade, both the church and community continued
       o, here we are one hundred years later. We are a church                             to grow. Because the church did not yet
       of 385 active members with a staff of eight. Our                                    have a manse and money was tight, Rev.
       church‟s 50-year history booklet ends with the question                             Mershon‟s family lived in rooms at the
“What will be our story at the centennial celebration?” Now we                             back of the church—a kitchen, a bedroom,
have the answer.                                                                           and a little room which served as a study.
We have a mission statement:                                                               Attendance at church on March 10, 1909
Community Presbyterian Church . . . A church that GROWS                                    was 61 people and the offering totaled
      G lorifies God in worship and prayer                                                 $1.50. In 1913, the pastor‟s annual salary
      R elates people together in love                                                     was $400. By 1911, Redmond had five
      O ffers an invitation to know and serve Jesus Christ          Rev. G. M. Lilly       organized churches and the Presbyterians
                                                                    Pastor from 1907-1912  were concerned about losing members and
      W orks to help believers mature in the faith
      S ends them out in ministry and mission                                              the building‟s indebtedness.

Our blessings are too numer-                                                      Community Presbyterian
ous to count. We have shared                                                            Church
God‟s message through mis-
sions like Angelfest, the up-
coming Jericho Road homeless
ministry, and helping those af-
fected by Hurricane Katrina.           Angelfest setup

                  We have added to the enjoyment of congre-
                  gational life through many activities and fel-
                  lowship opportunities, including the Small
                  Group ministries which have attracted over
                  200 participants.
                     We have nurtured our                          The city of Redmond was growing with a population of 216 by
                     members‟ growth in                            1910 when the city was officially incorporated. In 1906 the
                     their faith through edu-                      school district had been formed and the post office opened. Red-
                     cational opportunities in                     mond‟s first bank (the Bank of Commerce) was established in
                     Sunday School. Our                            1908 and in 1910 the Redmond Spokesman began publication.
                            programs have                          In 1911 the Volunteer Fire Department was formed, the railroad
Dr. John Nastari led adult
ministries program          continued to ex-                       came to Redmond, and in 1915 Redmond Union High School
                            pand, and in 2006                      was accredited.
over 200 children attended Vacation Bible School.
                                  23                                                                       4
                         1917-1926                                                                   On November 1, 1999, Rev. Roberts (Rob)
             “The People Were Patient And Kind”                                                      Anderson began his service as pastor of Com-
                                                                                                     munity Presbyterian Church. Rob and his fam-

T      he second decade of the Redmond Presbyterian                                                  ily came to us from Salem. That first Christmas
       Church saw more pastors come and go. The                                                      our church sent out over 9,400 postcard invita-
       Rev. J. Edward Blair served from 1916 to 1918,                                                tions to attend worship services and the re-
the Rev. E. E. McVickers served from 1918-1919, the                                                  sponse was immediate. In 1998, 202 people
Rev. David E. Schnable served from 1920-1925, and                                                    attended Christmas Eve services. In 1999 the
the Rev. E. L. Moore served from 1925-1926.                                                          Christmas Eve attendance was 324.
                                                                                 Rev. Rob Anderson

In a letter written approximately 30 years later to the                                             In 2000 we began a relationship with our sister
then-current pastor of the church, Rev.                                          church in Cuba, Iglesia Presbiteriana de Caribarien. We have
                                            In August of 1917, the church took   supported them with donations of clothes and money. This was
Schnable reflected on his years in the      out a mortgage for $600 to build a
Redmond church:                             manse for the pastor. The loan was   also the year that our Children‟s Center closed after 14 years of
                                            paid back in 1929.                   service to the community. Because of a loss of bus service from
    In a moment of reverie I often think of the first pastorate I had            some of Redmond‟s elementary schools, the Center began oper-
    after graduating from the seminary in 1920, and in the min-                  ating at a loss and the difficult decision had to be made to close
    utes looked up the Redmond church, for it was there I began.                 the Center.
    Some day before I pass from this earthly scene, I surely
    would like to visit the parish which is still in my bones. In                Many new church programs began in the next
    our ride from the station to the hotel the day we arrived, there             few years. In 2001, the Oxfam Sweater Knit-
    were Indians in the taxi cab, and ever since that time our                   ters group started. In 2002 the MOPS
    daughter has been drawn to them and is now a missionary                      (Mothers of Preschoolers) group began meet-
    among the Navajos in Arizona. . . . . Our Ladies Aid under-                  ing, and in 2003 the Small Groups program
    took the project of staining and varnishing the interior of the              started. In 2004 a donated church bus started
    church as nothing yet had been put on the plain wood. The                    being used for various day trips organized by
    chairman of the Aid had once been in the Klondike and had
                                                                                 Walt Taylor. This was also the year that our
    promised that she could produce ways of making money. A
    huge bazaar was planned, when word came to me that a lum-
                                                                                 water feature and scripture stone were added at
    berjack 10 miles beyond Sisters had had an accident and                      the front of the church.
    wanted a preacher before he died. In trying to find that man I
                                                                                 At the end of 2002, Rev. Sue Watkins left Community Presbyte-
    suddenly had a hunch that something was screwy and made a
    bee-line back to Redmond. Arriving late at night and expect-
                                                                                 rian Church to become pastor of First Presbyterian Church in
    ing the church to be closed and dark, I found it all lit up and              Puyallup, Washington. The decision was made at that time to
    evidence of a huge crowd. Well, a roulette wheel and several                 hold off calling another associate pastor for now.
    other pieces of equipment were going full blast. It stopped
    suddenly when the preacher showed up, but they had $800
                                                                                 Carillon chimes were installed in 2005, and in 2006 our CPC
    that one night. They had expected me to be away two nights!                  website and video projection systems were operating. Worship
                                                                                 had entered the age of technology.
                          1997-2006                                            As World War I raged in Europe, the newly formed Deschutes
                    We‟ve Come A Long Way                                      County assured those homesteaders who enlisted to serve that
                                                                               they would not lose the rights to their land. The draft came in

                                                                               May 1917. Forty-six men registered in Redmond at their voting
         s our church‟s tenth decade began, there was a change in
                                                                               precincts, which also served as registration stations. Redmond
         the pulpit. Rev. Michael Shaw had
                                                                               had its first war casualty when Albert Ray Johnson died on
         been experiencing health problems
                                                                               April 15, 1918 of Spanish influenza while serving on the USS
and left Community Presbyterian Church on
                                                                               Mercy. Redmond‟s American Legion post was named in his
July 10, 1997. An Interim Pastor Search
Committee was formed with Barbara Rich as
chairperson. Dr. W. Daniel Klingler came
to us from Scottsbluff, Nebraska at the end of
September 1997 and served as our interim
pastor until the end of October, 1999.         Rev. Dr. Dan Klingler and his
                                                     wife Martha
In May of 1997 our first CPC golf tourna-
ment was held, although it was interrupted by a rain storm—                                            1920‟s church picnic
hmmm. . . 1997 was also the year that the Nurture Committee pro-
                                                                               The community of Redmond cared about education, and in
duced Sharing Our Best, a fundraiser cookbook comprised of reci-
                                                                               1920 built a girls‟ dormitory in town to house the girls who
pes contributed by church members. (There are still some avail-
                                                                               lived too far from town to commute to school every day. The
                                                                               dorm held 25 girls and a matron who each paid $6 a month to
In 1998, the first Central Oregon CROP (Christian Rural Opportu-               live there. Long-time CPC member Priday Holmes was given
nity Program) Walk was held at our church. Funds raised through                special permission to live there, too, during part of his high
pledges are used to address hunger in approximately 70 countries,              school years as the trip from his home at Long Hollow Ranch
including the United States. This was also the first year that CPC             was too far from town to travel daily. In 1922 the Redmond
sent six church members to the Presbytery‟s Mission Conference                 Union High School building (now Evergreen Ele-
in Eugene. During this year our church office staff was able to                mentary) was completed and dedicated.
expand with the addition of Lynn Smith as the church receptionist.
                                                                               Louise Downs remembers attending Sunday
Boy Scout Troop 27 sponsored by Com-                                           School in the old church and the occasional penny
munity Presbyterian Church celebrated                                          candy treats.
its 50th anniversary in 1999. These
young men and their leaders have con-                                          Reverend Schnable ended his letter reminiscing
tributed many hours of service to the                                          about Redmond with “The Oregon country is           Rev. David Schnable
                                                                                                                                               in 1951
church and community.                                                          still in our bones, and we did enjoy our ministry
                                                                               there. The people were patient and kind, and we
Although our membership was slightly down at this time (248                    did have a happy time together.”
members, 152 weekly attendance, 90 in Sunday School), things
were beginning to change when our new pastor was installed.
                         1927-1936                                           With the departure of Rev. Dr. McLellan, the church was again
                 A Merger By Mutual Consent                                  seeking an interim pastor before calling a new permanent pastor.
                                                                                                  The answer came in the form of married co-

F      inally, the Redmond Presbyterian Church had a minister                                     pastors: Rev. Dr. Myrlene Hamilton and Rev. Ed
       who would stay for a length of time. Rev. Percy Arkle                                      Hamilton served CPC as co-pastors from Septem-
       came to the church on December 4, 1927 and served until                                    ber 1988 to April 1990. Not only was Myrlene
his death on June 19, 1938. The church‟s chancel altar (now sits                                  the first woman to serve as pastor to the church,
in the narthex) was a gift from Mrs. Arkle in memory of her hus-                                  but the couple were the first co-pastor team at
band.                                                                                             Community Presbyterian Church. The church
                                                                                                  continued to expand its service in the community
Elizabeth Ward‟s Redmond: Rose of the De-                                                         at this time through the Deacon‟s woodpile pro-
sert quotes a humorous story about Rev.                                         Dr. Myrlene and   ject, which supplied cut wood for those in need
Arkle:                                                                          Rev. Ed Hamilton during the winter months. The Hamiltons left

                                                                                                 CPC on April 15, 1990 and for the next three
   After the post office was moved to a new lo-                              months, Rev. Craig Stein served as an interim pastor until our new
   cation, there was some joking about keeping
   the old post office and running a “rival” mail
                                                                             pastor was installed.
                                                     Altar given in memory
   delivery in which bills and “junk mail” would          of Rev. Arkle
                                                                             Rev. Michael Shaw was installed as pastor on December 1, 1990
   not be handled. The originator of this jest was                           and served the church until 1997. With all that we
   Rev. Percy Arkle of the Community Presbyterian Church. He
   was a very civic-minded man who had come to Redmond from
                                                                             were doing—Paint Your Heart Out, Angelfest,
   Montana. He took a personal and friendly interest in all people,          Women‟s retreats, collecting food for the FISH pan-
   whether or not he ever saw them in church. For years, he was in           try, Vacation Bible School, the Children‟s Center,
   charge of weather recording instruments, and, in his dry, humor-                          Wednesday night suppers, youth ac-
   ous way, had an answer for weatherman jokes.                                              tivities, adding a contemporary wor-
                                                                                             ship service—it was becoming clear
After his death, an editorial in the Redmond Spokesman reflected                             that the addition of an associate
                                                                                                                                    Rev. Michael Shaw
on how Rev. Arkle was regarded in the town:                                                  pastor would make us more effec-
                                                                                             tive. In 1992 the congregation began discussing
   Percy Arkle was a serious man, and earnest. He was a minister of
   the gospel. . . It was thus that for twelve years the members of
                                                                                             the possibility and it became a reality on June 12,
   his Redmond Community Church congregation knew him. . . But                               1994 when Rev. Susan Watkins was installed as
   the Percy Arkle who was secretary of the Chamber of Com-                     Rev. Susan   our associate pastor.
   merce, who met you on the street corners or in the post office . . .
   did not spend his time reminding everyone that he was an upright
                                                                                            October 1995 was a time to celebrate at Community
   and honest individual. . . No, he didn‟t try to preach to those who       Presbyterian Church. The mortgage was paid off and the parking
   wouldn‟t have listened. . . Percy Arkle knew that any man, no             lot was being paved! A special mortgage-burning ceremony (and,
   matter what his principles or his record or his secret schemes,           of course, a potluck) was held after worship on October 22. More
   has momentarily escaped from all earthly guile during the time            changes were to come: The church office got its first computer in
   he is enjoying a hearty laugh over some harmless incident or re-          1996.
   mark. A man simply can‟t be wrong just then.
                                     7                                                                          20
                           1987-1996                                           In 1928 religion was at a low point in Redmond. The Methodist
                     Beginnings and Endings                                    church had no minister, although they had a congregation of
                                                                               around 65 members and a very active Sunday school. Mr. Rex

A       s Community Presbyterian Church‟s ninth decade began,                  Putnam, who was at the time Redmond Union High School prin-
        the church was alive, well, and growing. Rev. Dr.                      cipal and later became State School Superintendent, was superin-
        McLellan had begun serving the church in 1985. His                     tendent of the Methodist Sunday school. The Methodists also had
educational background in both business and theology with an                   a building, but lacked funds to pay a minister and maintain their
emphasis in change management brought a new perspective to the                 church property.
church.                                                                        It was by mutual consent that members of both congregations met
Church membership was back up to 343                                           to discuss merging. Two meetings were held in the old RUHS
members as the church began its first full                                     gym. Dr. Dan Poling, who was doing extension work for both
year in its wonderful new building.                                            Oregon State College and the University of Oregon and promi-
                                                                               nent as a religious leader, met with them. He outlined three plans
In June of 1986, the Presbyterian Church         Seven years of construction
                                                                               whereby the congregations could unite. Both groups favored one
Kindergarten closed. It had served the com- came to an end                     of the plans, and at the second meeting voted to merge. They also
munity for over 30 years, opening in 1955.                                     voted to retain Rev. Arkle as pastor. On September 23, 1929 the
Because the Redmond School District had added kindergarten to                  officers of the reorganized church adopted the name Redmond
its curriculum, it was no longer necessary to offer a private kin-             Community Church (Presbyterian) and on October 1, 1929, the
dergarten. In its place, the church opened The Children‟s Center,              Presbytery of Pendleton sanctioned the change of name to Red-
a community daycare center under the direction of Heather                      mond Community Presbyterian Church. Most of the Methodists
Eggleston. The Center opened in September 1986 with 29 chil-                   came in under the merger plan and only a few of the Presbyteri-
dren and had 60 children by December. There were also changes                  ans withdrew.
in the church office. Lola Owen resigned her position as church
secretary because of a move to Tillamook and her assistant,                    The Methodist church building
Teddy Johnnie, was hired as the new church secretary.                          was used intermittently by
                                                                               various groups for short peri-
When Dr. McLellan accepted a call to serve the First Presbyterian              ods, but the church burned
Church of Tracy, California in 1988, a group of women got to-                  down in January 1952. The
gether to create a farewell gift—and the Community Presbyterian                bell was salvaged and restored
Quilters were formed. Eighteen years have passed since then and                by a group of young members
hundreds of quilts have been given to those in need.                           of the Presbyterian Church and
                                                                               placed on the landing of West-
1988 was also the beginning of Paint                                                                                      Presbyterian youth restore the
                                                                               minster Hall. However, thoughtless               bell in the 1950‟s
Your Heart Out, our “Love Thy
                                                                               vandals destroyed the bell one evening
Neighbor” project to paint the homes
                                                                               in June 1956 when “persons unknown” pushed the 500 pound
of those who cannot do it them-
                                                                               bell down the cement steps of the hall, cracking it in several
selves. It was also the year that the
Deacons began delivering bread to
first-time visitors.                                                                                                 8
                   1937-1946                                                           The old church property, including Westminster Hall and two
    The Church Community Expands During Wartime                                        small houses on S.W. Seventh Street was sold to Lew Hollander
                                                                                       of Powell Butte. In January of 1979, the congregation held a spe-

                                                                                       cial last service in the old church with a candlelight communion.
       he church‟s fourth decade was one of tremendous growth
                                                                                       Three former pastors attended, and each member took home a
       of the congregation and church programs. In January of
                                                                                       candle which was kept to light at the first service in the new
       1939 membership was 67; by April of 1942, membership
stood at 118.
                                                                                                               After meeting at Redmond High School
After Rev. Arkle passed away in 1938, Rev. Dick Morgan served
                                                                                                               from February 1979 through February 1980,
the church from January 1, 1939 until May 15, 1942. From 1942
                                                                                                               the first service of worship was conducted
until 1946 Rev. Robert Prentice of Bend served as an interim pas-
                                                                                                               in the Fellowship Hall of the new facility on
tor. On June 1, 1946, Rev. Wesley Baker began his service as
                                                                                                               March 2, 1980. Slowly moving into areas
pastor of Redmond Community Presbyterian Church.
                                                                                                               as they were finished, the first regular ser-
In 1939 the church expanded its ministry of music with the pur-                                                vice of worship was held in the sanctuary
chase of the Vocalin reed organ, 100 hymnals, and 35 new choir                                                 on July 7, 1985. The pews and chancel fur-
                                           robes. The organ, which has since                                   niture were com-
                                           been designated a historic piece by            George Noyes and     pleted for Easter Sun-
                                                                                          Ron Terry
                                           the Deschutes County Historical So-                             day, 1986. A special
                                           ciety, was made in Worchester, Mas-                             dedication service was
                                           sachusetts around 1870. It was used         held on May 18, 1986. The majority of the
                                           in churches in Portland, Salem, and         construction of the church had been accom-
                                           Bend before Community Presbyte-             plished by the members of the church. Art
 Interior of the old church in the 1940‟s rian Church purchased it in 1939 for         Wright had disassembled and reassembled
                                          $300. The church dedicated it to the         the 578 pipes of the organ, carefully wrap-
                                                                                                                                            DeeAnn Bauerle
memory of Rev. Percy Arkle. In 1953 when the                                           ping and storing each one.
Community Presbyterian Church was getting its
                                                                                       On November 13, 1983, Rev. John Braund ended his pastorate at
new Moller pipe organ, the reed organ was offered
                                                                                                   Community Presbyterian Church to accept a call at
to the Tumalo Community Presbyterian Church if
                                                                                                   First Presbyterian Church of
they would accept the task of moving it. They
                                                                                                   Klamath Falls. Rev. Braund had
were happy to have it and moved the organ on a
                                                                                                   been very active in the Redmond
farm truck. The organ is currently being restored
                                                                  Vocalin reed organ               community, including seven years
for use in the old (renovated) church building.
                                                                                                   on the Redmond School Board.
Church programs continued to expand, too. Five women‟s circles                          Rev. David
                                                                                                   Rev. David Van Dyck served as
were meeting, Vacation Bible School was a two-week event, and                           Van Dyck   interim pastor from January 1984
the church session consisted of six Elders and six Deacons. In                                     to February 1985. On March 1,     Rev. Dr. Michael McLellan
1940, the position of Church Financial Secretary was added.                            1985, Rev. Dr. R. Michael McLellan began
                                                                                       his service as pastor to Community Presbyterian Church.
                         1977-1986                                       As World War II was being fought in Europe and the Pacific
                     A New Church Home                                   theater, Redmond and the Community Presbyterian Church re-
                                                                         sponded to the needs in the community. The church helped sup-

                                                                         ply a minister to services held at the CCC camp outside of town.
         s 1977 began, the Building Committee was aware of the
                                                                         With the conversion of Roberts Field to a bomber training base
         task it had ahead of it. Before making a final decision on
                                                                         and with army training maneuvers in the desert, there were many
         building a new church, the architectural firm of Waldron,
                                                                         servicemen and their families in Redmond. The little community
Huston, and Barber in Bend was hired to study the possibility of
                                                                         expanded suddenly in many ways to provide temporary homes
expanding and remodeling the old church.               Chuckle           and diversions for these young Americans. The Presbyterian
Their final report concluded that it would cost Why did the minister
                                                                         Church added a part-time parish worker, Mrs. Gordon Stromberg,
approximately $420,000 to demolish and re- tell his congregation
                                                                         who served in this capac-
build part of the church and perform extensive that the end is near
                                                and then ask for a       ity until 1946.
renovations on other parts. In June of 1977,    three-year pledge for
the congregation voted to spend up to           the building fund?       In spite of the fact that an
$375,000 for a new church building and its                               interim pastor was serv-
furnishings. Architect Paul Arnett was chosen to draw up the             ing at the time and with
plans for the new church. A Building Fund was established on             wartime restrictions, the
December 4, 1977.                                                        church undertook an ex-
In June of 1978 the Building Committee came to the congregation          tensive renovation project          1942 Redmond Women‟s Ambulance Corp.

with three recommendations:                                              in 1944. The project included
 1. That the church sell the 4.5 acres on S.W. Rimrock Drive. Be-        scraping and painting the entire exterior of the church, repairing
    cause the school district had built the bus barn across the street   outside wood trim, rebuilding the front porch, steps, and rail, re-
    and the Rim Rock apartments were being built very close to the       building the steps to the basement, and installing new glass in the
    church property line, a more desirable church site should be         north windows and door. The platform was removed from the
    found.                                                               east alcove, the entire floor was leveled and new flooring laid,
 2. That the church submit an offer of $39,500 to purchase ten acres     and the folding doors were removed. A new chancel was built at
    of land on Northwest Way for a new                                   the north end, walls were plastered, the organ was moved, the
    church site. (This is our current                                    pews re-arranged, and interior painting was done. After the work
    church site.)                                                        was completed and the committee met for the last time, they
 3. If the Northwest Way property deal
                                                                         found their expenses to be $20.72 more than the cash available.
    does not work out, that the church
    purchase 6.88 acres on S.W. 23rd
                                                                         They took up a collection at the meeting to cover the deficit and
    Avenue for no more than $4,000 per                                   the committee was dissolved. A special service was held in June
    acre.                                                                1944 to dedicate the remodeled sanctuary and the many new
The purchase of the property on North-                                   items donated by church members.
west Way (now N.W. 19th Street) was completed, the members
                                                                         In November 1945 the congregation was again talking building.
of the congregation opened their wallets, and a ground-breaking
                                                                         Although it was 1948 before Westminster Hall began to take
ceremony was held on October 15, 1978. Church member Merle
                                                                         shape, the first thinking and planning was done in 1945.
Lowe was hired as the project‟s contractor. Construction began
on February 1, 1979.                                                                                        10
                         1947-1956                                        It was during this time period that the church decided to sell the
            Fifty Years of Growth and Prosperity                          manse on W. Forest Avenue. The three bedroom, bath and a half
                                                                          home was listed for $18,500.

R        ev. Wesley Baker began his
         pastorate at Community Presby-
         terian Church on June 1, 1946.
He would serve for the next four years
until June 1, 1950 when he left to found                            a
                                                                          In February of 1973, the Long-Range Planning Committee met to
                                                                          discuss the physical structure of the church building and possible
                                                                          resolutions. They had both the sanctuary and Westminster Hall
                                                                          inspected and concluded that it would be poor stewardship of
                                                                          church funds to invest any more money into the present location.
new church in Norwalk, California.
                                                                          In November of 1973 the church purchased 4.5 acres on Rimrock
When Rev. Baker arrived, plans were                                       Drive for $21,000. The purchase was funded with monies re-
already underway to build a social and                                    ceived from the sale of the church manse and from $100 non-
parish hall. The committee in charge had its Rev. Wesley Baker            interest bearing loans made to the church by its members. On
first meeting on November 19, 1945 and had set an amount of               December 9, 1973, the Long Range Planning Committee recom-
$18,000 for the project. Plans were made and revised in 1946 and          mended at the church‟s congregational meeting that the church
1947 and excavation began in February 1948. The February 27,              relocate and build a new facility. After the congregation voted to
1948 issue of The Communiteer (now The Lamplighter) made the              accept the recommendation, the church established the Building
joyous announcement that the excavation—100 feet long, 45 feet            Committee. The original members of the Building Committee
wide, and four feet deep was dug just north of the church. By             were Carl Leth, Chairman, Frank Sells, Priday Holmes, Virgil
careful scrimping it was hoped that with the help of all possible         Norwood, Bob Whittier, DeeAnn Bauerle, Neva Ferguson, Jessie
volunteer labor and material, the cost could be held at $40,000.          Taylor, John Brenner, Bevel Swift, Art Wright, Curt Owen,
With pledges from church members and a loan from the Board of             George Noyes, and A. B. King. This committee further explored
National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, Westminster Hall            the church‟s options and decided that relocating on this property
was finally completed and officially used in January 1950. The            was the best choice.
church manse, which had not been used since 1943, was sold and                                   In November of 1976,
                                     the proceeds used to provide a                              the Community Presby-
                                     furnace for the new building. On                            terian Church building,
                                     the ground floor Westminster                                Redmond‟s oldest sur-
                                     Hall had classrooms, church li-                             viving church facility,
                                     brary, pastor‟s study, church of-                           was declared a historical
                                     fice, lavatories, storage and the    site by the Deschutes County Historical Soci-
                                     main furnace room. The main          ety. During this same year as our country was
                                     floor held the large meeting hall,   celebrating its bicentennial, the church began
                                     stage, kitchen, and parlor. The      the creation of Redmond‟s Bicentennial Book Rev. Braund at historical
                                     total cost of using the church for   of Faith, a collection of 1,280 signatures and site ceremony
 Westminster Hall under construction a wedding including organist and     faith-renewing thoughts of Redmond‟s citi-
                                     janitor services was $15.            zens. The book was presented to the Redmond Public Library.
                         1967-1976                                       In 1949 the Community Presbyterian Church started its sponsor-
                   Planning For The Future                               ship of Boy Scout Troop 27. That troop is still active today.

                                                                         The 1950‟s brought continued expansion of church programs. In
        ommunity Presbyterian Church‟s seventh decade began              February of 1950, the church began their sponsorship of the Mi-
        with 427 members, although there were about 50 more              chael Leovey family, Hungarian refugees who fled Hungary after
        women than men. Average Sunday attendance was 125                their family farm was confiscated by Communists. The church
and the church gave about $5200 per year to mission work. The            helped the family get settled with housing and employment..
church lent its support to Dr. Charles Emerick, a physician and
missionary in Miraj, India. In the early 1970‟s Session “cleaned         After Westminster Hall was finished, the choir started a fund to
up” the membership list and removed the names of inactive mem-           replace the organ. The total cost of the new Moller pipe organ
bers. Church membership now stood at around 287 members.                 was approximately $9,225. On May 23, 1953 the new organ was
                                                                         dedicated in a special church service. Organists who have served
This decade brought another change to the pulpit. Rev. Egly ac-          the church were special guests: Mrs. Clarence Bush, Mrs. Victor
cepted a call to become the minister of the First Presbyterian           Clark, Mrs. Carl Coad, Mrs. Max Cunning, and Mrs. Fred Ho-
Church of Woodburn, Oregon and left on May 31, 1970. One of              decker. The church sanctuary was redecorated, the floor re-
the things he did before he left was to hold a special wedding an-       finished, new carpeting was laid, and the choir received new
niversary Sunday service. Invitations were sent to the 83 couples        robes.
who had been married by Rev. Egly and during the service there
was an opportunity for the couples to renew their                        Rev. Baker left in June 1950 and Rev. Robert
wedding vows.                                                            Williams began his service to the church on
                                                                         September 10, 1950. The church hired its first
Rev. Dr. William (Dick) Gamble served the church                         church secretary in 1953, and in 1955 Mrs.
as an interim pastor from September 1, 1970 to                           Donald Gardner was hired as the first Director
April 30, 1971. One of the gifts he received at his                      of Christian Education. In the summer of
departure was a ceramic snail from the pastor-                           1956, the church-sponsored kindergarten      Rev. Robert (Bob) Williams
                                                       Rev. Dr. Gamble
seeking committee who felt they had proceeded                            began.
slowly in finding their new pastor.
                                                                         The big event of 1956 was Community Presbyterian‟s Church‟s
                            The church‟s new pastor was Rev. John        50th anniversary with Herb Eby leading the Historical Commit-
                            Braund, who was installed on June 27,        tee. The church began two months of celebrating by hosting the
                            1971 at a salary of $8,000. John and his     Presbytery meeting, holding a special concert, selling note cards
                            wife Mary came to Redmond from Dub-          with a church sketch on the cover, preparing a church history
                            lin, California where he had been pastor     booklet, holding a special worship service on November 25,
                            of John Knox Presbyterian Church.            1956, holding a Founders Day dinner and program on the same
                            During his student days, Rev. Braund         date, and concluded the celebration with a family dinner and pro-
 Rev. John Braund began his
  pastorate at CPC in 1971  recalled having a job making toy sling       gram on December 26, 1956. At its golden jubilee, the Commu-
                            shots and throw knives for Wham-o. He        nity Presbyterian Church had 375 members and a budget of
especially remembered passing up the opportunity to invest in the        $24,450.
firm, which later made Frisbees and hoola hoops. If only . . . .
                                 15                                                                          12
                 The Blessings of Leadership

T       he Rev. Robert Williams served Community Presbyterian
        Church until May 1, 1958. During the service in which he
        was installed as pastor of CPC, all the lights went out! The
service continued by candlelight. It turns out that Westminster Hall
had been brightly lit to get ready for the reception and caused a                  In 1964 the choir had 14 members and was directed by Robert Kircher

brief power outage. The lights were back on in time for the organ
to accompany the congregation for the closing hymn and dismiss         In 1964 the Women‟s Association participated in a sewing pro-
the audience with the lights on. Upon leaving Redmond, Rev. Wil-       ject for Church World Services and made garments for women in
liams accepted an assignment to establish a new church in Walnut       African and Latin American countries. The Redmond Ministerial
Creek, California.                                                     Association also participated in a clothing collection through
                                                                       Church World Services Clothing Appeal, and between 700 and
By 1958 the final installation of pipes for the organ was complete.    800 pounds of clothing were collected to be sent overseas. The
In 1962 chimes were added to the church organ. They were the           young people of the church offered babysitting services for
result of a gift to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hodecker. The      Christmas shoppers on the last four evenings before Christmas to
chimes were installed by Art Wright.                                   earn money for their activities. Children eight years of age and
                                                                       younger could be cared for at Westminster Hall between 6:30 and
Community Presbyterian Church‟s next pastor                            9:00 p.m. The charge for babysitting was 35 cents per hour for
came from Pilot Rock and served the church for                         one child and 50 cents per hour for two or more children from the
12 years. Rev. James Egly was installed as pas-                        same family.
tor on October 1, 1958 and served until May 30,
1970. With his arrival, the church purchased a                                                                       While the Presbyterian
manse at 1310 W. Forest Avenue. By the end of                                                                        church was growing and
1957, membership was at 389 and Sunday                                                                               expanding its mission ser-
School enrollment averaged approximately 100                                                                         vice in the world, Oregon
adults and children each week. Vacation Bible                                                                        was celebrating its 100th
School averaged around 114 students in atten-                                                                        year of statehood. Red-
                                                    Rev. James Egly
dance. The choir had 14 members and Boy                                                                              mond‟s Centennial Com-
Scout Troop 27 had 28 members. By the end of 1966, church mem-                                                       mittee had the theme “Turn
bership was at 436 and the church kindergarten enrolled 32 stu-                                                      back 100 years for 100
dents. Although the Sunday School and Boy Scout troop held                                                           days.” The celebration be-
                                                                           “Juniper Junction” (Redmond) for the
steady at this time, the church expanded its mission service during        1959 Oregon Centennial               gan in mid-May and continued
this decade. The church supported a young woman missionary,                                                     until after the county fair in Au-
Delpha Frazier, who was serving in Africa.                             gust. During that time period, Redmond became “Juniper Junc-
                                                                       tion”. Many stores had false fronts to make them look like a pio-
Willetta Hodecker had played the organ at the church for 25 years.     neer village of the 1800‟s. An authentic cattle drive even went
In 1965 she retired from that position and a new organist stepped in   through town and parking meters were made into hitching posts.
to serve—Mrs. Don (Barbara) Rich.
                                 13                                                                             14

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