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Google Health by yaofenji


									Google                                             Health

 Organizing                        Gathering                       Sharing

     Joseph Bignell  Alfred D’Mello  Morgan Haigler  Matt Hamilton

•   Objectives & Purpose

•   Benefits

•   Risks

•   Technology Involved

•   Conclusion
                                  GOOGLE HEALTH
      Health Records

Should electronic health records be used to store patients’
           health information in Google Health?

            Privacy concerns?
    Social Implications

•   How the internet changes
    dynamics of doctor visits

•   Allows sharing of health records
    with family, friends, doctors and
    others (e.g. Missy Krasner)

•   Offers several advantages

•   Introduces a new Google Health
Doctor visits

                •   Individuals do online research before
                    consulting a doctor

                •   Patients print their research and
                    bring it to doctors’ appointments
Sharing of eHealth Records
• Missy Krasner, Product Marketing
  Manager of Google Health

• Uses Google Health to:

- monitor her mother’s health and
  manage medical finances

- Inform her faraway brother of her
  mother’s condition
Advantages of Google Health
              •   Centralized system

              •   Includes:

                  - application programming interface

                   - services that help people order
                  prescriptions, send profiles to doctors,
                  import medical records, etc.

                  - Harmful drug interactions

                  - Enables individuals to find a doctor
Future of Google Health

•   Real-time collaboration with your
    doctor through Google Wave

•   Health trends can be analyzed in
    a specific area by collecting data
Potential Risks

            •   Google tracks online activity

            •   Google’s opacity makes us question its
                level of security

            • Inaccurate information
            (Can it result in improper treatment?)

            • Access to personal health records
            (Are people at higher risk of identity theft?)
Audience Question
Where do you believe is the safest place for your private health information?
To participate: Text (KEYWORD) to 32075 or go to
a) (CAST 3304) The doctors office
b) (CAST 33041) A secure server on the internet
c) (CAST 33044) At home, hidden under your mattress
d) (CAST 33010) Other
Technological Factors
•   Adds records online with standard
    PC (no additional
    software/hardware needed)

•   Google provides large storehouse
    of servers

•   Records are put into a database
    which is stored on the servers

•   Hospitals, Pharmacies and Labs
    only need an internet connection
    to access records

•   Simple technology and APIs makes Google Health very user friendly and

•   The data Google Health collects can benefit everyone

•   Ease and benefits of using Google Health outweigh the risks
Final Audience Question
Would you use Google Health to store your personal health record?
To participate: Text (KEYWORD) to 32075 or go to
a) (CAST 10784) Yes.
b) (CAST 10783) No, I don’t see how it would be useful.
c) (CAST 10920) No, I’m worried about my privacy.
d) (CAST 10941) No, I don’t trust Google.
e) (CAST 10970) Not sure.

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