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					       Apologia General Science Schedule
   The Schedule: This schedule is designed so that the student will complete the
reading and On Your Own (OYO) questions in the textbook each week between classes.
Class time will primarily be spent doing experiments and reinforcement activities.
Students should do their best to keep up with the schedule of homework so they are
comfortable with the lab topics. Students or parents should always check the answers to
the OYO questions the student completes and have them correct and incorrect answers.
Answers to the OYO questions are found at the end of each module. Study guide
answers are found in the teacher guide along with the tests. Any incorrect answers on
these questions should be corrected as well. Test questions from the curriculum will be
used as quizzes at the beginning of class to check understanding of the reading.
Periodically, class time will be used to review the progress the student is making with
their homework assignments and to take a look at their lab notebooks.

    What to bring to each class: Students should always bring their Apologia General
Science textbook, a lab notebook, a three-ring binder notebook with dividers, and a pencil
to class. In addition, occasionally, there may be supplies I will ask to be brought from
home. I will give plenty of notice for these times. It is the student’s responsibility to be
prepared for class with these supplies! Some experiments will need to be started or
completed at home and then brought to class- these are usually noted on the schedule.
There will be many drawings in the later parts of the course. A set of colored pencils is
highly recommended but they aren’t necessary immediately.

    Lab notebooks: This should be a sewn composition book with lined pages. Students
will write a lab summary for each experiment they do and each one should be on a
separate sheet of paper. The name and number of the experiment should be set at the top
as the title of the page. A section for ‘data’ should be labeled. This is where the student
will write down all the data that was compiled while completing the experiment. After
this, a sections entitled ‘summary’ should be made. Here the student will write a brief
summary report of what was done and what was learned during this experiment.
Periodically, we will be learning how to write a more formal lab report but this format
will be used for the majority of our experiments.

   Grading Structure: The following weights will be given to assignments in class:

               40%     Labs and Projects
               30%     Quarterly Tests, Midterm and Final Exam
               30%     Quizzes and in class exercises

    Not all assignments will be graded. As with anything in life, you will get out of this
course just what you put into it. Please make every effort to complete all assignments to
further your understanding of the material.
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Class   Module-Topic            Preparation              In Class
Wk. 1   1-A Brief History of    Read pp. 1-16            Ex. 1.1-Density
        Science                 OYO Ques. pp. 12, 16     Ex. 1.2-Atomic motion
                                Study Guide Questions    Famous scientists mini book-
                                #1-11                    to be completed at home
                                Vocabulary (always)
Wk. 2   1 Cont.                 Read pp. 16-31           Quiz Module 1
                                OYO Ques. pp. 19, 23,    Ex. 1.3-Chem Reaction
                                25, 29                   Ex. 1.4-Mapping the Planets
                                Study Guide Questions
Wk. 3   2-Scientific Inquiry    Read pp. 35-44           Ex. 2.1, 2.2 –Weight/Speed
                                OYO Ques. pp. 39, 44
                                Study Guide Questions    Mini Book Scientific Method
Wk. 4   2-Cont.                 Read pp. 45-55           Quiz Module 2
                                OYO Ques. pp. 48, 55     Ex. 2.3- Broken Flashlight
        NOTEBOOK                Study Guide Questions    Learn format for Formal lab
        CHECK                   #12-22                   reports
Wk. 5   3-Analyzing and         Read pp. 59-69           Ex. 3.1-Floating Egg?
        interpreting            OYO Questions pp. 63,    Ex. 3.2-Which Boat will
        experiments             69                       move as demonstration
                                Study Guide Questions
Wk. 6   3-Cont.                 Read pp. 70-76           Quiz Module 3
                                OYO Ques. pp. 73, 76     Ex. 3.3 and 3.4-What Does
                                Study guide ques. #11-   Soap do to Water?
Wk. 7   4-Science, Applied      Read pp. 83-99           Machine demo basket (The
        Science, Technology     OYO Ques. pp. 86, 92,    New Way Things Work)
                                95, 99                   Ex. 4.1 The Lever
                                Study Guide questions    Ex. 4.2 The Pulley
                                # 1-16
Wk. 8   4- Cont.               Read pp. 99-105              1st Quarter Exam
                               OYO Ques. pp. 100,           Continue Demo basket if
                               102, 105                     needed
                               Study Guide questions
                               # 17-20
                               You’ll need a glass
                               jar in a couple of
                               weeks-be on the
Wk. 9   5- History of Life     Read pp. 111-122             Activities as planned by
                               OYO Ques. pp. 116,           instructor, not found in book.
                               119, 122
                               Study Guide, questions
Wk.     5- Cont.               Read pp. 123-132             Quiz Module 5
10                             OYO Ques. pp. 124,
                               128, 130, 132
                               Study Guide, ques. #7-
Wk.     6- Foundations of       Read pp. 137-149            Ex. 6.1-Rocks vs. Minerals,
11      Geology                OYO Ques. pp. 138,           part 1(crystals)
                               142, 145, 149                Begin Ex. 6,2, 6.3 and Ex. 6.4
                               -Bring to class a glass      (these will need to be finished
                               jar with a lid (canning      at home, bring your results
                               jar, jelly jar, etc.)-Save   next week)
                               for future labs as well
Wk      6- Cont.               Read pp. 149-156             Quiz Module 6
12.                            OYO Ques. pp. 154,           Ex. 6.1, part 2
                               156                          Results of Ex. 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4
                               Study Guide, #1-18
                               Happy Thanksgiving!
Wk.     7- The Fossil Record   Read pp. 161-173             Ex. 7.1- Making a Fossil Cast
13                             OYO Ques. pp. 170,
        NOTEBOOK               173
        CHECK                  Study Guide Ques. #1-
                               Ex. 7.2 at home
Wk.     7- Cont.               Read pp. 173-183             Quiz Module 7
14                             OYO Ques. pp. 176,           Lab-Edible Trilobites
                               179, 182, 183                Lab-Sedimentary Rock
                               Study Guide Ques.            Review for Midterms
Wk.   8- Uniformitarianism   Read pp. 189-213         Quiz Module 8
15    and Catastrophism      OYO Ques. ALL            Ex. 8.1- Index Fossils
                             Study Guide Ques.
Wk.   Mid-Term Exam          Review Study Guides      Exam
                    Have a blessed Christmas season!
Wk,   9-What is Life?        Read pp. 217-229         Ex. 9.1 Building a DNA
17                           OYO Ques. pp. 219,       Model
                             225, 229                 Ex. 9.3- Simple Biosphere
                             Study Guide ques. #1-
Wk.   9-Cont.                Read pp. 229-238         Quiz Module 9
18                           OYO Ques. pp. 231,       Ex. 9.4 Sensing and
                             235, 238                 Responding to change
                             Make a drawing of a      Ex. 9.2 Finding food in plants
                             cell in your lab book    Demo of Ex. 9.5-Fruit Fly
                             Study Guide ques. #15-   Reproduction-
Wk.   10-Classifying Life    Read pp. 243-252         Begin Ex. 10.1(bacterial
19                           OYO Ques. pp. 247,       growth-to be finished in class
                             252                      next week.
                             Study Guide Ques. #1-    Begin Ex. 10.2 (Yeast is a
                             13                       decomposer) and Ex. 10.3
                                                      (vegetative reproduction) to
                                                      be completed at home and
                                                      written up with sketches.
Wk.   10- cont.              Read pp. 252-263         Quiz Module 10
20                           OYO Ques. pp. 255,       Finish Ex. 10.1
                             259, 262, 263            Look at results from Ex. 10.2
                             Study Guide Ques,        and 10.3, which you finished
                             #14-20                   at home. Compare results
                             Remember to check        with classmates.
                             your labs daily!         Look at specimens under a
                                                      microscope and draw them in
                                                      your lab book.
                                                      Draw Figure 10.5 (fungus) in
                                                      your lab book
                                                      Draw Figure 10.7 (plant cell)
                                                      in your lab book
                                                      Take home a piece of celery
                                                      for Ex. 10.4-draw and/or
                                                      describe results in the
Wk.    11-The Human Body       Read pp. 267-281          Begin Ex. 11.1-to be
21                             OYO Ques. 269, 273,       completed at home. Draw
                               275, 281. Study Guide     Figure 11.1 in your lab book.
                               Ques. # 1-16              Label Skeletal system in your
                               Bring your glass jar to   lab book.
                               class.                    Draw and label muscles in
                                                         your lab book

Wk.    11- cont.               Read pp. 281-290          Quiz Module 11
22                             OYO Ques. pp. 281,        Ex. 11.3 – Skin Color
                               282, 288                  Activities as planned by
       NOTEBOOK                SG ques. #17-23           instructor, not found in book.
       CHECK                   Put a Band-aid on
                               your finger at least
                               two days prior to class
                               and come to class with
                               it on.

Wk.    12- Energy and Life     Read pp. 295-303          Ex. 12.1- What combustion
23                             OYO Ques. pp. 297,        needs
                               303                       Ex. 12.2 -Products of
                               SG Ques #1-6              Combustion

Wk.    12-cont.                Read pp. 303-316          Third Quarter Exam
24                             OYO Ques. pp. 303,        Ex. 12.3 – Body Temperature
                               308, 310, 312, 316        Sketch Figure 12.5 –Krebs
                               SG Ques. #7-24            Cycle- in your lab book

Week   13- Digestive System    Read pp. 321-328
25                             OYO ques. pp. 323,        Ex. 13.1-Digestive process
                               326, 329
                               SG Ques. #1, 2

                              Happy Spring Break!

Wk.    13-cont.                Read pp. 329-340          Quiz Module 13
26                             OYO ques. pp. 335,        Ex. 13.2 – Stomach Acid
                               338, 340                  Ex. 13.3 – Effect of Sodium
                               SG Ques. #3-9             Bicarbonate on Stomach Acid
                               Sketch Fig. 13.4 in
                               your lab book

Wk.    14- Respiratory and     Read pp. 345-356          Label Heart Anatomy
27     Circulatory Systems     OYO Ques. pp. 348,        Ex. 14.1- the Cardiac Cycle
                               354, 356.                 Take a carnation home for Ex.
                               SG Ques. #1-17            14.5-report results next week
Wk.     14- cont.               Read pp. 356-365          Quiz Module 14
28                              OYO Ques. pp. 359,        Label Lung Diagram
                                363, 365                  Ex. 14.2 - Lung Capacity
                                SG Ques. #18-24           Ex. 14.3 – Model of Lungs
                                                          Ex. 14.4 - Model of Vocal

Wk.     15- Lymphatic,          Read pp. 369-377          Ex. 15.1 - Lacrimal Glands
29      Endocrine, Urinary      OYO Ques. pp. 371,
                                375                       Sketch/label the Lymphatic
        NOTEBOOK                SG Ques. #1-9             system
Wk.     15- cont.               Read pp. 378-384          Quiz Module 15
30                              OYO Ques. pp. 382,        Ex. 15.2 Kidney Function
                                384                       ASAP-needs time
                                SG Ques. #10-18

Wk.     16- Nervous System      Read pp. 387-407          Ex. 16.1 – Dominant Sides
31                              OYO Ques. pp. 392,        Ex. 16.2 – Pupil of the Eye
                                397, 400, 401, 405, 408   Ex. 16.3 – Mapping Taste
                                SG Ques. #1-24            Buds
Wk.     16- cont.               Read pp. 408-419          Quiz Module 16
32                              OYO Ques. pp. 409,        Ex. 16.4- Smell and Taste
                                415                       Ex. 16.5 – Blind Spot
                                SG Ques. #25-33           Ex. 16.6 – Touch Sensitivity
Wk.        Study week and                                    Catch up labs if needed
33             review
34           Final Exam          Review Study Guides                  Exam

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