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									Interview Release Form/BOUT ME Magazine Ink Release Form Certifies Bout Me Permission To Publish Your Story/Art/Etc.
BOUT ME MAG INK began as website & has evolved into the art/entertainment lifestyle publication for a new generation of talent, BOUT ME Magazine INK will become the definitive voice for ART/ENTERTAINMENT that encompasses actors, models, photography, music, fashion, events, people, places & the day to day lifestyle depicted by the individuals who make the industry (Focusing on South Florida & the around the world way of creativity).You are formally invited to participate in an interview project conducted by BOUT ME Magazine. We are kindly requesting an interview with the following artist/s ( )

Supervised by Cice Rivera from the editorial department, the interviewer will be conducting a tape-recorded, oral interview concerning your art history, or a single/group event. The interview will be thirty minutes to an hour. If you do not stipulate restrictions, the recording may be donated to a public archive and the data collected may be used for research, publications, exhibits, course materials, or multi-media productions. With your approval below, researcher projects may be "published" or/on World Wide Web. Thank you for your cooperation. Feel free to contact the editorial staff, Cice Rivera, Editorial Dept., WWW.CICERIVERA.COM. I hereby give permission for any lawful public use including publication of the recording and information collected except for the following conditions: __ No restrictions; __ For use with the following restrictions: ___________________________

Signature: _________________________ Name (please print) ___________________________ Date: ___/___/___ Address and Phone Number: Name of agent/agencies/manager/s (please print name/signature): Date: __/__/__/

Thank you, BOUT ME Magazine

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