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November 08 (PDF)


                                                                                                                     November 2008

US Beltie News

                            Shows, Marketing and Support
President Mark Keller

Fall is now upon us, and the Big E
and World Beef Expo are now behind
us. I would like to congratulate all the
exhibitors and spectators that have
participated in these events. Please
review the results of the Big E in this
newsletter. These types of shows are
what really get the public involved
allowing the Belted Galloway some
deserved publicity.
   I hope through all of the trying
times in this market place, that each
of you can find a way to develop new
markets for our cattle. We have actu-
ally sold our first grass finished steer,
and I am amazed at the eager re-
sponse of buyers for this product in
our area.
  Good luck to all of you, and thanks
again for the support that you as
members give this organization all                 Prock Ridge Calgary. Overall Supreme Champion of all breeds at Fryeburg Fair, Win-
year long.                                         dsor Fair and Union Fair all in Maine. Bred and owned by Merle & Loraine Prock (ME).

Inside this issue:                                                        Calendar reminders:
Electric Fence Review ...................2         North American Livestock Exposition National Show.
                                                   November 17-20 Louisville, KY. BYG Show 4 pm. November 18. Open Show 3 p.m.
                                                   November 19. Contact Mark Keller (815) 248-4687 or Entries
Society history................................3   Laura Glassmann (717) 677-9655 or

Beware it’s not always true ..........3
                                                                           Harry T. Burn Award
Eastern States Exposition ........ 4-5               This award was established and funded in 1984 by his widow in memory
                                                   of the late Harry T. Burn, Tennessee, one of the Society’s early very dedi-
Windsor Fair (ME)...........................5      cated breeders. His nephew, James E. Burn, was President of the Society
                                                   when he announced that the award, a large perpetual trophy and an engraved
Hobby Farms ..................................5    individual plaque, would be given to persons singled out as having a pro-
                                                   vided outstanding support and promotion to the Belted Galloway breed. The
New members .................................5     award is not annual, rather, it is presented from time to time as merited.
                                                     We invite the membership to submit a letter of recommendation about an
Classified & Display ads ............ 6-8          individual who they feel is deserving of this distinguished award. Letters
                                                   may be submitted to the Society office for the review of Council.
NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                                PAGE 2

 Electric fence review                                            needs grow/change and either fence to include another
                                                                  charger/energizer in the system, or add a larger charger/
                                                                  energizer to handle the increased fence. There are many
 Rory Lewandowski, Extension Educator, Athens County, Ohio
                                                                  ways to evaluate chargers/energizers, but one method is to
    For many graziers using rotational grazing, the electric      look at output in joules. Also remember that when a prod-
 fence is a critical component of the total system. I know of     uct is advertised by the miles of fence it can energize, this
 examples where just 1 or 2 strands of electrified high ten-      includes one wire. If multiple wires are energized, these
 sile wire are serving as a perimeter fence along a road. The     must be added together. Four strands of high tensile wire
 grazier is trusting in the electrical system and the prior ex-   around a mile perimeter with 2 hot strands accounts for 2
 perience/training livestock have received to insure the fence    miles of energized wire.
 is not crossed. In wet years, there are a lot of electrical        One component of the electric fence system that is some-
 fence systems that can do an adequate job. Soils with good       times overlooked is the ground rods. The full capacity of
 moisture insure that the animal is well grounded, and when       the charger/energizer will not be utilized unless there is a
 wet nose meets a wire, even if the voltage is not high, a        good ground system in place. In a dry year, it is critical to
 good circuit is made and the resulting shock can convince        have the correct number of ground rods, properly spaced
 an animal that the grass is not really greener on the other      installed to help keep enough voltage on fences. What is the
 side. In dry years, marginal electrical fence systems may        correct ground rod system? A general rule of thumb says to
 not maintain the desired voltage. Dry soils don't provide the    install a minimum of 3 feet of ground rod per joule of ener-
 same grounding between animal and fence. Fences that             gizer output capacity. For example, if I have a 15-joule en-
 might not be challenged in a year with plentiful forage may      ergizer, this requires 45 feet of ground rods. Generally ei-
 be tested in dry years with limited forage growth. During        ther galvanized or copper rods in 6 to 8 foot lengths are
 dry years we talk about slowing rotations down and even          used. This energizer would require 6 to 8 ground rods de-
 holding animals in one paddock as a sacrifice area until         pending upon if a 6 or 8-foot ground rod was used. If cop-
 grass growth allows the rotation to be resumed. Can your         per rods are used make sure to use a copper wire from the
 fence keep your livestock from moving to where the grass         energizer ground terminal to the ground rod. If different
 really is greener?                                               metals are mixed, electrolysis can occur and the effective-
   Although many graziers have learned the basics of elec-        ness of the grounding system is reduced, so stick with ei-
 tric fencing, most of us can benefit from a review every         ther galvanized or copper. Ground rods should be driven in
 now and then. The basic components of your electric fence        their full length, or if rocky soils don't permit this, driven in
 system that should be evaluated include: the fence ener-         at an angle so that essentially the rods are lying in a trench.
 gizer/charger, ground rods, and the fence wire. In grazing       Ground rods should be at least 10 feet apart and 40 to 50
 schools you will hear that the fence energizer/charger is the    feet away from any other existing grounds. Ground rods
 "heart" of the electric fence system. The beginning grazier      should be tied together in a system, connected with wire
 will avoid some frustrations by spending the necessary           between rods. Try to locate ground rods in an area that is
 money for high quality energizer/charger. When the time          likely to stay moist. Northern exposures under building drip
 comes to replace the current energizer/charger this is not       lines often work well. In drought situations, it may be a
 the place to cut budget corners.                                 good idea to water your ground rod areas to increase the
   Size the energizer/charger to handle your current fencing      effectiveness of your electric fence.
 system, plus some room for growth. I know graziers that            Finally evaluate the fence itself. Remember that as the
 have significantly increased the amount of electric fence        diameter of the fence wire decreases, there is more resis-
 they are running over the years. Sometimes the fence has         tance to push electric current around the fence. Polywire is
 increased as a result of expanded pasture acreage; some-         very handy stuff but it should not be used to carry the
 times the fence has increased as a result of more internal       charge long distances. Use high tensile wire to carry the
 divisions as paddock numbers increase. Sometimes, it is          charge and for perimeter fencing and polywire to hook on
 both. As the amount of fence grows, graziers should check        to the high tensile wire for internal paddock divisions. Volt-
 to make sure that the energizer they have is adequate for the    age will be dropping in the fence as distance and amount of
 amount of fence they are asking it to charge.                    fence increases. Check to make sure the galvanized coating
   Graziers should be checking the voltage on the fence to        on the fence wire is intact. Rust is an enemy of electric
 make sure it carries a voltage adequate to deter livestock
 from crossing. Figures that I have heard thrown around
                                                                    Electric fence technology has allowed many graziers to
 regarding voltage levels and various livestock species in-
 clude 1600 to 2000 volts for cattle, 3000 volts minimum on       more effectively utilize pastures and their management
 electric netting for sheep and goats and 4000+ volts on high     ability. Graziers need to periodically evaluate the energizer,
 tensile fence for sheep/goats. I also know of sheep/goat         ground rods and fence wire components of their electric
 producers who maintain 7000+ volts on their fence. The           fence system to insure fences are operating efficiently and
 point here is to evaluate the charger/energizer as fencing       serving as effective barriers for livestock.
2008                                                                                                                       PAGE 3

                                                                        2008 Union Fair BYG Showmanship
                                                                        Senior division:
                                                                                  1. Susie Heal (ME)
                                                                                  2. Ashley Bailey (ME)
                                                                                  3. William Jackson (ME)
                                                                                  1. Amelia Mank (ME)
                                                                                  2. Alice Flint (ME)
                                                                                  3. Cailand Sweeting (ME)
                                                                                  others were; Ike Morin (ME), Erin Rollins
                                                                                  (ME), Courtney      Mank (ME), Francis
                                                                                  Quimby (ME).
                                                                                  1. Evin Fortin (ME)
                                                                                  2. Lauren Guptill (ME)
                                                                                  3. Isaac Young (ME)
                                                                                  4. Addie Bragg (Me)

                                                                        Keith Jones (SC) was the judge.

Society history                                                   In the charter of the Society, the following preamble ap-
Excerpts from the Herd Book I                                     “The object is to promote the Belted Galloway breed of
                                                                cattle, to preserve the purity of the breed by maintaining pedi-
  Harry A. Prock, Hapwood Farms (PA) was responsible for        gree records and data, to disseminate information relative to
the formation of the American Belted Galloway Cattle Breed-     said breed of cattle and to carry on all legal and proper activi-
ers Association, established July 1, 1951. Mr. Prock, H.        ties to effectuate the primary purpose of the corporation.”
Gordon Green (CAN), and Charles C. Well (MI) served as
the first officers with Prock, President; Green, Vice Presi-
dent; and Wells, Secretary/Treasurer.                           Beware … it’s not always true
  In 1952, Harry Prock exhibited his Belted Galloways at the
Ohio State Fair and, with Green and Wells, held the first         We found the below information on Wikipedia, a free
meeting of the American Belted Galloway Cattle Breeders         search engine on the Internet:
Association in Columbus, OH.                                          “A Beltie also cannot be registered if it is tricolored,
  On December 10, 1953, A.H. Chatfield, Jr. of Aldermere             such as having a spot of black on a dun belted cow.
Farm, Rockport (ME) became the fourth member of the As-              Tricolored Belties are uncommon. Another rare mark
sociation and purchased a foundation herd from Mr. Prock.            is a bulls-eye. It is a blotch of color somewhere on
  On November 30, 1955, the four members held the second             the midsection surrounded by white. This kind of
meeting of the Association and Prock was re-elected Presi-           mark is incredibly rare and the Beltie bearing it be-
dent, with Chatfield and Green, Vice Presidents, and Wells,          comes quite valuable”.
Secretary-Treasurer. The Association was making progress, it      We want to clarify any rules about registration and state that
was four members strong.                                        whenever you have a question, read your Bylaws or call the
  In 1956, two new members of the Association were added:       Secretarial Office with marking questions. Do not rely on any
Fred H. Johnson, Jr., Summitcrest Farms, (OH) and Milton        free search engines on the Internet for references. The Society
A. Horner, Lynnwood Farm (NC). The Association was now          does not recognize the term “tricolored” nor does a “blotch of
six members strong.                                             color somewhere on the midsection surrounded by white”
  From that point the membership grew, and in 1959 George       affect the value of the animal in anyway.
W. Eversfield of East Lempster (NH), William F. C. Ewing          The above statement that a black spot on a dun belted cow
of Sullivan (ME), and General James A. Van Fleet of Polk
                                                                is ineligible for registration is completely false. As long as a
City ( FL) joined.
  In Columbus, Ohio, on August 19, 1962, a regular meeting      dun female has purebred ancestors, possesses a complete belt
of the Association was held and it was determined at that       with no white above the dewclaws or extraneous white, but
time that the Association should be incorporated under the      does possess a black spot anywhere on the body or in the belt,
name. Belted Galloway Society, Inc. The charter of incorpo-     the black spot is not an issue and the female is eligible for
ration was prepared by Harry T. Burn (TN) naming Harry          purebred status in the Herd Book. As long as a dun bull has
Prock, A.H. Chatfield, Jr. Fred H. Johnson, H. Gordon Green,
                                                                purebred ancestors, possesses a complete belt and has no
General James A. Van Fleet and Harry T. Burn as incorpora-
tors. The incorporators signed the petition for charter on      white anywhere on the body, but does possess a black spot
January 10, 1964, and the charter was granted by the State of   anywhere on the body or in the belt, the black spot is not an
Tennessee on January 11, 1964.                                  issue and is eligible for purebred registry in the Herd Book.
NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                        PAGE 4

Eastern States Exposition (MA)                                   Exhibitors, Aldermere Farm (ME), Anderson Hill Farm
                                                               (VT), Driftwood Plantation (SC), Eastman Farm LLC (VT),
                                                               Holbrook Hill (MA), Marben Farm (CT), Mitchell Ledge
                                                               Farm (CT), M&M Show Cattle 9ME), Moonshadow Farm
                                                               (ME), Oatley’s Farm (RI), Pennel Hill (MA), Pineview Farm
                                                               (ME) Prock Ridge (ME), Turner Farm (ME), Rocking M
                                                               Ranch (MA), Stones Throw (NC), Uphill Farm (NY).
                                                                 Spring Heifer Calf, Anderson Hill Darielle. Junior Heifer
                                                               Calf, Anderson Hill Danika. Winter Heifer Calf, Prock Ridge
                                                               Catalina. Senior Heifer Calf, Aldermere Teena.
                                                                 Champion Heifer Calf, Anderson Hill Darielle. Reserve,
                                                               Aldermere Uaraessi.
                                                                 Early Summer Yearling Heifer, Aldermere Taisha. Junior
                                                               Yearling Heifer Group – 1, Marbens Chime AI. Junior Year-
                                                               ling Heifer Group – 2, Stonesthrow Touche AI-ET. Early
                                                               Junior Yearling Heifer, Stonesthrow Tricia shown by Moon-
                                                               shadow Farm.
                                                                 Junior Champion, Stonesthrow Touche AI-ET. Reserve,
Big E Grand Champion Female. Driftwood Satire. Bred by         Marbens Chime AI.
Sue & Thomas E. Drew (SC). Owned by Joe Morel (VT).
                                                                 Late Senior Heifer, Anderson Hill Contessa. Early Senior
                                                               Heifer, Driftwood Satire owned by Eastman Farm.
                                                                 Late Two Year Old Heifer, Anderson Hill Bon Quest. Early
                                                               Two Year Old Heifer, Driftwood Rebecca 43R.
                                                                 Senior Champion, Driftwood Satire owned by Eastman
                                                               Farm. Reserve, Anderson Hill Contessa.
                                                                 Grand Champion Female, Driftwood Satire owned by East-
                                                               man Farm. Reserve, Anderson Hill Darielle.
                                                                 Cow-Calf, Spurwink Magnolia owned by Oatley Farm.
                                                                 Champion Cow-Calf, Spurwink Magnolia owned by Oatley
                                                                 Spring Bull Calf, Anderson Hill Delight. Junior Bull Calf,
                                                               Stonesthrow Uno AI. Winter Bull Calf, Prock Ridge Wan-
                                                               naknocker. Senior Bull Calf, E&H Roscoe 30T.
                                                                 Champion Bull Calf, Anderson Hill Delight. Reserve, Ston-
                                                               esthrow Uno AI.
                                                                 Late Summer Yearling Bull, Moonshadow Elvis owned by
Big E Grand Champion Male. Anderson Hill Bop Man. Bred         Moonshadow Farm. Late Junior Yearling Bull, Holbrook Hill
and owned by Richard Anderson (VT).                            Thunder Dunn. Early Junior Yearling Bull, Uphill Kingston.
                                                                 Junior Champion Bull, Holbrook Hill Thunder Dunn. Re-
                                                               serve, Uphill Kingston.
                                                                 Late Senior Bull, Prock Ridge Calgary. Early Senior Bull,
                                                               Driftwood Sandstone 44S. Two Year Old Bull, Anderson Hill
                                                               Bop Man.
                                                                 Senior Champion Bull, Anderson Hill Bop Man. Reserve,
                                                               Driftwood Sandstone 44S.
                                                                 Grand Champion Bull, Anderson Hill Bop Man. Reserve,
                                                               Driftwood Sandstone 44S.
                                                                 Lightweight Steer, UMass Durango. Heavyweight Steer,
                                                               Prock Ridge Twinkie.
                                                                 Champion Steer, Prock Ridge Twinkie. Reserve, UMass
                                                                 Get-of-Sire, Anderson Hill Farm. Best Pair of Weanlings,
                                                               Anderson Hill Farm. Best Pair of Yearlings, Driftwood Plan-
                                                               tation. Produce of Dam, Holbrook Hill Farm. Breeders Herd,
Grand Champion Cow/Calf. Spurwink Magnolia. Bred by            Anderson Hill Farm. Best Six Head, Anderson Hill Farm.
Phineas & Mary Louise Sprague (ME). Owned by Victoria Oatley     Premier Breeder, Anderson Hill Farm. Premier Exhibitor,
(RI).                                                          Anderson Hill. Farm.
NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                            PAGE 5

  Junior Show Exhibitors, Evin Fortin (ME), Lauren Guptil       About advertising … Classified ads are free to members
(ME), Hattie Gushee-Kimball (ME), Meg Hall (ME), Timiya         and must reach the Web Editor before the last day of each
Marineau (CT), Caroline Oatley (RI), Ethan Oatley (ME),         month. All classified ads are automatically placed on the Hot-
Fallon Oatley (RI), AJ Stahoski (NJ),Meagan Stephens, (NY),     line on the internet. Two-month limit on classified insertions.
Clayton Stephens (NY), Morgan Turner (ME), MacKenzie            Please include contact information as you wish it to appear
White (ME).                                                     — name, farm, location, phone, Fax and Email, if any. Please
  Junior Heifer Calf, Anderson Hill Darielle owned by Caro-     Phone to (270) 497-4369 or Email <>.
line Oatley. Winter Heifer Calf, Prock Ridge Catalina owned     We encourage members to submit ads the last two weeks of
by Lauren Guptil. Summer Yearling Heifer, E+H Callie 29T        the month. Please be aware of the following ad schedule. Hot-
owned by Meg Hall. Spring Yearling Heifer, Driftwood Tiara      line Ads submitted by:
23T owned by MacKenzie White. Junior Yearling Heifer,           • January 30 — appear in March and April issues
Stonesthrow Tricia owned by Scot Adams.                         • February 28 — appear in April and May issues
  Champion Heifer, Anderson Hill Darielle owned by Caro-        • March 31 — appear in May and June issues
line Oatley. Reserve, Driftwood Tiara 23T owned by Scot         • April 30 — appear in June and July issues
Adams.                                                          • May 31 — appear in July and August issues
  Steer Class Group -1, Prock Ridge Twinkie owned by Lau-       • June 30 — appear in August and September issues
ren Guptil. Steer Class Group – 2, Oatley’s Brisco owned by     • July 31 — appear in September and October issues
Ethan Oatley.                                                   • August 31 — appear in October and November issues
  Showmanship Group – 1, Olivia Oatley. Showmanship             • September 30 — appear in November and December issues
Group – 2, Lauren Guptil, Showmanship Group – 3, Meg
                                                                • October 31 — appear in December and January issues
Hall. Showmanship Group – 4, Hattie Gushee-Kimball.
                                                                • November 30 — appear in January and February issues
                                                                • December 31 — appear in February and March issue
Windsor Fair (ME)                                               •
                                                                Advertising bulls … Before advertising a young male as a
   Exhibitors, Aldermere Farm (ME), Eastman Farm LLC            breeder we must be sure he is well conformed, tracks prop-
(VT), M&M Show Cattle (ME) Pineview Farm (ME), Prock            erly, has good legs and feet, and exhibits good weight gains.
Ridge Farm (ME).                                                We should have data available on his birth weight, 205-day
  Junior Bull Calf, E&H Oscar 32 U. Senior Bull Calf, E&H       weaning weight, and yearling weight. If he's reached breeding
Roscoe 30T. Summer Yearling Bull, E&H Lightning 31T.            age (around 18 months), it's definitely a plus to have his se-
Junior Yearling Bull, Aldermere Thor. Senior Yearling Bull,     men checked for quantity and motility.
Prock Ridge Calgary (AI).                                         Any data available should appear in your advertisement
   Champion Bull, Prock Ridge Calgary (AI). Reserve, E&H        along with his birth date and the names of his sire and dam.
Roscoe 30T.                                                     Further, it is required that registration numbers be in-
   Group of 2 Bulls,Prock Ridge Farm.                           cluded on bulls advertised for sale in the Hotline and
   Junior Heifer Calf, Prock Ridge Little Dot. Senior Heifer    newsletter.
Calf, Aldermere Teena. Summer Yearling Heifer, Aldermere
Taisha. Spring Yearling Heifer, Aldermere Teah Senior Year-     New members
ling Heifer, Aldermere Shasta.
   Champion Heifer, Aldermere Teah. Reserve, Prock Ridge            John & Amy Arthur, 3880 Spitzbarth Road, Mineral
Little Dot.                                                     Point, WI 53565 (608) 987-4308.
   Get of Sire, Prock Ridge Farm.Two Females, Aldermere             Terri Beard, PRAIRIE HILL BELTIES, 830 145 So. 3510
Farm. Pair of Yearlings, Prock Ridge Farm. Pair of Calves,      Road, Stroud, OK 74079 (918) 368-2383.
Prock Ridge Farm.Best Six Animals, Prock Ridge Farm.                Associate Lynne Burrow, 6 Hidden Pond Rd., North Red-
   Overall Beef Champion, Prock Ridge Farm with Prock           ding, MA 01864.
Ridge Calgary (AI).                                                 Bruce Johnson, DRAGONFLY FARMS, 16259 Trainham
                                                                Road, Beaverdam, VA 23015 (804) 512-9944.
Hobby Farmer                                                        Don & Kathy Lothrop, BROKEN L FARM, 175 Clearwater
                                                                Drive, Poolville, TX 76487 (817) 613-1024.
Secretary Laura Glassmann                                           Junior Timiya Marineau, CROSS CREEK FARM, 99 Hart-
                                                                ford Road, Brooklyn, CT 06239 (860) 779-7004.
  The office has received phone calls from many members             Larry Odom, HICKORY HILL FARM, RR 1 Box 156, Gray-
who have been called through a telemarketing campaign           ville, IL 62844 (618) 383-4424.
                                                                    Mark J. Sacco, WM H. BUCKLEY FARM, 425 Master
from Hobby Farmer soliciting farm advertisements. We now
                                                                Street, Valley Falls, NY 12185 (518) 461-8622.
have been informed by author Cherie Langlois that the fea-          Junior Cynthia Smearman, BLACK VALLEY FARM, 132
ture will be in the January/February issue. She has written a   Smearman Road, Friendsville, MD 21531 (301) 746-5180.
"breed profile" with quotes from various Beltie owners inter-       Michael Winstead & AthenaThomas, MONTEPETRA, 2370
viewed.                                                         South Buffalo Road, Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-6485.
NOVEMBR 2008                                                                                                                            PAGE 6

                                                                       exposed to bull. Barb Beeler, Double B Farm, Beloit, WI. (608) 365-
                          For Sale                                     8721, (608) 365-8735 or 11/10

CALIF. REGISTERED DUN HEIFER, born 6/10/07. I’m a 4-                   REGISTERED grassfed Belties. 4 registered Malabar Farm heifers
H’er that had her buyer back out. She’s halter broke and leads well.   (1 born 8/06 most likely bred, 1 born 9/07, and 2 born 11/07). Please
Sets up nicely. Took Grand Champion Heifer at the San Mateo            e-mail for more information, photos, videos, pedigrees. Available
County Fair in August. Has a nice belt. Danielle Bushue, Ulin Wood     separately or as a package deal. Partial trade for bottle calves or hal-
Ranch, Belmont, CA. (650) 592-0274 or              ter-trained Belties considered. Gabriele Falder, Lazy Horse Ranch,
11/30                                                                  Box Elder, SD. (605) 391-1551 or (e-mails pre-
                                                                       ferred). 11/10
ORDER NOW FOR CHRISTMAS! “The Galloway in America,”
a book devoted entirely to Galloway cattle … a limited edition hard-   TWO FEMALES and bull Winding Creek Hydrox 7155B. Excep-
cover with 175 pages and more than 300 illustrations in color and b/   tionally docile, friendly personalities, good looking, would be good
w. Send $51.00 which includes shipping and handling to Galloway        lawn ornaments or pets. Were good producers, now past prime.
Historical Library, 28289 Norris Rd., Bozeman, MT 59718. See web       Available at sale barn prices to good homes. David Olsen, Winding
page      for     more      details    and     online      ordering.   Creek Farm, Warsaw, OH. (740) 327-6502 or, E-mail 11/24               11/9

WANTED: 2-3 weanling male Belted Galloways. Therese Whea-              REGISTERED BULL. Malabar Farm Magnum #8903B, 6 yrs., 5
ton, Crystal Run, Springboro, PA. (814) 587-3186. 11/24                mo. old. Proven bull in grassfed operation. Mo was bred and raised
                                                                       in grassfed environment on Malabar Farm and we are a grassfed
CALIFORNIA BELTIES: 6 red Beltie cows available. Located in            operation using rotational grazing. Need to replace because we're
the San Joaquin Valley (Bakersfield area). Also, a steer available.    keeping his heifer calves in herd. Available after the end of this
Reasonably priced. Scott A. McMillan, Red Star Cattle Company,         year’s breeding cycle in mid-October. Gentle disposition, respects
Wasco, CA. (661) 758-9400, (661) 203-4808 or sonic-                    fencing and people, but not halter broke. Doug & Sharon Delling, 11/23                                               Wildflower Springs Farm, Ontario, WI. (608) 337-4236 or Wild-
6 GRASSFED STEERS (two 2006, four 2007). Call or email for
more info. Brenda Coderre, Coderre Cattle Co., Collinsville, OK.       WEANLING BULL. Secluded Acres Zippy Do Da Dugan 11369B,
(918) 371-0039 or 11/23                            d.o.b. 2/17/08, sire Jackson Mountain Dugan, dam Hobby D Abigail.
                                                                       Descendant of Maple Brae Timothy. Good belt, well conformed.
HEIFER: Triple B Farm Star #28900B, d.o.b. 2/16/08, birth wt. 60       Sandy Fornwalt, Secluded Acres, Port Royal, PA. (717) 527-4868 or
lbs., dam Todd Hill Jyl #20132B and sire Rockwater Samson     11/3
#9363B, nice belt and straight back. Amy Burger, Triple B Farm,
New Castle, VA. (540) 765-9661 or 11/23           REGISTERED BULL CALF Double Creek Domino #11497B,
                                                                       d.o.b. 2/7/08. Big wide belt, good bloodlines (Aldermere, Sleepy
MUST SELL: Holbrook Hill Perry Mason #10191B (Lullenden                Creek, Summitcrest). Pedigree & pictures available. Jack &
Bruno x dun Moonshine daughter), d.o.b. 11/30/04; a muscular,          Marilynn Pryor, Double Creek Ranch, Troup, TX. (903) 842-3539,
moderately framed, very calm, halter trained bull. Meadow Spring       or 11/2
Patience AI ET #27632B, heifer, d.o.b. 4/17/07 (Au Domaine Lor-
naLine [gold lifetime] x Aldermere Manda [gold lifetime dam]). 4D      REGISTERED HEIFER. MHF Halo 29210B, 6/20/07, by MHF
Bitsy #24220D, d.o.b. 3/27/05 (Boris son x Anderson Hill Tender        Robin Hood out of Floodwoods Lea. Black and white, nice clean
Lady), bred to HH Perry Mason. Five Grade 1 embryos (Au Do-            belt, nice topline. Has been handled. Pictures available
maine LornaLine x Aldermere Manda). Brad Filiatrault, Meadow
Spring Farm, Canton, NY. (315) 386-1049 or

THREE FOUNDATION cows, registered, good bloodlines, proven
mothers. Three black yearling heifers, and one yearling bull,
#11203B, grandson of Rose Farm Maximum. Frank or Caleb Franks,
Oak Ridge Farms, Hartford City, IN. (765) 348-2829. 11/19

4 STEERS available in central North Carolina, d.o.b. Dec. "07. Will
consider trade for registered bred heifers. Ann Furr, DVM, Rockwa-
ter Farm, LLC, Salisbury, NC. (704) 798-3460 or

THREE GOOD COWS 6 to 9 yrs. old, one with bull calf at side.
All 5 generations pure. Excellent producers, well marked. Dan Kal-
bantner, Possum Haw Farm, Mt. Morris, IL. (815) 289-8598 or pos- 11/17

TWO 6-month-old black and white Appendix heifers, very nice.           Exceptional herd ~ Exceptional genetics
Also, one registered cow with heifer calf at side and cow is pasture
                                                                        Bee Tolman    315-655-0623          Marc Schappell Tom Anderson
NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                                       PAGE 7 Becca Duclos, Cathedral Pines Farm,        is due March 4, 2009. Mike Crittenden, Sailin' C Ranch, Hoytsville,
Andover, ME. (207) 392-1012 or         UT. (435) 336-2734 or 10/8

TWO REGISTERED black Beltie bulls. Floodwoods Pericles
10667B and Floodwoods Pythagoras 10665B. Fine conformation
and heavy for solely grass-fed two-year-olds. Reasonably priced,
                                                                                     Secretarial Phone Hours
since we face the winter with a less-than-stellar hay crop. Cows and
heifers also available. Toby Richards, Floodwoods Farm, Waitsfield                   Phone hours are Monday through Friday from
VT. (310) 913-2858 or 10/23                                  1 p.m. - 5 p.m. (EST). A detailed message may
                                                                                     be left at any time. Phone: (717) 677-9655;
HEIFERS. Two yearlings and one 18-month-old. Registered, black,                      Fax: (717) 677-9755.
well marked, tame but not halter broke. Michael Blakesley, Big
Rock Farm, South Bend, IN. (574) 299-1945 or                            Please send all your correspondence to Laura 10/23                                           Glassmann, Secretary <>
                                                                        P.O. Box 316, Bendersville, PA 17306.
THREE PROVEN COWS with exceptional bloodlines. One 4-
year-old and two 3-year-olds, easy keepers, good mothers, and all
bred back. Good starter herd. Tony Boucher, MabSpirit Farms,
Buckfield, ME. (207) 212-6929 or 10/17            Tattoo reminder...
FOR SALE OUT WEST: 10-year-old cow Au Domaine Nadia 5H.
Canadian genetics from the noted Rejean Girard herd in Quebec.          The Year Code on tattoos for
Massive cow. Heavy milker. Safely in calf to Sailin' C Mick Dundee      animals born in year 2008 is
(AI)(ET) #10521D (Bolebec Dun Concorde x Du Rapide Gina). Calf

     Sunnybrook Farms                                                   David, Leanne, Ross, Rachel & Ryan Fogle
                                                                        1496 County Road 125N
                                    Breeding for quality,               Congerville, IL 61729
                                   carcass & conformation               (309) 965-2759
                                        Home of the           
                                 2007 Female, Sire and Dam
                                         of the Year

                              Terry, Julie, Chris & Steve Willis
                                                (815) 547-6912
                            Females, Bulls & Semen available
                                                                           Wayside Valley Farm

                                                                                  Little Everglades Ranch
 Malabar Farm                     Blossom Ridge Farm                                    Bob & Sharon Blanchard
 Loren A. Olson, M. D. and Doug Mortimer                                                     Jordan Road
                                                                                        Dade City, Florida 33523

                                                                                 Registered Belted Galloways
                                                                                    ~ Breeding and selling bulls & heifers
                                                                                    ~ Purebred five generation pedigrees
   3032 Settlers Trail St. Charles, IA 50240-8564                                       <>
     Ph: 641-765-4356                              Barn: (352) 521-0366                   Fax: (352) 521-0377
NOVEMBER 2008                                                                                                                            PAGE 8

                                            Belted Galloway Cattle
                                                  Semen Available
                                                   Breeding Stock

                                                                              JERRY & KATHI JURKOWSKI
                                         Jeffrey & Lisa Lovett        5418 Y ALE BRIDGE RD. • ROCKTON, IL 61072
                                                                          (815) 629-2306 or

                                                (815) 652-3789
    5600 S. Hickory Road  
      Oregon, IL 61061                 Females, bulls & semen available from some of the top cattle in the U.S.

                DRIFTWOOD                                                                           OAK VALLEY FARM
                                                                                                        Mark & Sally Jane Keller
                                                                                                                         9889 Moate Road
                                                                                                                         Durand, IL 61024
                                  “We are not as far away as it                                                             815-248-4687
                                    seems … come visit us at
               Box 615            <>
         Pointing Brittany Lane           or email us at
         Awendaw, SC 29429           <>
           (843) 200-2046              for Belted Galloway
           (843) 928-3983               Breeding Stock.”                                                            Fax: 815-248-4507

    Irish Oaks Farm                                                          HOLBROOK HILL FARM

                                                                        World Class                                        Young Herd
                                                                          Genetics                                            Sires
                                                                         Imported                                          Open Heifers
                                                                          Semen                                             available

                                                                             Jane & Steven Silberberg     Phone: 603-472-2205
                                                                             47 Holbrook Hill Road        Fax: 603-668-6470
    12420 HWY 290 E           Mike Graves         (281) 723-5871             Bedford, NH 03110            E-mail:
    Chappell Hill, TX 77426  

 Belted Galloway Society, Inc.                                                                                           Non-profit org.
 Laura Glassmann, Secretary <>                                                                          U.S. Postage
       P.O. Box 316, Bendersville, PA 17306.                                                                                 PAID
    Phone (717) 677– 9655 • Fax (717) 677– 9755                                                                             Permit #1040
                                                                                                                         Leesburg, FL 34748

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