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					B UT ME
Code Of Conduct *** I understand that I am responsible for reading and signing all documents for Bout Me
pageants/magazine*** 1. 2. 3. All contestants will conduct with the dignity, grace and good manners of young women/man at all times who exemplify the integrity of Bout Me. A contestant must observe the rules & regulations from the time of entry. Contestants competing in the Mini to Teen divisions are required to have an adult guardian, parent signature and approval. Each delegate must register his/her entry before deadline and indicate title. A contestant will not participate in any interview, photo session, have press contact or publicity of any kind unless a member of the pageant staff approves. A contestant will not attend any function or make any public appearances other than at regularly scheduled events during Competition Weekend, unless approved Bout Me staff. A contestant will not publish a web site that has adult content. Contestants properly represent Bout Me for any public outings and/or during all visible times during any functions. A Delegate may not partake of alcoholic beverages during any representation of Bout Me.

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10. A contestant may not approach a judge. 11. Contestants may have one guardian to escort children under the age of 8, Pageant Officials & Staff will be the only people allowed in private area’s. 12. Contestant will provide all legal documents before approval to compete. 13. Any concern or complaint will immediately be referred to Pageant Officials in writing please email immediately.


14. Contestant will maintain a punctual time schedule in order for all phases of competition, including rehearsals, to run smoothly. Please cooperate fully with the Pageant Staff. BEE on time for all events. 15. Contestant crowned of the Bout Me OM U.S.A, must confirm with pageant staff after the crowning and photo shoots are complete, when they receive email. 16. Contestant must never have, or will not during her reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with nudity or pornography. Nor has she ever, or is presently involved with prostitution or any form of employment, which involves partial or complete nudity. Failure to disclose this information will result in automatic disqualification and/or relinquishment of your title. 17. Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime within 10 years. 18. Respect for others at all times. 19. Please bring your own make up. 20. Titleholders are required to wear both her crown and sash to events. 21. You must be prepared for your appearances. 22. Bee aware, smile while representing Bout Me. 23. Each delegate is responsible for all information about this pageant from all paperwork, handbooks, website. 24. We are focus on the power of healing others: stay focused on the same thing. 25. Presently we are an online pageant and we do not promise appearances immediately, but we will work to make that possible for you and Bout Me. 26. No tolerance for any drugs.

All delegates must bring her crown and sash with her for any appearances.

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