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									B UT ME
Bout Me U.S.A Pageant 2008/2009 Prize Package Bout Me OM U.S.A Delegates (ACCEPTED ENTRANTS) Prizes available just by entering, Bout Me OM U.S.A entry pageant winner. * * * * * * * Crowned as “Bout Me OM U.S.A” Custom embroidered sash Featured In Bout Me Magazine Magazine Tear – Sheet Featured Biography Story Exposure on Website Featured on Bout Me Bee Love Wear Products

* Free photo shoot or touch up certificate with Bout Me photography. Value $500 (restrictions apply) (Expiration one year from entry) * All contestants awarded a spot on the site for recognition on (Contestant Page). (No one will go unnoticed) we will recognize your intentions of healing the world through registering in the Bout Me Pageant. * Entry for the title in your age group of “Bout Me OM

U.S.A 2009”. * U.S.A entry paid to compete for Miss/Mr. Motivational in your age group * U.S.A entry paid to compete for Miss/Mr. Optimistic in your age group * A chance to win the “ Bout Me OM U.S.A” Prize package in your age group. * All winners receive crown & sash

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