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Frequently Asked Questions * How much is your pageants entry fee? Entry fee for ages 3 and up is $45.00 with a $10.00 additional application registration fee. Baby entry fee is $30.00 with a $10.00 additional application registration fee. * How much do I need to send (if I win) my crown and sash to get ordered? All ages, must be paid at time of entry plus your application registration fee. Your head shot must be in and all initial paperwork including a copy of birth certificate, I.D. or drivers license, must be in prior to your crown and sash order. * What if I have never been in a before? Bout Me Pageant is based performance, personality and photos. learn all about public relations and appearances. pageant or modeled on your story of However, you will possible

* I only want to do a couple of the options: do I have to enter the main title also? Yes, we add the scores from your main title competition to your highest scoring options to choose our high point winners. * Does everyone that enters the competition: accepted the Bout Me U.S.A Pageant? Not everyone that enters will be chosen. We choose only the best from across America to represent a Bout Me OM U.S.A.

* Does everyone accepted receive crown and sash? Yes, every single person accepted as a delegate will receive a crown and sash. This is part of your entry fee. * How much do I need to pay before I get my crown and sash? Ages 3 and up must pay a minimum of $45.00 plus $10.00 application and registration fee before any crown and sash will be ordered. Good Luck!

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