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Bout Me OM Directors Program: FREE Advertising! • Free advertising in Bout Me site! • Free advertising in the industry's entertainment and healing magazine! • Free advertising within 10,000 search engines! • Free advertising will provide more funds in your pocket without overhead expenditures! • Peace of mind comes when you advertise with Bout Me! You receive: * FREE Complementary Issue of Bout Me (download)* *Free Advertising in subscription brochure program* * Details below* Bout Me will provide you with: • A FREE Complementary printable download Issue of Bout Me magazine. • Bout Me Spirit Award – The Spirit Award Is the most prestigious award on site Award, the Bout Me Spirit Award reflects the true meaning of healing, optimism & motivation. • Receive Free your Advertising-Bout Me referral program: For every subscription we receive, with your name indicated on the provided referral line in the referral program, we will award you free advertising

certificates in the amount of $3.00 to you use toward Bout Me advertisement. *In exchange for this exclusive offer, Bout Me requests that you place a full page, black & white ad (camera ready) for in your program book. This ad is $35 and half the proceeds contributed to our Awareness program. Print the following form & mail it to the address below, Mail order form to: Bout Me Magazine Ink P.O. Box 8116 Ft. Gordon Ga. 30905 E-mail: Web Site: Web Site 2: www.cicerivera.comm

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