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Going for Purple Flag - the ATCM


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									Purple flag logo
•   Welcome
•   Raising the Standard & Broadening the Appeal
•   Why “Go for Purple Flag”
•   Building a Successful Entry
•   Assessment – What are we looking for?
•   Purple Flag Surgery
        Learning from Pathfinders
        My Town Centre
          What is Purple Flag?
• Increase use of centres at night if:
      -    Safer,
      -    Accessible
      -    Better designed
      -    Offered more choice
• Accreditation Scheme
• Development & Education Programme
• Purple Flag: For a Better Night Out
         What is Purple Flag?
• A practical framework for raising the standard,
  quality and broadening the appeal of towns at

• A common agenda to draw all professionals and
  sectors together

• To celebrate achievement, change perceptions
  and reverse the tide of negative publicity
                         Purple Flag Organisation
                                                     A brighter image

                                                     A stronger economy
                   PURPLE FLAG
                ACCREDITATION PANEL                  A more vibrant nightlife

                                                     Greater choice and diversity
                               TOWN CENTRE
         ATCM                  PARTNERSHIPS          A cause for celebration!
Programme Management               Area Map
Recruit & Train Assessors          Snapshot
   Purple Flag Packs          Overnight Appraisal
  Advice and Support         Self Assessment Chart
   Professional advice        Entry Form and Fee
Purple flag logo
      The Three Systems

Standards & Values         Entry System

             Operating System
Standards & Values: Purple Flag Core Agenda

               WELLBEING                   MOVEMENT

              Welcoming, clean      A secure pattern of arrival,
                  and safe               circulation and

             A BROAD APPEAL                   PLACE

             A vibrant choice and   A stimulating destination
                a rich mix of            and a vital place
             entertainment and

                                         A clear aim and a common purpose
                                                  Welcoming, Clean and Safe
Purple Flag Aspiration. A prerequisite for successful destinations is that they should be safe and welcoming. Some services may need to be
up-rated and extended to cope with specific needs late at night and after dark. All sectors have a part to play in delivering high standards of
customer care.
Minimum Threshold. Per capita crime and anti-social behaviour rates that are at least average and show an improving trend – taking both
residents and visitors in account.

         Purple Flag Attributes                                Potential Evidence                            Potential Outcomes Sought

1. Safety. Visible, effective policing & active    An appropriate police and CSPO presence.             Reduced levels of alcohol-related crime, noise,
surveillance                                       A swift response in dealing with incidents.          nuisance and anti-social behaviour.
                                                   Good radio and other coordination with CCTV and      A reduction in alcohol-related hospital admissions.
                                                   premises door supervisors.

2. Care. Responsible guardianship, customer        Presence of “capable guardians” on street.           Speedy support for the confused, sick and injured.
care and concern for community health.             Provision for the vulnerable and distressed.         Fewer emergency incidents on the street.
                                                   Quality customer care by operators.                  Care for the young, under-age and others.
                                                   Good integration with Local Alcohol Strategy.        Improving levels of alcohol abuse/dependency

3. Regulation. Positive and proactive              Policy commitment to high standards                  High standards of venue management
licensing and regulation                           Joint working with police and other regulators       A balance of venue types and of day and night-
                                                   including planning                                   time land uses
                                                   A positive/effective dialogue with businesses        Business investment leading to improved quality
                                                                                                        and diversity

4. Services. Appropriate levels of public          A good standard of street and public lighting.       Avoidance of “no go areas” after dark
utilities                                          After-hours street cleansing and waste collection.   Clean, well-maintained streets at night
                                                   Public toilet provision for men and women            Absence of street fouling

5. Partnership. The active involvement of          Adoption of voluntary codes by operators.            Higher standards of venue management
business in driving up standards                   Existence of Pubwatch, Best Bar None,                Added value from collaborative working
                                                   Responsible Host etc.                                Supportive context within strategic policy for town
                                                   Integration with TCM and BIDs                        centre as a whole.

6. Perceptions. A valid and positive               Positive media coverage.                             Positive perceptions of the centre, leading to
presentation of the area to customers.             Positive consumer feedback/market research.          increased patronage.
                                                     2. Movement
                   A Secure Pattern of Arrival, Circulation and Departure

Purple Flag Aspiration. Getting home safely after an evening out is a prime requirement. So too is the ability to move around the centre on foot
with ease. Improvements may be needed for all types of movement, if centres are to function properly and be appealing after hours.

Minimum Threshold. Some form of appropriate late-night public transport provision.

        Purple Flag Attributes                               Potential Evidence                               Potential Outcomes Sought
1. Public Transport. Safe, affordable, well-     A late night bus service to key destinations.           Convenient and efficient means of arrival and
managed late night public transport.             Marshalled hackney carriage/private hire ranks.         departure, including at peak times.
                                                 A late night transport hub.                             On-street management and co-ordination to meet
                                                 A well-managed private hire facility                    special needs.

2. Car Parking. An appropriate provision of      Car park(s) with Secure by Design status.               Use of town centre car parks in the evening and at
secure late night car parking.                   Specific locations with surveillance for potentially-   night for e.g. cinema/theatre-goers and late diners
                                                 vulnerable groups e.g. single women.                    and by a range of users, including families.
                                                 Opening times that cater for late night activity

3. Pedestrian Routes. Clear, safe and            Well-lit, uncluttered links within the centre           A pattern of movement that works as well at night
convenient links within the centre and           connecting transport hubs to quarters, clusters         as during daylight hours.
homewards.                                       and attractions.                                        Integration of modes of movement and
                                                 Safe routes out of the centre linked to bus stops       communication leading to increased appeal and
                                                 and telephone points.                                   safety.

4. Crowd Management. Measures to deal            Management of queues and external smoking               The creation of a safe pedestrian environment,
with overcrowding, congestion and conflict       areas to minimise conflict.                             including outside busy venues at peak times.
between those on foot and moving vehicles.       Traffic management that provides space for night-
                                                 time pavement use/deters anti-social drivers etc.

5. Information. Provision of practical           Preparation of maps to show key venues plus bus         An appreciation by all users of the safe means of
information and guidance to town centre          and taxi locations.                                     getting home.
users.                                           Travel information on posters, leaflets and in
                                                 electronic form.

6. Partnership. Business and operator            Collaboration by operators in providing                 Clientele leaving pubs, clubs and other venues in
commitment and participation.                    information.                                            a fit state to continue they way home.
                                                 “Last hour” dispersal policy to provide cool-off
                                                 period before closing.
                                              3. A Broad Appeal
                                              A Vibrant Choice and a Rich Mix

Purple Flag Aspiration. Successful destinations should offer a vibrant choice of leisure and entertainment for a diversity of ages, lifestyles and
cultures, including families. They should contain a rich mix of public and private attractions. They should be vital places for both the day and the
Minimum Threshold. An evening and late night offer that is broader than youth-oriented and alcohol-based activity.

         Purple Flag Attributes                                 Potential Evidence                                   Potential Outcomes Sought
1. Food and Dining. A choice of eating             Venues where families and children are welcome              Centres where eating out is a pleasure – for visitors or
                                                   Fine dining venues e.g. listed in good food guides          residents, old and young, families and singles etc.
venues and a commitment to good food.
                                                   Venues favouring locally sourced/organic produce, or        Centres that clearly demonstrate a commitment to
                                                   innovative cuisine, including ethnic specialisms            quality.
                                                   Venues offering live music, jazz etc.

2. Pubs and Bars. Well-managed venues, to          A responsible attitude to promotions & discounting          Licensed venues that demonstrate high standards of
                                                   Venues that are welcoming to all inc. families              management and customer care and are welcoming
meet varied tastes, and offering more than
                                                   Venues that serve good, imaginative food and offer live     Venues that set out to attract a varied clientele and offer
just alcoholic beverages.                                                                                      quality food and entertainment.
                                                   music and entertainment
                                                   Venues that demonstrate good customer care

3. Late Night Venues. A late night offer that      Vibrant late-night entertainment, inc. live music           Venues that are committed to music and entertainment
complements the diverse appeal of the centre       Venues that are also open during the day e.g. multi-        Venues that are good neighbours and socially
                                                   purpose arts venues                                         responsible
as a whole.
                                                   Good customer care: safety, queues, smoking, getting        Venues that look after their customers

4. Early Evening Shopping. Flexible trading        A cluster or critical mass of outlets open in the evening   Centres that are alive 5 to 8pm to serve office workers,
                                                   Promotions/events to attract & retain shoppers              pre-theatre or pre-dining shoppers, tourists etc.
hours that help to keep the centre alive 5-
5. Public Buildings. Creative and                  Late opening libraries, museums, public markets, sports     Creative use of public assets in support of town centres
                                                   and leisure centres and art galleries                       after hours
imaginative use of public/civic buildings in the
                                                   Events that attract the public after hours                  Public buildings and attractions open when people are
evening and at night                                                                                           able to use them.

6. Arts and Culture. A vibrant, inclusive arts     A lively theatrical tradition: amateur or professional      Opportunity for indigenous culture to flourish in centres
and cultural scene.                                Commercial and/or arts cinema performances                  After hours attractions to support tourists and visitors
                                                   Live music, festivals and entertainment in e.g. churches,   Events that are accessible to all, including families.
                                                   public buildings, pubs
                                                   Inclusive public events e.g. Light Nights
                                    A Stimulating Destination and a Vital Place

Purple Flag Aspiration. Successful hospitality areas are alive during the day, as well as in the evening and night. They contain a blend of
overlapping activities that encourage people to mingle and attractive places where spending and being are in balance. They respect and
reinforce the character and identity of the area - its buildings, structures and features. They demonstrate flair and imagination in all aspects of
design for the night.
Minimum Threshold. A diversity of land uses. A convenient and attractive destination at night.

         Purple Flag Attributes                                Potential Evidence                                Potential Outcomes Sought

1. Location. Appropriate location, clustering      Good location of attractions with respect to points     Avoidance of an over-domination of single venue
and capacity of venue types.                       of arrival and the needs of other land uses,            types e.g. “vertical drinking establishments”
                                                   including residential.                                  Locations and density/capacity of venues that do
                                                   An appropriate density and dispersal of venues.         not detract from the value of other land uses.

2. Diversity. A successful balance of uses         A mix of activities that complement each other          Evening/night time destinations that are alive
and brands                                         24/7                                                    during the daytime also
                                                   A diversity of brands in new and older                  A mix of activities that underpins the vitality of the
                                                   development that adds to the quality of place.          centre long term

3. Clarity. Well-designed links and visible        Attractive pedestrian routes that connect the key       Centres that are functional, easy to navigate and
signs.                                             attractions, transport hubs etc.                        appealing after hours.
                                                   Illuminated taxi, private hire, bus signs/ timetables
                                                   Visible signs, way-marking and interpretation

4. Animation. Attractive, well-used public         Public places and spaces designed for the night         Avoidance of “no go areas” at night
places, active streets and building frontages      Well-designed and located al fresco dining/cafes        Passive surveillance of public realm
                                                   Active evening uses adjoining key spaces and            Appealing places for informal and semi-formal
                                                   streets                                                 dining.

5. Design. Thoughtful and imaginative design       Mixed use developments that work at night               Developments that protect residential amenity and
for the night.                                     Creative use of e.g. light, art and sculpture to        other uses from noise and nuisance.
                                                   enhance the public realm at night.                      Centres that exploit the potential for visual delight

6. Identity. The appropriate use of natural        Landmarks and other features that are floodlit.         Centres that are “owned” and enjoyed by local
and built features to reinforce appeal.            Waterfronts, parks and gardens open at night            people after hours
                                                   Heritage features open after hours/night time           Destinations that are distinctive.
                                                   guided tours etc.
                                       The Policy Envelope
                                      A Clear Aim and a Common Purpose

Purple Flag Aspiration. After-hours policy crosses many professional, budgetary and sectoral boundaries. The challenge is to bring
clarity and focus to a complicated field. A clear strategy is needed based on sound research, integrated public policy and a successful
multi-sector partnership.

Minimum Threshold. A momentum of collaboration between sectors, agencies, service providers and policy-makers.

       Purple Flag Attributes                              Potential Evidence                            Potential Outcomes Sought
1. Data. A sound statistical base for policy-   Incidence, trends and location of crime & ASB        Focused intervention based on good data
making and action.                              Hospital admissions, alcohol abuse                   Policy-making that is informed by relevant
                                                Market analysis, on street surveys etc.              research
                                                Results of overnight performance appraisals          An understanding of market opportunity

2. Strategy. Positive strategic objectives      Crime, health and safety, including CDRP/CSA,        A commitment by all parties to raising the
and targets                                     Local Alcohol Strategy etc.                          standard and broadening the appeal
                                                Economic development and business growth             A policy that can adjust smoothly to changing
                                                Market penetration and diversity                     circumstances on the ground.
                                                Lifecycle place management
                                                Customer care standards

3. Coordination. Public policy                  Ownership by appropriate committees                  Appropriate policy-making at senior level
coordination & focus                            Integration of key public sector policies: health,   Added value through collaboration, avoidance
                                                economic development, transport, planning,           of policies cancelling each other out.
                                                licensing etc.

4. Leadership. Clear responsibilities for       Committed political leadership                       “Champions” committed to a vision for the
policy and action                               Senior officer and private sector leadership         centre after hours and its realisation.
                                                Individuals with formal coordinating roles

5. Partnership. Multi-sector endorsement        Licensee endorsement and engagement                  A collaborative advantage through partnership
and commitment                                  Business support, including daytime uses             A rounded understanding of the topic resulting
                                                Partnership vehicle(s) to bring interests            from multi sector input

6. Community. A dialogue with                   A track record of successful engagement with         A mature dialogue with stakeholder groups,
consumers and residents.                        host community, consumers and potential              including those who would go out more if things
                                                consumers, inc. universities, residents etc          were better.
                Appraisal Matrix

1. Wellbeing

2. Movement

3. Appeal
4. Place
5. Policy envelope
              Entry System

•   A partnership
•   1. Purple Flag Area Map
•   2. Purple Flag Snapshot
•   Overnight appraisal
•   3. Self Assessment Form
•   4. Entry Form and Fee
        Operating System:1
• First sift by ATCM

• Appoint Assessors:
  – Desk review of entry documents
  – Overnight assessment
  – Post assessment fact check
  – Assessors report and recommendations
        Operating System: 2
• Accreditation Panel
  – National overview & consistency
  – Licensing, trade, police, TCM
• Decisions
  – A Purple Flag
  – Defer decision
  – Not ready, but advice & support
• Accreditation Ceremony
Building a Successful Entry

Graham McNally and David Fereday
Entering Purple Flag
       Six Steps to Success

1. Organise for Purple Flag
2. Define the area & draw the Purple Flag
3. Prepare the Purple Flag Snapshot
4. Undertake the Overnight Assessment
5. Self Assessment Chart
6. Entry Form & Fee
      1.Organise for Purple Flag
• Senior policy commitment
• A Purple Flag Coordinator
• Purple Flag Working Group
  –   Public protection
  –   Hospitality
  –   Development
  –   Users, potential users and residents

• Our roles, our area, our vision, our work
2.Define Area & Draw Map
   3.Prepare the PF Snapshot
• Agree on evidence needed                 WELLBEING
                                 COMMENTARY            FACT FILE

• Collect available data     Minimum Requirement

• Prepare in draft
                             Current Standard

• Present the story

                             Recent Progress

                             Future Commitment
        4.Undertake an Overnight

• Venues and management
• Policing and security
• Public realm and operation
• Transport and management
• Four time bands:
      5-8pm Early Evening
      8-11pm Late Evening
      11pm-2am Night
      2-5am Late Night
5.The Self Assessment Chart

    Core Agenda and Attributes                                                                   Evidence

    WELLBEING. (Welcoming, Clean and Safe)

    A prerequisite for successful destinations is that they should be    Threshold Standard. Per capita crime and anti social
    safe and welcoming. Some services may need to be up-rated            behaviour rates that are at least average and show an
    and extended to cope with specific needs late at night and after     improving trend – taking both residents and visitors into
    dark. All sectors have a part to play in delivering high standards   account.
    of customer care

1   Safety. Visible, effective policing and active surveillance

2   Care. Responsible guardianship, customer care and concern for
    community health

3   Regulation. Positive and proactive licensing and regulation

4   Services. Appropriate levels of public utilities

5   Partnership. The active involvement of business in driving up

6   Perceptions. A valid and positive presentation of the area to
6.Entry Form and Fee
• Valid for two years
• “Light touch” assessment in Year Two
• Spot checks and trouble shooting
     Population    Entry Fee    Interim Year
      of urban     (plus VAT)       Fee
        area                     (plus VAT)

    Under 50,000    £1,500         £500
    50,000-         £2,250         £750
    Over 200,000    £3,000        £1,000
 Assessing for Purple Flag

Orin Miller and Francesca Campagnoli
    The Role of the Assessor
• To assess the performance of centres at

• To make value judgements about centres,
  with own personal and professional
  knowledge of quality, excellence and good

• Experts from across the industry
           Assessor Tasks

• Desk Review of Entry Documents
• Overnight Appraisal
• Post Appraisal Fact Check
• Assessors’ Report and Recommendation
     What are we looking for?
• Minimum Thresholds to be achieved
• Track record of positive change
• Strong commitment to continuing
• Standards that are appropriate to the
  centre, its size and role
• Innovation & good practice.
Meeting the Standards
Appraisal Matrix

                   • Purple: Excellent/Outstanding
                   • Dark Green: Above Standard
                   • Light Green: Standard Met
                   • Light Red: Below Standard
                   • Dark Red: Significantly Below
      Review of Documents

• Entry Form
• Purple Flag Boundary Map
• Snapshot Report
• Self-Assessment Chart
        Overnight Appraisal

• Reality on the ground

• Different Approaches

• Time Zones

• Post Appraisal Fact Check
          Assessors Report

• Approval, deferral, rejection

• Fact check

• Recommendations
            Orin Miller,
       Purple Flag Assessor
      Principal Regeneration Officer
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

      Francesca Campagnoli,
       Purple Flag Assessor
Development Officer, Clapham Park Homes
Purple flag logo
          Pathfinder Learning

       Pastors                    Movement
       Crime Reduction            Taxi marshals
       24 hr cleaning             Night Buses
       Medic Marshal              Student Buses
       Proactive Licensing

        Appeal                    Place
        Public buildings          Wayfinding
        Arts & Culture            Animation
        Extended Retail           Lighting

         BIDs, Proactive Commitment, Evening Economy Management Plans
Programme and Entry Windows
                           Programme 2009-2010
               Purple FlagPurple Flag Programme 2009-2010

     Pathfinder      Pathfinder                                     2010
      Round         Accreditation                               Accreditation
    Assessment       Ceremony                                    Ceremony

     Round One       Round One
    Entry Window    Assessment

                                     Round Two     Round Two
                                    Entry Window   Assessment

                                                                 Round Three

                                                   2010 Q3         Q4 2010
    2009 Q4         2010 Q1          2010 Q2

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