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									                               A CareGiver Network
                              “The link that connects all childcare professionals”
                                           MARCH/APRIL 2004
                                                   OUR MISSION

 A Caregiver Network is a nonprofit member organization founded for the purpose of offering support
  and training to all childcare professionals. Our membership is comprised of family home childcare
  providers, center owners/employees, nannies, parents and advocates. We believe that both a strong
     support foundation and continuing education lead to the development of Quality Child Care

                                     Our Presidents Message
Dear Friends:
I had the privileged opportunity of joining our State Representatives, Tonie Rutledge and Linda Killian, in
the attendance of our Colorado Association of Family Child Care Meeting, which was held on February 14th
in Arvada. What a positive, educating, and warm experience this was!

I was able to learn about new legislative bills that are coming up that will have a direct affect on all of us in
childcare. One of these bills, if passed, will require ALL child care providers, not just licensed providers, to
comply with the fingerprint-based criminal history records check if the children whose care is funded in
whole or in part with child care assistance program money’s. At this meeting I learned just how important I
am, as an individual, in helping to get important matters passed through legislation. I’d like to challenge
you to do the same. Call me to talk about what YOU can do for yourself, your community and your fellow
caregivers. Lets stand up, TOGETHER, to make the future of our children, our business and our friends a
more productive and positive one.

Your State Association, CAFCC, is there to ensure the growth of your childcare profession. I encourage
you to join CAFCC. Your membership will help to keep the association growing strong and will give you an
opportunity to be heard. You have a say in how childcare should be done and what laws should be allowed
to dictate how you run your business. CAFCC membership gives you a legislative voice! YOU, as a
childcare professional, help to shape tomorrow’s future. It’s time that we stand up TOGETHER to be heard
and to make a difference in the future of our children.
It was great seeing some of you at the All About Kids Expo that was held on February 21st and 22nd at the
Colorado Convention Center. A CareGiver Network was at booth #160. We shared the booth with Jefferson
County Association and Douglas County Association. We were able to meet lots of children and their
families. All three of the association’s volunteers helped to educate the parents on just how important
quality licensed family home childcare can be to the success and happiness of a child. It was a lot of fun and
very rewarding working with everyone and meeting a lot of new families.
Don’t forget that the WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD is April 18th through the 24th. You will be called, or
emailed, with information about a terrific fun-filled day at the park that we are planning to have for you and
your families some time during that week. It’s going to be GREAT! Sure hope to see you there. You will
need to call me at 720-216-1861 to make your reservation.

                                                 Table of Contents

   Advertising                               6            Helpful Websites                          4
   Articles                                               Kid’s Quotes                              2
        Disney’s Kid’s EXPO                 2            Preschool Planning Club                   5
        Lowering Stress                     5            President’s Message                       1
        Tax Update                          6-8          Quotes 4 Thought                          2
        Website Stats                       8            Referral Report                           2
        Week of the Young Child             4            Storytime Sessions                        5
   CAFCC State Rep Report                    2            Telephone page                            3
   Calendar                                  9            Training                                  5-6

                Referral Report                                       Disney Kid’s Expo 2004
                   by Maria Conrad                                              By Dawn Rhods

January referral numbers:                                    A Caregiver Network shared a booth at the expo along
                                                             with Douglas and Jefferson County associations. We
80011    6                                                   had several people drop by
80012    2                                                   the booth and pick up our
80013    4                                                   material. Several people
80015    7                                                   helped out on Saturday with
80017    3                                                   the booth, but Carol Johnson
80016    3                                                   put the most work in on this
80122    1                                                   project and covered all day
80123    2                                                   on Sunday. We received
80134    2                                                   several leads of parents who
                                                             are currently looking for
33 call requests                                             childcare that the associations will be contacting.
46 email requests                                                                               We are in need of a
79 total requests                                                                               Publicity Chairperson
30 referrals given out, rest went to other counties or                                          who can work with the
referral agencies                                                                               Board of Directors in
                                                                                                getting the word out
                                                                                                about our association
                                                                                                and raise call volume
               CAFCC State Rep News                                                             to our referral line.

                                                             If you would be interested in helping us with projects
          Nothing else to report besides what’s in           such as this one to publicize our association, please
                 the President’s Message.                    contact any board of director.

                                                                               Kid’s Quotes
             Quotes for Thought
                                                             You can’t unspill a spilled glass of milk.
"When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by
asking if there is anything you can do. Think up             When it’s your shovel, you’re in charge of the
something appropriate and do it." - E. W. Howe               sand castle.
Source: Exchange Every Day                                   Source: Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me
                                                A CareGiver Network
                                                    Contact Page
                                                Telephone, Email, Etc.

Executive Board Members                                           Food Programs:
President, Carol J.                            720-216-1861       A Child’s Choice                          303-693-4467
 inlucktoday@yahoo.com fax                     720-216-1862       Child Care Sponsors                       303-745-1358
Vice President, Mary I.                        303-699-2681       Kid’s Nutrition                           303-987-4852
CAFCC State Representative                                        Wildwood                                  303-730-0460
               Linda K..                       303-680-5711
              Tonie R.                         303-766-8811       CPR & First Aid:
Membership, Jay S.                             303-690-8267       ACGN Fundraiser                           303-216-1861
Newsletter Editor, Dawn R.                     303-690-7684
 drhods@comcast.net                                               County Referrals:
Referral Coord. Maria C.                       303-690-5836       A CareGiver Network                       720-870-1161
mariaconrad@comcast.net                                           Adams                                     303-451-1061
Secretary, Sandy C.                            303-690-6333       ACFCCA                                    303-246-5146
Spanish Referrals, Alma D.                     303-344-9596       Boulder                                   303-494-0404
Treasurer, Karen G.                            303-368-8945       Broomfield                                303-460-9490
                                                                  Denver                                    303-750-1062
Committee Positions:                                              North Denver                              303-371-7650
CPR/First Aid, Carol                           720-216-1861       Douglas/Elbert                            303-841-7718
Fieldtrips/Special Events, Mary                303-699-2681       Jefferson                                 303-968-8772
Librarian, Carol                               720-216-1861       Longmont                                  303-651-1539
Medication Course, Maria                       303-690-5836       Lafayette                                 303-828-4617
Phone Tree, Angie                              303-306-7151
Universal Precautions, Dawn                    303-690-7684       Resource Agencies:
                                                                  Corra, www.corra.org                      303-290-9088
Human Services, Division of Child Care:                           Metro Denver R&R                          303-969-9666
Main Number                  303-866-5958                         Families First                            303-745-0327
Oxana Golden                 303-866-5943                           Family Support Line:                    303-695-7996
Dana Andrews                 303-866-5946                         Family Resources                          303-969-9500
Susan Conley                 303-866-5941                         Care Connection                           303-604-0030
Arapahoe County Main #       303-636-1100                         Colorado Childcare Assoc.                 303-860-7174
Arapahoe County Crisis #     303-636-1750                         CAFCC                                     303-450-7297
                                                                  CAEYC, www.coloradoaeyc.org/              303-791-2772
Licensing Specialists: Front Range
Main Number                   303-404-5092                        Education:                www.caregivernetwork.org
                                                                  Pre-licensing, Universal Precautions and Continuing Education
Message Line                  303-404-5597
                                                                            Dawn Rhods             303-690-7684
Supervisor, Rosemarie Allen   303-404-5304
                                                                  Hurried Provider Training Solutions
Caseworkers: Front Range                                                     Mary Ingleby          303-699-2681
Trisha Swinton        303-404-5597 x3595                          Medication Course, Maria         303-690-5836
80010, 11, 12, 13, 14, 80111 & 80222
Kathi Wagoner                          303-404-5092 x3151         Miscellaneous
80015, 17, 18, 80110 112, 120, 121, 122, 123                      Colorado Department of Health
Denver Child Care Licensing:                                         Immunization cards         303-692-2650
Main Number                  303-285-4075                         CCA, ECE Resource Center      303-340-7053
                                                                 group of kids and adults together to decorate dolls or
      Week of the Young Child                                    volunteering to distribute them with CCC on April 21,
                                                                 2004, Colorado Children’s Campaign appreciates
April 18th through the 24th.                                     anything you can do to make this year’s Doll Day a huge
ACGN is planning on having a fun filled day at the
park sometime during that week. We are hoping to                 Some Doll Day things to remember are: the dolls are 2
have a magician and/or an animal balloon makin’                  feet tall and crafted from cardboard (call Carol at 720-
                           person, face painting,                216-1861 to let her know how many you will need); the
                           inflatable ride and so                dolls are decorated at varying skill levels (in other words
                           much more! We will be                 ANY ONE AT ANY AGE can help with this worthy
                           emailing     and     calling          project); you can decorate as many dolls as you like.
                           everyone as soon as we                Remember the goal is 10,000 Dolls; each doll should
                           have a confirmed date                 include a story-as short or as long as you like. The story
                                                                 should be attached to the doll or
                           and location. Don’t forget
                                                                 written on the doll. The story
                           to plan some extra                    should be about an event in a
special activities for your children during that week            child’s    life…something     good,
in celebration of our wonderful children!                        tragic, emotional, life changing-
                                                                 something close to heart. (For
April 2 - Easter Bunny                                           example: My best friend Susie is
I have the Easter Bunny reserved for Friday, April 2nd           really sick. She doesn’t come to school that much
between 9-10:30am. Cost is $5.00 per child that wants            anymore. Amy, age 6); the dolls returned to the CCC
                             to receive a goodie bag. It         are used at the state capitol! The dolls are also
                             will be at the Franciscan           displayed throughout the year in CCC’s office, press
                             Event     Center, 6553     S.       events and at CCC fundraisers; return 2 decorated dolls
                             Revere Parkway Centennial.          from your home childcare to the Colorado Children’s
                             Directions   are:        take       Campaign 1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 125 Denver, CO
                             Arapahoe Road to Revere             80203 by April 12, 200 OR get them to Carol Johnson by
                             Parkway which is east of            April 11th. You can call her at 720-216-1861 to make
                             Peoria. Go north and take           the arrangements.
the 2nd left turn into the parking lot. The Franciscan
center is on your left. For Reservations call Mary Ingleby       I’d like to see each and every one of the members of A
303-699-2681. Bring your own camera. There are                   CareGiver Network to participate in this worthwhile
snacks provided in the cost. I highly recommend you              cause. Please call me as soon as you can to let me
bring your own baskets, bags, and sippy cups.                    know that you be participating in this activity. I will
                                                                 have some cardboard dolls at the next general meeting
April 16 - Storytime                                             on March 18th . Call 720-216-1861 TODAY to reserve
Smoky Hill Library at 5430 S. Biscay Circle, Centennial          your dolls.
from 10:00-10:30 a.m. R.S.V.P. 303-690-7684.
                                                                 Thank you for your support. Carol Johnson
April 21 - DOLL DAY 2004.
Every year, the Colorado Children’s Campaign works to
ensure that community and government leaders
throughout Colorado hear the voice of children. The
Colorado Children’s Campaign advocates for child-
friendly policies that have the greatest impact on some
of the most disadvantaged kids throughout the state.
The annual Doll Project, where thousands of
handcrafted cardboard dolls are given to lawmakers and
other opinion leaders from across the state on one day
                                                                               Helpful Websites
during the legislative session, has become a well-known                  http://www.mrsalphabet.com/alphabet.html
tradition in the state. From city council members and                        http://www.teachersandfamilies.com
school board members to the Governor, the cardboard                       http://www.schoolexpress.com/index.php
cutout dolls serve as invaluable reminder of the                     http://www.gaeonline.com/products_services.htm
importance of investing in children!                                   http://www.tryscience.org/parents/parent.html
                                                        th        http://www.horizon-research.com/insidetheclassroom/
As the Children’s Campaign approaches its 20                     http://www.huggiesbabytimes.com/2003Vol2/parentstages.asp
Anniversary, they have set a goal of distributing 10,000                 http://www.safetyalerts.com/header.html
dolls, and they need your help! Whether it’s getting a
  Lower Your Stress In 5 Minutes                                       Storytime Sessions

Tips to reduce tension, raise concentration and           Join us each month for story time. We’ll be
refresh your mind. Take 5 minutes to:                     meeting at the Smoky Hill Library at 5430 S. Biscay
                                                          Circle, Centennial from 10:00-10:30 a.m.
Move - Walk around the room, block or up/down                      March 19
the stairs. Do jumping jacks.                                      April 16
                                                                   May 21
Stretches while seated – Alternate bringing each
                                                          Space limited. Must R.S.V.P. to Dawn Rhods at
knee up to your chest. Stretch your arms above
your head, palms up and fingers interlaced. Raise         303-690-7684.
your right shoulder to your right ear, keeping your
head vertical. Repeat with your left shoulder.            Preschool Planning Club
Take 10 long, deep breaths. Your belly should             Join us each month at Dawn’s home, 5543 S.
expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.          Himalaya Way, Centennial, from 7 – 8 p.m.
Massage your eyes and ears with your palms                              March 24
applying gentle pressure.                                               April 28
                                                          Come to one of our meetings and we’ll select
Try aromatherapy. Put a drop of citrus essential          curriculum topics for the upcoming month. We
oil in a saucer. This gentle scent will relax you.        have received donations of over 5 boxes of
                                                          curriculum. Obtain 1 hour continuing education
Source: BottomLine Personal, October 15, 2003             training in the area of Early Childhood Education.
                                                          For more information or to R.S.V.P., call Dawn at

                       ACGN Workshops & Networking Meetings
Community College of Aurora,
9235 E. 10th Dr., Bldg 859, Conference Room
                                                           MARCH 18, 2004 7:00pm – TOPIC:
                                                          Buckle Up; are you doing it right? presented by
                                                          Camie Wewer. Camie has experience as an
                                                          EMT, is a board member of DRIVE SMART
                                                          Evergreen/Conifer, and is a technician for the
                                                          National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
                                                          (NHTSA). Camie ran a program called Buckle
                                                          Bear for 3 years. The Buckle Bear program
                                                          promotes seat belts, sitting in the back seat, and
                                                          being a good passenger. Ms Wewer will help
                                                          to educate us on how to keep our children safe
                                                          in the car. She offered this same type of
                                                          workshop for the Jefferson County Association
   MARCH 18, 2004 7:00p to 7:15p – ACGN                  and got great revues on her
   General Membership Meeting. A terrific car             presentation. 1.25 Credit Hour
   seat safety workshop will follow. Location:            in Health and Safety.
   Community College of Aurora, 9235 E. 10th
   Drive, Bldg 859, Conference Room.                  
APRIL 15, 2004 7:00pm to 7:15pm - ACGN
General Membership Meeting. A terrific                      REMEMBER:
infant toddler workshop will follow. Location:      MOST LOCATIONS, MAPS AND TIMES OF
Community College of Aurora, 9235 E. 10th           A CAREGIVER NETWORK WORKSHOPS
Drive, Bldg 859, Conference Room.                               AND MEETINGS
                                                              CAN BE FOUND AT
APRIL 15, 2004 7:00pm - TOPIC:                       www.caregivernetwork.org/workshops.htm
Encouraging Food Choices for Infants and
        Toddlers presented by Wendy Mankie,
        Registered Dietician from Wildwood.                        Tax Updates
        Sometimes it is very difficult to know
                                                                   By Dawn Rhods
        what and how much to feed the “little
        ones”. Wendy is going to help us with
                                                    Car expense changes:
some menu ideas, simple ways to makes meals,
                                                            Claim business trip where primary
how to handle a picky eater, when to start table
                                                    purpose is. If 51& or more is business, then you
food and much more. This is going to be a
                                                    can write it off. Personal stops along way is 37
terrific class with lots of fun.      Location:
                                                    ½ cents per mile. With the standard method you
Community College of Aurora, 9235 E. 10th
                                                    may write off parking, car loan interest, plus 36
Drive, Bldg 859, Conference Room. 1.0 Credit
                                                    cents a mile. You can claim14 cents a mile for
Hour in Nutrition.
                                                    charity work. Begin with standard the first year.
                                                            Putting a sign on your car is legal, but
                                                    your car insurance will not cover accidents
                                                    unless you have a commercial policy. Don’t
                                                    charge extra money for transportation to your
POTENTIAL TRAININGS IN THE                          clients. If you don’t have commercial insurance
UPCOMING MONTHS.                                    - ask if you are covered for daycare use and ask
Watch for more details in future newsletters.       the agent to put it in writing. Depreciate your
                                                    vehicle over 5 years. An exception would be if
MAY: Tour of Homes                                  you use the vehicle more than 50% and your
JUNE: Summer Safety                                 vehicle weighs more than 6000 tons, then you
JULY: No ACGN training                              can claim 5 years of use all in the first year. If
AUGUST: How to Market YOUR Childcare                you sell the car or go out of business--or use less
SEPTEMBER: Organization: What’s that?               than 50%, you have to pay it back.
OCTOBER: Holiday Snacks and Crafts                          Actual method is figured by percentage
NOVEMBER: Don’t know yet.                           whether it be 20, 40, 60 percent. Have one or
DECEMBER: No ACGN training.                         more of the following: record of trip, odometer
                                                    readings, log book, calendar note, receipt,
                                                    checks, photo, credit card receipt, training
                                                    certificate, or a fieldtrip form. Example: 30
                                                    miles roundtrip, June 1 for training at the
                                                    country club. Leasing = higher transportation
                                                    cost versus buying.
                                                            1040-es is a quarterly tax form
                                                            You can give your clients a w-10 if you
                                                    wish, but you should get their signature on copy
                                                    for you to keep.
                                                            If you have clients who use a cafeteria
                                                    plan, ask the parent how much they set aside. If
it's more, ask them to give it to you at the end of         Everything around home is likely partially
the year and make it as a payment for                       deductible. Used items brought you’re your
December's child care. If they don’t use it, they           daycare are figured at current value when
lose it.                                                    you received it. In figuring your time/use
         Save your records for 3 years or 3 years           percentage, include the following; preparing
after depreciation ends.                                    breakfast, interviewing, etc. The national
         Use form 1040x to amend a return.                  average is 14 hours a week when children not
Tips: Have a place to put your receipts.                    in care. Mark everything on the calendar for
         Organize into categories – not months              at least 2 months to find an average amount
         Put supplies and toys on one receipt into          of time used in addition to the care of
         the dominant category                              children. The average is a 35 – 45% time use
         Copy faded receipts/scan into computer.            percentage. Count the hours your spouse or
General expenses:                                           child is cleaning. Association activities in
“basics of recordkeeping”                                   your home when kids aren't there count.
             1 Is it deductible?                            Training/homework hours for college
             2 If so, how much?                             coursework done in your home (except if
             3 When can I deduct it?                        you are working toward a degree) count.
1 If it's ordinary and necessary for your                   You cannot use rooms not normally used for
    business, i.e. for an attractive front yard,            daycare such as your gunroom or teeenager's
    paint, rake, garbage bags, shovel, paving,              locked room. There is a special rule for
    living room -pictures, rugs, window air                 family child care for any room exclusively
    conditioner, hammer, nails, screwdriver,                business. You cannot use the room even
    cleaning and maintaining of home,                       once a year for personal use. You calculate
    exterminator, service contract on appliances,           time/use differently. You can use the actual
    clock, bedding, towels, rugs in bedroom,                usage percentage – 80% of paper plates, but
    bedding, security system, hoa fee, utilities,           must keep records and tracking usage for a
    garbage, cable tv, son for shoveling up to              couple of months. You must track each year
    $600 a year. Take pictures of things you                that you are deducting it with depreciation..
    don't have a receipt for with where you                 Save receipts for everything associated with
    bought it and how much. For garage sales,               your house. Track all the meals you serve,
    have a salesbook or paper to sign or make               including personal. Track all your hours
    your own note. For things you owned                     worked.
    before starting businees, take pictures, take         2 If something costs less than $100, you write
    inventory, and determine what it was worth              it off the same year. If it’s more than $100, it
    at the time you started your business. Use              must be depreciated. Depreciate your house
    Tax Form #4562 with either time & use                   over      39    years.     Depreciate     home
    percentage or 100% depending on category.               improvements, land improvement, vinyl
    Keep the inventory list and pictures in a               floors, furniture,      appliances, computer
    security deposit box.                                   equipment, fax, and copier, If an item
1 Items not deductible include clothing, steak              doesn't last as long as depreciated for, you
    knives, daycare shirt with logo not worn                can claim remainder of years all in one year.
    outside the house (it is deductible as                  Make home improvements before you quit
    advertising if worn outside the home). The              business (example: change the playroom to a
    item must be yours. If you're married,                  family room) and replace the carpet. Any
    everything is yours. If it's 100% business,             home improvement done prior to starting
    deduct 100% based on how you use the item               daycare is included. Use Form 3115 – to
    (example, a couch), not what you intended to            depreciate home, home improvements, and
    use it for. Your child's toy shared with                any furniture missed on prior tax returns.
    daycare children is partially deductible.               You must still be in business and own item.
   You can go back 30 years. Figure the cost                    health insurance or your spouse doesn't have
   of item at time you started using it for your                insurance offered, you can hire your husband
   business. Exception: if something is used                    to do work for your business. Pay him and
   more than 50% for business, you can write it                 treat him as an employee, take out taxes and
   all off in one year.--Rule: section 179, form                social     security,    unemployment     tax,
   4562 Part I. Sale of home: Must have lived                   workman's compensation – offer medical
   in and owned home 2 out of the last 5 years                  benefit to the employee, deductibles,
   to avoid penalties and loss of previously                    premiums, eyeglasses & deduct 100% as a
   taken depreciation. You will owe taxes on                    business expense. Must have a company set
   what you paid for depreciation whether you                   it up for you for about $200. If you rent, yu
   claimed it or not.       Refinancing changes                 can claim T/S % of your rent. The IRS
   interest depreciation but does not affect                    doesn't recognize commonlaw marriages as
   deduction. After May 5th 2003 if you bought                  married.
   something new--instead of depreciating all
   of it, you can take 50% of it right away and                 If you are hiring someone on a regular basis,
   depreciate the remainder.            Example:             get employee things setup. Liability for not
   swingset of $1000 x 40% T/S, = $400 x 50%                 having worker's compensation & could pay
   =$200 = $229 where otherwise it was $29.                  100% of their medical bills. Daycare children
   (use form 4562 line 14.) Prior to May 5th it              who go to another providers home who is paid
   would be 30% immediate write off. This is                 by that child's parent, alleviates liability of the
   set to expire the end of 2004. It is too late if          primary caregiver.
   not claimed on last taxes submitted. Each                         You cannot discriminate for any reasons.
   state decided whether to accept this on their                     Websites with further information:
   state taxes. The IRS wrote an audit guide for             rni@redleafinstitute
   family child care providers publication which             www.rcclearningcenter.org
   is available on their website. Tax software is
            okay, if you know what you're                    Source: Taking Care of Business Conference notes with
              doing—if not-- it's not. Birthday,             Tom Copeland, Tax Attorney
              client gifts have a maximum of
               $25 per person per year.
              3        If you're not eligible for

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67% of people log directly into our page as opposed to being referred.
Most of our referrals come from google, yahoo, and msn and aol.

Please note: If you have a website for your childcare and are a member of ACGN, you can link it to our site at no
charge. Call Dawn at 303-690-7684 for more information.
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                        The Hurried Provider                                                                  Did your email address change?
                           Training Series                                                                       Are you planning to move?
                                                                                                                Don’t forget to call Jay at
                         Saturday March 6, 2004                                                                303-690-8267 with your new
                                                                                                                address and phone number.
                                    6 Hours Credit

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