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									    2001-Nov-09                                 Storage Network Management

Storage Network Management

                                  UserVisibility modules (for the enterprise):
                                  - Client View (monitors customers to identify
                                  problems and what to fix)
                                  - Internet Path View (monitors usage and actual
Adlex Inc.                        performance to improve costs and performance)
420 Lakeside Avenue               - Page View (view end-to-end user experience
P.O. Box 20                       to optimize costs, identify problems and switch
Marlborough, MA 01752             affected users to alternate infrastructure routes)
                                  - Data Center View (baseline the normal
                                  operating ranges based upon actual load and
                                  identify abnormalities in real-time or by trends)

                                  Service Provider Solutions:
                                  - NetworkDelta Access (real-time performance
                                  metrics for DSL and dial-up modems)
                                  - Traffic Tracker (a view into the off net cloud,
                                  by Autonomous System, on a traffic usage,
                                  performance, server and protocol basis)
                                  - UserVisibility (optimize costs & service levels)

                                  SPECTRUM Product Line:
                                  Enterprise Manager
                                  Branch Office Manager 50/100/250
                                  Site Manager
Aprisma Management Technologies   NOC Manager
121 Technology Drive              Data Center Manager 50/100/250
Durham, NH 03824                  Broadband Cable Manager
                                  Enterprise Configuration
 XP CD-RW Properties              Frame Relay Manager
 IDE/ATAPI Monitor
 CD/DVD Capabilities              ATM Circuit Manager
 Filter Driver Order              Security Manager
 GUID Explorer                    Application Manager
                                  Web Operator Suite (Web Alarm Manager,
                                  Alarm Ticker, Model Search, Model Browser,
                                  Event and
                                  Alarm Reports, and Custom Collections)
                                  Alarm Notification Manager
                                  BMC PATROL Integration for SPECTRUM
                                  Metrix WinWatch for SPECTRUM

    2001-Nov-09                                 Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                              Storage Network Management

Bidali Software
807 Douglas Blvd., Suite 130
Roseville, CA 95678            BusTrace 2002 Professional (software bus analyzer
                               to capture and analyze SCSI I/O on Windows)

                               Also offers several free Windows utilities:
                               - XP CD-RW Properties
                               - IDE/ATAPI Monitor
                               - CD/DVD Capabilities
                               - Filter Driver Order
                               - GUID Explorer

BMC Software, Inc.
2101 City West Blvd.
Houston, TX 77042-2827

                               PATROL Storage Network Manager

                               PATROL for Storage Devices (device-specific
                               instrumentation “knowledge modules”)

                               PATROL Dashboard (network performance

                               INCONTROL (manage security on 25 platforms)
                               CONTROL-SA (access controls)

                               Performance and availability products:

                               OMEGAMON II, OMEGAVIEW, AF/OPERATOR,
                               OMEGAMON XE / XE for WebSphere, DE,
Candle Corporation, Inc.       Intelliwatch LotusNotes Management, MQSeries,
201 N. Nouglas St.             and CandleNet ETEWatch.
El Segundo, CA 90245

    2001-Nov-09                              Storage Network Management
   2001-Nov-09                        Storage Network Management

                          CiscoWorks2000 Product Line:

                          CiscoWorks VOIP Health Monitor
                          VPN Monitor
                          IDS Host Sensor
                          Secure Policy Manager
Cisco Systems, Inc.       CiscoView
170 West Tasman Dr.       Resource Manager Essentials
San Jose, CA 95134-1619   nGenius Real Time Monitor
                          Campus Manager
                          Device Fault Manager
                          Content Flow Monitor
                          Access Control List Manager
                          Internetwork Performance Monitor
                          Service Level Manager
                          Traffic Director
                          QoS Policy Manager
                          Catalyst 6000 Network Analysis Module
                          User Registration Tool
                          Voice Manager
                          Access Point Name Manager

   2001-Nov-09                        Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                              Storage Network Management

                                              Enterprise Management:

Computer Associates International, Inc.
One Computer Associates Plaza
Islandia, NY 11749
                                              Storage Management:

               SAN Integrated Technology
               Initiative for open SAN Mgt

                                              Security Solutions:

                                              Portal and Business Intelligence:

                                              Modeling and Life-Cycle Mgmt:

                                              DB & Application Development:

                                              Object DB and Object Tools:

    2001-Nov-09                              Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                                 Storage Network Management

Compaq Computer Corporation
20555 SH 249
Houston, TX 77070-2698

                                   SANworks Network View

                                   SANworks Secure Path

                                   Also sells a suite of system and storage
                                   management products for Tru64 Unix.

                                   eHealth Suite
                                   (fault and performance software for
Concord Communications, Inc.
                                   management of applications, systems, and
600 Nickerson Road
Marlboro, MA 01752

                                   Enterprise Storage Network (ESN) Manager
                                   (GUI and CLI for volume access, zoning, and
                                   path management at the storage level)
EMC Corporation
171 South Street                   PowerPath (host-resident path load balancing
Hopkinton, MA 01748-9103           and failover)

                                   Volume Logix (Symmetrix Access Control)

                                   Access Logix (CLARiiON FC4x00 Access Control)

                                   Softek EnView
                                   Softek Server Monitor
                                   Softek Reporter
Fujitsu Softek
1250 East Arques Avenue, M/S 317
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

    2001-Nov-09                                 Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                          Storage Network Management

3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185

                           Network Node Manager (discovery,
                           visualization, event correlation, Java GUI)

                           Network Node Manager Multicast (topology and
                           status of a multicast environment)

                           Customer Views for NNM (adds views for sites,
                           devices, Internet links, key resources, and

                           Extensible SNMP Agent (manage applications,
                           printers, users, and databases)
                           Operations for Windows (CIM-based Microsoft
                           Management Console)

                           Service Assurance (CORBA-based integration)

                           PolicyXpert (IP Qos)

                           Reporter (web-based reports of agent data)

                           HP Procurve Network Management for OV-NT
                           (integrates with NNM on Windows to manage
                           Procurve products in multivendor environment;
                           provides device management, a traffic monitor,
                           schedulable software updates and group
                           management; for medium nets up to 5K nodes)

                           HP Toptools for Hubs and Switches
                           (free with HP managed hubs and switches; for
                           small networks – up to 2K nodes)

    2001-Nov-09                          Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                                   Storage Network Management

                                   Storage   Area Manager suite:
                                   Storage   Allocater (assign storage to hosts)
                                   Storage   Node Manager (view status and events)
                                   Storage   Builder (DAS/NAS/SAN planning tool)
                                   Storage   Optimizer (performance monitor/alerts)
                                   Storage   Accountant (storage metering/billing)

                                   Dynamic Link Manager (host multipathing)

                                   SANtinel (LUN access control and zoning)
Hitachi Data Systems Corporation
750 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95050-2627

Ipswitch, Inc.
81 Hartwell Avenue                 Discovery, Monitoring, Reporting, IP Diagnostics
Lexington, MA 02421

                                   WS_Ping ProPack network diagnostic tools

                                   IMAIL server (Windows mail server)

                                   Terminal Emulation

                                   FTP Client/Server and WS_FTP Pro Development Kit

    2001-Nov-09                                   Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                                       Storage Network Management

InterSAN, Inc.
100 Enterprise Way, Suite C3
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

                                         PATHLINE (Storage Area Management)

                                         Pricing for is based on the amount of SAN-
                                         attached storage, the number of switch ports,
                                         and the diversity of storage networking
                                         hardware in the managed environment.
                                         A cryptographic system using Abelian Varieties;
                                         May be partnered with Brocade.

                                         The most widely used encryption methods are
Karthika Technologies                    Data Encryption Standard, RSA and ECC, and
96 Spadina Avenue, Suite 403             Advanced Encryption Standard. Karthika is
Toronto, Ontario                         developing refinements of ECC as well as a
Canada, M5V 2J6                          cryptosystem based on Abelian Varieties (AVC)

380 Interlocken Crescent
Broomfield, CO 80021

Western Digital SANavigator (acquired)
2030 Fortune Drive, Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95131
                                         SANavigator with
                                         Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager (EFCM)
                                         The Netcool suite provides real-time fault
                                         management and service assurance solutions
                                         for telecommunications firms, broadband and
Micromuse Inc.                           wireless companies, Internet service providers,
139 Townsend St.                         and business-oriented enterprises worldwide.
San Francisco, CA 94107
                                         The Netcool/OMNIbus application collects fault
                                         and status data from a variety of network
                                         devices and management environments.

                                         Components include: OBJECTSERVER, PROBES,
                                         MONITORS, DESKTOPS, EVENTLISTS, EVENTLIST
                                         CONSOLE, OBJECTVIEW, FILTERBUILDER,
                                         VIEWBUILDER, and GATEWAYS.

    2001-Nov-09                                       Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                                           Storage Network Management

                                            Products for e-business management lifecycle:
                  (NetIQ and WebTrends
                   merged 3/30/2001)        - Test (Chariot, VoIP Assessor, App. Scanner)

NetIQ Corporation                           - Migrate (Domain Migration Administrator,
3553 N. First Street                        Exchange Migrator, Configuration Assessor,
San Jose, CA 95134                          NetWare Migrator, Server Consolidator)

                                            - Administer (Directory Security Administrator,
                                            Group Policy Administrator, Directory and
                                            Resource Administrator, File Security
                                            Administrator, Exchange Administrator)

                                            - Monitor (AppManager Suite, End2End
                                            Performance Monitor, XMP Solutions for MOM,
                                            AppAnalyzer for Exchange, VoIP Manager Suite)

                                            - Secure (Security Analyzer, Security Manager,
                                            WebTrends Firewall Solution)

                                            - Analyze (WebTrends CommerceTrends,
                                            WebTrends Reporting Center, WebTrends Live,
                                            WebTrends Analysis Suite, WebTrends Log

                                            (application suite providing interfaces for end-
                                            to-end storage area network management)
Netreon, Inc.
1130 Terra Bella Avenue                     DirectoryPlus NAS
Mountain View, CA 94043                     (software development kit for NAS
                                            manufacturer that allows adminstration using
(Peerless Systems Corporation subsidiary)   Active Directory or Novell Directory Services)

NTP Software
1750 Elm Street
Suite 110                                   System Sentinel   System Sentinel Status Monitor
Manchester, NH 03104-2906

                                            Domain Assistant
                                            Remote Access Service (RAS) Manager
                                            Internet Marketing Manager

    2001-Nov-09                                           Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                         Storage Network Management

OPNET Technologies, Inc.
7255 Woodmont Avenue       - SP Guru (configuration troubleshooting,
Bethesda, MD 20814         change validation, predictive planning, and
                           automated network design)
                           - IT Guru (diagnose performance problems,
                           validate configuration changes, plan for growth)
                           - WDM Guru (optimize optical networks through
                           efficient routing, grooming, and dimensioning)
                           - Modeler (network equipment and protocol
                           modeling and simulation)
                           - NetBiz (automate network design,
                           provisioning, proposals, and analysis)

    2001-Nov-09                         Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                       Storage Network Management

Packeteer, Inc.
10495 N. De Anza Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014      PolicyCenter (centralizes performance info and
                         propagates configuration changes)

                         ReportCenter (aggregates metrics and creates
                         organization-wide reports)

                         PacketWise (identify network applications,
                         measure and control performance, set and track
                         SLAs, enforce and report on network metrics)

                         PacketShaper (Internet/WAN bandwidth
                         provisioning and management for the enterprise
                         and ISPs using PacketWise technology)

                         AppVantage (Service-level mediation and
                         management, end-to-end QoS, and reporting
                         for ASPs using PacketWise technology)

                         AppCelera ICX (Internet content accelerator)

                         Network Manager (NM)
Prisa Networks           Performance Manager (PM)
6620 Mesa Ridge Road     Configuration Manager (CM)
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121      Prisa intends to support NAS, SAN, InfiniBand
                         and iSCSI systems that will co-exist within
                         eCommerce sites. Demonstrated an InfiniBand
                         extension of VisualSAN in October 2001.

    2001-Nov-09                       Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                             Storage Network Management

Ripple Technologies, Inc.
444 Oxford Valley Road
Langhorne, PA 19047         LogCaster            Citrix MetaFrame Edition

Storability, Incorporated
118 Turnpike Road
Southborough, MA 01772
                            AssuredStorage Navigator

                            (web portal providing a centralized view of
                            storage across multiple platforms and locations)

StorageNetworks, Inc.
225 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451-1209

                            STORos (storage operating system)
                            STORvision (command and control software)
                            Virtual Storage Portal (management software)
                            STOR API (allows access to VSP information
                            such as SAN and NAS allocated capacity and
                            status information, backup schedule, policy
                            parameters and historical data)
                            Storage ONE
                            (open architecture to automate storage service best
                            practices; consists of file systems that scale to 252 TB,
                            SRM solutions, and the StorEdge software suites).

                            StorEdge Availability Suite
Sun Microsystems Inc.       (point-in-time copy and remote mirroring)
901 San Antonio Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303         StorEdge Utilization Suite
                            (64-bit Solaris file system and volume manager
                            with integrated archive and restore)

                            StorEdge Performance Suite
                            (high performance shared file system service)

                            StorEdge Resource Management Suite
                            (includes Capacity Reporter, Database Reporter,
                            File Reporter, and Global Reporter)

    2001-Nov-09                             Storage Network Management
    2001-Nov-09                                     Storage Network Management

Terraspring, Inc.
48800 Milmont Drive
Fremont, CA 94538
                                      Software to automate the creation and
                                      management of logical server farms.

                                      Tivoli Storage Network Manager
                                      (discovers, monitors, and manages SAN
                                      components and allocates disk resources;
                                      integrates with NetView, Enterprise Console)
Tivoli Systems Inc.
9442 Capital of Texas Highway North   Tivoli NetView
Arboretum Plaza One                   (discovers and displays TCP/IP networks,
Austin, TX 78759                      correlates and manages events and SNMP traps,
                                      monitors network health and performance)

                                      Tivoli Enterprise Console
                                      (distributed network central point of control with
                                      event integration, correlation, and response)

                                      Cloudbreak software to ship mid-2002

                                      - combination of network management
25 Metro Drive                        (Alchemy), SRM, virtualization, and business
Suite 300                             continuance software
San Jose, CA 95110
                                      - $30,000 to $50,000 per TB of managed data

VERITAS Software Corporation
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View, CA 94043
                                      SANPoint Control
                                      (SAN management and storage provisioning
                                      option called Intelligent Provisioning Service)

                                      Manage Exec (health monitoring and alerting for
                                      Windows, Netware, MS Exchange, Backup Exec)

                                      NerveCenter (automated event filtering and
                                      corrective actions for Unix and Windows)

    2001-Nov-09                                     Storage Network Management
   2001-Nov-09                                Storage Network Management

Vixel Corporation
11911 North Creek Parkway South
Bothell, WA 98011
                                  SAN InSite (SAN management software)

   2001-Nov-09                                Storage Network Management

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