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                                                                                                        Community College

                             KCC Retirees Newsletter                                                         Volume 3, Issue 2
                                                                                                                  Fall, 2009

 First Scholarships Awarded by Retiree Group
                                                                                                      Inside this issue:

                                          basis, with the applica-                                    First Scholarship          1
                                          tion period coinciding
                                          with the start of the
                                          spring semester. Please                                     AARP Course                1
                                          keep this in mind and
                                          encourage appropriate
                                                                                                      Pictures                   2
                                          candidates to apply.
                                          The Scholarship Com-
 Scholarship Committee chair,             mittee guidelines for the                                   Faculty/Staff Info         3
 Prof. Rachelle Goldsmith and         scholarship include the
 President Regina Peruggi, pre-
 sent scholarship awards to Pyi       following:
 Kway and Racquel Hudson.
                                         GPA of 3 & above                                            Dreamland Pavilion         4
  This year the Retiree’s                Has no other KCC
 group awarded its first                  scholarship awards
 scholarship at its annual
                                         Is actively involved in
 luncheon on May 14 th to
                                          one or more co-
 two deserving students:
                                          curricular activities.
 Mr. Pyi Kway, a BA ma-
 jor and Ms. Racquel                     Has deep appreciation       Our next luncheon will be
 Hudson, a TAH major.                     for KCC                     in May of 2010. Look for
                                                                      our invitation in late April.
 The Retirees plan to offer              Can demonstrate finan-      Hope to see you there.
 this one-thousand dollar                 cial need.
 scholarship on an annual
                   Retirees Learn Enhanced Driving Skills
The KCC Retirees group presented an AARP driver safety course which was                               Marilyn Chernin
attended by over 20 people. Prof. Shelly Friedland, a Certified AARP instructor,
taught the course and all who attended will receive a certificate to lower their                      Shelly Friedland
car insurance costs.                                                                                  (
                                                                                                      John Manbeck

                                                                                                      Digital Layout:
    Driver Safety students completing a                                                               Shelly Friedland
    test. Solid driving tips for older
    drivers were presented.
                                           Volume 3, Issue 2                                                            Page 2

                                       Pictures of our May, 2008 Luncheon

                              Retirement Party for Angelo Pappagallo
                             A retirement party was held for Angelo
                            Pappagallo on Thursday, September 29th in
                            the Mac Center.
                                                                                   Retiree group meets at Homecoming
                                Many of the faculty and staff of those early
                              years were there including Marilyn Chernin,      The retiree group held a breakfast meeting the
                              Vanessa Green and Dean Otis Hill. It was a       morning of Homecoming Day. We discussed many
great send off for a terrific guy and we all enjoyed this special evening.     new ideas for retirees, one of which is the upcoming
                                                                               Identity Theft conference. We hope to see you
(photos courtesy of Abe Ginsberg)                                              there.
                                      Volume 3, Issue 2                                              Page 3

Faculty/Staff Spotlight
Jules Hager - Property Office
Jules Hager came to Kingsborough in                   They eloped to Elkton, Maryland but
August of 1966 and retired in 1983. He                had to marry 2 more times: once more
was our first Head of Property, an office             by a Rabbi and again for Zelda’s fami-
which oversaw all the goods and equip-                ly, who lived in Great Britain. They
ment that came into the College.                      have been married for 61 years.
   Jules served in the Navy in WWII                       Their daughter, Elaine, loved hors-
and was a Master Chief at Arms. He                    es, like her dad, and she has always
was recruited to Kingsborough by the                  worked with them in various capacities.
then Assistant Dean of Administration,                She lives near her folks now.
Dave Silver. Most remember him as a                       Jules and his wife now live in Oca-
no-nonsense guy who always took care                  la, Florida and enjoy retirement by
of his crew.                                          keeping busy and traveling a great deal.
   He met his lovely wife, Zelda, in                  At 86 years young, Jules looks not a
1948 and married her seven days later!                day older than when he retired.

Hilda Corriell - Bursar’s Office

                                     Hilda Corriell has worked at       Hilda was held in high
                                     Kingsborough for 40 years!      esteem by all those whom
                                     She was a valued member         she worked with. They re-
                                     of the Bursar’s office and      garded her as a true profes-
                                     knew the workings of that       sional and still have fond
                                     position from memory.           memories of working with
                                         Last year, she was recog-
                                     nized officially for all her       She still comes in to
                                     years of service at the con-    KCC once every 2 weeks to
                                     vocation with a beautiful       lend assistance with payroll.
                                     gift from Tiffany’s .           We wish her all the best in
                                                                     her retirement.

         Richard Kaye
Prof. Richard Kaye, Department           well as many other committees.
of Health, Physical Education and           He was director of the Ameri-
Recreation, passed away this past        can Red Cross Aquatic school in
August after a year-long battle          Maine and certified many would-
with cancer.                             be life guards and boating person-
    Rick came to Kingsborough in         nel in that capacity.
1966 and taught for 34 years. He            Rick had 3 children, grand
was an outstanding teacher, good         children and a devoted wife in
friend and an amazing jokester.          Vera. We’ll all miss him
He taught in most subject areas of
the department but specialized in
the Health Education area. He
served on the Department P&B as
                                       Volume 3, Issue 2                                                          Page 4

DREAMLAND PAVILION: A Conference on Brooklyn and
Development by John B. Manbeck

        he development of Brook-        representing Princeton, Chicago, Rut-       were examined along with the perfor-
        lyn’s history, education and    gers, Lehigh and Ohio State universi-       mance art of hip-hop and experi-
        culture came under close        ties traveled to the Manhattan Beach        mental theater.
examination in a major two-day          campus.                                         To complement the academic side
conference at Kingsborough, Octo-           Usually events such as this devolve     of the conference, a gallery exhibit,
ber 2 and 3. With a keynote ad-         from the administration. In this case,      “The Soul Is the Size of Elsewhere,”
dress by Kevin Powell, a Brooklyn       faculty members from the English,           featured photographs examining the
activist, and a dinner catered by       History and Political Science depart-       potential of art, architecture and de-
KCC’s culinary arts program, Pres-      ments introduced the concept, and           sign. Earlier in the week, Ralph Ed-
ident Peruggi welcomed the partic-      then the administration enthusiastical-     wards reminisced in his “Building
ipants to the campus, October 2nd.      ly embraced it. The theme of                Kingsborough” talk while Robert
    Saturday’s sessions turned into     “development” was chosen for its            Singer discussed “Filming Brook-
an exciting day of creative thinking    polarizing effect, according to the         lyn.”Guided tours to Brooklyn sites
that investigated multiple aspects      organizers. Scholars, activists, jour-      followed by panel discussions filled
of Brooklyn’s complex personality.      nalists, teachers, artists, designers and   the afternoon of October 2.
    The conference was distinctive-     ordinary citizens were invited to ex-           The conference turned into an
ly different from those typical of      plore and comment on the borough’s          admirable introduction to an academ-
community colleges. Participants        transformation over the years.              ic exploration of Brooklyn and a
represented a wide array of disci-          Topics under examination included       remarkable role for Kingsborough
plines with a wide number of sen-       practical and theoretical issues from       which took a strong lead in defining
ior colleges contributing to the        Atlantic Yards to Russian immigrants        the borough. This initial conference
sessions. Panelists from major          to Coney Island. Both controversial         has already led to preparations for a
campuses within the city and state      and traditional seminars received at-       follow-up.
as well as a number of participants     tention. Results of studies in trends

Retiree’s Group
Office of College Advancement
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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