used car bill of sale

					                                    Bill of Sale
                                  County, State, City

In consideration of $00.00 Cash Dollars, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
do hereby bargain, sell and deliver unto;

Buyer's Name: John Smith

Address: AnyTown, City, State

Year: XXXX                     Make:     XXX                                    ID
Number: XXX

I do vouch to be the true and lawful owner of said vehicle and encumbrances, and that
I have full power, right and lawful authority to dispose of this boat.

Seller: (Initial)__________________________Buyer:

The 1988, CAR is being sold to the Buyer “AS IS”.

Seller: (Initial)__________________________Buyer:

Boat Condition:      The 1988 Car is used and in good condition

Seller: (Initial)__________________________Buyer:

I certify under penalty of perjury that the above facts are true and correct.

Seller's Signature

Seller’s Name:                                       Buyer’s Name:_______________________
Seller’s Address:_____________________               Buyer’s Address:_____________________

Seller’s Signature:____________________              Buyer’s Signature:____________________
Date of Sale:________________________                Date of Sale:________________________

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