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									        GENEALOGY RECORDS

                 Families of

Dale Dean Griffith and Helen Loomis Griffith

GRIFFITH RECORD _________________________________ 1
CRISPEN RECORD __________________________________ 8
McLANE RECORD __________________________________ 11
STEINFORD RECORD ______________________________ 13
STRAWN RECORD__________________________________ 15
MILLER RECORD __________________________________ 28
BUSH RECORD ____________________________________ 39
NEAL RECORD ____________________________________ 55
SHAFF RECORD ___________________________________ 62
LOOMIS RECORD __________________________________ 68
THE LOOMIS CHAFFEE SCHOOL____________________ 81
THE PARKE FAMILY _______________________________ 86
                                       GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                              GRIFFITH RECORD

1st Generation
Thomas Grifficts - born Jan 28, 1830 in South Wales, Great Britain
          or ths - died May 4, 1891, buried in Oil City, PA
Elizabeth Jones - born May 10, 1832 in North Wales, Great Britain
                  died May 10, 1891, buried in Oil City, PA

                   Both were brought to America when they were children. They met and married in Pennsylvania.
          Grifficts is the Welsh spelling of the name Griffiths. On the tombstone the name is spelled "Griffiths". They
          are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, off Innis Street in Oil City, PA.

                   Elizabeth was from Landvelah Triggeatial Amleith (spelling?), North Wales. She was on her way to
          visit Wales on a ship of White Star Line, Celtic when it was involved with a collision with the ship Brittania
          or Brittanic. It was a month before anyone heard from her. Elizabeth Nixon remembered having a book
          written about the accident but was unable to find it or remember the title. She died before sending Helen
          Griffith any more information about the family.

          U. S. Census of 1860 under Porter Township, Clarion County, PA, listed what appears to be our Griffith
          family, with slight inconsistencies of ages and spelling.

          Thomas                          32 years old                  coal digger
          Elizabeth                       27 years old
          John H.                                                       Born in USA
                          Owned $325 worth of personal property.

      U. S. census of 1880 under Salem, Clarion County, Pennsylvania listed our Griffith family. There were
     also several other families in Clarion County who listed members born in Wales. One, Samuel Griffith, who
     was boarding or living with a family of Taylors in Beaver Township was called a cousin. There were other
     Taylor families on the same page.
                                              Born Father Mother
                                                        born born
     Thomas,                 48 Coal Miner, Eng. Eng. Eng.
     Elizabeth,       wife 46 keep house, Wales Wales Wales
     Mary E.,         dau 19                  PA     PA(?) PA(?)
     Margaret A., dau. 17                     PA     PA(?) PA(?)
     Martha E.,       dau. 15                 PA     PA(?) PA(?)
     Sarah R.,        dau. 13                 PA     PA(?) PA(?)
     James A.,        son 11                  PA     PA(?) PA(?)
     Thomas A.,       son     6               PA     PA(?) PA(?)

David and Linda Griffith found the cemetery where Thomas and Elizabeth were buried--Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Oil
City, PA. On the front are listed:
                                       Thomas Griffiths        1830-1891
                                       Elizabeth Griffiths     1832-1891
        On the side are listed:        Margaret A. Griffiths 1862-1890
                                       James A. Griffiths     1868-1891
                                       Infant sons of Thomas and Elizabeth Griffiths

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Excerpts of letters to Helen Loomis Griffith from Elizabeth Griffith Nixon in 1979:
                                           Feb., 19, 1979
                  ...I haven't forgotten you are working on the descendants of Grandpa Griffith. I was going
       through 40 years of pictures when Merle took sick ...I have births and deaths of all the Griffith
       children, pictures of all but the ones that died young. Have a good picture of my dad's mother &
       father taken day they was married, one several years later. almost know place of birth in Wales.
       While you have access to a library, Grandma Griffith (Elizabeth) was on her way to Wales to visit her
       people. She was born in North Wales May 10, 1832. She was 51 years old when accident happened.
       The ships names Celtic and Lusitania had an accident she didn't make it to Wales, it was a month
       before they had word from her whether she was all right or not. I know there is a book about this for
       we had one when I was home. My mother was sick 17 years before she passed away, was only 49
       years old. I was married several years before she died. She got to see our oldest daughter, there was
       so many people in & out taking care of her. I looked for the book after she died, the book along with
       a lot of things was missing. I think she left from New York. If you find a book of it buy me one & I
       will pay you. On these papers I have this is the way Griffith was spelled. Thomas and Elizabeth
       Grifficts. On the tomb in Oil City its spelled Griffith. I was named after my Grandma Griffith and
       the Bell after Grandma Hoskinson. ...

                                                Feb. 23, 1979
                       I have hunted for 2 1/2 years for this information, have been cleaning drawers while
       waiting for our 14 in of snow to leave. This was on a cardboard, had fallen down back of the drawer.

                        Elizabeth Jones (Griffith)
                        born Landv(?)elah Treygeatial Amleith, North Wales

                Left on White Star Line from New York. Accident Celtic run into Brittanic Ship. She didn't
               get home for 30 days, they thought she had drowned.

        Helen Loomis Griffith put in a request at the St. John Parish Library in an attempt to find more about the
       ship collision, to no avail. In April 1988, Debbie Griffith Southerland was able to find records of the New
       York Times for the era. Together they searched these files, with the following result:

       The articles appeared from the Dec. 29, 1883 issue through the issue of Jan. 16, 1884. The ship Celtic was
       first reported overdue, then reports began coming in from other ships that her main shaft was broken and that
       she was proceeding under sail. There was considerable criticism because she did not return to New York
       City, as the damage occurred shortly after getting under way. It was said that the reason for this decision was
       economic - the ship owners did not want to lose the business. Eventually four of the Salon passengers and the
       mail were taken onto another ship, the Argosy. Once the Celtic neared land she was taken in tow by the
       Britannic and all reached Queenstown safely.

       So there was no collision, no loss of life, and we were unable to find a list of the passengers, other than the four
       businessmen who transferred to the Argosy.

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                    NATURALIZATION OF THOMAS GRIFFITH

                        In the matter of application of Thos...
                        a native of South Wales to be...
                        citizen of the United States, ...
                        1871 Said Thomas Griffith has...
                        due proof of his having resid...
                        United States Three years prior...
                        at the age of twenty-one years and...
                        and has resided in the United...
                        of five years. Was admitted to...
                        duly Sworn Same day (illegible)..
                                         (Signature illegible)

The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Griffith were:
        John Henry     Nov. 14, 1858
                                      Armstrong Co., PA
        Mary Elizabeth June 26, 1860 Nov. 3, 1890
         (Aunt Molly) Clarion Co. PA
                          married ___ Myers (son-Frank)
        Margaret Ann Sept 25, 1862 1890
                                      Clarion Co. PA
        Martha Ellen   Oct. 14, 1864 March 28, 1947
                                      Clarion Co. PA
                          married John Jefferson Huff (7 children)
        Sarah Jane     Oct. 10, 1866 June 1, 1956
         (Aunt Jane)   Venango Co. PA
                          married 1st (name unknown)
                          married 2nd Shively (7 children)
                          married 3rd Myers (2 daughters)
                                         (after Aunt Molly died)
        James Andrew Sept 19, 1868 1891
                                      Venango Co. PA
        Albert Thomas Aug. 6, 1873 Jan 4, 1962
                                      Venango Co. PA               Lancaster, Ohio?

       Newspaper account of Thomas Griffith funeral:

               Wed May 6, 1891. The services over the remains of the late Thomas Griffiths were held at the
    residence of his son, Joseph, (should be John Henry) Griffith at 2:00 this afternoon and were conducted by Rev. J.
    A. F. Bovard. Union 900, E.A.U., of which deceased was a member, was well represented at the funeral.

       City Union No 300, Equitable Aid Union, started April 23, 1881. It was an insurance agency.

       Reformed Presbyterian Church, (known in Scotland as the Covenanter Church), was a 70 person congregation,
    located on West First Street, near State Street. Rev. J. A. F. Bovard was the pastor. The church no longer exists.

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                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

2nd Generation
      Albert Thomas Griffith      1st: married Mary Crispen
               Albert Lamont           July 21, 1898 Franklin, PA                Feb. 3, 1954   Erie, PA
                                2nd: married Bell (?) Hoskinson (?)
               Elizabeth Bell married H. Merle Nixon
                       Mabel m Roger Fink lived in Ashville, NC
                       Lorna died in 1979
                       Other children?
               Other children

3rd Generation
       Albert Lamont Griffith         married Irene Mary Steinford Nov. 15, 1919 Erie, PA
               Infant son             Stillborn in 1924
               Merle Lamont           May 16, 1926             died November 2, 1998
               Dale Dean              Jan 16, 1931

4th Generation
       Dale Dean Griffith              married Helen Marie Loomis Nov. 24, 1949 Erie, PA
               Dale Dean Jr.          June 28, 1950
               David Mark             Nov. 24, 1952
               Richard Charles        Jan 3, 1955    May 15, 1955
               Deborah Anne           Aug. 31, 1956
               Sonya Marie            Jan 21, 1960
               Pamela Sue             May 29, 1964

5th Generation
       Dale Dean Griffith, Jr.     married Elouise Chancey Coffman, 6/16/1980 San Diego, CA
               Sandy Lynn Coffman Jan 5, 1974
               Roy Daniel Coffman Oct. 27, 1975

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                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       David Griffith 1st married Pamela Janese Montgomery 4/13/1973          Clark AFB, Rep. of Philippines
                        divorced, 1980
              2nd married Anita Williamson Meeker, daughter of John & Gretchen (Volgenau) Williamson.
                       New York City, NY 12/23/1980
                       divorced 8/1/1985
              Amy Noelle               Oct. 14, 1982 Keesler AFB, MS
              3rd married Linda Kay Everson, born 07/06/1963, Whiteman AFB, MO daughter of Robert Eugene
                       and Kazuko Shinohara Everson. Dayton, OH 12/06/88
                       divorced 11/21/2000
              4th married Kimberly Gail Kistner April 27, 2002 Carmel, California
                       Kade William Kistner Sept. 3, 1994
                       Kaleb John Kistner      Nov. 22, 2000

       Deborah Griffith married Gary Forrest Southerland, son of Billy Bruce and Wanda Ruth (Forrest)
                                      Southerland. LaPlace, LA 6/24/1978
              Jared Charles           Feb. 1, 1980 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK
              Heather Marie           May 3, 1983 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK

       Sonya Griffith married Walter Johannes Johnson, son of Homer and Theodosia (Jones) Johnson.
                                      Las Vegas, NV 3/2/1987
              Eric David              Dec. 10, 1987 Hammond, LA

       Pamela Griffith
              married Michael Shawn Shelton, son of C. L. and Elizabeth (Kirby) Shelton
                       LaPlace, LA 7/25/1987
              divorced 6/25/92

6th Generation
       Sandy Lynn Coffman 1st married Randy Lenz, Corpus Christi, TX 9/1/1990
               Elizabeth Alexandra    11/05/1991     Corpus Christi, TX
               Stephanie Victoria      2/01/1994     Corpus Christi, TX
                             2nd married Eric Marcus                GA 02/1997
               Stephen William        10/14/1997

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                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                       GRIFFITH COAT OF ARMS

          Heraldry Centre, North Gate, Canterbury, Kent, England


                                 FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

7320    GRIFFITH Genealogy of the Griffith family: the descendants of William and Sarah Maccubbin Griffith. By
R. R. Griffith...Baltimore, Press of W. K. Boyle & Son, 1892 x, 323 p. 2 coats of arms (incl. font) 23 cm. Additions
and corrections inserted. 21-6660.                       CS71.G853 1892

7321     GRIFFITH The pedigree of William Griffith, John Griffith and Griffith Griffiths (sons of Griffith John, of the
parish of Llanddewi Brefi, in the county of Cardigan, South Wales, Great Britain) who removed to the county of
Chester, Pennsylvania, in the early part of the XVIIIth century. Comp. in South Wales, Great Britain, by Thomas Allen
Glenn...Philadelphia, 1905. 1 p. l. ix, 85 p. front. facisms. (part fold) 26 1/2 cm. One hundred copies privately printed.
A 23-974                                          CS71.G853 1905

7322  GRIFFITH ... Griffith family records, by J. Montgomery Seaver. Philadelphia, PA. (1928?) 21 p. 32 1/2 cm.
Mimeographed. Text runs parallel with back of cover. "References"; p 20-21. 40-18347
                                                      CS71.G853 1928

7323      GRIFFITH Mary Bryan Johnson White, 1834-1925. New York, Priv. print. (G. Grady Press) 1940. 108 p., 3
1.. front. (port) 21 1/2 cm. "This biography has been written by...Mary Elizabeth Butler Markley. " -p. (5) "Thirty
copies of this book were printed". Genealogy of the Griffith, Johnson and Faulkner families: p. 101-108. 40-37593

7324      GRIFFITH Memorials of Paul Griffith and his wife Margaret Burden, of Nelson, Madison county, NY, with an
account of some of their descendants, by Minnie L. White..(Ithaca, NY, 1943)
2 p. 1. 8 numb. 1. 1 l. 28 x 22 cm. At head of title: 1762-1857. Reproduced from typewritten copy. 45-12457.
                                                                      CS71.G853 1943

7325   GRIFFITH Old families and tales of old Chicot; or, Miss Emma's memoirs. Compiled by C. T. Thompson.
Baton Rouge, Printed by Harrell-Hannaman Letter Shop, c 1959. 451. illus. 28 cm. 60-26371
                                                                 F379.C5TS 1959

                GRIFFITH. See also:    CROSS, 1958                     POWELL, 1866
                        LONG, 1937          ROBERTS, 1939
                        LONG, 1956          SWITZER, 1926
                        MERRYWEATHER, 1899
                        No. 553 - Goodhue county.

7326      GRIFFITTS Genealogical tables of the Griffitts family from 1752 to 1887. Comp and arranged by Frank P.
Griffitts ... Lancaster, PA Daily Intelligencer print., 1887. iv p., 1 l. (7)-88 p. 24 cm. 10-1497
          CS71.G856 1887

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        From Passengers & Immigration Lists Index

Griffiths, Thomas n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1842 9296 p 195

Griffiths, Thomas J. n.a.; Philadelphia, Pa., 1847 9296 p 195

                Family History Society for South Wales
                Mrs. S. Whyall
                52 St. Malo Rd.
                Heath, Cardiff

Note: There is a Griffithtown in South Wales

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                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          CRISPEN RECORD

1st Generation
Peter Crispen 1750 - died May 1819 at Ferguson Township Centre County, PA
               married Mary (?) about 1770 who died Feb. 1840 at Ferguson TWP, Centre Co., PA

                       Peter Crispen served in the Revolutionary War under Capt. John Levering - 6th Company -
              2nd Batt, Philadelphia County Militia. Took Oath of Allegiance which was recorded on Jan. 2, 1779,
              recorded in Pennsylvania Magazine and also in Westcott - Persons Who Took Oath of Allegiance to
              the State of Pennsylvania between the years 1777 - 1779. After the Revolution, Peter served with the
              Wentz Regiment during the Western Insurrection in 1794, and deeds in Bellefonte reveal that he
              bought property in Ferguson Twp., Centre County, PA in 1795 and lived there until his death. In his
              will he names all of his children, and his wife. The children were all born in Roxborough Township,
              Philadelphia County, PA.

              Nicholas                1776 (or 1778) - 4/13/1853
              Margaret (Peggy)

2nd Generation
Nicholas Crispen Born 1776 or 1778 at Roxborough Twp. (?)           Philadelphia Co., PA.
                      Died Venango Co., PA 4/13/1853.
              married Elizabeth

              According to the 1879 HISTORY OF VENANGO COUNTY, Nicholas was born in Schuylkill
              County and came to Venango County in 1838, where he lived until his death. There is no will for
              Nicholas Crispen, but letters of administration were granted on Oct. 6, 1856, to his son, William, for
              the settlement of his estate (Venango County Registers Docket 1, pp. 356). His Bible says all their
              children were born in Centre County.

              John                    July 9, 1806
              George                  June 21, 1807
              Thomas                  Jan. 22, 1810
              Rebecca                 May 8, 1812
              Wilson                  Dec. 7, 1814
              Abraham W.              Feb. 27, 1817
              William Quigle          Dec. 4, 1818                  March 29, 1890
              Robert                  Sept. 29, 1821
              Mary Ann                June 3, 1823
              Ruth Jane               Jan. 1, 1826
              Hannah                  Sept. 11, 1827
              James                   Dec. 4, 1831

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

3rd Generation
William Quigle Crispen 12/4/1818       3/29/1890
                                        Location of birth uncertain
                                        Died in Venango County

               married Sarah McLane (McClain, McLean) born 2/6/1821 (Obit says 1/4/1819).
               Died 2/17/1903 at Gibsonburg Sandusky, Ohio; buried in Union Cemetery
               W. Gibsonburg.

       Sarah Jane     1/3/1841                12/25/1913
                      married James Whitman 12/23/1858
       Elizabeth C.   9/24/1863
                      married Samuel Wilt
       George                                 2/25/1936
                      served in Civil War, m Ellen O'Connor
       William, Jr.   1846                    4/11/1907
                      married Elizabeth O'Connor
       Emanuel        1/15/1850               12/22/1919
                      married Isaphenia McElhany 12/22/1870
                      buried Bethel Cemetery Oakland Twp. Venango Co., PA
       Pheby (sic) Ann11/12/1853              6/20/1881
                      married David Weikel
       Permelia A     1855                    1893 in Pittsburgh
                      married John McElhaney
       David A.       1857                    1882 in Albuquerque, NM
       Osborn F.      1860
                      married Elizabeth A,
       Edward 1861

1879 HISTORY OF VENANGO COUNTY contains the following brief write- up, pp. 649:

       William Crispen first saw the light of day on the shore of the Susquehanna, Dec. 4th 1818. He received a good
       education in the common schools. At an Early date in his life he moved to Centre Co., PA with his parents,
       where he remained about 12 years, when he came to Venango. He married Sarah McClain (sic), of Clarion
       County. He is the owner of a very fine farm and pleasant home in Sugarcreek Township.

William and his wife, Sarah, are buried at the Bethel Methodist Church in Oakland Township where their stones read:

       William Crispen, died March 29, 1890, aged 71 years, 3 months, 25 days

       Sarah, his wife, born Feb. 6, 1821 (no date of death given)
Note: Other sources indicate she was buried in Ohio.

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

               William Crispen died intestate and letters of administration for his estate were granted to his son,
        George Chrispen, of Oil City, after the widow, Sarah, renounced the right to administer. (George consistently
        used the spelling Chrispen, although his brothers and sisters retained the original spelling.) In a petition
        recorded in Venango County Orphans Court Docket 11, pp. 425, dated Jan 7, 1892, George Chrispen states
        that William Crispen died in March 1890, leaving to survive him a widow, Sarah, and the following children:

               Sarah Whitman, formerly Crispen
               Elizabeth Wilt, formerly Crispen
               George Chrispen
               William Crispen, Jr.
               Edward Crispen
               E. M. Crispen
               O. F. Crispen

       Also surviving were Willis Weikal, minor child of Phoebe Weikal, deceased, and David Crispen, minor child of
       David C. Crispen, deceased. The petition asks the court's permission to sell a certain property to pay debts
       against the estate. The main farm was sheriffed to pay debts against the estate. It was described as 100 acres in
       Sugarcreek Twp. containing a two story frame house, large bank barn and out buildings, orchard, good well of
       water and about 70 acres cleared. (Venango County Deed Book 200, pp. 332)

4th Generation
Emanuel Crispen married Isaphena McElhany, daughter of William and Harriet Wimer McElhany
       Charles       1871
       Orron         1873
       Francis       1875
       Luler         1877
       Mary          May, 1878           June 10, 1934
                     at Foxbury, PA      at Franklin, PA

5th Generation
Mary Crispen married Thomas Albert Griffith - see Griffith Record
               married ?? Baker

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                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          McLANE RECORD

James McLane between 1770-80         1/26/1843
             married Sarah Richart b c 1791          11/17/1853
                     daughter of Frederick Richart, mother's name unknown
                     mother died within a few days of Sarah's birth.

       John           9/20/1807       11/17/1878
                      married Barbara Young
       Joseph         c 1874
                      married Margaret Schrum
       Jacob          7/30/1809       10/18/1873
                      married Elizabeth
       David          c 1814          c 1873
                      married Ellen
       Samuel         c 1817          4/15/1882
                      married Sarah Jane
       Elizabeth                      before 1863
                      married William Dixon/Dickson
       Sarah          2/6/1821        2/17/1903
                      married William Crispen c 1840
       Catherine                      before 1863
                      married Owen Thomas
       Mary           lived New Bethlehem, Clarion Co. PA
                      married Alex B. Paine
                      married S. Allen Springer who was a blacksmith in Beaver Twp.,         Clarion Co.
       Margaret       living Venango Co., in 1856
                      married J. Stephen Porter
       Esther         c 1830 living Venango Co., in 1856
       Rachel         5/10/1831       9/8/1887
                      married Reuben Mulholland

       Sarah Richart McLane died November 17, 1853 in Beaver Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, aged
       about 63. Cause of death listed as "Dropsy of the chest". She was buried in Shippenville Grave Yard, and
       was survived by the following children:

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                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                       U. S. Census - 1880 Jackson Twp, Venango Co., PA

                                    Age                       Born Father,   Mother,
                                                                     born,   born,
             McElheny, William,     58     Farmer,            PA, Ireland,   PA,
                    Harriet,        55     Wife Keeping house,                   PA, Virginia, PA,
                    Morgan O.,      25     Son Farmer,        PA, PA,        PA,
                    James,          20     Son works on farm, PA, PA,        PA,

             Shoemaker, Leizzia     ,8     boarder,            PA,   PA ,    PA,

                     U. S. Census - 1880 Sugar Creek Twp, Venango Co., PA

Crispen, Emanuel                    30      farmer             PA    PA     PA
                    Isaphena        29      Wife housekeeper   PA    PA     PA
                    Charles          9      Son student        PA    PA     PA
                    Orron            7      son student        PA    PA     PA
                    Francis          5      dau. student       PA    PA     PA
                    Lulu M.          3      dau.               PA    PA     PA
                    Mary             2      dau.               PA    PA     PA
                    infant male     4/12 (Feb.)son             PA    PA     PA

      Isaphena was daughter of William and Harriet McElheny.

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          STEINFORD RECORD

1st Generation
Henry Steinford was born Oct. 24, 1867 in Erie, PA (? as Dale was always told his grandfather was born in
       Germany) and died in February, 1937. He married Augusta Kay, who was born in Germany on Sept. 24,
       1878? and died in Erie, PA in Sept. 1950. She came to America at about the age of nine years, with her
       mother, Sophie Rose Kai, as the name was spelled at that time, after the death of her father. Their children

        Mabel           1892                     1895
        Arthur E.       1895                     1924
        Clara           1898                     1898
        Edna L .        9/12/1899               10/13/89
        Dorothy         1901                    1902
        Irene Mary      1/30/1903               11/1/1981
        Leona           1906                    0906
        Walter          0 9/29/1907             01/4/1976
        Beatrice M.     1911

2nd Generation
Irene Mary married Albert Lamont Griffith - see Griffith Record

        Edna married George Swanson as her second husband.

        Walter married 1st Marie
                       2nd Jayne He changed the name to Steinfurth, as it had been spelled in Germany where the
                                      family originated.
                                      Jayne died 08/18/2001
        Beatrice married Joseph Strohmeyer.

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                                          GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                              Strawn Facts & Families

 “Why Write a Book on the Strawn Family”

Curt Frederick Strawn-Miller is the 6th great grandson of Lancelot Strawn. He was born in Westchester County, New
York on the 30th of November 1947 in United Hospital in Port Chester. He was baptized on the 4th of April 1948 (the
exact same day as his wife Bonnie was baptized in Baltimore, Maryland) at St. Thomas Church in Mamaroneck,
Westchester County, New York. In 1952 Curt’s father Joseph David Strawn, Jr. was divorced from his wife Florence Mary
(Feldt) Strawn. At this time Curt had no further contact with his father even though the divorce decree stated that visitation
was to be granted. Joseph David was residing in Florida and Florence Mary in New York. In 1956 Curt’s mother married
Albert Miller and in October of 1957 Albert Miller made the decision to adopt Curt Frederick Strawn and thus changed his
name to Miller. When Curt and Bonnie (Miller) Strawn-Miller married in 1993, Curt found out quickly that a passion of
Bonnie’s was genealogy. What especially peaked her interest was that Curt and her had the same last name. At the time
when she started questioning Curt about his family, he was not even sure of his father’s real name. Curt’s father (Joseph
David Strawn, Jr.) had died when Curt was only 23 years old and Curt had felt his entire life that his father wanted nothing
to do with him. Even to this day we have only been able to find out bits and pieces from different family members and
only guessing about the true story. When Bonnie started tracking down the Strawn family she had no idea what a rich
family heritage they possessed. Oh, yes and by the way Bonnie and Curt are related!! No, not by blood but by the marriage
of Curt’s Mary Buckman Cooper line who married Lancelot Strawn and Bonnie’s Peregoy line of Baltimore County,
Maryland. Curt’s son Jared Michael Strawn-Miller is the only surviving male that will carry on his direct bloodline of the
Strawn’s from his 4th great grandfather David Strawn (1818-1873). All others of the David line were either daughters or
sons that had no male children or male children that died or did not marry. Curt’s direct line of descent is:

Lancelot, Jacob, Isaiah, Jeremiah, David, Herman, Joseph Sr., Joseph Jr., Curt. At this writing (1996) Curt is using his
adopted name Curt Frederick Strawn-Miller (since his mother and adoptive father are still living) but in the future both
Curt and his son Jared plan on changing their surname back to their rightful family name and thus they will continue to
uphold the heritage of the Strawn family. It is our quest to investigate every Strawn (past and present) in the United States
and Canada, and to input that information into a very narrative manuscript for all future generations, so they will never be
denied access to their Strawn birthright as Curt was for many years.

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                                         GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Generations of Strawns beginning with Lancelot

Copyright © 1996 by Curt and Bonnie Strawn-Miller Permission must be obtained from authors before reproducing.

1.Lancelot Strawn (Strawhen, Straughan). Born in POSSIBLY, Kincardineshire, Fife Co, Scotland.
        Died, 1720, in Newtown, Middletown Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.

         Excerpt from a letter of Lily Strawn Painter dated March 24, 1939 relating the origin of Lancelot
        ―My great grandfather, George Strawn’s family, conversed in their home and among their friends and
        neighbors the Holland language only. My grandfather, Enoch Strawn, related this to my father, when he was a
small boy and sat upon his grandfather’s knee, Jacob Strawn II who married Susannah VanBuskirk.‖

         “Enoch asked his grandfather if he had a nice grandpapy when he was a little boy like he had and this is some
         of the conversation that followed:” “In the early part of the sixteen century in Scotland an unknown babe was
         found in a blanket in a pile of straw and was taken and reared by an old bachelor, he naming the babe
         Straughn, because of being found in the straw pile.

         This little highland lad became a trader early in life, and did some bartering in Wales. He Lancelot Straughn
         emigrated from Scotland to Wales before coming to the Colonies of North America. Also he said that after the
         children of Jacob and Christiana had grown up there were lots of hard feelings among them. That the old folk’s
         lives were saddened by their children’s conduct: Isaiah taking up arms to kill and Jacob II marrying Susannah, an
         outsider of the Friends faith and all their girls marrying outsiders also; consequently, my great, great grandfather
         Jacob willed his share of the estate to his baby brother, Enoch, your line down. There were such a devotion
         between the two brothers that I take notice even today that their lines down are more alike. It seems to be more of
         a tie‖......

         Lily Strawn Painter

         (Lily was the 4th great granddaughter of Lancelot Strawn, who began her research in 1907 & continued          until
her death in 1988)

Lancelot Straughan, the first American ancestor of the Strawn family of Upper Bucks, is said to have been a native of
Wales. There has been much speculation among the descendants and local historians as to the proper          spelling of his
name. The above form is believed to be the manner in which he himself spelled it. The name        is frequently spelled on
the early records as Strawhen. The will of the widow of Lancelot Straughan is written in the name of Mary
Strawhen, but so far as we can learn none of her children wrote it in that      form and practically all the descendants
have used the name in its present form, Strawn.

         Tradition relates that Lancelot Straughan was a native of Wales and came to this country in search of
         adventure in the wilderness of Pennsylvania during the first decade of the eighteenth century. He married
         Mary (Buckman) Cooper, and died in Middletown Township, Bucks County, early in 1720, letters of
         administration being granted to his widow on June 10, 1720. Thomas Baynes signed her bond with her.         The
inventory was taken 8 4th mo. 1720 by John Wildman and Thomas Thwailes and came to L 34/16/6,               one item of
unusual interest being a desk, so Lancelot Strawhen was undoubtedly literate. This being the        only occasion when his
first name is recorded in contemporary document except for his presence at a      Buckman wedding as witness.

09/01/2011                                                                                            Page*15*
                                           GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Mary (Buckman) Cooper, the wife of Lancelot Straughan, was born in the Parish of Billinghurst, County of
          Sussex, England, 9 mo. (November) 23, 1680. She came to Pennsylvania with her parents, William and
          Sarah Buckman, in the Ship Welcome, in 1682, with William Penn, the founder. William Buckman died in
Bucks County in 10 mo., 1716, leaving a will dated 2 mo. 4, 1716, which contained the following clause.
                    ―ITEM - I give unto my daughter Mary Strawhen Fifty Shillings current money, to be
          payed 12 months after my decease and to her five children, Ruth, Sarah, William, Henry                 and
John, fifty shillings apiece to be paid to them respectively when they arrive at twenty-                one years of

Mary Buckman married in 1706 Henry Cooper of Newtown, Bucks County. He died in 1710 leaving her with five small
children. William, Henry, John, Sarah and Ruth. The family were members of the Society of Friends                   before coming
to America, and the Coopers           were also Friends. Mary Cooper was disowned by the Society                    on her
marriage to Lancelot Straughan and probably never reunited with the Society. Her daughter Sarah                     married first
Joseph Strickland, a Friend, in 1727, and second in 1737 Jonathan Abbott.             The other          daughter Ruth Cooper
married Denes Pursel of Dover, Kent County, Delaware, a son of Thomas Pursell,                  both father and son being
natives of Ireland. Denes Pursel (as he wrote the name) on January 22, 1732,          transferred his interest in a large tract of
land in Kent County, Delaware, to his brother, Daniel Pursell in             exchange for a tract of land owned and occupied
by Daniel in Wrightstown Township, Bucks County. He                later removed to New Jersey and little is known of his
history, but he and his brother Thomas are supposed to be the ancestors of the Pursell family of Upper Bucks. After the
death of her second husband Lancelot            Straughan, Mary Strawhen resided with her daughter Ruth. Her will, dated
June 7, 1738, at Bethlehem,           County of Hunterdon, and Province of New Jersey, was probated September 10, 1740,
and it gives specific        legacies of forty shillings each to her five children by Henry Cooper, and the residue of her
estate to her      son Jacob Strawn, whom she names as her executor. In the year 1848, Lancelot’s great grandson, John
          Straughan, as he spelled the name in his later years, prepared an account of his own life which was shown me
by the late J. Donald Strawn (1888-1966) of Chardon, Ohio, with whom I long collaborated on a Strawn genealogy as
yet unpublished. This John Straughan, born 1776, died in Columbiana County, Ohio,               in 1856, was one of the 18
children of Jacob’s son Daniel. He was about twenty-five when his grandfather died in 1800. In this document John
Straughan made the claim that Lancelot Strawn was a Welcome                  passenger, crossing the Atlantic on the same ship
as his future wife, and this claim has been repeated by            certain descendants. No evidence has been found to support
the claim.

                (Copied from ―The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful‖ by George E.
         McCracken and ―Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks‖ by Clarence V Roberts)

         He married Mary Buckman Cooper, daughter of William Buckman Sr. and Sarah, 2 June 1716, in
         Newtown, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania. Born, 23 Nov. 1680, in Billingshurst, Sussex Co, England. Died,
         1740, in Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.

Mary Buckman, third child and second daughter of William Buckman (Edward) by his first wife Sarah ( ), was born
in England, probably in Billingshurst, Sussex, on 23 9 th mo. 1680, and she was baptized by Anglican             rite in
Billinghurst on 13 Jan. 1680/1, which fact may suggest that her mother was not a Friend. With the rest of the family she
came to America on the Welcome in 1682. Tradition among her Strawn descendants                says that she sat on the lap of
William Penn while at sea, and since she was then a child of two, his interest      in her would make this plausible. There
has been handed down in the             Strawn family through ten generations of Strawns, all of whom were named Jacob, a
sea shell which she brought with her as a toy.
          She married, first, on 30 Nov. 1703 under the auspices of Middletown Monthly Meeting but at the house of
          William Twining in Newtown, Henry Cooper or Couper, as the name was often spelled in contemporary
          documents. He had been baptized by Anglican rites in Low Ellington, Yorkshire, on 13 Jan. 1674/5, son of
          William Cooper by a wife who may or may not have been the wife Thomasine, mother of the six younger
          children of William Cooper.
          There was a Richard Strawhen who witnessed the marriage of Joseph Lupton to Mercy Twining at Middletown
          Monthly Meeting on 10 7th mo. 1713, and is thereafter not found. An attempt to find the original of this
          certificate in order to verify the first name has failed. Lancelot Strawhen similarly signed as witness the
09/01/2011                                                                                                Page*16*
                                        GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        marriage certificate of Mary’s brother William Buckman to Esther Penquite, as 21st name in the left-hand
        column, 27 9th mo. 1716, two months after the condemnation. We hear nothing more of Lancelot until he is dead
        and there are no deeds of record and no will, for he died intestate, administration granted to the Widow in Bucks
        County on 10 June 1720. Thomas Baynes signed her bond with her. The inventory was taken 8 4th mo. 1720 by
        John Wildman and Thomas Thwailes and came to L34/16/6, one item of unusual interest being a desk, so
        Lancelot Strawhen was undoubtedly literate.

         After the death of Lancelot in 1720 Mary and such of her brood as had not flown the nest probably
         removed about 1728 to Kent County, Delaware, where her son-in-law Dennis Pursell owned land, but by 1738
she was in New Jersey for she made her will in Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon County,
         7 Jan. 1738 (1738/9). She names daughters, Ruth and Sarah, sons William Cooper, Henry Cooper, John Cooper
         and Jacob Starwhen (sic) who is named executor. This will was written by an exceptionally poor speller, and it
         was probated in Bucks county on 10 Sept 1740 by the oath of Daniel Ashcraft and on 2 Oct. 1740 by the
         affirmation of Richard Mitchell. The third witness, Robert Hazlet, did not appear. She had survived the making of
         her will by about a year and a half.

               (Copied from ―The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful‖ by George E

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

   2. Jacob Strawn (Strawhen). Born, 1717, in Middletown Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania. Died, 20 Dec. 1800, in
      Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.

                Born: 1717 Middletown Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                Mar.: 1741 Bethlehem Twp, Hunderdon Co, NJ
                Died: 20 Dec. 1800 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                Buried: 1800 Richland Graveyard, Bucks Co, PA
                Prob.: 10 Jan 1801 Bucks Co, PA
                Milit: 15 Dec. 1774 Bucks Co, PA
                Occ:     Farmer and Potter
                Father: Lancelot STRAWN (Strawhen, Straughan)
                Mother: Mary BUCKMAN COOPER

        WIFE: Christiana “Stintje” PURSELL
              Born: 1722 Readington, Hunterdon Co, NJ
              Bap: 1 Mar 1724/5 Dutch Church, Readington, Hunderdon Co, NJ
              Died: 2 May 1805 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
              Buried: 1805 Richland Graveyard, Bucks Co, PA
              Prob.: 28 Mar 1807 Bucks Co, PA

                Father: John PURSELL
                Mother: Hannah HALL

    1   Thomas STRAWN (Straughan)
               Born: 1742 Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, NJ
               Mar.: 8 June 1769 Richland MM, Bucks Co, PA
               To:     Mary HEACOCK
               Mar.: ca 1772 PA
               To:     Sophia CHISHOLM
               Died: 2 Jan 1814 Madison Co, KY
               Census: 1772 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
               Census: 1799 Richmond, Madison Co, KY
               Census: 1800 Madison Co, KY

    2   John STRAWN Sr.
               Born: 1744 Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, NJ
               Mar.: Apr. 1770 Richland MM, Bucks Co, PA
               To:     Kezia DENNIS
               Died: Aug. 1808 Greene Co, PA
               Prob.: 29 Aug. 1808 Greene Co, PA
               Census: 1804 Morgan Twp, Greene Co, PA

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*18*
                                        GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

      3   Jacob STRAWN
                  Born:     23 Mar 1746/7 Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, NJ
                  Mar.:     Hunterdon Co, NJ
                  To:       Susannah VAN BUSKIRK
                  Died:     20 Aug. 1809 Jefferson, Greene Co, PA
                  Buried:   1809 Rice’s Landing, Greene Co, PA
                  Prob.:    28 Aug. 1809 Greene Co, PA

  4       William STRAWN Sr.
                 Born: 17 Jan 1749/0 Hunterdon Co, NJ
                 To:   Ann VAN HORN
                 Mar.: ca 1790
                 To:   Mary RAUDENBUSH
                 Died: 12 June 1809 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA

      5 Daniel STRAWN Sr.
                  Born: 27 Mar 1752 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                  Mar.: 1774 Bucks Co, PA
                  To:   Ann LLOYD
                  Mar.: ca 1780 PA
                  To:   Margaret PURSELL
                  Mar.: 14 Jan 1808 Buckingham MM, Bucks Co, PA
                  To:   Sarah SHAW MOORE
                  Died: 10 Sep 1819 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                  Occ:  Farmer

      6 Mary STRAWN
                 Born:      21 Feb. 1754 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                 Mar.:      PA
                 To:        Joseph VAN BUSKIRK (Captain)
                 Died:      1782 Northampton Co, PA

      7 Hannah STRAWN (Straughan)
                 Born: 8 Apr. 1756 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                 Mar.: 1773 Fayette Co, PA
                 To:   John WHITE Sr.
                 Died: 9 Nov. 1823 Madison Co, KY

      8 Isaiah STRAWN
                  Born:     28 Oct. 1758 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                  Mar.:     12 Aug. 1781 Somerset Co, PA
                  To:       Rachel REED
                  Died:     2 Aug. 1843 Putnam Co, IL
                  Buried:   Aug. 1843 Deer Park Cem, Putnam Co, IL
                  Census:   1817 Morgan Twp, Knox Co, OH
                  Milit:    1777 Rev War, Bucks Co, PA
                  Occ:      Blacksmith/Farmer

09/01/2011                                                              Page*19*
                                         GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

    9 Job STRAWN Sr.
              Born:        12 Oct. 1760 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
              Mar.:        4 Nov. 1791 PA
              To:          Mary COOPER
              Mar.:        1813 Fayette Co, PA
              To:          Hannah BOWERS MCCAULEY
              Died:        5 Sep 1821 Muncie, Delaware Co, IN
              Buried:      Sep 1821 Redstone Cem, Brownsville, Fayette Co, PA
              Census:      1810 Franklin Twp, Fayette Co, PA
              Census:      1820 Dearborn Co, IN
              Occ:         Farmer/Breede

    10 Jerusha STRAWN
                 Born: 14 Dec. 1762 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                 Mar.: 1785 Fayette Co, PA
                 To:   Jeremiah REED
                 Died: 1834 McLuney, Clayton Twp, Perry Co, OH

    11 Abel STRAWN
               Born:       12 Mar 1765 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
               Mar.:       PA
               To:         Elizabeth RAUDENBUSH
               Died:       17 Nov. 1848 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA

    12 Enoch STRAWN
               Born:       1 Sep 1768 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
               Mar.:       1791 Bucks Co, PA
               To:         Rebecca RAUDENBUSH
               Mar.:       14 Nov. 1822 Philadelphia, PA
               To:         Margaret CARTY (McCarty)
               Died:       7 Nov. 1849 Quakertown, Bucks Co, PA

          Jacob Strawhen, as he generally spelled his name, or Strawn, as most descendants spell it, was the only child
of Mary Buckman (William, Edward) by her second husband Lancelot Strawhen. He was born,                    probably in
Middletown Township, and in the year 1717, since in 1739 he was old enough to be named his       mother’s executrix. As
his father died in 1720 and his parents were married in 1716, he can not have been     born before 1717 or after 1721.

          Aside from his mother’s will, the earliest record of Jacob is found in a Middletown marriage certificate     dated
22 3rd mo. 1740, when Robert Lucas married Sarah Croasdale of Newtown, daughter of William Croasdale. The name
of Jacob Strawhen is next to the last among the men, but neither his mother, who            was dead by September of that
year, or his wife signed. He probably remained with his mother until her           death and accompanied her, if not to
Kent County, Delaware, at least to Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where she made her will. He
married about 1741, probably in Bethlehem Township,              Christiana Pursell, baptized at the Dutch Church at
Readington, that county, daughter of John Pursell (Thomas) by his wife Henah or Hannah whose maiden name has
not been determined. Thus, Jacob Strawhen became the nephew by marriage of his half sister, Ruth (Cooper) Pursell,
since John Pursell, her     father, was an older brother of Ruth’s husband Dennis.

          Christiana had been named for her paternal grandmother, Christiana Van Woggelom, who in Dutch
          records was regularly called Stintje Jan., that is in English, ―little Christina, daughter of John.‖ by coincidence
this Stintje Jan. was daughter of another     Christiana Pursell, being daughter of a John, could also be called Stintje
Jan. by the Dutch and, at any rate, was called Stintje. To the English ears at Richland         Meeting, this sounded like
―Staunchy,‖ and she was so recorded as such for many years. As a result,              some descendants have supposed that she
was so called from staunchness of build or character—she did survive the birth of twelve children. In any case, Jacob and

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                                           GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Stintje began having children while living in      New Jersey, since the births of the first three children are not found
recorded at Richland Meeting,      Quakertown, Pa.

          If this supposition is correct, the move to Haycock Township, which lies east of Richland Manor and
          Township, and now the Borough of Quakertown, took place between the spring of 1748 and the fall of
          1749. It would appear that the family must have lived first on rented property. There is an unrecorded deed dated
6 May 1752 whereby Joseph              Tomlinson of Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, yeoman, sold to Jacob
Strawhen            of Haycock Township, aforesaid county, for a consideration of five shillings (doubtless a fictitious sum
used to conceal the real price), a certain Messuage, plantation and Tract of Land in Haycock           Township, containing
255 acres and 98 perches, deed witnessed by Samuel Twining and Tho: Chapman.
          According to Richland Monthly Meeting’s Men’s Minutes Jacob Strawhen and Christiana his wife (and son,
John) requested to be received into religious fellowship on June 15 th, 1769. In the same minutes dated           October 19th,
1769 it is said, ―Friends are of the opinion that it may be best to leave the three eldest of Jacob Strawhens children (to
wit) William, Daniel and Mary, until they come to make application for                themselves and that all the younger ones
to be taken under the care of Friends with their parents‖.

           In 1779 Jacob Strawhen lived in Haycock Township on 350 acres, had 4 horses and 6 head of cattle. In
           1781, 360 acres, 3 horses and 7 cattle. In 1782, 360 acres, 2 horses and 7 cattle. In 1784, 360 acres, 5
           horses, 5 cattle and had 5 dwellings with 5 outhouses, which were inhabited by 25 whites. In 1783 he was taxed
4 pound 14 shilling           and 6 pence. In the year 1784 Jacob Strawhen erected a fine stone house near the village
called Strawntown about three miles east of Quakertown. The house remained in possession of                Jacob to his death in
1800 and then became the home of his youngest son Enoch until it was sold after his               death in 1849. The house has
been owned in late years by Mrs. Natalie Platoff Nichols and her sister, Mrs.           Ahlum, who operate the property as a
farm, having inherited it from their father, Col. Platoff, USA As this is being written (1970), there are reports that the
property may be condemned in order to build a highway                 and how long this beautiful building will be allowed to
remain standing is therefore doubtful. The entire          original wing attached to the which was not long ago destroyed by
fire. In the neighborhood of Strawntown           are a number of houses on the northwest. The large barn nearby is a new one,
replacing one built in 1809             similar stone houses, some of which were occupied by sons of Jacob Strawhen, the
one immediately to the        west having been the residence of Enoch’s next older brother, Abel Strawn, until his death in
1848. These         houses can be approached by driving south from the village of Pleasant Valley on what used to be called
           the Bethlehem Pike to a point where a road leads off to the left. In the northeast angle of this intersection is the
stone house formerly occupied by Ed and Laura Roudenbush. Shortly farther on, a road runs west from                 a point just
beyond the Roudenbush house,            and on this lane, as it really is, Jacob Strawhen’s house is the first on the right, his
son        Abel’s the next on the left. At the formation of the Bucks County Committee of Safety on 15 Dec. 1774 Jacob
Strawhen was the member for Haycock Township, but when it became evident that the colonies would resort to arms, he
and Thomas Foulke, the member for Richland, resigned                  on 21 July 1775, unable, as Friends, to serve further. This
brief service, however, has been accepted as qualifying female descendants for membership in the Daughters of the
American Revolution. In 1779            Jacob Strawhen Sr. was recorded as the owner of 350 acres in Haycock Township,
with four horses and          six head of cattle; in 1781, 360 acres and three horses and seven head of cattle; in 1782 350
acres, two          horses and seven head of cattle; in 1783, taxed L4/14/6; in 1784, 360 acres, five horses, five head of
cattle, five dwellings, five outhouses, inhabited by 25 whites and in 1785 he had 360 acres, three horses, nine               head
of cattle. At this period, of course, several of the children must already have married and had            children of their own.
It is obvious from the acreage stated that Jacob Strawhen had added to his              original 255+ acres, and in 1767 he
bought 167 acres adjoining, but no deeds of sale or purchase are on            record at Doylestown.

09/01/2011                                                                                                Page*21*
                                        GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

         Jacob and Christiana were faithful members of Richland Meeting, as were at least some of their children, but
the Strawn family was not uniformly Quaker in background. The parents are undoubtedly buried in          the graveyard
at Richland Meeting, no stones now visible for them. The earliest Strawn stone now visible I    s for Jacob’s grandson
John, who died in 1868. The earlier graves were opened in rows as deaths occurred,      and husbands and wives might
be separated from each other by considerable distance.

         In addition to farming, Jacob Strawhen is said to have engaged in pottery making, a trade followed by
         several descendants. His grandson, John Straughan (son of Daniel), recorded in 1848 that his grandfather was a
man of veracity and candor, five feet, ten inches, tall, stout of brain and limbs. He also says that Jacob died at age 86,
which is too high, and that Christiana died at age 97, which is all of fifteen years too      many.

        Jacob Strawhen died on 20 Dec. 1800, not 1801 as often deduced from the probate record that administration
was granted, 13 Jan. 1801, to his son Daniel Strawhen, and to Israel Foulke (1760-       1824) the securities being John
Cooper and Henry Cooper, undoubtedly his nephews. The inventory         of 13 Feb. 1801 came to L942/18/8. Christiana
Strawhen also died intestate, administration granted
        28 April 1807 to Israel Foulke, with inventory made by Israel Lancaster and George Sheive, L300/8 and ¾

                (Copied from ―The Welcome Claimants Proved, Disproved and Doubtful‖ by George E
        McCracken, ―Bucks County Church Records of the 17th & 18th Centuries‖ by Anna Miller
        Watring, and ―Bucks County Historical Society‖ Doylestown PA)

         Bucks County, PA.
         James Hanna Esquire holding the Registers Office at Newtown in and for the County of Bucks and to
         whom it may concern. This may certify that we the Subscribers do decline our right of Administratorship and
do desire that Israel Foulke and Daniel Strawhen be appointed to that service on the Estate of Jacob       Strawhen Late
of Haycock township, Bucks County, deceased. Witness our hands the tenth day of the 1 st month, 1801
  William Strawn
  Abel Strawn          Christiana Strawhen
  Enoch Strawn            her mark

        Inventory of the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of Jacob Strawhen. Late of Haycock township    in the
county of Bucks, deceased, appraised the 3rd of the 1st month, AD 1801, by Israel Lancaster     and John Moyer
Freeholders of said County.

        Wearing apparel valued at                                               11-13-0
        Large Bible                                  15 S
        Ellwood’s Sacred History 3 volumes           22S 6                     1-17-6
        Ellwood’s Journal                            4S
         Chalkley’s Do.                              4S
        Barclay’s Appology                           4S                         0-12-0
        John Griffith’s Journal                      4S
        Dictionary                                   5S                         0-9-0
        Baxter’s Call                                2S 6
        ready reckoned                               2S 6                       0-5-0
        Pilgrims Progress                            2S 6
        Watts’s Hymns                                2S 6                       0-5-0
        Job Scott’s Journal                          5S 7 ½
        Ellwood’s Davidais                           1S 10 ½                    0-7-6
        Psalm Book                                   2S 6
        Mary Molleneax Poems                         2S 0                       0-4-6
        The Life of Joseph                           1S 5
        Allen’s Alarm                                6D                         0-2-0

09/01/2011                                                                                         Page*22*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     Sophia Hume                                 2S
     The Power                                   1S
     Religion of John Bunyan                     9D                        0-3-9
     A Buckskin                                  9S
     One huckaback Table cloth                   6S                        0-15-0
     Three yards striped Lincey                  15S
     Flax yarn 15 doz.                           25 S                      2-0-0
     Five doz. tow Do.                    5S
     ten yards flax linen                        0S                        2-5-0
     Eleven yards tow Do.                        27 S
     6 five Do. flax huckaback                   22 S 6                    2-10-0
     One flax sheet                              15S
     one Do.                                     12S
     flax and tow                                11S 3                     1-18-3
     Tow do.                                      4S
     old blanket                                 7S 6
     two pillows & cases                         5S                        0-16-6
     Feather Bed and appurtenances in the room down stairs                 5-10-0
     One feather bed & appurtenances up stairs over the kitchen             3-0-0
     Best bed and appurtenances                                            7-10-0
     A Walnut Desk                               L.4:0:0
     Chest of Drawers                            L.1:17:6                  5-17-6
     Small Desk                                  7S 6
     Spice box                                   3S
     Dressing Table                              11S 3                     1-1-9
     Arm Chair 5S Eleven old chairs              7S 6                      0-12-6
     A thirty hour clock                         L 10:0:0
     Ten plate stove                             L 9:10:0                  19-10-0
     Three pewter dishes                         15S
     Six Do.plates                               12S                       1-7-0
     A Smooth Rifle                              L3:0:0
     Coarse Hackle                               11S 3            3-11-3
     Earthen ware & knives & forks               5S
     sheep shears                                2S 6                      0-7-6
     Saddle & Bridle                             7S 6
     Woman’s Saddle                       37S 6                   2-5-0
     Old pewter bason                            2S
     Do. Tankard                                 3S 9
     Do. Tea pot                                 2S 6                      0-8-3
     Five tea cups & Saucers                     1S 6
     four white plates 1S                                                  0-2-6
     Tin quart                                   4D
      Shears                                     8D.
     four clasp knives                           2S 6                      0-3-6
     Three Razors & Hone & strap                                           0-7-6
     A Variety of small articles in a drawer                               0-11-3
     Large Steelyards                            18S 9
     Small Do.                                   6S                        1-4-9
     Fine Hackle                                 5S
     three Lasts                                 1S 6
     Looking Glass                                                         0-11-6
     Eleven empty casks                          41S 3
     Six Guns & two kegs                         12S                       2-13-3
     Two Hogshead                                15S
     Meat Tub                                    7S 6
09/01/2011                                                                           Page*23*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     Box with tobacco                            7S 6                1-10-0
     Soap Tub                                    2S
     Box & Spun tobacco                          5S
     half bushel                                 5S                  0-12-0
     Old Tea kettle & flat iron                  2S
     sheep bell                                  1S 6                0-3-6
     Brace & three bits                          1S 6
     Compasses & inshaver                        1S                  0-2-6
     Six planes                                  10S
     Six Awgres                                  15S
     and Adds                                    3S                  1-8-0
     Two broad Axes                              10S
     a hallow Adds                               1S
     keg                                         1S 6                0-12-6
     Hand-Saw & Crows & two Gouges & Cantoon                         0-2-0
     Two butter boxed                            11S
     3 two Do.                                   3S
     Half peck                                   1S 6                0-15-9
     Two wooden shovels, two jugs, butter scales &
     tobacco wheel                                          0-3-0
     Spade                                       6D
     Wool Wheel                                  6S
     Flax Do.                                    2S
     Check Reel                                  3S                  0-11-6
     Two bags                                    1S
     Brass Kettle                                4S
     large iron Do.                              12S 6               2-18-6
     Small iron Pot                              1S 6
     two corner Cupboards                        37S 6
     two tables                                  11S 3               2-10-3
     Lanthorn                                    2S
     Smith Tools                                 L.6:15:
     Grind Stone 3                               S9                  7-0-9
     A Waggon                                    L 7:10:0
     Iron & Square                               3S 9                7-13-9
     Spreader Chair, pinchers & old iron                    0-8-9
     Three Axes, Crow-bar grubbing hoe & stove plate                 1-1-0
     One cow                                     L6:10:0
     three cow chains                    7S 6               6-17-6
     Wind-Mill                                   20S
     two pitch-forks                             3S 9
      Stay                                       22S 6               2-6-3
     Cutting Box                                 6S
     two Quoilers                                7S 6                0-13-6
     Three traces                                11S 6
     two blind-halters & two backbands
     one collar and hames                        5S         0-16-6
     Andirons                                    S
     Shovel & tongs                              5S
     Trammel                                     12S                 1-2-0
     Bake-Iron                                   7S 6
     Gridiron Candlestick & Sundries             2S         0-9-6
     One Hogshead                                3S 9
     Gun                                         1S 10 ½             0-5-7 ½
     Three drawing knives                        6S
09/01/2011                                                                     Page*24*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       three Chisels                              2S                  0-8-0
       Four Glass Bottles                         4S                  0-4-0
       One Bond of Frederick Gross L44:9:0 Interest due from
                the 6th of 3rd Mo. 1799           4:13:4              49-2-4
       One Do. of Daniel Strawhen L60:0:0 Interest due from
                the 27th of 4th Mo. 1799          5:14:0              65-14-0
       One Do. of Job Strawhen L160:0:0 Interest due from
                 the 10th of 2nd Mo. 1800          8:0:0              168-0-0
       One Note of George Diehl                                       5-0-0
       One Do. of Michael Roar                                        1-1-11
       One Do. of Jacob Rodenbach                                     7-10-0
       Debt due from William Strawhen agreeably to an article
                 of agreement, including interest 484-18-10
       Debt out Standing on Book                  38-6-8 ½            942-18-8
                Israel Lancaster
                John Moyer

Bucks County SS

On the Eighth Day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and one, personally
appeared before me John Griffith one of the Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Bucks the above
named Israel Lancaster and John Moyer they first being duely qualified according to Law, did declare and
say the above appraisement is Just and True according to the best of their understanding, as witness my
hand and seal day and year first written. John Griffith

09/01/2011                                                                            Page*25*
                                           GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                  He married Christiana “Stintje” Pursell, daughter of John Pursell and Hannah Hall,
         1741, in Bethlehem Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Born, 1722, in Readington,
         Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Died, 2 May 1805, in Haycock Twp, Bucks Co,
         Pennsylvania. Children:

i.Thomas. Born, 1742, in Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Died, 2 Jan 1814, in Madison Co, Kentucky. He
        married, first, Mary Heacock, daughter of William Heacock and Ann Roberts, 8 June 1769, in Richland,
        Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co, Pa. He married, second, Sophia Chisholm, daughter of James Chisholm, circa
        1772, in PA.

         Thomas Strawhen was born in New Jersey in 1742, and returned to Haycock with his parents where he
         bought land in 1772. He purchased of John Chapman on 12 mo. 24, 1772, forty acres of land in Haycock
         Township, and later purchased of his father twelve acres adjoining. Roberts says he remained on this farm until
1797, when he went to settle to Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania on the east bank of the
Monongahela, but local records indicate that he came to the Tenmile before 1786, for in that        year he signed the will
of Thomas Blackledge, while on October 26, 1785, he warranted the tract of land            adjoining Blackledge. This was
the land on the road to Clarksville from Jefferson, where the high bridge         crosses Laurel Run. He must have been
living here when he witnessed his neighbor’s will. He was twice          married, first on June 8, 1769, to Mary Heacock,
who was born in Bucks County on May 11, 1752. She                        died on March 27, 1770, and he took a second
wife, whose first name was Sophia. A record dated the 25 th of September 1800 was found at the Westland Monthly
Meeting of Washington County, Pennsylvania,            showing a certificate saying Thomas Strawhen from Richland
Monthly Meeting, dated the 20th of April      1799 was endorsed to Redstone Monthly Meeting in Fayette County,
Pennsylvania on the 3rd of October 1800.
                   (Copied from ―The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families‖ by Howard L
                   Leckey & ―Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks‖ by Clarence V Roberts, and
         ―Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy‖ by William Wade Hinshaw)

ii.John Sr. Born, 1744, in Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Died, Aug. 1808, in Greene              Co, Pennsylvania.
          He married Kezia Dennis, daughter of John Dennis and Kezia Ball, Apr. 1770, in Richland, Monthly
          Meeting, Bucks Co, Pa. John Strawn, son of Jacob and Christiana (Pursell) Strawn, born in Hunterdon
          County, N. J., in 1744, removed with his parents to Haycock Township. In the Richland Monthly Meeting:
Men’s Minutes of March 15th, 1770 it states, ―John Straham and Kezia Dennis, Junior., declared their intentions of
marriage. In the same minutes of June 21st, 1770 it states, ―The case of John Strahen continued, they report that he,
with Kezia Dennis, Junior., have fell into the sin of inchastity yet stood in        denial thereof until at or near the birth of
their child. On February 2nd, 1772 the testification against John           Strahan and Kezia his wife was published. He
married at Richland Monthly Meeting 4 mo. 1770, Kezia             Dennis, daughter of John and Kezia (Ball) Dennis, of
Rockhill. She was born in Rockhill Township 2 mo. 22, 1753. They removed to the Turkey Foot settlement in what is
now Somerset County, Pa., and later            removed to Morgan Township in the forks of Ten Mile Creek, a tributary of
the Monongahela River in the          northeast corner of the present Greene County, Pa., where they were living in 1804,
when they executed a        release for Kezia’s legacy under the will of her father. They had nineteen children.

                   (Copied from ―Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks‖ by Clarence V Roberts,
                   and ―Bucks County Church Records of the 17th & 18th Centuries‖ by Anna M Watring)

iiiJacob. Born, 23 Mar 1746/7, in Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Died, 20 Aug. 1809, in Jefferson, Greene
          Co, Pennsylvania. He married Susannah Van Buskirk, daughter of George ―Joris‖ Van Buskirk and Sarah
          Susanna Ashton in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey.

09/01/2011                                                                                                Page*26*
                                          GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

iv.William Sr. Born, 17 Jan 1749/0, in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey. Died, 12 June 1809, in Strawntown, Haycock     Twp,
Bucks Co, Pennsylvania. He married, first, Ann Van Horn, daughter of Garrett Van Horn and Mary         Neal. He
married, second, Mary Raudenbush, ca 1790.

          William Strawn, son of Jacob and Christiana (Pursell) Strawn, born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey on
January 17th, 1749/50 and came to Bucks County with his           parents when an infant. He was living on a farm of 64
acres part of the old homestead at Strawntown in 1801, and continued to reside there until his           death. His home was
the old hotel property at Strawntown. He married, first, Ann Van Horn, daughter of             Garrett Van Horn of
Springfield, and second, Mary Raudenbush. Mary (Raudenbush) Strawn                   married George Unkel after the death of
her husband William Strawn. After William’s first marriage to Ann Van                Horn, he purchased land on the west side
of Bethlehem Road, that joined his father’s land, which           connected Philadelphia and Bethlehem. This place was
long known as the Strawntown Inn and has been            and is today a famous place. It was a stage coach Inn. Many
prominent people tarried here. At first it was a         small stone building, and later enlarged by two stone additions, just
as it stands today and when the        families of William lived in it. A deep cave at the rear of the hotel figures in the
Indian and legendary lore              of the neighborhood. During the early stage coach days the Strawntown Inn was
famous for the Old English             mutton chops and imported ale served by the host. At this place his first wife died and
he brought into it his        second wife, and his children by both wives were born at the Inn, and this notable place
William passed away from all his earthly works. The Raudenbush family carried on until his oldest son William Jr.
and       wife took the famous Strawntown Inn over, who later sold out the land and business of the Inn to Mary
          Strawn Seiple, the oldest daughter of William. The Old Tavern bar is still intact, liquors, mixed drinks, and malt
beverages have taken place of old ale. The Inn has a reputation for its fine steaks. It is the meeting            place of folks
of the stage and the arts. It has never been modernized but stands as it did a century ago and           makes it one of the
unusual Inns in Bucks County.

                  (Copied from ―Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks‖ by Clarence V Roberts and
                  ―History of the Strawn Families (Book III)‖ by Lily Strawn Painter)
                  © 1996, 1997 by Curt and Bonnie Strawn-Miller All Rights Reserved (No part of this material
                  may be copied or reproduced without Curt and Bonnie Strawn-Millers written approval)

William STRAWN (1749-1809) and 1st wife Ann VAN HORN

William STRAWN Sr.
            b. 17 Jan 1749/0 Hunterdon Co, NJ
            d. 12 June 1809 Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA

                 Ann VAN HORN
                 b. 1749 PA
                 d. Haycock Twp, Bucks Co, PA
                 Fa: Garrett VAN HORN
                 Mo: Mary NEAL
         (1)Mary STRAWN
                 b. Bucks Co PA; m. Henry SEIPEL in PA

         (2)William STRAWN Jr.
                 b. 13 July 1781 Bucks Co PA; m. Christiana WOLSTEAR

         (3)Hannah STRAWN
                b. Bucks Co, PA; m. 18 Aug. 1812 in PA to John SHAFFER

William STRAWN (1749-1809) and 2nd wife Mary RAUDENBUSH
09/01/2011                                                                                               Page*27*
                              GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

           d. 1821 PA
           Other husband: George UNKEL

     (1)Elizabeth STRAWN
             b. 1791 Bucks Co PA; m. Samuel MILLER Sr.; bur. Tioga Co PA
             See ―Miller‖ Record
     (2)Rachel STRAWN
             b. 1793 Bucks Co PA; m. Benjamin DOMBLASER (Dornblaser)

     (3)Rebecca STRAWN
            b. 1798 Bucks Co PA; m. 1821 in PA Jacob WILHELM

     (4)Samuel S STRAWN
            b. 1800 Bucks Co PA; m. Apr. 1829 Sarah YOUMANS;
            d. before 1865 Chatham Twp, Tioga Co PA; Census 1826 Tompkins Co NY;
            Census 1850 Tioga Co PA

     (5)Christiana Ann STRAWN
             b. 1802 Bucks Co PA; m. Peter OCHS

09/01/2011                                                                   Page*28*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                           MILLER RECORD

1st Generation
Samuel Miller, Sr.     born Nov. 17, 1793, Bucks Co., PA, son of Samuel M. and Sarah Miller.
                       died April 11, 1865, Chatham, Tioga Co. PA
       The Miller family was in Philadelphia before Wm. Penn, who secured propriety rights in 1681. Millers were
       among the few Dutch settlers already there. Samuel M. Miller lived in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks Co., PA.
       He was killed in the War of 1812.

       Samuel, Elizabeth and three children (Mahlon, Rachel & Samuel, Jr.) left Bucks Co. (where he worked as a
       shoemaker.) in 1826 and worked a farm near Ithaca, NY for 2 years. They then moved onto the farm now
               known as Miller Homestead in Chatham Township. Elizabeth drove horses while Samuel drove the
cattle         and blazed the trail. They bought the land from the Bingham Lumber & Land So. They built a log cabin
               (where Sarah and Eliza were born.) (Until c.1858 when a machine for stitching together soles and
uppers         was invented by Lyman Blake and developed by Gordon McKay, shoemakers worked at home or as
       In 1835 a Samuel Miller served as County Commissioner of Tioga Co., PA. Need to confirm this is ―our‖
               Samuel Miller.

              married Elizabeth Strawn Miller born Oct. 18, 1791
                                           died Aug. 4, 1859, Chatham, Tioga Co. PA
       Lucy Ann       Oct. 28, 1818         Aug. 11, 1819
       Mahlon         Nov. 15, 1819         Dec. 6, 1863
       Rachel         Feb. 4, 1822          Aug. 31, 1885
       Samuel Jr.     Dec. 7, 1823         Aug. 31, 1885
       Levina         Jan 31, 1826         April 3, 1902
       Edwin          Jan 29, 1828         Feb. 9, 1895
       Sarah          Oct. 8, 1830         March 9, 1905
       Eliza          March 15, 1833       Oct. 8, 1896

2nd Generation
      Mahlon Miller married Amy Clark - One child: Mary Elizabeth
                                   who died at age of 13 years.

       Rachel Miller married George Close, Feb. 16, 1845
              Helen                   April 24, 1846
              Edwin                   July 4, 1848
              Elizabeth               Jan 6, 1859
              Euretta                 July 21, 1862
              Willis                  April 25, 1866

       Levina Miller married Martin Bennett b Germany
              Sarah                   married "Uncle Penn"

09/01/2011                                                                            Page*29*
                               GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     Sarah Miller married Peter B. Bush
           John Miller              Dec. 5, 1861 Jan 8, 1924
           Samuel                   July 9, 1863   Feb. 27, 1896
           Jacob Puff               Nov. 29, 1865      1944
                   (Uncle Jake married to Aunt Hattie)
           Edwin Myron              Dec. , 1870        1923

     Samuel Miller, Jr. married Judea Close July 2, 1847
            William                            June 22, 1848    March 7, 1887
            Sarah                     Dec. 6, 1850
            Esther                    April 2, 1852
            George                    Jan 1, 1856
            Henry Samuel              June 3, 1862
            John                      Jan 13, 1865 Jan 29, 1866
            Nora Belle                Aug. 22, 1869
            All born on the same farm in Chatham, Tioga Co., PA

09/01/2011                                                                      Page*30*
                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

3rd Generation
       William Miller married Anna Kirtland, Oct. 5, 1882
              Carrie Elizabeth

         Sarah Miller married Sylvester Treat Sept 28, 1868
                Lewis                           Fannie Victoria
                Alice                           Claude Sylvester
                Burt                            Samuel
                Agnes Laura                     Clara Belle

         Esther Miller married Clark H. Kilbourne Feb. 10, 1881
                 Lora Lee

         George Miller married Lillian E. Wass May 1, 1890

         Henry Samuel Miller married Clara A Beauvier June 17, 1896
                Robert Edwin                  Nov. 24, 1898 at Knoxville, PA
                Rebecca Judea                 Sept 1, 1900 at Knoxville, PA
                Marien Esther                 Sept 11, 1902 at Knoxville, PA

         Nora Belle married Bert Rowland Warren Nov. 26, 1890
                (reared Neal and Leslie Bush after Neva Bush died)

         John Miller Bush
               1st married Mina P.       April 22, 1863                 Feb. 13, 1898
                                         died of childbirth, after 18 days.
                        Lewis S.                 Jan. 27, 1898          July 4, 1898
                 2nd married Neva Niletta? Neal Thanksgiving Day 1899
                        Gladys Juanita April 1, 1902                   August 26, 1994 at Hammond, LA
                                        at Westfield, Tioga Co, PA        buried Laurel Hill Cem., Erie, PA
                        Dorothy Ruth August 20, 1905 at Brookfield 12/16/1993
                        Neal Henry       June 13, 1907                 February 20, 1994
                        Leslie Gerald Aug. 20, 1909                    Jan 16, 1972
                        Samuel                   1910                  in infancy
                        Wilma Alberta Oct. 23, 1911                    Aug. 9, 1991
                        Ethlyn           Dec. 5, 1912                  Sept. 8, 1995

                 Obituary from Westfield, PA newspaper:
                 John Bush passed away very suddenly at the home of B. R. Warren in Chatham, for whom he had
                 worked for the past nine years. (He was an itinerant farmer.) John was twice married. His last
                 wife died about 11 years ago. To these two unions were born eight children, six of whom are living.
                 The funeral was held from the Warren home at 11:00 on Friday, January 11, and the interment
                 was in the Champlin cemetery, near Westfield. Rev. Fay H. Chapman, pastor of the M. E. church
                 at Westfield, officiated. Mr. and Mrs. Warren, the children and brother wish to thank all who so
         kindly helped in their hour of sorrow and affliction.

                 Neal tells that they were eating beef stew when his father put his hand to his head, leaned back and
                         died, his head falling into the stew. John's death certificate states Heart Bloc as the cause of

09/01/2011                                                                                    Page*31*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

4th Generation
Gladys Bush married Charles Parke Loomis June 21, 1928
               Helen Marie          March 13, 1930


        Gladys was born on April 1, 1902 in Westfield, PA. She was the oldest child of Neva (Neal) and
        John Bush. Later children were Dorothy, Neal, Leslie, Wilma, and Ethlyn. Neva died of a
        hemorrhage following Ethlyn's birth, on December 5, 1912. The children went to various family and
        neighbors for their upbringing. Gladys went to live with her Neal grandparents, and later Dorothy
        joined the family, which also included four male Neal cousins.

        After graduation from Knoxville (PA) High School in 1921, Gladys attended Meeker Business
        School, working in a home for room and board. Upon graduation she went to work in Knoxville as
        book-keeper for Lugg's Department store. Mr. Lugg helped with her tuition in return for her promise
        to come back and work for him.

         She married Charles Parke Loomis, originally from Troy, PA., on June 21, 1928, in Elmira, New York.
They lived in Mansfield, PA where Charlie worked as a mechanic, then ran the Ford        dealership. On March
13, 1930, Helen Marie was born. Gladys's brother, Neal, was married to                   Elizabeth (Betty)
Howe. When Betty gave birth to their son, Lloyd Norman Bush, on December 5,              1933, she became very
ill. She wanted Gladys and Charlie to rear her son. She died within three                weeks of Lloyd's birth.
Lloyd was reared as Gladys and Charlie's son, although he was never adopted. His father maintained a close
relationship with him, even though Neal's second wife did not         want to take Lloyd into their home.

        As the Bush children grew up they became very close, which seems unusual, considering the different
        upbringing. Wilma was adopted and lived in southern Pennsylvania, so had little contact with the
        other children. But as adults they were all in constant contact with each other, as long as they lived.

        In 1940, Charlie moved the family to Covington, PA and opened a garage there. However, upon the
        outbreak of World War II, he went to Erie, where his brother, Luther, lived, and found a job in a
        defense plant. The family joined him there in the summer of 1942. About two years later, Charlie
        left the plant, and opened his own service station. He continued to run his own businesses the rest of
        his work life, with one exception.

        He suffered a "nervous breakdown" in 1946. Ultimately he had to be admitted to a state hospital for
        treatment. Gladys found work in the General Electric plant on the opposite side of Erie. She worked
        on a production line, and had to take the city bus across the city every day, in order to keep the family
        together. She also sold Avon products to help boost the family income. Charlie was in the hospital
        for six months. He was able to open a gas station, eventually, but Gladys continued to work at G.E.
        for 11 years.

        They lived first at 3113 Elmwood Ave., then in 1947 they bought a house at 906 East 21st Street,
        closer to G.E. Sometime later Gladys worked at Maynell Manufacturing Company as book-keeper,
        still doing Charlie's book-keeping as well.

        After they both retired, they were finally able to travel. Since Helen married and moved away, there
        were always grandchildren to visit. Lloyd worked in Erie briefly, then in North Carolina, before
        settling in Florida. He served two years in the U.S. Army, then returned to Florida. So that was
        another favorite place to visit. Charlie and Gladys also made a number of trips with her sister,
        Dorothy and brother-in-law, Hugh.

09/01/2011                                                                                   Page*32*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       Some places they visited were: Canada, camping at Algonquin Park with Helen and Dale & their
       children; Nova Scotia with Dorothy and Hugh; Texas, and states between there and Pennsylvania
       with Dorothy and Hugh; Las Vegas; many visits to North Carolina while Helen and Dale lived there.
       After Helen and Dale moved to Louisiana they drove or flew there about once a year, and joined them
       in some of their travels: taking grand-daughter, Debbie, to New Mexico one summer, for example.

        Charlie died in January, 1978, less than six months before their 50th wedding anniversary. With Helen
and Dale settled in LaPlace, Louisiana by this time, and Lloyd and Merry in West Palm Beach, Florida, it was
decided to try to sell the house, and move Gladys to LaPlace. She lived with Helen       and Dale for three
years. Then an apartment complex for the elderly was built in LaPlace, so Gladys         applied for that. She
moved in February, 1981, when Place Dubourg opened. During her first years               in LaPlace she worked
as a volunteer in the RSVP program. She helped at the local nursing home,                and at the Senior
Center. When the River Parish Hospital opened, she signed up as a volunteer there,       and worked there for
several years.

       After Charlie died, Gladys still traveled. She flew to Rochester, New York to visit Dorothy, and to
       Florida to see Lloyd and his family nearly every year as long as she was able. She joined Dorothy
       and Hugh for a trip to Mexico. And in September of 1980 she flew to England with Helen and Dale
       to meet her first great-grandson, Jared. While in England she traveled through quite a bit of the
       country, and took a day trip across the English Channel to France.

       She was active in crafts, quilting, etc., at Place Dubourg as long as she was able to use her hands.
       Eventually it became too painful to do hand work. She joined the local Baptist church, and was active
in Sunday School, Women's Missionary work, Bible School, etc.

       Gladys always liked to listen to music and singing, but she was tone deaf and didn't sing. It was hard
       to say what kind of music she liked, but probably Christian music would be a good guess.

       In the summer of 1993, at the age of 91, Gladys developed a heart condition. She was also
       becoming quite senile. Helen then placed Gladys in Belle Maison Nursing Home in Hammond.
       Gladys died on August 26, 1994 at Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, and was buried in Laurel
Hill Cemetery in Erie, Pennsylvania

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*33*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       Dorothy Bush married Hugh Elliott March 31, 1932; d 3/30/89
              Carolyn Ruth           Jan 14, 1933
              Laura Louise           Jan 25, 1947
              Sharon Yvonne          Feb. 10, 1948

       Dorothy was married in the home of Gladys Bush Loomis. She was married by Hugh Elliott's step-father,
       Rev. Peter van Duren. Those present at the wedding were Peter van Duren, Addie (Simpson) Elliott van
       Duren, Dorothy E. Wilcox, Gladys Bush Loomis, Ethlyn Bush, Neva Burt (later to marry Leslie Bush),
       Elizabeth Bush (first wife of Neal Bush), Charles Loomis, Neal H. Bush, and Helen Marie Loomis (daughter
       of Gladys and Charles Loomis).Neva O. Burt and Leslie G. Bush witnessed for the wedding.

        Dorothy and Hugh went to Jake Bush and his wife Hattie's home for their honeymoon. (Jake and Hattie ere
        Dorothy's uncle and aunt.) After Neva Neal Bush died in childbirth, Dorothy and Neal stayed with their father
for two years while Gladys and Leslie went to live with their Neal Grandparents. Then Dorothy and      Leslie traded
places. Neal and Leslie lived with the Warren family.

       Dorothy attended Meeker Business School upon completion of high school in 1924, cleaning house in
       exchange for room and board.

        She worked part-time for a while in a local Department store in Rochester, NY. She was known for her agility
with her hands: baking and crafts such as knitting and crocheting. During the Depression in the 1930's she baked pies
which her husband, Hugh Elliott, sold as a means to help financially during those hard years.    Dorothy and Hugh
took care of many foster children, among them Ruth Stewart who maintained a              relationship with them
through-out her life, becoming as one of the family. Dorothy died December 16, 1993 in Rochester NY.

       Neal Bush married Elizabeth Catherine Howe 11/03/1930
                       she died 2/1/1934
              Lloyd Norman             Dec. 5, 1933
                      in 1934 married Louise Jerald 02/10/1911        died 6/14/2001
              Barbara                 Nov. 26, 1936                   died 01/31/2002
              Christine Alice         Nov. 16, 1952

       Elizabeth Catherine Howe Bush, or Betty as the family called her, was a missionary, or the child of
       missionaries and contracted an illness which lay benign until her pregnancy. While in the hospital after the
       birth of her son, Neal would walk to visit her through the hard winter snow. During these visits, realizing that
       Neal could not care for a child and work, she indicated to him that she wished Lloyd to be raised by Gladys
       and Charlie Loomis as she had met them, and thought their daughter, Helen, to be very nice.

       Letter of Administration
       Registrar's Office, Nov. 20, 1934
       This day was presented the petition of Neal H. Bush of Delmar Township, Tioga Co. Penna. representing:
       That he is the surviving husband of Elizabeth Howe Bush, late of Delmar Township, Tioga Co., Penna. who
       departed this life at the Sayre Hospital on the 1st day of February AD 1934 at or about 2:00 A.M.
       That the next of kin of said decedent are as follows:
       Lloyd Norman Bush, a son, 1 yr. old residing at Mansfield, Tioga Co. Penna.
                That the value of the personal property was about fifty dollars. The Petitioner therefore prayed that
      Letters of Administration be granted to the petitioner.
       Same day Letters of Administration of the Estate of Elizabeth Howe Bush were granted to Neal H. Bush, he
       first having been duly sworn as required by law.
                Nov. 30, 1934 Bond filed in the sum of One Hundred Dollars signed by Neal H. Bush, R. J.
       Dunham, and Harry W. Evans.

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*34*
                              GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     Wilma Bush married George Hawk: he died May 4, 1978
           Larry                 Jan 11, 1937

     Leslie Bush married Neva Burt
                married Marilyn Bach 05/03/1922
             Russell (adopted)     01/24/1945

     Ethlyn Bush married Burt Goodwin 07/25/1902 03/09/1991 Died 9/8/1995
             Kathy Elaine         Jan 23, 1943
             Gerald Burt          June 12, 1944

09/01/2011                                                                  Page*35*
                                 GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

5th Generation
       Helen Loomis married Dale Dean Griffith    11/24/1949
               Dale Dean Jr.        June 28, 1950
               David Mark           Nov. 24, 1952
               Richard Charles      Jan 3, 1955              May 15, 1955
               Deborah Anne         Aug. 31, 1956
               Sonya Marie          Jan 21, 1960
               Pamela Sue           May 29, 1964

       Lloyd Bush     married Meredith Jane Wood 05/15/1936
              Elizabeth Anne          Dec. 16, 1964 married Daniel Phelps 10/7/1995
                                                     at Palm Beach, Florida
                      Margaret Caroline b 07/15/2002

              Linda Lorraine          Feb. 12, 1966

       Carolyn Elliott married 1st Norman Rivera
              Sandra Lee               8/3/1952
              William Charles          11/17/1954 m Eileen
                       married 2nd Clarence Gaspar
              Cynthia Jo               9/22/1956 m Wade Ingerick
              Hugh Kelly               7/21/1958
              Timothy Allen            10/17/1959 m Cathy Moss
                       married 3rd J. W. Peevey 08/24/1938
              Johnnie Wayne            1/16/1963 m Natalie S.
              Joanne Wendy             10/22/1964 m Eric Clymerman

       Barbara Bush married Robert Petroski Dec., 1958
              Robert Eric             10/9/1959
              Richard Gregory         11/27/1960
              Ellen Elizabeth         10/9/1965 m
                        Samantha Jo 1/6/91
              Adam Jonathan           1/31/1975
              James Alexander         9/28/1976

       Christine Bush married Frank Probst - divorced 1992
               Diane Renee             8/31/1977
                       Caitlyn Elizabeth 6/18/1994
               Julie Lynn              10/17/1979
               Erin Rebecca            12/14/1983
                       married Robert Andrew Sheppard, Sr. 5/25/1996 divorced - 2001

       Russell Bush married 1st Cathi
               Todd Allen             2/15/1965                 3/ /1965
               Gregory Allen          2/8/1966
               Tammy Lynn             12/3/1967 m Stephen Augusta Bremer
                                Stephen Jr. 9/16/90
                                Brooklynn Ra 3/2/1999
               Russell, Jr.           12/28/1969               8/22/1998
               Geoffrey G.            12/29/1972
                 married 2nd Annette
                 married 3rd Sherrie Pile
               Jamie Pile             3/28/1974
09/01/2011                                                                             Page*36*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       Larry Hawk married Elverta Jan 1958
              Larry Curtis           8/4/1959

       Kathy Goodwin married 1st Ralph Bryant Sept 1961
              Susan Elaine           10/7/1962
              Gregory Scott          12/27/1963
                 married 2nd Al Kyte
              Krista E.              7/24/1970

       Gerald Goodwin married Joanna Dean
              Penny G.               12/14/1965
              Jeffrey G.             10/29/1968

       Laura Elliott married James Paul Engel 3/28/1981
              Amaris Laura             7/25/1981
              Jeremy James             1/3/1985

6th Generation
       Dale Griffith, Jr. married Elouise Chancey Coffman 6/16/1980                  Los Angeles, CA
               Sandy L Coffman          Jan 5, 1974
               Daniel Coffman           Oct. 27, 1975

       David Griffith married 1st Pamela Janese Montgomery 4/13/1973 Republic of Philippines
                                     divorced 1980
                      married 2nd Anita Williamson Meeker, daughter of John & Gretchen (Volgenau)
                                             Williamson.                             New York City, New York
                                     divorced 8/1/1985
              Amy Noelle                     Oct. 14, 1982        Keesler AFB, MS
                      married 3rd Linda Kay Everson, daughter of Robert Eugene and Kazuko (Shinohara)
                                     Everson. Dayton, OH 12/06/88
                                     divorced 11/21/2000
                      4th married Kimberly Gail Kistner daughter of Annette and Larry Alexander
                                      April 27, 2002 Carmel, California
                      Kade William Kistner Sept. 3, 1994
                      Kaleb John Kistner     Nov. 22, 2000

       Deborah Griffith married Gary Forrest Southerland, son of Billy Bruce & Wanda Ruth (Forrest)
                                      Southerland     LaPlace, Louisiana 6/24/1978
              Jared Charles           Feb. 1, 1980 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK
              Heather Marie           May 3, 1983 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK

       Sonya Griffith married Walter Johannes Johnson, son of Homer & Theodosia (Jones) Johnson.
                                      Las Vegas, Nevada 3/2/1987
              Eric David              12/10/1987      Hammond, LA

       Pamela Griffith married Michael Shawn Shelton, son of C. L. & Elizabeth (Kirby) Shelton
                                      LaPlace, Louisiana 7/25/1987
                  divorced 6/25/1992
09/01/2011                                                                            Page*37*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       Sandra Lee Rivera married _____ Cox; divorced
              David F. Cox            4/5/1981
              Shannon Marie Burns 12/1/1988
       William Charles Rivera married Eileen
              Michael James           10/4/1975
              Jackie                  9/20/1978
              Stephie                 9/15/1979

       Cynthia Jo Gaspar married Wade Ingerick
              Daniel                 1/12/1979
              Marcia Jo              7/11/1981

       Timothy Allen Gaspar married Cathy Moss
              Jessica Marie         8/5/1983
              Lisa Maria            7/11/1984

       Johnnie Wayne Peevey married Natalie S.
               Lisa Marie           7/6/1982
               John Wayne (J.P.)    7/21/1985
               Preston              3/22/1989

       Joanne Wendy Peevey married Eric Clymerman 7/30/1993
              Erica Peevey          5/20/1989
              Joel Elliott          3/9/1994
              Kennedy               1997

       Larry Curtis Hawk married Connie on 8/4/1979
              Heather               2/20/1980
              Rodney                7/9/1983

       Susan Elaine Bryant married Timothy McConnell
              Shawn Patrick           6/28/1983
              Travis                  9/6/1985

       Gregory Scott Bryant married
              Nichole Marie            8/24/1985

       Penny Goodwin married Jerry Cochenour
              Joshua Thomas          9/7/1985

7th Generation
       Sandy Lynn Coffman married Randy Lenz at Corpus Christi, TX 9/1/1990
               Elizabeth Alexandra    11/05/1991     Corpus Christi, TX
               Stephanie Victoria     2/01/1994      Corpus Christi, TX
                             2nd married Eric Marcus                GA 02/1997
               Stephen William        10/14/1997     GA

       There are many references under Miller in the Library of Congress Genealogies, but none that appears to be
       the right family. The records would have to be researched in person.

09/01/2011                                                                             Page*38*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                              BUSH RECORD

        The Bush family is of ancient English origin. The progenitor of the family in this country was Reynolds Bush,
who settled in Massachusetts at an early date. He was one of the proprietors of Cambridge in 1641. In 1644 he
mortgaged his land, but redeemed it in 1657. Soon after this date he located in Connecticut, and from    this colony his
descendants removed to New York.

1st Generation:
John Bush, probably a descendant of Reynolds Bush, of Massachusetts, was born in Orange County, New            York.
He     attended the schools of his native county and was for many years a prosperous farmer in that county. He died
       there about 1820.
               Peter G. Bush
               Mary Jane                married Alexander Cushaw

2nd Generation:
Peter G. Bush born Aug. 4, 1819 (or 1816) in Orange Co. New York. (Helen Loomis Griffith searched the 1820
       census records of Orange Co. New York, and was unable to find any reference to John Bush.) Because of the
       early death of his father, he was reared by Jacob Puff Bush. He attended the schools of his native county and
       at an early date removed to Schuyler Co., NY where he engaged in farming until about 1842. He moved to
       Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1843, locating at Knoxville, where he was engaged in the hotel business for
       two years. He moved to Westfield in 1854 where he operated the Red Lion and Boardman Hotels for the next
       five years. Then he was engaged in farming, bought and sold livestock quite extensively, and for four years
       operated a stage line between Westfield, PA and Addison, New York. Later he sold his hotel property and
       purchased a farm of fifty acres in Westfield Township, where he made his home until his death. He was a
       member of the Baptist church, and in politics was a Republican.
                P. G. Bush served the Methodist Episcopal Church of Liberty (organized in 1842) as pastor in 1864.
       He was a member of the I.O.O.F. and a stanch Republican. He died 01/07/1874 and was buried in Westfield
       Cemetery, PA.

        Peter Bush married 1st Mary Ann Linderman 03/27/1824-12/24/1859
               Cornelius                         01/28/1844        d 08/04/1916
                        married Celina L. Douglas 04/08/1843       10/03/1928
                        One son: Charles P.     05/02/1872-        10/26/1896
                Mary          01/28/1844 married Abijah Stanley
                Harriet (Hattie) 1859-1915 married Delos Ellis
                         Fred Amasa             06/25/1886         08/05/1942
                         Burt             1889-                    1901
                        married 2nd Sarah Miller
               John Miller                      Dec. 5, 1861       Jan , 1924
                Samuel                          July 9, 1863       Feb. 27, 1896
                Jacob Puff                      Nov. 29, 1865      1944
                        (Uncle Jake married to Aunt Hattie Compton)
                Edwin Myron                     Dec. 2, 1870        01/26/1923
                         married Ida Ringwald -son Edwin

See Miller family record

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*39*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                              PETER BUSH'S WILL

               Know All men by these presents that I, Peter Bush of Westfield in the County of Tioga and State of
       Penn. farmer being in ill health but in Sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and
       testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

                 And as to my worldly estate and all the property real personal or mined of which I Shall die Seized
        and possessed, or to which I Shall be entitled at the time of my death, I devise bequeath and dispose of in
        the manner following to wit;
                 First My will is that my just debts and funeral expenses Shall by my executors herein after named
        be paid out of estate as Soon after my decease as Shall by them be found convenient.
        Item---I give bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah Bush (in lieu of her dower) all the tract or parcel of land
        where I now reside containing fifty acres be the Same more or less, and also the lot known as the North Fork
      farm containing fifty acres more or less and its appurtenances to have and to hold the Said Several
        (illegible), above described and appurtenances for and during her natural life, and at her decease to       be
        divided equally between her four boys John Bush, Samuel Bush, Jacob Bush and Edwin Bush to Share and
      Share alike.
                 I also give and bequeath to her my Said wife all my house hold furniture, and library in my mansion
        or dwelling house where I now live.
                                              (Signed) Peter Bush

                I give and bequeath to my Son Cornelius Bush all that tract or parcel of land known as the Crowe
       (?) Brook farm containing about fifty five acres. be the same more or less. I give and bequeath to my two
       daughters Mary C. Stanley and Hattie Bush the tract or parcel of land Situate in Hector Township
       County of Potter and State of Pennsylvania, containing fifty acres more or less and known at the Hryck(?)
       lot to Share and Share alike but to be in the charge and direction of Cornelius Bush for their use and
       benefit So long as he thinks proper.

                 I give to my beloved wife all the rest and residue of my estate real personal and mined of which I
        Shall die Seized and possessed or to which I Shall be entitled at my decease to aid and assist her in
        bringing up and Schooling her four boys, and my daughter Hattie Bush. So long as She Shall Stay with her
        (my wife) and behave herself in a becoming and lovely manner not to exceed her twenty first year of age and at
that time or before at the Discretion (sic) of my beloved wife to give her Hattie a good common Setting out for
furniture for keeping house.

               Peter Bush's will was probated January 26, 1874, Tioga Co PA.

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*40*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                           A PAPER OF WHICH HELEN LOOMIS GRIFFITH HAS A COPY (1988)

         Know all men by these presents that one
         William A. Bristol
                                             as held and firmly bound unto H. I. Aldrich, Sarah Bush and Cornelius
         Bush Executors of the last Will and Testament of Peter Bush late of Westfield deceased in the sum of One
         Thousand dollars lawful money to be paid the said H. I. Aldrich, Sarah Bush & Cornelius Bush Ex: or their
executors        administrators or assigns - total payments of which well and truly to be made we do bond
         ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these (?) presents. Sealed with our seals & dated
the tenth day of June AD 1874. Whereas the Said H. I. Aldrich, Sarah Bush, & Cornelius Bush Exec             - have this day
sold to the above boundee (?) William A. Bristol, one covered Stage wagon, one covered Stage Sleigh, one Span of
horses, one double harness and four buffalo robes for the Sum of five hundred &             twenty five dollars to be paid
for as Specified in a written agreement made at ever date herewith & Whereas the Said William A. Bristol in Said
written agreement agrees to carry the mail on the route between Elkland & Westfield in the County of Tioga, Pa -
according to the terms and conditions of the       contract between the (illegible) & Thomas Eldridge now therefore the
conditions of this obligation is          such that if the above boundee (?) William A. Bristol does well & faithfully in
all respects comply with the              terms of the agreement above named between himself & H. I. Aldrich, Sarah
Bush & Cornelius Bush of                  ever date herewith, Then this obligation to be null and void otherwise to be and
remains in full force and                 virtue. And we hereby Authorize the (illegible) or any Atty. of Tioga Co. Pa. to
enter Judgment against us                 for the above sum, & costs - waiving right of inquisition, errors, appeals & all
exemption (?) laws by consent,
                 Signed Sealed &                            (Signed) W. O. Bristol (Seal)
                 delivered in presence of                    (Signed) Edwin Eldridge (Seal)


        No. 4445
        Estate of Sarah Bush, deceased
        J. M. Bush Administrator

        Register's Office March 16, 1905
        This day Letters of Administration upon the estate of Sarah Bush, late of Westfield Township, Tioga
        County, Pennsylvania deceased, were granted to J. M. Bush, he first having been duly sworn as required
        by law and filed an affidavit showing that said decedent died at the home of Delos Ellis in Westfield
        Township, on or about Thursday March 9, 1905 at 6 o'clock p.m.
        March 16, 1905 Bond filed in the sum of five hundred dollars. signed by J. M. Bush, P. E. Parker and O. L.
        March 21, 1906. General Inventory filed amounting to $246.85.
        April 24, 1906. The first and final account of the Administrator examined passed and filed.

09/01/2011                                                                                   Page*41*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Letter from Sharon Elliott

Subj: Peter Bush
Date: 517/99 6:14:14 PM Central Daylight Time m: selliott7@juno.com
io: HLGGram@aol.com


I was searching the LDS site and found the following frorn an Ancestral File that had been submitted.

John T. Bush
                b. Dec. 1792 at Warwick, Orange, NY
                d. Newfield, NY
                M. Newfield, NY to Mary Bensel

        Father: William Ter Boss Mother: Esther Bull

                Children: Sarah J. Bush b. 1818 at Newfield, NY
                 Peter Bush b. 1820 Newfield, NY

William Ter Boss was b. April 11, 1764 at Fishkill, NY and d. 1 April 1825 at Florida, Orange, NY. He
married Esther Bull about 1783.

What do you think? Sounds like our family, doesn't it?

In my mind, it certainly bears pursuing. I'm feeling rather excited right now.


09/01/2011                                                                               Page*42*
                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

From Sharon, July 13, 1999

Helen and Chris,

Helen - the will/letters of administration summary will be repeat for

Wanted to send it along with the attachment, which is what I have been able to piece together of what I think
may be our Bush line. I am wondering if some of the wills seem to fit anyplace in your minds. There is a
William T. Bush who d. in 1843. I was wondering if you thought the will, dated 1838/9 of William T. Bush,
that had a Henry(?) Bush serving summons on those named in that will in 1843 might be the same William T.
Bush. (I sure hope that makes sense - after you read the summaries and the attached file.)

Bear in mind, none of the attached is confirmed with original sources, at
least by me.


The Wills and Letters of Administration I ordered from Orange Co. arrived today. They are not much help.
About the only additional information that is given in the letters of Administration that was not present in
the index is the last place of residence. The letters of administration for John T. Bush and Jacob T. Bush were
typed forms with blank spaces for names and dates as appropriate. The forms were slightly different for each,
so they must have changed over time. Information around the will of William T. Bush was somewhat
confusing, and difficult to read –they were hand written.

Anyway, the information as I can glean it would be as follows:

John T. Bush, late of the town of Walkill, Orange Co. NY letter of administration granted to Mary T. Bush
widow and William T. Bush Junr a brother, were granted March 20, 1820.

Jacob T. Bush, late of the town of Crawford, Orange Co. NY, letter of administraton granted to Stephen (S?)
Bush a son Nov. 28, 1898.

William Bush, late of the town of Bloomingrove, Orange Co. NY names Phebe (___sell) sole legatee and
devisee named in will July 30, 1873. (This entry consisted of 3 lines. If there was a will following,
it was on pages that were not copied - because they were not requested, based on the information I had)

William T. Bush, late of the town of Cornwall, Orange Co. NY. Henry T. Bush claiming interest in the estate
of William for proof of will of said deceased, on March 13, 1843, a citation was issued to:
George Bush of Piermont Rockland Co, Horatio N. Bush, Edward A. Bush, William Morrison,Jr and Harriet
Ann his wife, William Bush, Louisa M. Bush of the City of New York, Daniel Bush of Providence R. I.
Robert Govan(?) Carloline (sic) his wife, Mary Payne and Ann Burton of in England, the next of kin of
William Bush to appear to attend the probate of a certain instrument in writing perporting to be the last will
and testament of said dec'd bearing date of June 2, 1828.

And finally is the Will of William Bush, dated 1828, which names Daniel Bush, brother, executor, appears
probated April 4, 1829. Within the will, which was extremely difficult to read, was a Mary Payne, sister, of
London England. I decided this must be the will referenced above.

When I get a chance, I will try to make out more of the latter, it should
09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*43*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

give the relationships.

Any suggestions/thoughts?

I thought I might be able to confirm something through Mary Bensel, at least confirm that she is the Mary,
widow of John T. Bush. IGI records at LDS online show Mary Bensel, b. Feb. 1, 1790, Montgomery, Dutch
Reformed Church, Orange, New York, daughter of Peter Bensel and Elisabeth Linderman.

Sharon Elliott

09/01/2011                                                                              Page*44*
                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

 1.Jan Bosch
        b. poss. Westphalia,i m. June 10, 1663, in Harlem, New York, New York,ii Rachel Vermilye.

        Date: Sun Apr 19 15:44:55 1998 Name: Thomas W. Terbush E- mail: tomt@tps.tpsdata.com Address:
        1531 Robindale Rd. Richmond, VA 23235 Surname of Immigrant: Bosch Given name(s) of
        Immigrant: Jan Name of Ship: The Fox Arrival Date: Aug 1662

        Origin of Immigrant: Dorsten, Westphalia Immigrant's Date & Place of Birth: 19 May 1626
        (suspected) Immigrant's Date & Place of Death: 1678 New Amsterdam Immigrant's Spouse: Rachel
        Vermilye Source of Information: History of the Ter Bush Family, Gustov Anjov, c 1900. (2) New
        Amsterdam DRC Baptism Records. (3) others on request Immigrant's Children: Johannes 25 May
        1664 Johannes 18 Oct 1665 Catharina 5 Feb 1668 Issac 13 Oct 1669 Maria 16 Mar 1672 Sara 11 Feb
        1674 Notes: Jan Bosch died in 1678 in New Amsterdam. His widow, Rachel, married Dirck Wessels
        in May 1679 and moved her family to Ulster County. The eldest son, Johannes, was one of the first
        settlers in Dutchess County. The name variations are: ter Bosch, TerBosch, TerBos, TerBush, and
        Bush. Website: Website Description:
        2.        i      Johannes b. 1678/1675.

Second Generation

        2.Johannes TerBos (1.Jan1 ) b. 1678/1675,iii Nov 10, 1665, New Amsterdam DRC,iv m. April 6,
        1688, in Kingston, Ulster Co. NY,v Elizabeth Hendericks, b. 1682, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY.vi
        Johannes died Feb 15, 1762.vii The birth or Christened year must be incorrect, needs to be checked

        Sharon, I have just the one History book, sometimes there is quite a bit and others it's just a name in a

        William isn't in the index at all but there are several listing of the Surname Different spellings.

        pg 123 under Members of the Assembly "Dutchess was not represented separately in the Colonial
        Assembly until 1713. Previous to that time when repesented at all, it was connected with Ulster
        country. The first resident represenative was Leonard Lewiss, who was elected and served in 1713-26
        being associated in 1715-17 with Baltus Van Kleek, who served till his death, and was succeeeded by
        Johannis Terbosch, who was admitted May 4 1717 ans served till his death when Henry Beekman was
        chosen his successor. The latter was admitted August 31 , and served continusiously until 1758. Their
        successors were Johannis Van Kleek, 1726-37, Jacobus Ter Boss 1737-43" .

        pg 125 Under heading of First Judges of county. "The first Judges of Dutchess county were: Leonard
        Lewis Nov. 24 1716, Jacobus Ter-boss Nov. 24,"

        pg421 City of Poughkeepsie, sub headinf Christ Church (Episcopal)

09/01/2011                                                                                    Page*45*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     "Accordingly a consultation was had with Major Daniel Ter Bos, Jonas Halstead , John Cook and Mr.
     Pine of Fishkill, August 8 1784"
     pg 507 Under hearing of Town of Fishkill, sub heading Rombout Patent "That deed covered all the
     land secured to them by the division referred to, excepting and reserving always out of said premises,
     one tenement grist-mill and water course thereunto belonging toughter with three hundred acres of
     land ajoining the said mill , now or late in possession of said Roger Brett, or his assigns, and also one
     hundred and fifty acres now or late in possession of John Terboss"

     pg 509 under heading of Town of Fishkill "For many years the progress of settlement was very slow.
     and not until about 1720 was there a blacksmith within the limits of the county, says Mr Baily. The
     nearest blacksmith to the Fishkill settlers was at Wiltwyck, (Kingston) In 1723 there only 195
     taxable inhabitants in the County, forty-seven of whom were in the south ward. Among them were the
     Mousiers, Lassinks, Lownsberrys, Schoutens, Walderns and Dinges. In that year, says Mr
     Brinckerhoff, Jacobus Swartwout was elected Supervisor; Peter Dubois and Thomas Ter Boos,
     Assors; John De Larger and Jocob Terboos, Overseers of the King's Highway; John Buys and Garret
     Van Vliet, Overseers of Fences. In 1730 the number of taxable inhabitants had increased to 71.
     Jacobus De Peyster was then Supervisor; Johannes Ter Boss and Jacobus Swartwout, Assers,"

     Pg 512 "The First Settlers in Fishkill village, says Mr Bailey, were Henry Terboss and Henry
     Rosekrame, but the name of neither appears in the list of inhabitants in Dutchess County, in 1714,
     though both appear in the list of freeholders in 1740. Treboss, he says, was an eccentric man, and
     since he locates him where he elsewhere locates Johannes Terboss (Terbush) we are inclined to think
     he has confounded the two names. The name of Johannes Terboss appears in the list of 1714.

     It is one of varied orthography, and has, says Mr. Brinckerhoff, who pronounces him one of the first
     repesentative men in this part of the County, either been changed from its original or otherwise has
     now become extinct among us. He was an early justice of the Peace and is spoken of in old
     manuscripts as being a Judge. He was admitteed as a representative in the colonial assembly May 4
     1717, on the death of Baltus Van Kleek, and was succeeded at his death by Henry Beekman, August
     31 1725. He owned lands about Fishkill village, including the site of the Dutch Church, which was
     purchased of him."

     Hope this gives you some clues to work with Marie aka (Rie) Visalia, CA

             3.      i       Hendrick b. 1704.

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*46*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Third Generation

       3.Hendrick TerBos (2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. 1704,viii May 28, 1704, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,ix m.
       (1) May 5, 1728, in Kingston, Ulster, NY,x Rachel Freer, b. Nov 10, 1710, Kingston, Ulster Co NY,xi
       (daughter of Huges Freer and Marie Anne LeRoy) m. (2) Jan 4, 1756, in NY,xii Catharina Kierstede.
       Tom Terbush says Rachel is the gr-daughter of Hugo Freer of New Paltz
       Gendex for name
                               Children by Rachel Freer:
                       i       Johannes TerBosch b. Feb 2, 1729, Kingston, Ulster Co. NY,xiii Feb 2 1729,
       Kingston, Ulster Co. NY.xiv LDS IGI Record shows Johannes TerBosch b. Feb. 2, 1729 (Kingston)
       Ulster, NY Relatives John Carling. (Film # 170414 Page #532 Reference #20775).
                       ii      Maria Terbos b. Oct 1, 1732, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xv Oct 1, 1732.xvi
               4.      iii     Hendrikus b. Feb 9, 1735.
                       iv      Jacobus Terbos b. May 15, 1737, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xvii May 15,
               5.      v       Simon b. Feb 11, 1739.
                       vi      Jan Terbos b. May 26, 1741, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. NY.xix
               6.      vii     Isaac b. April 16, 1743.
               7.      viii    Benjamin b. Sept 2, 1744.
               8.      ix      Lucas b. 1746.
                       x       Peter TerBush b. 1747, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xx d. Aug 29, 1831.xxi
                       xi      Jonas Terbos b. 1749, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY.xxii

Fourth Generation

       4.Hendrikus Terbos (3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Feb 9, 1735, Kingston, Ulster Co.
       NY,xxiii m. Weintje Freer.
                       Gendex for name
                       i        Jonathan Terbosch (Bos) b. Jun 9, 1771, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. NY,xxiv
                                Jun 26, 1772, NY,xxv d. May 22, 1867.xxvi
                       ii       Isaack Terbosch (Bos) b. Aug 20, 1778, NY,xxvii Jun 10, 1781, New Paltz,
                                Ulster Co. NY,xxviii d. May 22, 1867.xxix
                       iii      Johannes TerBosch (Bos) b. Dec 29, 1779, NY,xxx Jun 10, 1781, New Paltz,
                                Ulster Co., NY,xxxi d. May 22, 1867.xxxii

       5.Simon Terbos (3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Feb 11, 1739, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xxxiii
       Feb 17, 1739, Fishkill DRC,xxxiv m. Nov 6, 1763, in Rombouts Presbyterian Church,xxxv Deborah
       Cooper. Simon died 1814, Fishkill, NY.xxxvi
               9.      i       William b. April 11, 1764.
               10.     ii      Peter (TerBosch) b. 1776.

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*47*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       6 .Isaac Terbos (3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. April 16, 1743, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xxxvii
       Apr 10, 1743, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xxxviii m. Aug 31, 1766,xxxix Ann Monfort. Isaac died 1814.xl
                Gendex for name
                        i       Catharine Terbosch. gendex for name
                        ii      Sarah Terbosch b. Jul 27, 1768,xli Sep 4, 1768, Fishkill, NY,xlii d. 1850.xliii
                        iii     Elizabeth Terbosch. gendex for name
                        iv      Ann Terbosch. gendex for name

       7. Benjamin Terbos (3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Sept 2, 1744, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xliv
       m. Jun 13, 1764,xlv Mary Ann Fox.
               gendex for name
                      i        Elizabeth Terbosch b. 1764,xlvi Dec 6, 1764, Fishkill, NY,xlvii d. 1850.xlviii

       8. Lucas Terbos (3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. 1746, Fishkill, Dutchess Co. NY,xlix Feb 28,
       1746,l m. Dec 14, 1764,li Millicent Bloom. Lucas died 1814.lii
                      i        Isaac Bloom (TerBosch) Terbos. gendex for name
                      ii       Elizabeth (TerBosch) Terbos. gendex for name

Fifth Generation

       9. William Terbos (5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. April 11, 1764, Fishkill,
       Dutchess Co. NY,liii April 19, 1764, Fishkill, DRC,liv m. (1) Sara Cooper (Coeper), m. (2) Apr
       3,1783, in Warwick, Orange Co. NY,lv Esther Bull, b. Jun 26, 1766, Hamptonburgh, Orange Co.
       NY,lvi d. Oct 19, 1850, Newfield, NY.lvii Gendex online http://www.clampett.net/centre/genealogy/
       ged/d0019/g0000004.html shows Apr 18, 1764 as date of birth.
       Tom Terbush for sp. Sara

       I question marriage of Esther Bull and William Terbos. The Pioneer Families of Orange Co. NY by
       Martha and Bill Reamy show Esther married to a William BRUSH. Needs investigation. Gendex
       source gives month and day of marriage as well as year. Gendex source does not show any children
                               Children by Esther Bull:
                11.    i       William T. b. Dec 25, 1788.
                       ii      Sarah Bush b. Sept 15, 1790, Warwick, Orange Co. NY,lviii d. 1853, Newfield,
                12.    iii     John T. b. Dec 1792.
                13.    iv      Simeon T. b. Nov 1, 1796.
                14.    v       Wynans b. Jun 23, 1799.

       10. Peter (TerBosch) Terboss (5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. 1776,lx m.
       RachelAcker. Peter died 1850.lxi
       Gendex for name
                      i       Genett Acker Terboss. Gendex for name

09/01/2011                                                                                  Page*48*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Sixth Generation

       11. William T. Bush (9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Dec 25, 1788,
       Warwick, Orange Co. NY,lxii m. Jan 25, 1821, in NY,lxiii Sarah Faulkner, b. 1789, Wallkill, Orange Co.
       NY,lxiv (daughter of William Bull Faulkner and Agnes McWilliams). William died Mar 28, 1842,
       Newfield, NY.lxv
                       i        Esther Bush b. Nov 1, 1821, Newfield, NY,lxvi d. 1856, Newfield, NY.lxvii
                       ii       Nancy J. Bush b. Aug 11, 1823, Newfield, NY,lxviii d. 1880.lxix
                       iii      Nelson Bush b. Aug 20, 1826, Newfield, NY,lxx d. Nov 10, 1909, Newfield,
                       iv       Joseph Faulkner Bush b. Jun 9, 1829, Newfield, NY,lxxii d. Dec 2, 1832,
                                Newfield, NY.lxxiii

       12. John T. Bush (9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Dec 1792, Warwick,
       Orange Co. NY,lxxiv m. 1817, in Newfield, Tompkins New York,lxxv Mary Bensel, b. Feb 1, 1790,
       Montgomery, Orange Co. NY,lxxvi (daughter of Peter Bensel and Elizabeth Linderman). John died
       Newfield, NY.lxxvii Seriously question the place of death. Believe this may be the John T. Bush who
       d. , intestate, Orange Co., late of Walkill, Orange Co. NY. Letters of Admin. granted to Mary T.
       Bush, widow, and William T. Bush, Junr. a brother, March 20, 1820 Still trying to prove this is our
       LDS Ancestral File shows a year of birth as 1796 and place as Newfield, NY LDS IGI Record shows
       b. but I think it should be bapt. Feb 1, 1790 Montgomery, DRC, Orange, NY I question the place of
       marriage - needs further investigation
                          i      Sarah J. Bush b. bef 1818, Newfield, NY.lxxviii Question the place of birth -
                                 needs investigation
                          ii     Peter Bush b. bef 1820, Newfield, NY.lxxix Question the place of birth -
                                 needs investigation

       13. Simeon T. Bush (9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Nov 1, 1796,
       Warwick, Orange Co. NY,lxxx m. Mary Pierson, b. bef 1800, poss New York.lxxxi
                      i       John L. Bush b. bef. 1824, Newfield, NY.lxxxii Surrogates Court Index for
                              Yates Co. shows will for John L. Bush d. 1865 names Charles D, Hannah H.,
                              Benjamin W., Catharine A., Sarah J George, Stephen C. Bush, Mary M.
                              Green (3E).
                      ii      William Bush b. bef 1822, NY.lxxxiii

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*49*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       14. Wynans Bush (9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Jun 23, 1799,
       Warwick, Orange Co. NY,lxxxiv m. Jul 30, 1824, in Goshen, Orange Co. NY,lxxxv Julia Ann Loomis, b.
       Jul 9, 1805, Coventry, Conn.,lxxxvi d. Oct 5, 1898, Branchport, NY.lxxxvii Wynans died Mar 14, 1889,
       Branchport, NY.lxxxviii Tom Terbush shows Wymen Bush a possible son of William and Sara Cooper
       (Coeper) Index to Surrogates Court Records at Yates Co. shows will for Wynans Bush d. 1889 names
       Julia A, Harlan P, Clark, Elliot, Caroline and Annetta Bush, Irene Clark; Ellen Hopkins; Frances
       Stratton; Gertrude Bradley; William Harris and Anna Jessup

       Wynans Bush was one of the few verifiable "conductors" of the Undeground Railroad, from his
       residence in Branchport, Yates County, NY. They moved to Branchport, Yates Co. NY fro Phelps,
       NY in 1832. Wynans was a physician, and began is practice in Phelps, NY in 1825. (Source: Ron
       Index to Surrogates Court Index at Yates Co. shows Julia A. Bush d. 1898 names Harlan P, Robert P,
       Clark, Carrie, Elliott V, Elliott V and Henry M. Bush; Irene B. Clark; Ellen B. Hopkins; FAnny
       Stratton; Gertrude Bradley; Orilla Stringfellow; William, Anna, Henry W. and Caroline Jessup
               15.      i        Elliott Newton b. Jan 2, 1826.
                        ii       Esther Ann Bush b. Jun 19, 1827, Phelps, NY,lxxxix d. Sep 1830, Phelps, NY.xc
               16.      iii      Henry Martyn b. Jul 6, 1829.
               17.      iv       Irene b. Mar 29, 1831.
               18.      v        Caroline b. Jul 7, 1833.
               19.      vi       Ellen b. Aug 2, 1835.
               20.      vii      Harlan Page b. Mar 10, 1837.
                        viii     Frances Bush b. May 24, 1840, Branchport, NY,xci d. Jan 6, 1901.xcii
               21.      ix       Robert Porter b. Mar 31, 1842.
               22.      x        Gertrude Julia b. Jan 29, 1845.

Seventh Generation

       15. Elliott Newton Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b.
       Jan 2, 1826, Phelps, NY,xciii m. 1854, in NY,xciv Sarah Lindsley, b. Jun 1828, NY,xcv d. Apr 27, 1907,
       Spencerport, NY.xcvi Elliott died Jun 10, 1864, Guntown, Miss.xcvii
                       i       Arthur Lindsley Bush b. Sep 1, 1854, Spencerport, NY.xcviii
                       ii      Caroline Bush b. Mar 22, 1857, Spencerport, NY,xcix d. Aug 21, 1916,
                               Spencerport, NY.c
                       iii     Elliott Newman Bush b. Mar 17, 1862, Spencerport, NY,ci d. Dec 30, 1935,
                               Beaver, PA.cii
                       iv      Clark Jessup Bush b. Mar 21, 1865, Spencerport, NY,ciii d. Hackensack, NJ.civ

       16. Henry Martyn Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Jul
       6, 1829, Phelps, NY,cv m. abt 1870, in NY,cvi Mary Vanbenthuysen, b. abt 1833, NY.cvii Henry died
       Feb 17, 1889, Montgomery, AL.cviii
                       i       Orilla Julia Bush b. 1870, NY,cix d. Montgomery, AL.cx

       17. Irene Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Mar 29,
       1831, Phelps, NY,cxi m. Aug 3, 1852, in Branchport, NY,cxii Stephen W. Clark, b. Apr 24, 1810,
       Naples, NY,cxiii d. 1901.cxiv Irene died Aug 3, 1921, NY.cxv

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*50*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                      i       Joseph Warren Clark b. Jul 28, 1853, NY.cxvi
                      ii      Clara Betsey Clark b. Jun 26, 1855, NY,cxvii d. 1928, Spencerport, NY.cxviii
                      iii     Elliot Clark b. Sep 26, 1858, NY.cxix
                      iv      Anna Beulah Clark b. Feb 22, 1864, NY.cxx
                      v       Ernest Ralph Clark b. Jan 6, 1868, NY,cxxi d. Jan 25, 1853, Manitou Springs,

     18. Caroline Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Jul 7,
     1833, Branchport, NY,cxxiii m. Oct 7, 1857, in NY,cxxiv Henry Harris Jessup, b. Apr 19, 1832, Montrose,
     PA,cxxv d. Apr 27, 1910, Beirut, Syria.cxxvi Caroline died Jul 2, 1864, At sea,cxxvii buried: 1864,
     Alexandria, Egypt.cxxviii Ron Myers shows Caroline d -1864 en rout home from mission field in Syria
                      i        Anna Harris Jessup b. Jun 27, 1860, NY,cxxix d. Jul 12, 1940, Beirut, Syria.cxxx
                      ii       William Jessup b. Apr 26, 1862, NY,cxxxi d. Nov 1920, Syria.cxxxii
                      iii      Henry Wynans Jessup b. Jan 29, 1864, Beirut, Syria,cxxxiii d. Dec 9, 1934.cxxxiv

     19. Ellen Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Aug 2,
     1835, Branchport, NY,cxxxv m. Nov 23, 1857, in NY,cxxxvi Ralph William Hopkins, b. Sep 2, 1822,
     Prattsburg, NY.cxxxvii Ellen died Nov 19, 1915, Plattsburg, NY.cxxxviii
                     i         Arthur Wynans Hopkins b. Apr 13, 1859, Prattsburg, NY,cxxxix d. Jun 27,
                               1934, Howard, NY.cxl
                     ii        Eleanor Irene Hopkins b. Jul 3, 1864, Prattsburg, NY,cxli d. Aug 2, 1939.cxlii
                     iii       Ralph Harris Hopkins b. Man 15, 1869, Prattsburg, NY,cxliii d. Himrod,
                     iv        Gertrude Amelia Hopkins b. Aug 24, 1876, Prattsburg, NY,cxlv d. Mar 12,

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*51*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     20. Harlan Page Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b. Mar
     10, 1837, Branchport, NY,cxlvii m. Nov 25, 1863, in Branchport, NY,cxlviii Samantha Livonia Ingraham,
     b. Jan 6, 1840, Branchport, NY,cxlix (daughter of Eleazer Ingraham and Esther Boyd) d. Feb 1, 1928,
     Branchport, NY.cl Harlan died Jul 6, 1900, Branchport, NY.cli Index to Surrogates Court at Yates Co.
     shows will of Harlan P. Bush d. 1900 names Fred W. Samantha L., Ralph E., Charlotte L. and Anna
     M. Bush; Irene B. Bower. (163D). Ron Myers shows Jerusalem, NY as place of birth and death.
     Harlan Page was a soldier in the 15th NY Engineers, present at Lee's surrender at Appomatox. (source
     for military service: Ron Myers)
     LDS Ancestral File shows Branchport, Orange, NY as place of birth. This cannot be correct?
              23.     i      Fred Wynans b. Apr 12, 1840.
                      ii     Warner Clark Bush b. May 31, 1868, Branchport, NY,clii d. Sep 28, 1892,
                             Branchport, NY.cliii Ron Myers shows May 31, 1876 as date of birth Warner
                             was a physician. Graduated in May 1892 from Buffalo Medical College.
                             Practiced a few weeks, came home sick, overmedicated himself, died Sept
                             1892, unmarried. (Source: Ron Myers who got info from Notes of Mabel
                             Gertrude Millen).
                      iii    Ralph Elisha Bush b. Dec 14, 1870, Branchport, NY,cliv d. Jul 6, 1941,
                             Pulteney, NY.clv
                      iv     Irene Bush b. Aug 13, 1874, Branchport, NY,clvi d. Dec 8, 1951, Keuka Park,
                      v      Charlotte Livonia Bush b. Jun 17, 1879, Branchport, NY,clviii d. May 22, 1935,
                             Pulteney, NY.clix
                      vi     Anna Mabel Bush b. Jul 25, 1882, Branchport, NY,clx d. Mar 28, 1958.clxi

     21. Robert Porter Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b.
     Mar 31, 1842, Branchport, NY,clxii m. Sep 1, 1870, in Penn Yan, NY,clxiii Laretta Amelia Ludlow, b.
     May 15, 1847, Penn Yan, NY,clxiv d. Jan 8, 1923, Elmira, NY.clxv Robert died Jan 8, 1923, Elmira,
                     i       Rho Ludlow Bush b. Feb 17, 1874, Penn Yan, NY,clxvii d. Jun 19, 1950,
                             Horseheads, NY.clxviii
                     ii      Julia Mary Bush b. Jun 2, 1875, poss Penn Yan, NY,clxix d. Jun 6, 1960, New
                             Haven, Conn.clxx
                     iii     Robert Fulton Bush b. Dec 23, 1876, poss Horseheads, NY,clxxi d. Jun 18,
                     iv      Walter Wynans Bush b. May 31, 1876, Horseheads, NY,clxxiii d. Jan 3, 1958,
                             Binghamton, NY.clxxiv
                     v       Eliot T. Bush b. Jun 16, 1880, Horseheads, NY,clxxv d. Oct 12, 1944, Elmira,
                     vi      Phoebe Bush b. Jan 24, 1882, Horseheads, NY,clxxvii d. Oct 15, 1975,
                             Montpeller, VT.clxxviii
                     vii     Laretta Bush b. Sep 28, 1883, poss Horseheads, NY,clxxix d. Dec 1, 1957,
                             Horseheads, NY.clxxx
                     viii    Henry Bush b. Jun 6, 1866, poss Horseheads, NY,clxxxi d. Feb 22, 1950,
                             Horseheads, NY.clxxxii
                     ix      Helen Bush b. Jul 3, 1889, poss Horseheads, NY,clxxxiii d. Sep 1, 1922, Elmira,

09/01/2011                                                                              Page*52*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        22. Gertrude Julia Bush (14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 , 1.Jan1 ) b.
        Jan 29, 1845, Branchport, NY,clxxxv m. Apr 1, 1864, in NY,clxxxvi Samuel C. Bradley, b. Feb 28, 1842,
        poss Branchport, NY,clxxxvii d. Jun 4, 1932, Kings Ferry, NY.clxxxviii Gertrude died Sep 13, 1903, Kings
        Ferry, NY.clxxxix Ron Myers shows Gertrude b. circa Mar 1850, Yates Co. NY
                          i     Dora Bradley b. Jan 19, 1866, Branchport, NY,cxc d. Sep 17, 1912.cxci
                          ii    Wynans Bush Bradley b. Sep 30, 1867, Branchport, NY,cxcii d. Jun 2, 1892.cxciii
                          iii   Edward Grant Bradley b. Nov 29, 1869, Branchport, NY,cxciv d. Apr 16, 1932,
                                Rockey Point, Aurora, NY.cxcv
                          iv    Henry Bradley b. Jun 7, 1871, Branchport, NY,cxcvi d. Jan 22, 1961.cxcvii
                          v     Henrietta Bradley b. Sep 4, 1873, Branchport, NY,cxcviii d. Oct 30, 1880.cxcix
                          vi    Robert Bradley b. Mar 26, 1875, Branchport, NY,cc d. Nov 12, 1880.cci
                          vii   Samuel Carlyle Bradley b. Mar 28, 1876, Branchport, NY,ccii d. Oct 22,
                          viii  John Ruskin Bradley b. Sep 2, 1879, Branchport, NY,cciv d. May 3, 1948.ccv
                          ix    Harlan Hopkins Bradley b. Dec 25, 1882, Branchport, NY,ccvi d. Sep 4, 1964,
                                Kings Ferry, NY.ccvii
                          x     Grace Esther Bradley b. Aug 16, 1886, Branchport, NY,ccviii d. Mar 31, 1967,
                                Berkshire, NY.ccix

Eighth Generation

        23. Fred Wynans Bush (20.Harlan7 , 14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 ,
        1.Jan1 ) b. Apr 12, 1840, Branchport, NY poss,ccx m. Nov. 29, 1887,ccxi Susie S. Edgett. Fred died Feb
        12, 1939, Penn Yan, NY.ccxii Ron Myers shows April 12, 1865 as date of birth Ron Myers for name
                 24.     i       Irene.
                         ii      Warner C. Bush b. May 31, 1876, Jerusalem, NY,ccxiii d. Sep 29, 1892,
                                 Branchport, NY.ccxiv
                         iii     Charlotte Bush. Ron Myers for name

Ninth Generation

        24. Irene Bush (23.Fred8 , 20.Harlan7 , 14.Wynans6 , 9.William5 , 5.Simon4 , 3.Hendrick3 , 2.Johannes2 ,
        1.Jan1 ) m. Jun 19, 1895, in King Ferry, NY,ccxv John Isaac Bower. Irene died May 31, 1876, Penn
        Yan, Yates Co. NY.ccxvi Ron Myers says Irene d. in nursing home in Penn Yan. How John and Irene
        met: John and Irene met when both attended Keuka College. She trained as a nurse. Irene later went
        to Kings Ferry and stayed with her Aunt Gertrude (Bush) Bradley and taught school there. (Source:
        Ron Myers).
                         i       Harlan Bower b. Sep 26, 1898, King Ferry, NY,ccxvii d. Aug 5, 1919, buried:
                                 Presbyterian Cemetery, King Ferry, NY.ccxviii
                         ii      Ralph T. Bower b. Dec 14, 1900,ccxix d. May 1, 1944.ccxx

                       FROM THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

2749      BUSH Genealogy of the descendants of John M. Bush and Jane Osterhoudt of Kingston, Ulster
County, NY., 1791 - 1914, by Beatrice Bush ... (Jersey City, NJ, Gaddis bros., printers, c. 1914) 63, (16) p.
incl. col coat of arms. 23cm. 16 blank pages at end of "Addenda." 14-14750. CS71.B983 1914
09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*53*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        (Could this John Bush be the father of Peter Bush?)

2750       BUSH ...The Bushes and the Berrys. By Mrs. Alice Edna Berry. Los Angeles, 1941. 5 p. l., 3-183
p., 1 l. plates, ports., general. tab. 21 cm. At head of title; Alice Edna Berry. "100 copies...were privately
printed by the Ward Ritchie press." 41-14722. CS71.B983 1941

            BUSH. See also:     GENTRY, 1909                LOOMIS, 1880
                          GOLSAN, 1959              MILLER, 1907
                          HAFF, 1936        QUISENBERRY, 1897
            KINGSBURY, 1958 No. 430 - Adventurers of purse and person.

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*54*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                               NEAL RECORD
                                         HISTORY OF NEAL NAME
        The name of O'Neil was interwoven with the early history of Ireland for many centuries. The origin of the
        O'Neil clan has been traced to Nial (1800 BC), the son of Phenius Pharsa, King of Scythia.
        Our Neals are supposedly big Irishmen who immigrated to England, and the names O'Neal, Neale, and Neal
        are all the same. The Lord Mayor of London was of the same Neals (circa 1832).

1st Generation
John Neal                               July 10, 1765                  Aug. 18, 1854
                  married in Long Lane, Derbyshire, England
                 Catherine Ault         Jan 27, 1785                   Oct. 11, 1882
                 John                   July 15, 1815
                 Joseph                 May 21, 1813?                  April 24, 1856

        In May of 1832, the family took passage for America. After a voyage of 57 days they arrived in New York.
        They traveled to Corning, NY on the Erie Canal, the boats being drawn by horses. Mrs. John Goodall of
        Charleston Township, Tioga County, PA, a sister, had written home telling of the wonderful hunting and
        fishing and urging them to come. She and her husband met the family at Corning with oxen. They arrived in
        Charleston Township, PA on Nov. 30, 1832 and settled as soon as a house could be built, south of what is
        now Hills Creek Lake. They could hear panthers in the woods, and deer came to their barn and ate hay with
        the cows. One year they killed 87 deer; that was their food.

          In the fall Mr. Neal would walk to Tioga, an older settlement, and carry home a bag of corn on his back. Later
he had a large iron kettle upwards of three or more feet high, would slip a chain around it, hitch a horse to it and go
from neighbor to neighbor scalding their hogs in it. This kettle was given to the school scrap drive         for iron for
guns during the World War II. John, Jr. made barrels, tubs, churns, shoes, etc. He kept turkeys and as a side line
pulled teeth for people around there. The men in the family were large framed heavyweights           about six and one-half
feet tall. A pair of brothers, twins, were left in England who weighed 615 pounds,          together.

09/01/2011                                                                                  Page*55*
                                 GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       From The Agitator: Wellsboro, PA November 30, 1932

                                CELEBRATE NEAL CENTENNIAL

              John and Catherine Neal settled in Charleston Township, Tioga country, PA., November 30, 1832, on
     the farm still owned by members of the family. Their descendants celebrated the 100th anniversary of the event
     at the Whitneyville Grange hall Saturday.

             John Neal was born in England in 1765. He married Catherine Ault. Both were born and lived at
     Long Lane, Derbyshire, England. On July 15, 1815, a son was born to John and Catherine Neal. Later a son,
     Joseph was born. In the fall of 1832, the family, mother, father and two sons, took passage for America. After
     a voyage of 57 days they arrived in New York. They traveled to Corning on the Erie canal, the boats being
     drawn by horses. From there they came to Charleston township, arriving November 30, 1832.
             John Neal and his wife spent the remainder of their lives on the land they cleared and cultivated. He
     died August 17, 1854, and his wife died October 11, 1872. John Neal was 89 years old, and his wife was about
     the same age at death. The descendants of John and Catherine number about 200.

             William Penn Neal, aged 86 years, son of John Neal, was the oldest representative of the family at the
     celebration. Seventy-eight representatives of the family were present. James Ely acted as chairman and after
     dinner a program of community singing, vocal solos and recitations was given. Mrs. Olive Neal Thomas and
     James Ely and Mrs. Ed Ely gave readings, and William Neal, of Mansfield, gave several vocal numbers.

               Roy J. Dunham, of Wellsboro, presented a beautiful basket of chrysanthemums in honor of the
     occasion. William Penn Neal gave an interesting outline of the Neal family history. He said the brothers came
     to this section the same year the old covered Bridge at Tioga was built. A number of antiques were on view,
     among them a doll 80 years old, coverlets in blue and white, homespun blankets, a spinning wheel and a copper
     warming pan, the property of Mrs. Horatio Neal.

              Among the relatives present were: Mr. and Mrs. David Warren, Mrs. Eva Richardson, Mr. and Mrs.
     Fred Seasons, Mrs. Edith Morley and children, Mrs. Lena Irwin, of Wellsboro and vicinity; Mrs. Juliette White
     of Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Neal, Norman Paris, Miss Mabel Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kemp, of Niagara
     Falls; Waldo Fish and Miss Fay Neal, of Elmira; Mrs. Nellie Neal, of Whitneyville; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Widger,
     of Ellicottville, NY; Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Neal and family, of Mansfield; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Neal and family,
     of Knoxville, R.D.; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Neal, Mrs. Earl Neal and children, Mr.
     and Mrs. Floyd Neal, of Wellsboro; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Neal of Farmington; Ethlyn Bush, of Corning; Mr.
     and Mrs. James Ely, Mr. and Mrs. Del. Ely, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ely, Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Ely, Wayne Ely, all of
     Charleston; Mrs. Olive Ely Thomas and children, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Fuller and children, Mrs. Mary Ely.

09/01/2011                                                                            Page*56*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

2nd Generation
John Neal married Catherine (Katie) Maria(h) Shaff, daughter of John Shaff
              Margaret "Meg"           March 19, 1839              March 10, 1917
                       married Frank Peasley
              John Henry "Johnny" Apr. 28, 1844                    April 29, 1929
              Mary A.                           Nov. 15, 1848                        April 3, 1916
                       married Calvin Ely b 1836       1883
              Martha                   Jan 3, 1845                 Aug. 13, 1845
              Samuel                   Feb. 6, 1851                Oct. 16, 1851
              Juliette "Tet"           Nov. 23, 1852               1939
                       married Waldo W White
              Harriet "Hattie"         Jan 20, 1855
                       married 1st Albert Brown
                                       Leon and Edith
                       married 2nd Charles Stevens who had:
                                       Bertha m Archie Niles
              Ora m Clyde Neal "Aunt Orrie" still living on Neal farm in 1978.
              Horatio "Rash"           Dec. 20, 1856
                       married Nellie Whitney
               Charlotte               June 27, 1859                Oct. 4, 1882
                        married E. C. Combs
               Rose                    Aug. 16, 1863               Sept 6 or 7, 1926
                       married Ira Smith
                William Spencer        Nov. 28, 1846 Jan 5, 1933 (Uncle Penn) m Sarah (Sadie) Bennett
                                       (see Miller record)
               Dr. Leonard Neal        April 1, 1858               Nov. 9, 1914
                                       of Mansfield, PA

       Joseph Neal m Elizabeth Hopper         b 6/6/1801 d 3/26/1887
              John J.                Sept 26, 1839             Dec. 27, 1893
                      married Mary Ann Kelly b 2/13/1851 d 12/23/1879

09/01/2011                                                                          Page*57*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                            LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JOHN NEAL, Deceased
               William S. Neal, Executor

               Registrar's Office January 18, 1884

         This day was presented an instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and testament of John Neal,
   deceased, and as follows viz.:
        I, John Neal of Charleston Township in the County of Tioga and State of Pennsylvania, (unreadable) being
   of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby
   (unreadable) and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Catherine Maria Neal all the personal property in the house
   where I now reside excepting and reserving therefrom one sewing machine, which I bequeath to my daughter
   I also bequeath to my said wife one third of the cows being and remaining upon the premises at the time of my
   decease and my said wife is to have her support maintenance upon my hereinafter mentioned premises for and
   during her natural life.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my son William S. Neal the following described Real Estate situate in township,
   County and State aforesaid. Commencing at a post North thirty four degrees west 57 rods to a post thence
   south 87 degrees west 125 3/10 rods to a post thence north one fourth degree east 52 rods to a post thence
   north 2 degrees east 8 2/10 rods to a post corner, thence south 89 ½ degrees east 160 4/10 rods to a post
   corner, thence south 1 1/8 degrees west 53 2/10 rods to a post thence south 1½ degrees west 46 rods to a post
   and corner the place of beginning. Containing sixty acres and eight tenths of an acre more or less in
   accordance with survey and plot made by David Heise September 20th AD 1880. I also give and bequeath to my
   said son William one-half of my sheep and one-third of the cows and further it is my will that the carpenter
   shop and all tools, instruments etc. therein shall go to said William and he is to have the privilege of removing
   said building upon above mentioned premises and said William is to retain all tools, farming utensils and etc.
   he has at any time heretofore purchased for use upon the farm for his own use and benefit.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my son Horatio H. Neal the following described Real Estate situate in Township,
   County and State above mentioned. Beginning at a point near a hemlock stump in the North West Corner of
   George Callins lot North 1½ degrees East 16 7/10 rods to a corner thence north 87½ degrees east 125 rods to a
   post thence south 34 degrees East 57 rods to a post and corner South 43½ degrees West 54 rods to the place of
   beginning. Containing Sixty acres and six (unreadable) of all (unreadable) more or less, in accordance with
   survey of David Heise made the 20th day of September AD 1880. I further give and devise to said Horatio one
   half of the Sheep and one-third of the cows being upon the premises at the time of my decease.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my son John H. Neal the sum of two hundred dollars - to be paid by my said son
   Horatio H. Neal within the period of six years - to be computed from the date of my decease: also devise to my
   said John H. Neal my rifle - it being the one I have owned for the past ______ years.
   Item. I give and devise to my daughter Margarette A (unreadable) Peasley, wife of Frank Peasley the sum of
   two hundred dollars to be paid by my said son Horatio H. within the period of six years after my decease.
   Item. I give and devise to my daughter Mary A. Ely, wife of Calvin Ely, the further sum of Two hundred
   dollars, to be paid her by my said son Horatio H. within the period of said term of six years aforesaid.
   Item. I give and devise to my daughter Juliette White, wife of Waldo White, the like sum of Two hundred
   dollars to be paid her within said period of six years after my decease, by my said son Horatio H. Neal.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Rose E. Neal the like sum of Two Hundred dollars to be paid her by
   my said son Horatio H. Neal within the period of six years after my decease. Also give said Rose one cow and
   two ewe sheep when she marries - same to be furnished at the joint expense of my sons William and Horatio.
   Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Charlotte E. Neal the like sum of Two hundred dollars to be paid her
   by son William S. Neal within the period of four years next after my decease. Also give said Charlotte E. one
   cow and two ewe sheep when she marries, to be furnished at the joint expense of my said sons William and
   Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter Hattie I. Neal the like sum of Two hundred dollars to be paid her by
   my son William S. Neal within the period of four years next from my decease - also give said Hattie one cow
   and two ewe sheep when she marries to be furnished at the joint expense of said William and Horatio as
   aforesaid. Said shares and sums of Two hundred dollars are to be and remain charges and liens upon the Real
09/01/2011                                                                               Page*58*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

   Estate of Horatio H. Neal above described - to the extent he is made liable herein -until the sums are fully paid
   and discharged by him, and said shares of Charlotte D. and Hattie I. are to remain a charge and lien against
   the Real Estate of Said William S. above described, until the sums are fully paid and discharged by him. The
   said Charlotte D., Hattie I., and Rose E. are to make it their home with my said wife - in the house wherein I
   now reside as long as they remain single and unmarried and are to be supported and maintained at the joint
   expense of my said sons William S. and Horatio H. Each to bear one-half of the expense of the same, of
   whatsoever nature and kind and provide for them all things needful for their comfort and health and station in
         Any goods, tools or personal property of any kind not mentioned or referred to above and disposed of
   herein I give and bequeath to my sons William S. and Horatio H. to be divided equally between them or held
   jointly by them as they may desire.
         Said William S. Neal is to have the privilege and rights to go upon the timbered land and premises above
   mentioned and above devised to said Horatio N. Neal for the purpose of cutting and hauling away sufficient
   amount of timber and lumber to build him said William S. a barn upon his aforesaid devised premises.
         If it shall be the desire of my wife to keep her cows on the premises above described she is to have the
   privilege of so doing and the expense of same shall be equally borne by my said sons William and Horatio but
   my said wife is to keep on said premises no more cows than she receives at my decease under the provisions of
   this will.
         And I do hereby constitute and appoint my said son William S. Neal sole executor of this my last Will and
   Testament. In witness whereof John Neal (unreadable) Testator have to this my will written on two sheets of
   paper and to every sheet thereof subscribed my name and to this the last sheet thereof I have subscribed my
   name and affixed my seal this second day of October AD 1880.
                                   John Neal

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*59*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

3rd Generation
John Henry Neal       married Flora Combs b 10/23/1852
                      on August 13, 1871
              Raymond                 April 24, 1872          Dec. 4, 1943
                      married Ada Gerow b 12/30/1878          d 2/4/1964
              Roy                     Aug. 24, 1873           Dec. 17, 1920
                      married Lottie Seouten (Skelton)
              Glen                             d 01/02/1993
              Harold - (who had 8 children [?]) + 2 adopted
              Neva                    June 23, 1875           Dec. 5, 1912
                      born Charleston Twp farm between Woodhull & Troupsburg, PA
                      married John Bush see Bush Record
              Ellsworth               Oct. 4, 1877            Jan 30, 1954
                      married 1st Jennie Colling
                      married 2nd Della Poole 9/5/1880                          d 5/27/1939
              Arthur                  Feb. 2, 1917
                      married Nellie Putman

              Clyde                   Oct. 4, 1883               Sept 1958
                      married on 9/7/1907 to Ora Stevens b 8/27/1889
              Guy                     June 8, 1887               Oct. 18, 1969
                      married Myrtle Short b 4/18/1887

      John Henry (Johnny) weighed 180 pounds at age 14.
      John Henry’s sister, Charlotte, married his wife’s (Flora Combs) brother E. C. Combs.
      It is thought that John Henry bought the farm on Close Hill in about 1896. Carroll Neal tells of hearing about
      his having planted the apple trees. Dorothy told the story of John Henry buying a car, probably a model T,
      while living on the farm on Close Hill. He was so used to driving horses and being able to look around that he
      continued to look around while driving the car and kept putting it in the ditch along the side of the road on
      Close Hill. He finally gave the car to one of his sons, or Leroy’s sons who were living with them, who used it
      to take Dorothy and Gladys to school.

09/01/2011                                                                              Page*60*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          ** Will of John H. Neal **
   Estate of John H. Neal, Deceased, Raymond Neal, Administrator

   Registrar's Office, February 1. 1930

       This day was presented the petition of Raymond Neal of Wellsboro, Tioga County, Penna. representing that
   he is the oldest son of John. H. Neal, late of Chatham Township, Tioga County, Penna., who departed this life
   on the 29th day of April AD 1929, at or about 6 a.m. intestate leaving no surviving spouse. That, the next of
   kin of said decedent are Raymond H. Neal, son, residing in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Penna., Ellsworth Neal,
   son, residing in Auburn, NY, Clyde Neal, son, residing in Chatham Township, Tioga County, Penna., Guy Neal,
   son, residing in Williamsport, PA, all of full age; Mervin Neal, grandson, aged 30 years, residing at Ulster,
   PA., Merrill Neal, grandson, aged 28 years, residing in Chatham Township, Tioga County , Pa., Harold Neal,
   grandson, aged 25 years, residing in Osceola Township, Tioga County, Pa., Glenn Neal, grandson, residing in
   Elkland, Pa., Gladys Loomis, granddaughter, aged 28, residing in Mansfield, Tioga County, Penna., Dorothy
   Bush, aged 26 years, residing in Corning, NY, Neal Bush, grandson, aged 24 years, residing in Chatham
   Township, Tioga County, Penna., Leslie Bush, grandson, aged 21 years, residing in Woodhull, NY, Ethlyn
   Gerow, granddaughter, aged 17 years, residing in Charleston Township, Tioga County, Penna. and Wilma
   Bailey, granddaughter, aged 19 years, residing at New Holland, Pa. That there was no personal estate and that
   there was no real estate. The petitioner therefore prayed that Letters of Administration be granted to Raymond
   Neal for the purpose of entering judgment.
       Same day Letters of Administration on the estate of John H. Neal were granted to Raymond Neal, he first
   having been duly sworn as required by law.
       February 1, 1930. Bond filed in the sum of One Hundred Dollars signed by Raymond Neal, Minor Gerow,
   and K. M. Warren.

4th Generation
Neva Neal married John Miller Bush on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 30, 1899 at the home of Orville and Mary Combs.
       The Combs and Neal families always had Thanksgiving dinner together. The minister was Rev. F. H. Rawley.

               Gladys Juanita

See Miller Record

09/01/2011                                                                              Page*61*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                             SHAFF RECORD

1st Generation
William Shaff            Jan 10, 1754?            June 21, 1829
                 buried Pine Corners Cemetery Middlesex, Yates Co., NY,
                 came from Germany, fought in the Revolutionary War
         Married Margaret Brouwer, born 1758, d. Dec. 31, 1823 in Junius, NY They had 13 children
         They joined the Second Junius Presbyterian Church on Jan. 18, 1816. On July 3, 1818 Hatfield Cooper filed
         several charges against William Shaff who was suspended from communion of church. Margaret Shaff died
December 24, 1823 age (?) 65 Second Junius Presbyterian Church (That might mean she is buried there) William is
mentioned in the Papers of Clinton, the first governor of New York. He and his brother, Henry,         along with
two of their friends had horses stolen from them by a neighbor who was requesting the Gov. For a       pardon since,
as he claimed, he was forced by the retreating British to take them.

       Abraham                        Fort Ann, NY
       Henry B.                       Wolcott, NY Pension records indicate served in War of 1812
       William Jr.                                   Pension records indicate served in War of 1812
       Eleanor       married Oliver Drake - Co. NY
       Lydia         married Samuel Van Tassel-Junius, Seneca Co. NY
       Jacob         married Sarah who died 9/16/1839 aged 36 yrs 5 mo.
       A. Lizabeth   died 12/20/1828 aged 1 yr. 4 mo. 8 da
                                      Middlesex, Yates Co. NY
       Nancy         married Alexander Wager         Middlesex, Yates Co. NY
       Polly         married Ansel Hall              Vermont
       John          b. 08/20/1779 or 1776 d. 11/13/1871
From Passengers & Immigration List Index

       3620 Jones, Hank The Palatine Families of New York The Palatine Immigrant, 3:2 (Fall, 1977) pp. 3-8

       Shaff, Wilhelm n.a. NY, NY 1709-1710 3620 p. 7

                 Could this be the father of the William who served in the Revolutionary War?

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*62*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                               Revolutionary claim.
                                        Acts March 18, 1818 and May 1, 1820
                                          Number S42,288 Original Claim

                                               WILLIAM SHAFF
       From his Revolutionary War Pension file is the following:

       District of New York
       County of Seneca

         On the fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-
        two personally appeared in open court in the Court of Common Pleas in and for the County of Seneca
        being a court of record and (unreadable) made so by the laws and statutes of the state of New York
        proceeding according to the ourse of the common law with a dissolution unlimited in point of amount
        and himself as (unreadable) of its proceedings and so common seal, William Shaff, of the town on
        Junius in the County of Seneca and State aforesaid aged sixty-eight years who having previously sworn
        according to laws doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the pension made by
   the act of congress of the 18th March 1818 and the 1st of May 1820 that he, the said William Shaff, enlisted
   for the term of one year on the first day of May in the year Seventeen hundred and Seventy five         in the
   town of Cambridge, County of Washington and State of New York in the Company commanded                  by
   Captain Joseph McCracken in the regiment commanded by Colonel J. Van Schaick (Gose Van                  Schaick)
   in the line of the State of New York in the continental establishment, that he continued to serve       in the said
   corps until the 1st day of May 1776. That he enlisted a second time for the term of one year on or about the 1st
   day of May 1776 in the company commanded by the same Captain Joseph                    McCracken in the
   regiment commanded by the same Colonel J. Van Schaick in the County of                 Washington and State of
   New York; that he continued to serve in the said corps until the 1st day of July       in the year 1777 or there
   about when he was discharged from service at the town of Salem in the                  County of Washington and
   state aforesaid. That he enlisted a third time for the term of one year on or          about the tenth day of July
   in the year 1777 in the town of Cambridge, County and State aforesaid as a             [private?] in the company
   commanded by Captain Bronson in the regiment commanded by Colonel                      Seth E. Warner all of
   which enlistment and services were in the line of the State of New York and in the     continental establishment.
   That he continued to serve during the said enlistment and in the said Corps            last mentioned until on or
   about the month of September 1778 when he was discharged from the said                 service at Fort George in
   the County of Washington & State of New York.

        That he was in the battle of Bennington, at the taking of ([Barry] St. Leger) and at the taking of Burgoyne
   in October 1777; that he has no further evidence now in his possession or power of his said services except the
   affidavits of Joseph McCracken and John Merrill (?) hereto received and herewith sent.

       And in ponderance of the act of the 1st May 1820 I do solemnly swear that I was a resident citizen of
       the United States on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not since that time by gift, dole or in
       any other manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby so to diminish it as to
       bring myself within the provisions of an Act of Congress entitled, "Amount to provide for certain persons
   engaged in the (unreadable) and normal service of the United States in the revolutionary War"          proposed
   on the 18th day of March 1818 and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any      property or
   (unreadable) contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income other than what is contained in this schedule
   hereto (unreadable....) and by me (unreadable).

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*63*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

         I am in possession of about 79 acres of new land with a small improvement and small log house situate
         on lot (unreadable) thirty-two in the town of Junius in the County of Seneca on which there is a mortgage
executed by me bonafide to secure the sum of eleven hundred and twelve dollars or         thereabouts and I have no
other interest in any other real property whatever. I am the owner of one                 half a small yoke of oxen
the whole of which are worth about        fifty dollars. I have one two years old         heifer, two cows and two
calves. I have two pots iron, one small iron kettle, one fine pail iron kettle, six       old kitchen chairs, one old
table, one wooden pail, one china, five earthen plates, four bowls, six                   knives and forks, two
spinning wheels. I am indebted to Linus Ely for medical attendance in the sum of          eight dollars and to
Thomas C. Mayer in the sum of twelve dollars and to Jonathan Beedle (?) for leather in the sum of seven dollars;
that I have no debts due to me of any (unreadable). I am also indebted to a               Mr. B....... in the sum of
two dollars and to Henry Mason in the sum of one dollar and seventy-five                  cents and to Mr. Cooper
for (unreadable) in the sum of two dollars: that I am a common able to labor              but very little, that my
family consists of myself, my wife in good health, my daughter (unreadable)               [maybe Hanny?] twenty
years of age and two small children of my daughter Jane (unreadable) who has              left her family for me to
support and I do not think my property worth ten dollars after the payment of             all my debts and cannot
comfortably support myself and family without the assistance of my country or             from some other source.
                                          William Shaff
                                           (X his mark)

        Sworn and declared on the 15th day
        of May 1822 in open Court
                           John Maynard Clerk
                        (unreadable) ten dollars by the Court
        Inscribed on the Roll of New York
        at the rate of 8 dollars per month, to commence the 16 day of June 1826


        Certificate of Pension issued the 5 day of September 1826 Sent to Joseph Clark, Esq. Waterloo, New York
        Arrears to the 4th of September, 1826 $21.60
        Semi-Annual ending 6 March, 1827           48.00

From Veteran’s List Pine Corners Cemetery, town of Middlesex, NY by Frederick T. Harter, Town of Middlesex
Historian, May 19, 1980.
                         Revolutionary War

                        William Shaff *
                        Sgt. Col. Van Woert’s Regt.
                        Jan. 10, 1754 - June 21, 1829

                        * Bronze Military Marker installed.

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*64*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

From The Vestal News Vestal, NY 1976

                                           "MY GRANDPA'S WAR SERIES"

                Would you walk 200 miles in the dead of winter for $8 per month? WILLIAM SHAFF (1754-1829)
      traveled on foot from Junius, Seneca County to Salem, Washington County, New York, in 1822, at the age of 68,
      to have two friends sign an affidavit that he served in the Revolution. This enabled William to obtain an $8 a
      month pension from the federal government.

                William Shaff, a native of Germany, probably came to America before 1775 as his son, John was born
      1776 at Saratoga Springs. William enlisted May 1, 1775 in Washington County, NY, and served three separate
      terms of duty in the Continental Line, seeing action in the Battle of Bennington, St. John and at the taking of
      Burgoyne in October, 1777. He continued to serve until 1778 when he was discharged at Fort George in
      Washington County. In order for William to qualify for a pension in 1822, he had to demonstrate a need by
      providing certain personal information.

               Mr. Shaff. was in possession of about 79 acres of land and a small log house, with a mortgage of
      $1100 and several other debts. William stated that after all his debts were paid, his property would not be worth
      more than $10. He was a cripple, with a broken shoulder and not able to work.

                 His family then consisted of himself, his wife who was in poor health, his daughter, Nancy 20 years old,
      and two small grandchildren of his daughter Lydia Van Tassell. He could not support his family without the
      assistance of his country. An inventory of his belongings included; 1 handkerchief, 1 pocketbook, 1 "grate" coat,
      2 vests, 2 coats, 4 shirts, 1 looking glass, 1 pewter platter and 2 plates, 1 old chest, 1 jug, 1 churn, 1 griddle, 1/2
      small yoke of oxen, 2 cows, 2 spinning wheels and various chairs and tables....

2nd Generation
John Shaff b 1776 in Saratoga Springs, NY              d 11/13/1871 in the County Home, Tioga Co. PA
                       m Annis McCarty who died in 1857
               He moved his family to Tioga Co. PA in 1839 and located on a farm in Middlebury Township.

       Nancy m. Darius Dickinson
       William II    Enrolled in Company H 45th Pa. Vols. 9-18- 1861 as a Private at
                     Harrisburg, Pa. He was 41 years old, 5 feet ten and one half inches tall. He had light
                     complexion, blue eyes and gray hair, and was by occupation a laborer. Subsequently
                     transferred to Company "88" 2d Batt. V.R.C. January 8, 1878 filed for pension.
                     married Betsy Lum - May 24, 1824 She was admitted to Second Junius Presbyterian Church
                     January 1, 1835
       Margaret      m. Nehemiah French
       Rosanna                       m. Moses French
       John H.
       Stephen C.
       Elizabeth M.
       Catherine (Katie) Maria m. John Neal

09/01/2011                                                                                   Page*65*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

3rd Generation
Stephen C. Shaff        April 4, 1809           Schoharie Co., NY
                        July 11, 1901           Tioga, Co. PA
        married in 1831 Madison Co. NY           buried Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co. PA
        Stephen came to Tioga Co., PA in January 1836. He purchased 80 acres of timber land in
        Middlebury Township and set to work clearing and improving it, making agriculture and lumbering his life
                     --History of Tioga County c. 1897

        He served in Civil War: enrolled 08/2/1862 at Middleburg, PA Mustered in 08/14/1862 at Harrisburg,
        PA. Served in Company A, 136 Regiment of Infantry under Captain John L. Hammond.. Discharged
        02/28/1863 at Gen. Hospital, Alexandria, because of illness. Filed for disability in 1881. Document to stop
        pension due to death dated May 3, 1902 shows payment of $17.00 paid to July 4, 1901.

Cynthia West Feb. 19, 1806                      Sept 24, 1875
               Madison Co, NY                   Tioga Co, PA
       Daughter of John and Polly Holt West. John West, a native of Stoughton Harbor, Massachusetts,
       born December 32, 1778, was a son of John West, a native of England. He was reared in Vermont, and
       subsequently located in Madison Count, New York, whence he removed to Tioga County, PA in 1829. He
               engaged quite extensively in the lumber business and a few years later purchased the farm of the late
Nathan T. West, his son, at Middlebury Center , where he died, May 3, 1853.
               Cynthia was buried in Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co. PA Her headstone reads:
                                       ―My children and companion dear
                                       Weep not for me as you stand here
                                       Repent believe a Savior’s love
                                       And we shall meet again above‖
       Mary A.         June 28, 1832            Jan 5, 1902
               married 1st Rodney Combs
               married 2nd Thomas Brown
               married 3rd Amos E. Rowley, Nov. 2, 1883
       Henry J                         Sept 10, 1834                Jan 15, 1901
                       married Amerilla Cloos, Sept 6, 1861
       Porter D                        Oct. 13, 1835                Feb. 10, 1910
                       married Mary Jane Dickinson, Sept 7, 1861
       Lois                            Oct. 16, 1838                Sept 27, 1915
                       married John Eli Roe, Jan 6, 1853
       Ira Asa                         Aug. 16, 1840                April 28, 1847
       Matilda                         1844
                       married Jacob Schaffner
       Huldah                          Jan 17, 1850                 Sept 11, 1850
       Alonzo D.                       Jan 9, 1851                  1924
                       married Louise Eggleston

        Catherine (Katie) Maria Shaff married John Neal
                           see Neal Record

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*66*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                         Registers Office October 10, 1901

        This day was presented an instrument of writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Stephen
        Shaff, late of Middlebury Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, deceased, as follows viz.:
        I, Stephen Shaff of Middlebury Pa. being of sound mind, memory and understanding hereby make, publish
        and declare this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former Wills by me       made.
I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my son Alonzo D. Shaff and his heirs my farm of land in Middlebury Township,
Tioga County, Pa. known as my home farm containing about ninety -eight acres.            Also all farming tools, utensils
and machinery on said farm. Also three cows and the three horses now on                  said farm. Also the pine
lumber now in barn on said farm, and all hay fodder and produce. I give, devise          and bequeath unto my
daughters Mary Rowley, Lois Roe, and Matilda Shaffner each one cow and one               hundred dollars in money to
be paid by my said son Alonzo D. Shaff within three years after my decease               without interest. Which sums
are hereby made a charge upon the said farm willed to said son until fully               paid. The cows to be
delivered within one year of my death. I hereby give unto my sons Henry J. and           Porter D. Shaff each one cow.
In Witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 16 day of December               1891.
                                         Stephen Shaff (seal)
        Same day affidavit filed showing that said decedent died at the home of P. D. Shaff on or about Thursday
        the 11th day of July 1901.

        January 8, 1902, Filed receipt for $100.00 signed by Mary Rowley being in full the legacy left her under the
        Will of Stephen Shaff, deceased, and releasing all the real estate of said legacy.

         January 8, 1902, Filed receipt for $100.00 signed by Matilda Shaff (sic) being in full the legacy left her under
the Will of Stephen Shaff, deceased, and releasing all the real estate of said legacy.

        March 1, 1902, Filed receipt for $100.00 signed by Lois Roe being in full the legacy left her under the Will
        of Stephen Shaff, deceased, and releasing all the real estate of said legacy.

4th Generation
Mary A. Shaff
       married 1st Rodney Combs
       Estes Combs                     May 24, 1855                   10/8/1906 (Wash. State)
               married Charlotte Neal -Oct. 6, 1881
       Horatio Combs                   July 11, 1850
       Orville Combs                   Jan 18, 1860                   July 1, 1911
                       married Mary Day
       Flora D. Combs                           Oct. 23, 1852/3                           1929
                       married John Henry Neal, Aug. 13, 1871
       married 2nd Thomas Brown                                       3/16/1882
       Cora Jane Brown                          March 11, 1866                            Jan 14, 1937
                       married Thomas Owlett, Feb. 23, 1892
                       3 children
       Henry Brown Dec. 22, 1868                May 29, 1908
                       married Mame ?
       married 3rd Amos E. Rowley on Nov.d 2, 1883

5th Generation
Flora Combs married John Neal see Neal Record

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*67*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                         LOOMIS RECORD
FROM: Dorothy E. Stanley on the Internet

1st Generation:
Oliver Lummyus                        b. 1469 in England                d. 1535
       married in 1490 in England, wife’s name unknown, born 1471
               Laurent Lummyus        b. 1491 Thaxted, Essex, Eng.      d. 1540

2nd Generation:
Laurent Lummyus
      married 1511 in England to Mrs. Laurent Lymmyus, born about 1493 in Thaxted, Essex
              Thomas Lummys         b.1512                      d.1551
              William Lummanse      b. 1527?                            d.1540

3rd Generation:
Thomas Lummys                          b. 1512 Thaxted, Essex, Eng. d.1551 Thaxted
                                       buried 10/28/1551 in Thaxted, Essex, England
         married 1535, Ann Stephen, in Thaxted, Essex, England
                 John (Lummuys) Lummys or Loomis

4th Generation:
John (Lummuys) Lummys or Loomis b. 01/1536 Thaxted, Essex, Eng. d. 04/12/1567 Thaxted
                                      christened 01/1536 Thaxted     buried 04/12/1567 Thaxted
       married Kyrsten (or Jackson) Pasfield about 1561, in Thaxted, Essex, Eng.
       she was born 1526 in Rettendon, Essex, Eng. Died 1567, buried in Rettendon, Essex, Eng.
               John Loomis (Lummys)

5th Generation:
John Loomis (Lummys)                            b. 01/29/1562 Thaxted             d. 05/29/1619 Braintree,
                                      christened 01/29/1652 Thaxted buried 05/29/1619
       married, 06/30/1589 Agnes Lingwood (Linwood), who was born 1562, in Bocking (Bolking), Essex,
Eng. daughter of John Lingwood (Lyngood) and Jane Marlar,., christened 01/29/1562 in Bocking
(Bolking)      Essex, Eng. She died 04/14/1619, Essex, England.
               Joseph Loomis
               Ann Loomis
               Sarah Loomis
               Elizabeth Loomis
               Geoffrey Loomis
               Jane Loomis
               Godfrey Loomis

         Proof that Joseph Loomis came from Braintree, England - A deposition made 30 July 1639 by one
         of the passengers in the same ship as Joseph Loomis: ―Joseph Hills of Charlestowne in New
09/01/2011                                                                                Page*68*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        England, Wollen Draper, aged about 46 years, saith upon his oath that he came to New England
        undertaker in the ship called the Susan & Ellen of London wherof was master Mr. Edward Payne,
        in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred thirty and eight, the 14th yeare of the raigne of
        our Souraigne Lord the King that now is, and this day knowes that divers goods and chattells,
        victualls & commodities of Joseph Loomis late of Brayntree in the County of Essex, Woolen
        draper, w?? Were put up in three butts, two hogsheads, one halfe hogshead, one barrell, one tubb
        & three firkins, transported from Malden in the County of Essex to London in an Ipsw? Hye, were
        shipped in the said ship upon the eleventh day of Aprill in the yeare abovesayd, and this deponent
        cleared the said good with divers other goods of the said Joseph Loomis and other mens, in the
        Custome-house at London, as may appeare by the Customers bookes, and this deponent saith that
        the goods were transported into New England in the said ship where she arrived on the seaventeenth
day of July in the yeare aforesayd.”

From same source:
Thomas Scott and wife Anna were the parents of Elizabeth Scott, who married Deacon John Loomis--See
      She was born 1625 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, Eng. Baptized 11/18/1625 in Rattlesden, Suffolk
      Emigrated from Ipswich, England to Ipswich, Mass. April 1634, died 05/07/1696, Windsor,
      Hartford, Conn.

       Thomas Scott is listed on the Founder’s Monument of Hartford, Connecticut.

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                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

GENEALOGY OF THE LOOMIS FAMILY IN AMERICA                      GLL 4/10/1966

FROM: Genealogy of the Loomis Family by Elias Loomis LL.D., Prof. of Natural History and Astronomy in Yale
        College 1870
             The Loomis Family in America by Elisha S. Loomis Ph.D. 1908

The surname Loomis had many forms over the years. It is first recorded in England during the time of Edward III in
1333. It appeared as Lumhalgh or Lumhales. By the year 1550 it had evolved into Lomas and this carried through into

There were more than one of the Loomis's that came to America: Edward Loomis came over from London in 1635. He
had 4 sons: Jonathan, Samuel, Nathaniel and Edward. There were others.

1st Generation:
        This will follow the line of Joseph Loomis, son of John and Agnes Loomis, born before 1590 in England. He
       was married in Messing, Essex Co. June 30, 1614 to Mary White, daughter of Robert and Bridget (Allgar)
       White. Joseph was a woolen-draper in Braintree, Essex Co. He sailed from London on the ―Susan & Ellen”
       4/11/1638. Went first to Dorchester then Boston 7/17/1638. He came to Connecticut on 10/17/1639 with Rev.
       Ephraim Huet. There were 8 children from the marriage. Some question on the order but it appears from the
       record that John was the fifth child.

                Joseph married Sarah Hill
                Sarah married Nicholas Olmstead
                Elizabeth married Josiah Hull
                John born in 1622
                Thomas married Hannah Fox then Mary Judd after first wife died

2nd Generation
John Loomis or Deacon John Loomis, as he was known, was born in Essex Co. England in 1622. He married
      Elizabeth Scott who came to America at Ipswitch, Mass. when she was 9. He was admitted to the Windsor
      Church Oct. 11, 1640. On May 3, 1643, he had granted to him from the Plantation 40 acres of land. He resided
      in Farmington from 1652 to 1660, when he returned to Windsor, and was Deacon of the Church. He was
      deputy to the General Court in 1666 and 1667, also from 1675 to 1687. He died Sept. 1, 1688, age 66, and his
      monument in still preserved in the Windsor burying ground. All but four children were born in Windsor.
      Thomas, Samuel, Daniel and James were born in Farmington.

        They had 13 children as follows:

       John            11/9/1649       Timothy        7/27/1661
       Joseph          11/7/1651       Nathaniel      7/8/1663
       Thomas          12/3/1653       David          5/30/1665
       Samuel          6/29/1655       Samuel         8/12/1666
       Daniel          6/16/1657       Issac          8/31/1668
       James           9/19/1659       Elizabeth      5/8/1671
                                       Mary           8/7/1673

09/01/2011                                                                             Page*70*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       Elizabeth Scott, 9 , Boston, Mass, 1634 263 p. 119

       Elizabeth Scott, 9, Mass. 1634 3283 p. 282

       Elizabeth Scott, 9, New England, 1634 9151 p. 43

263 Banks, Charles Edwards The Planters of the Commonwealth
              Boston: Houghton-Mifflin Co., 1930. Reprint Baltimore
              Genealogical Publishing Co., 1961

3283 Hotten, John Camden, editor The Original Lists of Persons
      of Quality. Reprint Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., 1974

This is most likely to be the wife of Deacon John Loomis

3rd Generation
Sergeant Daniel Loomis, the fifth child of John Loomis was born 6/16/1657. He married 1st Mary Ellsworth dau of
       Josiah Ellsworth. 12/1/1680. They had 9 children. He married 2nd widow Hannah Drake 3/2/1713: No
       children. He died 6/25/1740.

       Daniel          11/15/1682      Issac           8/23/1694
       Josiah          11/28/1684      Abraham         12/13/1696
       Job             1/21/1686-7     Benjamin        2/7/1698-9
       John            10/11/1688      Benajah                      1/20/1701-2 died 6/25/1740
       Mary            1/15/1690-1

4th Generation
Josiah Loomis, born 11/28/1684, married Elizabeth Kelsey 1/22/1707-8. Lived in Simsbury, Connecticut from 1713
       to 1741. 6 children.

       Josiah          3/11/1708-9     Thomas          6/16/1717
       Benajah                         1/28/1710-11    Jacob                          11/26/1720
       Ebenezer        11/9/1712       Francis         6/12/1726

5th Generation
Josiah Loomis, born 3/11/1708-9, married Abigail Bacon of Middletown, Conn. They moved to Simsbury, Conn.,
       then to Edgemont, Mass. They were Episcopalian. 10 children.

       Elizabeth       3/6/1733        Abijah          3/10/1743-4
       Abigail         2/27/1734       Sarah           10/10/1748
       Josiah          5/19/1737       Daniel          4/4/1750 – father of George, of ―The Loomis Gang‖
       Andrew          5/23/1739       Benejah                      7/15/1752
       Michael                         9/5/1741        Rachel                           3/11/1765

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                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

6th Generation
Abijah Loomis,          born 3/10/1743-4, died 1820, buried at Green, NY. Married Mary Kellogg 3/30/1768. 12
       children. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He must have moved to Troy, PA because his children
       were born there.

       Mephibosheth    1/6/1769        Olive          5/31/1780
       Elias           11/20/1769      William                     3/1/1783
       Abigail         11/2/1771       Tryphena       5/14/1785
       Abijah, Jr.     4/15/1774       Sarah          11/3/1787
       Daniel          5/26/1776       Thomas         2/28/1790
       Eunice          5/17/1778       Andrew         1/22/1793

       Abijah, Jr. moved to NY Daniel lived at Troy. William died in Michigan. Thomas moved to NY Andrew
moved to Michigan. Both Abijah, Jr. and Thomas had large families, both boys and girls. They both lived in Broome
Country, NY

09/01/2011                                                                             Page*72*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          Godard Family Record

Paper in Ezra Loomis's Bible, recording births and deaths of some of his mother's family.

Ezra Godard, Senior     12/14/1733              05/15/1815
Ezra Godard, Junior     07/25/1762              07/16/1816
Luther Godard           05/20/1769              1/07/1817

Ezra Godard, Junior     married 06/11/1787 to: Mary Copley 02/21/1766                   05/09/1841
      Mary              02/11/1788             04/28/1836
      Ezra, 3rd         12/09/1789             05/12/1855
      Allen             07/13/1793             ?
      Eley Chester      07/19/1795             01/26/1856
      Elam Wesley       07/10/1798             03/21/1834
      Anna M.           02/09/1801             06/15/1838
      Thomas Hiram      03/31/180?             02/15/1870

Allen Godard married 11/01/1817 to: Maria Marvin 08/21/1798 03/07/1841
       Emery A.        08/09/1819          ?
       A. Maria        08/13/1820          07/31/1842
       Mandeville      12/15/1821          05/11/1851
       Jesse M.        04/25/1826          ?
       Martha G.       06/24/1824          06/29/1833
       Hiram A.        10/09/1829          04/13/1845 (55?)
       Delia S. 06/30/1833                 10/29/1841

7th Generation
Daniel Loomis married Mary Godard in 1799; she died 4/28/1836. He died 2/11/1846.
       They moved to East Troy, PA to the J. R. Vannoy farm about 1803 and cleared the land. 9 children. They are
       buried at Hilton.

        Marilla     2/19/1801
                    married P.C. William at East Troy
        Alvin       4/1/1803
        Ely         8/3/1804                1872
        Orin        6/1/1807                1834
        Lucy        3/3/1809
                    married George Fritcher
        Harriet     5/25/1811
                    married Edwin Goff, Elk Co.
        Caroline                    1813
                    married Leonard Upham at Troy
        Ezra Godard 11/17/1815
        Luther      7/1818
                    married Lucretia Farmer

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                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

8th Generation
Ezra Godard Loomis and Harriet Pratt were married by Justice Luman Putnam in Canton, PA, October 21, 1841.
     They built the OLD HOUSE, in East Troy. Harriet Pratt was born in Canton, PA 12/2/1817, the daughter of Asa
     and Celia (Leonard) Pratt.

       Milton Oscar   1/28/1843              10/20/1903
                      married Sarah Calkins 11/ /1870 at Troy, PA
       Lucien Eugene 6/28/1845               5/30/1917
       Gertrude Ella 9/2/1847                7/6/1879
       Florence Eliza 3/22/1849              5/1/1928
                      married Layton G. Calkins 12/28/1870 at Troy, PA
       Harriet Helen 3/6/1851                5/31/1880
                      married Willis R. Smiley 10/26/1876 at Troy, PA
       Arthur Ezra    7/10/1857              8/27/1862 - headstone found at OLD HOUSE barn, 3/20/1965

Ely married Lydia Rich of Dryden, NY, lived at East Troy
               Edwin                  1827
               Charlotte              1831
               Martha                 1833
               Elenora                1836
               Orrin                  1838
               George                 1842                      1908
       Grandfather of Irving (Bud) Loomis of Kalamazoo, Michigan, who contacted Charles P. Loomis in 1961 and
                          gave him some of this information

Luther married Lucretia Farmer (?)
               Delephine               1858
               Stanley J.              1860
               Edna B.                 1877

George married E. C Burchill
              Rich married Ethel Brown
              Irving R. (Bud) married Helen

9th Generation
Lucien Eugene Loomis and Loretta (Lettie) Potter were married at Troy, PA October 20, 1874. They lived in the
       farm west of the OLD HOUSE.

               Arthur Reid             9/13/1875                 9/6/1955

09/01/2011                                                                           Page*74*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

10th Generation
Arthur Reid Loomis and Fannie A. Parke were married at East Troy, PA Sept 30, 1897.

               Luther Harold          4/7/1898                    2/22/1968
               Charles Parke          5/9/1899                    1/23/1978
               Infant son             8/11/1901                   8/12/1901
               Infant son             ?                           ?
               Lucien Eugene          3/1/1903                    4/23/1974
               Ellsworth Dever        5/12/1906                   7/16/1992
               Arthur Ezra            2/14/1910                   12/14/1992
               Loretta Amelia         1/15/1914
               Florence Edna          10/31/1917

11th Generation
Luther Loomis married 1st Florence French divorced
                      2nd Virginia Alden died 3/1945
                                     (direct descendant of John Alden)
                      3rd Anne Olsen died 11/21/1974

Charles Parke Loomis and Gladys Juanita Bush were married June 21, 1928. They lived in Mansfield, PA, where
       he operated a Ford dealership until 1941 when they moved to Covington, PA. Upon the start of World War II
       they moved to Erie, PA.
               Helen Marie             3/13/1930
               Lloyd Norman Bush       12/5/1933 - nephew whom they reared from the age of three weeks.

Lucien Loomis married 1st Florence Grant died 3/15/1931
              William Grant          3/15/1931
              married 2nd Helene Winters died 11/22/2000 in Florida, buried Troy, PA Glenwood Cemetary

Ellsworth Loomis married Thelma Benedict b 10/5/1907 d 1/10/1990
              Donald Reid           6/20/1928                    d 3/01/2001
              Paul Ellsworth        6/11/1930                    d 5/15/2002

Arthur Loomis married Dorothy Bohlayer b 05/25/1912 d 06/10/2002 dau of J. Ernest & Loretta Bayless Bohlayer
              David John             7/23/1938                  d 10/02/1995
              Cynthia Anne           5/23/1942

Loretta Loomis married Charles Billingsley
               John Charles            4/14/1941
               Edward Ray              8/7/1944

Florence Loomis married John Bohlayer - died 5/7/1982 son of J. Ernest & Loretta Bayless Bohlayer
              Martha Jean            2/22/1947 m. Lynn Edward Copp son of
                      Lisa Marie     10/11/1969 m. Michael Aaron Zahradka son of Michael W. & Gail
                      Shawn Michael           07/15/1971 m Christina
                                     Katherine Victoria Lynn 11/28/2002
              Marilyn Rachel         11/7/1948

09/01/2011                                                                            Page*75*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                     The Night Before Christmas

                      by Charles Parke Loomis

                    Circa mid-30's

           (If he didn't actually compose it, he let us think that he did.)

     "Twas the night before Christmas when all through the flat
     Not a creature was stirring, not even a cat.
     The children were nestled all snug in their beds
     While visions of electric toys danced in their heads.
     While I in pajamas, likewise in a grouch
     Had gone to my patent convertible couch
     When out on the concrete
     There arose such a clatter
     I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter
     The arc light shone bright on our new garbage can
     Awaiting the call of the D.S.C. man
     And what did my wondering eyes devour
     But a touring car of a hundred horse power.
     With a business-like chauffeur so shining and slick
     I knew in a jiffy it must be St. Nick.
     I drew in my head and was turning around
     When in through the air shaft he came with a bound.
     His suit was of broadcloth; the finest I've seen
     Through it smelled rather strangely of fresh gasoline.
     A bundle of bank notes he had in a sack.
     He looked like a winner just home from the track.
     He said not a word, but the jolly old elf
     Went right to the mantle and laid on the shelf
     A letter typewritten in business-like style.
     Then he climbed in his car and with three loud "honk honks"
     Whizzed 'round the corner and off to the Bronx.
     I tore open the letter, the message I read
     Then I climbed silently back into bed.
     For here's what I saw in despair and disgust
     "Retired from business, sold out to the trust."

09/01/2011                                                                    Page*76*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

12th Generation
Helen Marie Loomis and Dale Dean Griffith were married in Erie, PA November 24, 1949.
              Dale Dean Jr.       6/28/1950
              David Mark          11/24/1952
              Richard Charles     1/3/1955                      5/15/1955
              Deborah Anne        8/31/1956
              Sonya Marie         1/21/1960
              Pamela Sue          5/29/1964

Donald Reid Loomis married LeMoine Rankin 6/18/1949
              Sharon Ann            9/16/1950     m. William Ploskodniak
              Timothy Reid          5/18/1953     m. Joyce
              David Ellsworth       9/6/1954      m. Karen
              Mark James            1/30/1958     m. Geri
              John Louis            9/5/1960      m. Tammy

Paul Ellsworth Loomis married Marian Hawley 12/30/1951
                Douglas Paul         11/4/1952     m. Shirley
                James Richard        7/8/1954      m. Gail
                Daniel DeWitt        2/17/1957     m. Dianna
                Donna Jeanne         8/22/1962     m. Doug Smith

William Grant Loomis married Margaret Jean McRae 6/9/1956
               Daniel McRae          4/7/1957
               Sarah Jane            11/20/1958
               Caryn Anne            9/26/1960
               Katherine Isobel      12/8/1962
               Tracey Elizabeth      12/28/1964

David John Loomis married Eleanor Layton 8/ /1960 b. 03/20/1937 dau of Albert S. & Meryl Anderson Layton
              Patricia Lynne          11/28/1963      m. Robert Burger son of David & Suzanne Burger
                       Ashley Lynne 12/09/1993
              Dorothy Meryl           08/23/1965       m. Dean Jackson son of Ben & Regina Jackson
                       Courtney Lynne          08/12/1988
              infant son,             stillborn 1968
              David John              03/16/1974       m. Heather L. Stout dau of Theodore F. & Betty 8/15/1998

John Charles Billingsley married Margaret Alene Billingsley 3/28/1964
               Erica Jean              2/20/1970 (adopted)
               Daniel John             11/10/1972 (adopted)
               Tricia Rene             10/20/1975 (adopted)
               Kristina Marie          10/2/1966 (adopted)

Cynthia Ann Loomis married James Eckert 6/14/1964
              James Arthur          11/2/1965      married Amy Sue Brackett dau of Douglas R. & Leslie
                                                               Lapp Brackett
                      Thomas James          2/25/1994
                      Bradley               1997?
                      William Watts         12/09/1999
              Elizabeth Anne        8/20/1968
              Matthew George        12/29/1972     married Karen Evans 07/19/1997
              Andrew Craig          10/2/1974

09/01/2011                                                                           Page*77*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Martha Bohlayer married Lynn Copp 8/12/1967
              Lisa Marie            10/11/1969
              Shawn Michael         7/15/1971

13th Generation
Dale Dean Griffith, Jr. married Elouise Chancey Coffman, 6/16/1980 San Diego, California.
               Sandy Lynn Coffman 1/5/1974
               Roy Daniel Coffman 10/27/1975

David Griffith 1st married Pamela Janese Montgomery Clark AFB, Rep. of Philippines 4/13/1973 divorced, 1980
               2nd marriedAnita Williamson Meeker, daughter of John & Gretchen (Volgenau) Williamson.
                        New York City, NY 12/23/1980
                        divorced 8/1/1985
                        Amy Noelle     10/14/1982 Keesler AFB, MS
               3rd married Linda Kay Everson, daughter of Robert Eugene and Kazuko Shinohara Everson. Dayton,
                                       OH 12/06/88
                        divorced 11/21/2000
               4th married Kimberly Gail Kistner April 27, 2002 Carmel, California
                        Kade William Kistner Sept. 3, 1994
                        Kaleb John Kistner     Nov. 22, 2000

Deborah Griffith married Gary Forrest Southerland, son of Billy Bruce & Wanda Ruth (Forrest) Southerland.
                                       LaPlace, LA 6/24/1978
                Jared Charles          2/1/1980 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK
                Heather Marie          5/3/1983 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK

Sonya Griffith married Walter Johannes Johnson, son of Homer & Theodosia (Jones) Johnson.
                                     Las Vegas, NV 3/2/1987
               Eric David            12/10/1987 Hammond, LA

Pamela Griffith           married Michael Shawn Shelton, son of C. L. & Elizabeth (Kirby) Shelton.
                                         LaPlace, LA 7/25/1987
                  divorced 6/25/1992

14th Generation
Sandy Lynn Coffman married Randy Lenz, Corpus Christi, TX 9/1/1990
              Elizabeth Alexandra    11/05/1991    Corpus Christi, TX
              Stephanie Victoria     2/01/1994     Corpus Christi, TX
                      2nd married Eric Marcus               GA 02/1997
              Stephen William        10/14/1997

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                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD


        The Loomis homestead in Windsor, Connecticut, is located on a slight elevation above a bend of the
        Farmington River just to the north of Founders Hall, the main building of Loomis Chaffee School. As one of
        the oldest houses in the state, dating from 1640, its historical prestige and close ties with the early colonial life
        of Windsor have made it a shrine and a symbol of the enduring virtues of those who founded this country.

        One of the principal aims of the founders of Loomis Chaffee School was the preservation of the Loomis
        Homestead as a "hearthstone on the historic grounds, rich in traditions and hallowed by ancestral memories."
        The act of incorporation in 1874 provided that ---"the trustees above named shall have the power and
        authority, with the consent of the owners thereof, to select such portion of the original homestead of Joseph
        Loomis, taken up by him in 1639, and continued in the ownership and possession of his descendants from that
        day to this, situated upon "The Island", so called, in Windsor, in the County of Hartford, and State of
        Connecticut and any other lands immediately contiguous thereto..."

        Mr. James Lee Loomis, in his address dedicating Founders Hall, shortly after the school had opened,
        emphasized for the new school the importance of the Loomis Homestead by stating,

                "upon this spot our ancestor Joseph Loomis built his home in 1640. The work of his hands still stands
        as a part of the ancestral homestead. It has been occupied by his descendants from its construction to the
        present time, (1916), 276 years. The Founders understood the value of a site on ancestral and historic

         The Loomis Homestead has not been outside the Loomis family and is in direct descent from Joseph Loomis
         who died in 1658. The inheritors and the years they probably possessed the house, following Joseph, are
         Deacon John, 1658-1688, and his widow until her death in 1696. Timothy Loomis held possession until 1710
and his widow until 1750. In the second half of the eighteenth century, Odiah and Ozias and his widow continued the
line of possession until 1807. Only two more families inherited the Homestead until it became the property of
Loomis Institute. Odiah and his widow resided there until 1859, and then finally Thomas          Warham Loomis, who
died in 1895. His wife and his daughter, Jennie, became the last members of the          Loomis family to live in the
old Homestead. Miss Jennie Loomis deeded the Homestead to Loomis Institute in            1901 and this deed marked the
first and only time that the ancestral home had passed from the direct family            line. Yet it remained in the
hands of the founders' spiritual descendants.

        The eight successive family generations living in this house over the space of three centuries constitute one of
        the most remarkable records of family tenure and tradition in the country. In 1944, at the death of Miss Jennie
        Loomis, the house became a residence for a member of the Loomis Chaffee School faculty. However, it
        remains a memorial to the Loomis family and a museum, that preserves the tangible and the spiritual past of
        the family.

        The earliest known mention of the Loomis Homestead is found in the will of Deacon John Loomis, the second
        owner of the dwelling. The document is dated August 27, 1685, and was exhibited in court December 4, 1688.
This recorded will gave his wife the use of the Homestead as long as she lived.

                "My will is that my wife shall have the product of the thirds of my land as long as she lives and that
                the house, homestead, and barn remayne to my wife as long as she lives and the free dispose of it
                amongst my children when she dies"

        The south wing is really the earlier part of the Homestead and is in its original position, although many
        changes have been made since Joseph Loomis constructed the "new house in the wilderness" during the years
        1639 and 1640. The later and larger addition in the latter part of the 17th or early 18th century is the main
        part of the house. The ell to the east, which became the family kitchen, was attached to the larger section of
        the house somewhat later. Reconstruction has uncovered various interesting details and helped to determine
        the periods when various parts of the house were built. The beautiful paneling of the north room of the main
09/01/2011                                                                                     Page*79*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     part of the house was discovered by accident under a covering of laths and plaster. The 18th century paneling
     in the south room was evidence of an earlier and simpler colonial type. The excavation for the restoration of
     the foundations of the fireplace in the south wing uncovered the earliest origins of the original house in the
     17th century.

     The Homestead contains many excellent examples of earlier living. Especially interesting is an ancient cast-
     iron fireback from the 16th century with Mary Tudor arms. This antique piece, still serving its original
     purpose, is believed to have been brought from England by Joseph Loomis. An extremely rare earthen
     Bellamine jug also dates from the 16th century. Other objects of interest dating from the 17th century include
     a will signed by Joseph Loomis in 1652, a family account book and pewter dishes.

     The distinguishing architectural features of this colonial house include the massive fireplace in the original
     kitchen, the old hand-wrought hinges, the half-size window panes at the top and bottom of the windows in the
     south wing, and the charming main entrance. The rear stairway to the second floor is extremely narrow and
     closeted, in harmony with the other colonial aspects of the building. There is a written record of the
     construction of the old china closet in the large room of the main section of the house. Scattered throughout
     the house are choice antiques, collected through the centuries by the various members of the Loomis family.

     The southwest porch, which will be remembered by those who have visited the Homestead, was added
     presumably in the 19th century but was removed in 1953 to restore the house to its original early American

     The house has attracted the interest of antiquarians, architects, and historians who have found it a splendid
     example of the development of the American rural house. By careful reconstruction and planning under the
     sympathetic direction of the Loomis Chaffee School, the Homestead has become not only a treasured
     memorial to the Loomis family, but also a monument of early American living and the development of the
     colonial house through centuries of family life. It is now, and will remain, a priceless heritage.

09/01/2011                                                                              Page*80*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                 THE LOOMIS CHAFFEE SCHOOL

     In the early 1870's, four Loomis brothers, James Chaffee, Hezekiah Bradley, Osbert Burr, and John Mason,
     and their sister, Abigail Sarah, wife of H. Sidney Hayden, united by the loss of all of their children, decided to
     pool their considerable estates and found an institution for secondary education in the hope

             "that some good may come to posterity through the harvest, poor though it may be, of our lives."

     The founders were closely allied in their vision by a sense of family and obligation to their kin and the fact
     that the original Loomis family homestead, built by Joseph Loomis in 1639 at the confluence of the
     Farmington and Connecticut rivers and continuously a home for his descendants, provided an ideal site for
     their dream.

     The Loomis Institute was chartered in 1874. It was the hope of John Mason Loomis, expressed in his will
     that the Loomis Institute would be a

             "shrine upon which boys and girls shall take the highest inspirations for better and grander lives..."

     The charter for the Loomis Institute, unusual for private secondary schools at the time, stipulated that the
     Institute should offer a broad curriculum (vocational and college preparatory) and that

             "No officer, instructor, employee or student shall be made eligible or ineligible for or by reason of
             his or her religious or political opinions, nor be compelled to acknowledge or sign any religious or
             political creed or test whatever."

             "Free and gratuitous education" was to be provided as far as the endowment would permit.

     Upon the death of the widow of John Mason Loomis in 1910, the business of construction began. Nathaniel
     Horton Batchelder was chosen as the first headmaster in 1912. The Loomis Institute, a boarding and day
     school, opened in 1914 with an enrollment of thirty-nine boys and five girls.

     An increasing desire for stronger emphasis on elements particular to the education of young women led to the
     movement of the girls' division from the Island in 1925. In 1926 the girls' division was reopened in another
     part of Windsor with Mr. Paul Parsons as director. The name was Chaffee School. The boys' school became
     known as the Loomis School.

     In 1972 both schools were unified and became known as The Loomis Chaffee School. They have become
     largely college preparatory, as the demand for vocational direction abated.

     As of 1997, the student body consists of approximately 700 students, with a faculty of 125.

     For more information:

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*81*
                                 GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                           THE HISTORY OF TROY, PENNSYLVANIA

                                       Western Reserve Historical Society
                                            Cleveland, Ohio 4/7/66

     Troy, PA was founded in 1815 from part of Burlington, PA.

     First name was Augusta. It is on the headwaters of Sugar Creek and on the line of the Northern Central

     Elihu Smead was the first settler, before 1801.
     Nathaniel Allen, first Justice of Peace, in 1800.
     Esther Case was first white child born in Troy.
     John Ward had first gristmill.
     Reuben Wilbur was a Judge.
     Reuben Rowley was soldier from Vermont, practiced medicine.
     Almerin Herrick was soldier and doctor, 1817.
     Elisha Rich was soldier from Vermont: went to East Troy, 1804.
     Daniel Loomis to Vannoy farm in East Troy on Sugar Creek, in 1803.
     Adriel Hebard, a clothier below Long's Mills, 1805.
     Robert Claflin in East Troy, 1801.
     Joel Stephens, East Troy, 1808.
     Ezra Long at Long's Mills, 1812, from Vermont.
     Aaron Case                                 James Long, Postmaster at Long's Mills
     Moses Case                                 Joseph Wills
     Barbor Caleb                               Rufus Rockwell
     Silas Rockwell
     Samuel Rockwell

     Troy was named by Churchill Barnes from Troy, New York.
     1st Baptist Church 1808, Rev. Elisha Rich.
     O. P. Ballard was prominent businessman.
     1st Burgess and Council
             E. C. Oliver: Burgess
             G. F. Reddington
             V. M. Long
             Frederic Orwan
             Layton Runyon

     1st marriage in Troy, Horace Spalding & Lucy Allen 10/26/1806.
     1st death in Troy Township, Elisha Rich, 1812.
     1st school, OLD SHAD school house west of Sugar Creek, half way between Major Long's and Esquire
             Allen's. Master Thomas Porter was first teacher.
     East Troy was nice village three miles east of Troy.
     1st road in from Towanda in 1798 down by Sugar Creek.
     In 1827 2 stores: Orrin P. Ballard and George Kress.
                      2 hotels: Vine Baldwin and Col. I. N. Pomeroy
                      Blacksmith shop: Elihu Newberry
                      Tannery: Calvin Dodge
     Population: 1850 - 480 1920 - 1419

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*82*
                                 GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     CourtHouse built 1894.
     1st building was a log cabin in 1800 built by Timothy Nicholes, father-in-law of Reuben Case.
     1st newspaper Anti-Masonic Democrat 1830, succeeded by Troy Argus
              Thomas E. Paine, 1832.
     Troy became borough in 1845.
     227 boys from Troy served in Civil War. 12 were killed.

     Bradford County was Democratic until 1855 when Aaron Chubbuck set up a meeting to start a Republican
     Party and took an anti-slavery position.
     From Bradford Argus issue of Feb. 28, 1867:

             Star mathematicians of Bradford County included Lucien E. Loomis, of East Troy. They answered
             math puzzles in the Argus.

09/01/2011                                                                            Page*83*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                          FROM LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

10720 LOOMIS. The descendants of Joseph Loomis, who came from Braintree, England, in the year 1638, and
settled in Windsor, Connecticut in 1639. By Elias Loomis...New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, 1870. vii, 5-292
p. front. (coats of arms) 23 1/2 cm. 9-11602    CS71.L863 1870

10721 LOOMIS. The descendants of Joseph Loomis, who came from Braintree, England, in the year 1638, and
settled in Windsor, Connecticut in 1639. By Elias Loomis...2nd ed., rev. and enl.
New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor, 1875. viii, 9-611 p. front. (coats of arms) ports. 23 1/2 cm. 3-7919
                                                      CS71.L863 1875

10722 LOOMIS. The descendants (by the female branches) of Joseph Loomis, who came from Braintree, England,
in the year 1638, and settled in Windsor, Connecticut in 1639. By Elias Loomis...New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse and
Taylor, 1880. 2v. front. 23 1/2 cm. Paged continuously. 9-11603 CS71.L863 1880

10723 LOOMIS Descendants of James Robinson Loomis. By William Raymond Loomis. Washington (1906)
1 p 27cm Caption title. Manuscript. 48-33995*.          CS71.L862 1906

10724 LOOMIS The Loomis family in America, a brochure. Addresses delivered at the reunion of the Loomis
family association at Hartford, Connecticut, September twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and five, and including the
official record of the business transacted. (Hartford) Press of the Connecticut Magazine, 1906. 1 p. 1., (5)-46 p. plates.
25 1/2 cm. Title vignette (coat of arms) 23-18599.                     CS71.L863 1906

10725 LOOMIS Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America, and his antecedents in the Old World; the original pub.
by Elias Loomis, 1875, rev. by Elisha S. Loomis, Ph.D., 1908. (Bera? O., 1909) 4 p., (xiii)-xiv, (15)-859, (8) p. plates,
ports., maps, facsims. 27 cm. Title in red within blue ornamental border. "This edition is limited to 700 numbered
copies of which this book is no. 22." 8 blank pages at end for "Family register." "The Loomis family in the Old world
... by Charles A. Hoppin, Jr. p. (53)-114. 9-29641        CS71-L863 1909

10726 LOOMIS ...Family of Loomis...compiled by Frances M. Smith. (New York, F. Allaben genealogical
company, 1909?) 8 p. incl coat of arms. 20 cm. (Colonial families of America) Title from slip mounted on cover.
38M4605T                                                            CS71-L863 1909a

10727 LOOMIS Edward Lumas, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants. Comp. by George Harlan
Lewis, from the notes of Elisha S. Loomis, Ph.D., with additions by Charles A. Lummus. (One hundred copies
reprinted from the Historical collections of the Essex Institute, volume LIII.) Salem, Mass., Essex Institute, 1917. 1 p.
1., 43 p/ 24 1/2 cm. 21-17504                                          CS71.L863 1917

                LOOMIS. See also:        Bassett, 1926
                                         Davis, 1929
                                         Peck, 1925

Note: Those entries underlined are known to refer to ancestors of Helen Marie Loomis Griffith. Others may also prove
to be, but have to be read to determine that fact.

09/01/2011                                                                                  Page*84*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                         FROM THE DOMESDAY BOOK

Messing (Metcinges): Bernard from Ralph Baynard; Roger de Raismes.
                       Mill, 35 goats, 2 cows with calf.

Braintree (Branchetreu): Ledmer of Hempstead who claims it for
                        Richard FitzGilbert. Part of Bocking.

Tonbridge, Richard of, Also called Richard de Clare and Richard FitzGilbert. Son of Count Gilbert of Brion, brother of
               Baldwin of Exeter. Lord of Clare, Suffolk, Lord of Lowry of Tonbridge and Tonbridge Castle.
               Holdings in eight counties from Suffolk to Devon.

Books about the infamous "Loomis Gang":

                                                 Nine Mile Swamp
                                              Hattie McDoual Daniels
                                      The Penn Publishing Do., Philadelphia, PA

                               Frontier Justice; The Rise and Fall of the Loomis Gang
                                                   E. Fuller Torrey
                                       available from Barnes & Noble by special order

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*85*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                            THE PARKE FAMILY

        From: The Genealogy of the Parke Family of Connecticut. Compiled by Frank S. Parke 1009 Hobart St.,
        Washington, DC

                                              Origin of the name of Parke

      It is not a very difficult matter to trace the origin of our family name. Although we are not so plentiful as
      the Smiths, Browns, Jones, etc., there are enough of us to prove that we did not all come from the same
      ancestor unless we go back to Adam. He, however, lived in a kind of park and had he taken a surname in the
same manner that our recent ancestors did, would possibly have been called Mr. Parke.

        The book, Patronnica Britannica, an authority on English surnames published at London, 1860, has the
        following in regard to the sources from which the Parke families derive their names.

        Park from residence near a park. Anciently - at Parke -and - A. Parke -, see however, Peter. Park (1) may be a
        derivative of Peter and an intermediate between that and Perkins, or (2) a locale, whether from one of the
        places called Parc in Normandy, situated respectively near Dieppe and Berney, or from residence near some
        English Park, like the De la Parocke of the H. R.

        One writer gives the birthplace of Robert Parke as Gestingthorpe, Essex, and the late Stephen Cleveland of
        Preston, Connecticut left among his papers a statement to that effect, but did not give his authority for this
        statement - probably originated from the fact that there was a Parke family in Gestingthorpe.

        The following is found in the History of the County of Essex compiled by Philip Norant, London MDCCLXXIII.
Vol. 11, page 309 in the parish of Gestingthorpe.

        Parke is an estate in the parish of Gestingthorpe, Essex, which derived its name from a family existing here
        from the time of King Edward III to that of King Charles I. In 1391 Julien Att Parke and Walter De
        Geldford held here of William De Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, the fourth part of a King's Fee called Marshall which
is supposed to be the estate of Robert Parke,

        "dyed in 1400, Margaret, his wife, having outlived him 57 years, dyed Aug. 21, 1457, and both lye buried in
        their church with an epitaph. John, his son, was returned for a Gentleman of Essex in 1433. William seems to
        have been his son. His son, John, dyed in 1574, leaving by Alice, his wife, dau. of Richard Strutt of Maplestead,
        John, living in 1634."

09/01/2011                                                                                  Page*86*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        He was so considerable a person that he was summoned according to Ancient Custom to receive the honor
        of Knighthood, and on his refusal, paid a composetive (sic) time for which he had a talley from the
        exchequer on which the following recieht (sic).

                De Johne Parke de Gestingthorpe aro
                De bumbric quite non suscehit orclin
                Militar Secdm proclamcon Dni R - Essex

                On the other side:
                Parche x Jenneanu
                R R S Caroli Sixto

        By Margaret, dau of Nicholas Morton he had William and two daughters; Anna married to William
        Edwards of Toppersfield and Elizabeth to Henry Meriton of Stanley Hall in Pebmarsh. He died March 10,
        1636 possessed of a considerable estate.

        William, his son, married Hector, dau of William Strutt of Wickham St. Paul's and had by her William,   John,
Robert, Hester, Elizabeth and Sarah. John, second son, an attorney at law, sunk the estate in debt,     etc.

                                         ARMS OF PARKE

                Azure a spread eagle argent gutte tuler legged
                and beaked or crest an Egler head cou hee erminos
                about its neck a mural crown sable and beaked Sable.

        From same history, page 412, Roger Att Parke, son of William de Parke of St. Osith resided in Stebbing, Essex
County, in 1293, from whom the name, Parke, was given to a capital Messuage in the Parish of Stebbing. The late
Stephen Cleveland of Norwich, Connecticut, left among his papers the statement that    Robert, the third son of
William, came to America. He married Martha, daughter of Robert Chaplyn,               whose wife was Elizabeth,
daughter of Frances Anstey of Bury. Sir Francis Chaplyn, Knight and Mayor of           London in the time of Charles
I, was her brother.

        There appears to be little doubt that it was our Robert who married Martha Chaplyn. It has been claimed
        that the first of the ancestors of Robert Parke came over to England with William the Conqueror and after
        the conquest was rewarded by the King with grants of land in the North of England.

        He was made Master of the Hunt and placed in charge of the Royal Parks, and granted the title of Baronet and
        was known as Thomas de Parke. Among his other descendants were Major William Parke and Col. Richard
        Parke, both Companions of the Order of Bath. Daniel, from whom is descended the Parke Curtis family of
        Virginia, was a relative of Robert Parke.

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*87*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

1st Generation:
Robert Parke (or Sir Robert as he was sometimes called) born in Preston, England, about 1580. He was a man of
       some means. He did not come to this new world through dire necessity or to better his condition, but rather
       through a desire to have more religious liberty. He was of that large number of emigrants mentioned in
       Green's         History of the English People. He and his family sailed from Cower, Isle of Wight, for America
on     board the Arabella with seventy-six passengers, March 29, 1630 and landed in Boston, June 17, 1630, making
       the voyage in seventy-eight days. He lived for a time at Roxbury, Mass. He returned to England the same
       year carrying an order by our Governor to his son, John, in England to pay money -- probably the first bill of
       exchange drawn in America.

        In 1639, he with his son, Thomas, went through the wilderness to Wethersfield, Connecticut, with the first
        settlers there. He resided at Wethersfield about ten years, and in 1649 removed to Pequot (now New London)
        Connecticut. He was a resident of the town plot of New London for about six years, and then removed to
        lands, which he owned on the Mystic River.

        In the first of the town records of New London, the two Winthrops, John and Dean are uniformly entitled
        Mr. as are also Jonathan Brewster and Robert Parke when they appear in the records of the plantations, but
        all others are styled Goodmen or mentioned by their Christian and Surnames without any prefix.

        When Mr. Blinman, the first minister of the Gospel, who preached regularly in New London came in 1650,
        there was no meeting house during the first years of his ministry. He preached in the barn-meeting house
        , which stood on the corner of Hempstead and Granite Streets. It belonged to Mr. Robert Parke.
        August 29, 1651 the following vote of the town was recorded.

               "For Mr. Parke's barn the town does agree for the sue of it until Midsummer next, to give him a days
        work apiece for a meeting house to be by the Saboth (sic) come."

        In 1652, Mr. Parke sold his house lot to Mr. William Rogers of Boston. He was elected a Freeman of the
        Colony in April 1640; a Representative or Deputy to the General Court Sept. 1641, from Wethersfield, and
        again in August 1642. He was a Selectman of New London in 1651, and a Representative 1652. In 1658
        he      was a Selectman of Southertown, afterwards called Mystic, and now known as Stonington, Connecticut.

        Robert Parke married first Martha, a daughter of William Chaplyn at Semer, Suffolk County, England,
        Feb. 9, 1601 or 02. She was baptized at Semer Feb. 4, 1583 or 84. It is probable that she died in England before
the family came to this country as no mention has been found of her here. He married second at Wethersfield about
1644, Mrs. Alice Thompson. She was the widow of John Thompson of Preston,                 England, and the mother of
Dorothy Thompson, who became the wife of Thomas Parke.

09/01/2011                                                                                Page*88*
                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        There is upon record a curious order of the General Court of Massachusetts dated May 30, 1644 in favor of
        Robert Parke to the effect that he may proceed in marriage with Alice Thompson, without further
        publishment. He died at Mystic Feb., 1664, aged 84 years. The diary of Thomas Minor under date of Feb.,
        1664 has the following " The 4th of Feb. Mr. Parke departed this life and was burried the 7 day, being
        Tuesday in the year 1664" His grave is in the Whitehall graveyard at Whitehall, Mystic, Connecticut. His
        house was east of the present road and southeast of the burial ground and stood just south of a small knoll,
        somewhat rocky.

        His will is dated May 14, 1660, and was admitted to probate, March 14, 1664 or 65. This will mentions only
        three children, William, the oldest; Samuel, and Thomas. One authority has stated that his oldest son, named
        Robert, stayed in England and had the homestead. Others have held that he may have had other children,
        possibly Joseph, Richard, Edward and Ann.
                Martha                   10/6/1603       Semer, Suffolk, England
                Robert                   6/4/1605        Semer, Suffolk, England
                William                          4/21/1607           Semer, Suffolk, England
                Thomas                   2/13/1615       Hitcham, Suffolk, Eng.
                Samuel                                   England
                Anna                                     England Lived in Roxbury where she married Edward
                                         Payson, Aug. 20, 1640. She had one child who died young, and she died Sept.
                                         10, 1641.

2nd Generation
Thomas Parke: married Dorothy Thompson, daughter of Alice Thompson Parke, his stepmother, in 1639 in
         Wethersfield where at least two of her children were born. About 1660 he removed to the Pequot Plantation,
         New London, Connecticut, where he became a Deacon of the church of which the Rev. Richard Blinman, his
         brother-in-law (they having married sisters), was pastor. He resided in Pequot for about six years, and then
         moved to Southertown (or Stonington) where he became a Selectman. After residing in Mystic within the
         bounds of Stonington for a number of years, he removed with his son, Thomas, Jr., to lands belonging to them
in the northern part of New London, where in 1680 they were recorded as inhabitants.

        In 1681 he was Collector of Taxes for New London. In October, 1686 he was one of the petitioners to the
        Legislature for the incorporation of the town of Preston. This petition was also signed by three of his sons,
        Thomas, Nathaniel, and John. In 1698, he, together with his sons, Robert and John, and nine others,
        organized the first Church of Christ of Preston, and he became its first deacon.

09/01/2011                                                                                 Page*89*
                                  GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

       He died July 30, 1709 after a long and well spent life. His will, dated September 5, 1707 and recorded in
       New London, provided for his wife, Dorothy, for children John, Nathaniel, William, Martha, Dorothy, and
       Alice: for grandson, Samuel, son of Thomas, and grandson, James, son of Robert.

       In New London about 1680 one hundred acres of land in one entire piece were voted to
       Mr. Thomas Parke, Sr., to remunerate him for furnishing cedar clapboards, nails and work for the parsonage
       house. The second entry in the town meeting book of Preston is as follows:

              "1689, Mar. 30 at a town meeting granted to Thomas Parke, Senior, one hundred acres of land    which
       was formerly granted by New London lying on ye east side of gt to sct Parke his land Ve".

3rd Generation
Nathaniel Parke: see entries under:
                      Ancestors and Descendants of Joel Parke of East Troy, PA

09/01/2011                                                                             Page*90*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

From: Ancestral Roots of 60 Colonists
                            by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. CPG, I 1976

       Line 29A

             26. JOHN, King of England (1-26), b. Oxford, 24 Dec. 1167, d. Newark, 19 Oct., 1216, by an
       unknown mistress had:

           27. JOAN, Princess of Wales, b. well before 1200, d. 30 Mar. 1236 or Feb. 1237; m. 1206,
       LLEWELLYN AP JORWERTH (176- 7), Prince of Wales, b.1173, d. Aberconway, 11 Apr. 1240; their dau.:

               28. MARGARET m. (1) ca.1219, John de Braose, {son of William, starved to death by King John
       1210, who was eldest son of William de Braose (177-6)}, dead by Jul. 1232 (issue); m (2) aft. 1233, Walter
       Clifford, of Clifford's Castle, Herefordshire, d. 1263. They had:

               29. MAUD DE CLIFFORD (child of 2nd m.), d. 1282-85; m. (1) William Longespee III, Earl of
       Salisbury, d. 1257; m, (2nd) ca. 1257/8, Sir John Gifford, Lord Gifford of Brimsfield, b. ca. 1232, d.
       Boyton, Wilts., 29 May 1299. They had:

              30. ELEANOR GIFFORD, dead 1324/5; m. Fulk le Strange, b. ca.1267; dead 23 Jan. 1324/5, 1st
       Lord Strange of Blackmere. They had:

              31. ELIZABETH LE STRANGE, m. by Mar. 1323, Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, b. 1304, d
       1375. Their dau:

               32. JOAN CORBET, I.p. m. 1359: m. Sir Robert de Harley, the 1st. Their dau:

               33. JOAN DE HARLEY, living 1341; m. by 1334, John de Besford, living 1341. They had:

               34. ALEXANDER DE BESFORD, dead 1403; m. Beatrice (?Lech or ? de Thorndon), d. 1404. They

               35. AGNES DE BESFORD, living 1428; m. by 1380, Thomas de Throckmorton, living 1411. Their

              36. SIR JOHN THROCKMORTON, M.P., d. 13 Apr. 1445; m. 1409, Eleanor Spinney, living
       1466/7. They had:

               37. AGNES THROCKMORTON, m. Thomas Wynslow of Burton, Co. Oxford, d. ca. 1463. They

               38. AGNES WYNSLOW, m. (1) 1460, John Gifford (43-44) of Twyford, d. 1506. Their son:

             39. THOMAS GIFFORD of Twyford, d. 10 Oct. 1511; m. Joan Langston, d. 1535, dau. and heir of
       John Langston of Caversfield, Co. Bucks. They had:

              40. AMY GIFFORD, b. ca. 1485-90; m. bef. 1511, Richard Samwell, son of John, of Edgecote, Co.
       Northants, d. 3 May 1519. Dau:

               41. SUSANNA SAMWELL, m. ca. 1535, Peter Edwards, b. ca. 1490, d. ca. 1552. They had:

09/01/2011                                                                             Page*91*
                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

               42. EDWARD EDWARDS, gent. of Alwalton, b. ca. 1537, d. 1591/2, will dated 25 Dec. 1591; m.
        Ursula Coles, (dau. Richard Coles), bur. 2 Feb. 1606. They had:

                43. MARGARET EDWARDS, m. by 25 Dec. 1591, Henry Freeman of Cranford, b. 1560. Dau:

                 44. ALICE FREEMAN, d. New London, Conn., 11 Feb. 1664/5; m. (1) ca. 1615, John Thompson,
        gent., b. ca. 1580- 90, died Little Preston Capes, Northamptonshire, Eng.; will dated 6 Nov. 1626, pro. 11 Apr.
        1627. (The bapts. of children of Alice (Freeman) and John Thompson are recorded at Preston Capes.); m. (2)
        pres. at Roxbury, Mass., after 30 May 1644, Robert Parke, as his second wife.

              Alice Freeman Thompson Parke was the mother of Dorothy Thompson, who became the wife of
        Thomas Parke.

from Four Gothic Kings edited by Elizabeth Hallam
      copyright 1987, page 125, Chronicle dated 1283

        A nobleman by the name of John Giffard granted land outside the walls of the city of Oxford, with other estates,
      to support thirteen monks of his choice from Gloucester Abbey, because he wished that Benedictine monks should
      offer prayers perpetually for his soul and that of his late wife, Matilda Longespee.

        (See #29 above. The same people, with errors, or coincidence?)

King John was a Plantagenant.

        Plantagenet, surname, originally nickname, of the English royal house of Anjou or the Angevin
        dynasty, founded by Geoffrey IV, count of Anjou (1113-51), husband of Matilda (1102-67),
        daughter of King Henry I of England. The name is derived from the Latin planta (“sprig”) and
        genista (“broom plant”), in reference to the sprig that Geoffrey always wore in his cap. Reigning
        from 1154 to 1485, the Plantagenet kings, in the main line of descent, were Henry II, Richard I,
        John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, and Richard II; through the house of       Lancaster,
Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI; and through the house of York, Edward IV, Edward            V, and Richard III.
                From Encarta Encyclopedia

09/01/2011                                                                                   Page*92*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD


       From the book of the same name compiled by John M. Stanton, published by the author in Elmira, NY, 1923.
       (supplemented by information from previous source, and from Helen Loomis Griffith)

1st Generation
Robert Parke came with John Winthrop in the ship Arabella to Boston, June 17, 1630. He was born near Preston,
       England, about 1580. He married Martha, daughter of William Chaplyn, at Semer, England,
       Feb. 9, 1601-2. Robert Parke moved to Wethersfield, Conn. in 1639; to New London, 1649; and died at
       Mystic, Connecticut, Feb. 4, 1664-5. He was a Representative or Deputy to the General Court 1641, 1642,
       and 1652; also held several other offices. His third son was: (see previous source for more information)

2nd Generation
Thomas Parke, born at Hitcham, England, Feb. 13, 1615. Came with his father. He married Dorothy Thompson,
      at Wethersfield, Connecticut, a daughter of John and Alice Thompson. He was one of the first proprietors
      and a large land owner in Preston, Connecticut, where he died July 30, 1709. His third son was: (see
      previous source)

3rd Generation
Nathaniel Parke, born New London, Connecticut. Married Sarah Geer, Feb. 28, 1676-7. She was born Feb. 27,
        1657-60, daughter of George and Sarah (Allen) Geer. He lived in Groton and Preston. March 6, 1693 he
        bought lands in Preston from his wife's father, and the next day he bought some from his brother, John. Aug.
14, 1681 Nathaniel Parke and his wife, Sarah, and their children, Daniel and Nathaniel were baptized. May 20, 1683,
Nathaniel Parke's son, Ezekiel was baptized according to First Church of Christ, New London, records. In 1701 he
was allotted land in Voluntown for service in Colonial Wars. He died about               1718 as his will was probated
in New London about that time. Inventory of his estate, dated Jan 2, 1718,               value £ 107 d 9. Divided July
21, 1721: Nathaniel, £ 20, Joseph, £ 9, etc. Balance to the widow, Sarah. His            second son was:

4th Generation
Joseph Parke, born at Groton, Connecticut in 1690, married Mary Smith in Feb., 1709-10. He was a weaver at
       Groton in 1721. In the Groton town records there is a record of a deed dated Nov. 24, 1724 by Joseph of
       Middletown to Jacob Parke of Groton.

       "selling all my right and title to ye house and land which my honored father, Nathaniel, late of Groton, which
       he died possessed of which fell to me as part of my portion.

        He resided at Middletown from 1724 until 1736; apparently lived in Salisbury from 1736 to 1740. He had
        two sons there, Smith and Daniel. Smith lived there until 1780 when he moved to New Canaan, New York.
        Daniel moved away in 1762. Joseph Parke was in Sharon, Connecticut from 1740 to 1744. In 1744 he was
        one of the founders of the First Congregational Church in Salisbury, Connecticut. After a few years he moved
to Northeast, Duchess County, New York where he lived among the Moravians. Joseph Parke and             wife were
communicants in Sichem (?) Church, Oct. 11, 1758. The last we hear of him is in a deed to his son-      in-law,
William Berin, about the year 1758. He died at Northeast in Sept. 1760 and was buried on Sept 8,        1760 by Rev.
Everest Garnbold. His second son was:

09/01/2011                                                                               Page*93*
                                    GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

5th Generation
Joseph Parke, born at Groton or Preston, Connecticut, Sept. 23, 1712. He was called Joseph Parke of Middletown,
       Connecticut as he was there for a number of years. He married Jan 16, 1739 at Brooklyn, Connecticut, Amity
Cady of Pomfret, Connecticut. He had four sons in the Revolutionary War. He died May 17 or 19,       1768.

                From Vol. II Pension Roll of 1835
                Bradford Co, PA.: Thomas Parke, Corporal was given an annual allowance of £ 30.00. for a total of £
        679.2s. for service in the Revolutionary War. Pension commenced Sept. 4, 1793, and he died Feb. 1, 1819.
        (Could this be one of the four sons of Joseph who served in the Revolutionary War?)

        His second son was:

6th Generation
Jacob Parke, born in Connecticut Dec. 9, 1750. Served in the Revolutionary War; married Dec. 25, 1773 to
       Eunice Smith, daughter of Solomon and Eleanor Smith. She was born Jan 31, 1755. His fourth son was:

7th Generation
Joel Parke, born near Hadley, Massachusetts, Jan. 2, 1785 and died at East Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania,
        Sept. 21, 1872. He left home aged about 8 or 10 years to live with a Mr. Hall in or near Hadley. He left him
        when he was 16 years old and went to Delhi, New York where he settled and married, May 25, 1803, Rachel
        Mabie, daughter of Rev. Daniel and Rachel (Booth) Mabie. She was born April 4, 1786, and died April 13,
        1850 at East Troy, PA. They moved to East Troy in 1839, bought 100 acres of land in the pine forest and lived
there until their deaths.

                Abigail                 5/13/1804                   12/29/1879 East Troy
                Ira                     2/21/1806                   11/30/1881 Desoto, MO
                Clarinda(Boomhour)      5/12/1808                   4/20/1870 Delhi, NY
                Susannah                6/11/1810                   2/21/1894 East Troy
                Angeline                9/7/1812                    9/29/1891 Delhi, NY
                Almyra                  10/25/1814                  10/27/1849 Springfield, PA
                Permelia                4/4/1817                    11/6/1849 East Troy
                William Henry           2/24/1819                   5/25/1822 East Troy
                John T.                 4/16/1821                   6/15/1917 East Troy
                Ann Ophelia             4/16/1824                   12/5/1876 Delhi, NY
                Fitch and Root          11/17/1825                  the same day
                Polly Elizabeth         11/22/1826                  7/14/1850 East Troy?
                Esther                  6/28/1829                   12/27/1907

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                                     GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

8th Generation
 John T. Parke, born at Delhi, New York, April 16, 1821; died at East Troy, PA, June 15, 1917. He came to East
       Troy with his father when it was a pine forest; helped to clear one hundred acres, and built and settled on fifty
       acres which he bought. He lived on the same farm until within two years of his death, with the exception of
       two years spent at Cogan House, Lycoming County, PA, near Williamsport when he ran a saw mill. He was
       a carpenter by trade, and a life-long member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He married at East Troy,
       Feb. 5, 1845, Betsy Parthenia Taylor, daughter of Chancelor and Betsey (Manning) Taylor. She was
       born Jan 1, 1827 at Weathersfield, Windsor County, Vermont, and died at East Troy, July 22, 1886. The
       spinning wheel, which is in the possession of Helen Loomis Griffith in 1997, came from the Taylor family.

        Charles Eugene                   2/12/1846                     1/27/1916 East Troy
        Willis T.                        3/11/1848                     7/2/1849 East Troy
        Alice L.                                8/12/1853
        Emma Amelia                      9/18/1855
        Albert Taylor                    8/4/1858
        William Arthur                   9/26/1860

9th Generation
Charles Eugene Parke, born Feb. 12, 1846 at East Troy, PA, and died there Jan 27, 1916, living his entire life on
       the farm where he was born. He was a carpenter by trade and a life-long member of the Methodist Church,
       also of Hector Lodge, I.O.O.F. at East Troy. According to Loretta Loomis Billingsley he made the old desk,
       which is in possession of Helen Loomis Griffith in 1997. Married May 23, 1872 at Troy, PA, Frances Van
       Horn, daughter of Leonard and Martha (Scott) Van Horn. She was born at East Troy, Feb. 1, 1854. She
       died around 1930.

        Fannie A.                        1/15/1874                     4/14/1964 Troy, PA
        Laura E         4/1/1876
        Lettie V.                       3/10/1880
        Walter B.                       8/12/1885
        Clarence C.                     8/17/1887                   6/8/1888 East Troy
        Jennie L.                       1/14/1890
        Martha P.                       8/7/1891                    7/22/1917 East Troy
                        She made the tatting, which is on two smocked dresses, sizes 2 and 5, which were made for
                        Deborah Griffith Southerland and Sonya Griffith Johnson by Gladys Bush Loomis in
                        approximately 1962. Another piece is on the wedding dress of Pamela Griffith Shelton, made
                        by Helen Loomis Griffith, in 1987.

10th Generation
Fannie A. Parke, born at East Troy, Jan 15, 1874. Married July 1, 1898 at East Troy, PA, to Arthur Reid Loomis,
       son of Lucien Eugene and Loretta Jane (Potter) Loomis. He was born at East Troy, PA Sept. 13, 1875. He
       was a farmer all his life. They are both buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, PA

        Luther Harold                    4/7/1898                      2/22/1968
        Charles Parke                    5/9/1899                      1/23/1978
        Infant son                       8/11/1901                     8/12/1901
        Lucien Eugene                    3/1/1903                      4/23/1974
        Ellsworth Dever                  5/12/1906                     7/16/1992
        Arthur Ezra                      2/14/1910                     12/14/1992
        Alvin                            8/5/1912                      8/14/1912
        Loretta Amelia                   1/15/1914
        Florence Edna                    10/31/1917

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                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

11th Generation
Luther Loomis married 1st Florence French    10/11/1927           divorced
                      2nd Virginia Alden             died 3/14/1945
                                     direct descendant of John Alden)
                      3rd Anne Olsen                 4/12/1947 died 11/21/1974

Charles Parke Loomis and Gladys Juanita Bush were married June 21, 1928. They lived in Mansfield, PA, where
       he operated a Ford dealership until 1941 when they moved to Covington, PA. Upon the start of World War II
       they moved to Erie, PA.

       Helen Marie                    3/13/1930
       Lloyd Norman Bush              12/5/1933 - nephew whom they reared from the age of three weeks.

Lucien Loomis married 1st Florence Grant           6/14/1929                        died 3/15/1931
       William Grant                 3/15/1931
              2nd Helene Greer Winters 1/27/1973 died 11/22/2000 in Florida, buried Troy, PA Glenwood Cemetary

Ellsworth Loomis married Thelma Benedict b 10/7/07 d 1/10/90
        Donald Reid                 6/20/1928                       d 3/01/2001
        Paul Ellsworth              6/11/1930                       d 5/15/2002

Arthur Loomis married Dorothy Bohlayer      6/19/1937 dau of Ernest J. Bohlayer & Loretta Bayless Bohlayer
        David John                   7/23/1938 at Canton, PA    d 10/02/1995
        Cynthia Anne                 5/25/1942 at Sayre, PA

Loretta Loomis married Charles Billingsley 10/14/1939
        John Charles                   4/14/1941
         Edward Ray                    8/7/1944

Florence Loomis married John Bohlayer 6/19/1943         died 5/7/1982
       Martha Jean                    2/22/1947
       Marilyn Rachel                 11/7/1948

12th Generation
Helen Marie Loomis and Dale Dean Griffith were married in Erie, PA November 24, 1949
       Dale Dean Jr.              6/28/1950
       David Mark                 11/24/1952
       Richard Charles            1/3/1955                      5/15/1955
       Deborah Anne               8/31/1956
       Sonya Marie                1/21/1960
       Pamela Sue                 5/29/1964

Donald Reid Loomis married LeMoine Rankin 6/18/1949
       Sharon Ann                   9/16/1950     m William Ploskodniak
       Timothy Reid                 5/18/1953     m Joyce
       David Ellsworth                     9/6/1954          m Karen
       Mark James                   1/30/1958     m Geri
       John Louis                   9/5/1960      m Tammy

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                                 GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

Paul Ellsworth Loomis married Marian Hawley 12/30/1951
        Douglas Paul                 11/4/1952     m. Shirley
        James Richard                7/8/1954      m. Gail
        Daniel DeWitt                2/17/1957     m. Dianna
        Donna Jeanne                 8/22/1962     m. Doug Smith

William Grant Loomis married Margaret Jean McRae 6/9/1956
       Daniel McRae                  4/7/1957
       Sarah Jane                    11/20/1958
       Caryn Anne                    9/26/1960
       Katherine Isobel                     12/8/1962
       Tracey Elizabeth              12/28/1964

09/01/2011                                                         Page*97*
                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

David John Loomis married Eleanor Layton 8/20/1960 dau of Albert S. Layton & Meryl Anderson Layton
       Patricia Lynne                11/28/1963 at Syracuse NY
       Dorothy Meryl                 8/24/1965 at Syracuse NY
       infant son,                   stillborn 4/11/1968 at Williamsport PA
       David John                    3/16/1974 at Williamsport PA

John Charles Billingsley married Margaret Alene Billingsley 3/28/1964
       Erica Jean                      2/20/1970 (adopted)
       Daniel John                     11/10/1972 (adopted)
       Tricia Rene                     10/20/1975 (adopted)
       Kristina Marie                  10/2/1966 (adopted)

 Cynthia Ann Loomis married James Eckert 6/13/1964 son of George & Esther Elizabeth Watts Eckert
        James Arthur                 11/2/1965 at Ann Arbor, Michigan
        Elizabeth Anne               8/30/1968 at Williamsport PA
        Matthew George               12/29/1972 at Beverly, Mass.
        Andrew Craig                 10/2/1974 at Danvers, Mass.

Martha Bohlayer married Lynn Copp 8/12/1967 son of Clyde & Marian Krum Copp
       Lisa Marie                   10/11/1969 at Rochester NY
       Shawn Michael                7/15/1971 at Corning NY

Patricia Bohlayer married Robert Burger       9/22/1987 son of David and Susanne Burger
         Ashley Lynne                  9/12/1993
         Alyssa Marie                  03/14/1997

Dorothy Bohlayer married Dean W. Jackson       6/16/1984           Divorced 1992
       Courtney Lynne                          8/12/1988

13th Generation
Dale Dean Griffith, Jr. married Elouise Chancey Coffman, San Diego, California. 6/16/1980
       Sandy Lynn Coffman                1/5/1974
       Roy Daniel Coffman                10/27/1975

David Griffith 1st married Pamela Janese Montgomery Clark AFB, Rep. of Philippines 4/13/1973 divorced, 1980
               2nd married Anita Williamson Meeker, daughter of John & Gretchen (Volgenau) Williamson.
                        New York City, NY. 12/23/1980 divorced, 8/1/1985
               Amy Noelle              10/14/1982 Keesler AFB, MS
               3rd married Linda Kay Everson, daughter of Robert Eugene and Kazuko Shinohara Everson.
                        Dayton, OH 12/06/88
                        Divorced 11/21/2000
               4th married Kimberly Gail Kistner April 27, 2002 Carmel, California
                        Kade William Kistner Sept. 3, 1994
                        Kaleb John Kistner     Nov. 22, 2000

Deborah Griffith married Gary Forrest Southerland, son of Billy Bruce & Wanda Ruth (Forrest) Southerland.
                       LaPlace, LA 6/24/1978
       Jared Charles                   2/1/1980 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK
       Heather Marie                   5/3/1983 RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, UK

Sonya Griffith married Walter Johannes Johnson, son of Homer & Theodosia (Jones) Johnson.
                                              Las Vegas, NV 3/2/1987
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                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                Eric David             12/10/1987     Hammond, LA

Pamela Griffith married Michael Shawn Shelton, son of C. L. & Elizabeth (Kirby) Shelton.
                                      LaPlace, LA 7/25/1987
                                      divorced 6/25/1992 at San Antonio, Texas

James Eckert married Amy Sue Brackett 8/4/1990 dau of Douglas R. & Leslie Lapp Brackett
       Thomas James                  2/25/1994 at Buffalo, NY
       Bradley                       1997?
       William Watts                 12/9/1999

Lisa Copp married Michael Zahradka 10/28/1989 son of Michael W. & Gail Zahradka
       Kyle Brent Tyheem (adopted) 1/25/1996
       Cachet Lily (adopted)         2/1/1999

Daniel Billingsley
        Jonathan                       May/June 1995 (mother is Jamie)

14th Generation
Sandy Lynn Coffman married Randy Lenz, Corpus Christi, TX 9/1/1990
       Elizabeth Alexandra           11/05/1991    Corpus Christi, TX
       Stephanie Victoria            2/01/1994     Corpus Christi, TX
                      2nd married Eric Marcus               GA 02/1997
               Stephen William       10/14/1997

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                                   GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                       FROM DOMESDAY BOOK

        Essex County

Gestingthorpe (Ghestingetorp/Glestingthorp): William Peche from Richard FitzGilbert; Otto the Goldsmith
Toppersfield (Topesfelda/-felde): Bernard from Count Eustace; Hamo the Steward; Ralph and "G" from Richard
               FitzGilbert. 4 beehives, vines.

Pebmarsh (Bebenhers/Peben{h}ers): 18 freemen from Richard FitzGilbert; Warengar from Roger Bigot; Leofceld
             from Richard FitzGilbert; Aubrey de Vere's wife.

Wickham St. Paul's (Wica, Wicham): Canons of St. Paul's before and after 1066; Arnold from Richard FitzGilbert. 2
St. Osyth (Cice/Cita): Bishop of London; Count Eustace; Thorold from Ranulf Peverel. Mill, 4 cobs, 18 goats. (ruins
                of 12th Century priory).

Stebbing (Stab/Stibinga): Henry de Ferrers; Ranulf Peverel. 2 mills, vines, 5 beehives.
Little Maplestead (Maple/Mappesteda): Osmund from John FitzWaleran. Mill, 2 cows.
Great Maplestead (Maplesteda/Mappesteda): Ilger from Robert Gernon. 2 beehives, 23 goats.

        Suffolk County

Semer (Seamera): Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066. Church, Mill, 16 beasts, 24 pigs.

Preston (near Lavenham) [Prestetona/-tune]: Roger de Poitou: Abbot of St. Edmund's before and after 1066 and Ernulf
                from him. Church.

Hitcham (Hecham/Hetcham): Abbot of Ely and Roger Bigot from him;
              Richard FitzGilbert and Ailward, son of Bell from him. Church.

Boulogne, Eustace, Count of; Son of Eustace, Count of Boulogne.
               Lands became Honour of Boulogne. Large holdings in
               Essex. Also in 11 other counties.

Tonbridge, Richard of. Also called Richard de Clare, and Richard FitzGilbert. Son of Count Gilbert of Brion,
               brother of Baldwin of Exeter. Lord of Clare, Suffolk, Lord of Lowry of Tonbridge and Tonbridge
               Castle.                 Holdings in eight counties from Suffolk to Devon.

Peverel, Ranulf married former mistress of William I. Holdings in Berks, Norfolk, Oxon and Suffolk.

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                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

                                        From Passenger & Immigration List Index

Parke, Robert n.a. Massachusetts, 1630 281 p 84
        wife: Martha Chaplin n.a.
        son: Thomas n.a.
        with 3 children


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                                      GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

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                                       GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

     LDS Ancestral File
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                                GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

        LDS Ancestral File
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                              GRIFFITH-LOOMIS FAMILY RECORD

         LDS Ancestral File
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      LDS Ancestral File
       Ron Myers
        LDS Ancestral File
        Ron Myers
        Ron Myers
       Ron Myers
        Ron Myers
         Ron Myers
         Ron Myers
        Ron Myers
       Ron Myers

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