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Much has been written about dropshipping and how it is the best thing since sliced bread. But who are the people who use it as a management solution and what are the biggest mistakes they make when dealing with their wholesale dropship suppliers We find out all that and more.

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									If you’re looking for information online for the types of people who use dropshipping you’re going to be disappointed.
Even though it feels like terabytes and terabytes of stories have been written on what is dropshipping and ‘How YOU Can Master This Supply Chain Method’ not much has been done to look into the actuality of dropshipping, the environment it works in and the type of people that use the services of wholesale dropship companies. This is even though the term dropshipping has been around for over five years now with numerous companies starting to offer dropshipping services. Interesting news sites like internet retailer (,and E Sourcing Forum

some way to filling this gap but they fall short of looking at one major group of players, the people who actually use these services. So which vendors use a wholesale dropship
( supplier to get

Articles like this one give a more complete picture of what’s happening in dropshipping 336/Successful-Wholesale-Drop ship-Secrets

their goods to their customers and what are the conditions they work in?

The businesses and individuals who are most likely to use a wholesale dropship company, be it an China dropship company or wholesale electronics dropshipping firm, are usually from one of the following groups:

The Five Types of People Most Likely To Use Dropshipping:
The New E-commerce Vendor
These are the guys that are just getting into e-commerce for the first time seriously and don’t have much in the way of capital, experience or customers behind them. The new e-commerce vendor is traditionally typecast as someone who has sold all of their unwanted Christmas presents and stuff that would normally be reserved for a yard sale and have moved onto bigger things. Their business tends to be quite small and is made up of internet shoppers, other ecommerce ‘newbies’ and eBay buyers. They usually select dropshipping as their supply chain management method as using a wholesale dropship supplier allows them to start selling items immediately without the need for capital stock purchases that would normally hamper a newcomer to the ecommerce market.

The EBay Trader/EBay Powerseller
EBay Traders/ eBay powersellers tend to be a lot more experienced than the new e-commerce vendors and are more likely to be running a small to medium-sized business. While they’re often called eBay traders they’re likely to stock item on other online auction places and listing sites as well, and may even have an online store. They’ve probably branched out into one or two specialist areas to better target sales and are likely to sell items to online shoppers and eBay buyers. They’ve usually selected dropshipping as their chosen method of supply chain management to eliminate the need for storage space and increase their inventory in the eBay storefront or online store to keep people at their site for longer.

The Online Store Owner
Online store owners are similar to eBay traders in that they are likely to run a small to medium operation, have a better idea of what they are doing and are much more likely to have a specific type of product that they sell. Branding is especially important with online store owners as it is often one of the areas that allows them to differentiate their sites from their customers and making their particular site ‘sticky’ that is interesting enough to stay on for a long time is usually an important part of their business model. It is not surprising then that the usual reason online shop owners use the services of a wholesale dropship supplier is to increase the amount of inventory on display in their store without having to worry about storage concerns. The main reason for this is that internet shoppers and online consumers tend to spend a lot more time at a particular store if there’s a lot of products to look at.

Some of the more common items sold by online store owners include:

Spy surveillance equipment and surveillance cameras

Car DVD Players and Car Audio Equipment

Mobile Phones and Unlocked Cell Phones

The Bricks And Mortar Store Owner
Dropshipping doesn’t just have to be for online business it’s also used as a supply chain management solution for people with bricks and mortar stores as well. These operations tend to be medium to large in size and are most likely to have more than one staff member working to maintain them. Bricks and mortar store owners usually use products from wholesale dropship suppliers to increase their inventory without increasing the amount of products they have to stock and will have a display item at their store, which the customer will order and then have delivered to their homes.

The Wholesale Importer
The use of wholesale dropship ( companies isn’t just limited to people dealing with end users, people in the middle of the supply chain use it too. Wholesale importers tend to operate on the larger scale of things and will sell items to online vendors as well as brick and mortar stores. But why would a wholesale importer use a wholesale dropship supplier for goods you may ask. Wholesale importers are increasingly using dropshipping companies to send samples of items to prospective clients to try and entice the client to make a bigger order.

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