Dress Code Considerations 2010-2011 school year by yaofenji


									Bryson Middle School Dress Code 2010-2011

    Boys – Untucked shirts may fall no lower than the wrists. Longer shirts must
       remain tucked in at all times while on campus or field trips
    Girls must have all of their mid-section covered by their shirt when their hands
       are above their heads
           o No low cut shirts allowed
           o Shirts may not be tied in the front or back
    Overalls, pants with drawstrings, sweatpants, or other athletic pants/shorts may
       not be worn
           o Shorts must button or zip
    Velour pants are not acceptable
    Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn with the waistline above the hips (no ultra-
       low rise styles)
           o Pants, shorts, slacks may not bag, sag, or drag
    Shorts and skirts must be knee length
           o Leggings or tights may only be worn under knee-length shorts, skirts, or
    Pants, shorts, and skirts may not have holes, frays, or patchwork
Clothing and Garments
The following are not permitted:
    Symbols, writing, or pictures (other than Bryson Middle School ) The only logos
           allowed are small logos which reflect the maker of the clothing. The logo
           must be no larger than one square inch. An example of this would be a small
           pocket logo or a logo on the sleeve. Garments with high school logos may be
           worn on the days when students are participating in extracurricular activities
           at the high school where they participate.
    Clothing that inappropriately exposes the body
    Undergarments exposed
    Oversize garments
    Bedroom shoes
    Clothing deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive
    Attire that is in affiliation or evident membership with a “gang” in any negative
       sense of the word
The following are not permitted:
    Large belt buckles
    Hats, bandanas, skullies, “do-rags,” sweatbands/headbands, or sunglasses
           o These should not be visible at any time while on campus
       ( Hairbands worn for the purpose of holding hair away from the eyes are
    Accessories or clothing that could pose a safety threat to oneself or others
    Facial, nose and/or tongue jewelry
      Hair or weave of non-human color
      Jewelry or tattoos that display profanity, suggestive phrases, or advertisements for
       alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex
      Coats with symbols, writing or pictures may be worn to school as long as the
       content does not otherwise violate the dress code. Coats must be removed and
       placed in the locker upon arrival to the hallway. Sweaters and sweatshirts may be
       worn but must meet the same requirements as all other clothing.

   Physical Education

   All students will be scheduled to participate in physical education for one quarter.
   Students who have physical education will be required to adhere to the following
   uniform when participating in physical education:
    Black athletic shorts of at least mid-thigh length
   Solid red t-shirt
   Tennis shoes

The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of clothing
and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any articles of
clothing or other items which lead to or may foreseeable result in the disruption of or
interference with the school environment. In the event the administration determines a
student’s dress is inappropriate for school in accordance with this policy, the
administration will either require the student to change or will inform the student not to
wear the garment to school again. Repeated violations of the dress code will be treated as
disruptive behavior in violation of the District's Behavior Code.

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